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Full text of "A dictionary of the old English language compiled from writings of the xiii, xiv and xv ..."

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it / 2 / / 
= 5.E.5 5-2. -^ 











t \ 


The last edition being exhausted I am obliged to publish a new 
edition instead of a supplement; but, £is there are so many improvements 
that could not have been effected by a supplement, I trust the public will 
not be displeased with the change. 

Krefeld. lo. July 1878. 

F. H. Stratmann. 





AJi, A. 


A. r. 

A. K. 

Arto. a. Mkkl. 

A. S. 


Avuv. Abtb. 


Bm. wb. 
Benb. voc. 
llorr'fl ouMfl. 


BCMW. ni(.T. 

Br An). 
Uur.u. W8. 

AttoD^lBaha dichtuiif^cn des mf!. Uarl. 'J2S:t, linraiM ^ojfob. vod K. BOddekor, 

BwIiB 1878. IWrittoii in Ilewfurdsltiro? aVM>iit llMO.] 
Tlio iilLitorativt! romaiKW of ALesaiidcr, cditod by Stcv(!iisnn. 
KitiK AlisAiiiKli'r, in Wi'bcr'x nmtrii'Al rouiaticr^ (Kdiutiar^'h 1810), va\. I, p. 

3-327. |iil>. i:i8U.| 
hu F;*.'(itos of ])<} wor|>iu king- und oni|>nroi]r AlUaimdcr of Macodoino. edit 

h\ W. W. akrat 
AltduuUcbt: blattor voix M. Hiiuut uiiil H. HufTmuim. 
Sir Aimidiu, iu Weber's mclricHl riiuiuu<:vtf. vul. 3, p. 243— 27&. 
Sir Amadace, iu Rolwon'a early Enjrlitth uii-trical ruiuauvuH. L<judon 1843. 
Amis and Amiluun, ill Wfbrr'w metrical rumancca, vi>l. 2, p. 300—473. 
.\ngliiu, hcrinis gognb. von IL P. Wulrkcr. 
Anocdota liternria \>y Tiiom. Wrijrbt, Limdnit 18'I4. 
AwiityrA of Artbiire, (-dit. by F. Wailili'ii. 
Tbt* antiirH of Artbt-T. in Hobaon'R oorly Kogliali motri^'al ranianroft, p. 1— S6. 

(Laiic^Kliin^ ah. l-iOU.j 
K»rly 'English allitoratiTP po«niB, edit bv Rich. Murria. LLaaciubire 7 alt. 

Tbo apology of loUard dot-trtneH, attributed to Wicliffe, odit. by J. U. Todd. 
Thti ancres riwlo. edit, by J. Hort^n. LoiidDii ISc^X [Morxotatiirt.*'::' ab. 1200.) 
Archiv fftr das Httidiiim der iioueren rtjinicln'U, liurauK fc'oK*'b. von L. Ht<rrif(. 
Arthur aiul Morlin, Kdiiiburfli 1S;!«- |ab. 1S20.| 
Aticiciit aon^H fmm tJio tiiuu of kiii;; Hviiry diii third to tbo rtivolution, 

London I7!i0. 
Asuampcionn do notro dame, edit, bv Rawaon I.uraby. 
Tbo poems of John Andiday, edit, hy J. (J. Hiilliwfdl. |Sl»rfi|j.Hhirp, II2G.| 
Tbo atrowitif; of king Arthcr^ iii Kol>8uu's uarly £ii>;tiab metrical mmiuicim, 

p. hl-n. 
Dan Uiebuti ayunbit^t of inwjt, udit by S. Morris. Luudou IHW. [Kt>nt, 

The babL>v« book Ac. edit, by F. J. FumiraU, 
The lift' and nmrtTnlom uf Thomas Buki't, v>lit, by W. R Bluck, Lunduu 

1845. [Vrbniccet-'rabiro? ah. 1300.] 
Mittrlbiicb ill' iiLfk- best wort'-rbucb vmi Ucin'oli;';, Miillcr imd Xiiniuke. 
Yiivabidariiim Aiij-In-Suiuujcutu, ini^ra Th. Bciuiuii. Oxoiiiur 1701. 
Tbu talt! (if Beryn, vdit. by V. J. VHniivall. 
Sir Bovt-H vt Ha'mtoun ('^d'it. by Tunibull), Kdiiibiirgtl l&'Mi. 
tijiidHaniiii) HaiMCritiim a F. Bt>|ip. Ilcrolini 18-17. 
Verplt'kdiiindi? firamnutik ilr* fiansi^ril, zcnd. griochischon. latpiniRclit-n. lit- 

ttiaiiihicboii. ;;nthit(cli<>ti und i)i'!tt-Mi'b>-n v^m F. Bi>pp, llRriin 1811>I. 
A dictioiinry of tbp AnKln-S.ixiin Idn;.r»ag'< by J, IKMVtMrtli, Loudon 1838. 
Dio vinr ovani;r>lifn in aIt-iionUniiiibri«ctior ipracho, lioraua gt'gub. vtiii K. 

W. BiMitcrwwk. tiiit<»rslob ISi>7. 
Ht Uraiidaii. .nlit. by Tlivin. Wright. i<!lonr.'.ttcnibire? ab. l:!00.| 
ViTrtUch oiiH'H fir"miArh-ni(!dorsa<'lisiachi'ii WMrt-rbiiidnw, Bremoii 17(>7— 1771. 
The wurkd -'f Ji'ffn'v CJiauccr (edit, by Th. tipcght), Loudon IGUl. 
Thi! po**tifal Works of Gooflry Cliauwr, edit, by Tvrwhitt, Londou 18&5. 
The t'aut'Tljtiry tal«a of G. Chaucer, edit, by Th. 'Wright, 
Chauccr'-t Caiit-orbury talcs, udil, by K. J. Fiiniivall. 
Cbuacor's minor pucui'i. p'lit. by F, J. FiirniviUl. 
Cbaiicor'd tratitilati'm uf Bwithiua's "di' cousohitivnf philosopliiAo", odit. }}j 

K. Morrjii. 
A treatiJte on th" o-stnihtlK.' by G. Clinuccr, udit by W. W. 8k«nt. 
[Uiddl<>8fx, ab. 1400.] 




C. L. 


CL. M. 
0. M. 

CB, K. 

II. Abth. 

DEP. Kicn. 

niwTB. T. 
DmrKXtt. wn. 

UuUt WB. 



K. r.. 

Elt.. ttOM. 

KSnt.. KT. 


«. T. 

KrrH. LKX. 
y. c. 

Pl. a. Bu. 


rnirKicKR'H oanti. 


iiturr. KoM. 


Or. nit ah. 

Tim Cho«t4>r Wliitann iilay*. «Iit by Th. Wrih'bt. I-ondim I843-18«7. 
rhroiiicl<> of Eii|*t»D(l. in Jus. Itit^on'n nncit.'nt Kii^lutti in"lrit-fll nimnnr^ 

^L(ln.l.>n 1802), vol. 2. p. aii}-»l:i. [ai.. 1:110.] 
Cliruiiicuii Yt[uiluQon»o, aivt* ik' vitn vt mtrnciiU« a»iictA<' l^dltbuii. iv*{;u Eil- 

pari filiac. etir. W. H. Binck. 
Ciwtrl off Jovi.'. edit. Ij.v K. F. Wfyimmth. 
Sir Clcgi's. ut WcIht'ii metrical njniiiiicr'g. vol. 1, p. ItSI — IV), 
Cli.-iii' luavilfuluiit. e<ltt. h\ F. J. KiiniivaiL [ab. \'Mi),\ 
CuTHOT aiiiiiili, i-'lit. liy R MurrJA. 
A |*ui'm uii till" i.'oii(itiimiiniH of mMoory, iti HaIUwi'II's *-nt\y history of fror- 

maHfinn- in Kujilaiiil, i*. I"i— 4)>. 
Thi' crMWiu«I fciiifjr, t-iUt, hy W. W. Skfat (in luin^flno'l, piirt III,) 
Morii- ArtliHn>. i.r tlu- tlr'atli ur Arthur, edit, hy Ediu. Iir*»ck. (Yorkuliirp. 

bpflinninff of tb« ISth <wntur)\l 
The ronmnrM of air UpRn<rant, in tbo Tlionilon niiaancci, DdiL by J. 0. 

Hulliw.-n, p. 177-'iM. 
An alliti>ntivo papin on thv ftoposition of hln^ Ricbard II.. edit, by Tlivm. 

Wriffht, London 18318. 
fiicbard tbo milclpa, rdiL hy W, W. Skcut On Lmitrliind. jwrt HI.) 
TIw (.-o*it hiHtoriiilp of tbo dcatniftion of Troy, edit, hy ll. A. Fuidon and 

D. DoiialdKun. 
Vi>r);K<iL'lit<udo» irCrtirrbncb dcr i^utbiacbuii Bjimcbo vuii Lor Dir>r<'idNu>li, 

Fnitikfurl r85L 
Etjnioltjj,'u«i.-bo.t wOrtcHiucb d«r nitii«niecboo sjirnchtMi vou F. T)U*i, Honn 

Ancient lur^brivs from the I>itfby outnii»Rrijit«, Eillnburj^h 18.15. 
rarnli dii Frt-sni.-, domini du (*iin]*i', ^lo>uuiriiini ud iu>ri|>lori^it mmlia'* & Infi- 

foai- la U III tilt is. Frarn'ofurrt IilO. 
Kn^Lflirfh ^ildri i>y Toiiliiiin Smith, tendon 1K70. 
Iwciicoii piii-:.ii>iim u(ttiiiiia<' linf^nii" A«{iU>atrioiuiliB I'oiiacriiMrit KvMinbjdm 

Kf:iU«oii, llafniuo ISGt). 
TUf rumanco of Air FKlmuiior of Ailolt, in tho Tbornton MUianr*';*, p. 121 

Simt-Inxms of furlr Kndisb mplricx] mnmnrcB by 0. EDi*, 2iid adit, l^iodon 

KtiiAri'. in Ritttiii's mriric.U nnuniiri'*, rol. 2, n. 204—247. 
KitffliAi-hi- Miidiun, btTuiu g>'^<->b. von K. Krdlimj;. 
Tbi" mniAnf--f> Mid praphoclns nf Tbamas of Kmt)doiin«, «dlt. by J, A, II. 

M array. 
Tbc rr! of T.ilons, in llit^on*!! nn-triciil roraiincwt, vol, S, p, K\ — Ut. 
I,rtiroD .Vn;*loK.tionii-iini r<\. I.. KttmtlUrms. Qui-dlinbitrpi IttM, 
The fonao of i-nry (edit, by S. I'cf,'^:*'*, London 1780. 
Florix and Wauurbctlnr, "dit. bv U»Wi(dii Ltunljy. [ah. 1275.) 
Le bono Fion'dcc of Komr. in tetf^'ii'c mi-triciil rouiatit'cii. vol. R, p, 1 —92 
Fratfmnnt of .tlfrii*!" ;,'Taminar, J'llfhr's «lo^,-<:iry, un'l a |ioi-m uu ibi- »vnl 

and b'Klv. in tbr ortbo;;Taphv of tlw I2tli wnliirv. «dit, bv T. Pbllll|'i'-. 

I^>nd-.>n ISiSS. 
Ordlnif: o\rr d<?t L*utult' nnrhkc uproir af Jod. FriUn<'r, Eriilbuia 1867. 
Thp till' of jonjf (};tm'?liii. i» Cliaii';"r'*> Cunlnrljnry lalrn. 
Sir (iuKayrix und Ui<> i;t"oii knif;bt, i>dit by RictL MurrU, Lvndon \96i. 

(Ijim-^ibip'? »b. l:Wif,l 
A royal bi«^iH" "f il|o i-^ri-llfrtt Vnitfbt (ti-nrridoi*. "dit. by F. J. FitmiviiII. 
Tbc idd Kn^rlihb VofKloiiA 'if tlir avAa |ti>iii»o>iriin). n<lit- by F. Hnd<l>-ii. 
Conffudo amaiitlA of Jidin Imxtit, i-ilit. by |{. Paidi, l/>ndim 1H&7. |91iddK<- 
A<>t, all. I4*H): btii '-diiiiiti iioi fnim ntctal inaniim'rifU.I 
.r,,ilt.ct,-i ,\ti);to<An(onini, p. M2. 

iilji v.m K. (!. (in.ff, II. riiii I.S:U -18*2. 
I l-, b'Tnni Hfpi'h, roii F. Hclmla, KitlitK^brTjif lS7ii. 
• iti .Inc. 'Jrinim. 2. aii^^'. .I.t JH;,^'l^Jl^JwiM>bI■rl difhUT. boarMtft Von C. W. 31. Grvbi, 

CawM A- (i.tlitiL'.n I4iil-1H(>*. 
D'-nU'-b-'H M-rtvrlMU-b von Jae, uud Willi. Oriinni. 

Tht' t'l-tV" i:i Tii.,r ).. 

Alib. . 

|t'-iit-cli'- ^niHirnatik 



Haukim. lbx. 
Haluw. nicT. 
ti. n. 

11a VKL. 
Hlt-R. 111M. 

uuft. Edw. 

II. M. 

HlUNKlt OUfiS, 

Hnv. MOT. 

Hoi.T^H. r.RA». 



Hmtx m. 

n. 8. 

bus's auwa. 






LAI I.K rK. 


t. c. r. 

LUt. Jbs. 


I.B GfW. MCT. 

Tho ri^iaancA of sir thiy of Warwick an<1 R(*tDtirun liis Hon, FMinbun^b 1840. 
LoiiiMD Ulaiiilict-i-I^ttiiut-Damcam Uiiinittiiiis H&lduraonii, ciira II, K. Rasldi 

oilitum, llaviiiao 18U. 
A dictioniLTV of archaic and tirnvinct*] wordit, t>y J. O. lUlIivctl. Ltmiton 

Thct harrowinjf o( b'-U, Ji.^raiH yoj:i*b. v.m K.l. Mall, Br^lau 1871. (ab. ISOO-I 
Thii hurrowinir of hell, [labliKju-il liv J. O. Halliwell. Lumlon 1840. [iloro- 

ioniflbin.' ? ak KUO-I 
Tin- lav of HAVflok the Dflni\ «d!t, bv W. W. Skoat, London 18(Jfl. |Lin- 

uolnsliiro? ab. 1*J80.| 
iJDtrimrtim vctrrum si'ptttntrioDalium tbosannifl, sactoro ti. Hickcdio, Ozoium 

Uitfturit' uf thu arriviil nf Edward tV. ui Kiif^laiid, odit. by J. Brucu. 

Hali lOfi'L-'iilmd, i-dit. by O. CVnTkajTie. jab. I*i04),| 

KlciiRTi.' nhriiodtTili'nUKTilo dcnkinaicr, mit aartrnlirUcliura gliMSur, Iwratw go- 

j-i-'b. von Mtiritz Hvym;, Padcrboni IS*J7. 
lUetioimaire dc la, tiiij.'uu frai»;«iai.i ait XUp ut uu XUIe eivch pur C. Ulppvau, 

Pnrirt 187;i. 
Popuis by Tliam. Hweduvi-. Lnudmi 17lHi. |ul. UOO.] 
Altili'Ht-tclif jmiiuumlik v;ni Ad. HulUuiaiiu. 
Old Kii;.'!iHh liomilii'« and iKuuilutic irusli^'Tt of tlic twoldb and thirteeBtk. 

i'''Titiirif!s. edit, by Ripb. JIurris. 
Kiiif,', rdit. liy Rawson Liiiiiby. bjuilori ISiW. [tth. 1275.] 
Kuif,' Httrii. Iiomiis f!i'fc'<d). von iJorstiiianii, in IIi'rri{,''«, h. 50, «. 4! 

-58. [ab. l:ii)0.] 
Tbo K*^'«t(> 'if king Horn, in Ritjiau's int'trical riinuiuec--i, vol. 2. p. lU— 155. 

[ab. laiO.I 
Hunk L'bild* aitd iaaidi<n Rimnild, in lUUou's metrical romances, vol. 3, p. 

Robord nf Bnmtic's bandliiif: ainnc, f>d3t by F. J. Fumivail, Loudon IdOS. 

[IJiicoln^hirp. ab. 1^0.) 
Thw hunting of the ban*, in Weber* metrical roiDanctf*, vol. 3, p. 279—290. 
(»Ir)M«riiim Siiio-<iothieiu(i. auyton- J. Ihn-. rjisalifte 17tfft. 
Tlio lifi* of Ip<jmMon. in Wrbors uiL-trii'al rutnanc**. vol. 2, p. 281 -385. 
Thrt romanco of sir l«nml>ru.s. in thf Tb'irntoii roraancp*. p. 88—120. 
Innin.' and li.-iwin, in Ritson's nn'trical rooianpcd, rol. 1, p. I — Iftfl. 
ilahrbnrb Hir roinaninchi'' und on^fbitcix- nprnchn i:f. von I.ndw. Lcmckn. . 
Jiiaoph of Arini.itlii.', edit, by W. W. Sk<>«t- |.ib. i;t50.1 
Tlic tiHiido of St Juliana, i^dit- by (J. Cockayno. [jib. lUOO.I 
Tfap lo^ond of St Kiitlifrinp of Aicxatnlria, odit. br J. 3Iorton. London 1841. 

(ab. muO.) 
Etynio]oiri<itim Tout. »n [cue linKunc, wvo dictinniirinm T-'M tonic ci-Latinuni, «ttt- 

dio i: upura Corn. Kilianl DufBtici. t'ditio I'-'rtia. Antvcqtiutf IMift, 
The book of Uio kniiflil of I^ TiMir Landry, vdit. by Tbouj. Wriijlit. 
Tho kiiiB ttf Tar^ au'l tho aoiidiin uf L>amina»*, iu Kittion'a metrical romances, 

vol. '2. p. 150-20:!. 
La^amons Brut, publialit'd by Fr. Madden. Loudon 1847. (WurcpslerBliire? 

»b. 1200.1 
Lai h* frvi«'.-. jo Weber'a notrical roinnnce*. vtd. 1. p. So7 — ^171. 
Tbu vision of William (Lunifland. or Lanx'luvt. conccmin;; Pivra tlie plowman, 

edit- by W. \y. Sk<'at. London l807-187il. [ab. 1S80.] 
Tin? tiaion and cn-'irU of Pigrs PloH^liinnn, «dit. by Tbora. Wright, U>odyn 

Idunfal, in KiUnu'a metrical rioii«tH-<^i>. vid. 1. p. 170 — 215. 
Ijbcr can* fofunim, cilit. by Iticli. Morris. 

Lohrn Jr'rtu. lirninn (fr^rfb. v«n Homtniaim, Mniiator 1873. [ab. 1300.1 
Irf'cidultitiis. wttrli'tjniiinf,'. and starrraft of (-arlv Knglainl. by O. Cockayne, 

London 18fH — ISO*!. 
.\It/'ii;,'liK*ihi* li'j;t'n<Ien, liiTans (joBrb. von Horstmsnn, Paderhom 1875. 
Lriffciidap ont]|t.!iiM<>, KdinbnrKb 1840. 
Uit:tionnair(< brct>in-iran<,:ai.s do Lc Uouidvc, onrichi par Iloniart de la Villo- 

man|U(!'. ti;iint Bricno 1350. 


U H. %. 

u It. Diu:. 

htmA DICT. 

i,rn. Cov. 




M. ArTD. 




O'BttUOr'ii incT. 
Olboxrli Din. 



(X-liXM. BUDk. 

(>VW** liK?T, 


AnffeliKifibsiM^ltM gloaur von H. Loo. ILUlu 1877. 

liCffonda nt thi« holy rood, i-dil. hy Rii'-Ii. Morris. 

Mitti'llKu'luK'UtBcln'i* bandwiprt«>rl)ueh run M. Lnxor. 

I.i buBiis iU«.-iiiiUii, ill Kit^uDA mdtric&I ruiuaiici>&, rol. 3. p. 1 — W. 

A ttrlfction I'rom tbo miuor pacma ut dan Jolui Lvd^Mto, vilit. by J. O. 

URlliircll. (Mb. 1460.) 
The sti>ry of Tbobi's by Jubu Udf^t«, prinU>d in Chaacpr'a worlci. London 

UictioniiBiro do la laoffao fran^AUt' par R LiUn-, Vaiu 1873. 
LuduM Cuvcntriae, edit, by .1. O. Halliwca IW&rwkUbire? IStb c«nt4]r^.| 
The RospeJ according to saint Luke, edit by W. W. Skeat, CMnbRdge 

1874. (Haitou m8.'. Kent? ab. 1 150.) 
Dicttoiuiriam Suontcum ct Gothico-Latinum, auctore £. Lyo, od. 0. Uaiming, 

Lumloii 1772. 
Bobitrt Mrtniiirif,''* liistory of KoKbuid. iidit. by F. J. Piirmvall. j 
Pflcr Liiiii,-tuft'« climnicli', as illuiitnitcd and imiir<»v'd by Kobt'ft of Bnimio, 

publiah'd by Tli. Hi<ar»F. fUncolnahtro, ab. I.'UO.) 
'Dip vwiago aivl trnvailc of sir Jolin Muundovilc, rcprintwd from tbn Adilii>n 

of a. d. 172ri, wttli an iiitroductiuu Stc. bv J. O. Halliwtdl. London 1839. 

[ab. 1400.] 
Tho Latiu pueuu e<imia»iily aUribulcd t<i Walu-r Ma]H% odjt. by Tb. Wriffht 
Sointo Mai^'arctt'. cdili>d, Ui^rthcr wilb •eitit« Marhorot«, by O. Cackayno. 

tab. l.HUO.] 
Sointn Uarhcrvtp, f^lit by O. Corkayno, liondon 18452. |ab. 1200.) 
tlw gf<i])fl acffinliity to Mint Mark. odit. by W. W. Skoat, CamSridgc 1871. 

IHatton mi.. Ki>nt? ab. 1150.] 
Lo morfa' Arthur, ortiL by F. J. I'limivalL London 1864. 
Tbo (TORpvI actuirdin^' tit aaint Mattbow, (edit, br Cb. Uiirdtrieli). Caubiidgt 

1858. (HaMon ma., KxntV ab. 1150.| 
Uvdjiationo on th« auppor of our lord fto., odlt by J. Mcad»w» Cowp«r. 
EhkUsIi iBL'lrifiil biiniiiii'd. from manaacripta of iU<i foiirtt'oiith ctnitiiry, witli 

nn iiitrodactton ami ii<il<'i. by J«bi) •Small Kdinburjfli \Sii2. 
Poouia wriLU'ii aiuio NCCCLIL by Irfnirfucu Uinut, publmliod by Joi. Bitson. 

London \H'£^. 
Ixutmotiuns far pariah prioata bv Ji>bn ]|yrr, edit, by Edw, Peacock, Londun 

1808. [Sbrupfhiro, ab. 1400.1' 
A rollvctiun of KukUjiIi rairaeJo'pUi^a or mvateriei by W. Mjirriott, Uaavl 

An Olil Kntrlisli iniMTollAny by Ricb. Uorria. 
Qorllcn and fiimfhunt.'*-!! zur t!*'*<'liirliU' der teutacltoo lit«ntnr ttnd spruclic 

Ton F. J, il..t»'. A.ult.M latO. 
Ancient iii'^tricaj tab'i*. i-dit. by I'll, H. Hart«boru«>. 
iN'ii^in! piK'fira-. 8«'l»'L-t pii<coa of Old EuffUUi iNtpular pofttiy, odit by J. O. 

Au Old KofrliAb poftn of Urn ovl and the nightingilB, edit, by F. IL fiUat- 

manii. Kn'f.-ld 1868. |at). IS^O.) 
An lri4ti.Fti;Hi^b di<U»tiary by J. O'Dripii, Sad odit, Dublin 18^. 
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OrifrtnaU an<l inialt>^np» of aanie of ('Uaiicrr's C'antprbur* talM, 1»ndon 

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mana, Amhpm 1 -'■*' '-^TS. 
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A pm^m tm til" : I i.lwani II. -dit. by C. lUntihck. [ab. 1820.| 

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riLOt. s. V. 

n» OK. 

r. a. L. r. 


an. Li3ic. 



Riciip.ri4 tmoT. 
RicHTH. wn. 



EoQtnn'. ai.o»t. 
K. 8. 

t. A. c. 


Kau a. Hat. 

Sax. chkoh. 

ScBAua. ws. 

Sett, ouws, 
ScB. r. LCo. wii. 

Scan. QLDM. 

ScHttns'a IDIOT. 

St. cdo. 

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Berlin ISGS. jVorkshin-, bojfiuning oC Uit* llAh prnUirs.] 
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J. KUia. '♦ 

Promptoriiim pLirvulorutD n'l'a- i.-hTii^nniin. tHctioiiariaii Anglo -t^itinni) (trinccptt, 

auctOTO fratn* Gultrido. (^raiHnnitir'it lUcto. t-x iirdino fratrum pn-ilit^'atonuu, 

NorthfDkiuiisi, virca a. d. MCC'CCXU ad ftdem rudicum rtueosuit .Albert 

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II.. .'dit, by TI1..11). VVriHht, Lraidou IB.'Ht. 
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co«t*>r, ab. I HDD.) 
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from 1122 to 1154, IVtcrborotigh.) 
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^ 1875. 
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tir«t edit, by Thorn. Wright. Luriflon 1842. fHt'rffura.'iliire? ab. ISIO.] 
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BT. OBK. A. EX. 

ST. B. 

Todd's illusts. 






.W. A. L 

Wart. hist. 



Wb. DICT. 

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Zeit^ehrift fiir deutsches alterthum, heraus gegob. von Mor. Haupt und £. 
Stein me ver. 

ft 9e* sX, an, at und ba. 
»-, A.Kax. O.LMerm. Q.Frit fl-, O.II.Ofrm. 
ax-, or-, ir-, nr-. G^lh. ns. wcOu. okaum. 

2, 704 & 818, a: 
ubAd a&M^, r/i<tNW«. Dicr.HEV-. 120; »t)1^l|, 

alwod CiiArc. C. t. a 965 (kd. Wk. 

967l; liflten abiUJe atwc emrd, .Tn.. 7:1. 
ahcpilien, A. Sax. aluBlijnuiV Grkin's oloss. 

i. 11, irritarfY nh ilriittos weoren 

Uisie & iifie hiiio abxilcdcii Lai. 10275. 
ftbaiteu, MJf.f'eift. orlieii^an? Hex. wit. 

1, lOS, haii^ Ilia flt?8h on liore was eo 

abtuted i>ict. t>. 
aboaten, A.Sar. abeatun. beiddomt: abdUo 

(frti.) SHOHRn. 58. 
ab<'i;c[i, A Sax. abegan. Jtedfre: tfl nftn 

lierro i eclial abftie Uob. 102; abflidii 

fprft.J Kun. lOfi; ui |ioi nboijcdniui 

beui iiO [liTjg Wi (le kiny /r. kinffes) heat 

C4iK4IN. ViLUl). 97. 

pldeii ynw ^)/<'; abeldo Alis. 2442. 

ahehoii, A.Shs. abolgon, O.H.O^rm. ar- 
l»ei^i fiiiAFf's SPRSCH 3, 104, iratci: 
abalb fprH.J Lai. 2fi3:.9*; abfllti itow. 
I, 111; aV>l;eii, abolwoa fyuri.) Lai. 
1505 4: 6390; l>at bi ne be abolke (= 
ab»»l;o?) Shorkh 22. 

alK»«dcii, J.Nffj-. aboodiva, OM.O'trm. ax-, 
irbintjiii, oj?rc. aHiitiHttcr: nbt'ilo IIali.iw, 
wcr. 5 J & bis jl'imlo abud Lai. 4423. 

alHToii, A.Sffx. aborfta. fliw/r. tujfrre, "jiw- 
Ittrf", LrK»; n. 4*}; alworon hum. 1,35; 
abpori! bhitulli'be [»e Jorf ti m. 17; a- 
I'orfJ fpm./ A. B. 15K; ttbor (prH.) 
Kath. 1555; uber "P kom. 1, 225. 

al>i<ideu, A.iiax. abbbbin, O.Il.Onm. ar- 
pillan, txprtrf, (•Tpimtir^: I»i> bwllo icb 
ir«'' Ui abi(bl(> fy»r jt?bbld<'V} nio misi". 41. 

ubldi*n. .l..V«T iibliliiii. *//j(V/''. winrre, fx- 
tjl^<irt, A. ■. 20S; Oku. ISOl; ne 

durstoliiin rn'm abblen (abldo) Lai 1583; 

:ib](I<»n. aliMo Laxoi,. 2. 188 (212); a- 

bldoHAVKi,. 1797; Wkl. Rith 1.13; 

|)n ne diUflt ^b^I^ps abide o. a. n. 1695; 

if ho mi>ste abldo \iq diii Bbk. 736; 

abit tpr^.J bkl. ant. 1, Hi;;; Chauc. 

H. a. 4980; abad fpretj Kath. 719; 

Obm. 217; Iw. 1180; abl^d o. a. n. 

41; Wvx. U47; s. s. kd. Wr. 2825; 

sevcnc ni^t bu tifer abjdon rt. oek. a. 

Kx. 2483; abiden />/W > Ciiauc. C. t. 

E 1888; Ti'WN. aiyt-r. 316; so Innpo 

icb (b)nbbQ jibide |)iu- after l. u. r. 20. 
abldingo, A.Sffx. abldung-. ahiding. extpfo- 

Uttio, avknh. 173; Win,, oexbr. 49, 10. 
ablten, A. Sax. abltau, bite in p*ee«n, ic 

death, .\4\\. 26995; |>u starost Pi) Jiil 

fillo ablt^n ul I'ut |ii] mibt mid clirre 

smiten o. a. k. 77; jibltc Aias. 5611; 

ablte^t fpret.) Lanol. c 19. 32; abit 

Fl. a. Bl. 40; abiteij f part. J bkl. aht. 

2. 27fi. 
ablAstcu, for onblasten, A.Sax. onblAstan 

finjtcrfj? venim a:tid >flr tft ,^edir he 

paste t<at be Jastm »o sOre nblaate Ual- 

Liw. nirr. 7. . 
ablAwcn, A. Sex. ablApan. Ww up: jhw 

be gan biro herto abblwn SiinnKir. 160; 

abIo<>]i. :ibl(>ii fprH.J hum. 1, 99; )>ot 

wa« ablifwe jior; jip fenim of |)e ft-ndo 

Shorkh. 166. 
abloiidcu, A,Sax. ablondan, blind, /-xoti-carf, 

Lai. 14657; fis Ifimeslial Lucifer ableRtio 

Lasol. 18, 1^7; ableuded /';w#.y a. r. 

86; ablciit ayknh. 16; abfoade (prel.) 

HfiM 1, 121; ablonte Lanol. n 18. 328; 

ablcnd fpi'H.J Marh. 15. 
.ibllkoii, A.Sax. ablicaii Blu'kl. (jlossks. 

M.Il.GrnH. erbltcbeii, paihiieert ; abllket' 

(pi-fit./ St. coil, 53. 




ablitiden, O. U.Ofrtn. orblindoii, grnw htind; 

abliuJoJ fpreij a, k. y2; Mahh. 15. 
ablO;pn, M.If.derm. orbliu(j;on, fsUrtfre: 

\n\ lyiud |>at> folc spido ablOicd iiom. 

1. S9. 
aljotion ba,c : jili^niwio led. jk5. 8-19; 

wel corteisli {lutiiio iibt>;e4lo sho IIalliw. 

CICT. 10. 

obiVston ? abostode, abA^ted fprttj Lanol. 
6, 15G (7. H2). 

»br&«ltin, M.n.Orrtn. erbroitou, diUU: ^o 
nio . . . hire Ojon abrAd o. a. s. 1044. 

abreidoa, A.Sax. abrogdaii, ubr<xlaii, nbniid, 
ertrUn, extruluTf, esatare, a. b. 214; 
abr«ide "exprobrarf", brl. ast. I, 7; 
abraid ^yrrt.j a. b. 238; abrod Mat. 
20, 51; abraid »t. (JKX. a. kx. 2.11; 
hill fiweord be (it abnrid Lai. 26533; 
abroidcn, abrOden fpart.j iiuu. I. 20'J 
& 239; f>e abroidcno bareb 2, 175. 

abrukt-ii, A.Sax. abrccan, hrmi in pitcft, 
brciik /orth. uicay : abrekc Artm. a. Mehl. 
7903i abncc ('^W.; Lai. 3332; abrckim 
UAfKS 33»; abroken (p^t.J Halliw. 
siCT. 11; ich im . . . abrokcu &l or 
(•on bondeaI*A). 721; au bafeJ he mine 
l>&n alio . . . abrokeae 25i>28. 

abronn«n, H. II. Germ. prhrenuoQi /►»'»* Hp, 
exurne: aboruil (pr«».) how. 1, 23^1. 

abrcMloD, A-Sajp. abreodao. d«fie*r** ]«at 
ieoniln perod abroatl iinu. 1, 219; si 
(I* late) al spa S|MJ(.o) nbrft-Ml 23'i. 

abfljen, A.i^ax, abrt^.iU, fitdtte, intlinarf. 
al biiu »cai ab^uo (al>i>utr<>) I<ai. 18854; 
)iat ioh to Ani mtMi «ehiilo abouwo l. 
H. it. 63; abpwo AtiB. 188; Em. 9«1; 
abuwo tA ^e kiDKOs willc Bsk. Hfi7; 
ab(i;)t /^w--*.; o. a. s. 782; nbeali 
(prct.J HUM. 1, 227; o\^\x "inclimrii", 
3. Ill; int'i i-vtle bn abAb I*ai. 5210. 

abugf^oD, A.Sax. obycgnn, n^iy, rpdimere, 
A. H. 1B8; SPKC. 112; |<u me iinito bl 
t*(>n rugvo all hAvo |>ii hit tialt: abit'.'^'oti 
bAi. 8158; abiigKB Koa.N kd. Itirs. 
1081; c. h. 394; abijr^'eii Ohm. 0907; 
abiffco Alir. 901; MiBr 2010: aba^K', 
abij.'KO hAXOL. 3. 236 (249); abivv'' 
ATi:!tD. 73; alw'ubte (prt*,) miav. T. I: 
ab.Mi^ble I'liArr. f. t a 2303; 
atH>hl V/f'ri.y II. H. .10; |»at w^ bablM*]* 

doore alKijt Bsr. 1312; abnat ax. lit. 

awldei), A.t^'ix. aroa]dian(?), ii.n,G^m. 

orcaltcu. yfoir (vi/(/, ntiri-i* fo/f/; ac«:ilde(I 

fprf*.J A. K 404; :iCi'n]ded (part.) r.RST. 

Boh. .S3; acold p. 23; %. s. kd. Wk. 

acalen frigort co»Jtri? bo was so st^ro a- 

caloGpw. 3, 29G; ar^Ie la^ale) Lakhl. 

It IS, 392, r 21, 439; akale 8. s. ku. 

Wkh. 1512. 
iicani^oii hf«.ome foolish^ aran§r«s tu Katii. 

2112; aciin>rct /ptirt./ 2045. 
acaittun ruit doirn ; akoaston Marh. 14; 

dead nc aca^tc mlpt Cri&t ah Crist uver- 

rom doaj Kath. 1127; arji^t {paH ) 

p. s. 149; Tbkv. 4, 95; imu is ml 

roinif'>rt a<'tt£t pl. cb. 99; aka^t h. m. 

5; akost a. b. 318. 
acheokon. A.&tx. atieociaii(?). rAoitc, xm/To- 

eare; arhnkoit ('liAUr. Bokt. 2, 5(17); 

acbirkcd (pari.) hum. 2. 181; CuAUc. 

LKU. (1. w. J004; acbiikod Halliw. 

PICT. 15. 
aclumeu, cmp. Dutch verkloumen, Itteomf 

lorpidf Bcbimmid "nri'mliu, tnn-ratM", 

I'KOMI'T. 6. 

acliimson ynnc cluiru^: uure honilid bim 

iwhutMiiii^'diitsoiuiae mnl mantu lumtrni-". 

WiCL. Jbb. G, 24. 
acVdon, A.Stix. aoMian, coal, frujfutrf, a. 

ji. US; aodode (p-fi.) imM. 1, 237; 

acOled (ptH.) o. a. h. 205. 
art>rioii ytuLirK MiUiff. doUr«^ misc. 75; 

)>(i trchall n^^ricn |w r^^de a. r, 60; 

]h\\\ no Aii;t(utt nr<ii]t ml dA|i ai'oro m. 

T. 112; a<wodr /"/^r/^.y no«. 2. 45; |)aL 

ac<>rodo al ^i» b^iid Kon. 75. 
akovcron. ./.Arj- arofrian lkemih. olhss. 

3, 353, O./r.Orrm. irkubornn, rwwivr, 

A. II. 304; ar-ivorod (pari.) ii. H. II. 
arovorunK*^ r/rwrvry, mm. 1, 251; af«t- 

vorinc^ ii. w. 27; ar<)V(o)rinc' c i-. 572. 
ai^umcii, A.StiT. acumnn, nttat'a ; an>tit« 

SlIOBKH. 73. 

acuinlon htromt nifw/wrff arumhiid (p^rf.) 
Will.. Jkr G, 24; aronmUMl "^ttUMif", 
voc, Ifilj art>melbl "^iVif^iw", rw/Ttfl^Mi", 

PKllHrT. R. 

acrirHipti aeentuf. mahdirei-r: acural n. 


H. 1704; .iciirfio|) (pr^i.) Lasol. b 18, 
107; ocuiaotio fpret.J hom. I, 31; :i- 
Ci>r8ede AVKSB, .1 7; xywr^taK ffhtH.) Brand. 
24; Will. 901; luwr.-icil Suokkh. UU; 
[le iikureido g(Vst a. r. '2;i4. 

acwiikien ywiit-,- a<|viiko Halliw mci. 76. 

utiwocohon, .-(.Stx. jicpocriin, mor^e: |)6 
wihIo :(i)vei;U' su Ui sim^o Alis. 5257. 

acpotloti. A.Sdx airi^tfllttii, fn^otrf. a. k. 
334; Katb. 1326! aqvoUeD (acwcHe) 
IjAi. 8773; aqvella Ams. 80; k. ^. ku. 
Wkb. 2758; nqvelJe (acwoMe) fpret.J 
Lai. 21; a(|veUe Horn y.u. Kits. 831; 
iqvealil (acwcld) fpa L/ Iiai. 974; |)ilr 
mill bei'|i mou acj'iiMn u. a. n. 1370. 

aei^ciu'heu, .4. Naj:. Ar|ien(^an, qHtnxch, 
rRAOM. S; a. b. 224; aqvoucho tbkat. 
136; UKL. AKT. 2. 274; aiironL'iic^ 
(preti.) Shorrh. 37; a<iv6ni;Jj atknu. 
207; iu:|>ointo /'/>r«'^ y A. k. 124; jwiveiate 
Tbev. 4, 115; a(ivom-hC(t (pari.) IIOM. 
1. 81; ocporict Jul. GS; mivoitit e. -a. 
Kii. Wkh. tl}l>l; tiow. ;l, 10. 

arweilen, A.S41X. acpeilHn, rftoimth hor- 
ncs |ier :u|V«(lpn (lu'wiijiaii) Iiat. 27444. 

acpikiou. A. Sax. iu;pU:ian. qatekoH, rert- 
vwewrv, a. r. LIS; aqvikion nnu. 1, 81; 
atlTikte hAyat.. o 21, 304; acjnkwl 
fprtt.) H()«. 1, 180; ;ic|vikeil (pari.) 
AYKNB. 203. 

oilujan, M.H.fJtnn. ertiL,'un, admc, diht- 

PfiKfr*, txpfr^itci; uJawo Aws. 3205*; 

flawed fptirt.J L'nAiif. C. t. k 2400. 
aJa^sR dtiM; adased (part.) Tnuu's il- 
tXusTK. 297. 

leaven, A.Snx. adeatian {?), deafm: a- 

dired fp<tHJ Suobkh. 103. 
ihledpR, J. Sax. aiipdiin. d^adm: n6 ))ing^ 

iM'ver nes |)(>r iime |iol liit itiulit-o adou- 

dea A. H. 112; ntietuMe (prei. jt«A/'.V hum. 

I, 202; mloailot ft>^r(.J Katji 2048. 
■diliteo, M. H. O'trm. ertihteii ? ordain, 

diifM«: and m id) mlno song oditito 

(adiito) o. A. K. 32(5; aiUIitof p. h. 320; 

adiht /pirrt.y Kath. 1382; adijt l. a. 

B. 151. 
■dilejion, A.Sax. adllginn, aMt*k: aililo- 

pwlo (prei.) Misc, 146; nJiliiode hmm. 

1, 235. 
adotien ifAe: k for dol adotef> Will. 

2054; atloted fpart.J Gow. 3, 4; duaie 

tiiun Jt ud<it(Hle a. k 222. 
aJnit'on, A. Sax. .-yimfan, expfi; ndrtifde 

rpnt.j HOJi. 1, 219. 
odra^on drute out: adrawa Bob. 207; 

admU fpM.J Lai.- 7486; adrOui Jol. 

B 205; hiire swerdoa |ian |>ai adrAwa 

Halliw. dict. 22; adrajo (part.) Fl. 

A. Bl. 631; ATKsa. 218. 
adi'enclidti, A.Snjp. a-lrorican, drench, aqmt 

Htfrgfrr, A. H. 230; adrendio Lai. 1507*; 

HoRS Ei>. UiT^. 109; Shoreh. 139; 

AYKNB. 50; f. 8. 217; i sclial me o- 

dronetia s. s. kd. Weh. 1470; ftat folc 

lie ul adreutQ Lai. 25G98; £ fldreiuteu 

ham siilvcn i ddr »ea a. b. 230; a- 

diciat fp'trlj kom. 1, 141; Kob. 51; 

e. s. KD. Wkb. 1486; Trkv. 5, 99; a- 

droact HOM I, 235. 
;uii-*jo;t'ii, A.Sax. adrcojr^n. *Mjf<'rrf ; adrite 

IloiiN ED. Lint. 1035; ]Kit bts str^lt 

mUt adrle Kalliw. iiict. 22. 
«drilk*n^y waaiitf man letef* a- 

di'ilifl I'lit iit' [,Md lolJo sdK'I SuORUU. 

114; ))at ho Dadi-illo 90. 
atSriiikim, -i.^S'ij. adrincau, il.If.G^m. et- 

triTikon, in fijut denttrgi; iidrmke misc. 

77; Hobs ku. Lim. 971; odronc fprel.) 

A R. 58; )*4r iime lie adronc Lai. 

2205; mkunkon (adrooko) f part J Lai. 

2324; adi-onko Kob. 430. 
adrtviui, A.Sax. adnfan, O.Ii.G*rtH. ar- 

triliaii, drive aicity, exptUtre, (mt. addri- 

van.) uo.M. 1. 115; adriven /prtW.y .Itrii. 

adrQjeo, actrfljion, A.Sax. adi^gaR, adrO- 

(fian, dry up: adrDnon a. u. 150; a- 

dri>ii;o SiioRBii. 34; adrOiod, adrnped 
fpreaj A. a. 150; aArUxoAii fprft.J uom. 

i, 133. 
adumliioa, A.Sax. aduRildiUi, ^oms dumb; 

adnml>cd fptiri.} rHAoa. 8. 

ndunon din : |>ti udnnest |>as monnoK earen 

n. A. s. 337; ailouid (part J AuD. 78. 

rtdtiston dtji&'re: adnste fjn-d.J H. M. 41. 

adiicloii, 0,U.Gn-m. artwelan ftorpar«), 

hfltmfrtiy 8JJ0 licoro pit hi iWmoti a- 

dpulo o. A. K. 1777. 

fulpc^'licn, A.Sax. adpiescan, exeuUrt, ex- 

ttt'n^iurt, Katb. 949; adfC^chde ft a 


dOn peorp |ie pitterpine of hollo 1196; 
fir no beod ajpcticud "ignis non rxtin- 
guitur", AIab.k 9, 4t). 
afiferen, J. Sax. af&raxLt fxUrrtre; iir^ro 
Lasol b 20, 165; Kitn. 4104; f" 
mibt mid |)lao &uago iifcro alio ^ut 
lidrefi l^lue ibere u. a. n. 2l!l; aftirdti 
(pni.J Wabt. nisf. 1, 10; aveido (a- 
f6n]fl)LAi. 2&5.'i4; atiitred, aviferei /'/Mi/.y 
a/(Mr*<, Lai. 12730 & 17057; ftftrod a. 
K. 32C; apEL'. 85; Gow. 2, 21; a- 
fard t'liApc. C. t. a 628; Maxu. 294; 
Tows. i«3T. 28. 
afnilen, .'l.^jr. afeallaii, fall damn; uper 
prOde 8clial nvallo o. a. n. 1085; a- 
vallej fprM.J a. r. 24«; afwl ^pw/./ 
HOW. 1. 323; Laj. 31907; afalleu 
fpoH.j HUM. 1, 205; {)) wal \& afutlen 
Lai. 15949; afallo rel. a-nt. 2, 273; 
Tkev. 5, 199. 
afandien, A.Sax. alandUo, try, Umpi; a- 
fonde p. h. s. XXII, 12; afuude)) {pm.J 
Sbokkh. 73. 
afan^eu <=: aoiiiu^on?) rtceiee: afoujfO 
o. A. a. 1196; OUti; |)at saint 
Michel 0U3 mtkte afonj^Q and Ufure biu 
ledo TBKAT. 140; be »vaago{> Suorru. 
50; af^ii4f fprft.j i,i b. disc 1401; a- 
Tiog Rub. IUO; heo afditgen hiuo mid 
sibbe Laj. 6580; uroujfef'jMrl.ySiiuKKii. 
ttfaren, .4. .Sax. afaian, O./I.Grrm. arfaran. 
txire, difcrdfff : attkro/^pnrt.JhKt. lo533*; 
V. L. B. XIX, 177. 
af^dcn, A.ifax. afiidan, /rw/; afddde /^/trW.y 

iioM. I, 227. 
aTDllon, A. Sex. afyllart, /«//, demitterf, 

dtyicert, pr<nierwre, Kath. 689; avolten 

(oOiUen) A. B. 122; afellc Aut*. 5240; 

afelde (afulde) fprflj Lai. 22814; a- 

follod tavalled) /pnri.J Laj. 2069; a- 

fidlK »ARa. 11. 
arcrren, A Hax afvrran, remocf: aronod 

/P'trtJ Mat. 9, 15. 
afuidcii, A.Vax. .tHtidan. Jiud wU, Lai. 

25775: aHudo, avindn o. a. x. 527; 

avtnda rxl. ant. 1. 143; aroumIc//'rrry 

QcTOT. 1659; afuunJo fparLy .SiiuitKii. 

aflvjeo, A.iiax. afi^'b'aa, ffugor*; atldi^d 

(pr**,J a. r. I'tO: ail^i fram ham at 

uvel Katu. 2131; alio Jiij ftwca doml- 

lU'lic Humieii tuuptiti tieoii aviiiied ))uruh 

troupe biloave a. r. 243. 
aflt^men, A.Sax. aflj^uian, tffugar*; avlAm 

fpre*. imptrj iiuM. 1, 195; alldmdo 

/';>r«f./ Lai. 8465; allAmdei) Sax. cukun. 

aSeou, A.Sax. afleon, ^ee, effugere: aflujen 

(pari) Halliw. dict. 27; \z kinir waa 

afloje Lai. 19076*; afloweTuev 5, 429. 
afun (.== aiifdn?) r<fc«irf, Lai. 8728; a- 

vOn HUH. 1, 131; alle {»> t*at hi avO^ 

0. A. X. B43; avOah fiMptr.J hum. 1, 

afor)>en a^^rdl' and {af hem uiete as he 

miito af"»r|»e L.vngl. it 6, 201 (bd. 

\Vk. 4194); afmlliB Halliw. DICT. 27. 
afret«&, Gfrm. orfrOHzen ? dtwur: pe d^ 

vol hiiem afrelie p. s. 237. 
afdlpn, A. Sax. iif^lan, /oni, paUture: fiu 

dfQieat j'KAKai 7; afll«d {part.} Alim. 

sfulleu, A.Stix. afylUm, ///, impiera: a- 

fullod fpaH.J Lai. 12078. 
afnrht«n, A. &tx. ^iyrhim, 0. Jl. G^trm. 

m'lurhtan, afftighi, trrr^rt; afrijt (part.) 

Will. 2784; Amad. ku. Rods. XXXVII; 

afrigbt e. s. bu. Wk. 2704; at'riiflit, 

ofright //or yffriKbt?) Max. eu. F. 14570. 
ufuritian. A.Sax. afeonian. rfmfvt: ua 

|<a list afur^d IVum alle t>lQO Iroondpn 

FHAdM. 7. 

agflnt A.Sux. agan, «^«, cj-iW, pmrUrirt! 
agiVn o. A. N. L280; ax. ut. 90; a){Ad 
/'/rrM.y A. R. 184; ig^j) o. A. x. 1453; 
\>U wurldoii wele nl u^'i|7 bkl ast. 1, 
160; a^iUi (part. J Lai. 337; out a^'^n 
BxK. 2193; bit ij> nut nm^'O uj^On k. T. 
268; ftgftn. agoon Cmaxji-. C. t. a 1782; 
ago p. s. 197. 

agangen, A.tiax. a^an^iui, exire, pmetfrir*: 
\& fbatre wes aiooKO IjA*. 2-1 195. 

:igAiion, (h^k u--«gatnjiMi ? fgn", ttrrrr* : 
^ ffAre Ml s^ro agAacd Cukst. pl- 2, 

agAsUn ajt'm' (f^gk/tsfj, trrret t : agAnte 
lion. 17; CiiAfc. TRdiL. 1993; hpu f« 
at«0)llche doovol scha) 3»t agteten bam 
A. R. 212; agABtii] (prM.J n. h. U: 


WlCL. 2 I'AKAi.. 32, 18; iviiiAia fprrt. J 

Lai. 6451; Katii. I25t>; Jtruitilan :i- 

gdoto soro llRANn. 22;.agdAt fpnrt.) 

AK. MT. 91; Alis. 230; Will. 1778; 

CuALC. C. T. A 2:14 1; a^'fiat a. h. 372; 

hi wfire o^JUto IIravd. H. 
a;efeu, ajeven, Ji.fiax. ^^cifan, (/i'm k/j^ 

mrrrtrfff-, deltetr, hom, I, 2U A 31; 

ajeren, ajivon Lai. 469S & 200&2; 

ajeoven, &;even Jm.. •'iy & 59; a;af 

(>rrf7 o. A N. 139: til lii ajiiveii up 

here cauUeii Sax. chron*. 2fi5. 
a^elden, A. Hax, a^eldan, yield up: it}Udc 

Tb£V. 3, 431; and ayild |w tA |)U 

kniifht Halliw. dict. 120. 
ajeuten, A.S<ix. ngentaii. fffundtn; ••Ly-jten 

fport.J noM. 1, 127. 
agesM gut*8, Hdii» kd. Lum. lldl. 
ajetflD, A. Sex. :if;etan CnnrK's oloss., 

tiUingtri', pereiprre? eomp. unajoten. 
agllea deteive; allied f^ printed iijiloJ) 

(part. J n. u. 43; f'wi*. agjled) p. l. a. 

XIV, 67. 
agiiiaen (s= anginnon?) eommrtice: o^irinno 

o. A. y. 1289; Uohk kp. Kits. 12H5; 

ATENB. 32; s. 9. ED. VVkh. 1410; a- 

ginnej» fprc*.) v. s. 1K9; i^jinne ^««AyV 

A. B. 74; agan (prd.) Suuhku. 5:3; 

Bf^on (Kurau) Lai. 6753; n^onne i^;»tr^^ 

ATKKB. 1*}G. 
a^DDiiigo rcwimrNivm«n<, axkxh. 16, 
a^rlidon $l\d^ awtiy: aglo«>d (prinietl a- 

(•leed, r. w. bostroftd) /jtrtt.; Lidr. m. 

p. 116; at'l'den fpof^ J misc. 9:3. 
aglift«E irrrifi/^ as lio stftj so sOre a- 

^HHq h. & 3590; Jionne wAre ])C R>i- 

m&ms al aglifte (oirlia^ Ma.v. £o. F. 

af;l<>imen iuhtiith'-* at'Iopned fpiirt.J Ales. 

a^amien, O.JI.Oerm, orgi"pmen, irriUit; 

agramedi^pffri.y AJ.IS. 3310; t.i w. m.xi-. 

1916; PL. T. 291; airiDmod n. a- n. 

9J3; cuBON. £noi,. 863; ain-eined Hal- 
liw. DICT. 33. 
afcTipicn sr<^: Of^rOpe Gow. 1, 264. 
agreijien parart; B*frai|)i ayksb. 148; a- 

prai|»ed /fflrt.y Will. 1598. 
agrillen ffritrreY nii ich mai singe h|ntr 

ich -pulle Hi? dar rae nSvei' eft mon a- 

grulle o. A. s. 11 to. 
agrlseo, -i Six. ajL'rlsim, harrere, a. r. 

306; ham iitiha] ugrltiea Katm. 2317; 

agtlso^B. 8. V; C'hauc. C. t. d 1649; 

i af^ae ralkam 902; mo a^rliied TiAj. 

13328; n^xhA fpntj L.\t. 11976; a- 

grfts Ron. 54t>; Hok.n v.a. Kits. 1326; 

of whifh iflio ui'iiijt agrAs Chai'c, Thoil. 

2022; AKri.'tDn Jos. 236; tlo ptirden bd 

fri^'ti aiiil agrison rt. oks. a. bx. 667; 

at;riseQ (part.) Mauu. 9; Alis. 357; 

Mas. ki>. F. 91311; ajfrise Bob. 539; 

ich am agL'iso Will. 1743. 
agrftwen, Gerok. erKi^uen fherrwtj? J)et 

ou at'rtipic r'-''/»r'Wi'rf agmpio) a. r, 92. 
a^ulteu, A.Sax. airyltan, d»Un<fuere, p*e- 

«ir*, noM. 1. 17; afiilte c. l. 335; 

Lanol. b 15, 304; agelto aybkb, 15; 

hpon me agrult«d td on a. r. 186; a- 

gulte ^p«i.> »PKc. 112; ajrilto Chauc. 

B. a. ri8:j;}; a^ult (part.) k. s. II; Rob. 

252; agcit Will 4391; gif man havod 

fid, Ok u^mU hom. 2, 65. 
ahanireii hans up: alifinjen fpret.J Sax. 

ciiRON. 253; Mark 15, 24; Sprinted 

ahim;;en) Makh. 3; aliaiiKon fpftrtj Mark 

15, 15; ahrtnia:e hom. I, 41. 
tihobbeii, A. Sax aliobbau, fif><w« up, ex- 

U/lUre, rUe^re, Liter 18, 13; aliovindd 

fprrt. part.) A R, 16; ahftr//»rrf.^ Lai. 

21417; aliii!f7527; alief auM. I, 113; 

Mahii. 5; ahovon fpitrt.J Kath. 2405. 
ahordon, J A'aj. atijrdaa, im/Mrarff; aherd 

fpitrl.J Mat. 13, 15. 
aliolkeu txearare: aholke hit Ot Mat. 5, 

ahOn, A.Sax. alu'm, sHitpend«rr, Lai. 20878; 

ah6n liiin .-leHlven .IrL. 49; a\i''>n fpartj 

MAiu. 3. 
aliiin^ren, M.JI.G«rm. orhiiiixcrD, /amiih; 

ahaofrrcd (pari.) Langl. b 10, 59*. 
ahpeniiii, A.Sax. alpAiian LTiE-'a dictios., 

LKBOii_D. 0L08S. 2, 369, troitbU : hftr of 

)>fi Idvcdies tO mo mune}) and pel sAre 

mo ahpeneti o. a. x. 1564; f*^' i**!" 

mid »At<e heu ap^no 1258. 
;khweorfeTi, A. Sax. alipeorfau, avtrUrt; 

awliarf fprd.) CJaw. 2220. 
akdlen, A.Sax. acelan, rtfrigerttrei ak6le 


tiow. 2, 9i: aki\p tpraj xisc. 30; 

ak^do rprttj Kob. 44:!. 
iilceiiticilnot^&o, A, Sax. ueuncdnose, gfne- 

ralii>ii, HoM. 1, '209; akeQ(n)es:ie h. it. 

akenncn, A-Sftx. uconuan, gigntrt; ukende 

fprH.J Lai. 21240; alienned fpatt.) 

LnKE 1, 35; uom. 1, 89; ttkeunOt 

Katii 332. 
akeoDOn. OM.Germ. airbcaaan. rttognine, 

rMOHitoitrr; akemle ^firet.J L-m. 12i'-i*\ 

nkotmingo fjwri.J Aus. 34<i8. 
nk^pe? Lai. 2rt;i37*. 
ukiaieii. M.n.Grrw. orkiiniou /IraHl- mul 

f/eitd HferdenJ Y giow faint Y akiuiei) (pari.) 

Lai. 2t;a54. 
AlHCclien eofwrt: site {'at |)iu |>iui iilacche 

mi}t IIai.t.iw. put. :J7: iilohte tiiao 

l>ct]<iiK \\\i Piurmes Sax. < iik<*n. 249. 
alH>ii(<n, A.Sax. aln>nan, eommadarf : al(*ane 

La». :tl(iO:J': aloiiojt /jrrtj 24O0u'. 
ftlsten. A.S4X. al^tan, M ef: Idt alstcn 

\\\i witter Lai. I.'i'.i32. 
slamcn, M.H.dtrm. »rl:iuion, grow Imnr: 

alanie*]. .ilemeil fpnrt.j u. a. n. I<jU4. 
alNiliim, M.H.dtrm. nrloidoii. J^iviMmrfjtMu; 

aldfiolt fyrta.J u. a. k. 1277; mi lif tne 

id a]:ii1»il Lai. 2.'ilt30. 
aleapou. A.Sffx. alileapun, /m/i mj>.- mJoup 

alogrron. A.iiax. aloc^'an, ir/fy, H*f»Hfre, 
Li'KK .5, IK; Lai. 7714: Iido no niititc 
Utilit aJogjj'e )>at |>e I'llo limlde liiro ifiiHl 
a A. X. 3!)4: altvt-i^ (prft. ndj.J iiou. 
1, 91; Dvelo lawes . . . trnto il" he Iipuj 
aleglft Ukk. U:{d: aleide fprwt.J Wii.i.. 
5240; rtloipd r^r^y Mat. 2«, tJ; olctd 
SPEC 10&: Tbbv. 4, 449; aloid ii^ 
Dario |>tn boiionr Am». 2'tHt>. 

aldlnon, 0. II. (irrm. arlou^fiiaD. vtmtmt: 
alaiasd fpretj Uali.iw. M(T. itH. 

aleni»«n iilumin^, iimm. 2> 7 ; oJiuo^chL 
nlimcd. at^mcd /'^m.; 107, 109 k 141. 

al«wdnosMP. A.Snr. aWMdnoss. rr&«wn»N>itf, 
rfdftnfttiof*, iKtu. I, 1 2'.'. 

alteen, .r4.N<ij- alcium, al^i^an. r»ttat», Lai. 
1084; A. a. 124; uixr. 140; al^se 
fprm. Muif./ u IL m. [80; alAMde/>M.; 
HOM. 1, 19; JvL. 40; he Uinn ali>««do 
mid bifl Mode ». a. Vll (misc. 186); 

1150; alused r. 
1, 125: alAsont 

iilteed /"/ur/.^ Katu. 
u 8. VIII, 68. 
uloseiul reffoter. hum. 

Jl-L. lifi. . 

ule.seadnoiisc rrlcanmeut, uom. 1, 87; a- 

Udoiidnostw 227. 
ale:inosso rfl'-«*eiwtii, AtUperanee^ Hint. 1. 

15; H. M. 11. 
aK'Sungo re/Mtsrmftt/., d&li'M^anw, Katii. 

Il5:i; uloHinj^e iimm. I. 14:!. 
nlit'l^Pn, ■f.'SaJT. alloxan, auhaide, Makh. 

6; uligge Lai. 20298; i) uaeliol jMad 

alid mid ;\ lutel rein a. r. 24(>: ^ia 

Uttlo pino ]>at alid t luto hpile Kath. 

21n:J; alci fprH.j Marii. 12. 
ulilitcn. A.Sttx. ttlilitan, a/igfU, ittetniUre, 

Lai. 20til8; nu wniider Jw; bit smite 

harde f-^r hit dif\\> aliitn treat. Ut6; 

iLlilitd ^;/ri^.; Laj.21121: mikc. 37; gvd 

almihti . . . aJlhte a dun to belle a. 

K.248; iilijt«BKK. tS9.'>; SnoBRii. 129; 

ali;tea "a/letitita", Win., Is. 9. 1 ; so 

.s<mc sv ho wnx a1i)t Alls. 4490. 
alihteii, A.S^ix. al^htin, iilight. illumntare: 

alitto AYKNu. 109; aliile/'p-i'^.ySnMttKH. 

81; alight liiAv. 2, IK:); fiii . . . havvst 

aliht nil (H^Htor hotirCo mum. 1. 185. 
alijdn^, A.Nitz. .-il^htintf, iiluMinati*, a- 

TKMU. 221. 
alinipon. A.H^ix. alimpan, itmiW; alomp 

fl»n>t./ Lai. I80r.:i. 
alldon ezirt, praHthrf, La). 12041; \>\ 

scove jcr wcMtreii alidono .'1970. 
H]i|<ien, W.'Sirr. alcodian? itt'mrmirr : nou 

li»vo}> bo . . . mino leooioH alipeds Lai. 

altiton. A.Sax. alutan, inc/i'hc.- itlute uihc. 

48; alouU BitK. 3140; pl. c». 750; 

1.1 R. oiKC. 1254; [al'mted/'^mrf./ Will. 


i^ranpT omad f part J 
574; P. 9. 156; omad. 
; amed A. R. 324; 
amadde Lai. 4438. 
iimniidrrn, Gtrm, cnneisterD. maHer, Laxiii» 

1). 211 (7, 20ft); umeifvtren *. r. 140; 

araaislrcK/fr/j'.yATRMi. 129: amaitftrede 

fprtij r. u 8. XXIV. BO. 
um:tnsioD. A.S«s. UDAnsumian, amommu- 

nieaU; aniAiisi Bkx. 1744; ■mOnsi p. 

ama'«|pn litnirael, 


oinead h. m. 37; 
4f{: beo weoron 


s. 196: amilnsotto (prti.) p. l. s. XVIT, 

512; (unAused (part.) hum. I, 4.^; Kath. 

2101; o. A. N. i:i07: Kmi. '^'^t^. 
rundnziiit'c. A. Hnx. aiiii'msumiitig. txcoiH- 

tnunicatioH, aykxb. 1H9. 
amasen amaze: ;imaseil fport./ \. b. 2T0; 

Will. GS«: Oow. 2, 2."i. 
ampokei) render nurli: amvklU (pari,) okst. 

Bom. 177. 
otnerien, A.Stix. amorinn, pHrify: ameriMl 

fpnrt.J B, fi. ED. We». 22i>(>. 
am«rran, J..Siix. amorran. -niyrrnn, wnr. 

perdire, evrritmjtere. iiniw. t, 2'^\ amoire 

MiRc. 74; araa-iTi'. aniari-Pii (amnne) 

Lai. 535(i L l!Ut>!i; aineiTB^ fprf»J 

AYKXB. 20-1; amorilo, auiipnlB miu*»nle) 

fprtij Laj. 3825 k 11725; amertecl 

(part.} Shohkii. 105. 
Ameten, -i.Sux. amctiui, ineamro: ametcii 

(pari. J FRAOM. 2. 
atnimlrin, A. Sax. arayrdrian SniMiDV 

aiAj^ii.. mwdrr, hum. 1, 247; xniuiclt'cil 

fparij I.AL l(n47. 
auappeii darmiturr'^ ouapiiod }io wns p. 

u s. XVn. 278. 
auar^on Harrow: anarwijj fprcsj Aus. 


Ugu ? |>at hi vol Iram ctmiio ani^io /'»*. 

hneve) Siiokkh. 47; nf Ki'i}ie lie lium a- 

ii('iJ<< IP. 

anemnun, M.II.Gtrm. ornennen, »aitu, ho* 

MMMr«.' ancmnede fprd.) p. l. b. XV, 

M^NSll, O.IfJirrm. imiunnn, r«N#j0; a- 
nowe DBi'. R. 15; ontiowiliy Wicl. wolbs. 

.3**, SO; eiiewes? Town. myst. !il4. 
iiuen ejFtip*r*: miam fpr^.) hom. I. 22P. 
liclprien, ftVrw. pmiJpni. aJ</M; anidori 
(aneojieri'i Lai. 14Si5l; anojioreil /'pflW.y 
fom. 217. 

arii<c)ten, A.^^t. anfiran, O.II.Onm. or- 
roiclien, rwM, pm-rigei-e; aruchin *'ffW«>i- 
y*rc", rimMPT. 14; itr<»clion, areachen a. 
R. 128 & 160; arechc Hmbn ku. Llm. 
1220: P. L. p. XX, 1)4: Shorkh. VA: 
(tow. 1, 150; WlCh. .loii.N l:;. 2C.; »1 
|«fe hl8 ax arf>4:)ic iniirlit Rich. 7f>:V.i; 
anfthlo (arftlitol /'//r-'/.y' Lai. I0r.;lU; W 
Daris . . . t.w(<nti putid lie aru;le Fl. 
A. Bu 812; thai arn^te Hai.liw. mct. 

77; A best Jiim was araujt iy«'' atrAiijt, 
a lalu*'^) H. s. Ei>. Wkh, 81t5. 

arftrlen, OJlJi«rm. irnUca, toujeeiure, in- 
tfTptft, fxpMu : urtidati iiuu. 1 . 121; 
of irhirhe ti" tnaii ne coiijw nrodoti }e 
nomliro Alis. 5115; ai-6de atav. 45; 
Gtm'. I, 24; In |iat art*dp|7 pise rOdele» 
Shuiieh. 24; \>e swovou ... ]>at Dfttiiel 
an ''me anul Gow. I, 2r>. 

arfedeti. A. Sax. ar&dan? Ubeis's oloss. 
1, 3ti, pTpparty aiid gaii(i]^e bitu ar6de 
in sftrtHi s. A. r. Kn. Ha. LX; a mar- 
wc liQci btno uitbddon Laj. 15482. 

armron (ar^i'Bi. A. Sax. ai:iiiaii, renr up. 
-riffere, Lai. 202;J; \<6i hoo niiiliten J»9 
dcado areai'«ii vrimi doadu t<3 livo a. b. 
300; arero Hek. 901; Tais-r. 3, 49; 
Onuv. 21; llu. Cov. 1^*2; arere ])et 
h^Ted AVKSB. Ml; arfirde (pret.) Lai. 
14220; aroarde Katu. 104;?; ^ei* (^at 
... uvelo lawQ arC*rde uistt. ()4; arerod 
fpart.) Bub. 7; Lo licddo arereil and 
imad manie werren atknr. 2'i9; )>e rude 
18 up arerert spec. 85. 

? aratoti reprove, LanitI.. u 11, 98; re- 
buked and arated 14. lt}3. 

arecoheti, A.Sax. arecctn, axp/ain, txpoutui, 
Lai. 28097; )>is swovcn aricliten 25G29; 
aralit (part.) Maich. I : armiit IIai.liw. 
[HPT, 8n. 

areddcn. A. Sax. ahroddao, d^liifei\ mrf, 
Lai. 2{i90n; A. R. :t90; ar«ddo Fl. a. 
Hi.. 689; M. T. 97; aruddun mm. 1. 
25;l: Kath. 1142; ariide Cimpernt./ 
Marii. it; aroJde /tNbj'.J o. a. s. 1509; 
arpdde (prftj hvu. 2. :J3: Lai. 831; 
arod fpiirt./ misc. 86. 

ar&de read, Laj. 22719; Ai.ia. ed. Sk. 

arcim^n eripnr ? fiot in uro lauiinfm fust 
ptt lidiiilen areimcn Ok inidf? a. r. 120. 

areiNOii, A. Sax. ariUiau ? raw ,* aroiito 
Will. 4342; tkre\»\t\ (part./ Viin,. .Ivus 
3, 14. 

areosoQ, -4.N/rj, alireiisan, m-itovv; aruren 
(prel.) Mat. 7. 27. ' 

aro<iwflii tomtnittraU, repent; ai'i'woii P. a. 
240; liit !<lial liiui iit-vcr f>oiiiid ar^wo 
<H>MXT. HAH. 15; mo aroDped )>j iiAr 
Jul. 35; areope /'m^/V a. a. 06; pfi 



deore <1rihtin ar«af nn Kath. 1379; »- 
rf'u H. H. 2'.*. 

arcpon touch : yd hen muppti aroppn & 
aierlieii a. ic 128: aropin'ii Lai. 2ti0;)-l. 

aribten, O. If. ft'frm, arrirhtan (tri^trt) '-* 
such jrei-teiiin^' lie arif.'tit Tmr. I8il*>. 

arimpn, A.^ar. arimaii, WHwArr, Laj. 
2r»:)l^2: nhinoil (^nt.) 2S937. 

arit^en, A.Siit. arittan, ttrite, tiirfffrf, uou. 
I, Ul; Lai. 1248; a. «. 324; ap a- 
rlRB Bkk. 1305; til |>o sonno ^^un arise 
ChaicC. t. B7!'ll'.2in; ari^i /yrtK.J 
(1. A. K. r.i'.»7: Alis. ri4.'i8; arIfce|t^iM- 
;«T7 Misr. 42; Hn\» fpi<J Lm. 1147fi; 
Kath. 337; ardeBRK. 451: avknb. 173; 
(Jin) arise Jri.. ^i'^•, (heo) arifipn I*.m. 
Ift83: hi ori(>e 10: ari«o ^'"hJ 
Ijit, 2:.y8S: arisen rptrt.J r. L. l-CiO; 
K. T. 442; arise Will. I2ft7. 

ariKinge aruinff, aybnb. 13. 

&risD(s^sc furrfciio, bki.. axt. 1, 282. 

ariste, A.Snr. arist. tcrUt. ff(rfA. urriets 

/, or1u», f?wTiw(w, Mat. 22, 2;t: hi'M. 

1. 87; A. R. 258; JtL. »»2; airi«t Ohm. 
Iti23(i; arUt Uow. 1, ;i2n; a^ the »»inio 
aristo CHArr. a8trui,. 2, 12; nn \ium 
itTistQ Mark 12, 23. 

aniitten, A. Sax. abrys'ian Giu;is*s Gu>t*[<. 

2, 110. qnatfru, wiorrro; (Kt tr^ arestulo 
as bit wold falle ». ». kd. Wkb. iU-'i. 

aiia^liM), SI.H.Gfrm. erMatten, naiiare; a- 

8a<l /"ptfrf-^ BEL. AST. 1. 122; i*. 8. 212. 
aschakcn, A. Sax. asceanui, txcuttrf, w- 

!><■: ascakod ^wt dnst nf eoproii Tuton 

Mat. 10, 14; I'er Jh* dai wo^ro al a- 

weVen (asake) Lai. HH.'i4. 
aschamion, A. Sax. ascamiuo. aahatnti a- 

Bohamed fpart.J ljw. 70; Will. I03IV; 

II. 8. KD. Wkii. 2314: Ali3. 330i>: a- 

scbomod ciuhix, lisoi.. 8fi4. 
SBclKMlen thed: a-T^d ^p<Tr^> tiaM. 1, 127. 
a-<^chendeti ditgrne*: [lat Imd ho wuU* a- 

tirhondo Hi:K. 1054: aM>niIc Lai. I80r.7*; 

ft.«*cti(I ffMirt.) KiiB. 203. 
asrh^'pelon *r«rf fltewy; ^Ur Irh asrlu'fttlp 

(ae4^hcn1e) pie and crApo u. a. n. 1013. 
aschorticn •funi*^ : {|»Ino) tnnge ia aawr- 

tw! KHAr.M. 8. 

aBrhrenrhon, A.Stx. aM-rflnran. i/«w"w; 
t!ch i)|iren aschranchc)* Smurkii- 17: a- 

dureint {'parij Aus. 4819; ich wa« a- 

sefareint b. b. ei>. Wkb. 14Kii. 
aachiinchon tfrri/p^ ne tnci bit me a- 

ahniicbo bpkc. 38. 
ascOrca? a£rQr him so schoitmellcbe a. 

B. 2iiC. 
lUKU-ien, OJ/.Gfnn. ac3<^ren, ar^acd-f: a- 

Bdrod fpret./ s. v. kd. Wkb. (>0(i. 
asi^clioii iffl out, LAt. 278i>G. 
asenebcD m/tir to n'ni: azenkto f^rdj 

An;Nii. 4ii; I'lrp scipon he aKeingde Lai. 

2r)0*)7: aaoucht^st Jul. 33; al here a- 

til and IroAour was ■ al m OMJut Hor. 

asonden, A.Sax. aacndan, aentt ohI, hom. 

I, HI. 
a.wttou, A. Sax. asett4Ui, eotutitwire: azet 

fpTft.J ATKSB. 140. 

asijen, .4.^%!^. iisi^n, dtet'thr*: asion^iwii. 
asjeo) MiBr. 90; »e«h fpntj hom. 2. 


asinken, Jf.IT.Germ. orstnkon. n'ni dcum: 
}tat hi nxsinke^ Shorrii. 13(>; asonkon 
rprrt.J Mai-km 34.1. 

aa'itten tity UKOt (it iot'i) fK> kais^re swale 
be akimcd wonre Lai. 2'>35:!. 

arilibppt). A. Sax. jwliopiin. dormitare: hen 
U asU'pcd suj'e Fu. a. Bl. ')82. 

aslakien. A.Sax. a^leaciait, siaka; aidako 
j^R«. 137: LiiKi. M. p. 231; Vaix. 4, 
70i); astaki fprtt. uthjj avekb. 253; 
ashiked fftrt.^ Tkkv. 3. 143: tU utte 
Inste at-lnkod wa^ hia mnod Chauc. C. 

T. A 17«0. 

Bsliktt, asl^n. O.Il.Grrm. arsluhiin, tUg, 
oeet'derf, Lai. 22271 & 22.'>7<>: OKlim 
FL.X.BL. 105: a&V'i rprti.j LAt. 22in9i 
oHhiti] V. u. ft. Xll, 88; ())u) ashi]E> Lal 
24812: ho<:> osKviou lushiwo) 20!M(i: a- 
slOwc ARcit. fi2. 37: aii\a;e /'parf .^ Hokn 
Rn. Lv3t. 88: aslawcRuB. 170; Hhobeil 

iiHlideii. A.Sax. ttHJIdait, i/t'<i6 away; a- 
slid(? IfAM.iw. oirr. 93. 

asluppeti (=andiduppony 4*m/). M.Jf.Gfrm. 
oiiUtliproii) tiip tmijf: iiv niiht i bim u- 
slnppe HPKC. 38; osUpped (part.) a. v. 
3. 2 IS. 

aMocUuu umril ohI: |>e bur bcni ^un ful 
Bilne asmelle t*. r. \.\t. Wkb. 891, 



B&, A.Sar. asn&san, ftrire: jiane 
nni fiet lie asnc>Hed mido aUo [icm [lei 

ha lu^w-hcd A. II. 200. 
li&vfljen to/lftt; utfofte Kaujw. mvr. 94. 
asparien, M.ilAifirta. ovspam. tptire: (V- 

spu-o Lancil. It ir>. l:Jt>. 
ospeiHEm. A.Sar. a5.pQn(Ian, j;vn<J ; n- 

apraen /'^trw, Wy.y "">i. *• I2S. 
aspeopen 4x»puere: asjiepeil (pi'fu.J uom. 

2, 19it. 
wpilleu Jt/*r//: niipille o. a. n. 348; mi 

»ftule t5 oitpillp ItsR. 1024; Ofipiltad 

/'^rM.y uoM. 1. 18: )jeo (tot forlensoJ 

k lUtpilleJ aJ bore gcid a. b. 148. 
aspring^n, A. Sax. aspringan, itpriwy i*p; 

asprin^'O Shokkh. 120; iupmnK fprtt.J 

HUM. I, 227; aspr^iDgon {jmrtj 1>I011T 

KYST. 118. 

astallen eotutiUtte, ettabliah? ostalleden 

f/or astalden?) /';>r*<.y Lu. 8950; a- 

Btallod f/ar a.stald?> fpurt.) ft;l9l. 
odtanden. A.Stir. aHtan<liiu, ttand u/t: ^at 

deor ap aatod La(. t:495. 
asipllen, A. Sax. uetellan, cntutilni^i, tUa- 

blith; astalde f>r-«f.; hum. 1, 19; aatald 

/>rt7 l^i. SHG. 
astonchen, &#r»t. or^tenken. anuo^ by 

deneh: stiite nu . . . tfl astonchon mo 

fid t« tjteiicl] |<ot 'jf |ii umd t<tihu(1 

Uaiui. 12. 
asteorren, A.Stix. astcdrfan, laori, Uaku. 

12; A. R. !J2l); ^storvon fpiH.) a. il 

SIO; astnn'o u. A. N. 1200. 
asti'rea, A.Sax. iistoran (V), txeiUy mut- 

eitaUY asUrde fpret.j hum. 1, 95; ;t- 

steutlo Eath. 1043*. 
ut«rte ffnW HP, ttart aieaif, xrdit. 570; 

Chauc. C. r. a 1595; iistorto rprd.J 

jdisc. 42; |ie eotonit up asturW Lai. 

2fi0iri: a^tirt<? til him IIavki- 893; 

srve. A.Sax. astorFaii. aatyrfan, dnre, 

"Wewrr. ayknu. 210: fwtcrved /^;wf<> ibid. 

^tlten, A.Sttx. aiitjpnn, (imvik/, Aetemd; 

tieii ifisr. -^5; twti? Ki<M.3t7: a^tiirlKT 

e*J Uitai. 2, 107; jutali, ^iV'XxfprHj 

HOH. 1, 17 & 91: .iHtJ^h «J, 111; utttpih, 

asttfi msc. 53 Jt 55; osLijen Lai. 8(>9l; 

a*li;a ftt^j.J iiom. I, 227. 

len. A.Snr. iwtroccao, M.B.Gtrm. 

eriifcroclton, ttretch o)ti, ^xleritUn: astro- 

trllill PHffMPT. Hi. 

astrong^^i tlrmgihm, Kuii. ISO; OitrdQg- 
|jcd (pari.) jiisf. 32. 

astunicn a^tntnd: horti and mau usiuned 
111) Arth. a. Mkri.. 0297; osttJiiiu^l 
SHiiBBif. *<S; astimod (::= flst4>nod V) 
Chaih-. Ta«iL. 274. 

a.>iniit«n, A. Sax. astyntau f<*Uundtr«}, 
etasf: astoaten Iioro cloppo a. b, 72; 
ii^tfuto WiLi.. 1527: iwtimto fprHjhk*. 
aiHlH*: astunte, aatinto Kob. 128 k 
54fi; astint fyrij UaI'ES 341. 

iLStiiriBD, .-J.iS'ifx. afityrian, jrJtV i<^; ajiti- 
rodoa fprdj Mark 15^ 11; a^tiircd 
weoren Kr»iiiweieii alio mid slerellclipre 
wrfedde Lai. 25329; astereil DsaBKv. 

ftfiwel;en (A»pfl«r; .■i«wo!wo/'/jai'i.yBKVH878»J. 

adwc1t«a tUJIfttv, mori: }>et lio a8|>6lto 
pidinnmi a. r. 210; ('o fuir . . . u^woIL 
Alis. iI03*J; cailitOK t>i'ir iu^vraltcn IjAi. 

aswovieit Mopin ; a^tonied and at^weved 
CtiAuc. u. F. 540. 

ufiwlkcn. A. Sax. iwpicar, cfatr. /at/; a- 
xpikoil fpren.) Katil 2187; x^y^x^frnhj.) 
Mat. 5. 29; jwwftc ^/JJ<rf.> Lai. 1(5112. 

a»piiideD, A.-Sax. (ictpludan, vanith, de- 
firtntf, wa»i*, dfc:itf, Mabh. 13; aspindo 
o. A. N. 1574; asw'int fpres.J hM. 17940; 
aiiptmd (prei.) iiom. 1. 133: furst u- 
sn'ond )>at rgiii 1<ai. -11793; aflpnnde 
fpnrt.J IP. A. N. 1480; uswtundo i.. h. 
B. 52. 

afiwlnkOQ procure Ly Uthaur; aswinke Urk. 
1 (>03. 

aswdiicn, J.Nrfr. JLSp-ipiTi. nwom: Iio f^ll 
atfwOwe to jfroundu LAUsr. 755. 

aspolkenosfto, A. Sax. aspulcwnnsss Ettm. 
LEX. 753, ignavia, uuM. 1, 83. 

Jitakeii (^ (iftukttn ?) /^iv; atake Bek. 
1961; CiiAtc. C. T. 55fi; Am. a. A- 
M TL. 2070: »lial at^iko '■'npprchemUt" , 
Wift.. LKvrr. 2i!, 5; aWk^^rfV Arth. 
A. >1kbl. 4t>8. 

atantion, MM.GvrM. cnaiiien, taint: :itc- 
iiiii'O iinw. 2. 199; atpinio IjANQI.. l" 
20. 240: aUiui'd (pnrt.J avknii. 163; 
imt*. U. 15. 



atnllon, O.H.Gnrm. arvelinn, Mdrrirrv, now. 

2. na. 

atende, jLSax. atendan, attendrre. infiam- 

marr, BeR. 2728; stoililo fpre*. »%ihjj 

uisr. 52; il£'re liudoiie nioiinan liBurtuii 

. . . Biubton )K)))n iitoD<Ic iinu. I, ^7i. 
at«oi). A. Sax. uteoit. (ractare ; atMtoii 

fp«fi.) HOM. 2. 20.%; wcflron . . . recii- 

hdie atoiene Lai. 2484G. 
atftinon im'M^; atuuneil fpori.J chron. ni; ah^utxl Hkvks 2G01. 
ateorien, A.SitT. att'uriuu, /fli7,- aticrcti 

fpreii./ HOM. 2. 21*. 
lirejeo <*Xfiict, giiert ; atraid (yrd.) b. b. 

ED. Wkb. 18U7; atraiyod (pari.) k. T. 

atrukien itfiftrti atroketz fp^-n.J p. k. u 

p. 221: atrokien /'m4. attrolcien) fj^hf.J 

LKB. JkM. I I. 

atwinnen twin, ditetdtr* ; atwinne Halmv. 
DICT. 101). 

a)too»tren, A. Hit. aJHKifttnan, fthtewari : 
80 mdoe a)>fistrpi1 kom. 1. 230; a|>oo- 
8tr»de/>ntf.^LAt. 28(>0: a)»«>ttred i'/wfY./ 
Mark 13. 2-1. 

afirftven? of his horse bo a)iryu I*ai. 807*. 

a|<niscniei). A.fiax. at>r;K]uan. itiffocaie, a. 
It. 4(>: at<ru»iin»1 fprta.) box. 1, 2-M. 

ajiurston, MJ/Genn. erdfintton ? olhirMt, 
titi cvH^ci: afon*! (pari.) p. l. s. XIIl, 
321>; Trkv. 3, 471; lie werti ajmrst vrel 
aOro BKL. ANT. 2. 273: a^urst. a)>ru6t, 
artist liAsni.. h 10. 5'.>*, c 12, 43*; 
athrest Lti>. Cov. lyo. 

a\r]tken, A. Sax. apacan. awaU ; an aki' 
CuAfc. L. G. w. 1332; aw/* /^prrtj 
Laj. 1253; av<)L Rub. l^*; nviiV, awooli 
Ukoi.. a K, 12H. r 10, 2fl3; OiiArr. 
C. t. a 33f34; Olimpiiu of sK^po aw>'>V 
Ai.18. 355; ^a rlerkcti awike p. i^ s. 
X, til; awake fport.J c. l. 473; bei.. 

AXT. 1, 144. 

awakien (awakie), A.Sax. apacian, ine<^h, 
Lai. 17014: irh p>iMe arakicn |ic a. k. 
23K; be mai awakion i.cii. Jk}<. t>92; 
awnkic uim-. 102; af^akcilc /'yr«^.^ a. it. 
23it; awnknlo atritb. 128; mnOciiilf. 
ftwttlieil LATtnr.. i( f L 332 (Kit. Wii. 
9^HBU (bit awaketle liino misc. 32; a- 
wakMl ryvrt.J Chavp, Kobt. 3. 11 (101). 

a|i.-i1(finen, A.Snx. afacnian, atcaj»n, ivh, 
U; (lOt gdd ukQpo ^r of apakoiiou a. 
R. 44: awaVaed fprtij Laxol. b 10, 
478: apakened fporl.J a. h. 58. 

avatden. M. H. (?mn. crwaltcn. tnhdat, 
Lai. 43-1.'.; apoiUdcn (^^ apeMon?) JfL. 
(>9: awoldo r. u. s. XVIL 335. 

awa]i|)cn tuitonuh'^ awapwl fpart.) A lis. 
890; AsTii. A. AIkrl. 3240; awliapod 
Chauc. l. o. vr. 814. 

aparien, A.6ax. apergan, Apyrgan, vicU- 
dienv, d»mmar», a. r. 284 ; awariedu 
(preij Lai. 13046; aparied fpaH.) ». 
8. IV; aworiod (tn«. awarded) aiisr. 45; 
apirigd Hoai. 1, 223; apiuiedo pibtea 
Katu. 1066; his beodon bcoj a)^riedo 
HUM. 1, 40; go aperegode giuttos 2, (iO; 
ins .iwarjedp crloflnpsso atknu. 37. 

awaachcQ wuh, ekvare: apeaew fptri.) 

KOM. 1, 87. 

apecoben Ktpwgtrt, tuKi'larf. wm. I, 267; 
awaccfae xkl. akt. 2. 27K; uwnohche 

LEU. Jkh. 691; apocj (pr^*.) IIOM. 2, 

170: apalite fprrtj Kath. 1044; a^ 
weiite Alia. 5858; hio apeht«a hino 
Mark 4, 38; awebton. aweihton Lai. 
811 & 17805; awaht (awcht) (phH.) 
Lai. 4520. 

awi^dcn, A.Sax, apfdan, fmrtre, injunirf, 
Lai. 22020; aw6do Siiubkh. 163; Wii.l. 
45; Tbist. 3, HI; u b. disc. 957; a- 
f^iep fpru./ o. A. M. 509: Aw^dde 
(prtt.) KoB. 162; aped (pari,} a. r. 96; 
awnl Bex. 1486. 

ap«;e», A,Sax. apegan, tfarrt: apeigetl 
rprf.J HUM. 2, 181. 

apcldcn tubiiut, uaM. 1, 81; awvldeu, a- 
vilden Lai. 4083 & 27X27: aweldo 
utL. ANT. 1, 184; Tbrv. 1. 01; apel- 
detl /'prn.J A. K. 144: awaldo. awn-lde, 
aweldc fprM.J Lai. 1643. 4603 tc 6167^ 
apealt (pmrt.) Kath. 555. 

awol^eil vnake rifh, heeomt liixuriousl' lien 
pnldo tiles apilegen a. ». I7i'>; hpit a- 
piliHTwl (y) I'c ^ion 2K2; no*' piT iLtn 
swa wnvcctio Itrut |>at he nv» awiuljcd 
Lat. 23718. 

apnlton, A.Sax. apylbin. rrntvete: applto 
rprpt.; Mat. 28. 2. 

apetanien iW/wv; apemnic'd (part./ tiou. 



1. 83; BKL. AST. 1, 128; awemmed 
Lai. 2212. 
ftpendui, A. fiWx. apendan. tetnd atcay, 

tvmttrt, HOM. 1, 109; apoude fpretj 
ucjjt. 1.219; avfcnH ^f>artj Lm. ly072*; 

Tliomas . . . out itf iQi lund itt anend 
Bek. 1340; aweut Tkkv. 5. 229. 
apetirpou, A.i^ax. u|Teorpaii, ejicere, dtjt- 

tw: aporpeu a. r. J 22; aparpon Katu. 

fiUO; aperpcil fpret.J uuu. 1, 25; a- 

varpe}! bkl. ant. 2, 210; apurpen 

fprdj Mat. 21, 39; aforpen fpari.J a. 

B. 278. 
awedUii, A.8nx. ape^tan, dtvattarc; iv- 

pi':itei1 fprts.jHOJt. 1, 13: nnetiU /^pret.J 

lut. 6452; aweat (pari.) \>k\. 2149. 
apildeii, A.SaT. apildiuu, grow u/i/d, a. r. 

awinnea. AJiax. aplnQau, OM.O'arm. lu- 

winnan, tcin, acyuirrre, Lai. 18761 ; 

Horn bd. Ltu. 1071; awioiio Ft. a. 

Bl. 132; V. u. a. XVn, 99; avk-^b. 85; 

iiKt,. AXT. 3. 243: s. s. kd. Wkb. 1K32. 
awlateu difigud: awlated /^miW.^ Rob. 485. 
ftplencdieti maia tpftndid? a^^lencct (print- 

id awlenetl) hire mid cXdidoa hku. ant. 

1, 129. 
awriiilicn ieeome wroth: no iiOht so ^Iitd 

^at tiit ne aprr'>})e)T o. a. n. 1278; a- 

wniddod rptiH.J L.u. 24834. 
awrocclien, .I.Sax. apreccun fausdiarejy 

txtor^iur« y ii babbcj al mi kineloud o- 

wncht At of iDiro hond Lai. 154^^5; 

wb&n )h) limos bco)i awroijt out of liero 

AoBO places Tkev. 2. 131. 
awreken, A. Sax. aprocan. r^/td, awnffe : 

^ like fat Howol haf[d) iKpekon no 

Had hit n/i mait awreken Ijai. 25194; 

aprelton siionc a. r. ;i:j4; iiwroke aybnb. 

9; Kirn. 1771; be mihtti . . . f ul 8t>no 

bine awreko Misr. 14; aproc (pret.J a. 

B. S34: awrckeii (part./ Thist. 3, 14; 
apreke o. a. n. 2H2; awreke Hub. 142; 
Aue. 2519; awroken, awrokon Ciiadc. 

C. r. A 37.'i2 & V 784; awruko Lanul. 
B G, 204. 

apnt<a, A.Svx. apritun, wriie otd: iiprit 
fpTM-J PBAflH. 2; apnU fpret.J uuu. I, 
13; apnt«a (perLi 113. 

awundrien, A.Sax. apnndrian, timtna, tur- 

priu: setnt Gr^t*rie apundroj him a. 
a. 14(>; apundrodo (^ftj Katu. 312; 
awondrede insf. 32; awundred (part.) 
Lai. 15972; apuadrod Katu. 1249; a- 
wondred \Vu.l. 872; cif oit talo ae be-tfi 
iiAgbt awondred ii.w.uw. dict. 123. 

awuricii. A.Sax. nyyigtin, O.U.Gernt. er- 
wiirscn, tcotry, htrantjithre ; awirien pl. 
cjt. (j02: |io vol apuried al oone tloc 
A. R. 202; awuriej) {?j>rinUd awarie))} 
MISC. 149. 

awurcleii, A.Hnx. apeordao, O.U.Garm. 
erwerdan, cmpfiriare, tvaM^twrt ; apurdoj 
(prtf.J A. B. 2D0; t6 LU8«e bit awurile 
Lai. 2558D. 

awurdien, A.Sitx. apeorJian, Amww,- a- 
wnrdwle (prntj Lai. 9529. 
a- «w al>-, ad-, an-, and-, at-, en-, es-. j»-, 


4, yf.lf.Grrm. ;\ IIbn. wb. 1, 2, /tA, oh, Lai. 
5015; A. B. 53; Jul. 70; Ojui. 12808; 
JIbk. 1177; c. u. 1077; «. s. bu. Wk. 
1250: Langl. b 17. 124; Cuauc, C. t. 
A 1078; .'i XlA. "f*vax" , fkompt. 8; Ciiauu. 
C. T. D 586; A je f'f'tm. a;e) p. i,. r. 
XVJI, -181; a 1a.s a. a. 148; Ron. 34; 
a not Lai. 7223; Ros. 35; & wei Id 
Mai'ks 336; Ji wai mi3c. 192; a pi 
HUM. 2, 183; ft \\\\ ;1 voi) Cuauc. 
f. T. B 4098. 

i, A.Sax. :i. 6 Kttm. lkx. 55, Grkix's 
OLusB. 1, II & 2. 304. (}.M. :\, ife. oi, 
oy Kon.88. i.v.%. 3, 118. 122 & 144, 
O.L.tierm. O.U.dvnn. oo. In StHM. oi,i>s». 
28 ii K5, 11 RINK » iiUJSH. 131, UrAFp's 
si'Usou. 1, 513, Goth, uiv ScH. hlohb. 
14, UiKKENB. wTi. 1, 3ti, «y, «l*flW«. 
gtmper: ibr ic bit A puate p. l. b. VIII, 
9: a (aa) on ccncaso Kath. tiii4; ^at 
sctial ai (on) stflnden 14'.>0; a mitre Maiiu. 
5; porld it buton onde a. h. -VMi; Ji:i,. 
22; Avar and a i;. m. 18010: d, aj Lai. 
12iJl> Ji: 4013; ft. ^ (uu. ajj) Orm. 2H5 
& 1688; 6 & iiou. 2, 5; d bAton en- 
do MISC. 78; ofl, ai st. hkn. Ill & 451; 
ui /'w*. ay) aud oo Mapks 337; ai (nu. 
a.y) HoKs en. Kith. 159; Wiuu 2239; 
CiWLC. C. T. A 4i3; LiDO. M. V. 4H; ]>e 
bliatto )>at ai abal be kpkc. 75; loiMre \S 
ai aot longo is <> 101); ai wi|iouten ende 




LI B. niHc. 531; u\ furfi Jos. 12(1; for 

Ai Iw. 1510; )D ai Ps. i\ rj; pi and »• 

RKI.. AST. 1. 2T5. 

i^ibwa, A.Srix. fiehpa, O.H.VtriH. 6*>pi- 
liwer, quUqtuf: diktat, J. Sax. (bglipiet. 
quidquf, aliquidY «. a. k. lO.'iti. 

Aiglipancn, -I.'V'JJ. li^'lipauiin, "undiqus". 
Hakk 1, 45. 

iVwher, A.Sax. Ah]»ier, O.TlJStrm, eohwar, 
aiietth'. Kalliw. dict. 122; AwCi', 6nflr 
I,. H. K. 30; t'.pbM', jpliar /'ipw. (ippba-r, 
uppliar) Ohm. 833 & «17-J: <>wlier 
L'HAur. C. T. A rtSrt; •Iwhfro (Jow. 2, 
349; MW6r Amr. 5it2!l; >'iuhpfir a. e. 
t»0; '^nwhjfr fprittitd ouwiiar) WitL. 

Awlif^r. wiwa-r, J.Sas.i^hytKr, O.I/.Girm. 
eopihwftr, uhiqtu, I.a?. r.i;t72 A 17827; 
LMpliaT /WW. eni'lirrr) Orm. "Wo; ^itipPr 
Katii. 1728; aibpOi' noil. I. 271; ili- 
wliCre A. r. 2. 228; ftih)>:ir Hick. thks. 
1, 22^; »ib}<are iiou. 2, 222; tMwhaio 
TB. ('. 8UIii; ;'iiwaro o. a. x. 2Ht; ;n- 
whAro, -whOre Man. kd. K. 721 it tVlAu. 

ftii|ior. jt.Siix. j'llipiMpr. Aptlt'i-, O.JI.Gcrm. 
iuwedvr. or ftnUhrr, t>tKerJ, uterquf, »>U. 
Gaw. 88; ftn)>tr a:«t. Axm. XVI; Iicoro 
Opt^or /■««. npp|*piT) OnM. 12-1; r.inlcr 
of |»«o« tpA A. R. 2S6; -mj-er uf f^^iu 
Iw. y.^H'.*; .mlier ... or Maxk. iKi: 
4u)*or bi iloie >jr bi ni^bto FxitcKV. 87; 
JSafer (rtJ»Brl elle^ LAWfii.. 1, 151 U'^V. 
(iu|ter (0(»or) ... or CnAuc. C. t, a 
1593; fli]KT Ali9. 4899; Oifor ... or 
Man. kd. H. 2; "Vter i>n bira «ulf flilor 
on bi» frcouJ a. u. 202: ''for atilmi. 
9; 0|"er (litiriin iifwr daiateorre n. a. k. 
328; ft|n>r cjitol flt>er clfi|t tl. ck. llfi; 
^er ... or Uun. 17; dittiun},' 0)H!r 
iontliiiiir t-wr.M. 1 ; fader A(l?r uiOdcr 
Lai. 2i>092; tncif winter ttfn mOrc 
Hatkl. 7K7; Iljwr ft|*er gftd tbkat. Lilt; 
0|ter, AJv /"iMf. oJ»t»r). or Or«. 480, fi2ao 
A 108K2; Other (or) . . . Othor i,or) 
hAxriX.. H 13, 3H9; i miuiiter nr A po- 
pe Chaic. C. t. a 2tfl. 
^der, iVi)>er lAifer). .A.Sa^. AghpHlcr, 
Afder, 0. Il.Oerm. BogaltwiHlar, n'tUrr, 
tOtriw, out, Lai, 1K92 A 1.'>9R2: A;|>er 
/M#. ejjfwrr) beoro Qjui. 413; «ijjcr 

noM. 1. 223; <^ij|wr. oitJcr Will. 1010 
A 12-10; i'idor Katii. Iii83; i^uw. ojder) 
ST. OHM. A. KX. 28^0; to Mfiet limpet! 
bis d<tle A. K. ID; e«)ur Ai|N)r /m«. eyjiwr) 
BOM. 1, 15; on ^it>or sido Uon. 17; 
ei[ier ... or Cuavc. C. t. a 1645; in 
foblo oijwr in tonne h. ». 996; eifer. 
iijior o. A. N. 7 & I'M; Lasol. w 9, 
85 (5330); Aijwr trkat. 139; /'■w. 
ay(wr) Mat. 13. 30; Havkl. 26t:5; a. 
H. KD. Wh. 787; eider. lUdor atknb. 
53 t Oti; ^]>er of ^ou UkCiBkv. 1177; 
cr E. o. 31; fare bo norJ er fare he 
Hdd REi.. ANT. 1, 211 (vi$c. 4); ^i}?or!i 
fgmj Will. I014. 
Ahwidor, A.itas. dhpider, aiiquo, qiioquc; 
obpider UOH. 1, 247; Aulipuder a. r. 
172; Mwhidor /"iiu. owbydro) "qH»qHnt»\ 
Wicu 4 Kuros 5, 25. 
lUybpilc. (tlcb, -l.Sax. Ji?gbp.vlc. ielc. 0. 
Jl.OVrm. eif^nbwelihor, O.fru. elk, ek, 
NW (in. ORAU. 8. 53, zeit84;iib. 11, 313, 
faeJi, quigque. Mat. 5, 22 lit H, 34; A- 
pilc iioM. I, 13; i&Ie, Mc, AlcJi Lai. 
1990. 2512 St 2G88; 6pc, eucb Katil 
20 k 1231; cudi a. b. 14; puch, dub 
a. A. H. 434 k 975; cch tkkat. 132; 
Chapc. C. t. a 791: Ton. 2758; hi 
lovio|< Odi ojWL'n atk.vk. 2(58; iftlcbos, 
fildies fgm. m.J Lai. 7044 & 9921; 
tehee Bbaso. 3; eirbou fdat. m. ».) 
Mat. 18, 19; dichon, .«lcbe (^eho) Lai. 
. 2511 Jt 1382G; «cbon atknb. 13; «- 
pilcbo noM. 1, 37; 6cbe «. a. sr. SOO; 
i'lcliere fdat. fj hum. I. 103; (elcliero. 
alcbote Lai. 2tiOI & 28498; 6cbore 
MiHT. 110: :felciie (tchno) /'^xc. m.y L.m. 
438ti; ifeldie, ulcbe face, fj Mat. 4, 
28 & 1>, 35. 
Apilit. capilit, .-/..Stfjr. ftpilit. dtibt, flhl, O. 
Jl.Ofrm. eowibt, auyhi fonghtj, a/iqwH, 
noH. I. 3 & 103; Aplht. aht fiHt. ohbt) 
Okm. 432 & 0905; ;if boo wos Awiht 
bende Lai. 7027; )>at ibrere Abt cA^e 
)»6r on 11980; )ic beuni •^bt lufedeu 
25340; .'ipibt, out (eapichl) a. r. 8K 
ft 124; lu)t Lakoi.. kd. Wr. 3331; 
ftaffbt Bim. 2400; Aft avk-hb. 194; 
Shohkh. 95; eapt Katb. 1193; dnbt. 
Oit 0. A. M. 002; Aaji, Out Wiu.. 952 




& 1823; Tbkv. 3. 39: dht hfxc. 71; 
ftji Manx KD. Lvt». 076; Ui'.k. 14:32; 
(^ ST. OKN. A. i:x. 1793; am i *gbt 
that &\iri*\i Town. myst. 180. 

nV-, O./V. ab. a. Za^ aI»,'aA-, a-. 

alulcinunt ahaUamU, prompt. 5; Man. 

Lu. II. 278. 
abatin. O./'r. abalre Littkk oict. y, u- 

bak, rnoMPT. 5; ftbatie AyeNR. 28; u- 

bati RoK. 54; abate Will. 1141; uba- 

tod (pnHJ c. L. 1334. 
abominable absminahh, x^ 49; Cuavc. 

C. T. r» 2006, 
abooiioaciouD nhotntHtitiiM, Cuauc. C. t. 

D 2179. 
abrege, O.Fr. nbropor. abrovier Boqvep. 

ULutts. I. 9, aln'figf, pr. c. 4-S7I: a- 

bre^o Chait. 0. t. a 2999; abro^'go 

fimper.J MiBC lti29. 
anoilen. as^mlei] iiiioiiir, IjAngi.. ?roi.. 07 

(70); adoilo Mutu L9tf8: asoili aykxb. 

172; iLsauili fprrs. gnbJ.J Hkk. 21127; 

agoWedf ("pfpij Hob. ilfi; aS"'iIod /'v'./r(.y 

Mtic. 32. 

ftbaoIuciOtt (tbmitUim, uom. 2, 99. 
abuixlaDce abuHtlanee, aykxb. 2tn. 
abundin almnd, pkompt. 5; aboumlc bkl. 

ANT. 1, 2<iri. 
abliflr, O.Fr. abKpie, uliaio Littre dict. 9, 
LaA abbatia, abbey, cnaux. Encii.. 914; 
abbei Ukaxd. 12; /'wi*. abbey) Lai. 29717*. 
■Mciic> 0. Fr. abbcosso. UaL abbadessu, 
ubhtu, CHBnN. F.NriL. Ti-'iO; ubbotUfR, n)}- 
>»'<lce»o La.ngl. «.■ 7, 128. 
abbod, A.tiax. abiKx), \kh\t*\t, Znt. abbato, 
abbot, A. R. 314; abbod (attbud) Laj. 
13131; abbot Braxd. 12; abUode fihf.J 
Lai. 13117; abbjitea fpJj Sax. cnaox. 

abbodrlcbB uisr. 145. 
ilbWle nhbatia, (m*. abboddio) aiiso. 145. 
abrcr a b c, alphabtl, Koit. 2<>t;; ayxkb. 1. 
lUf, M.L.Germ. OJhdch abol Sch. Jb LCii. 
WB. I, 2, Oi'iJKM. BijiiH. 1, 45, 0. Fr. 
habio ? «M DiEPKNn. wn. 1, 2. d^, "Ad- 
Mi», ittoneua", prdmit. fi; CitAiic. C. t. 
A 167. 
abelllobe. iS,t,Gfrm. abo(1)]|U. •hly, 

covht. mas. 243. 

iiha<, O.Fr. Lnt. abs-. ab§-. 

absmce ahsfucfi, i'Ro.mpt. 5; CnAcc. C. t. 
u 12U. 

absOTit nbsfMt, prompt. .'>; CllAUC C. T. 
u 203. 

absteinin ahstain, prompt. 5. 

abstinence uLttiitenw, a. r. 222; ayenb. 
«f, .4. Sax. ac, ah Ettm. lkx. 2, iK Sax. 

ciiRuN. 30, O.L.Otrm. ac Sohu. olush. 

3. *:oih. ak Dikkkn's. wb. 1, 31, O. H. 

0>rm. oil liHAFp's spbsl'ii, 1, 1 18, srd, 

Orm. tl3; K<m. 2; ayksii. 6; Horn kd. 

HoiiSTM. 860; A lis. 236; s. e. ed. Wkd. 

1313; Tbist. 2. 38; Lanol. I, 119 

(128); ac aton rljtfl hi be4>]i Hkk. 1624; 

ris nftujt malice ac hit is la}o Sudrbq. 

1.-3; ac, ali L. I,. 444; Will. 106 & 

110; ak p. s. 21!; ac, acJi. ah hom. I, 

123 k 145; ac. ab o. a. n. 177 & 

1176; all (ac) Lai. 252; ah Kath. 5; 

KPK1-. 4(i; Uur» eu. Kits. 841; cubun. 

Rn(il. 675 ; aiih, aach a. b. 46 ; aui 

HOM. 2, 258; oc Sax, chruh. 253; st. 

<iF.N. A. EX. 213; lie bo nod tVo him kkl. 

AMT. 1, 212; uk Hick. Tima. i, 231; 

I', L. B. Ill, 7. 
aetidlf} Ba/. accMia, f>r. axr^Si'a, tn^oUne«, 

ntghgenc*', A. H. 208; sloauf'O pat luo 

I'loiiCfi ino rlor^rio accidie aykkb. 16. 
accloii, 0. Fr. a'.'iiOn, action, Lakgl. c 2, 

94; uccioun Man. kd. U. 196. ,> . 
achalc, O.Fr. jicat«, T'V. ax^^«- ^S"^** *• 

H. 134. 
•chf J J.fifix. ipco, ecp. /rd»i alien, ache fokf^), 

Misr. 65; Tkkv. 4, 119; Wicl. Mat. 4, 

23; LUD. Cov, 223; ache, ake ••dolor", 

PROMPT. 8; echc r. l. s. VIU, 100; a. 

R. 282; MUX. 2, 165; n. u. 35; eomp. 

achr, />, ache, "ofiwn", voc. 139; prompt. 

6; spbc. 26; comp. loroaohe. 
anlyl atoliftf, Siiubeu. 45. 
Arsirn *fe iUkien. 

arllf, Fr. jn-iif, adiM, Chauc. Bokt. 1, 1 (6). 
adifl, Fr. ai'tiiel, aduaf, fprinUd at^cuel) 

SlUiBF.U. 107. 

ad-j O.Fr. ad, a, Lat. ail. ad-, a-. 

abai, 0. Fr. ahai fab^ij : p& dogge , . . 
h^ld it at almi Well. 46. 

^^~ U * a4- 


^^^H tkaie, O.Fr. abafer fttbo^J, hay, Shas. 

accusour amuvr, Chauc. Boet. 1» 4 (16). 


?ii4Uiiten daunt; adauiitada />r«^.y Rob. 61. 

^^^^1 abet, 0.:^. ab«t fineitaiiMj, Cuauc. Tbou.. 

a.ldon add, CuAuc. Bokt. 3, 9 (83). 


uddk'ioii addition, pkompt. 6. 

^^^^H ahrocho hroach, Oiiait, C. t. d 177. 

affaiten, 0. Fr. afaitior fajuaier, pr^^rtr. 

^^^^H Ecomon, O.Fr. acosmer fporfr, vrmrj, a. 

QmtT, apprivoiter/, I.anol. 5, 49 (67); 


afaiti Bob. 179; Srobbh. Ill; afeiteJ 

^^^^V acceptable iw^iplaUe, Gow. 9, 250; Ciiacc. 

fpaH.J A. R. 284; afaited ayknb. 212. 

^^^H D 

alferciOn f^ prinUd affet'tiuti) affretiott, \, 

^^^^H ac«e(tton aMtpl ; acoepte ^prM. ««^V 

B. 288; affecciooQ avkxb. 151; Cuauc. 


0. T. B 686. 

^^^^H accea acamj, Ham.iw. dict. 13; axes 

affenue affirm, Lidg. h. p. 132; aifermed 

^^^H CuAuc. Tboii,. 2670. 

(part.) CiiAUc. C. t. a 2349. 

^^^^H achat, O./V. achat, acat, Cuaix. Bokt. 

affiannce affianetf Laxol. b 16, 238. 

^^H 4 

afficbe, Fr. afficher, Oow. 2, 211. 

^^^^H uchotour, O.iV. achat«ur, acateur ^acA^ 

affle rt/y, Chauc. b. r. 5480; afiod 

^^^^H tf**rj, eaifr, CiiAuc. 0. T. A 568; ca- 

fprd.J Axis. 7351. 

^^^H tour (lAai. 321. 

affile, Fr. affiler. CiiAuc. 0. t. a 712. 

^^^^H achevpn acMuw; achevo Qaw. 1838; a- 

a01lliti> tt/finiiy, SnOBRR. 70. 

^^^H obeved fpartj CiiAt'c. b. r. 2049. 

affliccion. affliccioBD afjliciim, WicL. sxoo. 

^^^^H aeoien ftrwt: acoie Cuavv. n. a. 3564; 

3. 7. 

^^^^B acoied (ftA.) Will. 56. 

afJifrht, O./r. afflict. a(/lici*d, Ocrov. 191; 

^^^^H acointaaeo aeqttatHUnes: a<\ veiuUnce Ceiado. 

Gow. 1, 210. 

^^^B A 

afolon, Fr. atFoler; afided (pari.) o. a. 

^^^^H aCpOiDton. 0. Fr. ac^'ointer, aetftutuU : lioo 

N. 206. 

^^^^H aC'Oint^ile bim aa An Umb. Id; akotnted 

afoundron f<mmdw ; afuundred fptai.J 

^^^1 /part J 

Max!». 69. 

^^^^H acolro, 0. fV. acoler (mefitrj ,* acolos 

otrouuti affront, aykkb. 229; afronted, 

^^^1 ^^m.y OAv. 

ufrounted /prtij Lamql. b 20, 5; in 

^^^^H ao>inplifi«flu aceampli'th, GAaoc. Boxt. 4. 

if A pAre man ii|H)ko A word he shal 

^^^B 2 

\k fuulo afroi)Dl«d p. s. 337. 

^^^^H aotimpte acc-onn/, ¥>. o. 8; aocoDpte Gnw. 

a^reable agretfohh, Chauc. C. t. b 767. 

^^^^B 2, U; acotinte Siiorkii. -17. 

ajb^n cyrw, Orauc. Tboii-. 29«0. 

^^^^H acoQnteii aecomnt: acounleji /prm,J AyKKH. 

agreven, O./V. a^revier, a^reffier, afgrir- 


«; affr™P&™ "aggrnvart', pboscpt. 8; 

^^^^1 urnrd ««Mrrf, tiaic. 718; Man. kd. F. 

■greviUi Ltn. Cuv. 41; a^irr^ith apol. 

^^^B &276; aoord« fdaij o. n. 181. 

4; ap^Tod (part.) Wii.i.. 641. 

^^^^B accord mice, acordaunco aeevrAmev, Lanc.l. 

iijoinen ndjoin ; ujoined (p^ri.) Will. 1 753. 

^^^^H c 4, 330; acordaoncfl CnAva Bokt. 2, 

ajonmon adjaarit: ajouraed fpari.) ji. 


Abtu. 340. 

^^^^H aciirdia aw«nf, prumpt. 6; acordi Bkk. 

ajiigen adjudgt; ajuf^ed fpari.J Cbauc. 

^^^^H 7ltl; ATVXit. l-'il; Kcrtrdi)) /prts./ Win. 

Boet. I, 4 (15). 

^^^^H LvKc 5, 36: acordede /'^tt^./'Sax. t-unu<<. 

alu, Fr. bIoi, oiiay, Lahol. b 15, 343. 


aloien, Fr. ainyer, alky; Btoied (pari.) 

^^^^B aocrofhe, Fr. accroehcfr, Gow. I, 314: 

La:<ul. b 15, 346. h 
aleg^D. O.Fr. allegnier, aXUyt, Lakql. b^ 

^^^^B acruche a. p. 1068. 

^^^^H ac£asaciouQ aeaualion, Trkt. 157: 

11, 88: ale^ge Cuauo. C. t. e 1658; 

^^^H CuADr. 4 

allege pr. c. 5584. 

^^^^H aetteeo tuxtuf: acAsi Shobbh. 34; aoAsode 

alegrpD, O.Fr. ale^er, "aUMitm\ pBoapr. 

^^^H fprH.J Bkk. 

9; alle^ pb. c. 3894. 




aliuce aliufw, Ktm. 89. 

alio, Fr. allie, «//y, Wicl. exou. 18^ 15j 

Trxt. 5. 221; alie. silie CuArc. 0. t. 

Q 297. 
allieD tf//y, aUignre, Cuauc. C. t. k 14t-t; 

alied {part./ Hon. 6.1. 
aloscD, O.Fr. closer fhutrj : olost atbnb. 

183; alosed /paiij Cuavc b. jl 2354; 

AUE. KD. Se. 139. 
allonaunce aHweancf, hksav. b 14, 109. 
alouin. O.Fr. alienor, ailotr, **aUooar$\ 

PROMPT. 10; aloue {m». alowe) Siioesii. 

137; ])i8 Htdt is mocbe Mi alone (km. 

alowe) vor bis dignote aye.vb. 227; a- 

looe/'prM.y Chacc. C. t. ko. Wb. 10988; 

niftno fit^.J UifH. •16it2. 
anieDuaeo. 0. Fr. ameauiaier, miMiKr^ : 

amennsdd fpari.) CaAur. Hurt. 2, 4 (40). 
aiDcrciii, O.Fr. amercior, amtree, pbompt. 

11; atnorci Lanol. b li, 40. 
?ame96D moierari: Aiuese you dbsta. T. 

l-;842: Tows. myst. 194. 
ame^Dren, O.Fr. amesuter freduire h mg~ 

furfj: aineitire^ (yres.) atknb. 252. 
administracionn oduttniHratton, SiroREH. 

aministren adminidm- : aministrej) fprta.} 

Chauc. Bokt. 4, ti (135). 
admiUin admt^ pbompt. 6. 
aOKmesten, 0. Fr. onionester, aimoniih ; 

afflone«t«)> (pm.) atekd. 6 ; Ooauc. 

BOET. 5, 5 a71). 
amonidouD oAmonitinn, Chacc. Bobt. 1, 

4 (1-3). 
amoitiMn amorUm : amoitiaodea (frti.) 
,LA3fOih B 15, 315. 

lomMn. anouatl mnowiU, !,. h. k. 88; 

amnntot fpr^n.J jiisc. 2S. 
inieute, aoientice, Fr. aoeaDtir. I4AKGL. 

B 17, 285; aniimtised (paHJ K. a. G. 
■dOpdoOD edoptim. ATtri^B. 101. 
adoiSBn adorn : adornot) fprtt.J Chaitc. 

Tboil. 2851; aoumed (pari.) t. n. a. 

apaie, O.Fr. apaier. apaisDr, appa^, np- 

f«Mr. Kick. tubs. 1, 228: apaiMo 

(pNLJ Cuavc. Bobt. 4. 7 (148); a- 

paietl {paH.j Will. 1883; Lamou 6. 

110 (7, 101). 
?9^)ait)eD ;>tfi'ii.' htm apaioe^ Shubch. 146. 

appallon appal; appalle)) {prn.} Shoreh. 

91; apalled fpari.) C'HAirc. C. t. a 3053. 
appareil apparel, Wicl. 1 Uacc. 9, 35; 

apparail Mak. ro. F. 057. 
appareilen apparel: upparailo, appara'tlle 

I.ANDt.. 2, 148 (17t)); aparailde fpret.) 

Wiu.. 1146; aparailsd /part.) misc. 26. 
appareoce appearance, Chauc. C. t. r 218. 
apel appeal, peal, "appeUatto, elat$ifiuin", 

PKOUPT. 12 & 13; Uos. 473; bkl. a.vt. 

2. 227; Lasoi.. r 20, 284. 

appoHn appeal, "apptllarr", pbompt. IS; 

appele p. r. l. p. 157; upBtiden fprd.) 

WuL. J Naci. 10, G4. 
uppeiideu append ; appeude); fpret.) Lanul. 

1, 43 (45). 

aperceive prrcrite, Chauc. astbol. 2, S5; 

aparceive|) fpre*.j avekr. 57. 
apcereo. appere, appiore appear. Ijuol. 

3, 109(113); ap«r« kkl. amt. 2, 228; 
app^re Chauc C. t. a 2346; pb. c. 
5243; ap^rede, apierede fpret.) hihc. 
26 k 27. 

aport aperi, aperlui, Bob. 501; atknb. 

203; At.18. 2450; h. t. 70; pb. c. 4490. 

apertlTche apertly, Ro». 375; Jos. 276; 
apertli Will. 4706. 
apporteuBUQce apperlmanee, Aui». 1829. 
apportieneD appertain, Chauc. Bokt. 3, 

4 (78). 
appose, ap^n appaoae, Chacc. C. t. u 98. 
nppetit tppelila, Cbauc. C. t. d 1218. 
applien apply, Cbadc. Bobt. 5, 4 (161); 

appUe LUi). Cot. 34. 
apoiotea appoint; ap^^inted fpari.) Gow. 

2, 265. 

apprentice, aprentis apprenlm, Laxgi*. 2, 

l!IO (214). 
aprochen approach, Chauc. Bobt. 1,. 1 

(6); aprocbi p. l. a. XXI, 118.. t 

aproprien, Fr. approprior; apropred fparl.) 

atbkb. 40; appropriod pr. c. 9346. 
aprovQ approff, Au. a. Amil. 803; a^ 

proTed, appreoved/;»»rt,y Tbbv. 3, 265; 

approved CuAtrc. i. ». w. 21. 
aqwero aequirt, %. s. bd. Wb. 1081. 
acqritance ae^uMsmee, Laxol. » 14, 189; 

l^lAUC. ('. T. a 4411. 
aqtite itcqMi'l, Cualc. b. b. 6742; a^vitti 

ArKiTB. 137; acpiUD a. ^. 124. 




ilHTr, tlinnk lulilo Tcwrs. hyot. 218 (win. 
PI.. UO): iidlu.l ('/wri.y Orm. «2;t.'i. 
arfllv A.Sar. iVllif, niorli'iiuty ritAr.M. M. 
ftilHns 'iiftVfHff, tntn'tum. Ohm. I770J>. 
nilniirut) «/^ nmiruil. 
a^ »r/- ;i-. 

r. A^SaJT. ib, ii>p Rrm. lkx. S6. O.FrU. 
t'wa UirTRTH. wei. riH4. O.I/.Of/m. fiwn. 
Ha. 6a- UaAPi'*H tiPBMCH. 1, 5L0, /rx, 
Hou. 1. 227: OuM. UA; )ig\ nlde {• iiou. 
1. H7. 
iI']»lirn»clio^ ^./4<ix. ibphreca, -hrina, "fl- 

da.'irr'\ i-it\i.M. 5 ^f«#. 95). 
^tj'breltortf, M.ll.n»rm. ('brBcUare, itduil^. 

noM. 1, SM. 
ouliruclio, A. Sax. i^yliryce, aduittrium, 
iiDU. L, 41): cjipbrnrlie k. m. 43*: ean- 
liruche k. ft. 204; ^fcbrudie aoit. 2. 
2 IS. 

*-, v^.Nrfr, *-. O.Fri*. O.U.Gfrm. fl-. 
(■•haro, A. Sax. whcr. O.Fru. ither, O.I/. 

(imii. Aitaroi. mani/eH, truUnt, Ljli. 

2271; ii^bflToOHU. 7IS11; 6t>er r. ». 813. 
•brrche? fibmlie bode^i rkl. axt. 1,215. 
i\g<Mlo («^Ic y> /ooft*Ar MAttR. 11: ii. m. 

Hi*; hfu o^'otlo [•ini: ii) orliel a. r. 2S2; 

Airado fpritU*H a jnido) r. «. ed. Wkb. 

&K'(w)0 />//y^ in fefeili^ iit^ile) A in l<^- 

kc* OnM. 2l*iii Jc S046. 
ililunvo (r)in^'i!<\ A. Sirs. tfileiMce At.pu. 

GuMi. r. n. 41, <'W»wJ^ totigin^m, toii- 

taritti, mitrr, Cai. 1M90: ^l«oiro p. k. 

I., p. 8fi; ^llmrt* t.t;». 1H3; Men^o, elin^; 

Lavgl^ b PBOL. 190; i>lcD)ra. Aleniro 

Cunr. n. T. u 1191*: ye abbD|i An a- 

lenire IlF «t. ». nn. Wka. 227. 

^K'nsrcllcbo Lahul. it 12, 4.S. 
^, A. Sit. K; 0,/Vfj. i^. 

I'Ti-dc df*iUiU» e/ coumU, •> A \. I2'.)r>; 

t>inNio Miftc 192. 
M «M ead. 

iKMt a. Sax. d*ftia, tr*M fttt), tMper, Lai. 
2i;*l'.*ii: *fi»ri OftM. IIOA; yvcn M. axx. 
A. luE. ir.jA; .ivKTot. 11:1; Uuw. :t. i:t: 
etlAcr. v.. r. I. 7r.O: Mas. ku, K.24IO; 
ftvn Ik A. X. 41: IIoicn «(i. l»rM. -UU: 
wrmi. nivn Lal fiTiIH A. in.%70; iirvn 
Rzi.. Asrr. U.IOl: &v» Akth. a. Uerl. 

531U; dfne ^<I(rf.> o. a. n. B23; nn |nm 

ifiie Mat. 2fJ. 20. 

^renli;tli DKr.HKV. ItiOl. 

r>vcii8<>u^' Laxi.l. !t, 190 {3-15): i*veivt>nK 

A. R. 22. 
evoiistorre misc. 24: Wiol. Job 38. '-Vl; 

t'vwtlTrD "/h/ffjtfrHM", i>Rt)MI*T. 1 41 ; 

CiiAiTC. Ik.cT. 1. 5 (22). 
M'Ontlil nmi-title. A. B. 404; Wit.-u uhs. 

1. 5. 
iHonUnii^ Lai. 1 28:18. 
f'venwhllo Wilc. 1747. 
irrrnln^, A.Siix. it^riiun^, ffimtiug; i-veiiinff 

I...M. 304L'.i; ill ))D oveain^'e Uon. 312. 
ipfuo jtw efon. 

ifre, A. Snx. difi e. «w, •emper, nnquam , 
Ohm. 20rr; *vero (('vere) liAi. 3321; vUe 
iioM. 1, 21; vkn, i'vere a. u. 4 & t)2'; 
i<Trs Bbaxo. 3; aykmi. 71; pe fninnie 
man )>at erre jut on pi lond cam Mosx 
Kb. Li'M. 7H8; 6\r«, Duvere. uvor u. a. 
N. 238. .^^I3 ^ 1282; *vre. droro Ha- 
VKi.. 207 &. 424: ovoro bttteii ciide u. 
R. V'll; t'vere niu tbkat. i;i2: Hocvl. 
L 199; 6voro more JIamj). 241; drere. 
frer <:uait. C. t. a 832; over ant ii 
Mahh. 11; PTDT and '> MAri:s 342: fals- 
lietle •"■vor ;ite ho.* >ti»iiliten r. h. 342 ; 
ever t« n»qmim aJMuc, Hi$c. 31: aitknii. 
06: Avre uoji. 2, 37; spottro |'en e.-irer 
^ni hiilipl Katit. 1707; t-ter titroj m«iro 
Man. ku. F. 287; uver d>lc 6ver ulc 
eray, L.u. 2378 A: 4.1911; *vere (ever) 
ilc (W. ii Havkl. 218. 1070 & 1330: 
Mpf Uk Iw. 273i>; evor icli a. ». 4; 
CiLAm-. V, r. A 18&1: Toa. 2574; evor 
icli on K. 'f. 012; &Tric (= Arre ic) 
HOM. 1. 187: ^ver neb ppbc. 26; favor 
(•ucb Katu. 73i: i-vor ibp&r rtvfywAn-<>, 
\. n. 200; eaviT ihprr Katk. 6H1. 

vflciirily .i.'Viu-. (uflenio^t. ^WA. anaiDiftU<, 
ajlmad. poM-tremit*: bi afTi3nii-Vte i'rdtVio 
110M. 2. 23. 

vflFB. A.SifT. H'fUn. O.hfl. aptan. ^o/A. 
afUua. .'//. pwt: afte? p. s. bd. Wr. 701 ; 
romp, biusfton. 

»nrr, .^^Vr. luflor, O.I..amn. afUr, O.W. 
</V«i. iifliT, O./r/a ffler. O.M. ejiUr, 
fiWA, aflro, iT/IfT (tflrr), p«*l, nMwrn/uin : 
a>ner (after) )ittii tlojo loJ. 19: (M fftnlo 




after (per) .'me ba,4'ho TST; hi* modor 
Klene him biifdo ifiouti wRor 11221; ho 
faenm iillcr com 1587; heu lulea after 
sib 20t)45; after heore mihte r. l. s. 
VIU. 89: k bilieuld aftor Itofp Katk. 
744; after (ms. affterr) ^itjcs liVro Obu. 
120; alter jniio I'm^'O tiilo u, a. x. 140; 
after (fvr) ukbe slri'-te sitsc. titi; after 
hU willo C-. I,, 132?; ho K't ufter hiui 
^ende Bkk. l<i^4; havt>f ;inieU :ittor \>q 
H. H. 1G4; d6 efter ))0d preostes rcilo 
HUM. I. 31; efter ^in fiot |>a uioii btil 
dead 51; eFtor mine \\^^r\j^"»ecundmn cor 
mmm", A. ft. 56; ettor his dciulo :tl4: 
efUsr f>an port ea, ayknf.. 24; eftor wruko 
... it mis c. u. 1130; liou bilield aftor 
Katb. 1877; and after )nihtQ bu heu 
mihtfi ansj^ore liiulo o. a. n. 4t>0; hit 
Uddo uft<?r Wii.i,. l[t«; I'mil cum yfiur 
HUH. 1. 41. 
aflerc]a|>, Jiutck ochlerklap, afitirijiap, 

Artii. a. Mmu 49!). 
aTlircumor Wiol. ukk. 21. 23. 
afterdfl, UhUH u^hlerdeel, dt'inLu'uHlage, 

Wb. mcT. 31. 
uft«ronde iidm. 2, IW. 
aflertale. O.httUh acbtortule. tt^JaiaaiivH, 

Bkk. «27. 
flflertfilloro ayksb. 58. 
afterpurd, A. Sij-. ii'flf rpeiiid, ojlrrwartl, 

Gem. 147lt3: afterward Hbk. 11^1; ef- 

terward ax^ku. 24. 
efterirardo atknb. 118. 
vflcrllNg pvntn-wtY a'fWrlins« fp^J Lai. 

■Arr, .-4..!iax. Jiftni, O.llJfnut. artero, «/- 
<«•, potttrivr: on pum lufleroii rei^tedaivo 
Lt'KB 6, 1 : (in hi« oftor tx^come irou. 1, 95. 

»kU wv eabtp. 

Ahlfj abto, aibte, A.l^ax. ;ebt Kttm. i.kx. 
•^2, (jskin's uLUbs. 1, (iO. t'lifh. ailiU 
UuirKSu. WB. 1, 12, O.U.iinm. flit 
GbAW'b e^I-H9C'll. 1, Uti. frum Ah, poM«- 
«0M, propniy, Lai. 845, 873 A: 1078; 
dablo KKAiiM. tJ: ehto Mat. 25, 14 ; 
Aus. 1507; elite, eclito hom. I. 147; 
^iJito A. R. 214; Mist. 1H>i pjte pBo- 
n.AM. G: d)}t« Kj>ii. 537; oijtc, ilUit^ o. 
A. K. 115»; ealito Sax. cHitux. 253; 
ibto Kath. 1726; 8V£C. 46; /m*. ahlite) 

OiiH. 14»QU; bisti ;'ikLo and erve ht. ukx. 

A. KX. 742; iV?bt 'JVwn. bjyst. U; Jiibto 

.MISC. tii); KV.U. ANT. I, 128; Jiubto. 

aucbtc, iiacte IIavhl. 531, 1223 ic 2215; 
• uuxht s. s. BD. Wku. 738; v. s. 25<>. 

eibtj^radi jrwrfy o/ projm-ty, hom. 2, 29. 

i'libtolOb tietUiuto of jfrvjKrty, hum. 2, 29. 
kI «m i&ni. 
rki *(rc cjo. 
rkftr «f'' vHdi-r it. 

ride Mv elde. 

sddre jff0 eldra. 

m (C0 nm. 

vndv ^(v* [>ndG. 

Mf, J-.'sVir. (taic UuKjx'ti (;i>uti)5. 1, 07, «- 

ifu*/,' eue uuM. 1, 15; u, A. h. 1107; 

MISC. 83; p. L. 6. XXI, 29; iu:i.. akt, 

1, 113; for c-uo and f^r cvoro Lai. 

20402*; at vm Iton. 47; mi»c. 227; 

MiHu 82. 
imt»f AJiax. ibuuti Sax. i iikun. 248, OJf. 

Germ, oinos Guafk'h sius;rii. I, 312, 0. 

L.iierm. O.Fru. i'twc^, mm UkisiC's irLuiss. 

ilO, KiuuTii. WB. 707, t-iift', ttme/, La>. 

29325; Orm. 107.^; ones mim:. 78; Uuh. 

197; Jos. 25; dues tidor tples a. b. 70; 

et dnOK 420; i'niit i*. .". 203; oniiH Aiti*. 

43; unos faiiiHiindoJ )<n snnt;:o o. a. x. 

1049; tic bou]' ni'bt <»ii«» /'«d . . . ifmHemJ 

allc ttunuo I3!'5; fjanos n. m. 11; aucs 

KA-m. 126; Iw. 292: Anos ht. uuk. a. 

KX. 32^8; TKHAT. 132; Uir;i' (iSS; AVii.i,. 

196; Masi;. 221: at .-uoA Havkl. 1295; 

BlIliRtCH. 145; l-'HAl'l*. U T. A 7H5. 

»ul, A.fittJT. ibniL;. (KL.Oeim. im^t O.lf. 
Germ. ainiKer, any, u//w>, Sax. cukun. 
253; rieni i^ww. a^ny). ftni Mat. 5, 23 Jc 
24, 17; ftni, dd. Oi Laj. 2392, 4270 k 
I5(it;'5; eni Kath. I2i;7; n. a. n. 720; 
TutL&T. 133; biiuHEU. 30; aikmi. 10; 
Wii.L,. 1077; pui, *i a. a. 8 ^ 64; Fl. 
A. llL. 301 ii 813: Oimi, (i uom. 1, 33 
& 185; Coi, ani. Oni CiiAcu. C. t. a 
198; iinij 0«m. l?"!!: iiiii st. obs. a. 
i:x. 21K1; Thist. 3, '14; t'lni pRuriJtH. 
6; VUdb. 2; di a. s, V; finies fgetn. m. 
n.J HOM. 1, 121; SiiuKKii. 95; il-U (w- 
nies) pois Maiul 13; nine /'cfM. m.j Lai. 
3692; unig ^hom. fl.J raocjiAM. 6. 




AVf 6r, ar. AJiax. fur Grbuj'» olokh. 1, 69, 
O.LMfrm. O.Fris. O.H.Uerm. er SrH«. 
ot^tss. *JD, Itii'iiTii. wu. 710, Gsaff's 
«PKs<.:ii. 1, 4;t4, iioth. air Sen. r.i, 
H, (J./ft»/. Ar EciLss. li«. IS, Fhitz- 
^KH'h oRDB. 22, fro, man*, priut, ante, 
I.Ai. 372, G^Tt & U'i81: t^ t»au ho bi^ron 
^iicio Ohm. 814; Ar Jt late 624 J; i»r 

TBHAT. llit^ H. II. '122x a lutCl (!>r HilM. 

1, 93; cr (lei tf/iA- /«**!«, ;19; cr dun 
anfM, 27; rr (tistie 11; or JKiono priiu 
fiwM, 37; obe ich tr seido a. b. 10; 
^r M s6ne |»n to leato 20; h^ vr Mier 
iA Icnte 338; ear fe foron Toipilto 386; 
dr add late w'ki-. 9D; i>r he wore d^d 
i-ifKON. Kmil. 4ti2; (r dai Uek. 1227; 
«r, 6ett ear, &r o. a. x. 850, 121it, 
laOil, ISfiO J^ Irt:t7; or, ir Jos. 122 
ic 24'); 6r, I'tr Huajt ki». Lvm. b'lo 6i 
fi53; jtPKf. 72 &i)4; Wiix. 147 &. Itil2; 
Chai'c. C. t. a 3t»; Man. bo, V. 27ti;i 
1 TfUOi: Or i4r, or) ditiLAyot. a 5, 2:t2, 
K 5, 459. u 8, KB; ear Kath. StiS; 
«ar, i^r st. ghv. a. kx. 47 & 18; ur 
Dkiikkv. 2ri3; avuw. Arth. Ill ; aitv ^0:l3; Ar, i\r Tbkv. 1, lai; Iw. 
Gt> & 1030; Ar IIavkl. 1043; Kulam. 
i>rdC*lo jftrmm titfd, hom. 2, l.'iS; fur 

))Uio ;brdnidon (6rd6do) Laj. 874.%. 
iUdawes, A.tiai. ibrdaKOS, O.L.Otrm. or* 

dn^iix, C. /(v/. anlHk'ar, formtr Jajft, fnu. 

aro dawes) Havku 27. 
«artu-b Mrl^, a. a. 258; earhche fadcj 

Katm. Ilrt; ("rllcho liBK. 905; Will. 

12911; erli CKAtc. C. t. a 33; Arliclie 

II. ». Kn. Wkb. 204; orii Man. bd. H. 

arniitrwi', .t.Stis. i[<nnonn)n, Arr/y /wrJ «/ 

/Ac murmng, IIaluw. hut. 84; on ^r- 

nOBmr^un f/or I'nnarjon) iioh. I, 115; 

an ^nicmoroAo misc. 45. 
if- -= aror-V 

iferwCne pr^umptwnt*^ Lai. 37537. 
ii;rwitle tntipietttY \,\i. 22071. 
grrd xee eard. 
jrrr *rc carp nnd Are. 

riVBdr, J. Sax. t&reude V.riM. i.nx. li", 
CtiuciN'ii nixwB. 1, 70, O.L.Grrm. rirundi 
Sc'HU. liLuits. 8. 0,M. orvDdi, Criodi, 

ejrindi Egilss. lex. 139, PaiTzsBB'ft 
uRi>B. 124, O.lI.Gtrm. itriinti itRArp's 
»pR»rii. I, 428, oatmetted with fiUh. ai- 
T\i& fmfMi'ngerJ, tmtnd ftarandj, nuuciam; 
atrndo, crnde. i-rende, uninde (Ottrowlo) 
Lai. 1421, 10057. 24838 k 252t>6; 
erende o. a. h. 403; UoRit kij. Lvh. 
4ti2: Oriiide A. R. 24H; craiide hrx. 1334; 
CuAcr. D. Iti.. 134; iirondo kki-. akt. I, 
130: Aruiidu Km. M; 6rade b. ». IV; 
Koii. 147; p. ». 329; Amao. kd. Koh». 
XX; fm9. erntdo) 0km. dhhk-. 159; dm- 
de, Grande. Arende Lvngl. a 3. 42 (u 
3, 41 ha* mr.-vniWn!); orand Trii^t. 1, 77; 
(■rend Dkoukv. 904; erdno sr. uinif. a, 
Es. 7H7; fma. berdno) Hobn ro. lluKtiTU. 
480; urondes mon Lai. 248ti2. 
^rindeberu me*Mnger. a. h. rttl; urundbcrc 

/w«. lienindbere^ «ku axt. 1. Uti. 

prfliidolio<)rflre mrmfitger, \. b. rtO". 

liirondrako, A.Snx. ftrondriu-a, 0. /«/. e- 

rindreki, mfuenger, Laj.. 660; drendrnke 

Hi.M. 2, 35. 

irrrulirn, A.Nax. a:rcndiaii, O.L.O'frm. drun- 

ilian, O.IiMcrm. arinton. inUrcftle. fww- 

irirtui : and bad hc»tn iirmlien liim t)> 

hibbjen l>jui kin^en LAt. 23315; onide 

mo 16 t>i Icve lavcrd Katu. 2158; (-mrle 

mo 1*0 \\\\»m iif tioiivene a. r. 38; onidc 

us licveno lilit kpkc <>2. 

frpadlagf, ormlinf.n) inierctuion, mtdintiutt, 

Hific. 190 JE 191; <>mdpiiv*e Marii. 23; 

<imdin;.''C huh. 1, 207; Horn ki>. LuK. 

581: tmJinp si-bo. 58. ■'■ 

Mpr, A.Sox, d&ror. O.II.O'emt. crur. ©•'A. 

niris, prt'tu, Lai. 25351; al npo hit pRH 

*nir bi:*pek« o. a. s. 1738; i>nv r. r. 

t,. p. 221; |)^ (uiir iiox. 2, HI; Arte, 

A.Sax. Krr*. O.FriM. crra. O. it. Germ. ♦- 

rir«, 6'oiA. uiriza. />r("er, a. k. 10*; earn 

II. M. 7: hire oruro (fn>rp^ frownd k. «. 

V: MiMf. 173; J>o oror wif Kuu. 324. 

#ml, J.Nflj;. »i!ro«t. O.LOin-M. O.ll.Gfrm. 

^ridt, primum, Lai. 18; i>re«t a. r. 220; 

o. A, s. IJ83: MIS*'- 38; Job. 5H; first, 

iriit CiiArr. C. t. a 77«: *r»t (Aret) wil 

i wito ni'trD Laichl. u 1. 105; on firest 

A. R. 248: at ^rst (arst) CiiAvc. <\ T. 

K 985; on eanit Marh. 14; Ami Wilu 

304*i: Misi'. 198; ttret (= K Atat) 




ITatel. 2688; ArMt hT. ge.n. a. kx. 

2061; iknsi^ (creste). J.Sax. iptenle, O. 

n.Gtrm. 6ri«to_. pritina, l..\i. 2ti4<>7 ^irt 

6reeto uoai. I. Ih; \e vtx&le dtito a. r. 

6; ure aanite oaKtron Katu. S8d. 
»rh Mff AX}. 
mn w« earm. 

:r*| «r<f oast. 

»«, vi.iSix. iBt (ihkis'h taoss. 1, 5*J, at 

Sax. ciiRoy. 'J08, OMOerm. O.M. OUh. 

at, O.Frif. ol. O.Il.Ocnti. xr,, ez, Z«/i. ;iii. 

d^: ajt I.iindenc i'Rim^i.aai. 7; iet Cci^tOb 

micasc 8ax. liikm.v. 2r»5; at, piidMvka 

'JTil; ji!t htM i^aiUMo ].Ai. ti-l7U; tet t^ 

t>der liivlve (i-174: bo uom niKl tet (ate. 

test vO tiiii monneu ItHK; )*ut hit at |)0 

t/nlen attitVid 27ti;tl: at liire liuo nunioii 

Irfjvo I27X: al itia IktiIh <>. a. n. iTl'; 

at tian eiiilo K:^H; at fiinie si)fd iicrJu 

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at tmrde Hukk kp. Lum- S-27-, f>e) he at 

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trAnU jat«H /'r. jato( t'L, a. JJl. 211; 

& Itlicdo nut t<cr ata p. l. h. XUJ, 340. 

atallar atafUr, pod, C'hal-c. C. r. r 302. 

atbercn. A.fiax. a-'tberan fafferre, auferrej, 

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>fAT. 21. 48: atbnido a. a. n. 1380. 
ittliriikoti break ntcat/ ; athrwc fpritj La». 

I84t>; ctbrekon a. a. 172; othrukeii 

ffhirtj Makh. Irt; athroTia Mine. 44. 
tttbrcsten. J. Sax. letborstAii, A"/*^ rtiwjy, 

it-HUtpi-n : :itbr(»!'loJ (prT*.) iioM. 2. I '.'7; 

^/«ff. iitbrosted) rki,. ant. I, 224: :U> 

bnut (prtl.) Ohm. 14734: atbrustcn 

fptxri.) BKi.. .VST. 1, 222. 
iit)T«'|>en crtTp away: |>6 . . . W(h>ren 

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ai<laricn {airrt: nis [ler n«n |iat he4)m 

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ab&o]>en. A.Sax. mtoopati, -S'!"*"- »*'»»J*''''"''t 

appttrcm: alflopode r'jw'''''.> Mat. 2. 7; 

rtioapodtt Iii, 1; al,cf)odo 2, 1=1: ali-plo 

JIauk fl, 4; |ia atoudon fr. atei'de) him 

lira diiht« Lai, 21IK20; ttt(e)u)»od ^/wr^y 

Htm. 1, 225. 
ffitfalleti/(i//rtwfly; letratlen, atfuUvn^/Mr/.y 

Lai. 12:J7 & 8M5; ine is . . - ni"ni 

cnimo ett'iLlloii a. k. 342; atfnilc h. ». 

iitlUiiiron rtctiva; atfuii^'ou (prtt.) Lai. 

1 r, 3.111. 

atfarcn wnrfwr, Lai. 27071. 

ettleon, A.^tjx. .-Bttioon, _rf« fftwy, a. k. 

172; attilht'. uKli|> fi>r«».J o. a. n. 37; 

utftOb ('j^rrf.; I.A1. 621)11; atfla-'b Orm. 

19639; otfliifen a. a. 172: et,fli>TJeH 

rpitri.J A. K. 48; atlk-wou Lai. 2707 1*. 
Bctforon. A. Sax. letfonui. auU, \.vkv. 10, 

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dc-smen ritucLAM. H: atfnron Lai. 2252; 

etroren hum. 1, 41; a. it 22r>; atvore 

alia ("jftor Hon. 3.M. 
atpin yw from .- fi'ir fure ich ficncbo liiro 

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eibto liim \\^i\\ bkl. akt. I, 176; when 

mi lif IB me at?("i spki.-. 74. 
ictliuldcu r^^ir'n, Lai. 9176; at-, ethnldon 

uoM. 1, 47; etholden cpide uder fundlea 




Mer lAne a. r. 208; mtholJo o. a. n. 

tiOri; M. T. ^fi; iitholet /■;>«*.; Ili.f». J '.Kj; 

ethalt A. n. 2it>: ;iltieu!il I'prel.J 

7iir<: )>e nilit«^Alo in liiro |>i<lito :iMiom|i1 

a) |?i8 o. A. V. 3ff2; olIiDold. ntliAId 

Kjlth. 09; atbaia Hon. i'>2; nthajilon 

^^nt.y H. ». 39. 
iUliin<Ieii pout, fm». nthciidon) Bia. Axr. 

1. 179 rsnsc. \>.\). 
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ifiltes Iwu AtlOten aoH. 2. ti9. 
atlA«l><?Q hetoote odtotu ; att.Wled f part J 

h\t. 22r.S. 
utltVlon /n'li atea^^ La). 3200. 
ulliKKi^" liftcithout: )>ut lund jmt U lonfro 

Lilllo UtlciOTl BKL. A?fT. 1, 128. 

etlutioa, A.Snx. lutluliau. w t^ueon^-c, 

A. h. 41)0. 
Ktn^licil track at, aUtHffero, aajWre^ wlil'U 

hI mi I'll wi>ro me atijlii atvx. 1)7; wIki 

Hu PTiT he Htr.Ui(;Iit Abtn. a. Ukbl. m'll. 
atr»Kl(*n M/T^tf « iti KWM«r/:'' atruili* Cuacc. 

C. T. A 24 19. 
Atriilcu riHe atmtf: atnfed /'prrf.; Lai. ;t1 489. 
atrlue, A. Sax. nllitiiuui, nltingivti, (m». 

aUryiiu) vixm:. L:t; etrinwl /preti,J a. u. 

fiO; ii^Aii />ntf.> Mat. 8, 15; utr^m 

Lai. 1554: Bjtrinon Mat. 14, ^li. 
njtrinueii, (ioth. iitrinniui. rnn ntfoy; nt- 

retiiio Ciuuc. C. t. a 2449: alran 

fprrt.) Ohm. 1424: :itani Sikikkii. 149; 

after |nId Irisco |'ib TJcr n'turnOD La». 

ift2C7; fatini'luu ll>n9.| 
iiU-iiton M.ff/ir I' |Mi ii(j ttiilit tt-^iJar iilrftl^) 

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biiD mi;U4 Afmtito iCtm. 78, 
iRtNikoii. A.S»x. ntMtraD, i^iy. rnvniiNiw.' 

ich aUxko hino lipro L.\t. 2K2tU: AttJtk 

fpnitj MiHt: 45; aytrn'tk^n Lric« 8, 4."»: 

atfi^ikcn (aa'iVi*n) Lai. t'>IOI; Into hi 

beri> la;o HMtko JIumn hi: Linii. 65. 
at«eli«akon waiUrf, »ffugfr»: vXswVon (mi. 

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fprri.) o. A. K. 44: t^ob ml llf mo beo 

atsc-lx>t« Iti2:). 
aUedion utk. Lai. l:!:(22. 

atJlitt*. J.StJX. IL'tfttUOT, fV«*/, ilAVKL. 
2200; ttnii. 137; uiU« OcTuv. 1(105; 

^ lio godes b^>«to otMot c u. 236. 

aUllkon ^&t; atolikcz fpret.J A. >. 1. 

9-|y|ii{ion riali: nl mm bope ftn eUI>i- 
pen A. K- 148. 

iii!j|>rin^ti. A. Hax. teis\tnnetin, •pri»>j, 
oriri : atspnmt:(e1 (part. J v. i.. 152. 

tLbpurnon offcudfre : wtspeme rpm. Miiif'./ 
Mat. 4, C. 

utbtonden, A.Sijx. ntatAmlan, ^WA. at- 
ttUiiiIan (£itt-. napaorfyvat). O.II.Grrui. 
u%KL'tiitan fadttart, tutitttr^J, MtttitH at, 
or ngninH, ocmum^v, mt'atfre: ototnnden 
"i/rtr/'. mtM. I, 129; SLihh. U; at- 
Kbmdo u. A. N. 750; |>^r bo w.-Mc at- 
stimdfl (aatonilo) Lai. 2<iHl; ii<^ |>in)r 
ini)t« bom atatomie tnotunde) ICoit. 20; 
ht! noble n<«whar at«iU>ndo Hkk. 2358; 
et>l*itidCBt (prta.) A. M. 2-{H ; aiirttVl 
(prri.) HniLN Kii. Bits. 1455; Rmb. 
15; Ardtir aUitV] and bibeold Lai. 
2*i073; »thcii bom m*^t aod aUtod Am. 
A. Ahil. 1728; AKtiVi mri.. A!(t. 1, 
lUl; riiiuiN. Hnhi,. 02; attitniidon /ftr/./ 
Lai. 19853. 

oUtorlon dart awty, a. ft. 48; atslerten, 
utKlirteti Katk. »>9a k 212t>; astorte 
Lanol. b II. 392 (7359); Chauc 0. 
T. A 1595; kU, aUlurto {tini\A*t\A) fprd.} 
Lai. 23U» * 42(>4; etnterl fpart./ a. 
n. 4K. 

(pUtunU'n morari, crMtttn: no eUtunlt^n 
no otst«>nden |>o utronrdo of mine Bpen- 
goK Mark. 15; )ni1i an ctutorte ii« l^ne 
ubiilcn ot«t.imt.i*n .hi.. 50; be atHlunto 
(antinto) Run. 108; bu ))at ufel wim 
atdtunt Lai. 31903. 

ntBtultoii morart: atatutto (otBtotto)/'/»rW.y 
-Katk. 23. 

ntwH|i]iun tuKvpti^ atwappfl fpre*.} a. p. 

2. 1205; atwapod fpret.J Uaw. Uti7. 
>ptwondcn wend ntmjf, taadere i st^tende 
a A. K. 1427; Merlin bim .Ttwendo 
Lai. 181 76. 

ulwiudon, A.Sax. ffitfrindnn, wind meay, 
tradrrf, Lai. 1000:1; ittpinden Ohm. 
8004; alwutid. atwond ^prrtj Lai. 87 
k 4243; iliH u]i|N.>dor *\»r atpund »t. 
tiLtt. A, Kx. 3058; aiwiinden (pari.) 
Lai. 12869. 

atwit«, A.^9x. etpitan, taii^ isipttftfry, 




trpf«irai's, SiioitEH. 98; av»:kb. t08: 
lipi itrlmi lie iiki \u» at'T atpito u. a. n. 
l:ii!4; awitfl hki.. ant. I, 157; iitwit 
Cpirtj Laj. 26028; avenij. OG; otfitod 
(imptr.i A. B. 70; Bt|>Ht fjireij Kath. 
23()4; atjwlt ifffMrttniY st. nKx. a. tx. 
104-'.); atwot, s. s. i.:i>. Wkb. IHTG: aU 
wiien Lai. 2*i.iS-l; [ntwis'io Vi.. a. Iti,. 
ftOO; li«ii. .S3: «. t. lO.i; ntwitedtf 
RoH. 38;) Atwiten fynrU Lai. 1»M)1; 
atfiien o. a. n. r'35; atwlto Artm. a. 
MkUL. 9250: [atvist Halliw. i>u t. 

atwitiinre tmtiin^. xt\Gi\\. 6r». 
etpretirben nneape, MAfur. 15; atprenchc 
f? m: atprCDClie) u. a. k. 218. 

#1, .J. .Sox. iL't, O.L.OerM. ftt, O. Dutch aet, 
O.Ii.fienH. ht, frtnaCiaw. eifnu; Me/doiJ 
Orm. 78r>2; uu drimlit} & un ^tc p. l. 
ft. Vni. IttO; on Oce I'dek' on p^to hom. 
1. 103; dto 2. 228; eom/i. oferCt. 

»^ Mv eail. 

cfrl, .^.Aix. asdel ;//. umIoIh, O.Frh. ethel, 
O.L.Gm». OJcei. adnl. O.IlMfrm, ncl:il, 
natitrai di»po*tf.ion, noii/itp. honnur, cnunift/ : 
^t .ide) (i^rlel = lmIoI?) Iic<> biwitnticn 
Lai. 4744: Cuil ^e kiii;: |>c wes Brutiene 
H<IeI IOC.) I : Y^i ailel wes his :l;oii 
20201; a)»el spkc. il:J; mi"I lejele Iiolji 
bis brftdur Lai. 92G;i: a|'ele />/.y "Mfl^i- 
m", Halliw. miT. lOfi: adelo. jodoleti, 
ndelen Lai. 37.M, 10>i29 k I2!)15. 

^a#el«. A. Sax. indfla. O.L.O'enn, adal. e- 
dili. O.Frit. elliol. O.If.Otrm. adalor. 
edfller, iioi/f, fffturoua, Iia>. 'tiU: aj'Fl 
Gawt. 241; A. V. 2, 761; sum af-ol nuiu 
Okm. fill; se iedolo refo Makx 1», 4S; 
adelero ^rfsf. /.; Lai. :]«210; at>olo />/.y 
0. a. n. 1)32; bire cdcle vif ^itloij A. a. 
172; adoJe8 no^/r »bw, Lu. 7H.'>2: :idelon 
filat. plj Lai. 27189; luitl oJolo finle 
BDM. 2. 125; »deleat/'M|wr/.y L.VJ, 2I>11; 
aUieUste d. Aimt. l^jOS. * 

K^lboroii, O.L.ii'erm. uiIalExiran, kraom. 4. 
aiT(>k'il«-.rpn Lai, 2t'74(>. 
udclm.H! Lai. 2.32r»r.. 

a^cliei, ^..SffaT. (goltpdolian, dignify, honour: 
ttfdeUMle. adelede /';/r(Y7 Laj. 28 1& &. 
(iO.'iO; niin/>. jetMlelien. 

a-VlhiKi A.Sax. .cdeliiiK. 0.f\i'i>. etlieltnk'. 

O.if.Oarm. cdiliDir. »'>&/') mi/i«, fbacm. 2: 
iil'oliufT B. .'«. VI; iiKii. AST. 1. 172; wo 
Ml wrro next Iti kumle nie ctape}i 
liim i^ieliiu: Kou. 364; epeling msc. 
104>: ledeliiifitt /dat. pij Laj. 874. 

*v« «(■« *feu. 

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iri ^j-r eax. 

af w <>f. 

afH, J.Saj'. afi'I Kitm. i.kx. 1. O.fcri. all 

Koruss. LKX. .^. fitnufr: \>t>U it lit«l Ih** 

it hafo]' mike! afo\ /nt*. afell) Okm. 0717. 
aflcd prosidrd with potpery I'liitpocliild iit 

arto.l iiol Ottu. 7!103. 
aflcu> ^. /<«/. iifia Ehil&s. i.kx. •*), pirrre, 

§fjie«r0: avcica hom. 2, l.'.ft. 
after *rp Befter. 

&gr» O.Fr. aag9, eU;^re Liti-ur hkt. 76, 
ag«, tiictr. :!.'i; IIohk eii. Li'M. I:!24 ; 
Ron. 9; SiiuiiKU. (i3; Alis. 7itri3. 

Ajrn, J. 'Sax. ;V;*a. O.L.O'eifa. t'iraii, O.//. 
^'rtM. eifr.*u». ''■'. /«/. oifft. f»wA. ai^n 
(.EX^w). /rowi ah. owf fauvj, hihtre, Lai. 
4061; iitlicnOuu. €339; Owni c. l. 132; 
flwe ^r. tP. Utwe) Havkl. 12!)2: hiicIi ;"i 
wif ti*) iwo IKtflN Bi). HoRSTM. 440; awo 
(for i\\\'i) fprtf.) v. M. 714!); «mo Havki.. 
16(i6: dlid LiKB n, 21 ^iA« iwW/r/- /^.r/ 
kan all); ikteti Lai. 8058* /firH Uxt Ah); 
Al|) aybnii. £); uwej) an. i,it. 90; Cuai'c. 
0. T. c ;iOl; j»o ajred (7*''* 'M!«o) ""«• 
2. 41; ftwand (pari.) Amad. \\i\. Iltiits. 
HI: alito *>•«<.; HOM. 1, 31; Katd. 248; 
abto, itute Lai. 2228 k 2525; il;te Gaw. 
767; Amad. kd. Rons. XIV; .igto 8T. 
OKN. A. ]:x. 52o; |iU ffold i'iiif;hte air 
I«inilira« liiiiiMn. 6-59; 'uife Kavki,. 743: 
ol)to BKKf. 62; W aDakion bire cpi'uo of 
a] \^i bo Oulito A. K. S90; uu;te .Tos. 
36; LAxnt. B 3.68; oa^to, r»nghto CiiAi'C. 
C. T. A 124&; ]>u iitijte»t 1!>:k. 1^UX^, |>(i 
;uldo jict til oiibtc^t A. K. 40fi; nipn |>at 
I'llitcn tVj ]>ito Katii. 203; (mijIod Will. 
1 1)80. 

a)nit A.Sttx. iV>en. l^cu Grko. i>. c. 
4, O.L.Gfnti. t'dnin, O.U.Herm. either, 
OJtei. eiginn, men (atct*), proprim, hom. 




1, 20; K)1)dn Ohm. 3031»: (i;oii avhnii. 
172: <>ie. <ifB. .me u. a. n. 10(1 & 2r»Si; 
i^wrn Mak. f:[>. K. 182; IsiMit. ti'M>: 
AVOW. AuTii. LVII: I'twin Iw. 68:!; liU'Oii, 
aiieti Uaw. 293 & 83K; itun c. u. tiOOH: 
open A. «. 15S; ST. okx. a. kx. 120: 
Onen ><. »«. kd. Wr. 2144; pe kiticrcs i^- 
)rQO dOistcr Uuiin kd. Lt m. 249: n{cuo 
(Awetie) {fiat> m. »./ L,vi. 14200; aliiio 
Kath. 409; ftliene, Owe o. a. v. 1280; 
i)Ut»o i.BO. y8; CiiAir. C. t. a 804 ; 
d;ero f^iiat. /.J l<Ai. IJIMI; twiero rki.. 
AKT. 1, 172; iljonc ^ucc. m.J I*At. 314; 
<^lone (». A, ic. l:t4l; Ajoiic, Abcn?, <'t;ono 
^w. /.; ti. A. K. 1080 A 1542; fttoiio 
(Av«nfl) (^.} I*Ai. fift77; ojano aykkk. 
33: opene t^t^. yf.J a. b. IfiS: oimc 
HAVKr,. 2428. 

ftjoiiKolaja. J.Sax. iVrcnsIjuM iitiH. 1, 200, 
nticide, HUM. 1. 10:1. 

A^riVf 7ArN. (<ior Molb. orud. I, 20!l. pot- 
wmor ; ftifres ^;>/7 SuuRKH. *.19. 

■jlrit ^o^/i. (af-. io-. ui)aftj«!. met, ttrrrrf: 
owes fprts.; ii. t*. I.^ili2. 

■I^m. /Mit. aiflo, teaggif, itt. nK.s. a. kx. 


aglft, airlnt. f>. /v. afcloi. ffy/ri. "rf««u", 
PBOMi'T. S: JHrlut UD. 0<v. 241. 

A)Brrp, Grnn. QiKarr Ur. wr. 3. 105, cwrHrr, 
f»»tnu«r: iiwoiior w. a. i. 22: I'leaertt* 

fplj ATKNR. 37. 

Ajalm^ A.Sax. Axmian, O./f.GfrBt. «i^eni>n. 

O.Iffi. fifnuu from ajen, wn. appropriarr. 

ri»diearf : Alitiinn (•»hni) |win kni^flre Ar- 

tlitrKt richo Lai. ZT^'AhV'-. fitutcn Oioi. 

filUU: Alioedp t.uhDeao) «^/»r<'^; Ui. llSii4: 

MMff. iiVjnief). 
ik|nlBKr, A^ax. fhmuiiK. tUinuii;.'. pMaemim: 

i>;tiiniro AricMi. :l*. 
Bgtilri Fr. iifiiiaie, Gr, a|0)vi'a. agony, 

Chacc. C. t a n4*i2. 
B)l ivw aht. 
axiff vf lilitf. 
ax>f» O.AV. (liitvre) aiviio. ttgut, maivt. H; 

liAMii.. n 13, 330. 
«fc «fV u*. 
lb, A.Sax, &h (iftKixV nLOHK. 1, 10, O.Frt*. 

Arh Birtitif. vtk. TiPO. (7ofA. aili ilx<") 

Sl-1I. iIUW!<, 7, Mk1KR*i4 DUTH. M'lL 4S8, 

O.AfL 4 Bou.8fl. LKX. 12^ ryrti. ptf.) 

hahM: fio niun l^o luM Ah La*. 301 
^•(h1 Ab |« lilfil luMo Oiui. 10r.2ii; A)i, 
ach iioM. I, 131); pit' I'tli (uuh) |pte mM99 
loro u. A. X. 1471; dtfii v. m. 7l4li; 
Agli, V^i lion. 2, 17; )>^ miire oh ich td 
lorio ^0 HfEc. 70; itse nton niih Itv dunna 

A. R. r»S; fttr HT. «il;K. A. RX. 1; llltt (i» 

Ckg allc tit hi>\\ Diiiide uki.. ant. 1. 210; 
i liu fM". aw. for Swo ?) Jm liomtr Iw*. 
720; An /"AW. air) he ^o Aui mare Amah. 
v.iK Euiiit. XXIV: ^a Ajo.-!! nn«. 1, 15; 
I.At. 10700: AliASt II. It. 1 1 : i>)*e$t A. B. 
12ii: po atoii. A.Sux. i^jron. inui. 1. 21; 
pc iu.'on, i>a^n 2, .17; heo Aion Hal 0150; 
()B trcuK'tto |iwt hoo 118 Ap}n rttocuAM. 4; 
jc "hon K. K. V (Mine. IfiM); Apen a. r. 
82; wo flweo frtiirti jt'iunil I'iiaim. C. t. 
» 2100: what je 'iwi-ii t»> di> j^r. r. nbti- 
len dii) Wirr.. kxou. 4, 15; je ftwe A- 
MAD. KD. BuBK. ); Ajo /"jruV-y lAi- 28423; 
r/m'r. i');en, jfehte. 

abalrn ■«/'(■ A;ai«n. 

akt, A.Sax. aht<Uce) Sax. rHBira. 210, 
digHH*, ra/t'tius, FDAnx. 2; jof bo i» pnr)i- 
ful luid uhl man o. a. n. 14H1: aht, 
leht. uht. -MTht Lai. 4317. 4803, 700.i 
£ IB:!.'i5: uH (oudit) Ron. 101: oht 
Kath. 1727'; oit Gaw. 2215: nhlu6 
^Bcr. M.y La*. 23;iS7: ohtor? ^ym, pt.J 
Lai. 1H0I3; ahtcrn fcompiirj Lai. 4:M8. 
nht-. ohtlicho Lai. 7t>7 it 31141. 
uhtscipo L%t. 24071. 

ihl nff iiwiht, HudiT A. 

ahlr, A. Sax. i>alit, n>lit fdfhhrrolto, iit*fi«uf 
Uoj, ('rtM. ahta fii*MliM»(i«, eurajf 
for Bfrtc or dnul kt. nKX. a. kx. UU84, 

ablf t« (uhto. 

Uitr «w iL'Iito. 

ahllni, yf..s:rf.r. oahtiati. O.Fn*. arhUa. f}.£, 

tfrrm. ^>. If.tin-m. :ibl*m. 0. /rf/. akta, 
attlimurrf, Hflibrrare: eomp. iatition. 
aMIira, O.Jcvi. ntla ftagUnrf/, f^vm ahte, 
i» Militlion /r0M MA'tit. f///f, aMimitr*, i»* 
timdere: atlion Lai. 25'.".*0; ntt^-li Hii,i^ 
401; ulitil rprfM./ M. II. XVII; aUIa 
(Saw. 27; cttleJ mom. 2. 79: csrhlild 
fprft.J PR. r. f>784; Hrivn hini atlMla 
tA Lai. :iOH4t;-. pat AHxaiiTidro w))> hia 
nst atltHe t>idiro Wabt. Hl^T. 2. 104; 
agbti-ld /port.; a. h. ko. Wk». ItOSft; 




hire t&J> aren whiU> use Mti of wtial 

evdQe set ant utlod a) svm*. :1*). 
alliajr* entimation, Lai. 2ri7fn: etlini^'e ii. 

M. ;>!*; j>iiliHOQ Oi otlniiuo leiitluilgej 

uoH. t, 26;i. 
al **<• ex nod A, 
alfl. 0. Fr. aiol fawnf/, CjjAf*-. T. t. a 

2177; aieln /^;»/7 I.Axni., ki». \Vh. I02ri3. 
ilblr *ef ivhto. 
ikimrm «v amen. 

■{■•■I, Fr, luiount. atk.nh. 187. 
air, O.Fr. air. aor. air, MiMt. :U2; air. 

aer Trev. 1, ISP; .Vir. eir a. it. HU; 

eir ruKAT. |:J8. 
kIiv, /r. aire, a/i^ /"^yryj ■' liaiikp.* f>( tio- 

Itulti cire Oicr.KKv. -Id. 
alir, />. aiHP, Jta/.afiii\'\^i'f ;if ;t.> beoil oise 

(nihc) A. II. 20. 
atw, O.Fr. uaine, tii^e. ^^tm; eaiKu, eUe a. 

B. 108 Jit lU: oisp AVKxit. 48; Hous 

^^H ecw, ease (htAvr. C. t. a QHiK 
^^Hiel *ff oisil. 

I %Uitf O. Fr. aUiA, aaixi^, /to/, ngiatn. ada- 
I giato? ni«y, UMM. 2. 47; oisu Mapks 

f anO: ai8f, CsO Man. ed. F. (U:JS. 

aUirn, O. Fr. aaittier. AW. ada^inro, eaft ; 
ei«i ATKVTt, S2: Ui eson hem and (I'tn 
liera alle hyn<tur CuArc. C. t. a 2! '.14: 
Ased /partj Wim,. It;:i2. 
kH^ nt leider, wider a. 
alt JM ac. 

H> y^-.Sifa-. 4c Grkin's GLOsji. 14. itc i-Krrni». 
ouwji. 2. :iti7, O.Frit. Mc, O.Ttxl eik. 
O.Ji.fTtrut. cili. eicli, <"»<!■', "^nrrenx", vor. 
228; 6c KBAOH. !(; <ik Umi. 22: iH>k. 
fik C^HAUC, C. T, A 1702; alte fdat.J ttKL. 

A5T. 1, 62; Pkrckv. 77a; ukes /*>;/.; 
Lahoi.. U. 18. 
akrM; ^. Sax. acan {dnlart}, O. led. aka 
(rthijf Lai. agere? ai* fcchej: akeii i: 
smerten noM. 2, ^07 ; akin "doiiri'", 
pRdMn. 8: ako Miiic. O-*); i.i'h. t'uv. 232: 
ako)) (ftrttj HKi,. AST. I. lit; Lanoi,. 
fi. 258 (7. 24:J): f-ot lieaved mo ak]' 
ATKxit. .M; akej< SiioKEii. 2; \\^t \ik\\m 
aked j«o a. u. 31; ukcii CaAve. C. t. 
n 2113; :rk«. eke ffntt, mhj.) a. k. HRO 
k :jfi8: okiinle /^^r/.y a. «. IICO : or 
/•ffiri./ Lai. t!7»7; hom. 2, 21; yk Kuu. 

f;8; Qken, Ake Lanoi.. u 17, 194; Oko 
fmhl.) V. L. «. XX, *>6; d'riv. ache. 

dkru, .(. StfT. AfieD. (>. /A. Ci'rrwj. eicliinor, 
tuahm. qa^-ntm: uii ykmi Wii Alis. 0415; 
dkeu wode (ukoawodo ?) qt^rttlum, n. 
Artie. 2722. 

■Lrr, J. Sax. xcor. O.Terl. akr, /V'n/A. akrs, 
ti.If.iinin. .tfliar, /rf/. ngor. nrt-c ftttrj, 
"tger", KiiAOM. :}; Mat. D, 38; akiv 
WivL. 1 Kixns 14, 14; lekeres, akere.'; 
rfffu.J Mat. G, 28 JL .in; acroa /•;./.; 

KfX. ANT. 1, 17a. 

al;etljLHil, dmn. ackerlaiid. viw. 270 ; 

akerloiid <-iik().\. E.mii.. |(i. 
akcniian, tftfrm. ackermaiiii. Hai.liw. dict. 


akrrn, J.Sax. leceni, O.fof/. ukaru, (Joth. 
akfiiii. ttcofii /acfior'ij: akemes /"mw. hakot- 
na*i) I'/i/.y Wii.i.. 1811: acurnea TiiArr. 
lti.t;T. 2. 5 (oO>; arhariiN Trkv. 1, inr.. 

akelMiu. f7.Fr. aciiiotou. aiiqtiet'ju. a "art of 
quiilni Jael-^, CiiAur. C. T. ii 20r.O; ackc- 
tf^uti 1.1 I!, lusr. ll?-'?. 

al, -(..Sflj:. oall, oaJ, O.L.fierm. al, O.M. 
allt. /J.//.^Vw(. iillcr. OvUi. a\\». tiif, lolw. 
otnui* : al )>rirld tiuu. I, .'•■j; al fi^lc rkl. 
ANT. 1. 41); al pi leave Katu. 787; at 
|»e l.iro *>!19; ;il l>at ;pr (►. a. x. 12r.;»: 
at ^v wiutor foZ/im hifmeut, Unri. 50; at 
|ilit Imtd HKii: A; hwh liit al iweanl 
Lai. 290: and pas uiid ivi al Ijij^mpo u. 
A. s. 27; al mid wifulnme J<ai. 44:j; al 
l>flti>ii endc HuK. THKti. t. 22:j; al an 
''i|iir rflle Hihtl. III. 7; iiulit ne lua; )•!■ 
mat) Ijj brrl'tl al atic libben Ohm. 1U~144; 
al uui' ff/ow*, Will, ti.i^t; hue wcimdo aJ one 
HoHK Kii. Hits. 80; al ^tilllclie a. h. 82; 
al tu li.>nge Bkk. 774; Chalc l. o. w. 
K24; al U' f^we Bhobkh, i>!j; al m.>jtt 
nlmwi, n. H. 47; Chauc C. t. a I.'i5; 
al v^'.'Ai A. B. 222; BitANO. 7; at mi^iit 
dead Lai. I1>328*; al |>aii aUhou>jh, spkc. 
23: al 1)^ it (tat Himtl. I, 200; ul Jiiis 
Lai. .1(I«B; A. ». 2nH; Kl.. A. Hi.. 40:1; 
al swo. al so (al .i*^. as) «/*«, *'«„ 70, 
4(i8. -^tOK ic 24.i7y; al «w.a s. «. kd. 
Wkb. 3946; al so stmo so Iio mlurlito 
fHiH; ))at oo An &)iir os al swa pKitckv. 
14ri2; hJh ('>84: al upa al ne hom. 1, 
l!i-(; al spa se Iftii; aJ »pa Katu. 1080; 





al sya ns 289; ase ffid pnlf ^1 ; as ha set 
in A bur l!tO; al &y\i so Orm. 35oG; al so 
14801; als if it pkro 580; al swo al 
se hit is biforon iKoid i-itocr-AM. 5; al so 
:t,sc A. R. <)2; al so ofte al so S; })ere 
as-o Oif>'J ... is HO: al so frcM-h jis }>« 
hauk .U>s. r>Or»; al .«o Ayfxi:. 15; and 
Dii wif al so (als) Laxoi.. r,, 141 (230); 
als AAuw. AiiTit. LXV; ic ]>tt Ifidi als 
Gaw. 033; als mani as men ii:jt tfi Iiavo 
Maxd. 200; als sir Twain niiulo bis mfmo 
Iw. 2303 ; draujtcs as mo drawe]' in 
poudro 1*. I., s. XVII, 22.'); YOr as ho ;ut 
is XX, 100; as it J^rjnjjhtc mo Chait. 
C. T. A 38r>; as frccndli as ho woro liis 
Owon bru(?or lii52; I'i-r as leoiidcs rOmc'It 
MISC. Tfi; I'i'r as burnes wore busi bostos 
to huldo AViu,. 170S; nO mftro nf [lis 
as non Chavc. C. t. i; 1242; as Jiaii 
Gow. 3, 28.5; as sw)l>o I-axcl. 3, Ofl 
(101); i schal ou tello as blire k. T. 
1040; as for |'e time Maxd. 122; os 
K. T. 475; Kr.LAM. 247; at al f/or 
alio?) CiiAiT. C. T. i; 104.''>; mid al //or 
alio?) his hU-Udo Lai. 3378; al f/or 
alne) dai o. a. x. 373; al fjbr alio?) |>e 
tpcif dalios Katii. 1844: alio (al) blissc 
Lakgl. b 1<». 100; alios /'gen. m. n.J 
HOM. 1, 121; alios omimio, A. «. G4 ; 
Kath. 700; Rob. 17; j^a ho alios spac 
Lai. 488; |>o hco was alios fiider ic^mio 
Bkk. 7:!: whon ho woldo alles hicomc 
num r. l. 059; alien, alio (dat. m. u.J 
Lai. 135 & ItiHO; mid alio M^'"-"- mi'l 
calle, M.L.Gcrm. mit alle) oninino, Kath. 
050; o. A. N. 1458; p. j,. s. XX. 27; 
mid alio fordon hom. 1, 17; iwOpned 
mid alio Lai. 20339; ^iji alio ictthnl, 
Ok-m. 2174; ho lived in alio Jire ami 
sixti ?6rii Thkv. 3. ;!it3; alro ^dit f.J 
in)M. 1, 123; Lai. 0005: alno /'ace. m.J 
i\{}y\. 1. 225; iille ihi-i hoo suii.u'on Lai. 
201H1: alio (•■vc. j.) (i.>m. 1, 09; o. a. 
X. 433: ho.i lenlcii alio iiiht Lai. 20022; 

f;tll<' /.'"'.'/. <(r, ^1.) HUM. 1. 97; O. A. 

X. 222: alio |iine J'n-atrs Kath. 2133; 
11-; ;:!:o 5i.'^: uUo men Maxd. 10; alio 
;:!,.l >\'\x\ 42: c. t.. 480; Rkh. 
5S40; CiiArr. C. t. a 2187; alio (al) 
his men Lai. 3^58; alio fjor aire) muiiuo 

A. n. 3R4; alro fgen. pi.) Kath. 254; 
alro Jiingc a. b. 308: here alro fet 
Uraxd. 17; \q aire worst(e) spkc 104; 
alro majst Ohm. 2505; alro iiifist i>. a. 
N. 084; on aire erost a. h. 130; aire 
best KKi,. AST. 1. 110; aire, allor Laxcl, 
11 19, 408. r 22. 473; aller CiiAirr. C. 
T. A 580: H. s. Kn. Wn. 365; aldro st, 
(IKS. A. i:x. 322; aider "\Vn,L. 3345; 
aI}>or IIavet,. 1078; atknii. 27; s. p, 
Ki). Wkh. 3.'>00: Linn. m. p. 20: eallen 
(dttt. fh) :vIat. 2, 10; alien hom. 1, 12.1; 
Lai. 0750; ayksii. 145; eallo Sax. riiia»x, 
2.M; alio Katm. 125; alio \\^f> freonder 
fracm. 0: mid alio his vr'^"*'ho o. a. s, 
827: of alio (^hait. C. t. a 700. 
alraiht, A.^ax. relmiht. O.ll.'itrm. ale- 
malit. 0. hel. almattr, omnipohitcf. 
almi;tful ass. 210; almii,'t.fnl st. okn 
A. Kx. 2004. 
almijt, A.StiT. ii-lmiht Ghkix's nuiss. 1, 
57. nmnipotefit, ^IiHC 401 ; a. p. 1.407: 
alrait,'ht Gow. 1. 100; sacham. 090. 
almiliton omnipott-nf, Lai. 16783; almihtir 
noM. 1. 15; almi^'tin st. t.kx. a. kx. 30 
almihtij. A. Sax. oalmihtij,', fplmoahtij; 
almighty, hom. 1. 217; le'mihti 221 
almihti a. ii. 430; spkp. 73; almahti; 
Ohm. 05. 

almiL'Iitilirde "oimiipotfntin" , prompt. 10 
alpoaldondo. A. Sax. oalpoaldond, nmnit 
fffjfus, Kath. 015: ahvaldinde Lai 
19548: alpHdend Orm. 153; alwcldand 
Iw. 2109. 
«1- m-c el-. 
Al nee awol. 
alabastrr. O.Vr. alabastro. -Jahaitter. Ciiauc 

C. t. a 1010. 
.4lain«nie Alamanma, Sax. chrok. 204 

Alemaine Lai. 1077. 
AlaMblr, Fr. alambir, aUmhie, CuArc. Troil 

alant, Fr. iilati. Spun. al:iiin, an .ihn dag. 

alaulz fpl.J <;nAi-c. C T. A 2148. 
■Ibf, Fr. aubc, /.*;/. alba, ttlh, rkl. ant 

1, 120; aubo AYKXi;. 230. 
alralL alkali, Fr. alcali, alknU, Chaxic. C 

T. r. 810. 
alil, aider, aldien tec cald, oaldor, oaldion 
aldre dee cidro. 




!, AjS§it. ealu, O.l.Oervi. aliKfat), O./al. 
0], aUf Jk. H. 114; &. 8. V; CuAtri'. C. 
T. A sa2; MASb. Jil; nf [".in olo La;. 
24440; com^. biDiIiilc. 
alobr^i ahhtfrty, pbompt. D; alobrO k c. 

0. d3. 
alestake a tUih nH up a* a aign hejorr 

an iiUhoutf, CiiALC. C. t. a iJI)". 
r«, O.Fr. aluo, aUty; aleis f^i.j C'lm' 

C. T. B ZlVl^. 

tXrty A. Stix. cutoj, U. /W. ulf), ccrrvisw, 

BKI*. AXT. I, 132 {HllM. ;i. la). 

«ire, J.Aw. lelf, olf, )!f m. /, M.L.Gcrm. 
O.JtHtch aJf, a At/, alfr, O.U.G^rm. alp 
;»/. elbo m., e^/fvt*fj, ifrtittu, liantton, Al.U. 
77; alve (alio] Lai. iy2t;,S; elf CiiAn-. 
C T. n {373; dfc '-iauua", i-Buiu-r. 138; 

), elvrno (T^r olvon) />/.> ja&b. 13. 103; 
^ adveue C^***. /j/.> Lai. 21747. 
I elfqveno Ciuuc. C. t. u 197S. 
I Alfred i). A. N. 23.'.; rkl. ant. 1. 170. 
[ Alft-lCll HW.. AST. 1, l70. 
Ufiu, Mfd. Ltit. uljiliiuu^ iir CAKue'd, 
L tMif, A*H.fc fatittu, u. Abtii. 1343; uiitlii 
L ^iWiMfi f/ifuj lit cJuti, i-aoMi-T. 18; uufinu 
■ />/.> tjtsT. KoM. lil. 
iilg«rt»ttc^ /r. al^'orithiUB, aig&rum, aykxh. 
I; al^iin Uali-iw. oict. 42; aufjiim a. 
JL 214; uep. R. 2:). 
alien, 0./-V. alien, niitn, priimpt. 10; Alis. 

:;<J1»; TaKV. 3, 447. 
allcicBi Y'V. aliuuor, Wicl. kccli£». 11,, 36; 

alieoe CHAtc. Uukt. 1, i> (37). 
lUiM, (>. />. alias faitMj, fy printod oleiu) 

C'H-vri'. R. R. \{M1, 
alkamlr, alkonamio, O.^V. a)k«iuio, Bhiiieuiio, 
aUhioty, LASftt.. 10, 212 (U. 167j. 

alliatnu, Spiti*. alquitrsn, /^<^t. itlcatrao, 

bitumen, Mamu. 90. 
illiiigc, ^.Sax. eiilliinira, caltingii, ommnff, 

I.A,i. 8797; A. H. lt)4; ojLllou>,'e Mat. 3, 

10; atliDfo r. i.. s. XIU, 218; Jmt. 

440; f. li. 214; u. T. 108; aliiuKOti 

Mand. 189. 
ilnaHBdr, /r. amumU', »lmund,"aNiijgdnluta\ 

i'm>.Ki'T. 10; aliiia.ii(les /'f/.y f. M. *^»895; 

almuiiilns L. V. c. 9. 
almric, fJ./V. almario, alraaire, aJmrif, am- 

iry.' almari "aruutriim', pdumpt. 10 ; 

almaries fpt.J Lahoi.. b 14, 246. 

alMcsiic fte olmetidi}. 

alMuBvr, 0./V. uluiuftiiicr, aitnoiur, f? print- 
ed ^iiiioner) aticnj^. lilO; aumuiioi o. it. 

al|» u/i* /o/y'V, "/tetlula", pRoMi'T. 10; alpos 

fpi.J CuAvx. a. K. GSS. 
>l|ii tf'f anl^iti;. , 

aire, J.i<tix. ah; O.TI.Gtnm. eliia, O.IeU. 
L'lvi, iiWi-r {itVer, eVerj: allor Tall, tf, 
'.'0; aider Ckauc. C. t. a 2021; nidir 
"tilntis", I'K'.iMi'T. 0; olro /f priuied olrr) 

I'RACiM. 3. 

ttldarkor "ul/ulum", i-uoMrT. 9. 
all! Kit tinder Jil. 
aUcMfj O./M^h iiUoiio, O.U.Uctin. alaosa, 

eJ*ai, subula, voc. 150; elsiuo piiompt, 

all^, O.I'r. alt^r, auUr. Let. alhlre. <i/far, 

Obm. lOHl; alWr, auWr si. o*;n. a. kx. 

758 A 1297; auWr Havju*. 369; Joa. 

295; Max. ki>. F. 1375. 

altenloJ UEi.. AST. 1, 129. 
alan, O.Fn ujuju, aiun, a. i-. 2, 1035; 

CwLtv. C. T. 8i;5. 
aloM, O. fr. a2iire fajlurej, I'kumpt. 10; 

alur.:tJ»s ^/>/.> KoB. 102. 
alTc lift alfe. 
aWbeh, M.U.Germ. elbiach, v/ixV/i /awithj, 

Gaw. 681; On ulvUc amid U;. 2II31; 

olvis'li CuAic. C. t. u 1893; ^ olvish 

liniKht Eul: kuu. 2, 90. 
aMj A.iyax. cam. cwm, O./tv/. om, Goth, im, 

tfr. aljit, Zirf. (8)aura, Santmr. ^TTII, 
fpfe».J am, Katii. 4*i3; a. ». 430; Okm. 
205: o. A. N. 170; Itoii. 115; WlCU 
GKV. 15, 1; eaiu i-uaom. 6; a% o&ui, a^m 
Lai. 720, 889!) Si 10524; em, eom r. 
I,. B. VIU, 1 & 2; eom use. 192; em 
ItlAJiK 6, 50; iicuu. 1, 115; art, A.Sax. 
oart. <K AW. ert, ar/, Katil 450; Obm. 
220(1; 0. A. M.3S; Rou. 31; Wuu. Juhk 
8, 12; cart hou. I, 29; eart, aurt, ort 
FBAGH. a & 7; Lai. 1442, 1499 & 2237; 
ert A. K. 26; hou. 2, 29; ia, A.Sax. 
O.L.Grrm. is, 6W^. O.B.Gtrm. ist, iz/. 
cbt, IX, Lai. 745; Orm. 667; li)>et is tia 
t6 ddiiDo Qox. 1, 91; mo ia |>6 wars o. 
A. H. 34; what is ^ uwn u< dir, A8S. 
227; be ... is ridon td {)o foldos Ciuuc. 
C. T. A 1503; es c. m. 5880; Iv. 34; 




urcQ, A.Htx. cariin. O.Ier/. cm. ntc, iu>M. 

•2,7ii: Makii. H; Havki.. HUI; tti-Kc. i>T,; 

Lan'Il. 11 a, HO; am hum. I, iiiO; Ohm. 

4<'>5.') : ST. UKX. A. KX. 1 1: ; sindeii. 

4.Sax. Mnd, Kindun (syndon), O.L.Germ, 

siiiil, ttimliin, 0.//. ff^m. siut, sinlui), 

doth, .-ind, Z<j(. ftiint, (Irm. .'1M9; siiidiiii. 

bindmi Ml^)C. 1 40; binJen, ^ende Mat. 

10, 2 k J2, 8; sonden Hick. thk«. 1, 

223; SKL. ANT. I, 210; senden, ^andci) 

r. L. H. Vlil, 144; sendo hom. 2, I7;i; 

.sondon, Kundo 4;J59 & ItJTOti; h. 

-t.Sax. »j, bie, ieo, O.L.Cctm. O.TT.dfrm. 

.si, &'9^A. gijftu, Zd/. sim, iitiM. 1, 24^ 

k 2, t>l; O&M. 3378: si, seo Lai. 854o 

A' 1-1893: seon. J. Sax. sicn, ttenn. 

ISfia?; Mon, ftien ^«*. s)un. sjouj Mat. 

H. jr> At 7. 1. 
HMbrtuiH, ». umbosiL", iimbttiw, Bob. 51: )i. 

n. 10S (110). 
nmbirtnn, Fr. ainbiti/^n. nmhitian, ATKTrit. 22. 
itDiliIni, Fr. ainblor. omhU: uiublindo {pnrl.} 

Hauliw. uict. A3; amblin^'o Chavc. C 

T. K 38K. 
irabobl Ko under uiid. 
ftMel, O. Fr. csiiiaI fe'vutii), amfl, Hai.i.ih-. 

DICT. ij4. 

aarlftt, ^.^V. esmaiilor, ««?/; niiiolidr')/ar/.; 

Hai.i.iw. hht. .14. 
umlti} O. Fr. aeamer, fsmcr 'i aim, "at*fimtirr", 

rKo.'ui'T. Il>'>; huu munie pvr d^ide i tniii 

iu>i>t*bt mnc Max. ku. F. 4449: niuio 

Will. I&'Jti; eiino|' ^prw.y Wicl. lk\*it. 

27. 8. 
Amrlr, J..Sffj. Amoto. (?. Z'm/cA emtc. eempic, ilinoixo, ««/ famtnei, etomttj: 

Ainoto AYBXB. 141; ftmto, cmto Win,. 

PBt)V. H, ti; niTitite liiwi, v. p. 88; »>- 

matle "formint", mk. 177: Amctcn ^z*/.; 

Hon. JlXi: Cmeten Bkk. 2241; ('tnnten 

Ali-*, fi"<G«. 

I'linclcbul ffn/-At7/, Run. 2<J5. 
amrlUl, Fr. amelhyiiU, amtth^, p. l. h. 

WW. IKt: iiiuiitt:<(C Misr. DH. 
itM), /'r. .imi, Amf. IWtit'i. 
anhiblri /r. tunubJo, <imia6/«, Chai ■■. r. r. 

A isa. 

Umkt, O.FV. flUmncc. amiet, I'lMMi'T- 11; 

■mixe Wu I,, l^. 22, 1 7. 
nmldofij ^V. iimdon, l. c. c. 6. 

«Mlr»H, O.Fr. amimU aHmiral, Roo. 

admir.-il Fi.. a. Kl. 2U1: admiral, adini- 

niil Lai. 27ti(>8 A 27»>H0. 
uaillf 0. /-V. ainit, "amidta", vuc. 231 ; 

WicL. Kxno. 39, 21. 
annniw, O. ?>. aiuMfuutt, amoTQm, Uuw. 1» 

hit; ClIALT. II. R. 83. 

ampiTf A.Snr. uuipre (?). amptr. Um^r, ul- 
nu'^ aupreii /"/»/.> hum. I. 237. 

nmpiller Lat. »in{tuUa, Iju. 14986; am- 
piJIcs, ampuncji (^^/.y Lasgl. 5, 527 

(•i, 11). 

■Mir tee Atncl«. 

u, .4. Sax. an, on, O.Fria. on, O.L.Gfrm. 
AD, ana, tVoM. anu. O./w/. A, C^r. ava? 
(M, a: an Are hslfa h\t. 20717; an horse 
and an (a) futc i>02; be bar an (onl his 
bnnde 2rt80i); an {tan iike time 3890; 
an, on (a) live 3537 A 241fi5; |>a spAcbe 
him (<«>de an /^m<c. text at) wtlle 13076; 
Hrennos rude an faee. t*xl of) barekea 
4896; an (= and?) loQj^ 138: he Imvede 
ano iKindo 3793; |>e Wng wos ane finj 
France 23690; hcvedo . . . kinebeani 
on wombe 199; on (u) shnpc HA 9; nn 
(a) ^••dcfi numon 1013H; \'\x bit hnlot nn 
fa«e. Uxi mtd) unriht 7374; mucbole mon 
on mibte 23910: ho com on lond 116: 
|ie king noro [<at writ on bond 484; 
iifte he hire lAkede on 18538; hardlicbe 
boo on stolen (an ht^ven) I.'i29; be beora 
un leide . . . laweu g":»de 2077: |>ah be 
befdo t*rimio on lfi.''>3: on ii&i duden 
beore iwpdon 94.'tO; on fon apprfJutnttrt, 
iiKiptTf, 17393 & 21194: f-m on 5630 
k 17423; taken on ineipfrt, 25965; one 
leoden /r. leode) 3718; a lunde & a 
watere 550 ; tVS dai a se^non nihten 
U929; a (s= and?) |>at h{>r com liJen 
mft or hoore looden 6040; an (on) cnde 
A. B. 146; an EngHscb ibid.: on ^ver 
iche halve 50; yi \Ml on t6 spckono 74; 
6ne« a pike 344: bringe^ a vlibte 248; 
o de n>da 262; an belle rkl. ant. 1, 
132; l>ftre mante rfttea ono /"«*. onne) 
pacsed 128; an dn fprinttd anan) stm*r 
Kath. 31: on ende 1487; |tat ta haveak 
on heorto 2142: k r&nir oq (incwpH) |»ob 
U'l spoken 315; he beold ou (eonimutij 
U) herien 434; e (on) purlde 527; a 



fv. r til) c!ot 719": Bti i-fno o. \, jr. 
323: nU on ))o non lioliuo^xse iroO; to 
pe on I7!t; aiul |»Ar one? siiliofi 1210; 
I'll! no prctfst u londc noro loll; a 
fHirlde P>t>;i; a ttummc 41 1>; heo liucMti 
;:ode )>rot« aud tiCliUlo and falo miitino 
ftjnp s pille 17J2: .In horn hae htT an 
hnnde Horn ko. Kits. I III-. Iio sluh a 
CeMo him \\\\. ()j]iM ludpr :L<|velde 1>!)7: 
an, im ende a i.. rt22 Si 973; un Kok- 
li&b 74; a lire U'22: u last m/^imo, -1&7; 
(A ^ <Vl?) |>at I.''*-!: an hast« atknd. 
31: bini on t6 tulii -J44: Aiie liU left 
half l.'i*;: a }^e lell half nun.; <'»tii's it 
dai 73; be valfi a KTund 91; un erfte 
Shorkm. 102; a ;(iro an»«, 34; an dve, 
a morwe k. T. 4tjK; lie ftil a sl^pe 397; 
on lielle p. l. s. VIII. IIH; fol l:in^D 
in habbe child ihoon a ^lonlo k cl- ii 
dOde t*oh ic beo a pintro eald t-i junjr ic 
eom a (v. r. at) r^de 2: im {ttiien namen 
"w flomiM tuo". Mat. 7, 22; on fv. r. 
in) (!0r sA Hint. THKfJ. 1, 223; men 
cpulad un fofj hna^rts hom. 1. Ill; k 
him on bleep (mfiavii) pilst 221: a (= 
and?) t>et drihten com 13: ullo biro lu- 
veden |)at hire <>n l^kwlen Marh. 2; dfin 
us DiHre p& on Jll. 43: }ie rOve bH »n 
lire ant o tonnien 5H: on |>e Mt of \vs 
tlnno HUM. 2, SO; Instllchc f<n t'j vicuo 
163; }»e ^rop )te pri)ste(8) one punlun HO; 
ftneB dai. a dai ti? £ 100; rtn (in*. 
tinn) Abrah&mes time Obm. 4089; |iat 
nabt [lat Crist part boren une ■'m/i. omii!^ 
3753; fiftt standej) o f**^ irodNpclhnc :U5; 
iboea o Jw )*r 107S: h^* \\s> pis on f)t 
pord & par on )>iue f>p()che rkl. akt. I, 
186; ilc (is on pat^r st. (Ikx. a. kx. 
162: un morffen lu93: on live 35;'5; 
HO faiifor be pas on (<• srtii 2Hr>!i: on 
kumen (adrtntunj pjiR Ciidalainor X41: 
kinfr on Kn^'lene loande pRutxAM. 1; nn 
^odw nomn Mist*. 30; he i^ felr & briht 
on heowe 9ti; A)>iiir uede on hiro Ire 
IIoKN KD. JjI'm. 300 (>:ii. HiiK!^TV. 320 
in); pn'it on horte 1380; wif' Awerdo ihc 
f» an hitte (anhitte?) 712; nn live |{a- 
VKi.. 3R3; \\i clul>0s }iat ich one (m*. 
onoe) bare 1145; on Aif>er Hide lion. 17; 
o Hire 40; |>r« si|»e . . . a jer 376; on 

take tHtijHtrt, 170; ich wondri on mi ^C'jt 

Riuxn. ir>; a irodo« umne 7: bi wcnde a 

luud 6; (lat I'otores pans ... to f-o popo m'TO 

not <>ii ijioiid ItKK. tilH; on wit'checnin. 

n^nt i no eou an. lit. 7; ^; aI |)e bmn 

w<>ro a fiiro 1040; on fi''to jron si-nc. 90; 

on telds Will. 173; a daio HIO; a live 

120: on baste Aus. XHb'i; oa fe ilai 

Makp. 2.'S><; on live .loi*. 707: liow. 2. 

372; on (a> grtmnde and on (a, o) lofte 

LaxuIj. I. 8M (00): fiui f<6lle on sldpe k. 

s. Kn. Wi(. 2745; be rmt on huntine v.. 

T. !>3l: roniie Iwume*! al on bb'tde Vlor. 

tiOO; m HOiupli on t'"! fee 2071; k Dan- 

mwrlc an ffor of) liim wim -Mas. kii. H. 

57 ; o ftVco lri3; sisieon hundred f^l 

brt'Ufrlit on f/or of) live Ukh. 2050; 

what xlial wi>iilie on me mjh. pi.. 151; 

a bcdile s. s. ep. Weu. 1513; i^ncs a 

Wr E. 0. 350: o |>at como domes ilai ii. 

II. 12K (14S); ite« en; eutup. upan. 

•inand fiHoni, ad, erga : arant /y nu. an- 

anto) tmkat. 137; onond, anont, unimt, 

uimndo, omiudo a. n. 4, 0, 124, Ht4 

A- 42ti: anont i-. ^. 1076: Mibc lOKI; 

oiiunt te under h'ATii. 2531; anende a. 

p. 1. 1135. 

aiiaiit^ Miliar ad: Dnantu Kastron Sax. 

c'HKikN. 25(1; ani^nto |)e )>n(te Trkv. 3, 


abufen itbove, supra^ Osh. 588; obiiven 

A. Ik 304; iioH. 2, 81; 8T. aicx. A. y%. 

10; |Tat is fls alio abuve misc. 38; Or 

hnven Havkl, 1700; Manh. 10; Cn.vri'. 

C. T. B 1344: above Lai. 10302': 

ATKXB. 3.1 : iipo |>e dounp above |(8|»e 

KuB. 174; oboven ph. r. 849. 

abntcii. A. Sax. a-, onbutan trkat. I 4 

JS. O.Frit. ahfita. nbonl (ahontenj, ctrcum. 

Pt'rrs/, A. It. 234: Orm. 3211 : po deofel 

jie f;6r| nhaton al Kpa (te vrMia Ipo 

H()M. 1, 127: his ribt enn ucbal bi- 

clnp(p)oii me abftt«n 213; ahOten Enver- 

wic Lai. 16734; }id r>roD abOten bi 

Atlad HT. nr.y. a. kx. 2482; abiiten 

(for Iiiitcn) eudo MUM. 2. 5; abOte mid- 

nibt Kath. 1740; hpanno Ti^iro sl$pe|i 

hire abute n. a. n. 1593; abonten c. 

I.. 703; abouten nine Uatkl. 1010; 

aboDte AVKKB. 30; Lahol. 6,, 525 (6, 




i>); Chaik-. V. T- A lliyi?; Iw. ^05.1: 
itbnuto il tw iirl^e hco pii|i irkat. 1:*7: 
(hi) Ik*u]< siHiute hire t<'i »rtipiiilti Hkk. 
7«i:i; I'hout PR. » . !*.'(>.». 
aUoutCbtonJii^'C ciratmil^im-e ; ulnrntc- 

ttiit'umo mromr, uialum aiiventititan, hum. 
1, Ml: ormrno r. m. .Sil27. 

unofon, J. .^r. i-n cfan. 0. /.. (wm. nii 
ctmn, antnt, t:mN», tnt^nii. /uxta, ndursut; 
aneii SIavd. BQ; oncfent (t pirrn^nf/i'i: 
«w Ub. »itAM. 3. 2171 A. H. MM*: aii- 
ent AhKx. "y.**; an^Dti.^. aucmptii" Wnx. 
John 5. !">; kkl. ant. 2, 47: niu'inplra 

IIaLLIW. UICT- til; ntlPHCf m. I". l!1.15. 

iineli«n. ct»jf. O'trm. ciiiulcn. ^nd Fr. oii- 
builer. oleo oh tiwi auelio Shubeii. 4-; 
anelot r/wly Uh(l- lyili. 

iiiieltD}.'o "itt.rwrfio", iKuMiT. 1 1 ; |io laste 
anoi|in;;« avexh. 14. 

•>»riil, OinH. miiall? uitrnllo {MJ l-. m. 

anfelt, -/..Sf/jr. anlilt. O.ll.Germ, uiiufulz. 
anal: llivelt "incut", ki.i.. akt. 1, iI; 
TnKv. ;t. 207; Ckaii-. umii. Bl. IHJO; 
niiufell Wici-. »:c(4.Kfi. 88. 2iK 

aroroti. ^.AViT. onfiiraa, afore, anlet Ful- 
ircnos him wes afuron no Lai. 104l:J: 
afurno i«>n bim 18628*: afyrn i-fiMMir. 
7; L. II. n. liO; K. a. 'J:J: afore LAsni,. 
Kii. Wit. 24y5; (ifur. '1, 88: Ua«. tinti; 
OciAV. 1341; avora fxtt ho eotno til 
88iifl« AVKXii. 172; untrcvo avuro yh 
hih Ih^inl 18. 

afuiewanl, /or ftirewnnl; .tudait onn a- 
vurowiud misc. VI. 

y an^'anl ffjart, mrtyganiia, hkstr. T. 974.'»; 
unffart m. u. 41). 

Mij^ii, J.UvT. onirctrn, -frtn. '(^au. O.Z. 
Qtrm. an^esip, ^gtiin. a^tiinMl, evntiii, 
ntiVt rurmm, li:h. Jm. ;ilti; noM. I. 
219; bn> urneit onit^ri him i); dnnt a- 
^in dunt 15; bpnn ir aid'ti cherre 70; 
ojfin 7; oii;»in. "tijoan, n;eiii. u^n, a- 
jvinwt, at^HM 1»ai. ir.l»0. lt;i>7. llton, 
4436, 88;J7 & IK22;i: fiT pi j-ai* iiiiknl 
fir^be Mt otit:bn ^at p'lh ')ui. 1H; .id- 
}lHic:i kinde 249; ajrin, ajean, ujeiues 
A. a. 14, AO &- 216: and di)>pr n|cn 
(aycin) A^r swal u. a. x. 7: njoiues 

riht 1U71: t>at airn us is mi bende 
Hull. 109; ajeio ()vm 1S{>; he was u- 
;ou idrive Ukk. (>7-S: a}ein kuimlo .lus. 
iOi>: cumin^c him nje'iDU rti52; a^pin 
(ii^'vinci*) Ilia wille Lanou. 7, 70 {S, 
72); i sIulI litingo f^a ajein (aji^u) /""rv- 
fiiutrm t*"j iuto {fis h>n<l WicL. ausiEtf. 
2S, I .I ; ajfms hid bri\|iflr 'Wwrtu* 
fratriMt •iiHui\ 4, 8; aji'n, a;6nst Hand. 
12 & 220; a><>ii, ivfoiu lUvc.u 48<J 1 
it>3; a^m'm Tur. 270'J; aj^ cunde UBAxn. 
9; wlltil' ham ay6n ayknh. HG; 8>d. 
ajOus fauo lu'di pit^t 2« & 20; ojain 
Tiiir^Tu! 1. SO; BKaiti, OKaia c. m. 1&37 
*^ 1 538; onjdneii. ajenes pkvciam. 5 
ii r>. 
ajenyi't'lic //or yi'uyel fe) a gijl umdt in 

rdutH, A\"i;sB. 120. 
ua'DrUioir raumction, Wui^ John 11. 

atviiiMnc, Jcr joinsntvo, c. it. 83S2. 
ajtyitturo, /or j<^ntam, Will. 4182. 
uUfeiiiwiiM'il (liii'ward^ J.^x. on^^VAn- 
]jard &AX. camm. 123, rftrortum, Lai. 
tii73; aioii>|'ai'd Ji'i>. 72: a^oajij'anl 
A. a. 274; a(;6ii)>ard wt. ukx. a. kx. 
1782; ujeiii-, u)«uwACd Wiol. KIaik 
4, 3r>; ay^ward ayknu. 4<S. 
aycQwijtv //"T jonwijtoj. 6>n». f^egw- 
1,'ovrtrht, etHuUtr-jiW*, avenb. 247. 

aieineu fwrcuM^fr.* ajeinodea ptn verdo 
Lai. 17854. 

ao^ii, A.iiatp. u-, ongia, OX&ffW. an- 
iMTiD. (WMi9«noenm/, iiiiu. 1, 217; Btk- 
eiiti 2. 107: aniriniie /jil.J Mat. 24, 8. 

iiD»;initcii. A. Snr. an-, ongiiiDaD, earn- 
meiiet: (lUKaD (j'ret.) Orm. 2801; ongon 
•III.. 13: iiQguniieD hom. l^ 89. 

aniuuen. A. Sax. uiiiniian. in : ic inc 
bnbbc . . . iiniano iniiio licndeii Lai. 
5617; he )i-ttt> a! >ut wel weorpun ptr 
aninnon 6428, 

auhch, .4.JS»x. an-, oulic, MM.Otrm. 
.in«l1ch, Oot/t. aiialeikii, fM* Rori'V veol. 
"i«AM. t'.on, ffiih, fimilin. Mat. 18, 21; 
|wt IK him aiillcb aykxb. 180; )>et stat 
make]) {tano f>et bit wol loket) aalike 14 
)k) anirlDs of hevene 22?: atrko raoiiPT. 
10; allcbo timiiUer, Uow. I, 268; A. 
v. 2, 1477; alia aro ^ei atiohe lon^ 




hASOh. r 1(>, 57; ullke ph. r. 75fl0; 

al it ya^ him ullko lt'>(I st. t.ek. a. k%. 

201!4: Saxons . . . liur}it(e| nils dIkIib 

Max. Ml. 1*. 41. 
aniTouosso timilitudo, avenii. 8K; aii-, <iti- 

llmiPfiae. oulldmejiso Hon. 1, r»i), 9rj Ji; 

228: nnhcnoeiso a. s. lb; Orm. .'lOAn; 

onltciieue (udUrlini«ti<) Im(. 1141 k 

anhltni. M.lf.G^nn. atifllclion. itwrni/r, 

ATEXn. 101. 
? olabneii. emp.A.Sax. iMeccai). ./^rrt/n*, a. 

B. 248; iil«l ffftr itlolul ?) f^rrn.) Kath. 

Ilitlj; H. .M. 3: I'IbiiOiiy/'/rtf/.y JiT,. 'i".. 
? oliibniiimtM'tllitinii^oi //.»/?«-y. a. i:- 11'-: 

eltinnn^''0 Jtn,. 11!: •■liitiiiniir^ follitnin-^'] 

Kath. Ift02. 
an-, on-, lunanir -'« w.d,r ni;iiii-. 
iineli (fmy/(, projio: al [tat lion anoli mman 

Lai. ,1827. 
ani|>e iw/fd*' Misr. *i8. 
anover super y aiiovor ^ nu. anonr) (h}air 

)iiB lond KaB. 2iM. 
onea^o, .-l..Stfx. onsapu, O.lI.Grrm. uuii- 

sai^, aeeiuatioa'' st. ntcx. a. i:x. 201.1; 

o]i»aD(e) <'. u. 19428. 
onsene, A. Sag. an-, onsyn. O.L.O^ni. 

aniiiui), "/da'ra", kkaom. 2; uuu. I, 1!>1: 

0. A. X. 170fi; ansi4>ne ".itp^elim", Mat. 
38, 3. 

onsilulo atptetu*, hom. I. 257: a. it. 

onsibt,'frm. aiiesrht. n't/hf, hom. 

1. 27. 

onti!, /w until? Havel. 7t>l. 
onto, /or imto? i.rn. *,'«iv. 12ii. 
fttween aitcrrn. inter, Liwi. n. p. 2i>;k 
atwixin, nlwixt atvfixl, "iuttr", i>iii>mi>t. 

17; atwixca Chaic. Thoil. 417; utvix 

Au. A. Ami,. 8(tr>: atwix w. a. i. ;!2. 
uiTireiic. A. Sux. oiiitfjin. iutHptr. Lai. 

16482: omiveti a. r. 23(1; Jin.. 5:1; 

aiifivnn HitRX eh. Li'M. (;24; i*. fi. ISS. 

anuvciiiMi, /in- iivenun. Lai. 13402; an- 
merum Fi.. a. Hi<. 2311. 

nii'ivenjirl, for fvowuii!, i*. £. p. XIII. 
annndor wtAn; nun. 1, 1'.'3; misc. M; 

JUEL. AXT. 1. 48; A. t. 1, 1080; {Kit 

alto aituuUfr lihti wt^rc Hranh. f: aii- 

uii'tor 1>U BPiir. H.%: anoniler HdHX ed. 

Li;M. 5ri7; Atiuiidir Ocrov. 550. 
iuni|>i'Ou. A.Siijr. i>\\\\\\\iM\. iiiUHftfr, turn. 

2. 107; (K* bp lompjtpn tjihl Mat. 21. 

44: »nup|Hiii. nniijjpcii. unupiia iiitM. 1, 

a. 4S &. Hi',]; ]tiiu|»pe ^i^nu ditno Miitr. 

85: annppp Lai. UtUJ*. 
auwaM. .l.SitT. [Ml-, iM'pmltl, O.IlMrrm. 

iiUAwa,\t, pQii-^r : anwaUe, onwu|il(*/i/<7/.y 84r)('. it l;1950: wliajt iio Ii; 

ou anwttidd 1;!182; (if deoHpfi nn^>at<lo 

now. 1| IS. 
nwcf, A.fiiax. Bpef. tipif f*H!tteg»iinj Httm. 

X.BX. S8, Winif: Oiif ''9'iUfffmrii", lUuMI'T. 

Sii2; Wnt*. I.KV1T. It, 47. 
aanridru ndrersua: fm iviitil liioi coin nn- 
witlero (»iiirit<crc) Lai. 2884; Iiaveil 
^oos niad k ^ens wnlor Awular (awi|)cr) 
him istondo ISQGO. 

ally A.Sttx. aiHi, nil, f>./cf/. aim, O.I/.OWm. 
an, /■^»v^. prrt.J /uranr, grant, u. a. n. 
I7i>9: as i pe lovo :mil uii Tbikt. 1, 
77: ;if iri>d hit :in Lai. 14851; put he 
ittiie iluIittT wol cin 1192H; an .misi*. HH; 
irii (iti pi'i li.1t ;o i^iteii Kath. I7t'rl; wo 
uiiuon i-D(K'LAM. 2; pQ \>o uful untiou 
Lai. 28117; ):ot luG ^'od iinnon Mabh. 
21; miuo f^thjj r. l. s. VIH. 158; 
Lai. 25114; A/)'. Imitiic^ at. okx. a. ex. 
224U: coi/ip. }oan; ^rir. unaoii, O^to. 

an lui anil. 

an- «v en-. 

an* A. Sax. lui. O.L.Ovim. en, O.tetl. flinn, 
O.if.fin-m. einer, &'(ii!A. ainx, *»» /'n^, o/w, 
«ttiw; firit fill uuu. 1, 21: iin (.i\\ preast 
Lai. 1; an and twenti 1J541; |ja wooron 
hen al ;m fdr-rm. eui»l 21)080; an fut 
anon, liUiS; a ^vif 2528; \q Xm Kath. 
57l>) An Kpa hi>^ito smcal li>00: tettc mo 
ail bpat 7l>8: u nieiden C>\\: \\ rniiio 
I.'VS5: ill A londi) 21: .'^in \\y»i |>ito t>ii 
Makii. 5; al luo is lUi (idem) [tm dlli- 
nrn^ a:t Uu ei« iiiii>.; .In aH it^li sui 18: 
I'tii nitin Ohm. 11213: i^n duhtii fif 113; 
an "in 22.1: an (fur Aiic) ciili'jo 3321 ; 
itn ('/'x- .■(nws) iiiaimc.-i .'i8lii; .i mikii hero 
3370: II crib[>e 330i): iln jiMi-i u. a. x. 
77:^; an un, ud 4Ij8, 1554 &. l(io8; On 
idd t^tiio 25; {>n haro 3S3; %\X mo tut 
halt t'vnj r<>i|i in un 35(;; ;*i ^.in! .102; 




I) toutre ISG; i> soDir SS3: itn y\s mau 
ST. OKH. A. KX. 2641^; an mii 101)7; fin 
liftro Roil. \U1: un //w iiui'?) fmirti ;iT 
2:i0; tin vewu wililc lihien .'i40; hm> 
vfiTB ul at oil ffor i>iie?) li:[; .'i il.ijter 
12; ut •' tiuie :)0H: .^id hotind Will. 10: 
all five niilti rdlO: ^ stoande IAD; on 
a time 8; un tK'iI ■ ■ ■ m One t^ltililru' 
p«i6 A. K. 252: lieu \a t^ver i*n G: nii 
uit 20; in on U; Itu "Jer.el ftpi-olie 
100; {if it [lion \A Kt^l 80: j^et 6 uion 
1joi> vor I'lnc [linfro tpien iili>meil U08; ,'i 
Kiliile 48; ik'i itv-xlh mi Havki.. 1800; 
hilt I'm'rnt. oin, tolutn) 9(*i2; a 
liioi; 27-. of :t talc 3; ha1>t>e volairOili? 
(Mi i>n wi^ )>e uj>re aiesb. 4:t; bio[i ul 
uti 259; A kni}t 45; it )>in^ 40; wlicnne 
Till bath dfku ii ttiiiiie Mim- 71; and bf>ti» 
tin (.ttd 4ii5; (U<'> dai^H ^\i-\> bo jlI oh Tin 
RKL. AST. I, 220; [>ei w(^iKm cvere in 
6n (oonj 4'HAi:r. l\ t. a 1771 ; ;i so 
gr^t be$t BuAND. 31; iV fourii-n ui(flit ft. 
R. }:i>. Wkb 2^63: ho ftue fA.Sax. Ana) 
iiiiM. 1, 105: Kath. 224; iine be i:>:>n 
r'ulon I.Ai. 0400; he wu.4 kiuh' One Itoit. 
:U*i: b«tdre \« )*at icb One di'io spec. 
HI: l^fl was lie one Wii.i.. 211; him 
ftne )oh Invio Marii. 4: l^t ^ iromo fmo 
(lAW. 2118; nipt ane /"/ion toiutn/ , . . 
oh Mabii. H; noat ^ne a. r. 40; n^it 
Ono Rnu. 10:1; fine ^J.Sax. Ane) dubtor 
Lai. 2400: Ane bpite Katu. IH^; «ii<^ 
hbr- A. K. 54: One bpile u, a. k. 190; 
<^ne berto avkkh. 14'>; i^nett /gm. m.j 
Lai. 1557-1: Anett manner Ohm. 22; piil 
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71; ^wM. |<« ni'tnessi Okm. 7100; for |>en 
AnoH Shokrh. 125: Alis. 1024: Wuj,. 
2015: Anna fd>ft. w. nj hum. 1. 345; 
bif'M'en |tam preoate Ane 77: Ano, Ane a. 
B. 76. 124 k 150: livm] . . . bi bim 
I'Wifl 12: xn ane da;e La*. 82; an <>ne 
dnie 04 i:t: i hiid iki bnitiir b<>t him Ane 
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(an« •» rmp. MJf.Otrm. bi etn) Lai. 23947: 
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oiie kendo 180: one u. a. k. 15; biit» 
[lO one HUM. 1, 2D1 ; as hit were for {•an 
Miie ItiuMi. IS; |)c! vreoren at one k. T. 
277; '\t» (dot. fj Lai, 555; ure o. a. s. 
17; in Ore nitt Fl. a. Ul. 83; ifenne, 
j^nne, fluno (6nei •'■n) (itet. la.J ItAi. KK, 
:^94 &, 550; Knue, Tui Ohm. .t:}74 & 
SI 18; t'une A. H. 5ti: <<nne frOst avknr. 
145: i'une, imie v. a. .n. 7itO A 8:'J ; 
SuoRKii. !>;{ & ^5: Anno &truc he ;ef him 
UuB. 22»; ino {jt/.J Orh. U»7G4: IkV 
kiu^res . . . Ane t*er wunoden Lal 2:1880; 
Ane ft^ue U752*: Ane f(>we p. s. UM ; 
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154; bi ham Ane AIakh. 14. 
Atieied oHt-ej/Mi: iWiryid i'Rompt. 305 1 im- 

I;ed A. p. 2. 102. 
Anfald timp!^, noM. 1. 151; Qmc. 186C8; 

f. M. 0;J42: n(n)feald iiox. 2, 187. 
Anfaldellrbe hom. 1. 5. 
Anhiid Mniiy. Kath. 932; Onh&d c. u. 10; 

Anbedu PK. c. 10: unbe<te avknb. 79; 

THAKSACT. 19, AiHi; WlCL. 1 Tu*. «, 

2; APOL. 35. 

(tnltende "maneH*", psaom. U. 

Anliiirnod ow-hw^ntd: fw Anbnrnde MAnit. 

ftttpherfedloic eoHtUwe^, Oru. 11124. 

ftnlconned, .4. Sax. Ancennod. UHogmf'tut, 
Ohm. 7141. 

aniefen, A.Nax. endle<-tf, -lyf, -!uf, O.FriM, 
andlovri, clleva, O.L.Gn-m. ellevan. O. 
Jwl. elltfu, (toth, ainttf, O.I/.Gfrm. oin- 
lif. «v Bupp's vuuL. ORAM. 447. GaiHM'fl 
OKscH. I), n. Ki'R. 171. f/wm faifwnj, 
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(eidlevo) IjAi. 2:!:t04; bi wllevene 145:(li 
4>nl0T0 IlKiiRKV. :J42: endlevon Bon, 
298; ciilerene, ollevene Wul. Li-rh 
24, a:i; olleven c. m. 18870: elleovoiie 
KUAUM. 1: HiM-. 55; elievc IIrk. 481); 
aleveu p. r. u. p. 210: endluve at. oks, 

A. RX. 11)21. 

eidefle elrventh, Ar»:.\ii. 1 4 ; <>nd|p(tfle mom. 
K U7 : endlofto Ron. 270 : endh'TI 
fmuprmtfd cmlloi't) Alis. 57: enlleftfl 
uitu'. 140; ellefl m. h. 20; fjjerend 
PH. c. 47SW. 

Aii)r*pit, A. Sar, .inlii}ii)f. UMiljiriiiif, Mingh, 




««/(•, Oim. 11: ftnlcpi Katu. 74; Anlicpl 
Lai. 133;j'>:Anl^|)i Havki.. UH)4;AVENii. 
13: APOL. ^H; uiilepi, iipi (anlc{ii) a. 
U. Llli Si :!tl(i; iititJ^pt, i'MilIjij HUM. '1, 
7.*i; rtlnpi v.. a. 350; Alpi rkl. ant. 2, 
27&: tbuuo ciiltiiuo britjor Lai. 31451. 
ualfpihj^^lfl ATKNn. 21. 

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only: lujit aiiUclic suuo Litkk 9, '18 ; 

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6*Ai; rh. vu. 534; .Itilt Iw. 3744; iiii- 

luke^t (ttipei'tntj A. a. I'O. 
unmijd. A. Sax. luimOd, unanimoiu, uou. 

1, lUl; 6um0d 2. IHit. 
auruil, .i>Vf. ftuned, coj^/fni^ HUM. 1, 116. 

AnrHtlllcbe uuu. 2, l>I. 

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umlfdnosse a. k. 12. 
AluUindOUde >ta»iliHg ahue, KOU. 1, 221. 
An-f oupil ohdiuait, a. x. 5ti & 400. 
flnpillo. O. I J. derm, eiowilli fpcrtinnxj, 

"Qbdimtta", VUKQU. t>. 
Kar«>«s«ar; U. Fr. ancossour, aae^ttor : aiiii- 
ce«Bour Man. >:ii. F. 045; aucttstre Bjik. 
anDfCilrlr anentrff, Max. Kit. H. 14. 
■■rtcii^ O.I'r. ancieii, itwieat: iiuiirien Maki>. 

■•cl««Hj J.NMjt. aiicleop, O. Fri*. oncluwo, 
O.B.Otrm. aucliii), O.IctL ulcla. ankh 
(mtetM, anciif/: oncleou "taliu", i-raoh. 
2; ancio voo. 148; uuclo, ttt:cIeo Ciiauc. 
C. T. A lOiiO; ancliiwa fdtitj Auvh. a. 
Mkbl. ^2Ui^. 
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KOD. 380, 
ancrebOd a. b. 88. 
uim anchor: iaiirred (paH.) a. k. 142. 
aad, A.i<ajc. and. olid, O./w/. aud-. O.Fri«. 
and, atida, end, euda, uiid*, Oolh. and, 
onda*, O.L.Uerm. ami. nat. O. II. Germ. 
anU, ont-, inU. /ir. avti. a-.' and ondu 
ra ^(f#, c. l. 1177*; and liLst iit/ tf//i- 
mttm, 127: and ^t^f. ^') {>at bit wps 
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founncr & bixti luundoii 2I01>3; hipinned 
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16vi<rd A. X. 244; ont dririiis dai misc. 211!; 

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aa>li! i<itb antttaY C- U. 2110; ende loilj,' 
3iAi:ti. 10; fotup, aiiaiid. 
anheliuu ivMci: unbielb fprff.) La<- 

2r>3oft; unb.tUeii fjtort.J Lai. iUDtJ. 
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biodcn, iuJu-^rv, ttnntiare: uub(>d)ndu (= 

nultCwdiiiduy) fpari.J iif)M. I, 8;). 
alfi-re, --l.iSdjr. iniLiiisni, ^I/.y/.^-»V/'wi, aiopAro? 

gesture, SuuitKU. GO. 
abiten, ^.^oje. ouliitaii, O.J^uteU oTtftiiiton, 

taordpfc, eder«: moto ne diioko bo uabU 

Fi.. A. Bl. 40. 
aiububt, A. Sax. omboht, O.Il.derM. siii- 

pabL, utububt, O'otA. undbalita-, MfMnt, 

Orm. 232*). 
oiibi'i)en, A.Sax. gobui^iiu, aahmU ^ auil 

btm alio onbiuou Lai. |jl(>t>. 
ubiuijcu, J.Sux. yubyiisaii. tattei jif po 

bU ubirijdun hou. 1, 223. 
aiiburblcu eiwa^t? aiid bo Aiiburvtou a- 

f^n swulc (bcj weuro a vrible biir Lai. 

25831: cuiiit«3 aiibursto (aborat) weu- 

roii 25241. 
ancnawon. ASur. nuciinpnn, aifnMMre: 

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riknituu (part.j c. M. 8B27; b6 . . . a- 

kn^wd Am. a. Auil. 2U9£»; b(in akai>n-B 

CitAuc. c. L. 1 1 9v) ; icb aia ukui'mo 

Will. 4301. 
aii'lrt>don, A.tinx. an-, oudiieduu. O.L. 

Gtrm. aud-, ont-. uudradaii, O.Jl.Oerm. 

intrfiloii. drtad, timers, verert^ ilARK 0. 

50; oDdt'iixIoii Mat. 14. 27; adnudcu J. 

20; adn'-dun \.\i. 8744; bu tnal bitii 

»>ro adri'deii lluif. Tiif:s. 1, 223; a- 

dr{>du o. A. K. l'4r>0; at: mto )iu laiit 

)>o itdrcde k. s. 1: ondrftdtle, -driiddv 

fprei.J Mat. 2, 22 & 14, 30; odii'ddu 

UoHN 1170; adrasii (aJred) ffHiH.J Lai. 

101152; aib-od si'tx. 110; Tuwx. JitST. 

25; adrod Havkl. 278; AVill. IHHO; 

Mand. 282; Tor. 28U; atea luhaddc 

(uJrad) b 10, 21. 
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vrnv; iitivlettd 0»«- aiibuietid) iiuu. 1. 

210; oiioaldd fyrH,} hom, 1. ;>7; aii- 

tflod {jHiHJ Uow. 3, 05; aut'lid Wjcl. 

Is. Iti, 7. 
onfiiiipni), 0./>n/cA (iiiLfangflii, rrmrr, Oitai. 



6353: ond'Uir rprttj l\'. 134; oufpn(,'flu 

Mat. 2, 12; Oum. U:i9f;. 
aiir«'>ii, --/.N'ir. mi-, onPin, (Klf.fiertN. .mt- 

fah:m, mc/iv, Lai. 10*>3; Ohm. I'tiUH; 

hot! onf>;>|> ft'UAii.M. 7; aiifoa f/mrt./ Uai. 

and^ten rM«iN/i*, confeu: antljiMea Are 

tiiniK*^ OiiM. llilG^. 
andrf'titiirff i'<;ri/i'««'ow, Oiim. 1S027. 
iiiidtu^tii&t^e eo»/rmoH, Ohm. 27G2. 
nniii, .■'■ Nff-r. andffii, iHUlhet ; invito 

rrffl/.y HOK. 1, !)[>. 

i>n;iteii, -i. a'ax. Mii^'itjiii. jm-eeire, Lai. 

2Ct>2}t; d}ttt« fftrtsj »■>«;. t9U: onjoat 

/'/wcry' noM. I, 22:1; anjiet Lai. 1572*;. 
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is IIalltw. bicT. 6fl. 
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anlmiiL'o Hkk, 724; anhon^rcj* fpretj 

AiKMi. .M ; anli-'ajr fpM.j I,a?. 2lU{r>S: 

anlmiv^cD fptivi.J 10211; anbon^'o 

(I. A. «. 119:>: SuoBUH. 8G; p. s. 21H. 
? anhanirien Atn;; antiaitiLrrd, anlionireil 

fp<frt.J ('HAi'f. (.'. T. u :104.%; aiilniiit;eil 

A. R. 12(>; AVUKK. 241: an-, rtithon^^d 

W'iijh ir.);4 A; 4773. 
anboaldcn, O.Frit. «ntlinldn, il.I/.(!erm. 

entlialtPD. reUin: anhialdo ^yartj a- 

YKXII. 1 52. 
antirlilM*!!. -■(. Sar. anliebban, ^>. U.fierm. 

ant-, iulltafTan, AMrrr u/f, rUparr, Lai. 

12i;27: onhofd /'/»•«.; hhk. 1. IIM; 

anti.>f ('ire. /^W ali-'if) fjtrrt./ Lai. 21«2.>; 

nnlipfdrn, nnlioxcUon hum. 2, 177: mi- 

bereu fmt. tuilipvono) f}>art.) una. 1 , 117. 
aniicieii ^j-«/i; aiilitsi ((*»' ah^ji'') avkkis. 

7 unlii^tvn, A.Sitx. niiluiitaa, Aftff, cahfa- 

erre: aiilit't/>iv«.y Mi)«'. 30; atekb. lOtt. 
? anlM^n, ^. ^«t. 'mhrtn, msprHderf, I*ai. 

72^1; (hi) anli<'>(] c a. x, ItHf^: unli<>n 

/'/wfY./' Lai. 308nit. 
y anliiiafrrPn//w//'rcMi': anlianffrod fp'trt.j 

Ai.if. 12:10; OiTiiv. 4G7; p. 2:1; Trbv. 

:;. 471: Laxul. n 10. .lii*. r 12, 43*; 

anliiiactid rii<»upT 172. 
nnVoaticn. A.Sifr. "ncuitnan, parnr: an- 

lieniiQil {fMt'lj UR.U, 7141. 
akor, aliir. A.^<ir. uncorrf tKkrr, "ivtyt- 

oiidlafl, M.L.Grrm. aatliit, O.Frit. and- 

lj>te? >», Ohm. 12«i:ii); oolute iiou. 

1. liS; aaUlt fmt. aiitetb) "/aeiem". vs. 

25. It. 
niililiten. A.S^r. onlj^btaii. 0. U.dfrm. 

lutliiibton, iliumitutr*: onlilitflil (fm.) 

HOM. 1, 97; oiill^t fimjtrr.j v%. 118, 

arlTien, AJiai. onhrlnan, O.L.flfrm. ant- 

hriuaii, touch : ho seal . . . motes ae 

arinan hiiu. I, 115; arlaett fpret.) a. 

R. 408: aran Maiiu. 20. 
andsaite, A.i^ax. HiidiURte, odion*, Obu. 

U<07]; aiidar^to imu. 2, m:t; SAsC-te 

1. 107. 
andtteto adrfrsaryY huu. 2, llTi. 
aaalceii, A.Sax. an-, i>nsa«un, O.L.6erm. 

anUaran, O.Ieei- aadsaka, '/vny: bfitfl bi 
bcro lato as<'*ke lloitN ki>. L[:m. tlTi. 
? on)iaiid(e). A. Sax. mimtul,. miuiOj c. y. 

auscbuiiioii, A. Sax. ooHCunian, tiun: a- 
Kcbimno DKP. H. 14; oiisranedd /'prH.J 
HUM. 1, 221^, t)U on^Ninodottt fKAUJi. 
li; beii owimcilHn Lai. 4niir>. 

andsofbe, A.Sot. andsife /., itfuiat, uom. 

2. 147. 
an^'Cbon. A.s«g. oDsAcan. tttiaek: ous^keu 

fpm.J AT. OKN. JL. KX. S^ 1 ; oaaOlita 

^/»r(^.; Lai. rtOr.7. 
<inai;cn. A.Sax. ^attivan, ineiitrt: fid on- 

nijpndne bi^re hom. I. 115. 
an&iiio, A.Sax. a»-. nnsCa ^dr/relwjf as 

p4>vro wif pxt fallcfi in anidito ax. lit. 

aRl&pcn, A. Sax. on&l&\iSM, O. IT. 6trm. 

intab^fan, ohdtrmire: )>e kitij^ ... aal^pa 

in Dure luverd is Buh. 27d. 
aiiiitandpii, A. Sax. aadstandan. retid : 

au>n |<c Doneis t'j ansliind(p) Rno. 267. 
nnMnripn, .I.Sax. otintyriaa, rowiMHvrv; 

nusttrod fpart.j Mat. 21. 10. 
aadswaro. andiiwpre, anawara (ansven), ^^ 

..4. Sax. and'spnru, anttrrr, Lai. 4412, ^| 

11925 ic 2ti:t55; attdsfaro, andspfrre ^\ 

Ohj4. 2404 & 1 20 Hi: audtpro Mat. 

2. 12; ST. ni:s. a. kx. :tOSr, audsvaro, 

oad^parB, •ind>wari>, an-iwaro, i>aHware, 

aaswero, anNvrrc. onttwent i>. A. n. &&, 

14!>, 470 fi 1 17i!: aiiswars Jscaia. 674; 




auswere Siioitiui. i23;-aD&T^re Rop. 

197; on^pere a. b. S. 
andswerieii, yl.S,tjr. nT^ll^p(»^i;In, antu^tr, 

Lau 2'2i2l; umlt'i'eroii Ovm. 'iQ'iO ; 

oBBporien a. b. 94; ansTfrio ayksb. t>7; 

anfiwero C'uAn:. C. t. u 1077; nasworc 

Jos. a77; ioli ansvoriu Utjc. 5-!I; an- 

H|*erede (prd.) sr. «b-5. a. i:x. 2728; 

nnaveretle ItfiAMi. 1); Hti»n'erodcii Manu. 

utellen, MM.Otrm. tiiitellpii ftxoiuej? |)q 

)>(^ren Ihxlo teiimcs ntoaLd jinM. 2, 13;t. 
onUmden, ^.Sax. ontondaji. (irfwu/trc, iV- 

^/fttMinitry, hom. 1, 20:i; a. r. t^'J; Jio.. 

41; ontont (jirct.j noM. 1. 2ti7; onton- 

d«l /iMi/K'i'fl/./' Makh. 18; "'utendo /"/irrf.y 

Kath. 1415. 

roDwnlden, lI.H.Grrm. eutwalteti? ^ovtnt, 
$aAdMf, Lai. .'t?!':!; ich no mal mine 
limes onwuld(e) ah. lit. 10. 
andjianc, O. luL iindvana, amtvani /cx- 
ptTtj^ iii>jidaU: to dol lio m«i t«i mar- 
)Bn hit liim U u^iine hhm. I, 21; hit 
is unpaiie of hh lioJo 2i*. 
oDfard. ./. .Stjt. andpoufd. ontcnrd, adver- 
nu? ^u mout leoD unpaid fiuo :>utinen 
Hoar. 1, 37; ich ulle uiraen hit nnpard 
))0 dotto )»et til t'-pcst mo a. r. I2t5. 
anwende. A.Sas. oiipondan, avertrre, Lai. 

aodpaorc, A.Hax. nntlpt^irc, nwteriai: uf 
|>ifl8en andpcorko alio |iinjr ho ipnitibtc 

PRAOil. 8. 
(jwrekeii. .J. .Sn-r. i>ii]^»recaii, aveHye, Lai. 

andwurden, .4J<ax. andpyrdati, Golh. and- 

TAiir^jan, rpjr/y; andpurdo ^prtij hom. 

1, 91. 
u4, A.>Sax. and. <md, O.t'rit. and, atide. 
end, ende. f>. Z. 6-Vrw(. ondi. ^'. //. Uem\, 
aati, onti, inli, iinti. and, ft, Kath. 2S9; 
Ohm. 1849; and ;of |>u miht tcine finden 
Lai. :J692; ant 104; k {for k ;ef) |>n 
hit null ll^vcn 8313; an &7.sO; and if 
AS. LIT. 12; and ffor and if) Havri.. 
2862; Jos. M 89; I'krckv. 1150: ant. 
Aani. XVI; and i cacche niijte Lanol. 
ft 2. 192 l;if i mihtc a 2, 167); and, 
ant A. B. 174 £ 2-30; and, an u. a. v. 
7; ATKX3. t.^; ant nrKC. 23; an 

s. s. KD, Web. 730; ando E. a. 20; 
atnd. end MAfUi 1, 40 k 3, 20. 

anHf, A. Ku. anda, ">iidu (rnneor, inviiiiif^ 
iudigmlioj iiR\iis'ii Gt.oA^. 1, 4, O.L.O'rtm. 
a.ndo ti»fiigiMth, tra, tehixj Scmm. gi*08s. 
7. O.H.Gfrm. ando, anado fzelm) Gbapf's 
sPBSt'H. I, 2»»7, O.fee/. timli ffttjhttu, »}>i- 
n'tus, auiimuj EoiLss. LKX. 15, hnUtns, 
ttpiritm, Iw. :tf>55; pit. (;. 30f>4; and 
Town. myst. 1-^4; ondo [■bompt. 3(>4; 3501; Guw, 2, 260; ando 'YA>- 
hme\ vor. 14h'; no dra^ot] ge m^n '>nilo 
HHL. ANT. 1, 217; undo imidia, Lai. 
2275«; A. H. 274; u. a. s. 419; Koh. 
40; ('. L. 211; p. s. 190; p. i,. s. Vu, 
51; Chaix. b, a. 148; fah men tn mfl 
hjin ondo spec. 29; for andon Mat. 27, 
18; jiurh undo Mark \.T>i IC: |mrh oiulcu 
iiiiiiip) h'ATir. Sli;j. 
-ndful A. H. OS*. 

aiiHr ^''f and. 

anilciif o.Icel. andn, apiran: ondin pboupt. 

anill, ,-i. Sfjr. andifT, enrinu* ; onrlj Mapks 

andlrrn> cu*/i. O.Fr. auJior, andiron; uiin- 

dirin i'kompt. 10; anndlro riw. 176. 
anr xrit an. 
anra, tJj/.O'rnn. oinun, tmire; riitiii pRoufT. 

:t(JO; i>ue|i ^/»rw./ atexb. KH; mvH {ytrtj 

TaKV. 5, ;U1; CuAitc. C t. u 1903. 
Arw «w ibnw. 
angr O.J/.Gtrm. ttojror, O./w/. Onpr, Co?*. 

atrfiVH'*, augiuttu. 

aiiK^stiiu, ..-f.tSff^. angsum, augtiHus. Mat. 
7. 14. 

iinxiimneMiC, A.Siix, axteAnmncAs, mixidy, 
Orm. 10457. 
aiiRp.. A.Sdx. anfro,<Urm. anpo, ^u- 

gniith, dhlrtM*: Mm pas paj i; antfo Ohm. 

1 190 1; iintf'l'e A; al pt|i anya I'i2S'.>; 

k diile liini uiiM aii>;o 198U4. 
aii^l, .t.Sax. angel. O.H.O'crm. auKu!, «. 

/(W. '"■ngnll, tf«yf, "■fhJmnM", FBARM. 2 

(voc. S8); AIat. 17, 27; angite pouhpt. 


ari^ilhoi; Wicl. Is. 19, 8. 

nngeltpxci-be FRAnu. 3. 
■■ftrl gfc oii;;el. 
anccr, '>, kfi. angr, flwy«-, angnr, moUsfia, 




Wiia,. 552; flow. 1. 282; Iw. 1520; 

R. T. 014; anjjer anrl tfrno «t. okk. a. 

i.x. 20;>2; antfor aiij vrA pr. c. C030; 

in an^iT ;iiiil in rm-o Kulax. 150; iti 

ang^r itine and mcliUo w^ uin. pl. IGI; 

tinpre ^rf<r/7 Chavc. Bobt. 2, 4 (11); 

ADgres ^pf.J Lahql. b 12, 11. 

fiii|rerful, O.Ietf. an^'fullr; iingrosfDl? A. 
B. 370. 

aiik'orhcb, O./cc/. JHt^rlijrr. angerly: aas-er- 
Hfhe fadcj Tbkv. \i, SI; (Jow. !, 2i»2: 
nngerii ilA.v. i:u. F. 3750. 
inglr, O. Fr. angle, any/ir, Cuauc, C. t. b 

Aople JHy?»<r, Mas, kd. F. 4007. 
aigrfOj f^. /«/, an^itt, itn^pr, vfxarr, (nu. 

iiDii>,Tenii) Ohm. 428; aii^-ro Tbkv. ■'>, 

SSri; fat anirrpKi ine w'to LANt;L. 5, i>7 

(117); aiigi'Od (pari.) miviiit. 744. 
napiri fingiy, "mo/fsliu", rkl. axt. 1, b; 

Ouw. 1, 28:3; Oi-uc. C. t. a 3157. 
MMfnmt OJeel. nngniUi' "ttnyuatia', w. 118, 

aiiAiii!>!v«>, 0.^. unguisiie, anguith, R4>t(. 1 77; 

CiiAirr. BoKT. a, 7 (711); Man. k.d. F. 

4S3!>; aiij.-inse a. b. 234; uug^iitM^ tiikat. 

aDKtitxsai aNffiiifh : anpiiisMj* fpre».) Vmwv. 

RdKT, ;i. K (SO); aiicuisi ff prinUif an- 

l'li>i) f'll'j.f AlKNII. I4fl. 

RDgflisMU, U.Fr. anynAtvi'iittii, /nfl a/tinyHinK 

Bob. ir.7; CiiAic Cbt. 2, 4 "(4 1); I^p 

untritisuflo deailc a. il 112. 
ilnl »fff :t'iii. 
idhiiirt 't.IT.firrm. oimin^ra, nniim : i^uinyo 

rnoMiT. 3li.'>; ATKXit. »;5; Trkv. S, i). 
nU, ». oiil8, ftNf'ap, fmr. anvs) HrKc. 2B. 
ailirr, A. Sax. anmr. OJ/.frWm. anrlier «»., 

Im/ aTicitra /. anchor, Havfi.. ^t'2\ ; 

Will. .',(;8: Thiht. I, :M; l.iim. u. r. 

.'»0; aiikir OrrAv. 433; aakoroc* fpf.J 

La-. 2?ir.31>; annrrs Awft. 141(;. 

tui)(Ortoim *'^rwreta", KitAnH. 2. 
Mliifr> .(..Sri'.r. annir, a»chnnU, Bkk. I1S5; 

Chai'c. r. r. 'i348: ancTM />/./ I.axcl. 

PROL. 38. 
anlacr, JU.f^f. aiilariiM in- CATdtK'x iti^n^K., 

J *o»i t>/ il.tfgfr, D. Ami. 1I4R; nnlfv* 

OiAur, I'. T. A 3r>7; nnnlaz Havrl. 

Anaeisej A.S/tx. ftnac^^s, OJI.Gtrm. einussa, 

eiiinissa, uiiiVy, hom. 1, i>:i; i^nnonau a. 

11. 12. 
anaiuTMirlr, Fr. anniversaire, aHiiigtrntry ; 

A&iitvorgarica />Ay a. b. 22. 
Riurl, linger n tort of balance: annsol, aun- 

oel, nnnitcr, aiincor Langl. a 5, 132, n 

5, 218, f 7, 224. 
mil m' and. 
anlc, 0. /-r. ante. Lat. amitu, nw"<; nunto 

Him. ;i7; Lanol. n 5, 153. 
Rlllitrist ntitichrt'U, PR. c. 40^5. 
RRlrfnr, M. TaiI. antiph^ma, {tnthm, a. r. 

34; antoin i-. l. s, IX, IS.",, 
anliphoii^r, O.Fr. antiptionior. oiUipKonrr, 

vm;. 230; OiAiT. (?. t. b 170*). 
ulre »ev avcntOro. nW^r ad-. 
■ainm ite under niii^. 
Rpr, J. Sax. apa, O.Jttk ajH. O.fl.Oerm. 

aflfo, d/w, voc*./188; a. h. 248; o. a. v. 


apoward Lanol. 5, 640 <fi, 119). 
ii|i*fttRtf, f>.Ar. aptintote, rtfimtfjifi'. avrmb. 11*. 
apoftlcl, />i^ ujioht'ilu!'. apa*th, itoM. I, HI; 

AYFXB. 41; ap«*I.It! ftf/m. fl.) Mat. ID. 

2: apoRtloiio Shokkm. ."iI. 
apalrrnrtr, W. /V". apotccairo. "jrolkKarji ; 

ajHitpcaries ^p/.y Chait. (',. t. a 42.'i. 
Rppel, -4 SuT. ipppc), mpl, O. AVm. apppi, 

O.U.Gtrm. apli"! m., O.leei. epH «., /r. 

abbat, tihttal, Onei iiblml m., IKiiM af&L 

N.. A/i/r/r, Obx. 8118; a A. ir. 135; 

TRKAT. 132; )«on appol ii. h. 10; appel 

nf tllO Ci<) ^•O0. Iir»; Oppfl M"M. 1. 2.1; 
ATKML N4; ("OB cppol A. H. U'l\ pppla 

/lirt.^ HOM. 1, 123; nf t*oti (^pple A. R. 

A6; apples /'p/./ si-ue. 35; applen fint. 

pl.j p. L, s. NXIII. Tr*. 

appniycrd apph-*fttrd, promit. 13. 

appiilh'»nl •pRiiMPT. 1 3. 

nppu1ni(>.s, M.U.drrm, apfplnnio«. prompt. 

appnl^oller pbompt. 13. 

apprUri) ii. u. 93 (05). 

.fppltiiii *'ponttirium'\ PHAOM, 4. 
tr, 0. W. C<r 1 , m; "nm/rir", Ualmw. 

DirT. i7i lu-to Wii'L. T.frt-iT. 22. 22; 

fm nro fnif. a tierro) vor. 309; erres 

fptj PR. r. 6327. 
4r, O. feef. Ar, A. Stue. ftr, rniti'um : Lfttoii 




iire & eado uom. 1, 171; bitten 6re Si 

cnAo p. L. s. VIII, IH; Jnsc. 04. 
Ar #« ffir. 
irabki, (^. /■>. Arabia, Ambit, Arabi, jfrab, 

iioM. 1, 5. 
ik, emniD. 0. Fr. ju-abrae, anu'n, "iwd- 

xm", i^aoiuT. (t & 1 iO. 
trbrr ;=- liorbor? (trhour: in |n» j^u'ilen . . . 

KRs An arber fair iind gr^no anU in \>e 

nrbor was A Lie s<i. h. uru. 28. 
irhflrrs nrbitrrM, atexb, 154. 
Rrbllronr orbiirator: arbitruuria fplj Wicl. 

;i KsiiR. s, 2tJ. 
arbUklP, (^./'r. arbalo&to, arhuUtt, utcubalt'tta, 

UfiB. 377; arblfiste, aibbkit ayush. 47 

A- 71; arbla^t Rich. I3ti7. 
arbUiil^r, 0. Fr. arb:ile8tior, arbalidir; iir- 

lilasllTK (lii.J ClIAlC. H. B. 4Il>6. 

arrhf O./V. arc, (trcA, rtji:«*, i-kompt. 14; 

jirrbe.-* (7»/7 lk". ITi?. 
Arrbaujceli Zaf. aicham^eluM, arcfianr/d, mm. 

1. 41. 
•rrlir 'ri nrke. 
arrkritiiirhap, A. Sax. urcubiitcop, Zof. ur- 

chirpi^c^liuM, luchbinhop, 11i:k. 40:J; a-r- 

diobiscop Lai. 12l>3ii; erchoblMi'bop Man. 

KD. P. 6873. 

arfhobifwhoprtcha arthhiahopriek, p. i.. r. 
Xni, 71. 

;rn-licbi.vropstol I, At. lllfi.^7. 

arrbrilekur, rrrhedrkne, .l.s.rx. arcediacriii 
ScnHn>*i4 oiiOfla.. T^rtt. iLrcbidianmiis, »rch- 
tlfttroM, CiiAur. C. T. D i;*(>2; arcoiloltne 
Bkk. 170. 

irrhfr, <>. I'V. Jiidiier, archer, lk«. 220; 
ATKSii. 45; archer, archicr Cuadc. C. t. 
V 1929; airbori! rjfij Hon. 190. 

Ml, Fr. ardeiit. ttrdeni, Ciiai:c. Bujit. 
8, 12 OOti). 

Art, J. Sax-. O. /eri. ar, otrr, remuM, Pi^r. 
1878; Trist. 1, 3;S; -"tro emmvr. MH; 
IfAVKL. 1871; 8. B. BD. Wr. flLSO. 
Arelinio Toc. 2!Jn. 

iff, A.f^o*. flr, O.M. Ifera, O.L.Orrm. (). 
If.Orrtn. era. O.Fth. i-ro, honour, ifmce, 
mcrty, MKT. T. *18; Are & milco Orm, 
147R; iu men^ko and iU'O ir. ». 424^; 
Bwa hi<lD ii^li R-ixles :\re (4^^c) Lai. 2^)72; 
bn ihulc in;'ii-e U) I'otpros Are ;11956; Arc 
fr. IP. ip.ire) 23;JS2; criB bim jeorno 

|)^r uf luorcL & i)re (are) a. r. 136; dre 
o. A. N. 880; Havkl. 211; ItoB. 340; 
Tor. !>10; m. Artu. 1344; ho ;af alle 
|ie knijtL's ore Horx kd. Lum. ir>09; fur 
t4 babbo )>iu(c) ore Bcic. 533; in K<Jtl<3c^ 
&ro MiRti ft85; i^ro, oyre Chauc. C. t. a 
;t72(j; aure hum. 1, 187. 
(■|i-fent "pirn", vn.KiiVi. 3. 
iircful Or-m. HiJO. 

ArolC-t ttufreiiMt, iiou. 1, 173; Arolieii, 
orelcA p. L. 8. VIII, 100; i^roloa.'S kom. 
.2, 220. 

aq>urtlo kmouraUc ; iVr|»un1uro feoMpJ 
Mat. 20, 28. 
il,r|»{ii)r(lllco lionoiirablfi, hom. I, 229. 

4ren, A.Sux. jiiian, O.ll.dtrm. eren, 0. 
/re/, lyra, «A(»r mrrof, fma, aroim} 0km. 

drrmlff Arc iL't'cudo. 

iirel, A. Sax. ju'iul? 

arulliC'iJo fUijnUffY Isi'MU. 0. 

BPfirr *nt ;u'we. 

■rf, O. Icet. arff fffurtrlt'ltftj. 

arfii.tnin, (A /Jii^^A arfnami?, htir, Ohm. 
17 744. 

Rrff|i MX' oavr«)i. 

arj, J. 'Srfj. eaix. Oiu b, 0. Frit, org, org-, 
O.M. ar^rr, arjfflr, (irfvw, 
(iryA, cr<?A, iimuiut, ignaviu, pravun, fiaa. 
ai-je) IJaw. 241; urh hom. I, 277; ewrih 
Lai. 4330: arot. are!i u. a. m. 407; aru 
(arwoi as iln bare Kor. 457; arwe, arwlie 
' timultu, ywr/i/fw". rnoMPT. 1 4 ; arwo 
Ai.ifi. ;i:l40; «nih (arch) a. k. 274; aroii 
ftnhal.J 0. A. s. 14!.)H; fo aropo, ai-ewe, 
erewo rkl. ant. 1, 17(i; nrj9, \u\ye fpl.j 
V. L, 6. VIII, 10; orjo HOM. I, 161; 
arwc Rich. 3821; arvro wen and keDe 
Hatel. 2115: arj{e) fadv.J Shuhiik. 22j 
icrliost ftapprl.J Lai. 21733. 
arhhCile timidtin/i, .MiHt:. 74. 
icrliBcipo tmtWUu, Lai. 12411. 

ir^len, O. I'uteh .V. n.tSerm. urjrcn, VMh, 
p/' jr«y ari: |»ot oupcr lioorte erjian B['1- 
ito HUM. 1, 13; mo vx^m of mi solfe 
A LUX. 537; arjo //;»w. tub/./ iixvr. 2301; 
ar;ed fprtt.J a. f. 2, 572; [lat vghoile 
alio l>al |>?r w.lro I*j:Rri:v. 69; fnn . . . 
bafit arwod meoi UacJi luon Lanul. c 4, 




•r3iifs»f imidUan, ignan'tr, ayiinb. SI: argh- 

ne.v»e Htitii- I, 4:1.1. 
arctll irrgoi fargdj, fatx fini: ftrgoile fdat.J 

Chaitc. V. T. n SIS, 
Witf, ./..Sff/. yrgJ. 0.//.6Vr«(. ari:ia«. //W- 

ifiiat, ignavia ; serbilc {arhl»o) Lai. 23'i4(i; 

»n>;|^(>, aroh^o a. a. k. 404. 
■rfiani, arpue. Fr. arjnmr, ffrync, Lanol. 

10, 1 74 (11, i:t01. 
irjciMfol, Fr. arf^nmcitt. argttmtHt, Shurkii. 

I 1 -'. 
arsnarnlnif Fr. nrKunioQter, Gov. 1, IB. 
•rk t<f arj. 
.arlir, A.Strx. ewe, ^crfA. atlta, 0. If. Germ. 

arclia, O./w/. iirk, I^tt. arra. uri, *vrtvi", 

voc. U'l>; Orm. li'.I»0; Mas. ku. U. lUd; 

in arlte or in kitfte lUvu,. 2018; aichc 

Lai. SOiir.-, A. B. 334; st. oe». a. kx. f»tjl. 
arm #m earm. 

armfr, />. -inuce, i/rwiy, ('HAtc. C. t. a i>0. 
armrDj Fr. armer, (inH, armare, JIax, kh. 

F. 1174; ffiniii L&i. t53i:i; anno Itoii. 

K3; armed (^frw.y A. r. 2<>2; armoj* a- 

TTENB. Ill: iirnitfda ffn-tt.J Lai. 8i>5;»*; 

iariiicil f part.. J Horn i.h. LiM 1215. 
amrSj Fr. armea. /«^. arma, armt, a. b. 

fiO; Haveu 2925; Bob. 60; aykkb. 170. 
ara^ «/•«• earmile. 
arMi'irr, />, umirtro. /M. arniatura. itrmmr, 

AVK.sii. 170; W'li.i.. :t7i>'.'; arimiro, ar- 

iiuiure I'ltoMi'T- 14; aniiuro. arnioiir Koh. 

I UP & 402; armour Man. ki>. F. 5117. 
annir^r, Fr. annurier, armorrr ; arniurors 

ri'i.J Ciutc. C. T. A 2.'»07. 
an M'c cam. 
aniut, Fr. ar<^inato, aroma, i„ ii. h. 224: 

ariimaz ^/f/./ a. n. :{72. 
■naatlli armnatif, Mand. 174. 
■rrin, A. Sax. ftorrian? orr, irriture, tt-u. 

t^iv. :tt(t; arrietli jard. 13, Itil; arre- 

dcu fprtt.j Win,, hkitku. :i3, 1<». 
an, A. Sax. ears, O.Frin. ers, O.I/.O'erui. 

are, O./iW. are. riws, a^m, "jwim", vuc. 

179; MoacPT. 14; Tows. i«ht. fl; ors, 

ars Laxoi.. n h, llti; ors vnc. 208; r. 

■. 1F»3; Trrv. &, 171; f'luiif. C. T. A 


arariip Wkx. I kisds r>, 9. 

ars|iann /m*. hamfanno) v(k:. 186. 

arswiep voc. 179; pbompt. 14. 

atBrnclikft 0,Fr. aristuetique, arithm*iic, st. 

OKX. A. EX. 792; antmotritio p. t. s. 

arMiiar Fr. ar^n, Axjs. 4251; u & vise. 

itfA set atreitt 
arl, Fr. art, wt, Bon. 145; atenb. 65s 

ars fpi.J t»05. 
■r1«a, O. Fr. artor, tfrtorr, Chaitc. Tboil. 

:1S8; artin "arl^re", vrumpt. 14; arid 

irnrn.. IV. «. 
artirlc, Fr. article. aritcU, atesb. 12; ar- 

tirloB /pf.j A. R. 2(>2. 
arfifirfal ariijitutl, CiiAUC. C. t. b 2. 
an ff« ar}. 
arift «w earfotl. 
arpr, J. Sax. arov^t?) i/<t/. y. arefan Sax. 

MiRoy. 217, oarh tiRRiK'i riLims. 1, 248, 

O.fcfJ. or pi. urvar /., arrow, tagitla^ 6t. 

UKX. A. Kx. 478 ; arwe avknb. 66; 

CiiAic. C. T. K 1073; s. a. c. X; tin 

anre (arewe) Lai. 247^; An arofe Jin.. 

72; arcwo Uranii. 15; Wii.r.. KH.-i; earc- 

pd A. H. 60; arewoit (pJ.J Auis. 5283; 

arowon (arrive) r>.'ili>; earo);*en a. r. 

60; arwet* Mami. lilO. 
arwe, anrleo wr ar;, arjien. 

IK n/v mtdcr a). 

■!• «f( es-. ^ 

is, aa», Fr. Lai. iia, an, Ciuuc. C. T.'v 

in, O.Ieei. &88 {Irnhi, eoniiu). Oath. ai» 

(doxOv); eomp. lH<t-, viatlfts. 
asrh, J..'<ttx. ff;ric. O.Il.Oenu. asc, aach, 0. 

/w/. a«kr «.. O.Ittdch e^cli. M.U.H*rm. 

eaclie /, I'A /'mA>, fntxinus, vuc. 162; 

p. I.. 9.X11I, 171; CuAuf. C. T. A 2922; 

aaobe vor, 181; i.k fh. 168; Max. 

KR. F. 12438; ascbo, osche papMrr. 15 

£ 143. 

ebchkct(e) ath-key, pRourr. 143. 

e^chtre vim:. 228. 
Mchtf J. Sax. aacfl, »»ce, aic, O.U.Gtrm. 

awlie, O.lcd. nska. a*K, einia: whe Gow. 

y. 345; a^lco. a-'cho "cini»", prumpt. 15; 

ai»clic. aske Win.. UKSKts. 18, 27; eacho 

Shokkh. 107; a&r aiisc. 78; ■a»w Hai<- 

uw. incr. 95; o»« ayrxd. 137; pals 

AS luthe (aisctio, ascltcn) coMd Chal-c. C 

T. A 1304: aaken (pi.) a. r. 214; Ha- 




.8841: ashen fma. AsslMn) bou. % 
65; takM Tstv. &. 167; Lanul. a 3, 
97 ; ^uM. iiShkexs) Oau. lOti 1 ; ajtche^i 
Uanu. 107; axon Lai. 25089; i-. a. 20a; 
r. L. 8. I, 2h. 
iukeliKo "cimflo", i-BOMPT. 15. 

Bsrbrler atklar, Aru. 7H. 

urhi ./^Ay. CiiArr. C. t. a 2S8:J. 

urhlcR tie iwkiou. 

IM JTf urtif/r al. 

JUIe A»\ Marii. 2. 

askc, -4. A'*r. iUK'KO (?), 0. U. Germ, effo- 
dehsa, atkfrukj, lacnta: asksA /'>'f»j. urs- 
kes) aod (i|)er worbtos ai. ii. 141. 

ukr^ A.HtiJc. iesc«, O.U.Geitn. oUo^t, i/r- 
MdNii ; iue Lai. 1 053. 

uker, Axere «*/■«■, prtiUir. Wici,, Is. 9, 4 ; 
|w ]U«re nnil |^ti Juf'euilauiit K. n. *t61. 

A»klrR5 .4. Stir, itjicirin, li-si-iati, ik^iati, »<cUii, 
uhifiuii, 0./Vr>. ilfilciii, uiichi.i, O./e^/. il-skju, 
O.L.dertn. ("'scon, iKHAifrm. pjacon, (wi 
^fl*A, fl3->. rogare, po*cr}'c: iiskoii a. k. 
242; r. r.. 102:i: rm». iLs«keiiii) 0km. 
10278; Sskin "pfUrf, pfMtrf", i-somi-t. 1.1; 
aske Arn. 79; Asko Kn-o ilAVKi.. 29ri2: 
iuche KriLAu. 1090; jis«ho, e^e Kou. H* 
k 374; J^akien hom. 1, 25; i^k«ii, axon 
CUACC. C. T. H 101; (IXO D. IJl. 127t:i; 

Aske, axe Laxgl. 4, OU (10:0; oscIid 
MISC. IS9; axion Mat. 22, 4(1; iVxtcn 
(&ii) Lai. 7193; ficsi, Oxi avk»b. 1 10 & 
,il4^ iwi Ootw. 1. 47: Wici.. John 1, 
^19; Asse Tuws. myst. 58; a*:ke. ilxo 
fprttj t'KAiT. 0. T. A 1347; Arsi Shurkh. 
136; vsk'x Uarii. 13; nUchest, aisliest, 
aiwest, uxost o. a. h. 473, 707 & 995; 
>. B. 200; Sf3t«(l a. r. S; tinn 
Kcbe we thkat. 13iJ; Ot^ca liiiio lipot ho 
babbfl bijeten huu. 1, 35; ftskedt* /'/n-^.y' 
A. a. 06; uisi:. 26; st. gii>. a. kx. 
3191; iUkfldfl Lai. 29229; liw lexiKle 
|(ftxodo> a'flcr IlrAniie 5001 ; Askcde, iwcbo- 
d« Kun. 1<> Si 33; {ic^ede rki.. a.\t. 1, 
30; e;i>k(>«U> .Ui.. 15; \i\\ a^kodost o. A. 
jf. 1310; contp. ufubkieu. 
ftkkngr, J.Hax. ft-icung, arioitf. a. r. 70; 
askiiis^e "prtitio'. i-kilwit. 15; rwciiige 
_ RkL. AXT. I, 13I (iinu. 2, 11); i'si'iinj^e 
Majiii. Iti; rii^Miagc AYKsiu. 209. 

nttftf, J.Siix. i»<pe, a?!).*!*!, O.n.Gertn. aspii, 

0. /rifA usp, ««/! ^c»jt»y. popiiint trnHUta, 

VOL-. 181 Jt 265; Chahc. 0. t. a 2921; 

aspe, ospe i-homi't. 15 k 143; espe voc. 

aKpcn, M.II.f'frm. c^pin, a$pen: a<fpei) lr*r 

CiiArr. Thuil. 4049. 
HJiptr, ]i»>|ilrn t-ff spic, spicn. 
assc, A. Sax. asi>a, <-wi;i. O.hel. asni. £:f^ 

ustnus. ow, A. K 32: .Shorkh. 122; AIakd. 

70; An a8(« TJiKAT. 138; Jiano aase ayknh 

15(>: aiiso /'jrr»./ La.\-oi» ii 18. 11; a^se 

eai'oii A. n. 172; ;m asse ktn r. m. 7171; 

assou /'««'./ LuKJc 13, 15; ii-ssen fpl.J 

Alis, lH(j(>; assen, asses CiiArc G. t. 

i> 28.'. 
axsTf J. Sax. uise, o<ihii: dno asse ... nili 

hire cult iir.M. 1. 3. 
a»seur, O. M. asiKi. an'm. Mat. 21, 2. 
aslAmi tti^ sb'iren. 
aiiiraiislrn wv fitrnn^^'Ion. 
aslraliibb', y-V. lutrriliilio, /tul. aatTiAahio, 

it.*tiohifie, Chaiu". astrml. i-hhu. 
a»lralac;ir, O.jFV. a.-ttrolu^t-, <;«/« 0/«yy, Ghauc. 

A8TRMI,. rnoL. 
a!ilralo|;irn itxtrohgian. CiULr. astrol. pbch,. 
a>lroiiiiiner mtiroitomer, Tbkv. 4, 209. 
aHlKnaiiiirf 0. Fr. a.itntn<)iiiic, antronotny, 

I'HHMvr. 10; Lai. 2429S; Lanol. 10, 

207 (U, 152). 
UHlronnmlpn ffnirononuA, Gow. 2, 230. 
Bvtutlicu i-re stuilicu. 
nsNr, /v. aziir, azm-f, .Ins. 195. 
at, OJcfl. at, Mff/, Iw. 186; s. s. SD. Wub. 

3SJ4; ANT. AiiTii. XIV; Town. mvst. 2; 

tbo boHto bi>«li at tliAr war Tkrckv. 150; 

:i.t him fOl t>') knftw(e} pr. c. 171. 
at *u let. 
4lf, A. Sax. I'lta, oat ; dto "nivwo", PBnupr. 

372; MiHi 1483; Mai-kh 350; (ttw /^actj 

A. B. 312; lUen (Ote) /;»/.y Lai. 24438; 

itotcu Hifii. i»0fl4; <"itin voc. 177; fiton, 

I'ltes LAN^a,. 4. 45 (58); rouip. . md&ie. 
ztt\, A.Sax. uto], catol, O.lcfi. atalt, flirii*, 

nirax, fHt». atcil) Ohm. 4803; atele bnr- 

ioa iiDH. 1. 275. 

atolllch, A.Sax. atp(l>iic, /^Mf. atelicb) a. 
R. 4j; Mit<(-. 183; Mai>ks 343; nuil [line 
atc(l)Uf)go s]'[>ore n. a. n. 1125; ate(I|- 
llcJto (cnio(.l>Ifcbe} |>ihtei> Jul. 40 k 47; 





CtttoJ)llcIie fade. J miu. 1, 41 1 outoO)- 

liikctft (aHptrl./ II, M. 41. 
AtrUi A.Snx. Titcn lkkciih. 3, 292, Mien: 

titeno grates i.. c. c. 47. 
Atrr, attcr. J.Sa;e. Ator. Atior, ibtor, Q.//. 
Germ. eiUir, o'lttar, OJeeL uitr, tf</rr. m^ 
nrititm,'r*, lluM. I, 23 it ol; nttei' 
Obai. 15383; st. okn. a. kx. ;{72; c. 
h. 1150; Lasol. d 12. a.lG; .(lai aUer 
Lu. 14995; )!ot attor a. r. 208; nttir 
"mmim", rsoupT. I li. 
attoccoppo, .A. Saz. fltoiXAppii, uittreoji, 

araiifii, u. a. a. 1*00; k. L. I>3; attir- 

Ci>i>pO **atanea', rKuMl'T. Iti, 
atterl.ldo, A. Sax. utturlJlilQ lkechu. 3, 

34, ieiony: ilritic fionnnc attorloJo [atter- 

]R(Ie) & dnf {fcne spvl ujcuiii'unl a. r. 

274; attcrlot>e ''moref/jh" , bku akt. 1, 

37 (voc. 141). 
attorluch, A,Sax. it»vUe, rtncMout, a. h. 

2 1 2*. 
aUnm, A.liax. ijtnn, (ttUron, M.JI.tirrm. 
oitt'iiu, rrN»iHi>N«, fbaqu. 8; pmh attcrno 
dreucli Lai. IG084. 
aUrrnrsM, J. Sar. fittcmoss [_?), rnnmota- 

USM, A. B. lOti. 

attricH, A^ox, d'Uerian, MJf.fimri. eitem, 
rtrifnare; attloJ (pro.) hum. I, iS:!; a. 
K. 84; attrctl /'/itr^; hoh. 2, 19; Orm. 
I537G; iattreO a. b. 208. 

Bltrljf O.UAirrm. eitriger, altery, vmumoKM, 
OuM. !iTt^5: ftttri a. b. 82; ii. u. i:>: 
dal attrio Oing uki.. ant. 1, 215. 

h^, A.Sax. Ad. C'o<A. ui|>8. O.L.Oit-m. 0. 
frit. Hh, O.Iecl. eii3r, O.U.Germ. aid. 
oath, JHramvntum, Ivr. 22l>4; ild, Ail, oad 
(.■||i) Lai. (153, 704 4; 19?8!; mJp atksii. 
(i4; |>cn 6|» Bon. 446; 0"|J Ciiacc. C. t. 
A 120; 6lM) fdat.) pbul'lam. &; i\\>i^ fi^lj 
Oku. 44711; u<1o8 a. h. I'^S; ndea /"i^rtf. 
}>l} Lai. 5105; «ww/i. mitaat*. 

a|frl, a|irltB|[ itt*< u-dt!l, tcduliufr. 

iijiHin, J.Siix. Admiu O.t'ri*, .Ulttim, dtliout. 
O.J/.ff'rrm. oiituni, cidnm, grnn; fm». a- 
^ninm) Ohm. r.^832: ruliim, i^di'in (i>)»i>iu) 
Lai. 3GU» k lM*i\\; it|'am "s^wr". pKAnM. 
2 (V(M-. K«): .'Mti>m HKi,. ANT. 1, 130; 
0|">a) Uiti^ 182; "iliiiii Aus. 20S|. 

ailif trf a)bf. 

■■M, /v. aul)Ol, aM, popuJiu alba, rBUMrr. 

Bibini, M.Jjttt. albtimiis, flw&Nr-;i, rKDMrr. 

aidiruco, /;■- auJicnic. HHiUfttee, Lanol. u 

13. 434; Chaup. C. t. e 104. 
ladllsnr 'fwti'tor, Shurkii. 9tf; (iuw. 2, 191. < 
■alia »cf nlfitt. 
aagrin tw algrini. 
aagsl Auffust, Uuw. 3, 370. 
aah i<"^ ac. 

■ak (= avck, « haul: = harelt), O./w/. Bfnpr, 

O. //. Oerw. abnhcr favertnt, perrerum, 

tiniUfrJ, from af? «# Grimm's prkf. tc* 

Sciiilke's gi.o»!4. V, ffwi, /'iNt. awka) 

"stuistfr, perrernu", pBOicPT. 18; aalte 

dddis n. Aarn. 13. 

aitlcli "tiniwtre, ptrverte", puompt. 18. 

aukwnrd aukward, n. Artii. 2247; |>e 
vTiirltl |iai ul aukwat*) tjctt(e} pil r. 1541. 
aal *rit awol. 
aHiiM-1 «c<' nu&cL 
aufitf «n< ante. 
aaslfrc, /V. austiTO, atuttte, Max. kd. H. 

BUHlrritr, Fr. •Misler'M, autUrity, pr, c. 

BBtPT M-r att6r. 
aatarilf, O.Fr. .iiitohto, auctorit^, nnthiirity, 

aykm). 147; Man. ku. F. 1459(); aato- 

ritc, anctorit^ (.'HAur. C. t. r 4ltir>. 
antBRr^ O.Fr. antriir, aiUhor, Lakhi,. b 10, 

243; aucWur Chaitp, C. t. v. 1141. 
aMtQMpnf, Fr. aotomiio, antumUt CnAuc. 

Bot;T. 1, 2 (8). 
ia^fr «M under ft. 
BTBBrrn^ Fr. uvaucer. advanff; araRce Mix. 

39; avannco Tiiaik. C. t. a 24ii; Max. 

Ell. F. 7246; avonci atp.nii. 82: avaan- 

cod ffrt:} A. R. 150; araRred (pe*i.} 

p. L. tt. XVII, 383. 
mTRurrMirat, F%-. »vanr(>mpnt. trdrancfmeut, 

Siii.iuii. 14.S; avumici'iucnt K'lui. MI2, 
Riant, Fr. avan^ 

RTantwarilo rnngiuird^ n. Artii. 324; a- 
TRuntwanlo I.asoi>. c 22. P5. 
aiaalAKPt Fr. aviiiitrk'p, adi;tHfitff, (*iiait. 

('. r. a I2l*3; avaiihlJiirc ti<iw. I. 191: 

avontufo ATKKn. 209. 

arerlcfj Ft. avariR«, ararice, ayend. 16; 

(.'HAir. BwKT. 2, S (4S). 
■»*-, W. /Jm/M ave ? 

avolotijf. i)o>i. atlaiijj^? mei^ng, "ohhrtgwi", 

PROMPT. 1 7. 
■%fl«l >rf ntloil. 
km jw fffen. 

■•ruff jc«w. "tffWi/vVi", VOC. 1^0; PROMPT. 17. 
k^tuff J. Sax. Afcn. ^rwi, Lai. 212ij7; p. 

r,. s. Vni, 1-J(J. 
tfraffj 0.?V. avotitor, Xa^ nvciuiritis, "«i«- 

/«", vor. 1711; mnMi'T. 18. 

■ffr, <>./(:*•/. afarr, ffrtr, tqaut; averos /^;>A>' 
IIaLUW. IIK'T. 117. 

«t«r-, O.J>tU€h avpr-, 0./«/. af;u-. ffu^A. 

ar<tr, O, //. derm. ahor. 

avorUli avfrigh ferthj, Halliw. uirx. 117. 

apprmrdl. /«r aTonnCkl ? Arroganeey Ohm. 
at«cr, O./V. aveir /^rtWfVA Man». 392; lia- 
■ Toir CuAur. a. ». 4720. 
a«»rll, ^. avril, .4pri7, La*. 24196; tbbat. 

i:ir>; spi:c- 27. 
av#r*w, Pr<n: avori^s favoHeittur), Lanoi.. 

B 16, 132, c 17, 279; avaroti* i^tm. 

2, 147. 
avPlr*!, O.Ft. ayoltro (ndvtittr)f Kpuriuny 

A MS. 2H93; s. n. Kn. Wku. li07; tfe 

awe nv aio on^ eopc. 
aw»l, jl..S'«. apnl, xpe\, Al, *l, eat, O.ff. 

Germ, ala /.. f>. /«/. air w., m*/; 0|riil 

*'/uMeitiuia" . (-RAa.u. 4 (vor. 93); owol, 

ewel 0. A. N. 80; fil "/luiniitrtti". Wici.. 
, DKTTKnnx. Ih, 17; Pi a. b. !i24; ouplw 

^;>^.y Katii. 2209; eaiilos misc. 15,S: 
I BulfMi A. s. 212; Bob. 48; nvoles leo. 
I 159: oulos BnAiTD. 22; Mapkh S3i»; 
^^CaAirc. C. T. i> 1730; Mw avkMi. itC; 

awrnr, anno, O.fcff. fifrn, O.TT.Ofrtn. a?aua. 
(foth. almun, (*r. ox*'*' """"• "<"■'■*'""> 
vHi.MiT. 13; acninos fplj vor. ITl^. 

apHri, //•««! Pill-en V t»aniff*inre. fmt. a|»|»- 
nennt Ohin. 079; 4 siJiie an An so fis 
pax JwT finrli iri^ilos enirloH .i^'neil 3385. 

»,, ane '«w eas. 

IV v« lurlie. 



lUlfa «v itfikicu. 

aile >r(v cjixle. 

ay AM ai. 

Ut *^ i)eteti. 

Wban» Wfhh fn'nh hakin, inffttu, A. R. 234. 

babr, O.Stced. babe Ihrk'p olijs.s.. /tiVA Iwb 

O'Rkii.i.y'r niPT., /'flAc, (i<m-. I, .T44; 

M:n. Cov. 84; bait Tows:. M¥st. 140. 
bahrl liitttble, Gow. 3. 224; p. s. U:!."!; f. 

r.4; balml, habil "iiht-illa", phowt. 20. 

Imbirlippid "labrai.m\ ranHPT. 20; bnbeiv 

Iili|»H LAN-nL. II .'i. 100. 

babl hithfi, Lamii.. h 17, 9'i. 
lialtlciij Genu. I)al>clii, Dau. bablc, hulhU; 
babQliiide fpttrt.) a. r. 100; habltide 
/■prrf.y Lakou 5, H (BD. Wr. 2487). 
babuitt, babewin. 0. Fr. )\:\\mt\. bahocn, 
ruoMi'T. 20; l)abowin('s ffifj Mank, 210; 
t«ib'iincs A. 1'. 2, 1400. 
bar, J. Sax. \mt, 0. L. Gtrm. kic, (i. leei. 
bale, O.Fihu. boJf, had. UrguiH, a. a. 200; 
Havri.. ^»-Mi; Obm. 4770; wint Jfihan dr>'»h 
him ku-fli; bakMAK. Kn. H. 133; 
Tub. 2"90; on bak ahaek, axt. Arth. 
XLV; a bat Lai. *i49:i; tC'L bine a bac 
ward 20086; a bac trkat. 1-14; a bak 
0. A. K. S77: Jos. 400; KrcH. 4716; Cov. 211: barcb Likk y, l»2; Imlc 
/<»r bakrlop (.'haic C. t. r, 881; bake 
fdaij H. H. 54; bakkes "panni", Lanoi,. 
B 10, 3r)2: and alle his bakkos ronte 
War,. 2006. 
bocbon buelhoits, voc. 146; bakton l. h, 

n. 190. 
bacbltoii hackhiU' : bacblto M me 1 267 ; 

bakUltc I.AKfir,. a 2, 80. 
bacbltoro badhii^r, a. a. VII: bacbitaro 

A. r. 82. 
barbrtiir-rc haclhtfiu/f, mom. 1. 205; a. r. 82. 
biitTliTj'i' bftkrlopfia "paHiti", Lanqi.. b 

10, aG2. 
bacduiit A. B- 290. 
iiju-lialf fMrs avtrta, Wirr.. OK?fKS. 19, (Ij 

liilliliillf CHAl-i'. ASTimi,. 1, 4. 
biikitldfl hathide, CnArr. arthul. 1. If.. 
bncw.ir4 biektpartl, Mas. ki). P. 5052; 

bakward li b, ni^r. 16:i7; Cuauc. C. 

T. A 4381. ^^ - 

barWHrdo rr/tr-gaard, Laj. 23814;' 





Imixbr hiifefi .■ balirlie, botebe '*pi»turu\ 

i-imMi'T. 21. 
bnrhrlt-r, "./'r. I'lu-lipl&r, taeMor, Hub. .10; 

bachoK'r, biivheleor Qoavv. C. t. a 80; 

wlipj^er he W kiiiit or barbil^r Will. 840. 
burbrlrrir^ O. Fr. biwholerio. ttoh of haekt- 

hr, Itiiii. 7f); CiiAUc. C. T. K 270. 
bsria, OJ'r, Uikiii. boMin, Y\,. a. IIl. 505; 

Shorrh. 51; 8.8. Ki>. Wx6. 2242; Ruti. 

2557: basin Aus. 2:j:W; Jos. (i!(7. 
biriirl, '>./>-. Iiiiritipt ^^v^nme^y, Ittm. 526Ct. 
barkf, /'^'w. (ftftenjhakVo, W, Wicu. lkvit. 

II, 10*; \vA\g "rt»}miih'o" , l-KOMl'T, 21; 

l,ii>o. u. vi 1.12. 
hacM, bocouti, O.Fr. baron [O. Hutch ML. 

U*rm. b&ko, O.H.fitrm. Uicbo arr. bnrhuu 

{pmui/j, iaetn, Lanoi,. ii .'», ll>4; t'liAti*. 

C. T. II 1 75^1; biicuu "f>fl*i9u", I'ltuiti'T. 

bwldr bad, malu$, Will. 5024; Aus. 2US: 

CiiAtc. C T. B 160S; oiir bi;i'te nan 

bmlJo KKL. ANT. 2, 242; fi« badde kiitc 

Bob. lOK; tvrO bai]do iti-oatcs I^asol. it 

10, 281; bftililore (ewnpar.) CtTAt;c. U 

T. p 224. 

baddctlcbc hadly, RoB. 560. 
bttddcsessr, bailDw^e badneu, Lakou. r 12, 

biilr^ -V. If.fienn. belt /., /r<7»rt biilon. wmpi- 

«'«, mtira: Ui>le now. 2, 1K5; bitde^tiat./ 

r. H. 7U!>9; Pkrckv. 41; biVlo Pu>ii. 

:i74: f'nAvr. Ass. Hi); itout* WVilt**) 

^"ii.L. 14'.1: few/'. abniJ. 
bilillrn. O./I/itrm. U'it<.n. fTSfteciare: kVlii'n 

|v kin^ wolilo I'.tt liiti Mc e<1ii)d Lai. 

S5(-i40; ]<at at i>l ^t« liut (= builc))?) 

c. L. R34. 
bavh roUfy, T^t. 2500: twrhc, bncho ^rf<i/.> 

757 & 5014; over bai-Iics ami hiillrs 

Laxoi.. c 8, 16St; Uwchou fdat. ylj 

Lai. 21770; wm/r. (^'inbacbe. 
brflrn »er bin^ften. 
birl, y/.Nrf. h^\, O.Ittl. bAl, }mU fhaiij. 

rt'ipu. igm't, ITKtO; Uil Wb, dict. 

I.'*;!; ill .1 bale of Hir vi.. m. 007. 
iMrlrii, OJef'. bt>Ia, irr<//rw; h^to a. r. 1,18. 
briirn, J.Naj-. (n)ba>)iffan. (a)bjr|>!ui. /roNt 

t>ol;t'n; f/vM^. abietlivn. 
brrr, A.Her. \wr, O.l.0frm. O.HJifrm. 

bflm, 0. F^i». b^re, JtMn beren. }i>r 
fhe*rj, "/rtftrHtrt\ FRAnM. 4; Okm. 8107; 
b&re (bew) Lai. li»4Sl; bi*ro ht. okh. 

A. KX. 24K1; Kl.. A. «L. 14; p. I.. 8. 

XVII, !I>fi: Gow. a, 20«: Lina. m. p. 
.14; AKT. Abth. XIV; ToflTK. MYBT. 233; 
b6re, bocro Chauc. C. t. a 2900; beeie 
pHOMtT. ;Vi; eomp. borsbSre. 
luittilisi? "/tvtuiHm", I'aAOM. 4. 

U'llfip WiCL. 8Kh. w. 1, 17, 

bAnnan poW«T, Lai. 3317; Uaveu 868, 
brrai kc banii. 
bxiitrn, M.f/.Oerm. hien ^/ovfnj^ ii't cl^Dson 

& to bil'ppii Ohm. 15153 & 18042. i 

bafla, y>w/rA bafTen, ^rrm. balfon. bff, "la- H 

^ijrc", i-noMiT. 20; puharr: apun |tair ^^ 

brebtCK fiuit J<ai bel't mut. hum. XVIH; 

bcft /jMrtJ [toLAO. A. Gaw. 870. 
bafl^a Bet biwften. 
ba^brl, O.M. bngall, /^. baculos, p. a. 

bagge, O.M. baggi ,^/>flH*, *yAy Fwrnnca'a 

OBJin., hag, A. u. 108; transact. 18, 

28: Trkv. 1, 257; pl. ce. 22;J; n. s. 

601; & ba^rge Tn] of eiren r. l. a. XII, 

57; & beggcros ba^rgo Lanql. b 14, 248; 

bapgOD <f»/.y A. R. 108. 

bnyirepIpB bagpipe, (JHArr. C. r. A 505. 
bafgf itadgf. prompt. 20; bajrges ('p/.; II al- 

LIW. iJitT. 132. 

baggln bag. •'tumere\ prokpt. 21; ba^etb 

fpr*$,) CUAHC. D. Bl. 023; ^e mora wu 

baf^red wi(t fnle Pkrckv. 717. 
bftl, O.Fr. bui. It«l. baio, ilaf. badiaa. hay, 

CnAix. f. T. A 2157: Li o. Disc. 1044. 
bal = abaiy bay, Gaw. 1582. 
bai, O.lccL bagr? "obdatutum', prohpt. 21. 
baUrd, O. Fr. baiart, bagard, Cbavc. C. t. 

A 4115. 
balr^ Fr. baio. An/, baio, hag, nnus, nvwiw: 

btti A. 1*. 2, 1392; I'Ai.i„ 2, 108. 
bate, F'r. baie, hog: bai "ftnW, prompt. 

21; bates fpij Pall. 2, 414.. 

bailnl bag-irtf, vw. 181. 
balbt, f>.Ar. baier. Z't/. baubari. hag, pnnMPT. 

21; baip Knijui. 280; baiea (pr$».J 

Gavt. 1909. 
bailTf 0. /v. bailie fharritr*, p«rt* muie^J, 

b,:,Uy, c. M. 1 002 J; baJluB fp/.j o. u 





baill, O.fV. haili, haiijt, bailijf, Will. 6387; 

c. H. 11195; bailif Uob. 499: batllif 

Chauc. C. t. a ti03; ImilifB *'/»/.> ayekb. 


balischope ''Miiatiu", proupt. 22. 
haillff, O.Fr. baillia fjundiction, admini- 

Uratimj. Bek. 203; p. l. b. XXIV, 78; 

Alik. 7.^32; Chauc. h. k. 4:}02; SIax. 

KB. F. 5243; bailio jarii. 13, Ifiii; 

biiilies f'^/.y AYKNU. 2*>. 
bail, O.lesl. beinn, ^aVti, dtrectnn, promptm, 

Teist. 1, 65; Iw. 760; Gaw. 1D92: A- 


I.VIU; TowT*. MT8T. 28; Lun. Cov. 173; 
b4!tii Amai). kd. AVku. 514: iru/.-i;^. imfmii. 

balsli, OJce/. bfliakr, Art*/:, acerbiu, Wb, oict. 
1A2; bejsc Ohm. 6698; bibk WicL. skl. 
w. 3. 42. 

baissM, O. />. bahir, bnth: baUi fprei.) 
liAw. 376; baifit fpart.J n. Aktii. 28riii. 

biftCf ^. /(v/. bcitu, from biton, AxiV, pm**], 
c. It. Itt931; Gow. 1, 310; b«ite Hal- 
T.iw. PICT. 172; beit Liwi. m. r. 218. 

iMilm, 0. feel, beita. 0. //. Germ, boizen, 
Mif mat* to 6ttf: if lcni;.'ht or squior nf 
bis oonpanid fran for t> nike or i^t liitt 
eien bjiiten ^JivdJ on Ani woman Ouauc. 
TRdii,. 192: baiteWn.i. 1723: Tor. I56tl: 
beiton "commortlfrf" , i-rompt. 29; |>o boi"e 
beite Havki,. I>>40; |>6i diiraten bejten 
fptmuhj mon for *]>chkc pilte Obm. 
10171; baite {pr«t. mb/.j Ma-vd. 243; 
baited (part,) a. p. 2, S.'V; ticmp. abaiten? 

baillBKi O.htl. boiUnK^, hailmg, ;Vlu. 19^; 
i'oitinjre pboju'T. 29. 

b«i|iai yrant^ i Hhal htufvn fi I>^ii0 Oaw. 
327; {<at bayef> me mi h>ne stbc. 27. 


tmlcern. A. Sax. hsxam, "pitlri»um", 

FRAr.M. 4. 
biilcbou)>, .^. iSiix. bffiChflH, 3f. II. Gemi. 
htirhhUtf, htth'hoiue, "puOinn', promi'T. 
21; bachou8 "piHrimtm", viw. 204. 

Iwk u« boc. 

bakra, A. Sax. bacan, 0. Ice/, hiikii, 0. H. 
(ifrm. iMichan, pacliari, hake, eoqiure, tor- 
rrre: bake CHAtc. C. T. a 3S4; bouk 
rptvt.J Wicu Is. 44, 19; r. r. i.. r. 191; 
Mire RKL. ANT. 1, 63; bftkoD fpnrt.jOtai. 
993; Rich. 3613; ibaka Lajnou 6, 2RR 

(7, 270); CuAuc. u o. w. 709; Lido. 

31. p. So. 
bakere, J.Sax. b^cero. OJed. buVart, haltr^ 

vm;, 176; K. G. 354; bakares fpl.) misc. 

189; bakors LA.vm.. a 3, 70. 
bnkratrT] A. Sax. bfccUtro fpiatfixj, haxUr, 

"pistor", FKAciM. 4; baxtore Halliw. wct. 

I'i2; bak6.-itflros /"pl.J Lasol. b 3, 79. 
bal, M.ILGnm. bal, 0. Ic«l. bSIlr, /rtfwi 

liolienV A«//. piht, tri:at. 137; Thkv. 3, 

125; s. s. KU. Wb. 2Q(ir.; Uicil. 4.'.06; 

OiiAi'c. C. T. A 2614; [lano Uttlo bal 

AYKSH. 179; ballo j'.^/fl/.y trkat. 134; 

ballos ,'plj Lai. 17443; Aus. 64«1. 

iial]ito<)]'0 baU-pUty, a. k. 218. 

bulpltiioro i-KuMPT. 22. 
bil «tM b:f>l. 

biiluif, O.Fr. i..tiii.Ie. Aflttirf, Gow. 1, 133. 
bahuirr, O.Fi-. lt;iI:uno. haUinct. Rob. 200; 

AVENU. 30; belaunco Wii.i.. 948. 
bald Jtr< beah). 
balf, O.Fr. balo. bah, '-bttlffa", prompt. 22; 

A. P. 3, 157. 
bal*, .i.Sax. bealii, Gotft. *ba]v8, Gr. ^i*^(>j, 

JWtF L. Mliltll, U. OuTH. SPR. 331, »w/«*, 

i/frujT, pernicipjtiu, MiRo 1383; bale driiiHb 
HOM. 1. 283; fill so balo bfro Katii. 
237U; bale dewj) LAsni.. n 18, 3.'>; balo 
iUnir X. I*, -.y, 42iJ; bale bioiiioz u. 
Arth. 14K3. 
bair, lialu, Iwlu, A.JSiix. boalu, O.l.Gfnn. 
balu, O.ff.GftiN. balu, O./w/. b<}l. iA^. 
itM/itm, eahinit-is, jMmu'ciet, Lai. 1455, 
2597 & 195I'.»; f-at lalcu misc. 42; Jc 
tet bcali (bnli) blcncte Jul. 72 it 73; 
Itale II. M. 3; ST. oiui. a. tx. 68 & 
1984; Havkl. 327; WKc. 26; a. a. kd. 
Wkb. 702; WuA. 75; Lakoi.. n 18, 
200: Iw. 3062; Amaii. kd. Robs. IV; 
lipitno |e balo is aire bowt fujnnB ijt |io 
bote a-Iro nOcst o. a. s. 087 & 699; 
liatewos f3en.) misc. 97; biUwe, lialiiwe. 
lalowB .Mrti.y Lai. 310, 1018 4; 27065; 
balefo (balo) Kath. 551; al }•) bliase W 
balowe (bulo) scbal iivut)jO" bkl. ast. I, 
1S3 k 18.1 {MiMc. 126 t 127); aftur 
balo como(< Kite Fl. a. Bl. 821; balofon 
fdat. pij kraiim. 5. 
balebaiid ? buloboudcrt (I'ale boodea ?) 

»A»H. 13. 




balodant? balidoutes uou. t, 281. 
balufeht Lai. .■>94a. 

bolufifl, J. Snx. bcaloful). hih/u!, Lai. 
24d;t8: HUM. I, J15; baluh-, bulfiful 

A. R. 114. 

biitoloas, A. Sax. boaluleaa; balelCfr a. r. 

3, 227. 

baloruis Lai. 2^03'). 

baluhhld, J.fiax. bouIoDltl, bov. 1, 200; 

balesiJ Marii. 2;3; to bis b;iIc;]Q Lai. 

567; balcsi}ies fpi.J kki,. ast. 1, I7'.l. 

balcij /v. balai; baleU vtrguv, SiiuKt:ii.-47; 

Lasoi.. iO, 176 (U. K»2). 
bKl^Dr, O.Fr. b:ileino, ImI. baltienA, vw. 

22:2; Uilcinos fplj Tbkv. 2, 13. 
ImI) hauijh ' bolwo '*piiinti*\ rRnurr. 22; 
& balj berj Oaw. 2172; his baljo hauD- 
Chez 2032. 
tali M beli. 

Wlkr, ^.Stfj. balca (?), O./Vi*. balVa, 0. 
I., tiftut. tialo), O. //. 6'<rM, bolco, balcbo. 
O.M. bialtt, Art/*, 'Vr<ii», /wrfti", ruuMi-r. 
21 & 22; CiiAvc. C. t. a ilOaO; Town. 
MIST. 9I>; LUD. Cov.'343; balkes ff>i.J 
Lan<;l. ti, 109 (7, inO). 
balkin &(//i-, "poreart", ritOMri. 22; bat so 
we) bait n(> man )re |il<'>irh |>at bo no 
hiilVo{f I'ljicr while Guw. 1, 29t>. 
balUrd ealviu, TitKV. I, 241: Wii:u 4 

niNiis 2. 23. 
billr, M.n.Otrm. balle, >t/a", vac. 240; 

OrTAv. 1272; c. ji. 10788. 

billed bald, Tkkv. I, 283; Laxul. u 20, 

IK3; Cbauc. C. t. a 1!*8; ballia "cal- 

vu*\ i-BuMi't. 22; Witu I.KVIT. 13, 41; 

balliil and bar wan )it) ro8<^n Di.r. K. 29. 

bBllrillC««f hahlnmi. Hou. 482*; UM.. AMT. 

2. M'-; baUiJnessB "ca/cttm", i-hohi-t. 22. 

balira, 0,/->. bailer, baler, MUtrt; bale c. 

«. 13139. 
taBak, ^.A'». boalliic, Mlotk, "UtliaUm', 
vac. 208; ballokw fyf.J iXkyiu. 162; 
Wici.. LKvrr. 22, 24. 
ballokfrij VW-. 208. 
ball'tkstnii vuc. 20S. 
beall'K'wiit arthi*, lkbcbd. 9, 313. 
baltrrn, ihtt. Xx-aWtq ftamlej; hAMaui^ {pret.J 
.\. I', a. ITi'.); baUinli' fprrt.j v. Ahth. 
ball j"w tmle. 

bawe «(v bosme. 

ban, A. Sax. O.leti. bonn, O.L.Germ. O.H. 

O'trtH. bau, O. lYi't. bau, boa, &«», A^r£< 

^MMj ; (b)ij ban abi^uto be itenilo Buk. 

187; (ir fo ^e ban es iirred Shorkii. 71; 

lAt crio ^0 ban }N)rK)i |>ti t'^uit E. a. 35U; 

banno /<^<7 a. p. 2, 95; icb fulji ^n 

ahto manuQ and deu bi nihto ia heoro 

banno o. a. x. 390; cornp. than. 
bAB> -J. N/*.f. Uiu. 0. L. O'erm. 0. 1'ri*. bdo, 

O. II. Germ. U. /eel. beiu, bwe, om, hxi. 

7559; Katii. 232; Tbist. 1, 25; b6D 

Uah. I2(>; Loon Wicu gekkm. 29, 14; 

IwUi (iK'ne*) t'pl.J Lai. lt;o3; b("tn o. a. 

X. 1120; MISC. 54; ciutu-N. Hm.l. 417; 

bi>no BKL, AUT. 1 , 1 20 ; UlDot Katu. 

2517; Iw. 2052; buuues avrnk. 148; 

b&iien {(tat. phj Laj. 29562; eomp. bae-, 

choak-, bffefd-, lond-, t»clunb&u(-bon). 

UUllOs hontier,*, Kath. 251. 
bi^nsoliawo n^iatic*i, pruiii-t, 44. 
bt'iiiwiirt, MiUtx. b4ttj'yrt, M.U.Germ. 

baait, OLGtrut. O.Fn't. O.Ictl. band, O./T. 
6>rwi. paut, band, hnnd (homlj, Iw. 2394; ^ 
l>KUK>:v. bti9; Tim-x. mtst. J1<j; irone ^H 
band Ohm. 19821; buad '^vincuium, /lyii- ^^ 
»*«", raoMPT. 43; cl. u. 72; boud "/«- 
fi«#w", Hkit. 1099; Toa. 318; bond ] 
"/oedug', Wici.. OFNBs. 14. 13; Man. | 
BO. F. 2451; bwo «u breki» tbis bond 
AuD. 11; and j;at of Item ]» hand (bond) j 
f'ohtigatwuui'j ClUUC. C. T. B 15&8; 
)>e buod t'at hijte matrimonii a 3094 ; 
luindo fpf.J Sax. chkon. 254; bonde 
'*rimculn'\ vw.'. 180; spbc. 58; dOr (b)iBfl 
(itn bo Icido in bonde st. her. a. kx. 
2ti03; baodcn PR. c. 3209; bondoa "^«n- 
JeatM", KEL. AKT. 2, 83: Havkl. 538; 
freo bondes Uaku. 1G3; \ba mo out of 
h*niAo sPKc. 29. 
banddti^'gv haiuidog, eanit calemariut, vui*. 

187: bonddi»;fi.'e pi"*""!. 43. 

buMn^ O.Fi: baadbn fditpvaitioH, dwrrlionj, 
CiiAL'C. K. R. lIliB; babboD biin apa a 
baiidiin uum. 1. 189; baudiui, baundAn 
A. n, 338; icU am in biro baundoun 
»pjcc. 27. 

bMTi A. Sax, bftna, bona, O.L.G*rm. O.U 




Genu, bano, O.Dutck bano, O.FrU. bona, 

0. leel. liani fintfrftctorj, /mihh, "dsiiium", 
rnoMPT. 22; uoM. 1, 343; ttxh. xht. 1. 
219; Chauc. C. t. a 10l»7; Man. ed. 
F. S330; Tub. 1691; tane, b.*iie Katu. 
2397; he wo8 moni annes mmmea bone 
(biine) L.\i. 7fi.'i4; bi>ne a. b. 222; I'Ki*- 
CF.v. 1308; cvw/f. boiibaiio. 

bAsei oawiu ; wip Kmone wal hki.. ant. 

1, 112. 

btorrc, O.Fr. banero, baniere, bnmifr, ttxil- 
!uMt A. B. liOO; biiner llvu. IG7; ChAcc. 
C. T. A ytjti; JIan. ki». F. 844.'». 

banercl, O.Fr. baneret, hmutertt, Dkurkv. 
1017; baiiorcta (plj Kait. 551. 

bueiv, 0,Fr. bannier fcri«Hr ptthliij? Hon. 
3G1; baneur, baniour c. n. 12723; ba- 
uior, baueour Lanul. b 15, 4iftj; baniour 
Trkv. 2. 215. 

ItatliBE f IfALLltV. DRT. l40. 

baui&rhlnj O.Fr. hmxr, banish, promft, 2U; 
btttiiiiUed fpart.) Chauc. U. t. a 1725. 

bnak* A.Sax. haiic {taumltuj? O.Frit. \iwak, 
O. Il.iirrm. biiucli, pam:h /. f^canmumj, 
bank, "ripa\ vw. 2^9; i-komi't. 23; 
bauk mamnttm, uvn. Gov. 1 70; Iiuuk 
liAW. 700; bimk lumniiu, A. v. \, 102; 
h&nke fttal.J La.\oi,. vwiu. 8; kitlkv Wua.. 
27 IK; rtt»Kl ii|>pon iiiio bonko /wu. biincko) 
I.Ai. 2r.lb5: biutkoct rpij Isuwu. ltV.»: 
tiiirh bankcH ic |iurh ^rnbfoi 0km. 9210. 

hunker^ O./r. bauquier? r/oM, or carpet, 
/vr a btneh, rHOMiT. 23; bankeru fpl.j 
ANT. Ahtii. XXXV. 


iKinoflDoU haiiHut, juyfatu, vix'. IS I, 

banntDj A. Sax. bantiaD, biimiaa pret, beou 
part, {geihonnen, O.U.Oernt. bannan, 0. 
Frit, bonna, bunna j*rel. bvn. banto t"'rt. 
banuen (tiUtr^ fuhertj, 0. leei. banua 
pret. biinnada finifrdtcfre, proAiAeffJ, ii«, 
§dkrre, cenvocarf: bannen, bouniou (baiiiiO 
Lai. 7952, ^;054 & 19907; banniii "wa/<^ 
lUtfrt, anwrflW", I'KoiirT. 2:1; baiiue kiil. 
AST. 1, 177: WiM-. 47(5: UNor.. 1, <i0 
{62); i banuD ^o biiilo jml uio bar ant. 
Aath. VII; laniicde (prtt.) ht. gkx. a. 
KX. 3213; banccil Pmriiv. 2123; hoone- 
de (banoedu} hia fi^rdo Lai. I7ti3; bonne- 
den belmes 222b^; nomjir. for-, ibunneii. 

baptcsne, baptisma, O.Fr. baptesmc, haptttm, 

bAN-.a,. It n, lit). IS, 58. 
baplUrn, Fr. buptiscr, bapt4Zf: baptize Bob. 

S(3; baptised fyart.J Jos. U8d. 
baptUtfj /■>-. baptist?, baptUt, A. a. 160. 
bir, A.Sax. biLT, O.Jtuteh baor. O.H.Gtrm. 
barer, parcr, O.ii-*/. borr, Anw ^i<T*V, iia- 
</u«, UuA?ji>. 24; Iw. 2470; ))at bco iuht(.o) 
of |)e hpxte men f*at lend make kir Uor. 
125; baro (bar) Laj. 3120; bare spkc. 
50; bare emde hum. 2, 139; biru beare 
byJi Jul, 27; for utiD bare sanno p. l. 
8. VIll, 10.*>; mill (mm baie yori\e u. a. 
s. 547; liUtUkoii bare tw(> a. r. 2, 1573; 
on here baro vi>t«ii Laj. 14820; vojn^. 

baifoi, A.Sax. kerfot, M.Ji.Germ. bar- 
vuns;, bwffoot, mtdipes, Lai. 8843; Ha- 
vel. &ii2; OiU'H. 22o; harfoot lud. 
tTi)v. 59; barviit a. k. 420. 
barliiived, 3il. 11. Germ. barUoubet. eapiU 
thidtt, Man. ku. F. 3252; bubcil t». a. 
c. Ki*. Wn. XVH; baroheed Wicl. lk- 
viT. 13. 45. . 
barlofrired bare-k^gtd, Wti.L. 2767. 
bai'oli barely, Gaw. 54H. 
bifj biiir (bor), A.Stix. bar, O.Ii.GertH. ber, 
pt-r, iwr, «;«•;•, Lai. Ii>97 A 7503; bare 
Iw. 241 ; UhXRiiv. 43; avow. Ahth. 
Ill: bur A. u. 280; IUvku l8tJ7; Uob. 
132; AYKNB. 09; Wiu.. 203; boor 
Hand. 238; boor, bore Lanql. b 11, 
333; b(>rB r. a. 151; baroa f]ftm.J Lai. 
30391; tHircit fpi.J Havku 2331; bores, 
boureH CuAiL'. C. t. a 16.'t8. 
bdrupor bcar-tpoary "cem{buijum\ rttAOM. 
baniia, O.Fr. baraiime, harr*n^ a. b. 158; 
baraine (Uw. 1320; baroin Cuauc. C. 
r. A 1977. 
barrliit-Mf bttrrenneu, Wicl. okkkb. 26, I. 
barrialt '■sterilitai', raoMrT. 24; Wicl. 

dENi-;^. 26, 1, 
barbar lutrbartu, Will. 1 Cob. It, II; 

Itarbro Chauc. C. t. b 2HI. 
barbt'Hi O.Fr. borberis, barberry /berberry J, 

t-BUUI-T. 23. 

barbiraii, O.J-V. barbacane fcloiaon de jiiitu- 
chet OH di pieux qu» i't/n futt decani //* 
murailltt et U* poriet det vii/*»/, "aiU«- 




munff', nwHFT. 23; Alis. 1591; (!aw. 

793; barbecan i\. a. Hl. 2ii. 
Iinrbnur, 0. Fr/ barbeor, barbtr, », e. ko. 

Writ. US74; Tbev. 4, 285; CuAtT. C. 

T. A 2025. 
barr m^ barowe. 
bare, .i.Sar. bil-ic, O./w/. hXta. O.ItuUh 

haerc. from beren ? bori-. fiuetiu, m\da, h. 

II. I;i5: Wtm, bearos, Gicies fpl.J Laj. 

l:Ul*, 28077* & 2Stl25*. 
barr) wi* bur;* 
burrl, O.Fr. barail. T«JkA baril, ^m/. ba- 

raill, bairrl, Thalt. C. t. b a08:3; Maj;. 

ei). F. :)tilti: liarail r. l. h. Will, 2:t. 
barla, A,Sax. barian, O. Dutch bnrcn, ^)./n</. 

l>oni. Artec, Hudart, drUffn-f, vromi'T. 2-4; 

b)£i fader bo it ;ran unhilloQ &. barcn 

ST. UUN. A. Kx. VH'2; borod fffaHj a. 

r. 2, U49. 
Itarrafssf harenen, "muii'lai^, phomi'T. 24. 
bar«t, O.Fr. barat Roqckk. guiss. 1, 131, 

DiKZ WB. 13, (i(f^/«, trou6lf, a. b. 154; 

Havkl. 1932: (iaw. 353; borot & slrif 

r. L. H. XXIII, i:J7; in prH barot ami 

I'iilc Will. ^517; bariit ayknm. 3;>. 
barfHf, J..Sfix. borope (V), from loren, ior- 

roir, rw/uilii.- J*j idi srtiolde ben fiider 

ilKiro in barowo O^er ia b6re Ukx. 899; 

barono ritOMrx. 25; Flob. 2031; hare 

iiiiuii. iSti; iDO tei'Icn hem in bare & 

bunteD bom ful jaro Umun f.d. Lt m. SOI; 

eotnft. bund-, wlitvtbarowo. 
bar); J.ififx. bcarb, O.JtiUch harjih, O.Ieel. 

bnrirr, O. //. O'erm. barcb, parcli, jiarh, 

pare, |>arac, paroK', htiirvw, maj-'Ui: jif 

ba iftihl^ |iai Jiti nari arej be pile of 

iK-ro purcJion barej (barcb) o. a, s. 408; 

bsrub I'UAOU. 3; bum Uon. 207; iMironreH 

fpl.J II. Abtu. 191. 
harKaln, 0. Fr. bargain, hrtrym'n, i>robii>t. 

24; VYEXP. 9; bargoiii Gow. 2. 233; 

barKniaes /'yi./ Vaxvc C. t. a 282. 
barKiBllNj O.Fr. bai^aigiiior, bargain, i-HuMrT, 


barjtr, O. Fr. barf^o, i/. harcn, Asr*?*, 

Will. 27i>7; Ciiauc. C. t. a 410. 
bwk, O.lhttth barke, 0./^/. br.rkr, hark, 

"(*Hfx', vor. 229; Maxr l«9; Iw. 741; 

barke raoMiT. 24; Laxul. n II, 251; 

l»ark« /'Ai*.; Chaitc. b. b. 7267. 

barila, Dan. borke, S'u'«f. barka, coriia 

jfrrjicrre, suintfert, pbosu't. 25; barkld 

ffMri.J Lrw). M. r. 53. 
barltt^ O. /cv/. barlak, harl«y, horAmm, rru 

AKT. 1, 215: bxriio Sax. chron. 252; 

barikh, barli Wicl. imnn. 9, 31; berlei 

Mani). 272; biurlidio fdatj Trkv. 1, 


barlibrOd iarlry-brfud, Lakoi.. 6, 137 (7^ 
130); barlibreod CiiAutf. C. t. d 144. 

barlioake Gow. 3, 216. 

barliairu bar/fjf-corn, Wict. 2 kikus 14, 

barliiluf Orm. 15511. i 

barlimele paomi't. 25. 

barlisCi herfey-teal, ''lempM orrfrtWiwui", 

PROMPT. 25. 

barliwater bariiy-ieatft, s. & kd. Wkb. 
burai Mv bearm. i 

ban $//> beam. 
baiwyAf^f, O. Fr. barAn:'igo, baronagf, Hurx 

v.n. Lrai. 1282; ayksb. 58; Jos. 63. ' 
b«r*Df»&e btiroHttt, PKUMPT. 25. 
barMi't bcronet, vw. 2fi2. 
barvBlr. O.Fr. baronio, Ur<my, Khb. 349 

A 479; baronies /'p/.y atknb. S8. 
barrc, O.Fr. barro, lri$h tiatJ, liarni, ior, 

"frt<M'', PBOMIT. 24; vac. 2t>l; Havkl. 

1794; ft barro of tren TiiAUfr. C. t. k, 

1075; barrcu fpl.J hom. I, 131; barro* 

Laitol. b 18, 319; ^g barres of bis bait 

Gaw. Ifi2; ntopifl fNU barren of (w barb» 

Kath. 3349. 
barrli, O. Fr. barrer, A«r, wfH* oteittd*n^ 

rKOMPT. 24; barred fprH.) Will. 2046^ 

barrid fparij Triam. 1188. i 

barrfrr, barreore. Fr. barriore, barrttTf 

pHf.MiT. 24; barrprefl /'^/.y a. p. 2, I2S9. 
Rirrorvhlrr, A.fiax. Bearraewire, lifrkaMrt^ 

V. u s. XIII, 48. 
ban, A.Sas. bears, b«n, Ann fhenj: baw* 

r«oMi'T, 20. 

barfrla, ^J.fV. baretor, hartrr, prompt. 25. 

ban «(W barj. 

banii, 0.». bar <f«r. bar*>n, AurMt, Havel. 

31; p. l. 8. II, 108; barAnes /'^nV Lai. 

531D; barouQR fpi.) avthb. 38. 
bucy /v. base, ^w, (Jhaix'. abtrol. 2, 

41. ' 




1>Mrltrl "fmffio*\ PROMPT. 25; "aica\ toc. 
2f;:i; Lanui.. s 'i, ;.tO:i; MiRi; 48. 
basin »M bauin. 

bu>krH ^A«i; ho bnsko^ liim about }>or inne 

iH.w. 1, 2S0. 
btokftj /r. basceitl, Gael bascatil, WrM* 

baiK&d, (Lat. biiHcniiitu ). Aanfitf, ' ecrhin", 

TBourr. 20; c. n. 'i481t; hoBcates /'p/./ 

iiXH. Jbs. 2 1 ; bji&lcetes Chauc. C. t. 

r -I4S. 
basMf, O.Fr. basme, Za^. buUamuiu, frrr/m, 

H. M. I:i; baisine Qmv. 3, inr,; bamo a. 

B. 164; baumo Trbv. 1, 107; Mand. 50. 
Insairii halm: biiliiiiii, biiunilTi '^hahamnre", 

pwtMPT. 27; bame p. b. l. p. 216; bau- 

me»l (partj 4670. 
but, .4.8ax. bacat Lte'r iiict., O.lcel O.U. 

Gfrm. bast ftpartum, philyraj, had: U\\<t 

& 8taIwor|>e bast antl binda tni handes 

blhiua mo fust Haluw. dict. 148; bare 

as a bast dkstr. T. 4773. 

basttre "/iVw", vuc. 192. 
bltly 0. /v. biist, con/'ufftHttt tVeffiiimuiH, 

PB»HPT. 20; An (tOQO . . . }).it n&s a 

ba.*!t iboro Rob. 425. 
bastardj O. J'r. bastard, battard, cubun. 

Knci^ 800; [,. H. R. .^0*. 
baslli, O.lefl. baata. OJI.Gnin. bcston, /rom 

bast, iasle, "tuituffe", prompt. 2ti. 
bastilf, /v. bajitillc. prompt. 2li. 
bayliiflf O.Fr. baati^n, bafitCu, a wort of vfrw, 

BEL. AXT. 2, I7h; bai^t^un, bastdno c. 

M. 14923. 
b«t, ('Wm. hatze (mauajf bat: \ bat of 

or(>e Lanol. c 10, 92. 
bat, for iloluit, ia^f, i,un. Cov, 12. 
hkl,' A.Sar. iiiii, O.kel Uit, boat, Unttr, 

Jill.. 60; Jienu b:lt (liut) Lai. 2;{Hi>r>; but 

TniST. 1, 33; a. s. kd. Wr. 3I4G; bout 

WicL. John 6, 22; Kite fdat.J DKiiRtv. 

919; b<^te AL18. 3497; baton fdal. plj 

I.Ai. 1474(5. 
balallf, O./V. bataille, baUle, o. a. k. 1197; 

AYEKU. 83; s. H. £1). M"kh. 2011; bfln 

t&ile. balajlle CifAtrc. C. x. a 879; Im- 

taiUe SuuKEH. 109. 
balailn, 0. Fr. batailler, bitith, CiiArr. 

ll^.KT. 1, 4 (18). 

blUllMK baiaiUoM, Gov. 3, 118. 

balaii^ hiUfh? Mm,. 76. 

balililiire, O.hV. b:itadoir? i»attJfd(M-f, maiieUM, 
vui . 209; batildnnro vmmvt. 27. 

batrlmeHl balilemeHt, \. P. 2, 1459. 

batiii, for abatcn. bat*, pboupt. 20; batodo 
fprH.J A. P. 2, 440. 

hatin, for dcbaten. pRouin-. 26. 

bntrvii batter: batiiJe. batrod fprtt.J Laxoi,. 
;i, 192* (198). 

ballc, A.Sax. halt (?), J^. batto. hat, "fut- 
tu", vuc. 2fi:t; PROMPT. 2(1; botte ftttiej 
A. R. 3fi6; battos /■/./.> Thkv. I. 381; 
Alis, 78: kttti.s Win.. Mat. 20, 47; 
batton (battPsl 1,ai. 21593; bottes .misc. 4:1. 

bullin, O.Fr. batre? bal, "Judt'^are", pbomit. 
2«; Imttodo (prft.J Lascl. a 3. 192. 

\iwlt, J.Sar. bit'J, 0. /w/. bail. O.L.Germ. 
batb. O.Frii. botli, O.Jf.Gtrtn. bftd, |>ad, 
MA, baiueHm. aoM. 2, 22<i; i\. s. V ; 
baji {ms. bafip) Ohm. 1 8044; bed A.' B. 
394; ^ict softosto bed hom. 1. 85; bo|i 
AYK.Mt. 74: baJe fdat.J Lai. 2S.*>2. 

Mtty O.M. hi'iJir, <ti4h. bajojis, O.L.GvrM. 
bctbia, 0. /VvV bi-de, 0. //.Germ, bcide, 
io^A, Sax. chww. 253; Katb. 1622; bio 
. . . biUlo (earlier text bii tii) ford eodon 
LoKK 1. 7; b)"iJe, bf'iJe (bOJie) Lai. 17014 
k 27305; Iki\>q IscMit. 400: Wipe fSiten 
aldo Obm. 250; Crist i.s bi'ijio k'^ & man 
1300: hi\pe. bt-J-o Havkl. IKHO •&: 2.143; 
Wf-e c. I.. 497; bft|>e po habbe[i stefiio 
bi'ibto o. a. k. 1081; bo);e hou were 
nolilo nipn H"ii. 48; |iat ... is hy>t>« 
m{-ko ic mildo 57; J>e lifmre U>)io wi*re 
lilm :i;:oin .Man. Kn. F. 010; h>ipc twi'i 

MaPKS 330; ClLAOC. C. T. A 1710; U)|»0 

tw(> bis liondos Jo». 097; bu|ie Uit Fi.. 

A. Hi,. 525; bi deiof* b/(|to'tvij tkkat. 

139; b.>ilo, btVfdo A. B. 10 & 102: it'tfl 

Ai.TS. 4847; ItAttre fffeti.J Kath. 1790; 

})«rb fwjro bu|)ro Mhuo Oitu. 2794; bi'ifer 

i.AKdl,. B 2, 60; Iwr. 3550; bAtlon fdatj 

Maru. 21: b<>)iou Havui^. 471: I'l.. vk. 

224; biiilB Kath. 1791; \hipe Ohm. 7030; 

bit(w SnoRKn. 57; mid biido bimden a. 

R. 338. 
Batf'rn (lla^a), A.Sax. Biwlnii, O.H.Gtim. 

Boduu, /f<rM, T^i. 21020; B»{ie MiHr. 

145; CiiArc. C. T. A 415. 
bitlf one that bathe*? a. it. 214. 



twtflcii. jl.Sar. biuILiu, O.fef/. baila. O.lf. 
(irriM. bailon, biittif, L&T. (j(i j? ; lKtf>ien 
p. 1^ 8. VIII. 124; R. «. V (Mi^i-. IHOI: 
l)a|ii« LH(i. li>4; hufpi Uoh. I4tl; bajfeo 
Ha.\u. 88; brtJKili ^;»r«.y ayknii. 167; 
bii)ie()e /'/'f^/.y WiT.L. 98; b»thml /'/pori.y 
CnAuc. C. T. A 3. 

bai, C'frM. ha, hme, (vtx. >Ntw) Lanql. li 
M, \\\U. 

buubrlrl, O.Fr. bau)>«let, bauhh: boaubolot 

fj'l) A. R. 3SS. 
kiwi. baud {lutrdi, gaij, CiTAUO. R. 

n. .'iiiTK 
kuttdt A*;M?fi, "/^»i»", I'BOMPT. 27; iMxnt^ :j, 

124 (128); Oiuix. a t. d 1354. 

bftiulKtrrl /«■«, vnc. S17; Laxhl. a 3, 
hairirklB, O, f'r. batiilitkin, a prfcmu mil: 

»(ujl. iKi'MTT. 27; Alis. 7.'»!>. 
baailrrip baiedry, CjiAirc:. C. t. u 1305. 
bMNdrrik, M./f.Oerm. bablorirh. MJnd 

/Litainel/, Gaw. 24!i(>; baudrik (Uiah-. 

C. T. A lltf; bauderikia ^pf./ Liiw. m. 

r fi. 
baidl ArjMv/y, E<AKnu b h, 197; Ciiado. C. 

T. n (;:i5. 

I'litiMiT. 27: Ujnif-iu "fii*ti,r'\ vor. 177: 
banaoDii fpi.J Trkv. 1, 327; baiicinott 
Wu.h. 22110. 
kailrrr mm bvkwite. 

hr "rr H. 

iHwh, .-l-Sji. bonp, bcfth, O.ITM^-m. boup, 
r)./«i/. r>»offr, /roM bOjon, *f>A. siow/iit, 
"firrjmilitr, vwKuyt. 2; befti •Uar^ofm", 
WirL. OKJf. 41. 42: Onno bfb Lai. 34520; 
k>ii /'^•/fnW^rf I>okh«) TniflT. I, 2'); bf'trh 

HKI.. AKT. I, UiO: b6i IIAI.I.IU*. t"HT. 

171; bc«i /'Mil. be«y? prinUd boetli) 
SaoBRn. 100; b*i«. bito fdat.) i^ h. b. 
28 k 20: b4b{es, bfih^u <b6;{H) /|>/-> I^'- 
7425 4i 21C4D: b^^tres aud riiiL'OR r^^T. 
niot. A. sx. 1300; Miw mm. 1, H>:t;* 
bcren U-^a (bAiie<!. Ul;oif) ful hritio a- 
bodtea ben ncUea Lakol. b rfiui^ 101: 
nmp. ftf^urboUi. 
b«>lrf, A.Sax. boal-I, O.Z.G*fm. Iwild. a /A 
^.Vwi. laldor. ^'orfA. IkU|'#, O./rr/. ballr, 
totd flaJiJ, /ortu, -wAf^. fidfiu: licUd 

noM. 1. 257; Ohm. 2185: Triht. 
BiiimRn. 123; Iw. 1402; bald (b.il4 
Lai. G342-, butd. UAt] atknii. 100. 1(M 
& 158; bold o. A. X. 405; an. lit. Jl 
ToB. 1: b6 thrtii bold it sbal h» boo^^h 
M. Abtii. 3483; bobl a. a. f.v. Wki 
3042: Ams. 5004: u n. t«so. 2123 
baldo. M. II. Germ, bnliti!. eiio. mar, M 
H. 23 A: 121; baldera fgen. dot, /, 
Lai. 10387 & 1604«; NnMne r^ee. m^ 
G5!>4: iHMildo ^;)/.y Smurkti. 100; milt 
bis biuT'^iii^'es bnldo Isctmb. 78; beldl 
HoHK Kp. LtM. 002: fiurb bolil« pnrJi 

0. A, s. 1715: hitl'lore /"^^n, yf.J hu 
L725G; baldon Mt'- p/.y251G3; bftld»n 
feomparj Ron. 505); ftrKr. 27; baMore 
boidere Laxol. 4, 94 (lO/); baldes 
fiitperij Lai. 20178; eauip. nnhaM. 
biildbe*lo andafia, o. A. K. 514; Mam. eO 

F. 13405. 
bnblollcJio, A.Stut: boatdtlr«, Mdif. Lai 
24073; Katii. 710; a. k. 02; o. a. s 
1707; boldllrbe avkxb. 03; U'^k bou i 
la and UA nie bitldoli f^icl-iy^J CiUM 
C. T. A 3433. 
biildsijio itudaa'a, Lai. 24943* 
bniMrn, .4. Sax. beAldiAn, OJT.Ofrm. ball 
don. doth. lMilt>iun. hoidtm. am'm'irf, KatH 
1022; baldvn ^bobli) t^iiw leoilo Lai. 4.1H4 
(<* bnmJe« U* balde Pkrckv. 702; bold* 
K. 8. f.u. We. 1079; hia harte bc^^ran M 
biilde OcTAv. 975; baldclo fpriij anit 

1, 2;3; Laj. 10337*; 0) boldcde bin 
hortes Laxol. eh. Wn. 175i»: cMtp. nil- 
bold PI). -«| 

Wall^, f>. />. bealt^. bmut<:>. hMtUy, snM 
53: biMuit{> WiLU. 45,34; beanie, b«aM 
Chauo. v.. t. a 2385. j 

bfM^ -4..Si(r. beam. a/W». bftm, O.L.Oerm 
btiiD, 0.//V/iTm. baum, bonm, pr>i)m. Ootk 
ha^H, O.Jc^i. badmr. h^am, "traW, viunjc 
4; al H«ra icreat awa A boam Lai. 284S| 
beom "trait, liciatorium, radt'iu", rmnuVT: 
30; L.vsoi.. a 10, 204: ^AJf. kix Hi 
103; w. A. I. 30; bfm .tuu. n 40; A. 
!•. 2» 003; bflraea/'/j/./ALiM. 7B(;4: Uavo. 
131; CtiAnc. n. lit. 337; [la laiimfl ^ 
Hfcrphlo wmtt riht a hoavcii lKi<iim wti 
idilit liAi. 17887; eamp. (:!«»-, m&r-, 
annncfH'ain. I 




fcMutPiif yi.Sax. beoiniaii, beam: b<^mo "ra- 

liio", CKuJUM'. 30. 

brK*f, J.Sax. bean, ff./fi/. baun, <>.f//>Wm. 
U-tua, btoH, Jabu : Woae voc. 177; liCno 
paoMi'T. !10; Lasoi^ b 3, 141*; Wiri,. 

CE/.. 4, 9; al nas wui)> A, b^uo Roh. 407: 
nOujt H bone woij) Wili.. 47.'i4; ))is AU- 
snlon ne rf>fil)to uat it ti&tic nf al liU 
pleie Chait. C. t. a 5772; beno f'tiff/.y 
Vaku. 158; b^ne stran Chauc. C. t, e 
142.': b&ncn fdat. p!j pl. cr. 7C2. 
iMDCHidde hfan-eott. Tor. 2:i:i; boanceild;in 
(dtit. t>l.j laKK ir.. IT). 
brard, A.Sax. Icarii,'ti. herd, O.Dni^h 
ba»rA,^rm. biirt. part, hrard fbnrdj. 
HUM. 1, 279; liiL'nJ (beord) Lai. 107S;l: 
bard Mabh. *»; Ai.i>i. I51>7; Uow. 2, 
367: CiiAiir. C. t. a :J;J2; DKfJKKv. 8i;i; 
berti, Iwerd Win.. 2 Kixn« 10, iJl; boerd 
••iprtff", PKujU'T. ;U: bi nuliugea bonrd(e) 
(beordel Lai. I(>72; uppo nUlingeiK baurda 
1070^; hordes />/.> Qow. 1. XU. 
Irtrdhear Tkkv. :J, Sis. 
bwdl^. A.Snx. hwirilleas, hutrdlnt, Gow. 
2. 3t>0: imp. U. tl. 
bfurJrd beartUd; berdid ^'barhaliu", vRtmn. 

brarm^ yiSur. bonnii. O.L.flrrm. O.H.Oerm. 
ba,mi. O.leel. barinr, 6WA. barms, /row 
bereti, w'»i*», gret»iMm: hxuxa Lai. n02tU; 
banu "gremium", paron-r. 2r>; 42():[; 
barnie /'rf<//.> Horn kd. Lum. 700; li h. 
DISC. ri77; CuAvr. C. t. b 32.'>t>; a. p. 
3, All); sloped i de dooties bcrtno a. h. 

buiuclDfi Chauc. C. t. a 323(>. 
bvinfel B£L. A>'T. 1, 240. 
barmhkiu havm-il-tn, ithimpt. 2r). 
b^ara, -ff . Sax. beam, 0. »/j. horn, O. L. 
Orrw, O.lI.Grrtn. O.Tcfl. Goth. bju*n. /renn 
benm. *«»■» fhauiij, profes, a. r. 38; H. 
II. 35; (lat beurii, Ituin, bern Lai. 91, 
208 & .'p024: iMiTii, ba-rn Mat. 22, 24; 
barn Wili.. 9; LANfti.. 2, :J: Mine 1088; 
Max. k». II. ;;iO; ANT. Ahiii. XVIH; 
tbarn MIRC. 12S; Havrl. ri7i; si-ec. 81; 
V U «, XXm, 32; Am. a. Ahil. 164; 
bonteK ffifaj Okh. 8044: b«im ^pfj 
^'whi^ltft rrij U'herf\ PiaiiM. 2; Lai. 
ul04; iHiMni, beni hum. I. !)0 & 22r>; 

bipm. hamoa Orm. OlfOf! Jb 8040; bcarne 

fgen. p!.J kuailm. 8; bt-rno spki". r»S ; 

bp.irnon fdnt. pl.) Mat. 7, 11; hum. 1, 

241; f»w/». belle-, kluo-, inodor-> steup- 


liiirnbcdc itifancy, c. M. lOfi; PB. c. 8262. 

li:cralr;s Lai. K'.IOO; b;u-nlc« c. m. 7086. 

biiruteam, A.Sax., btiii~»-i««m, 
H. M. :ll ; bornloain sc. ukn. a. ex. 
y748; liarntem c. m. 17702. 
bfatot, A.Sax. boatan, O.ItfK bauta, MM. 

lifrm. bMs;en, Ai-wi, pttharf, eaedtrt, A. r. 

134: Katii. 11H:1; raid fyflton hint' Iiea- 

ten Makk 14, iir>; bonto iitid vcmm a- 

YKKU. 230; ht'toa and bonbon Lanol. u 

14, li>; b^c Bkk. 758; Mas. kij. H. 

"2H; biro siro aud blra dame |>ri'te[i hire 

to K'to H. s. VII ; bpatotl, bet fpm.J 

A. K. 184 & IHti; lis beat and fimit a- 

YKMi. 30; biat 100; (hen] bc>tcj) misc. 

8!i: beot fpret.J a. r. JKifi; Wet hom. 2, 

IGO; beet Win., okxks. 12, 17; Makd. 

83: LAirsF. 751; bot sT. okx. a. ex. 

3958; Tern. l;J(;5; bet a dnun burvres 

Wiu.. 1073; befllcn iiom. 1, 121; Jul. 

2ti; 7.'".t;5: hoton Havbi,. 187fi; 

Maki). 40; \t wawes boote liini IIrand. 

24; biotc AYKSii. 15(>; beoto CiiAi;c. C. 

T. A 4308: [W'tte,. » 10, 17C; 

Wtcl. sumf. 22, 23;] berite fmthj.) a. r. 

304; nKK.759: bifcton /';.ffr<.>OBM. Slf58; 

K'ten Uow. 3, 247; beten wi|j rc'de gnlde 

Revks 1159; Iwten wi)> besantiis ast. 

Ahth. XXIX; il grip of golde rlcheti 

bi'toD <in }>o nu)lde Kolaju. 1031; bete 

SPKC. 97; |bot Havkl. 1916;] comp. a-, 

i-, tobeaten; deriv. Twtol 
bratprr htaiwr; eomp. markotbCtore. 
lM>alunj;p healing, A. B. 320; boattage Kath. 

beaat^ Me boaltd. 
bcf, O./V. bee, ^.t, BKL. ANT. 1, 210; 

befc Maxb. 48; btko fdnt.) a. p. 2, 487; 

bekes fpl.j CiiAnc l.. fl. w. 148. 
hi-rbp, A.Sax. bi''CO voc. iM.*!, L.OWm. boko, 

O. /I.Oenn. buodia. O.Icfl. beyki, Za/. 

ft^ms, 6V. 911J70;, htfch, "ftigHa\ voc. 181; 

pRnMPT. 27: bicbtfi /"^.y atrnu. 2.1; 

Aliw. 5242; Lanhi.. 5, 18. 
b^rhfa, A.Stix.hQctm, hffhtn.fiigmt CnAirc. 




'.' T. f. W'M'f. in ; l^h^ne w-!e i*. 

AkTH. 171';. 

W4, ^i.>*A !^!.i. O.L.a^m. O.Ffii. I*.l. 
^yV-^A. fia/li, 0. IlJi^rm. '-^xi. yfis. h'd. 
Uiim. \.\\. 1^'<»:J7: Mavh. --: f^t t»*?.l 
Ari-VB. :Jl: ''jb-*. '(•^M' Okm. 441'': a: 
mi l^l'Ii--! ^!'I« CiiA<'. p. K. 0-?: r«*>.I-le 
fdat./ o. A. N. f**i7: f'li.Kir. C. j. a 
iJii'ji': w;'He-! //././ iJfcAxiJ. •;: (V/m/>. 
rhiM-, Mar-. i'ra.rf>^I. 
i*tf<]rtiambre htdchtmhrr. Tri:v. 2. 20 1 ; 

\..\\iii,. K 7,, 222, 
ttcijrloth hedfUAh, i-h'iiii^. 27, 
>H?<lfere HAi-Liflr. \t\fi. \'t1. 
l^llawir "cliniem". ckojim". 2". 

\)t^Tf.zS Mix '-' FEA'iM. 4. 

l»«<lre»le. y/. .Sirr. Ifdnda. bedrcla, J/, Z, 
U*rm. f/cddercie, h*driddf», "elinicm", 
vik;. 2'i7: p. i„ t<, XXX. ,>7: riiAr*. 
C, T, ij 17*f*); Man, y.u. Y. >iy»;4: l^e*!- 
reden fpl.j Lax*;!,. 7, 101 (n, >^.:>). 

be'Utedc btdttead, j-komit. 2^. 

beflMrau hedntratr, fkaom. 7: J^ctlstrt? 
Wici.. I'S. «, 7, 

iHkltlmo hedttme, o. a. n. ;t24. 
hei — if>cdV l>cde />>/V Mark I). 2it ^M* 

earJur text ha* fcbedw). 

bedhfls, ^l,.SffT. bcrllin.H, Mat, 21, KI. 
WJdr, 0./W>. bedda, M. If. Germ. l*tte. 

= i»>eddey o. a, .v. I'.OO*. 
Itfiiitm, A.Sax. beddlan. (i.II.Oenn. Wtt'-n. 

hrd, in Into cofiocare, Lai. *i*i.*iH; lH?ddon 

H. M. 4:t; 0km. 2712; Mavki,. 12:t,'>; 

liANfii,. 11 2, U7; bodded (part.) Mavki,. 

2771; bedde, iboddo ff.) u. a, n, 'M\'^. 
be44iag} M.ll.<rrrm. bettiinifO, bedding, "i,lrit- 

mriitutn", fbaom. 4; beddinu'e Chacc. (\ 


Writ, O.L.fierm. boda. (iFri*. bedc. O.If. 
fierm. beta, Idta, (r'Uh. bida /., from 
bidden, head, "orutio", I'Knsii'T. 2K: Lai. 
2r.5l4; <)r.m. linr.: st. ckn. a. kx. 
i:J7r»; Havii,. l;iK.5; Cum. 2, :t72: Am. 
A. Amfl. 2:!.M; |t(o)<iN b(o)iM!e hmm. I. 
<;;>; bi'dcii. be"»d('ii /'fif.j liAi. 111722 i 
:n:J'.t.'.: bomion nr.M. I, 4!'; A. It. 140; 
bcdi' Misr-. ,'i*»; bcdes avkmi. 141; Wll.l,. 
M(t2'l; if i bidilc I'liii liedes Lamm,, i: .'<, 
4'l7 ; bi'diH uphnrntliif prreafortHr, v\.. cit. 

Zl^: i\ |)eire --f bedes Laxol. b 15, 1 
i.HAi-'. C. T. A l.>:>: bedni fM. j 
f*HB"X. Kxr.L. 4!'4. 
bedehu^, M.n.G^m. bet«ha3. ifW-An 

Mi-*r. 39. 
l>c<lemaD. be<>deniMn. M.If.Gtrm, beiem 

h«ad»man. L.iMr.L. :i, 40 (47): beoden 

A. R. S.jt'.. 

B^rfiH, .4..^/T. Bedanford. Bedford, S 

betftl «<v budeL 
br4n, O.L.G»rm. bedon. O.H.Germ. bet 

//riy : n;i man nable $01 bede beodea 
be-'re -Siiule Lai. 2-'>5I4: hedeOcTAv. 9 
ic . . . bidde ;up A: bede Orh. 183! 
l«des Havel. 2:J92: bede ftm^'J Lajt 
S. 102 (9, 9iVi: his bedes bedand ni] 
and dei Halliw. dict. 1 ,36. 
VkAtm ire beoden. 

Wr, J. Sax. beii. O.IT.G^m. bia /., 0.1 
bj" »,, bee, "api*", voc. 177: peompt. ' 
bi LiDG. M. I'. 83; been /'pt.J mibc. 1- 
PL. CR. 727: been, bees Wicl. dei!T 
1. 44: :"i swarm of been CiiAuc. C. 
r 204. 
hetu »ee benn. 
Wf tte bycf. 
bcffM «^r baffen. 
b^) tee beab. 

fc^jf, 2[.H.Germ. (.ire)boii?e fpiiantj? eo\ 

beisuni, ^rrm. beiiirsam? obedient, Ka 
br^PBf A.Sax. be^ron. Golh. bai. Tlaf. am 
Or. 8i|i^w : bei;en. boicn, beine (b< 
Lai. 25:11. 254!! k ^12137; K' ^d 
boie tweien/'flfl/. amlwduo) 30038; be 
Sax. riiRON-. 2r»,">; beie Bkvks 12: 
[•at ... j<>nj:e were beie fmn. Iwye) B 
47: baie Arth. a. Mkrl. 152S; of h 
b6;eii ffor kim) Orm. 15091; ba, w<.*S 
ba, Zfl^ ambae /., A.Sax. ba, bu, Q> 
ba, />//. ambo 7f.. Orm. 373; bi"i tui 
k tale Kath. )»:)(>: bi.s blod k bis bt 
ba wcoren toda.'^rte L.vt. 14r»9; mid cl 
de lieo weroii Ik'i tw."i fital. ainbed 
. 2399; ba fj';i Mark 2, 22 Hhe ear 
text him bit till; ba tpa bis lioiiden 3 
48; ba bi ilci k bi nibt iii»m. I. 2' 
1k'> Via. A. hh. r.47; I", rt. 157; Al 




6763; 8. B. KD. Wbh. :104; ho pin{c) 
cje 0. A. H. 900; |)at pido^i liii wuro U) 
Rub. 2Ji»; bti to Jor. 300; Ki, bna a. 
B. 00 & 212; Iwo MiRC 3; bolro /'^m.y 
HOM. I, 99; Lai. 52S;l; Kath. 1790'; 
o. A. n. 1&84; Fu A. Bl. 531; Bub. 
197: Bkk. 128; Lanul. ft 2, 66; k\ 
^-irti.; Ui. 980-1; of hom W o. i- U54; 
in U> tpit liU liuLtlcn a. k. •'196. 
b^3eH, Imjflu, A.^iir. bvga,n, hfffixn. O.Frii. 
Uejii. O./w/. Itfjpja. M.lI.Germ. biSugon, 
/rom biijen. ^tnj/, fUdtra, Jul. 27; lie 
m'^t neJc bt^ieii Lai. 1051; vrbau i no 
maX bis liurte u-j biiic O'"- buyo) Bkk. 
ir>29; iiiicl>o ho miite hie (nut. Iiyo) his 
rug p. t. u. XVII, 167; boieJ /'/wm.; a. 

B. 266; ho boiod a. duu toparj )>o tifl 
deor«furilo boavod iidm. 1. 20:1; uut bu- 
je)> ino 111 gruuGitu ukl. ant. 1, 122; 
bt'i fimjvrj Laj. 506S; beili ]>o to mo 
B««. I, 211; bOiu ^subjiinct.J t-VKC. HI; 
})at hit no brcke iie bi'ie u. m. 15; bi'i- 
de /pretj Juu. 77; ]it) li|)il(o) ^ut b;i 
biih'Ie hire Katii. 2100; biJe /'im. bydo) 
J*. L. &. XVII, It38; &. hire cno^p bci^:- 
dflu )Iaiik 15, 19; boi^-hoil Au6. i'^lii; 
Scotteit & firiitteH ht'tdou ti'i giulnrcii Lai. 
5178; buhed /part./ iiOM. Ij 277; eomp. 
ft-, ibcjen. 

fcfjrndUrli, A.&ix. (ge)bcffond!lo, humble: 
mid Icifulicbo wordea LAr. 4930. 

hrKcio, from bacKO'i* ht>g,'^men(iicare' , i-KoitPT. 
l^i beKn<^u A. K. 356; boKf-'e Lanul. b 
6, 195; Chahc. C. t. a 4525; ]»t'»it. 
1 .'.0. 

br^grn «w bufr^n. 

brggerc btygar, lions kd. Rit?;. 1 133; Chauc. 

C. -r. A 242; hit iji bo^TR'areu riiito ror 
to beren ba^^o on bac a. b. 16H; b<^- 
::cr6S //^7 ayknb. 36; Laniil. i-rkl. 40. 

Iw^^rrie teggnry, Lanul. b 7, «S; Wici.. 

i'Buv. 24, 34. 
brxKf^ten mendictu, (?haiic. C. t. a 242. 
**'Cfi'"|' (begSflJ) tnendieatio? LakOi,. c 9, 

l:iS; frown ii l)ef;j.'&i Chauc. C. t. k I5H0. 
brcsHil mrntticiu>: hef:^ilio ^jen.J A. tt. 168". 
br^pn^c y^ifinff, *'m«ndiMlio\ i'bompt. 28; 

gi'ti on begging© JjUku. 207. 
Uh «v beab. 

brJrn ne bcjon. 

bri), .S'tcfrf. bfif;cl, bypel, tf^rwi. blij,'ol? ini/, 

(Wi/Tii f \v. A. 1. 23. 
bcllen ftf baitcn. 
brk, J.Sax. bflcc (?), O./cc/. Imkkr, a//. 

6'ww. bacii, hccky "rh'iilm\ voc. 239; 

inusiPT. 29; L. u. B. 82. 
bfk wtf boc. 
bckcu, Fr. beci|uoi', 7i!rr/. bef^urCi pevi; be- 

ked />r(W.; A. B. S4; bokodo /^ri^^.; 102; 

hiked (V) Ai,i3. 2337. 
hfken hivk (Leak J, fovtrt: tA boike \nA boo* 

nt's Flub. 99; a softe bcklndo bad iiosi. 

1, 260; bfikuiind Uv. 1459; i bC'koiI uio 

TKSTAM. rHi:s. 30. 

brkkcn =" bijknicD? hcci, nuUtre: hviWafpra.J 
Chauc. C. t, 396; bokkes m3h. pl. 193; 
boklicd fpret.J Ciiauc. Tboil. 2352. 

bi'kup, l»eekno, A.Sux. heacon, bocn, O.Frit. 
IwlkOTi, hi'kcn, O.L.O'rrm. bocaii, O.I/.O'cfm. 
IKumhiui, Iteaeon, tignnnt, "p/iuria", vifunvr. 
29; bokiie, liekouG Lanol. b 17, 262, 
(■ 20, 228. 

hcknirn, J.tiax. boAciiiun, b^cnan, O.L. 
O'crw. bcorujui. OJl.O'enn. puubnoii, beck- 
on, (ngtnjifiro: |?o unc bC*cniou scinlwi) 
. . . to (Irititoiios (loTiiu FRAo.M. 7; hoic- 
uicn Lai. 2I*);18; W'Cneii Ohm. 223; 
bt-'kiiin, bOktn "nutore", priimi't. 29; buk- 
ncd fmt. boknedj (pre*.) bki,. ant. 1, 
215: bOVoiii^le, bikenode fpret.J Wifu. 
DKKli^ Al>. 21, 40. 

WkniagC} A.Sax. beacnun>;, boouun^', hechn- 
iitff, "nu/tu", pitiiMpT. 29; hikoning Wici-. 

GUNKS. 42, 0, 

brld lee boa III. 

bdde, J.Sax. bieldo, b>ido. O.II.Gfnn.ham, 
UUh. but))ai, from boa] J, fortitude, couragt, 
p. h. «. XXX, 104; FuiR. 762; Gaw. 
650: M. II. 37; I'KRrKV. 1412; hi Si 
cliihie of lltil bohia overcomon i am in 
miu oldo c. M. 12237. 

belden, J. Sax. Itaildiu]. bylUan, O.L.Gt/rm. 
beMian, wmfori; encvurnge: t6 boldon & 
t/> fpVfreii i.>RM. 662; liolile i.v. fb. 
231; U\ 1220; holdo-st />/-«.; c. L. 
34R; boMod a. r. 162; bilde fimptrj 
Eoi,.iM. 3; balde (prrtj Jul. 8; bdlden 
Laj. 8636; leldtHl (pari.} Ohm. 2746; 
romp, abelden. 




WMrB i<« bullion. 

k^kn »'f brelen. 

Wl)», .i.s.ix. O.L.Ofrvi. O.ll.Oerm. bol- 

gaii, O. /«/. belga(V) /.-rtrt. bitlginn, &f//y, 

tHtutrr, inuci: ba'Ili (pret.J Lai. 15839; 

boljhen fpttrt.J Obm. 7145; coti;». a-, 

au-, }ebel}en. 
brli, A.SifT. bel^', bylg, a/w/. belftr fhuistj, 

0. If. O'rrm. balg r/otUaJ, Goth, balpa 

(03X0;^. /ro»i beljen, Mljf (hallj/J, heUvw, 

vtnler, PR. c. 679; bell "/<>«", voc. 171; 

beWu 'TW/m", 180; beli, belu Wul. .Ieb. 

6, 29; hf\\"v«»ter\ belim "/oZ/m", rmmi'T. 

30; beli, bull vfMcr, Chai:c. C. t. c 5;J4; 

ball R. B. V; fL. <R. 76a; m. t. 200; 

bolies fpl.J A. R. 384; beliefl Isl'Mb. 412; 

holies, balies Lakol. I'Bol. 41; a puir 

bolwis w. A. 1. 'I'.i; billies RR.iNii. 22. 

bt'linakod CnAir. C. t. v. |:J20. 
brlkra, ./.Nuj:. bealcian? ic/^A ,'Wi>.- belkc 

Town, myst, 314; hi*|» bclkid nut ''rritc- 

tcvit", Wui.. p«. 44, 2. 
bfllf, A.S>tx. O.IhUth hello, *f/A "(vf»*/»*»irt", 

I'KOMl'T. 30; liAI. 2'.'44l; Laxui-. h vw.*u. 

IfiS; boMen />/.; KRAfi», 7; Lai. lt;'.»29; 

HoR.\ Ki>. HoHSTM. 1294; Rob. 50'.!; 

belles Obu. 901; Manu. 243. 

bollcdnem Obu. 922. 

belle;Ster phompt. 30. 
btUe ItmiM, Tui:v. I, 403; as. ut. 12; 

AST. Artii. XXIX. 
belltt, A. Sax, bclUu, O.JLOerm. pclleii, 

bollcii ftnlrarej, O.lctl. bolla fimpinffrrtj, 

beti; bclliii "mugtrr", prompt. 30; I»c 

bulc biirnn t'> bello hkl. akt. 2, 10; ui 

loude as bellej* wind Chalt. n. v. 1H03; 

bolltDg u a liolo Will. L891; boUen 

f part. J TAavkk 33-1; bolleii "inftaii", Wkl. 
1 C'iR. .1, 2; b"llcn hortes CiiArt-, coMi'i- 

Bi^ K\. 101 ; A bloiMro tlN)]lon ful ui 

pioilc A. n. 282; cfmtp. tobellou; dtrn: 

bello, b»lla? 
brllittfif , O. If. O'rrm. pellun^a fhiratnaj, 

"t/tnffi'tns'\ nwJMi'T- 30. 
bell, J..Srfj. bolt. a/w/. belli, n.If.oWw. 
bah, /^. buUvDS, hfU, "iofl«", voc, 23 1 ; 
Iw. 253; boUe ^«W.y Chacc. C. t. a 
Mir "Motrit", i'RiiMPT. 30; "mtig'\ toc. 
103; H. P. 13. 

briwci, a/tv/. beija, A.Sojr. byljfim? i<^- 

/«(>, mugire: bclwo Gow. 2, 72; L. H. R. 

145: «u . . . Jmt woMe belwo After 

bolei) Lanul. nil, 333. 
\^m «ro boam. 
hfaarv, A. Sax. b^iaero, "iuhictiC, pbaux. 

2; A. R. 210. 
b^MC, A.l^tx. limo. b^nip. (rom/itl, Mwk-a 

348; PR. c. 4l>77; b^uicn fpl.J vkmiu. 

7; A. H. 210; bdinoit (K'tnc't, bOme^) Lai. 

44fi2, SlO? & .'i«74; bt^mes Will. 1164; 

K, T. 499; IsuMB. 429; bCmeno /"ywi. 

;»/.; Lat, I992*i; iiom. 2, 113. 
b^Mffl, A. Sax. b^tniaii, tound Oa tnmpel, 

A. K. 210. 
bi^men acf beamioii. 
b^fl A'^ bcuit. 
hfurbr, A. Sax. bene, O.L.Gfrm. O. fyi*. 

hfuk, 0. /«/. bokkr, AmrA fhtuij, "xam- 

Mliw", PROMPT. 30; 1'. u H. XXXV, 11; 

Lasol. 4. 32 (4.'>); A»tb. a. Mkrl. 232.V. 
beache /tlai.j Obm. 14087; bkl. ant. I, 
187; HuBX KD. LfM. 3fi9; bonlte Max. 
Ki). U. 5rt; bench© rpf.jh.M. 24872; boD- 
kefl Orm. ir>231; cvrnp. kinp-. Htdebonclio. 

brMrhrii htnch ; bcncliod (part.) CiiAcc. 
Troil. 1914; ibonchod pl. i-r. S05; 
benkod Orm. I.'i23t. 

beikliKf hfHching, Orm. 15232. 

bead, A. Sax. bend m. /.. O.Fru. botide'/-. 
/f-«wi binden, heud, vinculuta, '^tUta", nw.. 
197; Gow. 3, U; Chacc. r. i^ 810: 
w. A. I. 35; lti» tuo^'o bend Hark 7, 
35; D^nne bond AYb.sii. 48; mid Afio 
bonilc of m}\de file bafde bin hAfd bi-'O Lai. 24747; boodes fpt.J r. u, ». 
Vni. 95; A. H. 382; nnje. 2,' 03; SCMC. 
53; Bi)R. 58; bcndci^, bendo o. a. x. 
1428 & 1472; |«o kini; bourn dude i(n) 
bendo Lai. 1 IH(>2: benden (d^t. pi.) 
Mat. 11, 2; Lai. 587; bendo Bbk. 15; a- 
YKKH. 220; M B. DiMC. 252; fmm dBB{^os 
hardc bondo Skorkd. 124 ; eomp. bIMbend. 

bendrl, a/V. boudel, 0.ff.(7.r«. bcndel, <.'. 
h*l bpndill. /wfiVi, Hicu. 2964; benJelea 
Man. ki>. K. 10043. 

brs4ea, A.Sax. Itendan, O.fert. benda. A<*m< 
/te<iwr», t*ndvre: bcudo Ootav. 1020; 
bendo liire browos TKifr. 1, 9; bonde 
^temdo", PROMPT. 30 J Iwndo fprel.) Klor. 




859: Oow. I, 23-1; 39-1; bontle 
<h)ia \mvq Roh. Iti; beiitl /"ptirlj vvv.r. 
34; ibent c. h. 74S; atekb. 17-1; (w»i/». 

Wrof, jt.Strx. b6n, O.lcfi. b'pn (b*n), J*tm 
(hen*), prtcaU'o, rogntto, LrKE 1 , 13; 

HOX. 1, G7; OEM. 1150; K. S. I ; ST. 
OBS. A. KX. 2511; HuBN KD. I.UM. 508; 
SUUBKH. 17; A*KN]I. 1>1>; SI'KU. 5tt; KllL. 

AKT. 1, 113; bf-nen ^rffi«. /*/.> Majiu. 14; 

$cr K«no. 
W-ar, O.A(!/. b<pntt? gratioM'^ a, p. 3, 418; 

t>ciie ]'ei bbn« r. l. s. VIII, 170; wot;j. 

htwr tee boono. 
brarfrl, bonrcet, bionfait, 0. Fr. biotitiiil, 

liturfit, liANiii,, n 5, ItJii, (■ y, 42; bi'iio- 

fet Wiri,. E:*r«. ItJ, Irt; bioiifuit How. 

I. ;k>4. 
bntrfirr, O.Fr. benefice, bfnefiee, Ciut:e. C. 

T. A 201; beiielicca fpij ayenr. 42; 

MtRC :il7. 
brariifAn, O.Fr. boiiuiM^n, btttieoH, hfteiiielio, 

lIwEi., I72vl; IwHisiiii CitALf. C. T. u 

13tir>: bcubuui) Mak. sd. F. ti961. 
brals^K^; Fr. bcnin, henign, Cual'C. C. t. a 
bfalfpillr, Fr. benignitd. hmiynity, Cilauc. 

c. T. II itir.8. 

brnkr hm bcnrlio, 

bral, L.Otrm. bend fpitiinmjy bnit, tampiu, 
t«AW. 253; over )>o broilo bent Iibhukv. 
200; bunto fdat.; Juri. 450; I'liAif. C. 
T. A 1981; (ijmn jie bente bare axt. Artii. 
XLIV; i wnik (in hU bent Tdwn. mtht. 
101; bejtia fpi.j I-'i.ok. 1040. 

kf »l, y. //. Germ, biniiz, ftr«/, jtamu, vor. 
l!il; A. p. 3, 302. 

bcMl, A.Sax. booil, O.L.O'iTiii. h'ml, Golh. 
biada, O.H.aerm. hiet wi., O. /tr/. bb<(3r 
w., Wi'J n., fi-otu bci'dcn, Uilte; boodo 
fdai.) V. L. 5. \'ni, 132; biodo iiuu. 2, 
22 H. 

br*dr tee bede. 

bf^ndra, beodan, J. Sax. boudaD, bindaii, 0. 
i. Germ. bi(Hlun, O. Frit, biada, Wcda, 
Golh. (aiia-, faiir)biudai). 0. fa-f. biojit, 
O.H.Germ. biutaii. btutun. bietcn, Ai'rf, no- 
tutn fucetf, Hunciitrf, edicere^ evocarc, tfjjrrre, 
vtandare, fubfre, box. I, 13; beoden A. 

II. 114; ami lotto b(s>doii alio ]<A b'Varw 
Lai. 32 1 24 ; hcodon & bodion Kath. 
1480; beode sj-kc. 42; niin orande f»r 
ifi bdodo RnK. 140S; boode. bodo o. a. 
X, 530; bedin "offerre", pbumpt. 28; bodo 
Horn kii. Li m. 4')2; Havki.. Ititj5; Mas. 
KD. V. 11774; Uaw. 374; Mix. 10; VH. 
c. 51158; aud W'>Mo htai Uatail bddo 
Tkiaw. 972; b6do fprcnj avow. Akth. 
XIX; bwdecl, bcot a. h. 194 A 20S; al 
|iat t* ptdspe] beode)' /irti. be'.>ddof»f») Ohm. 
4917; M'dPl* 15745; bod & bid n. a. 
N. 1437; U> tidWa hun-Jiir ff^t jo me 
bi'-do (-irAic v. T. K 3fi0; bead fpretj 
A. H. 230; bead, bod st. oeh. a. m. 
900 vt lfli;9; biad ayknh. 41; b(bd, bt^d 
(boad, b)ul) Lai. 18821 k 2:J407; biijil 
Ohm. 1 1799; bL-d Kath. 441; Ron. 100; 
CHRON. KxGL. 122; TeiftT. 3, 2H; ant. 
Arth. L; and bi^d ulle ^idne dai p. l. 
s. IX. 200; leed a\. lit. II; bad "wmb- 
dttxiC\ VR. L'. 0275; Jc bmloti lioni Ferdo 
Lai. 5140; bodon Hick. tuks. 1, 225; 
Am. a. Amil. 896; J»ui bodoii bcm liLndas 
brnde Tkiht. 3, 31; h6 biKlon biui brin- 
per Cit . . . lift men st. uks. a. bx. 
1067; bede Ron. 379; budo ftubj.) hom. 
I, 13: biKlt'u fpari.) Cuauc. l. g. w. 
300; r. M. 10083; bavod bom boden 
^>dun dai sT. obn. a. kx. 1430; were 
hodon (bndo) tA ^o hildalo Ij-vniil. b 2, 
30 (54): b«din Liim.. m. p. 258; IkkIo 
Gow. 1, 12; comp. ii-, bi-, for-, i-, «n- 
boodon; in'it. bod. bodo, biidel. 

bevf wv b<>of. 

bfia^r A(('m^, ArKxn. 103. 

bwn, A.SojT. boon, bbjti, />i{. fore, Gr. 
(cOe'V. Stintc. ^- ]!opp'w OLOKS. 248, «« 

ZKiTSfira. 19. 439, he, Kath. 502; |?e 
seal b(wn J>d bot Lai. 701; |iat irb king 
bO'-Hi miei 13082; boon iseien r«/m', a. 
s. 94; boon, boii no.M. 1, 5 & 159; o. 
A. X. 202 tfc 1195; |>at JO oj'or llMIac 
l^tof' bflo fomittitiaj lt)99; bfiou, beu 
0km. 21 & 10255; benu, ben Bkk. 105 
& 107; been rnoMPT. 30; bf-n Max. kd. 
F. 24; biou uo.m. I. 210; mjsc. 26; bnon 
Ri'KO. 25; H. H. 07; b«e Kklam. 306; 
lilt )Ji iOlwo bo (omitlej Havkl. 1205; 
lAt ]}e soinnuur bd OuAuflk C. t. n 1289; 




bi ftnt. by) SuoHt^H. 128; atknii. 5j s. 
B. KO. \Vb. .'iSO; boo REU AXT. 1, 110; 
bo<y 2, 244; t.> iMJOiuie hum. 1, 193; 
l««ii. bei>, A.Sh^, boiim, O.L.Grrm. biiim, 
O.U.Otrm. bitu, bin, /"prw.y Lai. 3i)45 
^ !>813; buLd icb habbo (line help ne 
Iwo ich never bliilo lion. I, 197; si-a 
iniiclio ... ich boo /*f. r. ipanle) bim 
I'o lenvere Jil. 1"; bio /iw*. byo) Mat. 3, 
21; bu null. 2, 17; \ieo»l, bUt Lai. 305:t 
A 98^7; bist MISC. Uti; wkc. 73; best 
noH. 2, 29; Orm. 24&5; b. h. kd. A\'tit. 
I(>(i3: bo8 RBi^ AKT. 1, 181; )iuu bcs 
bon^ot] ttupemterit, Dkokkv. 839: bi<l h. 
s. V: sna un w(n^r«o bid />/; Lai. 972; 
to Duer^c wffine liit (Ut-i buil 19484; aso 
atifto u tie is h6r aso hord ba bij )r^r 
A. R. ;J04: heap, l*fi Oiui. 1H7 & 2ti8;i; 
bed ST. qi:n. a. kx. 182; Iwth, bi»s lU- 
VKL. 12(11 i 2007: (wo. je, jit, lie«0 
be-nl A. K. H; b(M|) I'RuiXAU. 2; Abiw. 
20; beml. I>oo)), )h.^ o. a. n. 75, 911 & 
1227; beod. bud 0«<>H I'At. 5093 & 
5099; iMof. IIiiK. THB^. I. 222; aykxil 
1; bi'l> l{uH. 7; TKAN>ArT. 19. 320; i-l. 
(•R. 2.'i4; iNJi'd, bcuu Kath. 493 Jc ior.; 
beu)>, b^th. b«n Lam»l. 1. H & 3, 27 
(28); UiU. been Cuaic C. t. a 17S; 
bu^, lW<u Will, '.mi & 4447; b4>H tiim. 
2, 370; Mam.. 3; Wicl. .Ioiin K. 10; 
al \>at hie bi bAn ^mMtt rivtuttj hum. 2, 
179; Iiooa fimptrj Lai. 19172; b«tb 
Will. 3797; b6a Havkt.. 2246; bof. 
(whiJ Lai. 4; u. a. x. 122&: hai be 
fctirlirr vawimt pes) |>ii Mark !.'►, 18; 
hfo bwm A. r. 8; o. A. s. 1221; boon, 
b«n /'jMH.y Orm. 2311 & 8899; bon 
liAvni.. H 11, 23^; bton Max. kh. K. 
34: liin Tur. 3.^9; ibvoii (bc4m) Lai. 
K32.'i; il)«on, itvoii p. l. 
Hick. tiii;s. I. 222; 
hN KicH. SI 38. 

O.Fris. blar. bier. O. 
0. /«■/. biorr m., Awr, 
4; li"n!« ni>. Uit-». 
IIU8: IwHir. bur «». a. s. lOll; U'r (Jaw. 
129: \iv»n/(tiU.J Lai. 13542; ii^ra Kork 
KD. Uorotm. 1148. 

Iw«n <M bere. 

bfvr^n iff berea. 

s. Vill, 2: ihiun 
ibeo Uram). 4; i- 

IfMfrm. I'ior i»., 
efrft'ina, fHAilN. 

Wm3 '^ t*or). 

WtrkfB, J. Sax. bdoccan^ ftur^ jabb. 13, 
163; I«rliin "Jairart", I'RoHrT. 32; borke 
AYKNu. !79: Will. 35; berkest /^^irtw.; 
A. K. 122; bei>rked (borke)*) Lai. 21340; 
borketb Liiig. v. p. 29; berkinde (p^t.) 
KKL. AXT. 1, 2l>(>; blirk fprd.J Gow. 1, 
221; borken k. T. 400; burke cueos. 
ViLui). 2r>: eomp. boborken. 

berkar barhr, "/iitnitor", phumit. 32. 

lKri(lR|:e barkinif, Intralt**, Will. 55; Tb£V. 
1, 83. 

hcorme te^ berme. 

bf*ni, Itfani, bern, -i.Sax. beom, nV, I<Af. 
1552, 7045 ii 80S3; |^ii litwro bero p. 
L. H. XX. 57: b«urii, bera Aun. ho. Sk. 
9 &■ 219; bium avow. Akth. XLV; 
bulrii. burn Lanul. u 11, 353; burn 
Will. 332; l>im axt. Ahtii. Ill; l>«ir- 
HL-ii /'/>^./ aiisc. 92; bioruo^i, beruea, bur- 
von Lasul. 3, 256 (265); bcmea m. h. 
39: bornus Dbqrkv. 500; bemU {prinUd 
boriaa) Ismn. 454; burner Uaw. 259; 
liuiriio8 Jns. 29; bcnio {$eH. pi.j hfrp. 
5N: Iworitcu fdat. pi.) Lai. 23408; berne 
Misi*. 93. ,, . 

brornri #(v brinnen. 

beol, A. Sitx. beot, iwmm, Lai. li)3$8,g] 

comp. ibuut. 

bmlim, A. Sax. bootian, huimcw; beokodm 

{prel.J Lai. 20521. 
bf^HKle jwt biwiato. 
bcoiira «w birien. 

brr4 »M beard and brard. _ 

biTf, J.Sax. bera, O.U.tjerm boro, A*»r. 

-HMw", inuiMi-r. 32; hum. 2, 211; IIavki^ 

573; AtEXD. 15; La:cgl. b 15. 294; 

Chai-c. C. t. a 1640; Masd, 391; bero, 

Iwore Itun. 202; b«ore Lai. 25590: Ai,i8. 

1821; bouro, bun) a. b. 198 j^ 203; o. 

A. .N. 1021; b0i<re, boare Jul. 72 £ 73; 

l>eoro fs^.J It. II. B. 140; bore a. b. 

202; berea Lai. 22282. 

berBfol Will. 2430. 

bofHMkin Will. 1735; Chacc C i^ a 
21 12. 

bnroward raoMi'T. 32; r. p. 304. 
bfM, A. Sat. Iwro voc. 287, lkkchd. 8, 

313, O.lcf/. IwT, cmp. Goth, barizeiiu 

(Xpf9lV0{), /*t far? btnr korH^nm, voc. 




2*4; AYKxn. 141; c. «. IS.IOfi; comp. 

born, berne, A. Stix. herorn, berii, bum 
(Urn), "horrnm", Vi'hl. iiEtTBR. 28, 
17; Lanou b l£), ^40; Iwrne Orm. 
10487; Tbkv. 1. ITfl; berne r^at./ o. 
A. K. 607; Onw. 1, 102: Chaic. C. t. 
A 82r.H; bonip rpfj J'tTCK VI, IS: 
Uornes Ron. 348; atbsh. 30. 
bfrc (bAre?) Aaw fhierj, twaf, Chauc. d. 

Bi.. 254; fwM/^. pilwol»orc. 
b#rr, ^.NrtJ. (Ke)t>itre, 0. />-/*. bSre, 0. X. 
Otrm. OriM>flri, O.HJterw. (trP^Lfire, JViV, 
gntm, ehmor, Fu a. Hl. 4ii}<: Hi^ii. 
208; Aus. S50; Mmr 270; cxtJCST. MAft. 
623: his untohe b&re ii. m. SI; bOre 
and noise Tbkv. 4, .tti7; who miikis 
sich ft bere Tows. myst. Ifl!'; I>epri> 
Miftr. 231; beare Laj. 281H3; beri> ^rffli./ 
Katu. 2870; Will. 43; ast. Abth. X; 
and pami men mid mine b^re n. a. n. 
925; rt'wif. a-, ilif-rp. 
Wre, ji.Nax. (Icobt-. j>ic«tm)bicre. /eretm: 
rhiliire bOro bt. (jkk. a. ex. I4fir>; eomp. 
Berende-, Ubtli€ro. 
ktrt pifriut? for bcro <pf Jiino cliiMi' HiionKir. 

Ii^rf »rf hii?ro imrf bflre. 
brrra, -^.S'ar. burun, bouran Qhein's dloss., 
1| beara Boitt. bv. olokp., if.L.Ofrm. boran, 

O. //. (?rmi. heran, penin, O. J-'rin. O. /«■/. 
bem, 6WA. bairaii. Lat. ferro. f>r. (pipstv, 
bear, Jerre, gvrfre, partrf, a. n. 4 A 2!t0; 
«. T. HS; beren wa)>en Lai. 41*0; wifc- 
nesse boron 1:3231; here (biorpl 18221; 
I tieren child Orm. 2031; bOMren Katm. 

\ 2491; bneron bkl. a»t. 1, 207; bero 

^H Havkl. (i2:i; Pkbcbt. 190; here fills 
^^^ witnofi'<p Lakol. k 2, BO; bpore Ams. 
^^B 771; buerc si->:c. 104; id berono iin.M. 
^^■^ 1, 147; bflwd, bcrpfi f^rw.y n. a. x. 
I 1372; berei3 me genfje feoiuitatnini) Mahii. 

21; bere fiuhf.J S4T. (jkk. a. kx. SrilH; 
heoren a. b. ;i82; berindc {part,} AYKxri. 
1>6; lM»randc». 5100; birr, her, Iwir. 
bar (prfi.) Lai. 1180. 1825. 12279 k 
14771; bor a. b. 308; p. s. 248; bar 
Ohm. I2Cir,; st. okk. a. kjc. 338; H.^- 
VKih 557: liiiANit. 20; CiiAi'f. C. t. a 
105; KnLAx. 3441; {)i> ertbo iie bar nun 

cum Sax. i-wiion, 202; |mt kir |>at blls- 
fnl barn LaniMj. 2. 3; |iu bi-ro .«i>*c. 38; 
bOre. bfore Lanoi,. 3. IHif (195); <fi(*;) 
b*rpn ORjf. 7570; bi-ren Kath. 24'.tt;; 
all« ^11 him li^ien ondo Lai. 31473; hue 
bOron hiiom so sw!)m> In'-jo sncr*. 100; 
bcDicn Mami. 172; liOro Uok. 177; til 
[K»i Ik'tc (boorel Irvp.*; Laxol. b 5, |:j;t; 
BO buldcli j)oi fioin bt'ro Triam. 1500; 
Mrcn ST. OKS. a. kx. 084; bifere fMih}.^ 
Ohm. 202£>; h^ro Bbk. 193: bOro (hiere) 
Lai. 2513; bureii fpnrt.J Okji. Ii-I; tt. 
H. Ii»fi: Havki,. 1878; s. s. bd. AVb. 
73; Ijurn Masu. 274; Chai-(\ C. t. a 
i>78; bnru atkkb. 221; tMttp. th, let-, 
fur-, iberoii : drrt't. b(&ro (bOrol. boann, 
beriin', bunle, biinl^MiP. 

hfrOH, y(. .S"-r. (i.'c)bi?)raii» O. I,. Germ, (jrj)- 
liliriaii, Ifaereu, latr, gegiirt, efa- 
waro; \)^W Hamjw. dKT. ICO; M. T. 
!i9; mi mjIvo *i t<'> b'^re ^r. m*. Ipre) spkc. 
H3; lt*rfl(i (^/jrf*.^ t,. h. r. 21. ^V; heerinifo 
fpart.J L. H. H. UO; b6rdo fprtt.) Svu. 
53: (om/;. il»^r*0. 

bfrfrf Ivtrti'r, Manii. H3; <iom/f. kiVtltorero. 

Itrrfral, a/*r. liorfr»i, A(V/»y, a. p. 2. 1187; 
belfrai i'u<iM]'r. 30; berfreia fp/J Max. 
KM. V. 1031. 

fc*n» -'•■'^Vj-. bcorjr, O.L.O'frm. O.^Viii. berff, 
O.UA'frm. horir, peiV, O./w/. biarfr, Mm» 
benen. hnrcow fhtrghj, mum, Gaw. 2172; 
bconili KRAOM. 3 ; borhid /t/jr/,/ Lai. 
12311: biTghe. I»erwc Lanol. 5, 589 
(0. 70); ber^et* (pi.J bki.. ant. I, 322; 
Iwonen fdat: pi.J Laj. 20854; ber^cn 
Lueb 23, 30. 

berg, A. S/ix. (f;e)l>eorg. O. /wA biurg, pro- 
/■reli'on, ST. ORK. A. KX. 926; mmp. hols- 

V I.ioriiham harghnm fhtuiluimj, Mn%un, 
I'KitMi'T. 33; iwrhom vtw;. 278; luru- 
bnmos fpl.) 168. 
Wr^'ics HT. nuN. A. KX. 3048. 

berjf theittf^ romp. b6rl»Br;o. 

brr^m, -■(. .*ier. bc'iriraii, *?. L. Grrvt. O. U. 
dfirm. ln•^L^lIl, 0. Ite}. biniyu, Hotk. bair- 
srnn. profffl, pr**Tw, now. 2, 200; ber- 
pen BKi.. AST. 1, 208; b4»ribi>n Okm. 
1550; borjo AYHNO. 107; boi-j'Pii, )>erwoa 
IIavkl. t;07 4: 1420; lHrK«1 fpna./ 




C. T. o 119G; in jon« Wn^hen© wodo d. 
Aktii. 1713. 

biValrn ««• fh'knion. 

bcil^ J.Sar. hcAi. O.L.Germ. O.Fris. bod. 
<ioth. Iiadi, O.IJ.dfrm. tmti, peti, ifiK 
Mum, Lai. 11*03": Maxp. 88; |K!t bed 
ATKNH. ill: /^Hii. bedd) Okm. 4118; iiL 
mi tteddirt ><Id6 Chacc. i'. p. 98; hoAAo 

fdai.J II. A. N. 9B7: ClIAVC. C. T. A 

3260; beddes />/./ IliUKii. f>; eomp. 

child-, foder-. ?r«Hbed. 

bi-diliamltro hedchitmhtr, Trkv. 2, 201; 

L.\Nflu II h, 222. 
ItmU-Utth btiichtk, I'BnMPT. 27. 
bi-dfero IIau.iw. dict. 1.17. 
bedlawir "ehtu'eim", rROMvr. 28. 
bedreaf /nrfiV** KR.\r.M. 4. 
bedredo. .i.Sar. Iwdridu. bodreda, H. L. 

iifTm. bedderede, hfdriAHrH, '■'eltmeHM", 

voc. 2ti7; p. u. 8. XXX, ^1; Chai r. 

r. T. I) I7«i); Max. ki>. I'. Hl»ti4; be.1- 

redcn fplj LAKob. 7, 101 (8, 85). 
bi<d6tedu Mtttaii, fKOMpr. 28. 
bcdfitrna M*trate, pragm. 7; bedairu 

Wici.. i*s. B, 7. 
bedliuia hntiimt, o. A. N. 324. 
M t= ibfld? bode ^pfj Mark 9, 29 /'fA/ 
tarliff test ka» gebedn). 
bcdhns, A.Sas. bedhHa, Mat. 21, 13. 
Iirddo. O.J'Vit. beddu, M.lI.Gtrm. bettc. 

^ ibedde? t>. a. n. 1500*. 
hr4dl('ti, J.Nnx. beddion. O.II.fifnn. betttm, 
hcH, in IrHo cotlocart, Lai. BfirijS ; l*d<ton 
n. «. 43; 0km. 2712; H.wki,. 123:.; 
Landl. m 2. 97; bflddeil fpart.J Havkl. 
2771; beddp, ibeddo f/.J n. a. x. 968. 
bf-ddiiiR. ^.//.<7«TW. bottlinpo, htvMing,*'Urtt- 
mfnlum". riuoM. 4: I>cddiiii7e CiiAtrn. C. 
T. A I«l«. 
\rir, O.L.dtrm. bod*, O.Frin. bcdo, 0,11. 
(Irrm. biita, bita, fioik. bids /., fnan 
biddoD, h*ud, "orvtio*, rKnjiiT. 28: Lai. 

2r..nU: Orm. 1150; rt. oek. a. me. 

137.%: llAV»r,. I38A; Gnvr. 2. 372: Am. 

A. Amil. 23r>l; \ieU*b b(p)tidi' hom. I. 

05; U^Imi. Ife«>di'u /pl.j Lai. 19722 A. 

8139K; bomlAD icnu. 1, 49; a. n. UO; 

bode NiK<'. •lA; l>cd«K AYKKii. 141; Wiu.. 

3024: if i bidde Ani bo<loH I.ANr.i.. k ■%, 
407 ; hwlis ajthofrulat prfeatorn'f. pi., rn. 

323; ft peire of b«dM txnoL. b IA, 119; 

CiiAiir. C. T. A 159: beden ^lint. pi. J 

rmwiK. Kn(;i.. 494. 

boddliQs, jV. //. Ofrm. bct«bQ3, heoH'Aouff, 
MISC. 39. 

bederoan, bcaicmon, M.ll.n^fM. bctomta, 
headnmaH, LAMor.. 3, 4(1 (47); b^^Mlemon 
A i:. .^l.'.O. 
irdrrird, A.Sar. Bedanford. Btd/orH. Ruo. 

bcdd «Ar badol. 
Iir4«i, O.L.Oerm. bidoii. O.lf.Oena. b«t(>n, 

prey: ait iialdo »vl bede bcodou fnr 

heorB Kiiulc Lai. 2-'i5l4; bede Octav. 910; 

ie . . . bidde ;iip k boilt^ Orh. 18337; 

Itedes IIavkl. 2392; bcdo f*»^'./ LA^rtL. 

8, 102 (9, 90); hjft bpdoH IwdaiKl ni}:ht 

and doi Hallia'. Din-. 150. 

htt, A.Sar. beo, O.If.f.Wm. bia /, O./c*-/. 
by H,, i«, "tipis", voc. 177; phompt. 27; 
bi Lido. m. r. 88; been ^pf.J misc. 148; 
PL. cB. 727; been, bees Wicl. nKrxKM. 
1, 44; ft swsnn or been f'nAuc. C. t. 
y 204. 

Wen tee beou. 

b^f •)•« iKief. 

brfn «rc bnfTcn. 

h^) iftf bpali. 

b^e^ M.//.Grr$n. (ge)boiige fplittuij* 9imfi 

bfisuni, 6'crM. beiiirHam? oUAini, Kath. 

br^eNf A.Sax. be^n. OUk. \m, tat. ambO. 
Or. ofiipiu; iK-ijon. licioii. twine (beie) 
Lai. 2531. 2543 k 32137; ^ \mf^ 
bote ividimfli^i. aml^dao) 30038; beionj 
Rax. chrox. 205; 1>eie Rktrs 1312{j 
Jiat . . . j^niro wOro beie firnt. beye) RoaJ 
47: baie Aktii. a. Mkhi.. i52K; of hem 
beion //w UMnl Orm. 15091; K'l. AJits. 
bft, £ff/. ambflo /, A.S«s. )>a. btt, <7(rfA,J 
bft. />»/. wiibo «.. Ohm. 373; ba tt 
A- tftio Katu. 030; btft bl<Nl A hid hniaj 
Wi wi'orpu todaiiotc Lai. 1409; mid cliil*j 
At hci) wcn>ii l>i't twA //iff/. amliodu0)J 
2399: lid tpA Habr 2. 22 /the Httii 
Uxi ha* bti til); bA tpA IiIk bondon Jri. 
48: bti bl dot k bi nibt iimm. I. 217; 
I>" Vi.. A. bi.. 547; p. K. 157; 




fi76J; 8. B. F.ft. Wkh. :;04; Id pia(c) 
eje 0. A. N. 000; fat i.'oil0i> liii wcro 1*6 
Bob. 22it; bii t-t Jo«. UOO; b.>, b<fa a. 
B. 60 *& 212; biju Mine 3; belro /gifnj 
uoM. I. 09; Lai. 528:i; Katk. 1790*; 
o. A. X. 151^4; i\. A. Ul. 534; £oB. 
197; Bke. 128; Lanui.. b 2, 6H; bd 
/•dii/.; Ui. 9804; of hom ht 0. i.. 1454; 
in hi} tp> his liundcu a. b. 396. 
Wjen, luijen, A.S'ax. Iw'jjun. Ii^jraii. O.Fnt. 
Lieja, O.Ieel. toyjya^ M.IlMerm. bouyon, 

S/rvNi bUjon. itfy, fttctert, Jul. 27; lie 
mdt Dudc btM«n Lai. 1001; wlian i ne 
mai his liurLe »'^ buio /'i^ii. buye) btiK. 
1529; UTiOI'O lio mijte liie /wji. bye) liis 
rug p. L. ^. XVII, 167; bticd {prca.J a. 
B. 2Gti; ho bi^icd a dim tiiparJ Jio lus 
tlcorofurdo hoavod jiou. 1. 20:1; nut bu- 
je|> me td (^roundo rki.. ant. 1, 122; 
bi-i ftmper.J Lai. 506S; buili ]J0 t-j nio 
iiux. I. 211; bi'ii! ffHbjtUKt.J t-VKC. 81; 
fiat hit no breke ne K'io u. h. 15; bvi- 
I de /pret.J Juii. 77; |it) li)iil(o) {lab lu\ 

[ buhde hire Kath. 2400; bide /in*, byde) 

^^L r. L. a. XV'II, 168; Jc hirt- ciio^jp bei^'- 
^^Ktlen Makk 15. 19; boi^'hod Alis. 4;i7J; 
^^H Scultcs & Bruttca betduii to triulnrcii Lai. 
^^K&t78; bubed fpurtj iiou. Ij 277; cem/'. 
HVa-, ibejen. 

' ^^jrndUrh, A.S^x. f.ire)bcgondUc, huMbU: 
luid bc'iculiche wurdoa Lai. 4930. 
brK|:ia, front bauvo? Ac^?, "mvndicare", i-kdmpt. 

128^ befi'gcn a. k. 356; be^K^ Lakul. ji 
6, 195; Chauc. C. t. a 4525; lauMR. 
1 50. 
br^rn tee bujipeii. 

hrggrre beggar, IIohs kd. R'ts. 1 133; Ciiauc. 

. C. T. A 242; bit i& begi^area rilito viir 

! te beron liaf;?o on bac a. b. 168; bcg- 

L'ores ff)i./ AXBNB. 36; Lanul. i-kol. 40. 

br-g,5rrie heggarif, Langl. b 7, H8; Wiri.. 

i-wiv. 24, 34. 
br^^fstm meHfiicm, (^iauc. 11. t. a 242. 
^*^%'^ (begj.-od) mrwdieatio? Lanoi.. o 9» 
IWy; (Toou a lHJg,ir»i [*halt. C. t. f 1580. 
hrsfiilil mmdicH»: befTgildo /'jffi».> a. r. 168*. 
brfSiBjse begging, "iHendicatio', prompt. 28; 
I t;ij(> oil beggingo Mand. 207. 

btii Mtf beak. 
Ii«k M« b«je. 

bcii'u «ryt bojan. 

bi'ilf A'ftrrf. biijrcl. I>yffel, C*t(/i. bOj^cl? ifli7, 

.«i*rt :' w. a. I. 23. 
bcUm M« baiteD. 
bck, A.Sttx. bacc (?), O.Tcfl l«kkr, O./T. 

6'<T»rt. bach, becky "rifii/tu", voc. 239; 

viiuMfT. 29; L. II. a. 82. 
brk DM' bac. 
bckcuj /v. becijucr, IM. bei%arc, jwcA; bo- 

ked (pn».) a. r. 84; Ijokodo fpret.J 102; 

bikcd(?) Ai.[3. 2337. 
b^ken iivi ('i(M*t>, /ocere: W boike biti boo- 

iifli Fli-)R. 99; fl softo bckinJe bail iiom. 

1, 269; bokeiitid Iw. 1459; i b^kod mo 

TJ!BT.\M. rni:s. 36. 
brkkcu := bt'koicu? heel, mtUtre: bokko (pru.) 

CirAUC. C- T. c 396; bokkea mik. pl. 193; 

bolikod fpret.J CiiAut:. Thoil. 2352. 
bi'kuF, lit'ekiiP, A.Sax. beaceu, biicu, O.Fris. 

IVikoti. bCkcii, O.LXierm. h-'iciin, O.If.Oernt. 

pu.udiat], bracun, tignum, "pharwt', f^iphut. 

29; Wikiie, Ix-koiie Lancu b 17, 262, 

V 20. 238, 
iH'kiiirn, .4. Sat. beacnian, becnan. O.L. 

Onm. b'''Ciiiaii. O.II.O'crrH. iPiiubiioii, levit' 

OH, stgtnjteare : }>« uitc bi'tiiioii scu(Ion) 

. . . tu drihtoiie^ d<'tiiie fkauh. 7; haje- 

nicn La(. 21938; bc-ciieu Ohm. 223; 

bfkiiin, liiJklR '^»niare", pmiMpr. 29; biik- 

iiofl fm«. bokiied) fpret.J bel. ant. 1, 

215: bc'koiiidc, bikout'dfl fpref./ Wici*. 

UKKll.t Al'. 21. 40. 

bi'kDiuge, A.Sax. beacnuit^, bucuim?:, bcehn- 
titg, "hi*/u*", prompt. 29; bikoninif Witi.. 
ntSKs, 12, <». 

brM »er houWi. 

ht\dtf A.Sitj:. biold'), tyldu, O./ACcrm. baldj, 
GoUt. bul^oi, from hoM, J'vrCittuk, couragt, 
p. L. s. XXX, 104; l-'LiiR. 762; Uaw. 
650; M. II. 37; 1*kkckv. 1412; bi A 
childe of litil beldc overc^xneii i aia in 
miti cldo f. SI. 12237. 

litfUen, A..Sitx. boihlan, byldan. O.L.Germ. 
beldtan, comfort, enoourage: Ht boIdOQ & 
to frofreii 0km. 662; Udde i..u i.k fb. 
231; Iw. 1220; beblost fprn.J c. l. 
348; buldml a. r. 162; bilde fimpm-.J 
KtiLAM. 3; balde fpr«t..J .Ii;l. S; belden 
Laj. 8636; beldeU (pnrLJ Obm. 2746; 
comp. abolden. 



C. T. n ll!l4^; in }one b^cheno wotlo n. 

Artii. 1713, 
brriilrn tee )K-ki)ion. 
bnl, yt.Saj-. IhhM, O.L.Gfrm. O.Fnt. lioJ, 

fifdh. liaili, 0. It. flerm. l>eti. |ieti. A«/. 

Ifctun, r.At. 1P0:17: Mand. KK; |Kit W^d 

AVENR, 31: /'iMJ. bodJ) Okm. 4418; ;il 

ml b«(liliif kMq CiiAtr. p. f. 98: Iredilo 

^<ifl<.y o. A. K. 9fi7; CnAuc. C. t, a 

4209: bediha ^;»/.; Braxd. 6; tomp, 

rhild-, ffl^ler-, ifntsbed. 

iH-Mlcliamljro SeMamlftr. Trkv. 2, 201; 
Laxul. n .'., 222. 

IrtddOth Me/oth, I'BoiUT. 27. 

bedfCre IIalijw. dict. 157. 

bollawir "f/im'piu". prompt. 28. 

IwdrOftf hdiry FRAflM. 4. 

fwdrodo. .t.Sar. hMriAa. liMroila, M. f.. 
(ierm. Leddcrodo, htHriddeu, "cliaieu*" , 
Toe. 2fi7; p. L. B. XXX, 57; Ciui'c. 
C. T. II 17r,9; Mas. bi.. F. 8964: bed- 
reden fpl) Uxol. 7. 101 (8, 85). 

bedstede bfdiUtid, prompt. 28. 

bedntrau hfdttraic, kbauu. 7 ; bedstru 

WiCL. M. 6, 7. 

bedhmo heJit'uuf, n. a. x. 324- 
bH ^ ibod? bode />)/7 Mauk 0, 29 fthe 

earhfr tert has v'Bbcdii). 

bcdliQs. v/.Stfx. bedbns, Mat. 21, 13. 
brildr, O.Friw. bedda, M.ff.Cn-m. belta, 

= il^ddpy o, A. s. 1500*. 
bfddiri, A.SaT. beddiati, OM.Grrw. bolU»n, 

W, in Ittto nUacarr. \,sx. tjri.^S; Iwddcn 

u. M. 43; Ohm. 2712; HAvtL. l2!Jo; 

liAKHL. B 2. 97; l}od<l9(l (pari.) IIavrt,. 

2771; bodde. ib&dde (/.} o. a. x. 9(58. 
bcddlux, J/.//.fV<Twi. bottiin;:o, be^iiiHg,"i,tra' 

Hwntum\ rRAOM. 4; bwlJini.'C ClUlTP. C. 

T. A IH16. 

W4«, O.L.fterm. beda, aA'm. bedp. O.//. 
Ctrm. botn. bito, iViifA. bida /., from 
bidden, fcrirf, "walio", i-kompt. 28; Lai. 
25514; Ohm. Il-'ii'.; .*.t. okk. a. kx. 
137/.; »A»L. 13S5; Gmw. 2. 372: Am. 
A. Amjl. 2351; t>(e)tis b(p)tidtf iiitM. I. 
65; bmlKn. bc.>ili>n />/.; Jmi. I1>722 4c 
31395: bpndeii iiom. 1, 49; a. k. 1-10; 
bode uific. .%6: liOilc^ AY^KTi. 141; Wiu.. 
3024; if i biddp ilni btMlem IiAkoi.. it 5, 
407 ; liediS aphaei'nlnf prfMfttrinf. PL. m. 

fl28; A poire uf bedes Lanou u 1ft, 
CliATr. C T. A l.'»9; l)fiden ^rfai. j* 
ciiRtiN. KsoL. 494. 
bodoliOi*, M.IF.Gtrm. tntebaa. htad'kou 

Mist\ 39. 
hRilouiaii, I'OiidtMinni. MM.Gfrm, betemi 

iifad'inati, I.AXr.i,. 3, •!('> (47): bpodenii 
A. n. 3r)0. 

Ik4rf*rd, A.Sax. Itedttufonl. IMJord, He 

brdrl <<v hiidol. 

brden, O.L.firrm. bedon, O.Ft.Gorm. beta 
Z)*'!!]^ : n;t m:iii iiulde 8i!<l bede beoden i 
li&ore Aluto I<\i. 25.1 1 4 ; bpde (K'TAV. 91 
ic . . . btdde tii|T Jt l«de Orm. 1833 
bedes IIavri,. 2392; bodP /'**(*/"•> *'*"* 
B. 102 (9, 9(>); his bodes lM>daiid niK 
ntid dei Halliw. dict. 15(f. 

brden tte bcifdcn. 

bee, J.^ifx. beti. 0.1lM<rm. Ha/., 0./« 
b^ «., Jw, 'V/*!*"*, voc. 177; rBostrr. 2 
bi Liirti. Jki. P. 88; been fplj misc. 14 
PL. CR. 727; boon, bees Wirr,. nKtiTi 
1, 44; A awarm of been Ciialx*. C. 
» 204. 

bccM w benn. 

bf f M» buef. 

brfra nv haffen. '^ 

b^) nv bcAli. 

b*j«, M.HMfrm. (Ke)boiij?i» rpUmtlJ? rm 

b^isum, ^fnn. beuf.'Haui? ohfHimt, KaI 
IS 05. 

brjrit .4.'S>fx be^en. ^'o/A, bai. /«rf. ami 
&r. 5|iip<u; beitm. beicn, boine (bai 
Lai. 2531. 2543 & 32137; ^i WbJ 
boil) tWL-ioii /'/?W. amboduo) 30038; bel 
Sax. riiiinv. 2r>5; beie Bkv-«s 121 
jiat . . . jt'n^'e wt-re beie fm: beye) lU 
47; bale Abth. a. Mkri.. 152K; nf hi 
beien ffar Uml Obm. 15091; Ui. ./*.«i 
b.^, /rt/. snitiai' /.. A. Sax. Im, bn, <?« 
ba, Z>r/. amh<> n., Orm. 373; b(\ tan 
k tals Katii. ii:>ii; hiit bh^d & bis bn 
tiA wonrcii t'Mlafirte I.At. 14<^0; mid «fa 
dc beo wiTL'ti liA IwA ^A>t/. ambodi 
2399; W iyh Mark 2. 22 tthf Mri 
tfxf h*t» bii tti): h\ Ipii bi5) boiidon Ji 
48; k) bi dpi St U nibt mm. 1. 24 
bo Pl. a. bL. &47: p. r. 157; An 




6763; 8. 9. KD. Web. :t04; b<^ pivtiti) 
Cije 0. A. s. 090; ^ai pwles liii were lo 
Hub. 229; bo t<^ Jus. 300; bo, boa a. 
a. tiO & 212; boo ibac 3; beiro /'jw./' 
HUM. I, yO; Lai. 5283; Kath. 1790*; 
M- A. H. 1584; Fl. a. Bl, o34; Uub. 
197: Bks. 128; Laxuj.. » 2, 6t>; bil 
[/^/.; I.AI. i>S04; of hem V. c. l. 1454; 
In bo t|»o bia hondon a. h. ;J!)G. 

WjcH, biijtin, A.>itix. liii'^'ari, lij^gaii, O.Fria. 
bcja, O.IecI. boyirja, M.ll.Germ. boufjeii, 
yi-oM biijen, iisy, ^^ed^rt, Jul. 27; he 
in<H noilo boicn L.u. 1051; wban i no 
mui bid liurte so buiu /'nm. burs) B£:k. 
1529; unC|»o bo mijte bie /'ma. bye) his 
rug p. h. s. XVII, ltj7; bticil ^/rw./' a. 
K. 2tit); ho bt'ioJ a iliiu tnpariJ ^o hia 
Joorc^urJe heaveil ik>m. I, 203; ant bu- 
je)) mo to groiiode bkl. ant. 1, 1 22; 
bt'i fimjtrrj La). 5008; beih l>o to mo 
HUM. L, '211; bOifl {sabjuacl.J •asvk. 81; 
)iat hit no breko no LOie h. h. 15; biM- 
de fpret.J Jul. 77; |'u bj?U(o) fiat Lii 
hijbdo hire Kath. 2-liiU; liMo fms. byilo) 
p. L. s. XVII, 108; &. hire »;iioop biii-;- 
dcn Mark 15, 19; bcif,'hoii Alis. 4;i73; 
Scuttca & Bnittca bdidon tO gudoroa Lai. 
5178; btihfld (part.) iioM. 1, 277; &imp. 
a-, ibt'jcn. 

iKjcadlicb, .^. i^ix, |j;o)l)c.>^'onilllc, humhk : 
mid bi'icullcbo wordou Lai. 4930. 

li^U, /row bagfro? 4fy, ''mtndicare^, promj't. 
28; boggoa A. B. 35(j; bogHO Langl. a 
6, 195; Chai7(;. C. t. a 4525; IriLMit. 

brggra «m bu^'geii. 

b^fgcre imfffar, IfonN rd. Bit». 1 1 33; Chauo. 
0. T. A 242; bit is be^t^mres rlhto vor 
t« baren bwrpo on bac a. b. lf»8; beg- 
geree /"/'/.> avkxh. 30; LAJciL. prui.. 40. 

Wggfrle ieyyciry, Langl. b 7, 8H; M'jcl. 
PBOV. 24, 34. 

krRgrMrre mendictu, Ciial-c. C t. a 242. 

I"«5«'b (bepfc'cd) vKTudioatio? Lanol. u 9, 
1*18; goon a bepffud OiiArr. C. T. v 1580. 

beggUil m^udufu: boppilJe/'^ex.y A. B. 108*. 

bcgglBge begging, "ntfndktUio', prujupt. 28; 
trtp on b«Brpinco Makb. 207. 

M Mv bcab. 

brlrH AV bojoTi. 

bcllf Awrf. twgoL bygol, (rtirm. bfih'ol? bail, 

' fl/Mrt ^ w. A. I. 23. 
beilfii »<■)! buiton. 
bfk, J. Sax, bacc (?), O.Tcel. bckkr, a/T 

<;cf«i. bacli, A«i, "riculm", voc. 239; 

PKUMPT. 29; L. II. B. 82. 
brk Mw boc. 
bektiij i-V. becnuor, lUtL barcaro, >weA; bo- 

ked ^i^rrt.; A. H. 84; bekedo /"/^rrf.; 102; 

biked (?) Ans. 2337. 
hiktm btfii fbcakj, /overe: \*> Lolke bis boo- 

ues i'Lus. 99; A softe bi'kindo bii.J mom. 

i, 2tJ9; b(!-ltouiiil Iw. 1459; i Itokod mo 


bekkeH =: bukuiou? htck, Ni^U/rv: bukko (prt/sj 
CiiAnc. C. T. 390; bekkos mib. pl. 193; 
bokkcd (prd.) CiiAuc. TaoiL. 2352, 

bvknr, bcekuii, A.Sar. beacon, l.'6cn, O.Frit. 
bj\kcH. bOkcii, O.LXierm.hi^Kiiw, O.lf.dcrm. 
^uucbuQi btaci/n, tignum, "pharua", Pifuupr. 
29; b6kiie, b6koHO Laxgu b 17, 202, 
.: 20, 228. 

iM^kiiietij .•/. Sfir. boavnian, bocnan, 0, L. 
O'erm. bi'Ciuaii. O./lMmn. iiuubriori, bei-i^ 
vHt eiffiii/c'tre : )ic uiic bccniou sciil)oii) 
. . . td driblotkOiS dumo fuauju. 7; h&c- 
nion La!. 21938; b^cncn Onii. 223; 
bcknin, bOkiii "ttutfire", pbhsu-t. 29; bek- 
ned (in&. bokned) (pm.j ael. ant. I, 
215; bt'keuido, bikeuade (prtt.J Wilu 

UKKIiR Al'. 21, 40. 

bfkifuKV) A.S&x. bcaouuriK, btcnunj.', hfckw- 
iiiff, •^HHtiu", pBuMi'T. 29; bikoiiing Wici.. 
Gt:st,b. -12. 0. 

li«14 Ml* bould. 

keMfj A.l^tx. bipld'j, byldo, ^.//.OVrm.hatdi, 
GolL baljici, from beitld, /ortiittdt, eouragt, 
p. L. s. XXX, 104; Fi.oa. 702; Ci\w. 
050; M. ii. 37; rtnoEV. 1412; bi a 
cbildB tif litil bolde iivercouieii i am in 
mill eldo c. m. 12237. 

bKldcn, J..S'iTx. biuldan, byldui. O.LMtrm. 
boldian, WHifort, encourage: tO boldon Jfc 
to frOfreu Ouai. 002; t>elde lai lk fr. 
231; Iw. 1220; boldest fprta.J c. l. 
348; bolded a. b. 102; bildo fimptr.) 
KoLAM. 3; balde {pret.} Jn,. 8; belden 
Laj. 8636; beiJod (pari.) Ohh. 2746; 
iomp. Jtbelden. 




brldni rre buMcn. 

b^lra »'(f bn?lan. 

fcrljfn, J.&ix. O.L.Ocrm. O.JI.Gatm. liol- 

irau, O.Icfl. belgarO /at/. lM>If;inn, Mlj/, 

(umfrv, iraasi: hseWx fpret.) Lai. 15833: 

boljhen fpart.J Orm. 714&; eomp. a-. 

an-, jobeljeu. 
bril, A.Sitx, beljr. bylj:, 0./«/. bcljir (hul^.t/, 

O./f.Oerm. bnip fToZ/'W. CoiA. balps 

(ioxoj), /row beljCD, JW/y fbaffyj, M/tfie, 

teHtfr, i-a. f. 679: bcli "/on'*, voc. 171; 

bclou "/oUi'm", 180; ImsU, ImjIu Win-. Jrr. 

6, 21>; boH "MN/cr", bylou "/WAV, rKoiii-r. 

30; beli, bull venter, Chaic. C. t. c 5.14; 

bftli B. 8. V; PL. t:it. 763; m. t. 200; 

belieK fpfj a. b. 284; belies l8L*»tt. 412; 

belies, balies L.vnol. psol. 41; & poir 

belwis w. A. I. 2:); bnlioh IticvTiu. 22. 

bclinakcd Ciiauc. C. t. k l:t2tj. 
brlkra, J.Stix. bealcian? Mefi /■belij; bellic 

Town. Mtsr. 314; hn)* belkid nut 'Whc 

Ucit'\ WicL. V9. 44, 2. 
bfMf, -i..S»JJ. O.Itutch bolle, Ac//, "atm/hiiid". 

i'jjojirT. 30; L.vt. 2V>44L; La.nul,. u r»oL. 

16S; belleti />/.; fbaiiu. 7; I^i. lt)92lt; 

UoHx Ku. lIuRSTM. 1294; Rob. nO*J: 

belies Obm. 1»01; Masd. 243. 

bellttlrrcm Orm. 1>22. 

hollejeior pikimpt. 30. 
belle (miea, Tbkv. 1, 403; ak. ut. 12; 

AXT. Arth. XXIX. 

brlleu, A. Sax. bellat). O.lI.Gtrm. pellon. 
belleri flatrarr/, O.htt. bfilla /impingrrfj, 
Mi; bellin "muyt'te", I'Rohi-T. ;J0; |tl' 
bole bigan tA belle rru ant. 2, 19; m 
lonile aa beUe|> wind diAi'r. n, v. 1K03; 
bclliiiK od A b<i1o Will. 1891; bollen 
fpart.jTA&vv.^ 334; b.illen "iH/uti",\\'m.. 
1 C4<R. ■>, 2; Ijf'llen hertcs Ciiai-i-. cosiri>. 
UL. Kx. 101 ; il bltKldre ibulleii ful mF 
plmto A. r. 282; (»>iN>r. tobelloii; dtrir. 
belle, b^tlle? 

brlUigr, O.IlAitrm. pellunca /htratntj, 

"mufft't'*t\ VBOMPT. 30. 
heh, .I.Sax. bolt, «./«/. belti. 0.//.OWm. 

bah, Xflj. balteas, helt, "lotta", vur. 231; 

Iw. 253; belto fdaf.j Ciurc. C. t. a 

ht\U ■'agcuria", prompt. 30; "tmny", vor. 

X63j X. t. 13. 

Mveflj O.Jeel. beija, A. Rax. byl^ranT 
/dm, magire; belwo Uuw. 2, 72; l. ii. ] 
145; cmi , . . jtat volde belwe affa 
boIe« Langl. b U, 333. 

b^ Mv beam. 

b^Hirr, A.SfiT. ti^iuoro, '*Micm'', frAQ] 
2; A. H. 210. 

b^Mff, A. Sax. btfuio, b^mo, troatpft, Mapi 
34S; PR. c. 4t>77; bOmcu ('p/.y] 
7: A. R. 210; K'Uiou (limine*, bQino:^) l^i 
44G2, 5107 & 5S74; bt'itica Wili*. U5i 
K. T. 499; Isfsnt. 429; b6mene I'ya 
p/.> Lai. I992t>; hum. 2, 113. 

b^mfR, A. Sax. b^iaian, tound the trompi 
A. K. 210. 

li^aeH «w beamiou. | 

Mm iM be«ii. ' 

henrhf , A. Sax. \rtsnc, O. L. Germ. 0. FH 

beuV, O./ef/. bcltkr, hrneh fbcnkj, "tarn 

fiMw", PROMPT. 30; p. L. s. XXXV, 11 

Lakol. 4, 32 i-l."); Arth. a. Mbhl. 2331 

bcncbu fdat.J Obm. 14087; rkl. axt. '. 

1K7; Horn kd. Li'M. 3*".9; benko Ma: 

Ki). If. 5«; beiiche i'/*/.; Lai. 24872; bei 

kc8 Orm. 15231; comp. kinc-, eideboocb 

bmrfaen bench ; bcncIiRil (part.) Chau 

Tboil. 1914; ibeuchoil pl. «.*b. 201 

bonkpd Ok3I. 15231. i 

bcnkluftf i>r-nchhtg, Obu. 15232. < 

heui, A.Sax. bend m. /., a/Ht. bendo'J 

from binden. bend, vinatlam, "vitta", to 

197; Ouw. 3, 11; CaACC. r. l. 8H 

w. A. 1. 35; bin tiinffc! bend Mark 

35: D^DDO bend atkmi. 48; mid iA 

bendo of pulde sic bafde his bjltfd I 

vimpo Lai. 24747; bcndea fpl.J i\ t,. I 

\m. 95; A. R. 382; iimh. 2,* 03; 3Ul 

53; Rob. 58; hcndp.t, iKtnde o. A. ' 

1428 & 1472; |*e binff beuui dude iC 

t>endu Lai. 11KA2; bondeti (dat. p{ 

Mat. 11, 2; Lai. 587; bcndo Bek. 15; i 

TKXH. 220; LI b. di»c'. 252; froin dea^i 

hardo bondo Shorkii. 124 ; comp. blMbeg 

WMlrl, 0.f>. bcudel, O.If.G.rm. bcadel, 1 

/re/, bcndill, fasciu, Iticu. 29G4; beiid^ 

Man-. ki>. F. 10043. \ 

bradcii, A.Sar. bondan, O.feef. bcnda. M 

fivcUre, tendmr§: bende Octav. 1021 

bemle hire browe^ Tkkv. 1, 9; bel^ 

"(nJff", PROMPT. 30; bende fprH.J FU 



8r.9; Oow. 1, 23-1; Eoi.AM. 204; bonda 

(li)is Uiwo Bob. Iti; bend fpart.J *vy.v. 

8^; ibent c, u 743; ateitb. 174; ««;/. 

h^M, A. Sax. b*n, 0. /«/. Imph (liifen), bem 

(hem), frteatio, rog»lio, Li7Kk 1 , 13; 
I HOM. 1, U7: Oiui. llSIt; R. s. I; bt. 

^^^OK5. A. EX. 2511: Horn kd. Lum. 50H; 
^^" SuuHKH. 4 7 ; AYKsii. D'J; spkc. 58; iir.i.. 
[ AXT. 1, 113; Wnen ^rfrf/. />/7 Marh. 14; 
I tee bono. 

I War, O.lceK bcena? graeioua'/ a. v. 3, 418; 
I |>cue pei Wne r. l. ji. VIII, 170; ccmp. 
I unbOne. 

d^nr «-f^ boane. 
brnrffi, bonfcot, bioiifnil. O.Fr. tMeiLrtiil, 

firHrfit, liAKtll.. Tl T,, I'M, c. S, 42; bpoe- 

l fot Wkl. Ksiii. 16, Hi; ViBtirnit G<iw. 

f 1. ;^04. 

brnrlirC) O.f'r. benefice, 6<rttejttr, CoAirc. C. 

IT. A 291: boneOcos fplj ayknr. 42; 
Mmc 317. 
bcaflxda, O.Fr. henvhim. imiuoti, hene^idio, 
IIavkl. 172:1; lienisiiii Chauc. 0. t. b 
X^dh; beiiiMXin Mas. kd. F. 6961. 
Wiit);iir, />■- bcnin. henign, Chauc. C. t. a 

brnij^tiH^j Ft. boniimit^, bmmjnity, CnAt'C. 
I', r. II IfitiS. 

hfulif »ee benrli«. 
i beat, L.Venn. bcnJ {prtditni)? benl, mmptu, 
I liAW. 25'J; over Jio bnVIo bont DumiKir. 

k200; bcnto fttat.J .Iu>. 150; Cuaii'. C. 
T. A 1981; opon jip bente b«r« ant. Ahth. 
XLIV; i wailt on hiw bent Town. sirsT. 
101: bepUa /'p/.y Fi.ok. 1040. 
-r*1, O. J/.Vsrm. binuz, A*'«/, ftmctu, vot". 
I'll: A, p. S, 302. 

bc0i, A.Sax. Icod, O.t.GcriH. biuJ, 6WA. 
faiQds, 0. 1/.Oerm. biet m., <>. /(y/. biodr 
i»., Mud n., /rcB» bewdcn, i<ii/(r,- betide 
fdai.j r. L. ft. Vni, 132; biodo iiom. 2, 

bfMir MM bede. 

brodra, beodu), ^.Sax. boodan. biodan, 0. 
L. Gtrm. biodan, 0. Fria. bitula, biodii, 
GUh. (iiiia-, faiir)liiuilaii. 0. leef. biottit, 
O.II.Gtnn, tiiutaii, biutan. bictoti, hid, no- 
ium j'licerf, nitwhtre, f<iwr«, tv&carc, ojem, 
mandare, fuben, uok. 1, 13; bwdon a. 

n. 114; and I6tto bM<len alio \>A biVarva 
Lai. 32124; beoden & liodion Kath. 
1480; bciwlc spkc. 42; uiin eraiule for 
to boode Bkk. 1408; beudo, bode o. a. 
K. .130; b6din "o/wW, pwhipt. 28; bHo 
Huns KU. LrM. ■1»>2; Havfl. 1»j65; Man. 
Ki>. F. 11774: Haw. 374; Min. H); ir. 
<:. 51158; and w.-ldp liim batail boJe 
Tkiam. 072; luiUo (yrct.J avow. Arth. 
XIX; bended, bont a. b. 194 i 208; al 
)iat tc >rod.'*iicl bcndcti {m». bo«)ildo]i|>) Obsi. 
4J117; bMoJ' 15745; (is^kI A* bid u. a. 
N. 1487: to thilko bciuoiir \f>X jo nio 
bC'de C'HArr. 0. r. k 3(i0; bead /^;iri'(.v' 
A. R. 230; boail, bid st. obw. a. kx. 
900 & 10t>9; biiui Avi;s». 41: bjed, bed 
(bead, biuh Lai. I.SH21 k 23407; biiid 
0km. 11790; bi'd Katu. 441; K^.d. lOU; 
CHEOX. Knci.. 122; Tbist. 3. 28; AST. 
Ajitr. L; and bed alio gttdne dai p. x.. 
s. IX, 200: beed an. lit. 11; bad "wiim- 
AnfiC, I'K. c. ti275; jc budea bore Torde 
Lai. 5I4t>; biidon 11k:k. tiiks. 1, 225; 
Am. a. AMn.. 896; J>iU bodcii heni landea 
Im'ide Tkxst. 3, 31; hv boden him brin- 
pen Qt . . . dfl men st. hex. a. kx. 
10*»7; bodo Ku«. 379; budo ('vhj.J ho«. 
1, 13; bttdon fjmrt.J Ohauc. i- u. w. 
3f>0; r. M. 10683; tiavod liom budca 
i^'tdmi dai ST. OKN. a. mx. 1430; wBro 
bodcn (bods) td |ie bridale LasaL. d 2, 
3G (.".4): Imdin Lnm.. m. p. 258; b«do 
Guw. 1, 12; comp. a-, bi-, fiu'-. i-, on- 
beodcn; dcrir. ht»d, bodo, budel. 

bc«f tee bi:>ef. 

biligc Wny, AVKMi. 1D3. 

bmi, ^. .v».r. beou, bii>n, Lai. fore, ©r. 

^'JEtv, Sfimc. Jj^- l^tippN UI.I»SH. 248, tw 

/.KiTsniK. 10, 439, if, Kath. 502; ["O 
seal- boon \^ bot Lai. 701; ))at ich kioB 
boon mK'i 13082; boou iaoien r»'rf#rt, a. 
a. 94; boon, bnn uom. 1, 5 &, 159; o. 
A. ». 2(J2 k 1195; l?at jo upor lihtlac 
Ifto^ Iftu fomiUiti$J Iti99; beon, ben 
Obm. 21 & 10255; boon, beo Bm. 105 
Jt 107; hepn prompt. 30; bfrn Mas. kd. 
F. 24; bicii iiom. 1, 219; misc. 26; buon 
BPRc. 25; H. II. <t7; bee Kolam. 3t>f5; 
li\t ]>i iorwo b* fomittej Havkl. 12()5; 
lAt |)C humnuur bo Cuacow C. t. s 1281^ 




bi (m*. by) SiiuBifii. 128: aykxb, 5; s. 

9. KU. Wb. 5:irt; [lL0 HKL. AXT. 1, 1 1 0; 

Itoe J, 2H: ti heonue hum. 1. 195; 
l>eaD, beit, jt.Sax. Iwou, O.t.GfriH. hium, 
O.H.Germ. bim, bin, /'/»«*7 L\j. :39-i5 
i; PS43; I'lite ich huljtiti )iino help no 
bcu ich Drvcr blitlo imm. I, lt>7; sj^a 
miu'ho . . . icli bou /"p. r. ipiinle) tuta 
I'O loovero -In,. 17; bio fm*. h\•^>) AIat. 9, 
'^\', Ih:< hum. 2. 17; bcoi^t, bUt L.\i. 3D&3 
& t)S37; bi^t Mi!!c. Dt!; ^pec. 72; Ixtst 
iioM. 2, 2tl; OfiM. 2455; s. s. kd. Wkh. 
]<>63; bcD UKL. AXT. 1. IHt; |n>u bes 
boapeJ tHtpemitri*, UEtiitKV. 839; bid n. 
8. V; *wa ltd w{ulrsc biJ {\fiij L\(. 072; 
id uwrje wajne hit il:fi liu<] 1tt-lS4; OiM 
a4>fto 04 bo is hor anu lierd bo bid t>or 
A. K. *JOI; bLK))), h«)i Oflv. lr;7 ii 2(;H:t; 
bed liT. OfcN. A. KX. IS2; Utib. inis Ha- 
VKL. 12GI 4: 2007; (wo. jp, jit, boo) 
beod A. ji. fj; I>oi.<|> I'HutxAM. 2; Ali«. 
20: bead. bui>)t. b.i^ u. a. x. 75, !)] I & 
1227; beoil. )iiid fben|i) Lai. 500:t i: 
50D'.>; bio(i Hkk. tiik»*. I. 222; avknu. 
1; le|) lliin. 7; trani^ait. 19, 320; ru. 
CK. 'Ihi; bend, boon Kath. 193 i iiOr,; 
b»>|>, bi'th, K'U Lamil. 1, 6 £ 3, 27 
(28): l«\tb. been CiiArc. C. x. a 17H; 
\m^. I«6n Will. 946 & 4417; b<^n How. 
2, :t70; Mam.. :;.; Wici,. .!ohk K, 10; 
al )uit tiio bi bda ^mn/. rivuntj hmm. 2, 
179; liooil {im/ierj l.At. 19172; bolb 
Wiij.. 3797; b6« Uavki.. 224ls he-. 
/'lui/.; Lai. 4; a. a. x. 1225; \M l>e.> 
ftarUff vvrtim |»«f) f" Maiik 15, IS; 
h«« bc<in A. B. K; n. a. x. 1221; Iwun, 
Wn (p«ri.) Obm. 2311 & 8399; bon 
Laxol. b 11, 23R; bieu Max. kd. II. 
34; btn Toll. 3ri9; ibeoii (beoK) hw. 
832ft; ibo«'D, ibcii p, i.. h. VIII, 2; ibien 
UicK. xxt^A. I, 222; iboo UftAXD. 4; i- 
bec Bicu. 5138. 
fcwir, J.Stix. li6or» O.Fri*. biar, bier. O. 
JfMrrm. Mor «., O. /«■/. M-irr w., A«t, 

MTWUM, FIlAilM. 4; IIOIUI Kl>. liIT". 

1108: I'Cur. b«r u. A. n. lOM: bOr G.iw. 
129; \»on(ttQi.j Lai. 13542; bpro Horn 

kD. IlliRSrl'M, 1148. 

W«r« ttt borv. 

Wmf) tev ber}. 

bnriirB, .t.Sax. beorcnii, harkt juib. 13, 

103; berkiu "lalrart", phompt. 32; berko 

ATENK. 179; \Vu,L. 3.^: berkest fprM.J 

A. R. 122; bcorkod {liorkef.) Um. 21340; 

berk«t]i Liiki. m. p. 29; berkinde (pari.) 

bi;l. AST. 1, 2fit3; bark fpret.J Gnw. 1, 

221; Ixirkoii k. T. 400; burke ciutox. 

Vn.nn. 2.*i; comp. bDbcrkon. 
bcrkiir hirknr, "Mntlor\ pbumpt. 32. 
btvLlipc burling, latratiur. Will. 55; Tjlev. 

1, 83. 
br*rwr uf hwme. 
bctrn, b«»rn. bern, A.f»ix. boom, «>, Lai. 

1552, 7t>45 it 8083; |)ii li^orc beru p. 

u. s. XX, 57; benrn, horn Auii. ko. Sk, 

9 & 219; Murn avow. Akth. XLV; 

butrti, liuni Laxul. b 11, 353; burn 

Wti-b. 332; birii ant. Xbtu. Ill; bwr- 

ntw /'/»/.> Mine. 92; bioriies, Iwrnes, bur- 

tioti LAXuii. 3, 250 t2t>5]; benios u. it. 

39; boruuri Ubhhkv. 500; bomb fprinied 

boring) IsL'Mii. 4.^4; bumes Gaw. 259; 

buimiw J(w. 29; Ueruo /'arrw. pi.J spkc. 

5S; boitruvD /'<^^ pi.J i^At. 23408; beniQ 

Mtwr. 93. 
hrornrH ue brinnon. 
b<wt, A. Sax. beot, twnAw, Laj. i63SS ; 

€ump. iticot. 
bn»lli>ii, A.Sar. b(hiti:iii, incniKv: bootodeo 

^/Tf/.y Laj. 20521. 
bf«iixlr n-e tiiwitito. 
b«ovlfR AM bivion. 
bcnl «rp board and bren). 
b*rf, A. Sax. bera, O.U.Gfrm. bero, *«r, 

"nrW, puoAirT. 32; now. 2, 211; Havbi.. 

573; AYKKR. 15; Lanul. b IS, 294; 

CiLAiT. C. T. A 1040: Maxd. 291; btre, 

bmro K(>B. 202; bcoro Laj. 25590; .Vxia. 

1821; booro, boro a. b. 198 & 202; o. 

A. s. 1021; bflyrc, beare Jul. 72 &. 73; 

iMwre (s«n.J u H. b. 140; boro a. b. 

202; berea Laj. 22282. 

bwpfol Wii.i.. 2430. 

borcskin Will. 1735; CnAUO. C. t A 

buiewarU pbompt. 32; p p. 3ti4. 
bcff, A. Sax. iHsro vnc 287, lbboui. 3, 

313. O. /«■/. Iwr, cmp. O'oth. barueiv 

(xptftivb;), Zai. far? h»ar hordrum, voc 




I^H 264; AYKKtt. 141; c. m. I.t-^OB; eemp. 
^^^ polb«re. 

^^P bern, l>oriie, A. Sax. hvtarn, liern. hint 
^^K fhemj, "h/trfmm", Wini. hkitrb. 2K, 
^H 17; La.\ol. b 10, :}40; borne OitM. 
^B 10487; Trrt. 1, 17:1; Iiorno rd^tj o. 
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14771; Iwr a. &. 3fi8; p. s. 248; bar 

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^Vtku. .ir.7; Brash. 20; Chaiv. C. t. a 

corn Sax. rHR<iK. 2R2: jiat bar |»ftt blls- 
fiil» liANf!!,. 2, 3; \\x Kto misc. 38; 
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Orm. 2029; litVe Brk. 193; bOro (bierc) 
La*. 2o13: boron (pnrL) Orsi. 1)11; ii. 
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(peri.) r.. II. R. 140; b6rdo (pr^.) .Itn,. 
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beitr;en fdat, pi.) Lai. 20854; ber^i 
LuKK 23. 30. 

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Udim, 8T. flEV. A. KX. 926; eoinp. hals> 

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berie t'lui;*-. 0. t. a 207; borion fpij 
A. H. 276; boriw ht. (ikn. a. kx. 20ti'^: 
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R. XXXV. 1»2; beryl spkc. 35; A. i-. 1. 

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mm", vnc. L^^8; iBnMir. 32: Oem, IH>7; 
R. li. VII; riiAirc. C- T. 813; i- r. c. 
!t9: beitrtnc Mi$r. 1J$9. 

brmin "f/tmnarr", riKUirT. 83. 

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ImtctUunt". HHOMPT. 33. 

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rilir»; bcsuuttt Chauc. k. k. 110i»; be- 
SAOnt "mtfurm", Wirb. Kz. 45, 12; be)- 
snnx/'/jV 0km. 8102; l»etfans Alis. 1^72. 

besi ««p busi. 

bcuMf, A.Sair. bc&ina. O.U.Germ. beaaxno, 
liewaraa, //r#oirt, "^ftyw", i-komit. 33; a- 
VK.NU. 172; Wub. Is. 11, 23; besoine 
HUM. 2, S7; l>eKini<u /'p/.y Makii. A. 

bcti (br'st?). L.UfTiH. \iiif.i »., beste, 
Lat. bvtttiit /., hmtt, A. H. 48; BujtP. 
31: H iiko bfrit o. a. x. i><J; t>%t beat 
Will. 3113; boaj^t Kath. 20C7j beRt, 
bohtc Uavku 279 Jt: 1144; beiitd ht. obh. 
A. KX. 191. 

biwttlrh itKdiff, A. B. 5S: IwiwtlTrli H. 
u. 25. 

brvliilr, 0. /V. brstitillo ^irMt/y, Cuw. 2, 
138; besUillo AIanu. 284. 

b^llHgp, A.Sax. b^stiniT. /roM A.SaT. bowt, 
O.fl.Grrm. bii>st fcvioHrumJ, ItafttHg, "«#- 
tatirum", pRitiiiT. 33*. 

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ti'fnn. bet, bal, OJI.GtTM, bju. {e.wparj 
htt, tiuiim, A. a. 4lti; ot. okn. a. kx. 
236(>; AYKXB. 195; Octov. U9l; CuAVi:. 
C. T. A 242: Ihrtru I, 17S; r-tM. beU) 
OiM. 4660; mo luate bel <k a. s. 39: 
j|8 wel or Iwt Wu.u 172: tb love )Mit 
lond |»« b«t Rob. 107; p& bet Lavol. 
Ki>. Wk. 12738: Iwt. b»t lui. 1344H A 
28-'i)'>0; betero. ASar. hoten, betn m.. 
betore, betTB /. m., r>. Fm. betom, O. L 
Gfrm. h«Un. O./tff. botri, (•'4i>. [>ati2a, 
O.ff.Otnt. bniro, hM^-, mth'm; a. b. 
.110; «t>Kc 28; :fe1c vfnde ^j boon heter» 
^ne KHlet Lai. 24536; botprt* is au/i'u 
Mtf, .'>343: )<ct«rn!>. bet^r u. a. n. 713; 
lietero \*et9i atkhb. 102; betro mmx. 
Kxnu S83: hoCn bit i» fioM. 1. 49; H> 
bim 8\fih*l{ pr hetiv nire 153; botUn. 
bettre. l«Uer Uxfit.. 4, SO (93); Mtiw, 
bettor Chacc il t. a 250; betcr k, T. 




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LAt. 3740; Itest. A.>^ar. betst, O.Fris. 
Iwst, O.L.fhrm. O.M. hezt. O.H.Gemi. 
bozest, ffupirht.J hrd, oytimo, hoiu I, 7; 

A. s. ti; >roil laved lie bost CirArc. C. t. 
A 033; l) (be.4t) L.\t. 2(UJ0(i; betfit«, 
A. Sax. lietHf:i m., IjirtsLu /. «., O.FriM. 
beftta, f/«//i. Iiatistii, O.ll.Cpru*. bczt^sto, 
Ar«f, opttmmt, Okm. 2!*-JS; l)D^te Ukk. 
1447; hero hoAte fnr tu iln Bob. Ill; 
"pe boste mon a. b. 882; lii» bezsto 

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ijaaninr, Mas. kd. K. 12088. 
brlr, A.S^x. b6te, Za^ Ik-U. A«-<, voc. 190. 
b^lrl, A.Hax. b*tol, b^tel, M.L.Oerm. botel, 

M. H.Garin. bu^ol, //-imw hcatoii, AiV^/c. 

mtUfau. STtiR. 29; betil ritOMir. IM; biti] 

voc. 180; ;e ^rliulcn i^eon liuiiarn liaiu 

mit tos iIoc'Ups K'lles /'m*. Corr. Clkop. 

C. VI, rou 78, and Tit. 1>. XVIII, foi. 

4» botleg, Xero A. XIV. pol. 48 bett- 

It'X) A. R. 188. 

hrlH, vi..v«j-. Ii6tel fhlatlo), h^tth. voc. 355. 
brlcK. A.Sax. It-lau. btcta Bult. kv. oloss.. 

O.Fri*. beta, O./w/. bwta. from lOte, /'c<^ 

fititj, nnnidart, reparure, a. r. 92; Obm. 

4410; bt'ton ii! Ic opro binclion Katii. 

i4l>*i; K-t«ri, bii^t.u Laj. MJil i 18397; 

b6t6 0. A. ». 8ti5; MiRp. 41; Kon. 2yi; 

B. a. KD. Wkb. 2123; Amah. ku. Eons. 
IV; bote his no*lo Aus. .'iOfiS; rku ant. 
2, 278; onro seiowoK tj b(>to spkc 80; 
t/i U'tti |}e hinuo ii. ii. 225; liotB (bcM}- 
te) Itis liiincror Lanoi.. U, 23l» t7. 224); 
fires U'te CuAfc. C. t. a 2253; uettcs 
b<vte 3!)27; 16 ttvtcniie ff<*r bCtoune) iiom. 
1, 7; bC'tte (prrt.J Kath. 1210; all Ovc-r 
me |iat fi'ir Ix'ttf Lai. 28(;2; )>at Imr 

P bales liOtU> li n. iiisc. 2088; greet fir 
\e\ uiiilcr Kitten CiiAur. V.. t. n 518; 
bet ffMrlJ Bi-KC. 30; Will. ni)00; bcU 
Isi-Jui. 7li4: A briitbto fir wo] bott Pi;k- 
ncv. 4:i!); row^i. ilivteii. 
brim ttf boatoti. 
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brlrni, A.iiax. lietjian, O.Fn'i'. botoria, O. 

IJeti. Iwtra, O. U.Germ. bezenin, iW/<T, 
tncliorai-f : betit'il (iVfl.) PS. 12, 5. 
brd" wv biul. 

b^lM w b&de. 

b^ni, Q.l€ti. beida, jw/ffv, rc^iDv, bt. qbn. 
A. EX. 2498. 

beuld «rf bcult^. 

beTcr^ A.Bex, beofer, M.L.Gerut. bever, 0. 
JI.Gntiu biber, pibor. O. /«■/. biiTr, itfi. 
lil*r, hearer, vui-. 220; p. l. s. VIII, 
1S2; II.. m. 295. 

bcvorhiit Chalc. C. t. a 272. ' 

bpverUto)wp(l Gaw. 845. 
BctifLirlai lifvninj. prai^im. 5; Iteverlet 
MIBC lliJ. 

beierifEf, O.Fr. bovriiffo. hrveiage, Ron. 26; 
(Iaw, 1112. 

bi'irrrn,<>»rm, biberin, Lnt. libriiiiis? 
bis Ijevercn beni ant. Akth. XXVUl; 
bevcrino iukkcs n. Ahtii. JJtiUO; cmp. 

bnercii, L. Germ, bnvern, letrr, lr«v%^s : 
muni liiii^'litcs itljuko and beveroil u. 
d'Akth. I, 15. 

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bi, Im), Goth. lii. hif fhfj: wliaii fi man ia 
an ur|90 di'^l ami liiii n'liiU^ In fupiutj j^nil 
THKAT. 134; |iulke fuire wniiiiii:iii ^-^i 
stent, lii fadsi«tj \\m v. l. s. X, 10; ^ 
qvcne Jiat Ii ^ww. by) |»o sUh! spki*. 70; 
I'at \o. Iti «t.Kl 58; Rt>'nl liem bi Ohm. 
:i;l40; ty stnmlpn do bi st. oen. a. ex. 
3t>riti; bi jijlre see o. a. k. 1754; jio 
fuiieil l)i fcstoii Katii. 591; [iiit wuiif|^ 
iiire bi kckc. !><>; bl mire ttide Imi. 7879; 
hi echo »icle ItnAvn. 22; l>i )ii ^tile Jos. 
42; bi are balve lieo riJeii i<Ai. 94(i0; 
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147; alle )»at tC-r bi «Ad Katu. 1482; 
mi;ti,e) we . . . com(e) bl tvii skinncs 
Will. 1088; bi ^one to|ipd be bine n^uii 
Lai. 684; HretT . . . bi' bim one a. k. 
12; ben . . . bi hitn KPlfen fnulunj Ohm. 
822; |:ij bo^ wC>ru ilI bi hem ttclve Kou. 
104; bl jti'in ditgen iinu. 2, 47; l)i ^(m 
time Jul. 4; bi lime (itnipm-i} st. oks. 
A. KX. 10S8; II.iDK KI>. I.iM. iit;5; bi 
(laid II. A. K. 241; Ii ilijto Bi;k. 59; [-at 
icli no mni ii^eo lii (Ih>) lilile <». a. x. 
3Gli; jif ho »olIcl> mecbe bi ii&ro (in 
anncj K. o. 355; ul ^fa Int. ia bT mine 
W'liiro o. A. K. l:17;l; l-tr mm & pr^eost 
bi ]>c polo uuM. 1, 79; \>e I'ahetex ]>e 





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Krtmde u. a. k. 50ti: as hi wotitio bl ^o 
w.ide i'. L. b, XIII, 153; he fit '"uiaoli 
nut iu bl fo (lore W[<*l. Joiin 10, 1; 
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gind lliutx Rii. Lt'u. Iti'i; hit in u)>riton 
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I907D: scid uvel bl uu uJer a. n. 86; 
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La). 428B; ho(i scliul tihloii b) olme6M 
A. 11.414; uuhl no iiiiit )ie uuin til hriinl 
al aim lihbeii Ouu. 1I:H-1; bi <li Ivvo 
pvrmittu tw, ttr. ukv. a. kx. 28Gr>; bt 
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ac . . . bl ].ci)men Oku. JOtil; iIb luuiiu 
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c, h. 49o; bi ssMldvii bi ibor>c bo liim 

ATKJIB. 12. 

blj^ften. biafteii. l«iflcn. J.Saz. bca*ftaii. 
ba-ftan, /w/i. yott, La». 7.'i70, MliKlt Ai 
LitiO.'iT; bii'di'n iii>m. 1, ;i!); h« \H bi- 
ud^ni do tik'iiC di'-I >t. okx. a. kx. o:I77; 
lutHeti tifiu. 2. in^F; Olt». 140HS: 
iNtnon, baft Vfi. 77, CG; b^flo uie Mat. 
Ifi. 2:1. 

biburrcn &.r; blbaricO ^/wr^y a. k. 170. 

liibowdon fithcrv, ttiandart: biboul fptttj 

Hl.M. I. 22.'".. 
bibvrjcn, A.Snx. bebounjnu. warJ: & fiouo 

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and bobork)) iLllu ft'> fet bo mHi aykxb. 

bihK'doii, Germ, hoblulon, coirr *ritft h'oi>d: 

biblcd fpnH.J A. B. US*; Hkk. 2210; 

s. ». BO. Wb. 810; fc" f^round . . . bl- 

bled wa>i luid htt< bliido Sikibbh. 87; 

boblcd Muic 1034. 
bibh'ydeiieu hhodg, or.imlare; l)ii>hVlctro 

(imjtfr.) A. It. 292; biblMdo^^ot fjHtrt.j 

Makh. :t. 
boblotion Hot.; boblotie fimptr.) Ciiaoo/ 

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hchnd, biboile. A. Sax. uibtid. commamd, 

HUM. I. 125 k 221; bib^-de (dat,) p. 

L. 8. VUI, i;il* 
bibdjeOr A. ifix. bl-, bebAgati, dttlittat*, 

fiiffive: bibii^b ^fTii^.; L.\i. 8t<>3; boi> 

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104:fti; A. It. 21B: buburio Hiui. IGG; 

\A beborionno May. 8, 21; bibiiriede 

fftrtij Katit. 2227; biburjedcn La». 

15071; boboicd /"partj atknii. 203. 
hirm^bon Mprir, tlni'ptTf, hou. 'j. UO; 

bik:icho Ki:i.. ant. 1, IHII; bicuhto /"^r^tf.y 

UuHK KD. Bits. 063; bikoht /iJrtfi.; 

Orh. Iir>2l; himujt a. s. uji. Wkb. 

838; Irtttijt AVKMt. .14. 
hicallt'n iffti//, tQMptUare, ncemart ; bicalle 

fpretj A. J'. 1, i'12; bccallo axt. Abtil 

XX'XIl; bicallotl sr. op.n. a. ex. aOl-l. 
hicAKtcn «'N>< nround, nuiin're: biauto vi^ 

bolohaden Uiianu. 5. 
hichanatsn charm ; bocbarmo)' fff^-i a- 

TKSH. 257. 

bichorreu, A. Hax. bocerran fcoHrtrirrr/, 
ivdmre. drerive, A- n. ^AH; hifliarren (bi- 
choorro) Lai. 'ifil* & 5:)55; birbPrro 
3US1-, 4i*; )>ii bicherrcfft (bidHtrruHtl 
38:17; ho birlicrroil moiiio miU (A ^ 
8to(e)ko noM. 1, 53; hirhenlo fprel.f 
iiiuf. 2, 59; Kath. 1188; birhcrd fp^ttj 
I*. 1.. ft. VIII, ir>f); A. B. 224. 

bicbirmcit chirm, tcrram aktnU; hi mc M- 




iinn«|i (Iiicliormot) ami bi^rMel^ n. a. 
s. 2 7 If. 

|jiclu|))>o cinp ahotti, CiiAur. C. T. o P. 

birlurton bmhirt: \»i\t epAtol [yak spa bi- 
clartfld ti leor ihim. 1, 27*.K 

biclofipioii, A.Strx. boclortjjian, appeal, tte- 
etmf, A. II. 344: ^isc. 0|; biolepiomi, 
biflupien i'. l. s. V 1 U, Til ; |itit ho 
schuhlo fraui )>ulko ciu't bklipio tO f^ 
kingo ItKK. tiOO; wo boclept»fi {la duiu 
i\ L. -196; bii'Jit')i<ppil. Ijtcleped (partj 
u. A. N. .'ir>0: :'t prtic'^t ... f>at i>f 
Tnui»l»;£ wa-^ lii*:lip(>il Wyx. :jti.'). 

bi".'lupi»oii, .J.Ni/j-. bi-. bcflypiian. amp/ecK, 
A. u. !tO; boclippo How. 2, OA; MATm. 
52; bivlippeti ''aimpii-ctwifni", WuL. PS. 
47. 13; bii'lupto (prtt.) La). 20770; 
Kmi. :iO't: bi.-Iipto r. i.. s. XII. r>il; 
b^clopto AYKNii. 24U: bidupped f part J 
U03I. 1» 30r, biflipptwl 'I'bkv. I. 179. 

biolftscn^ A. Sax. bocl^.iun, inchtv, Lai. 
1S02U; \i\c\(\A\ Knii. TiriS; bicliiHile 
/';»r<<.y L.U. ISilM; Ikliisoil fpuH.J 
KKAau. 7; A. B. ;i7S; biclftj'pt Kath. 

lucloten ehtU; biclOto fprra. mper.J a. 

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Ki'H. 447ft: laNriL. » HioL. 204; bo- 
kni'WDn G<w. l, iJ2; bekiiAwu ayehr. 
132; iDon hpi nnltn |t6 bicinJpe n. s. 
I; bikn^lwo CjiArr. CI t. a 1558; bim 
ftno Ui liikni'iwo SnoK k ii. 9 5 ; hikti(>ivo 
fprtf.J Gaw. 238."*; yif i beknOwe ml 
name Am. a. Amu.. 127P; hvikvim ^pret.J 
ATKNu. 215; biknovcfl Ij.\>-4jii. s 19, 
145; htkiiAwe fpari.) Abtii. a. Mrri.. 
435; bo WAS bikixSvo [tut Kimeuild wcd 
(li)U nwo IloHN V.H. Kits. !i!'3; be wus 
lKtVn>iwo Mill, 2t72. 

belmAwtnpo eogniiio, ayksh. .126. 

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lloia Kii. Liii. 1004. 

bicravon crate, kt. hkn. a. kx. 1.188. 

bicumo ? 
biciiinolK-, M.I/.fi'crm. bokomonllch? Jlir- 
eaminijf^, HUM. 1, 120; bicuincllch 2, 
127; bicimiohche fadvj kci.. akt. 1. 

bicomen, A. Sax. bi-, boctiman, becomy, 

ffrfrvm'rp, retnire, conrimire, A. H. 64; ne 

moi u:)u mau bicuni:iii t<t niino beoveiv 
Irdie fcilvrc itu.vt. I, ll!>; J^iit irli wulle 
bicumon (bioomo) fiin imm Lai. S4S2; 
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Iiim ]^nMo bifumen i) freoboron bunlo 
.}vL. <>: bicomo IltiK. 40; so bit bicu- 
me}) t<^ bavokoa cunuo o. a. n. 271; 
bicftiu /*/»r<'^y Lasgl. d 5, 403; it 80 
Uawa HT. HKN. a. bx. 2007; becaiti 
Hand. 231; Jtt-r wistc ii 'in whir be bo- 
cani (iow. 2, 1 20; bii'iim Katii. 1503; 
i£. II. 48; f>o bim liiwta swiilo wel La(. 
isllil'; bit bicoDi me purse a. «. 310; 
p6 hit bicom }iiit he ba^ttt u. a. n. 105; 
bk'jnion Havel. 2257; bpn fc> lourtfi 
bicijnioii L.\t. 10,1; bicmnpti fparij a. r. 
340; luicbol si>r;,'0 is mo hirnmen st. 
OKN. A. KX. 2227; bicomen v. l. ». 
XX.X, 22; bicom© VVn-i-. 322. 

liiijvcsta hcqtu-if, Las(jl. « 0, 87; Man. 
];i.. n. so. 

hif\vt»(1o». J.Snx. bt-. l*c'i'oJ:m. b&jitfath: 
bo'iwotiiin "Iffjare", vkumi-t. 31; lii'beit 
. . . smcrcn iind pintlen and bitivoilen 
fiHiiifrr«yj ST.. OKN. A. KX. 244fi; ic im 
■pUo soiri^on , . . Ii-pat ['ut pnrd biqvoli 
iroM. 1, 75; biqvftl {bicwuf') fprft.J 
h\f. 01l>0: bifivo> Eon. 3S1; bitivjiji 
(Jam. i*I>; lieiivefoa fpffrtj pl. m. 4011; 
bi(|vel?e Tbev. 1, 5. 

biqvide /fyncy, Ititn. 3H1; beqvidc atkivu. 

liicispkn, A.Stix. bi-, bedifelau, prrmra; 
bidn>le-I fjMtrtJ Ohm. 4(577; witte bi- 
(I&loci Lai. 10283; bidiMcd of |io h»ro 
UOM. 2, 49; bi»h''Iid hkl. akt. 1. 185. 

bidalTen dnnnt: b6t» nouijht bidaffed CiiAur. 

c. T. K nni. 

bidutfron /«/« (VHjTW.'/fTt ; hHivg^Afpart.) .-^485. 
bidiMwen hftUw: bodoawe(i {pre»J ayckb. 

;tr>; bidrtwed fpartj Pai.l. 0, 110. 
bidoh'on, .7. A'wj". licwlolfiin, infodfrt: bi- 

delve BKi.. AKT. 1, UO; s. s. bo. Wi'.n. 

1374; AftTii. A. MKnL, 1020; bidulviin 

fparlj Vmwv. Bukt. 5, I (151); be- 

dolvo WiM.. 5252. 
bidt'liQ, for bi 6iioV cmp- /..OmH. bln^ne, 

wut, timfti, Ohm. 47'.t3; Hafel. 730; 




p. s. a42: MiKC 1870: l. h. r. 6:5; 
MiK. l^; Max. kd. II. -I'l; hit Hklowp)) 
111 biJciio hi-Kr. i>l: li(?Ui<ne Koi^m. 
ll'JH; .VNT. Abth. XXIV; mib. pl. 117. 
bideritait, J.Scir. bi-, bcdjrrnan, ocatUarf, 


biJidrou, J. Sax. bc<lvilriiin> lUftuie, Obsi. 

I^PiDl: |io (li'fol bafdu hem al biilitlred 

& r»rblet)tl(>il 11>I:J8. 
bidim, Jif.II.Gcna. betuon, concaaxtf, a. 

B. lao. 

bidrublon, Z. 0^m. bcdrubbotit. drabble : 
bedraliilid (iKirt.) pbosii'T. 2.S; bidnire- 
lod L.\N..i.. a 5. I5-I. 

bidjiven r/i-rr^ ttSotit: we beoj . . . mid 
wodero biiUiveno La(. tiiOit. 

beilmppo hfirop, Uow. •'!, 2^4; bidn>ppod 

/'jwr/.y r.AKiiL. u 13, aai. 

biduttoii oec/ttdfre : ditir ^'a but ft>aU) bi- 

dytt an. 27. 
bidwellon »ftitu«, eou/vaad: boo bidyeolifit 

biiuplo ini'ii A. R. 1^8; an he bidpi-nlcd 

pcio Katii. 12.'i8. 
bioodo iiuihiri, Lai. IISK; bi;ede i^iiunKii. 

145; bioi'dca Katu. IiU-1. 
bifitllon. J.Sax. befeallan. hr/aih tneidtrp, 

accidrrr, c. i,. 293; bifalU I*a». 4508*; 

IIavri.. 21*s1: Will. h4~; in ^eknos^fl 

birnlle ii<>m. 1, 157; biviillcd ("prcsj 

A. R. 2^(1; bifiM fpretj sr. <ikx. a. kx. 

ilCiJJ: Lamji,. rROL. 0: bef6I uom. 1.231; 

hit btfal Ukk. 21 1>; biUUca fftarij unu. 

I. 281; bovalle ate>ti. 49. 
bifaoKOii npfTf, comprrJuin/tre : Brutus b'l- 

ftof? al }>at him biforen ires Lai. 82fl; 

mid <mo b«ude of ^uldo kdc bafdo bis 

biiifd bivon^ 2474H. 
bifnildon. A.Sax. bi-. bofmldan. mr^/op: 

hore'ild /"/irW.; Mahk 1.%. 4(1; bi-, bo- 

venlde fpnrl.J aybkii. S & 186; bifolde 

(-1*. u. 27; LAt LK. PB. 172. 
bifelea, A.tins, bi-, IwrMim, evmvtil .- belli; 

|»o pc pi'Tcn in bifidrn hok. 1, 12.1. 
bifellon, .4.^^. iHjfj-lInn, /(^/, au4tr*: 

biv»«llcii ("' WW. bi^O'iloB) La*. 270'31t. 
bilinden, O. /l.O'frm. bilinduii. Jhtd: bi- 

vond tprdj Hob. 2()7; WutiAtn /part./ 

noM. 2, 47; It. M. :tl; Orx. 748. 
billeu /ay: bovloio atkniu 73: bcfliUD 

rpartj Qow. 3, 183. 

bifl#dfln, Oerm. bcfliitcn, a'reumfiwn: p^ 
«* bine biflMiJe Lai. 2.'i7;l8. 

biflooD, .t.-*>nx. bc'Heon, fffe, fugtre, *ri'- 
tare: biHien iiou. 1, It!!); bitliton v. l. 
n. VIII, 77; btvli Shobwl 127; b©-, 
bivli ATKNiL i) A* \M\ bevli;!* fprrt.) 
AiEKii. 73; bitid (*^.} Sh'ibiih. 36; 

bl>Vln;o fprft.) AYKNB. 77. 

bitlOton eircHHiflHi Jutvrt* '* mid sec bim 

biHetle lluH.N Kb. LitM. 130(>. 

blfiJn, A. Sax. hi-, b<»fi)n, eotHpreh^ndm : 

|<e loverd {tel a) |>o p<*rld lie miibt« 

iidut bi\Vin A. R. 7t>; mid de<it)e biT6n 

HUM. I, 0. 

biforcn, J.Sar. bi-, lioformn, hffort, Obm. 

117; I'U(R'lam. 5; spkc. 21; dus. 28; 

Mibbiil eoda biroren hom. 1, 41; biforeu 

(biroro) k hihiiidon I'A;. 431); bir>>roD 

|ion kinj;r 8S20: bivorcii a. k. llW; 

bifrtrn Havrl. 10J2: CiiAic C. t. a 

100; biforn, bifuro Uaxd. I X 225; «md 

befi'm, biforo i-f^ '^imievidere' , WirL. w- 

iLKs. 4, 13; biforo p. l. s. XVII, 13G; 

|«e Htorrfl [lot yo<io bif<>re hem misc. 27. 

bt'ftireronncr jirm-citrtor, Wnx. kxoo. 

33, 2. 

bifrooticn, Jd.Il.Gfrm. berricscn, Jtmu: 

hirntron fp^rtj Orm. 1385t!; bs&oH 

(Juw. I, 220. 

bifi'ilpn, J>uteh hpviiilon, htj'anl, tHyititmrf. 

A. B. 128; bofiliu vw. U3; beif6i|» 

fprrt.) ATEN8. 178; bifoulot (pni.) c. 

u 1147. 

bi>r»bbou dtaitre: i nam nftjt bigtbbod 

Kou. 458. 

bifiulo ee^'rilioH, yewradvn, prodael, OnM. 
16835; bij;bt« (bijpate) Imi. 600; Ih- 
}Mo p. L. !i. XIII, S.'VS; SIU ANT. 1, 
2i»:»: Will. 2:'i03; p. b. 200; bivol* 
MISC. 70; bifreto 8t. nr-v. a. bx. H9tt; 
Abth. a. Ukrl. 1437; bijcte, bijeaU 
A. B. 154 & I6ti; Kath. 472; hoytt 
OtTuv. 848. 
bigalett. J. .Sax. btvainn, ttieAaml: bigaloJ 
fprcM.j HUM. 2. 1117; hw bigAleu ►■» 
cbild mid tr^ldere svldo stroi^^ lui. 
hifmlwen Urrttt'' |>nt hnn was Bvift 
iim swbIwo no> mnn ml>rbt |>(it liors be-, 
galowe Ell. kom. 2. 171. 




>ig&n, M.Sax. hi-, becriln, h/ff-t, itMhirt>: 
raid ffol'le b\i:iin Laj. 702;!; nl |^al |<>6 
ft6 bip:L*(l 11200; iri'i pe h'liid nr.i,. ant. 
2, 27J; bifriln f^/^nW.; hum. 1, 140; )'o 
erf>e it iti whictie ever mt't wi|i muiiriflii 
Jabonr i« h^f^ft (iow. I. 152; wl'I hacm 
Chaw. b. b. 580; w^ was )>ls wrci-'-hed 
votnniBn |>i'i bigon C. t. b '.'IS. 

bigaofrcn, A. Sax. bi-, bcpunpan. ambiie: 
(»fl raid watcre is bijeoiifjro (bijonge) 
Lai. 2^702. 

bipipen, 0. Dutch b^^^iipen, ^npn at: }>t.'s 
keiscr hiijap&lo hair ICath. T2H2. 

bijelpeu ? bou hbiilde \ tbaiiao nie ]ie- 
yelpe ... of thi larpGXRi* tJow. :\, 15-1. 

b^gornon, ^'^.•^rx. bcf^mai), ahtn-tare, cu- 
rare. Sax. chbox. 2SD; biiroraeil fpret.) 
HUM. 2, 183. ■ 

biftcn^? })f pe Ills bigeit^rg halJui] uum. 
1, 119. 

bifeonden, t)i;eiinde. bi;cndp. A.S«x. be- 
go^ndan, bfymd, Lai. 12;11. 2t;3;» k 
488-1; btiunden Ohm. lOiJO:!; bejumliri 
B. A. c. VIII; bj_vi»ndo Slim-. 14.^); hi- 
yfaonde ra, c. 1458; bcjinide Sax. cution, 
2tifi: bijnnde, bijcmio Hon. 2 k IS I; 
bijende an. lit. 6; ojist. 1{hm. 1; ba- 
y<"Dde |ie ze AYEKB. H55; bijunde Urano. 

bi;eoten pm-fund«r«: biiroten (peri.) Jul. 

27; bi^oton hom. I, 2(»1. 
btiretel ? be mi^deii spble bt^tet forp;u-d 

ST. GKS. A, KX. 10i>2. 

bijeten. J.Sgx. bi-, btf^ilau, -Kftftn, Ooth. 
bt|ritan. 0./f.(/enn. piifpxiiii. beget, ae^ui- 
rrr4, gignerv, hom. 1, 27; bijelen, bi- 
jitoD, bijoften Lai. 4M4, 120t> ti I349G; 
bijoUn. bijof'ten Katu. 1)533; bi;itei) 
A. B. 142; bijoto n. a. m. IK20; bi- 
geten st. okk. a. ex. 1 Tt^i'l; bijcat 
fjfr^.J Lai. 3170; Imjict, bejot Sax. 
CTnu>x. 256; bi;et a. n. 160; ))(^ fitder 
)ftt me bijat Uhano. 24; biKiit 0km. 
I3y«fi; Wit.L. 177; heo bi;(Vten llUmo 
Lai. 7368; biioton /'/wrf.; 6km. Hil5; 
8. 8. ED. Wkh. lOtiti; hpjfltfln Sax. 
CHRox. 2r>0; bijoten, hijiton Lai. 4245 
Jc 8865; beveto AYEyii. i;50: bijito f. 
L. H. XXIII, 18; hiiutfl Ukk. 119. 

b«getare hegdta; "gmit'r", raoMPX. 28. 

begetin^e h&gHting, **gmitufa, ffm^ntiio", 

vnoMVT. 28. 
bitrilen beguile, IIubn r.n. Hits. .128; bi- 

gile PR. V. 12li4; bi;?iloJ fprest.J A. 0. 

!t30; bopiltfj" AYKNn. It>; \i\^\i\vA f^ print- 

ett bi)li1C(1) Katm. I0n4; bicWM fpnr/.J 

p. L. !<. Xlil. ;r2:t: Lasoi.. b 1H, 200; 

bifiikvl, bi-ralwl fyprmt^4 bijulod) a. ii. 

208 &, 270. 
bipnnen, A.S>ir. beirinnaii, bfijin, Katk. 

281; OiiM. 7822; bifriiine Chauc. C. t. 

A 42; biwaii fprdj Ku«. 10; Chai:c. 

C. T. A 44; bctriui hum. 1. 219; \)\y,\tT\ 

(bijjan) Lai. 27565; bijfon o. A. N. 13; 

|>ii bipriiTine hom. 2, 85; b(»g:<>nne ayekh. 

71; Chaiil'. C. t. o 442; biguiiuon 

Kath. 294; «T. fiKN. A. kx. 53(i; \\\- 

VKL. lOll;- bei^oniioii MANr>. 41; M- 

poiiue Uek. 527; bi;;uiimJU (pari. J .Jri.. 

28; Ohm. 7823: i-R. c. 647fi; boganni'ii 

Maxd. 40; bi^roiiiie Shokkh. 58. 
biginrtcn iiiwire; bigriime Misr. 7S; i*. 

M. ;isso, 
lipgiiinare beginner, i-ikimpt. 28; biginiier 

A. P. 1, 43ti. 
bifrinnineo beginning, Katii. 290; bi;rin- 

niiig 0km. TOti; biyiiiuiuKC, bigitmiiugo 

A. Ti. 54 k 200. 
bit'lido ohreprrf^, spec 87. 
bi^rnbden iuehimare, diffanmtt: bigrt^de o. 

A. N. 1413; bi^6do(l (prtn.} noM. 2, 

Oil; bo^Toddo (pret.) m. Ahth. 1812; 

bigradde n. a. n, 1144; bifrrAddeii Ai.ts. 

5175; biffrad (part. J s. s. kp. AVkb. 

bifrravcii, .J..Snir. bi-, bografnii, O.U.Gnm. 

bigrahiin, tpfodtrc; bigraTcn fpnrt.J Aktk. 

A. Merl. 98; be.^Tave (-Juw. 1, 189. 
bijrnjien, A.Sax. bvu^'ipan, apprehmd, cam- 

prrfirmi, reprehfitd, MKI.. AXT. 1, 220; 

begripctf fpret.J Gow. 3, 102; k cc 

Farieefiiihe men biprftp he |iur pt|) pordu 

Or.m. 9754; Biint J'lhan b«fdo ^"0 king 

bijrripcn rf biH Hinne l!i.S57; mid seurio 

bc^ipe iioM. 1, 237. 
bigrippon, JU. If. Germ, bcgrtpfen, pr«htn- 

rffTd; bigript« fprtt.) Gaw. 214. 
bigrntfcn grow around: bcgrtwe (pari.) 

Uow. 2. 358; pas mid ivl al bigrope 

u. A. s. 27. 




bipurdc), J. Sax. Iiif£jrtlel, .V. //. Ccrw. 

MfrQiii't, O. Jfutch biirorilel, zona, a. n. 

124; liisrinllos /j»/v Langl. 8, S7 (i^, 

79): UiircrdloM fditt. pLj SIat. 10, P. 
bigrurdon, J.Saj: b^gyrdau, higird: bisrurt 

fpt-et.J A. It. ;)"8: biirt'rte /'/^*(.> Shokkh. 

r»l; bJik'irt ipart.) Hai.liw. put. 174. 
biliiiblieii ffliarv: Iwliuvo FLmt. ITitiT. 
bilii'is. .I.Sitx. bpIi.Ti*, hfhtvii, A us. 7S-l<'>*; 

bihoj^e iiosi. 2, CI; bilt^te, bJlii>i^to 

I.AI. 126'J A 18751; bibuhte unv. 1. 

03; A. R. 208; Ukk. HOtl; L'uAut*. C. 

T. B 41; bohi'nto avkxii. 225. 
bibaj, O.l'rU. bihacli, O.DutfA fv»li»Pi;b, 

jfiftu'urt':' bi his btbufo hom, I. Iu7. 
biti»itiMi, 0,L.(,crm. biba^-m, O.l'rin. bi- 

bn(,'ia, pUme" bibnjcil fyrc^J uosi. 1, 

bohnlf //or balO ^Atf//: uii mi iH^biilfo 
CuAi'c. Tiu>ii^ 2550; oit KO'ldo^ Iwlialro 
JlAsn. 22o. 

bUittli'Oti, OJf.Gerut. bflhalboti, Ktrrmtnd; 
bibnlvu Havkl. 1S:[4: bihAlvcti fyrca.J 
ST. ciGK. A. EX. 3:t55. 

bibati^'en /u/ify rotind ; bibon^o .\i.ts. 
758; bibini^n {prHj iioM. 2, 8t); bi- 
liaii^pn, bihiinpion (pari.) La>. UO^/ & 

bibaneion hang vtntHd: liibonsfPil /ftart.) 
1.AI. 20125; bob'-njfoa \Vu.l. o01&. 

bihit promitti bibatoa /'/»/7 imy. 1. SV; 
behutos 1*8. 115, 14. 

bibutcn. A.Sax. bBbatiin. prtunii^, ii<»m. 
1, 25; La». 1K390; biliotcn a. b. »*•; 
bpbntcn Win., I i-arai,. 2tt, 1); balintin 
pnoMPT, 29; bob>'<to, UWjie fpret.J Lxyoij. 
5. 235 (4C2); beh<H0. tiihmita, bibcolo 
CiiAur. 0. T. A 1K54; b*b{iMc) Miii. ri,. 
15; bibjitctT Lai, 20r>-2ti; libit a. r. li; 
beb.'jL, bohiU atkmi. <Jl A; I'7; (jo) H- 
hated iiAi. 12487; (boo) bibytcJ a. ii. 
4aO; b\h6irpntjKxTH.4li\ a. k. 170; 
Oicw. ^574; ST. okn. a. kx. t«84; 
HoRX kh. 470; Hkit. 1010; |lii- 
bcibto (bplirlitc) 12^:1: ti(>bnh;bto 
MiB. vu 20; bibijic liAXtii.. 5, 47 t<>5): 
Wkx. oknkn. ns, 2:1:1 |>oti bihtHo ii. 
It. 197 (100); bihM Obm. 7021; .vo 
bihi|:blfln Chai-t. C. t. p i:i27; (bco) 
bihJbton Lai. 51AS; bibfito a. s. V; t>i- 

baton /'/trrrt.y Katr. 75li; Obm. 1382-1; 
bibi'ili'n A. R. 182; IIavki.. 564: bjhote 
Ouw. 2. 28; Wkjm I(i»v. 1, 2. 

bibotioD. Sl.L.Ocrtn. bcbiitcu. tuiiste: M- 
li«t«l /fwiV.y Cinvc. lUiKT. H, 4 (76V 

bebi'>lut;:e yronnn'o, aykni). 207. 

bib^won. A.Sax. Iwlidpiaii, speHarf: |w 
fi»lk (<» I'ibMWO Man, tn. F. Illli5; bp- 
bj^l'O (tmper.} Mat. 7, 5. 

bihouf'Un. J.^fffj'. bcbeiiMian. he^ad, Jn.. 
41; btbofJpn Katii. 227:1; bibiiftlt Lal 
2tt290; bibf>avcil<>>) fpurtj Misr, 1^4; 
bibi'veilcd v. h. ». XV. 171; bilii'VodoJ, 
bibi'ilid Wkl. Lvkb 0, tf. 

bibi^fduDpn Mieadini;, A. u. 184. 

bibcablcn. ,/(,>'(ir. bi-, bchoaldun. icAwW. 
attmne, nspiette, liou. 2, 35; bibablen 
Orv. 1501):i; bibull» iw. 1420; bibol- 
don A. B. 54; biliublo. bibotdi* o. a. n. 
71 k l:!25; Inbcbli) h. ». md. Wkr 
744; bilittldotl ,^/»rM.; Lal 2U22; bi- 
b:tlt \. r. 214; |hi pulor nuetcr bihalt 
ffftytiUj TOO ni>ht noM. 1. (i5; hpot bi- ^J 
bolt (figni^t*) . . . \Q% tu no biilicst ^^ 
bi ine Mabh. 7; po luiitbeu aim pbat 
it bibalt Obm. I:)408; bebatt Wkl. 
Job 09. 20; bibald ^'''"^""'''V unto mi 
bodo stpveno ps. 5, 3; bibedW (pM.) 
K.^TK. 744; bibeebl L\X(ii,. kij. \Vb. 
25; bibQid Bkk. 710: bibMdea. bihul- 
doTi Laj, 5737 k 2ti:i2I; bihieldon hum. 
2, 23; bibtWon Katu. 741; boboldon 
(peri.} Maxp. \'M k. T. 358; i am bo- 
liolUo fMigaltuJ tiow. 3, 354. 

Ixibnldoro behojdrr, "iwprdor". ntOMPt. 28. 

bibaldungc hehalding, Marii. 14; bibol* ^i 
dntitfo A. r. 52; bobuldiQ^'O "in9p«dia\ ^^ 
!'B"«IT. 2H. ^^ 

Mhoawnn, A.Sox, bl-, bohcnpan, JUw nrcnnd; l 
bibt^wo fpnrt.J i.itr.. 4ti. 

bib<^on. O.I/.O'rrm. bobuntcn, ynard, lA- ^^ 
MTtr, prtcfM: bwM am {xti |o«ffltnp ^H 
bit bibMo jif bit nii.*l(}I» bit mftt nfnlfl ^^ 
o. A. X. iWJ.**; bibi>dde fprrt.J rel. ast. 
2. 225; birt noitt iv-it ppl bo no bi- 
bdddo u, A. y. 102; |>0 Viiitr bit wcl 
blb»ddo Lai. 1t)04(;. 

biholdcn prr/tindtre: fill biitofondo fsU 
trttH hibivtldnn ham alio K.itii. 1400. 

bibelicn, A.Sar. bi-. bcheliun. »pvtr: al 




world is hilioled mid h^tieuc bmtc 

MISC. 91. 

biliCQimon /tnn: ItilK'mmoii iitnl bilt^^'fro 

0. A. s. *\7'2. 

hilieiig'on fttiNy rounit: bih(*it^ctl u1 j'lp 

Mies Obu. 051. 
iibpvo, A.Sas. belu^fp, proftttiiU, iiom. I, 

210 * 2, 7; bibi-vcst fnt'ynl.j s. ii. 2!ts. 
Iriiidvo, A.Sax. heh6fe {?), jtrojtt : ni'trii 

ovcl IcJi iso<i JitT inno ic m'mo I4lif*ve a. 

R. Oft: ItilK've. Mlieovo o. l. 1425; tu 

hare liilii'TO fjinntfd hyhove) s, a. kh. 

Wb. 2:J01. 
bihindon, J. Sax. bohtndan, behind, iioai. 

1, 143; JvL. 49; Oau. 101; Hkk. 
1S74; Abth. a. Mkkl. :!3r. biliimlim 
ibibimlo) Lai. 4SP; biliiiule tiki., ant. 
1, 18:t; bfi) li|) bibiiido <>. a. n. i>2S; 
bthinde ^e tdre 937; bobinilc atkmu. 

bihftr. A. Sax. Iiolii-.f (?). ttfnV. belief, 
If.H.Oerm. boliuuf, heho^f: bill<'»VO (.hi- 
hiWo) /"Aity La3. 1050; bihMo }[avki.. 
17UI; Ui bis 6pcne bib«>vc a. n. 70; 
bi*. behilve c m. 7100; servo)* tCi utir 
bobrpvc TiL\NhAt"r. 10, 330. 

Iwbt'lffcl beftOOff/Hi, HIST. Rdw. 1 3. 

bcb'flllcli, -/..sVx. bobiillK, iimpahlc: bo- 
bi»Teli "o/j;wrf«Hw", prii-mi'T. 2!); Chaic. 
TBon. J35S. 
beht'if^aro frofiUihlir, atemh. 00: bibuvo- 

som AnTn. a. Mkrl. 2804. 
liibi?ften, ,-i.^Vj. bebr-fiau, O.I'rtf. bili<jviii, 
behoof e : bilit'vcn "njipQrUre',\\u"L.yn»\>. 
15, 12; bibt*ife|t fprt^.J OiiM. ll>70lr. 
bibovod liAi. 1*45; bitniTB)> Lancil. it 
17, 313: bcm bibc«vc[> mudio iiiot<» Uoi:. 
177; 1*0 bibt'Vi'fi g«dea hpl[ic Smmrii. 
95; bebOvol' aykhii. ''S; boiinvij^ Ton. 
162: bilii'ivH.f, Ubovea Will. 720 A; 
2340; bobMc8lw. 3022: s. s. kii. Wi:. 
I54ri; biholmlo rprft.) Lai. 657; hib-V 
Tfde A. R. ;J04; bb" bUiored jjt-r tO bidD 
^Pkbckv. 2228. 

bibi'tl}, M.I,.Gin». bolu'dit', jV. IfMnm. 
bchnyltt' {f'jf^^t*}, fTofiUxhhf hpot is 
eldc bthorij hum. 1, lOP. 
[■bibuMe, D.yru. biboft^?, t(*f, noM. 1, 
li); bibof^ KoR. 2<>; ^wa. bi(>r|io) Lai. 
4378»; bihufjio, bibOltho, blhofto Lasgl. 

r 13, 1R7; Vtbofto (m*. bjoftc) 3T. OEX. 
A. tx. 1408. 

bibo;ien curare: |ie Iflverd seal bibi'b^um 
^ct bo liabl)e i;(>(li's fiiltum iiom. 1 , 
Ii:i; k hcare pMa wi-imen wiirillicbp 
bib'»iodcii Lai. 173GP. 

bilirm amirirt': iiiiJ •,'rido ra-vo bilnltf Lai. 
5(;;;0. ■ ' 

beliiir;oii iu>rdidarf ; bebi>roivod fpurt.) a- 
Vhsii. 237. 

bibfltlcn,'tx. bi-, beti^^'lfiii, coneeiii; 
bibiit />»r«7 iiom. 1. lOs); bibftil ^/^j- 
jwT./ KKi.. AST. 1, 177; bibriilo /wiA/V 
HUM. 1, 10!»; hebOJde (prtt.) Mat. 26, 
25; bibiid />"»?•/.; a. h. lOO. 

binnun, .'i.S4ix. biniiiiii, beiimaji. OJiuich 
biiineii, hiH, i-ttus, Sax. chros. 21'.'; 
Orm. 0202: ^r. gks. a. kx. 1032; hkl. 
ANT. 1, l:St2; btimon lieo in^cndoii L.u. 
5020; bitmoil lot joaron 221; biniie 
IIavki.. 584; SitoKKir. 40; Max. kd. 
W. l-lhl. 

bij;i[i('U iUudrri: : liij.'iiipfi (pre*. J pi,. CB. 
4«; bijiu<eil, bojape«l fpftrLJ C'ualt. C. 
T. a 1585: pid wil ii6u;t bd bi<;Ilod 
. . . nc bijujtoU Lasol. r IS, 2;fO. 

btlfCinon fjrow fuiiUY h\Vvm\:t f part. J Katii. 

bikeiinon, M.II.Gfrm. bvkonDPti, indiente, 
eauu'^; bikcune Man. jji". H. 274; ti- 
Iccntio fprfjt-J Laxoi,. 2, 32; i bikoTiiio 
5011 t*» kvldt WiL!,. 5421; I>at biVeniictli 
|iat rruii: Havi:i-. 12(18; bilionile rf-rffj 
(iA\r. r,[H,; btfkendfl p. Annt. 2340; 
bis mMIr iu Ic^'piu^ tCi Yq bo bpkondo 

1!a1,U\V. DICT. IfiO. 

bil(L'i»rvcn, J. Sax. bwoorfan, ampulare, 

.III.. fi7; bikorvnn fp^trt.; \. n. 302; 

alio ]'dron . . . bOfdcs btcorven Marh. 

biliicc'ben Mprfe; bilutictti (pret.) Huun 

El). Hnn.'rrM. (iSl ; bilafit fpnrt.J .st. 

(ir.y. a. kx. 77.1. 
bihwU'ai. A. Sax. boli'dmi. conduct, Irealf 

an<l yv\ luircpo (la biK*do|i o, a. x. 68; 

uvoli! bilod MISC. 15; IikHTcIh; was bi- 

lail r. r.. 113G. 
Ijlitjfi'n, bibi>\cn rrU'ttquish, mmh, Laj. 

1055. 2254 k 19777; bile.iven }>e 

snnno a. n. 340; bitoren O&m. 8380; 




|m . . . Bhnio irift Satanu bill^Ton r. 

R. 2Sa (2'M); mU'VO linn. U; ». s. 

KD. Wr. 48; Wiu.. 2577; Mis. 10; 

l)i-, hoI«>vo ('iiACf. ('. T. r rtSil; IiiK've, 

-iMve o. A. N. 404 ii 1088; bK'Vitt 

I'Uoui'T. 3i>; Iti^r bo ssdI ItU^vo atksb. 

172; hi\v( /"imprr,; Hkk. J-ll; bilit-ftle, 

bilMilo ^/riY*.; Lai. .'180 A l(il3; bi- 

K'filo A. II. .172; biK.fle Dkiirkv. I88.*i; 

Wi'foJo OoTov. .'>07; bK-fte A\Ksn. 12; 

bilfrfcd /'pffrt./ Ohm. 8914; bil^veJ Alis. 

.VIIO; biloftve.1 a. a. lUS. 
bitl^stMl, /or ili5.>itt>D ; bibbito ^prtt.J Lai. 

bila-ptn. AJ8**. bcbfepaii. prodrrr: beU-)*cn 

iioM. 1, 329; boloafMn Mat. 2ii, Ii:. 
bila^^lL'^D f Nyni PMfY >* biln^*}^ "rti^tlvtr", 

vur. 17U; belnfTjLtiil "wudi4aitu\ pkomit. 

beloaiteD Many; belonire Ouw. 2, 351; 

bf>tonjr«)» (fir**.) AYkvn, 12; wat briou- 

(;etb bit t^ me huc. 20. 
biln|i])nn U^ *ioui: hilapped fpfij Orm. 

11207; 9. s. Ku. WxB. 2210; Am. a. 

Ahiu lUU; bit t8 btlepped k bibnd 

A. X. LOO. 
btliBtea. .-f. &x. b^lDBtaa (9K «A«^ » 

brlnsl fpni.J nAU.iw. Mrr. 101, 
hiUvo rtwtmitmiy biU'Tn ^f/J kt. okv. a. 

KX. 31M. 
biUvca emuptrftrvf bilared mitl U&de 

susc. UO. 
tUHfe, ,Ar 3tl«ife, U^/; atui. ]. 101; 

)>ilKiv« A. «. 3; SiKMUtn. 142; btlnve, 

beliave misc. 27; bilcarp. b«lc»T« a- 

TKX*. 12 i 14; btt«T« Bkk. .10; bill^ 

TO* MI««v« Cbacc C t. a 3-1&6; be- 

Mn Maxp. 1.11: m«^. imbUeaTe. 

Ufffol UUM. 2, 19. 
UWm. jl.Sir. Mtu. | i Ji l i f K w> ^w - 

ifo: for 16 bilCMdc >•! »* MS r^^pe 

^ giH . . . urappea gvd mdm. 2, 107. 

^rr; bUqn* a. a. SL 672; * ^ }d 

fonlM f« bUffiftd uiiM. 1, ■'^7; >• fa^n 

fw btk^A fi^ Mini p«M Okm. 8167. 

tenant ptrl i tm *, Omm. S^.'EO. 

Ule^m Mw; kUit Lunik » i, 414: 

Uaa aa4 Mi UhwN b'cM 

84; bOmtM {p^rtj Jmbsu w> 

2, 22; A to sali«1oas0 ofle bilo]>cD a. 

B. 68. 
biloovion. Crrwi. bolieb«n, UUrf, eman: 

& pis vfll bilonvthlo Lai. ri204. 
b«l(ven f/or jelcrea) Ming: belitve ayksb. 

151; Maxu. .M): icb bil^re on ^o4 hum. 

I. 217; (we) bilivoa La(. l;Ji>6G; be- 
li'vo wo MiKi*. 28; bilefde fyrftj Lai. 
2S'»ti*; bilef'lcn tkim. 1, X'J; vku. Jks. 

biltggen, J.SaT. belic^n, lit iy, tit aituit 

!i$ with. Lai. &QG; )»e six |«rites . . . 

f>o bilijCD 16 nihto rel. ant. I, i:t2; 

biiat fprd.j Hoit. 19: & biliei (bilai) 

t)j burh 1^1. 9433; )>At btlai U'r hii 

kiiieilom c. i.. 28G: bileio fpori.) srso, 

4H: beleiii Gov. 1. 338; his don^tir 

^at was btlain Ilicti. 1119. 
bUije, A.Sax. bihiebban, biblybbM, laugh 

tt, V. L. n. \\\, 2:!:i; bilAj f^nLj r. 

L. s. XIIl. 3r>8; SuoBKiL 102; bilAwo 

Ron. 200. 
biliht«ii tVumint: godes brihtnesse bilibte 

beu HUM. 2. 31. 
billkeo fo/i'ar Ulikcd />Mri; o. A. s. 

biliouMi ^imumltr, LAt. 293tJ4; biliiM 

R<w. 301; bilimnl f/tm.J Katii. 21B0; 

A. R. 3t;0: biljraetlen (frHj Axth. a. 

Mkhu 577:>: bilimcd (fmrt.J Bjck. 2>60. 
biltmpeB, A. S*x. beIiiB{raa. t*mt»»ftrt, 

fniimen, aceiJerr^ Orm. 1108ri; bilinpts 

fffM./ KKL. AXT. 1. 2I«; I* ■arcofw 

Uw« bilinp*^ VIII Mrkino misc. 14«; 

bdamp f^vtj BOM. 1. 210; bilnnipvn 

ffmrtj Orm. 290.*>. 
blbiM, A.8itM, Utofl, oMMfi*: widttn 

bUn(a)e c m. 942. 
UmMn. A.Smx. bUanaa, O.B.Gfrm, pi- 

Itnnao, Uiut, mmwv. Out. 4.'*0.'*: Mnr. 

10^: blioM Bin. 302; Wilu &u; r. 

II. 213: xnt 
ITS; DsfiUEr 

LVIII: bl«RM /m*. bliana, r. w. «*&») 
HAriL. 3670^ 

Uinns* miiri. Kath. I«d4. 

Urm. .rf.Su. bifflcuftk OM.Gtrm. MKbi. 

ffiMMi, Bom. 496: binr«. Ml«r« bom. 3. 

37 * 0^; Laxuu ■ 19. 330; Wmf 

A. B. 168. 

odi. »U-'; Hux. *j; r. 
n. 3; Ujb ffnCj lir. ■ 
, HIT: ATow- Aim- 





liren, A. Sex. belirao, r*main: Vtlivo 

KKL. AST. I. 274; balAf. bel*f. belejif 

(prd.J Sax. ciiros. 257 & 2r,9; bilu;f 

Orm. 2391: liilef st. c.ks. a. ex. (;71. 
biJevinge nWw, mao. 84. 
bilokcn fool- at, Inok about, 0km. 2017; 

bp|«'tken hum. 2. 77; bilitlieJ /'pr&tj a. 
tJL 132; bilckeii iiki.. ant. L, 220; be- 
^Iftkod /fwrt.; Orrnv. 1046. 
bilukeu ocehidere, bbl. ant. 1. 183; bi- 

Joukeii SiinRRR. 121; bilfiken fprtaj 
iOim. 1212r>: boloac ^;rrr/.> iiom. 1, 22:1; 

biI6k o. A. ». lOHl; hiloken (pari.) a. 

«. IGO; u. 8. VII; kkl. ant. 1, 184; 

biloke c. l. 992; beloko ayknb. 97. 
bilurten, A.Sax. helyi-tan (?), decnve; hi- 

lirton KKL. ANT. 1, 217: rt. gen. a. 

RX. ;Ut:; bilnrt. /'/wr/.y A. n. 2K0*. 
bilnvicn *c/or<-, Laj. 921; jof liaiii bilii- 

vwl t/i hf-ren hira hoh. 1. 2Jj7; jof me 

8)*a biluvodo Jt:i.. 24; alio bit biliivo- 

(len Lai. 1013; boloved (fart.) fli»w. 

2, 273; be vas bot bilnvcd v. l. s. 

XXIV, 33; 80 wel bilrtved (l>Bl»rod] 

K'HADC. C. T. A 1420, 

iiDifenen, A, Soj:. bioufenan, O. JI. 0*rm. 

Kpimoinen. ItrmMti, htmoan, itidicart, eon' 
queri: iiiul )iine iii<i|>q bimfenon [liiic 
DiMide PBAHM. H; biiuuncii kkl. ant. I. 
174; unniifi l)iiTH>ufln hom. 1, 13; bi- 
rnt-no ItOH. 400; u. Artu. 85<>; wat 
mai Uiis bim^iie Havki.. 12.%9; bim^ncd 
ffir««.} KT. o>.N'. A. Kx. 2220: what Jiis 
montairrDe bimoneili (bomt>ne])) LANcr. 

,1, I; J>iT ftiro wo no biiui'uojj J»0 iiujt 
Bek. 083; mon . . . biint)ne|> goode 
inete;ivor«8 and in m'mde b.iTc^ Langi.. 
B l-l, 143; biiu('iit« /"^f/./ h\si\i.. h 
1«, 18; hi bim^ndo r. i.. s. XVU. 42)5; 

»ato lA lUtH-lic^ betnonoiil ol' allfe] Halliw. 

IlllCT. I*i3. 

imftlen nmeuinre : biuOleu Lanol. ii 
14. 4. 

ImMim' «f>r n*tdtr mnnf*. 
iniBimeii. M.lfJ'frm. homnnncn, men, 
^J'umuh tcith men : |)ab HI) rastcl bc'> 
H beniiin(n)cd nati. 1, 23. 
tntaften MnfH*f: biina>u?d (f^^rt.} a. n. 
270: Auil loftc us tiiiif^e . . . ul bema- 
Bod io » soune i'L. 2. 93. 

bimeldcn. Germ, bemelder, dmounn: bi- 
moldo /'yjTM. Mii^'.^^ an. lit. 3. 

bimodcron, OMttUh beiatHlorou, fWfl- mth 
mciitn- f/afxj: bimmlorod (farl.) p. h. 


bimiiniL'ii, A.Sax. bitnnrniiii, htmourn ; bi- 
nuirned />wM.y uom. 1, 140; biinomedou 
fprei.) WlCL. LtiKK 23. 27. 

biname, binarac, h^uttvw, hl- 
raajoa (pl.j Chalt. B<jkt. 3, 9 (84). 

benAdon, M. IT.Gtrm. benoiton, nmi/ : Ha 
mlao ^lmIo dc booiodoJ t<o "bwiorum 
tworum aon i»digf»\ h»im. I, 217. 

biiieojon. A.Sax. boneojan, O./'Vii. bi- 
netba, bmlUia, imfnth, infra, tublfr, A. 
B. 304; Jul. ^G; bineoJen. bineoda 
(biueu}je, beui)}e) liAt. 1325 A: 14085; 
bino<>|iPU, bm(f)>An n. i^, 1304; bine)f6ii 
Okji. 10729; bvr binedeii st. okn. a. 
Kx. 10; bongjion Makd. 158; biaepen, 
biiiej^o W:cj^. qrnks. ti, Iti; biDet>o 
treat. 1S2; beneffe atenb. 108. 

blnimea, A. Sax. bi-, boniman, dcmvrt, 
auferrf, A. k. 104; chwin. Knoi.. 292; 
biitime Ukk. lOOS; Wicl. bcclcs 28, 
10; bcnime, binime atkkb.. 30 £ 59; 
btuemo TkKV. 1. 73; binim fprts. im- 
ptrj «. K. KD. Wr. 705; binam {prtt.J 
Thev. 4, 143; binaiQ, bi uom Lai. 15989 
&: 2(>tl2; bi bint'>inen mirii. 5t>; blni]- 
lueo fpmi-.J Orm. 7200; bt. oen. a. ex. 
l9ht; biaumo q. a. n. 122H; binomen, 
binome LA.Nni,. b 3, 312; benomen 

ClIAUO. R. H. 1500. 

bon()ten mx: bonotojt fpi-M.J aykxb. 90. 

bipa|) bypath, sucuix. 486; btpatb Lux). 
M. P. 114. 

bip&ehODf A.Sar. bop&CAQ. (2m*«V^, Lai. 
5301; BKL. akt. 1, im>; biptiche misc. 
72: p. L. 8. Va, 10; bipwhto ^pr^^y 
HOM. 1, 01 St 2, 191; bipwjt fpart.J 
p. h. 8. Vb, 22; bopAlit Sax. ohbon. 
2G0; pe beod bipAlitc b. ». V. 

bip^cbiitg: d4wpUm, iiou. 2. 213. 

bipotineii r*ni, intludert: bipenned (part.) 

X. R. H4. 

bipilioit pw/; bipilod (pari.) A. R. 148. 
Iiiprennen injigefei bi]trAflne|i (pm.J hihc. 

bir^en (bireaden), A. Sex. berdidan, nif- 




vi«t, eouHMl, Laj. 31072; biri*4e H. t. 

98; livo |iet wille wi^llche htm beredo 

AYRNij. 172; hirt»ilo {pt-rs. mhjj JIUSC. 

78; bir«(Me fprH.f Shokkii. 124; bi- 

rAdflo, liir«aii(lp Kath. 1237; btrftUilon 

riiKOK. E?iOf.. 40. 
birparien, A.Hax. hercnlian, benmt: bi- 

r&vtou (bireavo) Im.i. 30311; bireavoii 

H. M. 2!l; birf'ven .los. .'irw>; hirfvo 

Lanol. It t>, 248; bireared fprm.j a. 

B. 120; birf'VfltiB fprttj v.. i.. 1;14H; 

birovedon noju. 1, 7£>; bittbfed (port. J 

Dkm. 2832; birtHod u. a. k. 120; Htm.\ 

KD. LiM. t!22; bl■^;c. lOl. 
bireiliou t««Jtf ready, prtpareY La». 4 IDS. 
bireineu irr(»'ii,- birino IIuilv kli- Itirt:. H; 

bireioed fpart.J a. u. 344; Witn*. Rx. 

22, 24 ; bereinM '^eoMpliitiu' , pboupt. 32. 
kircmou incliiman^ uom. 2. 29. 
bircnnon, J/. //. Gi-rm. l>erennen. run 

arattrtd^ biamde fpvft.J Ii\i. 2<»775, 
bireopea, M.llMmn. beriuwen, rfpenl, 

Obu. 4'&0G; bir^wc /j>r«f. ^mA^V Lanol. 

B 12, 2.'^0. 
ItireoDnesM, U. H. On-m. b^fwmeninse, 

mtMrgtio, (YprinUd biroatmeiHAO) a. k. <!(i. 
biro«j»sen, M.lI.Orrm. benitwcs^n, repml, 

JvL. 44; Ohm. KHOO; birAfsien, birt'ii- 

mion ucM. 1, 21 & 23: birC'tisic uisc. 

7H; biK'UBi fmitprinteH bironsi) Shohkii. 

bireouaiinge repentance, frarii. H; a. r. 

372; bint'^psint;e ii. n. 21. 
liiridoQ, A.S-ix. bendan, r/V/ around, Lai. 

birinnea, A.Sax. birionan, rtfir arottud : 

bieum ^i»r*<.> Laj. 2(}0A4; binrnoii 

2f:0Hr>; will tieres ftl.bininne Hubk 

KP. Lrn. (i54; bironne i.. tr. «• 137; 

)i«t bind is biiirnan (biurne) mid |>ibrc 

rA Lai. 1233. 
biri.'icn contenirf, oporttreY pi^dum blrisoil 

penm 4c i-tt^neMe biri4a4l pifun hum. 1, 

111: t>e MrlDoft f^wv. /rxjE bk»n)c)') U» 

Akhe kin^'F L\>. i>.>421. 
berobben roi: bor.ibheji /'^*i«.y aykkii. 3». 
birdwan rtne ahovt : bip>uw«n ibirtlwo) 

Lai. 2rtU»H. 
biMt-jttn dr/irrrey bif>aid iii ^ grmi* it"n. 

2, 213. 

bi»uuplon, fifT exaiupIcD ftampiej? bt- 

aauniplej (pre*./ a. b. Srt. | 

blsapo prortrb, a. b. SS; bisawe Taitv. 

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b)i4pen«<w; bisapcil /"/irM.y iiOM. 1. 107. | 
butcbadwe, U. Jl.Oerm. l)o^cUat««<ni, jA«- 

t/oif ttroimd, ohumdrargf lro. 83: b^* ! 

BcbadoKe|j {pr€*.) s. s. kd. Wkb. 58i»; 

bPKliaded (paH.) ti<iw. 2, 109. 
bisi'hodon perfunHtre: he biscbodJo it wilri 

w.atir Wiri,. 4 kixob 8, l.*!. 
bUcboron. A.Si!ix. biscoran, thtar: biscborn 

fpnrt.J c. H. 12231. 
bitcbino, A. Sax. bottfinaTi, O.Il.Gtrm. bi-j 

Hcinau, shiitf m, IIuun hd. Hubstm. 12;| 

be»bia0 Ulu. 1113; btMiineti /prfsji 

Orm. 18H51; half )ie e»rt>e pB sonai] 

bif^luTtoth JAitB. 13. Iii7: b6f^hinot> Cinw. 

3, 242: boBcbiue /'fx/rf./ Trkv. 1.335. 
liisrhiton bf*hilf,coHcatart: )i\s\{\i^ti fparij 

Alih. 5485. 

C. T. D 84&; bosbrewit* "iUprara£\ Win.. 

pBuv. 10. 9: biDchri'wed fprd.j La.ngi.. 

It 4, Hi8; besbrt'wed (part.) Gow, 1, 

7(>: jiis world if al bwtbivwed p. 4ri. 
bUchrioboQ K-r<vcA n^w^; and |>c bUcfarl- 

rhe|i (bi(irrirbe)>) and biiirrdcje)) n. a. k. 67. 
biscnnicu »A«», p. l. s. VIH, 77; bi- 

Bcbune ^pfw. imperj bkl. ant. 1. 183. 
Iiischutten thvt up: hisbotto fprftj Alis. 

.'>709; bibcbitton, bUliotten Lakol. 2. 

189 (213); bi«cbct fpart.J Wilu 2014; 

bishet OiTov. 1280; boshet Cuacc. b. 

B, 4488; bes«ct avkkb. '.M. 
bisi'cheii, A. Sax. becccan. bttftcA, *rf«rr, 

peiere: nn id) inrit biKi^hen )<at ^in^ 

)<at irb tJu* rotbnwedc Laj. 34tU; )>n 

Rcbi^ldest bItitVbon mo cossee a. b. 102; 

bU^ken ST. gun. a. kx. 2402; IIavki.. 

2994: hifi(Th8 fprn.J Katu. 237.'V; 

LA.NOL. 1^ 58 (tiO): Ams. 44131; bo- 

rfcbo Naki>. 3lfi; besiike Ltw. Cov. 129; 

bls(<k|>, bi^e)lt) (t. a. s. 1439; bex«l(> 

ATKxii. 117; bUt-ke pe nu irodes mijt 

ST. CKN. A. »:x. 4I.>'»; bi-tubto (prfi.j 

Katu. 2395; bIs'Mito I'KB'Kr. 214 1; 

bisi)ubt<ui A. B. 23U; binObt (p^ri.) lu 

9. V: KrKr. 72: bisunlit A. ft. 234; bj- 

sAjt Fu A. III,. 127. 



bis^hingo bcwerhing, priiii«, WiCL. 2 
TAKAi,. t>. 1'.); ))cz(>i-hiii;.'e ay>:nb. 98. 

bi«i'tron, for atci-'en, hrtitgg; h\si>-^\ Hmi. 
3y9; bU^jieTKHV. I, 91; Vv^yiO^ fprd.J 
Wilt,, 2843; hip^jied fpari.) Mak. ei). 
y. 5108. 

Iiiiietn^eii, A.Sas. besflcgan, indicate; bi- 
seij fprer.j iiom. "3, 173. 

biseuie htsetm, aecommodare, eonvenire, ap- 
fifftr*, A. P. 1, 310; bUCmeJ fpret.J 
Jvu. 55; fiat iveto hem bitii>ULO}' vh. ck. 
58; biii^mez Gaw. U'i12; a* jiei Ix)- 
lemouWiLL. J52H; bis«nieii "conp<rfttmi", 
'ict.. liirM. I, 'JS; bta&modo {prHJ a. 
R. 148; l^iiie |w>rdod beof» . . . so bi- 
jt^^mcd o. A. K. 842. 

oi&ODclion, A.Sdx. bisencAD, mergtrty a. 
K. 400; biseulcen Orm. 19»:9n; hi bi- 
eeiicbeJ Qb on belle uuai. 1, 107; bi- 
iicto (pret.J BOM. 1, 87; biaeiiite (bi- 
icte) A. R. 334. 

biiiouileD, M.IT.Gpnn. besemlen, tend to; 
bisende fpretj Koit. -lOl. 

bifli^O. A.Sax. biSCllO, beten, mtfopt, cot- 
cua'^ buen r. m. IGJiyfi; bisne bt. okk. 
A. KX. 472; 1*11 art lilinil nj^er bisno u. 
A. X. 243. 

bisenKUn. A.dax. boseDt^'nn, «ii>jw; bezonfro 
Ai'frSB. 2dO. 

biBftoD, A. Sax. bescuii, bttec, videre, pro- 
vidtre, A. R. 344; bJaeon ti^ Die hum. 
1, 197; biesdn sr. oks. a. ex. L313 Jb 
2141: s. H. Kii. W»:tt. 507; biseo Bkk. 
105; bUib (imptr.) u. m. 33; bisi; 
(biseh) fie Lai. 1604K; \^ bet ho hino 
bijioo (boscu) 0. A. K. 1272; biBseb 
fprei.J Lai. 4907; biscb Jul. 21; biiuu 
Rod. 1!)2; |tfi oorles . . . bUAjon boom 
bibindo Lai. 2f'>r>Ui); bis^be /«m&/V misc. 
193; bcsoin fpart.J Gow. 1, 3(1; bt- 
8«io HuL'CL. I, 142; eldo . . . bu^ me 
\s\tsew Laxoi» » 20, 201; m riclieli bi- 
kuc. C. T. K 984. 
I, A. Sax. beRipiao, innun: bfl- 
MWCd /"/wH.^ Wjll. 3117; Gow/ 3, 312. 

htsefcUn, A.tfitx. twficttati, ^sH, eoiioeare, 
RiOi. AVT. 1, 213; biaotte LA2fGt.. s 5, 
264; OiiArc. C. t. a 279; (b)ifl catol 
t'"* biflctto hKB. Jb6. tilt; wol boietto 
pxae time atknb. 214; )>e biset his i- 

[•one on bis dhte bom. 1, 101; bisette 

fprU.) ST. QKN. A. KX. 2687; Will. 

1214; nnil btsotte |iis dcbip ixl aboute 

BuAXli. 21; bibet (pari.) h. R. 58; 

Kath. 1578; it pjw ojjihaT bisot pi[) 

dooro})iirtie sitilnes Oiul dl39; |k>u bikst 

wel beset ml ffcid Octav. 95H. 
bisibbo? Shuhku. 70. 
bihiclieu fjemere; bisicbed (pni.J hom. 2, 

besiht, JU.U.Germ. basUit. prevition, c. l. 

311; bosiite phoci^m. 6. 
bisinkcti, A.Stix. besiucaii, r(»j(-: bpa se 

tid i leiron deupe tiiKiinkon n. m. H3. 
bisittcn. A.Sttz. besittjiii feontiJerc, ohsi- 

derej, besit: bit schal bijittten (bUitta) 

ouro sdules sOre Lanql. 2, 110 (140). 
bisljbei'flii, L.Oerm. b«jjliiberti. betlahlrr, 

-tfitpirf: bislfibered (pari.) Lanol. b 5, 

bismer (btsmerV), A.Sax. hismtir, bismor, 

O.L.Germ. O.H.Onm. bisinor, mochery^ 

eantiim«/ff, ituhlt, hoh. I, 107; Mi^mar 

Ron. 12: ^c )>o bitiiimr barcil idoa Lai. 

4403; bismere, btioinore Trkv. 1, 170; 

tnsracro /dot. J Kath. 551; Lanul. bd. 

Wb. 21151; n. s. 7400; l(ismarcAi,i8.ti48; 

laubj^ou him td bismare a. b. 270; bi- 

sniare, liisemiiro UitAi't*. C. t. a 39tj5. 

bismere^iJffictie Mat. 20, liS. 
bi&merien (bj^iaerien ?), A^^ax. bismerum, 

moei, insvU: hlstm^xe^ and scorne]) )>e 

^ticide men avknk. 22. 
bisuiorweii hesmmr : bisme<>ni|»od /part.J 

A. R. 2U. 

besmftoD, A.Sax. bosmitan. O./f.Oerm. 
pittmizan, emtamtrtare, inqiiitutro, Mark 
7, 15; ne tiismtt fl'printed bi stuit) J>u 
(>e mid druakencii^o uom. 1, 13. 

bistnitten, O./fulch besmt'tten, OJ/.Gfrm. 
bismizzon, krmtit: bismitted "cmtttmim- 
tffrtoU**, P8. 54, 21; birtmittod fpart.J 
A. R. 214; bcsmotted ayknu. 229, 

biauntlten bfgmoke; bism()ltod//«/W.yCiiAuc. 

BOKT. 1. 1 (5). 

bigmutcren inqninort: bUmotored fpart.J 

ClIAtlO. C. T. A 76. 
bi^muddeu inqainare; biamudddt fpart.J 

A. n. 214'. 
biiinlwcn, JU.ff.Oarm. bebiiiOD, eovtr with 




ttme: bbnilwo /'part J Lakol. c 17, 
2416; l^bisndwed Lakal. s ITi, 110; 
Gov. 1, 111; besncwed ayenb. SI.] 
bifiOcoe petition, requtti, A. k. :176; ^jtpf/f 

bisockne) Lai. 30219*; |>orQ bisdkne uf 
)>e kintf delaietl it was )ute Kub. 495; 
bis6cnoa f"*^. />/,; hom. 1, 261. 

bisorjelleb, Germ, besor^'llch ffolicii<Httj: 
fiomp. onbisorjelich. 

btsparreu oeeiudcre ; bisparroil (prtt.J a. 
R. 94*; bisperred, bisperede ^prtt.J 
LuiOL. B IS, 139. 

bi«pekoii, ji.Sax. besprecan, Iffpeok, eolfo- 
jw", oifloqui: f> sfjfiter bi8peko|> [li dt>lt 
p. L. 8. XIII. 1-14; bispac (bi»pek) ^^^e.y 
L. H. B. 32; 8g6 ne bispac hioi n^rerd 
6T. flKN. A. Kx. 1444; bi»|iek Ron. .S24; 
beo bispekeu beom bititeonou [lot lieii 
paldeu ibiiiea u:> )Yrd ajmslluo rer(rW- 
den HOM. 1, 91; bispAken Arth. a. 
Marl. 1240; bupeko fprni.) a a. ;«. 
1738; Bob. ri5; lo babbe[> a mtmg ;u 
. . . bispeke |>at ib>me Ui^K. 919. 

biapelf A.Sax. bigspell, M.II.Oerm. bUpo), 
h^tpeU, parable, exampiti, aoM. 1, 233; 

O. A. N. 127. 

biapdtCD cotupmre: bIspOto Wicl. Makk 

1», 34: bispt^totl rprea.J a. k. JfiS; bi- 

opatien {pni.j Wicl. Mark 15, 19; 

Uspet, bispat (purl.) Wtci,. litiKX IK, 

33; bi«pat ]ji»l'. 140. 
bispitten hnpii; bispitte Win.. Mark H,; bispit fpartj p. b. l. p. 240. 
bispulton bt»pU, CiiAiir. BuKT. 3, 4 (73). 
biHpnrJcn, J/. //. 6Vi'wi. behpreiton, b«- 

aprrad: bisprtfnlde fprd.J Laj. 16621; 

beapred fpart.J k. T, 762. 
bibiirsacati. .V.Jl.Oerm. besproDgon, luper- 

gtve. HOM. 1, 127; bispren^ fprti. im- 

p0r.> uOM. I, 73; bt»[>ren,!^ /m^V Bt>ti. 

128; biitprengde fprH.j Bktks 350; 

bippreiDde Wicl. H£sfi. 9, 19; biopreint 

fpttrt.J ttT. R. .')02: bespreinfc wi)) blnodo 

LXDO. .M. p. 91. 
biflpusen /w tfpuftcn; bispiiaod (pari.) 

BAM. 2, \h9. 
bistanddn, A.3ax. bcstnntlan, fl/jiflf/ irftoui, 

antioMfarv.' bixtonden hum. 2, 1 73; 

bisUnt {pr*».J o. a. n. 143B: vretuiQ 

himdsa bine bistonded IiAi. 1698; bi- 

8t6d (prttj B. s. V; ht. oen. a. ex. 
SR't?; wban hem b'lstf'Kle nede Wiu- 
175; bieionden /part.) a, r. 264. 

bistaren ttarr at: )>e ketaer bihtarede hire 
Kath. 309. 

biBUdien citmliluer* Y bUUdtfd fptai.J 
Uarh. 3; A. B. 2fi4. 

bittttidea. O.Duieh best«den, O.Jl.Gtrm. 
pieUten, betted, eolloMrt, eotutitaert: be- 
sted r part.; Triam. 140 1; bUtad Chaug 
C. T. B t>49; whir was ^e rbild . . . 
bl&tad Greg. 4^5; boslad ii>H.tL. I« 
129; i.rn. Cov. 329; wdfulli beeUd 
Gov. 1. 198. 

bistokon oeehukrt V a. k. 62; blslekoti 
fpart-l HOM. 1, 247. 

bititelcii. A.Sax. bU. bostolan. WW; and 
hiiital frtim ^an lUite Lal 2H422; oldo 
me iti bititolou un r. t.. tt. VIII, 9; 
nmi. 1. I til. 

bistowcn iKJitow, coff^care: bUiAwe Suorui. 
y.'i; Lakul. h 7, 75; CuAKd. a T. A 
39H I . 

bi.'^lrflfon ^Mfrw; bUtrepcdeii (pret.) iltt-x. 
TUKS. 1, 1<i7 (noM. 1, 5). 

bistrlden, A.Hax. betttridan, baglridf, Lai. 
28020; bistrido Havki.. 2060; Aus. 
70«; histride^ fpret.J I^akol. b 17, 78; 
bUtn'd fjfr^i.J T.KR. .Ib8. 803; btetnwd 
liAU. Ifi't; bo«trod Tor. .'>«4. 

bostnipPD, A. Sax. bcstrj^pon, drinfm-f : 
b(ratrV']i|) |<o zovo zBBnes vram )>6 bert« 

AYEKB. 123. 

biBturien h«»iir: bistore Aus. 5887; be- 

Kt«re Gow. 3. 295. 
tnBuUea, A.Sax. beti>Uaii, wil: biaolieil 

fprnj HOM. 2, 37; buu>iled (part.) 

Shobku. 108; bUuiled ni»c. 225. 
biaw&tsB tover with aw*at ; biawni (pmi.J 

Lai. 9315. 
beapipon, A.Sar. bflii)>;:ipcii .Kursu Gacu. 

p. c. 83, tmietn: bi s(e)andli<« ti«aue 

bflS})Apen huh. 1. 239. 
biswcnkon? biswenkez (pfu.) d. Asni. 

1 128. 
biswiken, A. Sax. bj-, bfls])1can, W«mrnv 

Lai. 754; Auia. 4609; bUpikon a. i. 

224; OnM. 11<i7K: lien v ikon Sax. thrdx. 

264; biswike o. a. n, 15S; lIottN i^d. 

LuH. 667 (KiT8. 669); beuirika Rich. 

5Uld; hhitiic fprdj hxK 212iJ: besv&k 
c u. S7S4; bUptk: mm. I, 21.'t; bi- 
6w6k Man. ku. F. Il;t9t>; ljU}<ikeQ 
ffmrt.f A. K. .%4; bUwiken !4pKr. 45; 
bUviUea e. «. St)32: bUwike IIavkl. 
1249; bUvike Uob. J72. 

brzTikere tireriver, atknii. 171. 

bbwikitfu ticcttF«y bbiwikthi CbiHwiked ?) 
/^/wf/.; IS. 70. :J. 

boxYiktiu*u i/rr*/^, atkmi. 28. 

bUwinkoti. ^.l^aj!. Itoay'inimn, procure hif 
iabmr: |>at uowen lior bruJ biswinko 
LANfii.. 6, 21 ti t^7, .202); hiswlllko]) 
fprtM.J th. CH. 72 J; biswt'uk (pret.) l. 
H. K. 27; bi^wooko Lashl. it 20, 21^0; 
bcAWonko (lutrlj Halliw. jhct. I(t*J. 

biUcueiiT O. if. O'tfrm. LezeklLiiou. i«Y(j^<^ 
»if»ifi<af*. .Ohm. 'JI^; biUtkeiio Thkv. 
5. 'J; biU'Ciioil (pretj A. it. 170; Iw- 
UcDe)i AYKMi. ITi; LiUcuiod 0''t*'<""*l') 
X*^. 1GU08; bttOkuvJo {prH.J Mm. 28.S; 
^Hi we haa lOrd auil kin« <>f ktnge» 
wol bitokncdfl J»c hUirre Siiokkii. 123; 
bit<kncil fpaH.J A. R. :i7l. 

biUVnun^C, bilik (11111:6 siffnijUttUon, iiuu. 
i. 47 A; M; biU>cuuil^o A. it. 270; bi- 
tdkntofre Kkk. 102. 

bitdKlien, A.Atx. bettbcan, inwi^mre, com- 
mfnfUn, irtniftf. Hkm. (il2i;; bita-'chun. 
biti-i'bea Lai. r>:ilt A: 11502; liitedmii 
A. R. :iOU; biUcbo Will. 5184; Crist 
i pa biUclie IIobx kd. Kits. 577; bi- 
Uhte fprflj Lai. 247: Katu. G08; 
fnu. bilaJihlo) Dkh. 14774; bit'mta vr. 
OKK. A. r.x. 212; biUubto IIavkl. 2212; 
b«tau)t(D) ct. ti. Kit. Wii. :}2-t; lietjin^litc 
CiiAi-c. B. R. 44')tl; |)fl ring ptX i him 
Mtau;;hto PKitrev. 2150; betdhts iinu. 
1, 221; bit(i;to Kkk. 1827; bititht 
fpartj avHc. 42; bituujt Will. 6280; 
bitinht A. K. loo. 

bitaken brlakf, cvtnmiitfr'; trada-t, Lai. 
62M; llAVKi.. 1220; bitako f^. ^. y.v. 
Vi%. 30; t<oi scbiilon biUko "tradrHt", 
WirL. Mat. 24. '.i; mi &'iule Ititake (b(y 
takc) i t6 .SoLhaniM Citauc. C. t. a 
3760; 111 belakc)! Avt::«i{. itO; biUk 
(imprr.J Hurs ki>. Kits. 785; biWk 
(prd.J Laj. 22404'; Wii.i.. 6ti; a, ». 
i:d. Wn. 412; Chauc. C. t. q 541; ho 

bitAo it iu wardo Jiue. 183; botoke 
Tor. 2250; beUike (lubiJ Aveaa 89. 

bitalo jutrahh, x.i:ii. Jts. HI. 

bUollen, A.Sax. betelbn f^J'mdJ Sax. 
ciiBos. 180, a/W*. bitella, .U./LOerm. 
boiolleii facqairfj, dt/tiui-, conquer: bi- 
lellen fol & yeren Urm. 2045; det tn 
be» mj ]iii'>ni(i ujoiiitis miao »<^ulo ft^n 
{>ot boo liiiTQ no iniii^en hitetlen mm. 
1. 205; to bitollcii cowero rihlCd L.u. 
7ti*Jl; qjiU lust bii icU coa me bitelie 
«. A. N. 203; bituIJ fpreij sT. okn. a. 
F,x. y20; mi I>u havest Brutlnnd al bi- 
tuld It) t-ire bi-iiJ Lai. ISOHO. 

bitelluivro e-xciuo? a. k. 31)2. 

bilcon, A.aax. botooii, O.If.Gtrm. piziuban, 
aidtuerg, tradumt, Lai. 9117; )*1 luYO 
. . . lipIVr racibt til bitoon hire botere 
fian u|)oii iiiu A. R. 39S; boro ti]>uic bo 
pel biti}n ST. OKS. a. kx. 3026; biteg 
fprHJ tir. oks. a. k.x. 2tj7d; bitojen 
//wrt.^ noM. 1. 31; Lai. 19902; dur 
(lOttvetli -x skiu bom . . . bttt^en st. 
iij:N. A. KX. :i7iMJ; bitoK«n (bitowo) hkl. 
A.NT. I. 171; I'O iiilitofrule al hire hojo 

'miU xHa biulilo ppl bitojo n. a. n. 702; 
or ellori idi hovcde uvelo bitopou muchel 
of mine hpilte a. b. 4:50. 

bitltlen hclide, aKi'derv, cotUingcff, A. r. 
278: bitlJe (mt. bityilo) Lai. 2236*; 
abaino t>c uui bitldc &i-kc. 90; bitldi|>, 
Mtit (pn».J Lamul. b U, 393; jiT Oa 
Anl ufol bitit hom. 1, 71; bitldda /'i»-rf.y 

O. A. K. 1107; 8T. OKM. A. KX. 3801; 

Hkk. 151 1; tJAW. 2532; tel mo hm 

t>at bitkUlo k. k. ku. Wb. 589; bolldtlo 

AKT. Aktil I; bitid (pari,) ht. okk. 

A. KX. 1978. 
bitildor, A. Sax. biteiilan, eircamUiidtrtj 

eircumdare: jind lull* biiio bitillen fjor 

bifiidcn 't] mid irt'ldf:i;eimllun Lai. 27852; 

bttild fparl.J Jul. 8. 
bitimoD accidere, woiire: jif uuuiie bitl- 

med bl ulbto a. b. 324; bitlmde (prH.J 

MAkii. 2. 
bit'ivoroii, M.L.Gm'tn. O. IinUh betdveren, 

MJfAhrm. bozoubern, /(i«»'rMr«, bT. aiuf. 

A. tx. 2902. 
bitmie, for tniio, Mnry, Laj. 8923*; 

JJkk. 310; SuuBKB. 112; Laxgu 1, 37 




(39); Ititruiede (p*-a.J viftr. 98; bo- 
traiod, betrui:MHl Ciialh-. i>. Ui.. 1120. 

bitraijpe, .4. Sax. lietrfcujian, brlraj/, take 
in It trap, Itow. 3. 257; bitru|>i>et. bi- 
tropi'Ot fptiH.J A. R. IT-I*; bolnippoJ 
n. Abth. ItVJO. 

Iiitroiulou involrrr^; bitrent ^prcf.y Cual'c. 
Tb'HI,. 40S0; MioiiJo LKn. 137. 

bita-oiit'cn btfroth: bilri'uJ'L'ilo fprUJ 

SiluHKB. (»<». 

bttruHcD dcludv: bitvulluj fprtw.) a. a 

bitritmvn, J.Sa^. botryuiiiui, hetrim, dr- 
cmnHarf, Makii. *20; bitruuiodo (i>rti.J 
iiojj. 2, 87; bitniint^t (pari.) MAitii. 6; 
betrciocd Li'KK 21, 20. 

bitullteil indncerny wtire? bitnllt (bilijt) 
mtJ rajc fello o. a. m. 1013. 

bitOncn, A.Sax. bet^an, vpirty a. b. 
HJ-1; bitfluJoii (^/TcO L\i. -1287; bi- 
tfiued f pari. J a. r. lt»t; bltuinoil Kath. 

bUumon lurH about: biturn {)e and cum 
ajertti A. H. a91; biturndo ('/wr/.y XIabil 
12; Bob. 210. 

bitfooiion. biti'Coiie, A.Sax. btft]'Oi»mim, 
betflnum, bet]*(>on;in, bet]'^iiiin, bit]>o»it, 
Inttcren, uv3i. I, 91 & l-ll: bil]icuiioii 
A. ft. 72; bitwoonen, bitwilne |,bitKliu.<} 
I.Af. 2OK0 & 4307; bitpyneu Orm. 3ljJ; 
bitploen hou. 2, 61; bitpeono, bitwOnti 
o. A. K. 1379; bitw4no Laxul. 3» 68 
(76); n* mikd Iotq wa^ liem bitwAoQ 
IIavkl. 29G7; bitvone tiikat. 134; bo- 
tv6QC asenb. 60; bitpun sr. oim. a. 
Kx. 700. 

btiwib, J.Sas. botpib. botpuoh, b«tfyb, 
bctpuh, inttr: bitwijii, bitrei]i>n Lai. 
784 & 201)47; bilf>ibiiu uun. 1, 37; 
bilwihen o. a. k. 1747; bitiihen Katii. 

bitwis, A.Sai. botpis, betpcux, betp}x, 
betpiix. Cfrit. bitwiMha. bitviAkum. 
MtPi'xt, Am. a. Amil. 142; buLwii u. 
Aktii. HOI; bitwix, bitwheii CiiAir. C. 
T. A KHO & R lU7o; butpptj\c. iMjtpOie, 
bctpiixfl Mauk ti, 51, 10, 2tJ & 14, 1S»; 
bitwux, bitwixo, bUwiion, bituso. bi- 
tint'o (bitwiUo) I.AI. 2:J2'.t, 233:1, I'ftSK. 
OOIO & 10886; bUwn lIuBlt ku. liUM. 

34fi; betpino uou. 1, 225; bitpuxeo 
FBAuu. 1; biUixeii o. A. N. 1747; bi- 
tvixte SitoBKH. 77. 

bif'arf. .i.Sdjr. bcl'carf, indigto: {wt ge 
. . . bojiurreu Mat. H, 32. 

bi^ccbCD, A. Sax. bi-, be]>occaii, euivr; 
mid itii'llo bi^a-hl L.M. 19215. 

bl|>cnrhpn, A.f<a.e. bilicncan, bft/tmt, Mabh. 
Ti; biJuMiclnj Bi;k. 43; Siiokkh. 33; be 
mitt hino TdI pc) bi|>eiicbe o. a. v. 471; 
t<is word . . . jte dt>^ bet'ODtibe atexd. 
101; bi]>on]c«n On». 2917; bif»enke 
Will. 3057; botbinkiu "(v^iUrey w*di- 
titri", i'R(tMPT. 34; he lid ^ biJoDthoil 
biiu lipi'uuo be piilo arisen a. b. 324; 
bi)imiki|f AVkl. Lt kk 14, 31; bi|ieBi:^ 
o. A. N. 1509; be|>0Tiir(> atksb. 18; bi- 
|ieiic fimjirr.) Lai. 98lti; bi^nk )» an. 
LIT. itl; bil»encb Jn) bet p. l. s. XIX, 
27; b't^bta fprvt.) Lai. G70; o. a. n. fl 
D39; t>ooe mon he lufotte k pel bifiObU ^ 
HOM. I. 59; bidoubte a. b. 200; bi- 
|)Ajte lIoRX Kn. LtrM. 411; bidAubl 
fpart.j A. a. 342; bitn^ulit i;. i.. 698; 
boil was . . . wol bi|ii^ubt Lai. 2510; 
bijK'iit Fl. a. Bl. 409: )Mit (>» boo bet 
bi)x'tjt p. L. 8. XX, 54; in bis pisdora 
pa:j id bulnj-i cor JauDo it pu^ on perlde 
hn'ifift ST. liKN. A. KX. 37; i*'* bidden bin 
mike X/* lute pe bo«'tl bi(iohto n. s. IV. 

bi)}iune = witiiuno? Fl. a. Bu 244; G. 
0. S55. 

bifrriwonV J^ai i wi)) love am so bo|)r<kwo 
Cnw. 3. -S. 

bt)>ringen, A.Sttx. bilTiutjim. opprvjn: Jx-r 
ich woB M )Hia tilite . . . bwrdu biilriin- 
j:en (bi[iroiiKen) Lai. 8814; p))> paudrdf* 
bi|inmpron Ohm. 14825. 

blj'iiiiclicti, 0. 11. Germ, pidunoben. thinks 
rideri: ;if hioi »o bidiiiifboi] a. il 34G. 

bil^urfen effrrr: bi[i<ii'ton (prrt.j Llkk 9, 

bt^uto = witiflU)? Fl.. A. Ui.. 218; M- 
[■iiut* K. a. 349. 

bi'itOD, AJSax. bei1lu[>, briUn. biiton, buto, 
it.L.Gmn. biutaii, bi'itan, but fborU), «r- 
ira, prati^, tint: biitoii ende Him. I, 
t47: nflpibt Ttr tire ornurnre bfllo fte4) 
for bie madiolo mil<lboortneMe 19; bti- 
ten (t. r. piduto) live Katm. 253; aU 




bitten 'in pod 3G7: et te last© vore I>rt- 
ten .in a. k. 20; )»l8 porld iii.s Itiiteu a 
pei to lioovono l.'iO: biUftii leave 2:18; 
he uo moi nd ymg Hvn im bittc bi go- 
doB loavo 2^tO ; buten (bot«) Nne & 
Som Lai. 2<S; aoroilo lie boten Anno 
eune 88; hpiito ;if hj/i', 2(>4ti3; iiiiten 
c'bildro Orm. 2-10: l»ut (but? »i*. tiutt) if 
45 i {tat kJi lmt« Hxmti ciiit't ue ciiii o. 
A. s. 794; bi'ite ^mJwV ^u pillo bet »- 
^iiine ne scbultii bfito sdiumc ifiiiiiio 
1280; biite here IT'.tO; biite lose p.*r- 
Hqs \in me I6iist T5(>: itoj'lit bote suryc 
HtJ4; buto it woro bi hire willo Ha- 
VKL. 85; but (but?) if Will. 472; as 
Bchip boute mast .'i4i7; biit Lanol. i: 
pnoL. UU; hi\l what hvn (tes |iiiips a 

Imoryr so miitiiie) men Wtcu. John (», 
*); hilt tauifH, CllALC. C. T. A 74; fO' 
oonne mecbe af bull writ but ))oi iin- 
dirstondo it not Majtu. betmten 
TU. ca. )>51; bouten ondo trkat. MM; 
boute, iKitc SniiRi:ii. IS & 40; h>'Ute 
pile SPEC, 08; lH>iite, bout, liot Gaw. 
3fil, 1285 &. I7S2; bf.tcn p. 8. ISfi; 

k'^itu ne i<i«U habbe ^d bote me avknii. 
5; bot Iki'Mb. ir.O; ficr nas bot (t vrei 
Brk. 037; and was bL«t seven winter 
old s. s. Ki). Wr. H; fiomji. ahi'itLMi. 
liuvon, A.Sitx. btifim, O.lhtUk M.L.Orrm. 
boven, fa^hovt, nupra^ h»im. 1, l.'ill; hu- 
fen eor|>e Okm. 4773; buvon Kath. 
^^ 23f>6; MOM. 2, 111; he is hciven iV't p. 
^^ L. f). VIII, 44; Arest woFt |*e wliite 
^H buvcn k volition bo wea hineodon Lm. 
^» 1597S; buvou, buve a. b. 4G & lOii; 
baTO 0. A. N, 208;* boTO ak. lit. 5; 
a1 jNit is b"ve and under moldo Siiobkh. 

kll7: comp. abufen. 
biwi&von, A. Sax. bofl'Dio, ami'a're: hi- 
. »efde/'/>r*/./LAi. 2S474; biwKoiI/'/wr/.; 
I Minr, St, & 140: Alis. 1085; biw<>ved 
I 111) w6ro bf>t1io mid Wolssc mantles Huu. 
' 539; biwiiuvod I-ai. 22132; inid wintre 
ho woft hiweavod i:tO. 
^—^biwailon, biwuilcu betcflil, Chaix. C. t. n 
^ft 20; btweilo Wul. OKXits. 23* 1; bi- 
1^^ woilel) fprtit.j Aijs, 4:Jy5. 

bij-aken. JU./i.O'rrm. bewarbon, tcah aiout, 
BT. OKU. A^ i:x. 2444; biwaliu r. r. kii. 

Wkb- 27i»4; birakcdon fpre/J hou. 2. 
3.5: bine biwalieJer in {it'i-e nilite j^ritti 
hniiilrr?»l fiiihten {r. cnihte) 757G; 
fbi)*uken Oim. ;i3u'J;| bowaked (fart.) 
(Jow. 2, ;150, 
biwalloo, Id. h. Gtiin. bevralleu, titrround 
with a waU : liiwuUed (part.) Laj. ISIIO?; 
Lf.<!. 177. 

biwalwier, A. S<is. be|<etU]*ian, wa/lcw 
ahmt: liwnlede bine a biddo Lai. 2774 1; 
biwttlod cbiwalcwod) lUi axon 251)89. 

bcwajipcn anUmtith'^ Liowapoil (puri.) IIkvibs 
1()8D; Vowbapped and K^aeted tiow. 3, 

bewarion, A.Ssx. bo)iariaii, htwar* : be- 
WiLT f>e H. A. f. X; if |>fl clerk beware 
liis fai]i tiow. 1, 202; |'i wit is wel 
bowured OjiAi'c. Tiioil, 1)56. 

btn'dd<loii, A.Stijr. bopcihliant uvuf; bi- 
]>0<lilod {fHiri./ KKAflM. 8; iiu», I, 149; 
a king of Uritaine harede hen bivreddcd 
Lai. 4500.* 

biwoi irff-wat/, Mak. fd. P. 10145. 

howelde wiWU, ihjw. I, 312; lAytiH fprft.J 
iiOM, 2, 25; bipiilden (prri.J Htm. 2, 87. 

biwondeu, A.iS<»x. bopeiidan, icmd almt, 
e*mvfrlfre: to )i|)iicho of I<eos ftiore moi 
he him bipondon a. b. 30ii: (bit) bi- 
j>eiit hint t'ftp 1 ;i2 ; bipende fprft.J 
Katii. 23li2; biwondo ausir. 45; bi- 
wnnto HoHK ki>. Kith. :>29 ; ben bt- 
wciidon boom 8i*>no Lai. 20576. 

bift^lien. O.Frit. biwepa, hfwtfp, dfjl^-f, 

A. ft. 108; Orm. 1513{t; bipdpc O. A. 
N. 980; biwepe Shuukh. 102; Chahp. 
R. a. 5121; \i\ym\^ (pr^.) a. h. 278; 
bIwoDp Aus. 3655; bipiep ntuc 2, 
145; bipeopen MAnn. 21; bi|*6pen now. 
1. 33: Ibiwi'pto (Jow. 3. 182; WirL. 
r.KXKS, 50; J bewt^pon fpnirl.) CHAnn. 
TiioiL. 5585; biwt'tpe s. s. bd. Wkb. 
1186; [biw«ped Will. BOl.l 
biperian, A. Sax. hopcrian. d^/tmd, noM. 
1, 15; bij^pvicn v. l. r. VIII, I6S; yw 
. . . UyoTfst rfanne corn from deore o. 

A. N. 112tJ. 

boffi'ton bneH, humKiart; biwet (port.) 
I'ALL. (i. 110; wifi teres a1 bewet Ual- 

LIW. DICT. 171. 

hiwircbon betptkh; bowteclio Makd. 169; 




biwicfihed fprtt.} Lakc.i.. b IW, l.M; 

Uwicolied fpnrt.j Trkv. 2. 42:1; bi- 

MUMbctl (biwircheU) Lai. 2427*J. 
biwijclien delvdr, dcceirf, Laj. 969; bi- 

fihelon Juij. 5G. 
biwilen = bIwi;oHon? brt^ a\t. 1. 1X2; 

biwllc<l (pari. J Bhorkii. \M; (Jaw. 'J -125. 
biwimplon, 0. Dateh howinipolcn, rocrr 

«'/M a wimplt; bowiiDi>lod fpftrt./ Otw. 

2, 3fti>. 
biwindon, A.Sax. Iioftndan, imirf around, 

invoitfre: bipimlon }m) hlpo:^ iioii. 1, 47: 

tiifindcd fprea.) iioM. 2, 95; biwoUil 

(prti.J i^Efi. 88; bipimtlt'ii (pari.) .In.. 

76; mid 8ei:>r|>e biTumlea vkaqm. ■''.; 

will ^ornis al bewonde i*. l. h. VI, 3; 

bowoando tiow. 2. '29.*i. 
biwmncn wm. Lai. 472 & 508: biwiniio 

Fl, a. Bl. 374; iHiMix. Kxfii,. 46'»; bi- 

waa fprd.J Run. 420; biwAn, btwun 

1.AI. 29 Jc 4r.74; bi]M)n mm. 1. 41; 

J>u liiwunne Lai. 787S; bi|»UEoeii /^/wr/.y 

A. K. 22H: biwoime an. lit. 11. 
bipiste, A.t<ax. bipiflt. being, lif'i^g. Rfi]-. 

AXT. I, 130; bowisto M. H. (>;>; r. ». 

13B92; bopUte, booptist, honxte a. r. 

ITiB & 161); till Iwoj {)iiio )H>»itst« Lai. 

17809; wh.>r boo heore bc^iisto fpritit- 

fd Ivonsto) 2tJ090. 
bipitcn /»*wi, noM. 1, 24.'i; biwitoii Lai. 

2013 k 137A2; MwiHtff, biwiutto //rt^.y 

Lai. 207 & 12!>20; bipist.p<tt .Urt. :Vt; 

btwu8t«n «us<!. fl2; biptist (part.) A. r. 

btwilon, A.Stix. bepibin (?) prv/. bef-.Vt. 

tHtri: biwftt />rrf.; Lai. l:l02rt; bi- 

wlten ^fflrt.; 24678. 
biiritie, A.Smx. bpp'iiian, bopitii^nn, ftun', 

Lai. Ofir.9'; biwitoH'u 25010; ti'; M- 

pitionde {=s bipitiennp) h*»m. 2, 195; 

biwit«4e (>i^.y Lai. 3101 :r. 
bipord, M./f.Gfrm. biwurt, byword. Sax. 

riHMts. 2.19; biifonl (IiiAiff. Tiwu-. R4SH; 

Thwn. hyst, 96. 
bfwrappfn umtp^ Bclitilon bpwnip]i(i "r«- 

roh-ent", V^'iCL. Jon 18, 11; bownipppd 

fpar1.J\\iJ.h.\7^r,; biprabbt't a. B. 260r 
biwT^ion, biwn'-io, O.Fri: MwriVia. 0,lt. 

iifrtit. beriKUfcn, hewray, aecHMarr, I'iiait. 

C T. A 2329: bowrie Wit.b. 2435; bo- 

vr^tB f^fTM. Mi2/./ u. T. 102; Mwr^ide 

fprri.J Alis. 4562; bcwn'iod />?r/.; 

(Jon*. 2, :i.'S6. 
biproudiPti, A.S«r. boprencan. 4n*it4: 

biprpnrlied (prtt.) a. r. 92. 
biwrilien. A.!<tix. boprthan, -pr(»<»n, forer: 

biwwo, l)ipro i». a. n. 67^; biwri;tfn 

fpnrlj Lai. h'M\\\', biprien a. h. 263. 
biwrixlen thtn^f; Liprixled (part.) a. b. 

Viwnrcben, A.Snx. bcpjrrcan. wont; be- 

wn>i:bt (port.) Kulam. WWl. 

Uf A.Sax. I'O, O.icfl. b<?r, /row biion, op- 

pidum, Hai.uw. iii(t.'172; r. m. ia290. 

bibb» WA; biblios //wrtt.; a. i-. 2, 1499; 

LUIh miller btit> ho wIsH bibbed ale Cmauc 

C. T. A 4162. 

biblr, fr. bible, hibl$, Landl. b 9. 41; 

Gow. 1, 1.1. 
btrrbr, A.S^x. Woco (?). 0. /w/. bikijii, 

ft#^<tA, BBU AKT. I, IK"; AK. UT. 11; 

Trkt. 3, 141: Lanol. 5. 197 (353); 
biccbe, bicko fBoMPT. :t5: bichcbe s. it. 
Eii. AVkb. 1S02; liiwben/'/'/ 5394. 

Ucrhn, <>. Icti. bikkja /curr<ir*JT bicdied 
h*'ino8 fdw/ CiLAi'i'. C. T. (I 650; bicbed 
bone* Tows. MTST. 241. 

hlidtUf A.SftT. biddan. O.FVi$. bidda. O.L. 
(tfiui. biddiaii, d'oth. 1ii(l^|.Mi, (t.lcti. bidja, 
O.H.iifnn. bittan. piitan, hid, pelwre, r»- 
^rrv, precari, A. R. 228; nr. iikn. a. kx. 
1H02; Havkl. 529; biddcQ binn mtldce 
Lai. 12271; bidden his milco r. s. FV; 
bidden \>v% bi'me Katii. i>ll; bidden for 
pe Obm. 6130; U> bidden us to Criste 
8990; biddin "omrt, m«it4are", prompt. 
35; biddo AYKNiu 5; of heore rannen 
bidde li<\to o. a. x. X5R; nif niete for U 
biddo IIoiiN WW Hubitm. 1218 (Brr;>. 
II S3); hiddo fprn.J Wii.i.. 4754; ibc 
tnddo |K> Y'x bleasing ars. 158; {if i bidde 
liBi l>«loa Lakgi.. b 5, 407; biddCHt 
Mabii. 11; but Mine. 84; biddoli <-iiArr. 
r. r. A 364 1 ; be |<nt biddeji biinre|i 
LASnt. n 7. SI ; btddoH Isriun. 270: 
beddoz Uaw. 1374: bit a. k. 156; Onii. 
5454; bit. bid o. a. v. 441, 445 k 
1352: bii Mddi|> vnr flrfp) fr>n Iton. 23.'i; 
hmi bidde)? beoni t<N iroilo mihh. 85; bide 
fimper.) iinif. I, IT; BBI.. AKT. 1, 186; 




Ude (liid) l.M. ^ITS; l)ide (bulile) Iuh 
nravv II. ». 11; |>at {o I'uliton for me 
Jrt. iTk l.iiiilitKip fpari.) aykxr, 21 1': 
ba-J. I'D*!. biuO, bed /K^.y La>. 2464, 
nd71, 4767 j;: 4879; hsit Oitx. 2abtr>; 
»UK. 225(;; AS. LIT. 12; Maxd. 328; 
Tub. t24.'>: lie kid li).su l)Odti ht. &kn. 
A. KX. llITri; Ki) {•oO it bail ff-r I-naii?) 
AT: lird a. it. IfiO; avrmi. li>l; r. s. 
:!4K; )in titVlP Lai. :;1('.04; n. a. x. 5.50; 
Bob. l:>3; |)oii mo IwJo Mn§ro SimH^u. 
IIH; iHBduu Ohu. it!)7; liou h^deii (hi'de) 
liiiie n'liie to IieI|to Lai. fitii>; livdo (iow. 
I , 111; n«JQ •*>|>ct' lirvuiiu lii iia tii'do 1''l. 
A. lib. ;;S3; UlHlD fwhj.) Orm. l>&i)&; 
Uitle A. B. 222; u. A. K. I'rfS; und IxJdc 
ftno iViiio Kath. 2-(0l; l»at |>o wjitiir 
bvdo uau. Jks. 317; Ii<!de. I>oc*lo Las<ji,. 
K, 102 (t», Mr,): |>at III for liiin LvJe 
UfcK. 22-Jf;; tiodi'n /';Ntf-/.y Wic-i.. LuKB 
14, 7*; Iwdo Wii.i.. 2410; Gow. 1, 70; 
wOrc Iicde t*> |>c biidalo Langl. a 2, S6; 
Jc di'lc ;il .-lis Mm l>ork>ii ffor bi>deiiV) 
fan Orv. oiyrt; eonii'. ibiddou; ii*riv. 
Ix'd. bedo. liodoit. 

bidJrrr, A. Sax, Idddore, bidder, rvffstnri 
liiddcr PH. V. 36711; biiMeres fpf./ I.anoi,. 
•5. 20C. (7. 102). 

hUilaR^r, M.JI.OtTw. hitlnn^, bidding, ro- 
gnlifi, nfiffic, noM. 1, (JO; A. R. X08; 
bidding avkmi. Hf4. 

Me, A.Kht. lijd. Ai.Jf.fJrrm. Iiit. »»/t««'(i, 
morti, T^a. 14G3; r, w. L7t»l; wiJNuiU'ii 
Mdo I,, n. 11. 113. 

blilrl «<f tudot. 

birirn, A.tias. O.L.dtrm. bidan, fr'o/A. tii*i- 
dfti) (i;prv;5sx25dai), O./w/. Inda, 0.ff. 
fierta. bltan, ifV/ir. ntanrrfi, fjapfetare, mm- 
</nf<rv, MJf^c. K>2; an. ut. 5; liide i'. b. 
204; 8. fi. EO. WiB. 28C4; Oit<»v. 874; 
Oaw. .^74; L.\NOL. u 18, :107; Mik. 20; 
TiiK. 1023; bide itn dwcllo p. l. ». lU, 
40; i mui no loti^ur biilo ('iiAir.'. C. t. 
A 43:'7; bido tin iinsware I-'u'JL 2<'1'. 
bide fpre*. tuhJ.J tig». 2, H!); l)Jkd 
/'/#r<»/.y Pkiicuv. 500; Horodo Viqp liVl 
iiitei- jieiro come Ofuu 0507; Ih'kI Uhh'. 
;3, -y2; |w* nAvrc I'lipo no binl noM. 2. 
Ml* bod, bmid "inniitil". Win.. 1 Ki.^<tS 
33. IB; iHHid CiiAuu. a T. A iiS99: 

bidan Lai. 12690: stui. Lixc. 17; bideu 
/jwtij Aub. 897; Max. Rn. l'. a40;t; 
eotnjf. :l-, i-, iivei'biiloii; denr. bide, b&d. 

blil^nf M- unJfr bi-. 

bidiai;, A.finx. biding, hiding, moratio, rR. 

c. 4;os. 

bien $rf bu!t;^i}n. 

bira vtt bumi. 

blfrR *(v beorn. 

bi; htg, erauuA, Havku 1774; Wwl. 173; 
UuArc. C. T. A .'■.1(1; PR. c. 1460; bij;g« 
fpKj Laxuu 6, 21ii (7, 202); I'luftof 
ftiimt>fr.) Jiis. 1.12; bi^-jror Gaw. 2101. 
bi^'li /"V/y: bi;;li blin Fluii. P381; bif,'U 
bib) A. p. 1, yU2; biglt iind Kwi}M» Jur. 

bl|[, 0. /«>/. bysp, O.L.Gfnn. ben (u$t»i? 
from bucn ? if'*;, hordenm, voc. 23 J. 

bl) Aj-^ beab. 

bE:(UiiiitS /'V. biifatuio, hiffaviy, sr. uk.s. a. 

KX. -UK. 

hijtUf J.Nu:. I)5';:!cd8. ./r^m biljen. "farcmj 

rfl foi-nix", fKAOM. 3. 
bijt^riit O.Ic*l. bva^ja, bj'friritv. /ren* biioo* 

big. coUre, fiahiUire. Otrn. ItUI; I'i^in 

^^Mtificftre" , i-noaiT. -1-%; bigcO Pi" t. 

47.1; Slix. ;!■'»; I'iirire fprct.) wnu. 71; 

lii;nro<lo 'jfdj ST. a. rx. 1137; 

bi^'i;ed Mak. kt>. P. K72.'i; (ilnitttiil luid 

bij,tr«d PB. c. 48,'»0: bii:«ed /'/wrt.y (Jaw* 

20; Lido. m. p. 204; bi^f^it ant. Ajnu. 

bUcni ff liuK^'cn. 
bicglH^r, O. /(y/. byfririiif,', kahilatio, "Mdi/- 

riHffi". pKuMTT. 35; bisttinjr »t. okn. a. 

BX. 7IS; IscMfL 7H; biii.'xinjj; \: ». 151^ 
bl)(« A./i»x. bybt'd /roM bfijon, AiyW, ./A»xim, 

RKi.. ANT. 1, 1 1)0; )ia bi{t of po |ii;eH 

Gaw. 1340. 
bike hiJai, /tfiiet, f.. u. 7*1 ; t'iiM*. a. Gaw. 

40ls & biko i>r Witupen 1Iaj.liw. dht. 

!?(»; OS bced dfu) in tbc biko Tuw-x. 

1CT8T. .12.%. 
biker, oMGrrm, bilior, 0./(W. bikarr, O./f. 

fff^in. )i«vlier, b^atn; ^'ct/>Hitium\ PBiufPT. 

blk«r AfVitcr, ItoH. A3B; CKAna l. o. v. 

2ii.%9; Man. t». K. 02:M; lukir "jmsitn", 

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bikrrin A/«Z'<r, "juiffuat-r", prumpt. flO; bi- 





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bililieat Lai. 1740. 
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bllr, .^..s^r. lute, <?<»<;. Iiile. bil. /r. IH, 

Ai7/, rwitrum, a. m. 84; iitiu. 2, 40; u. 

a. s. 7'J; hel. as-v. 1, 210; Thev. .%, 

291; b)l«, hille Uxoi.. b 11, 349; 

Chalt. C. t. b 4051; bille G(W. 2, 106; 

s. fi. Kn. H'H. 2106. 

bilfrxler Wii.L. 81. 
bile, Onut. bil /■/(**;»' 

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lelipit HtiM. 1, O.'): Makh. 22; bitephit 
OuM. 6654; bilepitto fjfi.J uom. I, 223. 

hilehpitnesse iimplieity, huh. I, 05. 
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blllr, /r. bille, hV, »chfdH, l4AKaL. 4, M 

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O.Frii. O.fc^I. bimia, O.IT.Gfrm. binlan. 
(liutaii, ftinrf, fiffirc, Lai, 18458: Vi bin- 
dene HUM. 1, :t7; bindeji (prft.) M'W. 
104; bint A. R. 6; ATmrn. 33; Chait. 
roMPi,. M. 47; band fprttj Iw. 1776: 
tiiMid, li'nd I'ltArc. ('. T. A 40S2 (Br>. 
\Vk. 40HOJ; buml Lai. 767; thkat. 1^6: 
bond bit4 pnnden hum. I, 70; bnndon 
Orji. 15320; bundcn. bt>noden IIavkl. 
2442 & 2506; Uiiindffn Wii.i.. 1210; 
br.ndc Hrni. 126; btuiilen fpartj Iw. 280; 
Mak. kt>. H. t:[H; biiodon. b'lQilcn re. 
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Cmattc. 0. T. B 704; \Vja^ .b'liv II. 

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biBderr, A.Sar. bindere, hiadrr: binderofl 

fpl.j Havku 2050; comp. U>kbinder. 
biadiHgr htNili»ff, iKiM. 1, 207. 
biMK, O.leeK biiiyr, h'ni/, "eumera", prompt. 

36; K. n. 07. 
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ga", vw. 180; t.. H. B. 145; CiiArc. C. 

T. A 593; MTt. Vow 150; fnun ^ire 

binno "a pnuttpio", Lukk 13, 15. 
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propitmrf, \. r. 114: /'w. birrlenn) Orh. 

1541^: brillin prompt. 51; birlide fprri.) 

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ttu, Wiri, vwn.. 1 Tim 

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biso^pt-tol MJfiC, 145. 

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iport, PDAOtt. 3. 




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bigan A wind to rise out of jio north 

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A. E. 288; 8. s. KU. W'Kit. 7ri0; Manti. 

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vix. 198: bitt Alls. 543li; bit Iw. 94; 

bite jiciVii, Anni. a. Mkbi,. 4808; bit, 

bitte Gaw. 212 ic 2224. 
bitrl (lAT, ttcfrhtu, Okx. 1IJU74; bitelo iluii- 

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bitelbruuwwi hffih-brotrtd, Langt.. 5, 109 
bail, A. Sax. biUl. hUtta^ PRt^UFT. 37; mv 

btlea, ^.iSfff. O.lMerm. biUn, O./Wi. 0. 

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|iat wiiKld liim hfto Kulam. 491; hJto)f 
rprM.J OiiM. 99.'i4; bit jiu.m. 1, 123; a. 
B. 18(i; bitiude {part.) ayknu. 143; biit 
fprel.) Iw. 2029; biit H0«. 2, 184; c. 
L. 1343; t. H. B. J35; s. s. kd. Web. 
773; OfTov. 329; Cov. 29; ho bot 
tboot) bis lijipes La.noi.. 5, t>7 (84); 
biten A MS. 5430; Y^ acipoti bitou on ftat 
donil LjLf. 1788; bit^ lko. 181; bitten 
fjpsvt.} CnAuo. I., r,. w. 2314; baton l. 
a. B. 74; ibito Alis. 5438; mmp. a-, 
iutd-, forbiten ; dtriv. bito, bitel, biter, 

biter, A.^ax. biter, O./W. bitr, O.U.Gmn, 
bitcror, frvm biton, AiJW*T, ffltwriwfj 'lOTwrfM, 
HUM. 2, 33; !iT. OKS. A. KX. 3300; H. 
s. KD. Wbr. S49; ititer j'inrl iiu.ii. 1, 
l4i7; biter ine sinac ayknii. 82; bitter 
A- K. 302; nApt bittros Katii. 1704; 
bittere (bitcro) swipoti Lai. 21247; pIJ 
bittrs bohmcii M.*nn. 5; bitore. A.Sax. 
bitre, bitoro, /'adr.J Imj. liiSsl*; biiorc, 
bittere, bittro Lanul. 3, 23ti (249); 
bittri»re fromparj spec. 99. 
hitorbrnwod. bitterbrowid La:(gi.. 5, 109 

hitorhi,-do AYRNii. 28. 
bitorlldin, A.-^ax. bitertlce, biUerly, LanQl. 
r 4, 144; bittorlfcbe a. h. 31)4; bitter- 
li Will-. 2083: bUorlukcr (^ffowi^i./ misc. 
92; hitterlnJcefit fnuperlj h. m. 35. 

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<.f mi tfalle LAxnr.. h. IJ'.i (llli). 

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billren, A.Sax. bitcrian, make bitter, a. r. 
308; bittcrot fpretj uom. 1, 23. 

bilrrnnise, A.Sar. bitflinosa, hiHemtu, Misr. 
28; SiinRRH. 91; a. b. 372. 

bilinjEa biting, mortut, hum. 1. 33. 

biter, O.Fr. bntur, litt^-n fbittm\ biUUrJ, 
Chadii. C. t. i> 972; Iiitt"f Cubst. pl. 
I, 51; hoUrn tp!.J Anrn. a. Mwu. 3180. 

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bittrr ji(V bitor. 

biiien, bcovion, buvien. A.Sax. bitiiin, boo- 
tian, O.L.(rerm. bivun, O.Frin. beva, 0. 
Jl.O'erm. biboiK frrmbif. Lai. 23530, 25242 
& 277 IS; bivptl (pre). J st. okn. a. bk. 
2280; Itoovodon fprdj Laj. 28307. 




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O.IfMa-m. blilwcr, Ijit. fltivtis? hlea. It- 
rt'Htis, Pit. c. ri24>l; UaA Iscmh. 311; Mii 
Hitrx. TtrKS, 1, 23U; htkc. 8<h Kicii. 
2rM4; Mah. bd. II, 173; re«il and Mn 
«T. OKS. A. KX. (>37; blO «uJ bliic Ma- 
i'K9 yi^.l; fe wafer sn liln Kii. ;11K; ;u^ 
W6 as li'd TtraT*. myst. 224; liirt <Wo«i) 
%AiH Laxiii.. b ;t, 07; bloo *'Un'dtu\ 
PROMI'T. 40; Woo "/"'*'*'*". *"*»•• AST. 1. 

8: bMi itnd Moo i.ri>. Cnr. ^',\h. 

blnerfo "affft/Zu", ritusii-T. 10. 

btdmon, 0. led. lilAmuflr, ^l/cor, Maiim. 
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/^^A; r. M. 211M: b^^m<'n Tbhv, 1, t.".; 
of Kthiope ho biVihtu j-u bU-t^incii Laj. 
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blar, J.Sux. blffc, O.Dutth hiadt. O./cr/. 

liblikr, ilttek, ni^er, Lai. 3070; A. J). 

23i; Havkl. .%.';5; iKtAT. 13«; Uak 

"Hf'grr, tiUr', I'KiiMPT. UH; CiiArr. C. t. 

A iiaO; M,0(D. 51; K. T. 771; blak 

and blO HPKi'. 6A; Tnirx. vyvt. 234; 

blakc //i/y IK'M. 1, Til; |^ blale oIItiloK 

liAi. I III 02; hiaccro feompar.J Mahii, 

10; blakkare Misr. 1(0. 

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blar, A.Sax. hlttc., bisr, 0.l>aUh hbiik, <^. 

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Cow. 2. 210; Mrik "pnUiitwi', inxMTT. 

30; Liwi. ST. Til. 2:J:i2; Make fplJ\,M. 

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miim: ^.it bluil An>. 12; MiKle CiiArr. 

C. T. A fiI8; bLiJe f'rfW.y Mas. kd. 
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bladrf, -i.sVx. l.IiMro. bliiildre. U.l.Of 
I)Iatlorfl, bleJoro. OJifl. bhulra, OJ/.ftrnd^ 
Iiliiira, btatra, /row* bliU-ni, hMtirr f6M' 
itn'J, vftica, ptutnla: btad^r Hri- A?rr. I, 
190; Wrtildro I'ifAur. C. t. o 439; blfddri! 
A. B. 382; SniiRi'ii. 2; MpJdorp, blmtdcr 
PL. CB. 222; MprMii* "rtvt'ca", rRMMrT. 
3!)-. bluuro /"pi*, lilowrp) 'fowTt. mvwt. t>2. 

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f^trm. h}&9. Hntm; H^ a. it. S2; wlndc 
\Mii yiiw. 93; <■!,. H. 30; MAso ^^^ 
I^it. 27818. 

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<>./c»7. hld.*!ii, /Rfru" ho tfiiO iff b]As<»n oot 
fi saiin CiiArc. II. f. 1SI)2; rf#rir. bld<4t. 

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MiVs^ rX /cfA blflatr, //-»» blibscn, hhtt: 
b^oiOTio bll^«t Ijai. IPOSrt; MM ArrviL 
203; blflut "ffattu", prompt. 3S; thkat. 
130; HPKr. lOr.; CiiAL'i. Tnoit. 2470: 
homes blriirt kt. av.y. a. ex. 34«l: bku. 
AST. 1, 223; winilos bhiat Aus. 236*; 
a. A. ('. XIV; b1aa.-4t Tkkt. ♦, S7I 
blMte ^dnt.j ltiiA!tr>. 10; Mmf*. ]tonor1il 

blArtra, J.S^i. h]ti^i>lan (Y). f-hri. 

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Wi bUste CiLAirc. n. r. I8tiij; ho ;muil 
and bl&ste i>. i.. f>. XV. 99; blAsttm Au!<. 
fiT'flW; etttnp. oM.'u^ten. 

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i/rtrf .- bli'tin "/t/i/itrv", i-RoaiPT '«1 

i.Kfl. ir,2; Lanoi., r IH. 38; i- 
Ti'HT*. MYST. 106; bliftt^ /rt*./ OHM. 
1315; blf.lhwo rptrrij Tbkv. 4, 163. 

bU'llnitr, OJf.ft'rrm. |»|Mziinj;a, hlAtfin^y "*•- 
hiag", pRMMrr. 39. 

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atAtn**,, famttHA^ Lai. lOlOO. 
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blabe m'grtda: bihultlon fiver hii M:iko k 

itu'it liit> )i)>lt« A. R. 2?j2. 

^B 98; bloken. Make o. h. H7t7; bhiho]) 

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^^^UjJlkirM, A.Hor. bliicinn, O.lceL bloikju, O. 
^^^v H. 6'(V»f . lilcicbeii, pallfxere, 3( aku. 9 ; 
^^^ hia neb biin>n t6 blAkien iLI-ikie) Lai. 

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bU- p. B. .'ill; hrtonuo |iin licrni liiMlio|i 
srim:. 101: bliikmlo fpret./ Lai. 7524. 

hlaknni hlarUu; MilliDA Uavf.!.. 2160. 

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blame^ O.ft. bloKiiio, A/rfMif, lliiiiy >:i>. l.t'M- 
I2lir); i'. t. s. XXII, 4; AYKNH. 2a 
lilauirlC's httiBith-n, Tbkv. I, 251; liow. 
:i, 220. 

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r. lui)tiii>; bliimo SfAHu. 2iM>: bliimotl 
fpm.j \um. 2, 7:i; btanif)) AYKxn. 17: 
b'amvdo fprri.J Rub. 273. 

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hfanl: nitidm, tt/lius: bbinc ukl. ast. I, 
:}7; iiU bloiik s.t>l(<l ijaw. 2(»I2. 

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blitnil jijwii/, Ai.ifx. 2780; (fAw. 120-1; 
A. 1'. 2, ^K5. 

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Iilsiida, OJ'nteh blaudeit, OJl.O'erm. blui- 
titn, mix: bbindu bit witb milko h. v. r. 
34; bittodp /;wr/.y i.Jaw. 1031. 
iBodcn, O.l'r. blimdir. hkttdUk: blvmle)' 
('^rtw./ l?!irinKH. 73; blaundissinpo /"/wrt-y 
('liAII-. HOKT. 2. I (80). 

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btotidiasr bftyiHMuiiff, AVfiNB. 7.'» ; blan- 
ilij^h^fii'iTfl r. L. K. XIX. Hi.'t. 
lAneaM "AVvr". fBOMJT. 40. 

blankr, .LSttr. btancft, blonra, bfiiMll: ftekile, 

tficijj kor»f: blrtnke AVu*l. 3;32ii; ast. 

Arth. XLII1; bbiiikon, blonkeu fpi.Jhw. 

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blanket blanht, Ukk. llti?; bir IwIIb was 

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blasft, A.Snx. blaj&o, 31.11, Gt^m. bias ^^j"^ 
W«:v, Jtamwif, mi«.m. 1, 185; a. k. 254; 
Havm>. 12.1); Laxcjl. b 17, 212; I'llAiTC. 
Tftoii.. 4853; euiio bla^e of nira Lai. 
28.^9; \'ti\ settoii :i1 on blase tiow. 2, 
2 It ; bituie, blcso promtt. 30; c. m. 
8877; \j\i\»ci\ (pi.) A. «. 254. 

blaslu hlai/i, "flaaiimirr', rBOMPT. 38; br«n- 
noii Si \}\asi)]i Lankl. ti L7» 232: bIaso|i 
^pr«»J Tbrv. I, 5; How. I, 2.58; vurt 
nl yot him Uosie VDrJ a. k. 290; Mubtiil 
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blftsfrnif; /V. blaaidioiue, i>r. ^Xa^'STijjit'a, 

i'li'*i-lniny, A. U. 1118; ATENB. 57. 

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pirihon, I^t, Hare, lloio, finre, Aijh. k». 
Wuii. 5630: blAwcu. blauwon, blowen 
Laj. 700, 7!?4 i: 4482; blftiipen huh. 
1, 81: blAwo Havkl. 587; Iscmb. 393; 
bbiuo ANT. AuTii. XXVI; bluupon a. b. 
210; bl6we Kun. 7; C'KAtr. C. t. a 
505; bbme & blUsUs Maro. 213; bra^jro 
or bbVwfl Lim. Gov. 183; blAiiJ) (prcn,, 
AYUNS. 25: Uititus aiid blAwus avow. 
Arth. XXIII; (bi) tilAwpt. avexb. 24; 
bl'iu (imprr.J Havel. 685; spbc. 51; bl<k- 
waiid fp'ri.J Will. 3358; hlooH fprri.) 
(m». bloow) Aijs. 41>l; bleoo, bl6u Lai. 
808 & 1702; MOn Hi»r. 55; Brand. 
24; c. M. 12540: {m*. blow) Hon. 13; 
Lanoi.. k 5. 515; blu avow. Arth. XV; 




blciipon Mat. 7, 27; blcowou (blouwcu) 

Lai. .11(17; Itlewe CuAtc C. t. b 4.iSit; 

lil/iwcu (^H.J pu. f. 685; Tows. my^t. 

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liUorrc, .J.f<as. bliiporo, bluccri comp. lioru- 

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fimiJ: bloil di'. u£S. A. kx. 2&'J0; bliihl 

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Wkl. Job 30, :tO. 
UrWi, O.Fr. hXcfinr /"h/ettci J : U\ec\iep {fM-ea.j 

AYENB. 40 St 2R8; blo^od /"/irt-^; Will. 

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likiwen, ^<w, ^erH4?N, tuiy. 2, 25(j; jnU 

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hitin, J.Sax. bh'Jiin. O./Vm. O.f/. 

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Havkl. 103; Ouvr. I, 1»»; TwAii. 379; 

MMdo fprdj Lai. 7.'i2:i; a. r. 114; 

LAJtaL. II 19, 103; his wnuiides bl^ddou 

Ai.iR. 5K4.'i; eomp. bibl^dan. 
biflk <r« bliir. 
blHnf, .f.NiLT. blo^'on, 7>fffl. M^lmi, OMiUch 

bliHoo, Will*, "pajmh", mhhht. 3lt; bK-m 

8T. OKS. A. Es. rt027; bkino /'rfW.y 

Cluuc a. n. Q5:i; bl^ines /"fV Vrici.. 

KXOD. 9. 9; pukliis and bloinos Fj^b. 

2024; bU'incn /dat. pi.J Maku. 18. 
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blenisawa, 0./->. bletair, iitmitA; bicmishi'n, 

bleoi^cbia "tb/mcurt', pbuhft. 39; blo- 

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Mnirh blriK-h, eoncrrtta, dolut, k. k. I; A- 

M.sw. UIU; A. i>. 2. 1202; blenk Uax. 

Kit. II. 201; bloiii:bott fplj u. a. n. 378; 

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blrHrhrH, -LSax. blencau, JU.U.Germ. blon- 

ki'ii, O./vei. bickkja, from bliiiki>n. bleuch, 

litciitttre, dfciprrc, mm. I, 55; i vl^ib 

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A. K, 270; icb ua par and can pol 

bleucbe u. a. k. 170; jif |mu . . . tm 

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589; bis io tjan blencbc h. s. :J.'i7ti; 

bliutiho :i titruk Bkk. 2172; blouko Max. 

RU. U. 115; X1E6T&. T. 2483; d. Aktb. 

28.*>7; b1oncbi|i fpraj Liou. m. t. 215; 

btcnrte, blonclite {yret.J Jet.. 72 St 73; 

bicintc L.M. 14*>0; CiiAUf. C. t. a 107S; 

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F. 1.122; 'rriatrem blvint bi side Tust. 

3, 44; )>oi lOkodo nbonU* ii blointo bt- 

biiide |m3 bui<cb Will. 3111; cvmp. nV- 

biririrn, A, Sax, blondon, O.JlMrrm. blott- 

den, /root blind, fMxd, ennian ; bleodo 

.MiW. 88; Lanul. b 10. I2^;Ckaiic. 

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bleudp[i maniies bporte Obm. 4.i25: blont 

mm. 1. 251; TiiAur. p. v. tiOO; bltfiidi! 

rprrtj Lai. 29361; b. 8. IV; A. t>. 2, 

1788; eoBip. a-, fur-, iblrndeo. 
blmdnij J.Siix. blombm, /roni btniidon, 

^/nii/, miKcre: blende Tuwn. .mysiT. 225; 

blonde (prH.) liAW. 13til; blent (pwi.) 

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blra, A.Sax. ble», blooh, 0.!,JirrM. O.FriC 

bliV lUf fhlyj, eoivr, Mabh. l>; spec. 33; 

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liis bleu TKKAT. 139; ble<>, bbt o. a. v. 

152 it. 1547; bloo Oittav. .SO; briffht »t 

bloe KOLAM. 33; bid At. i}IUC. A. KX. 




4.17; Witt. W9.H; a. p. I, 212; Tomtk. 
Wii^T. 22ii: blio Siiurkh. 103; hlcos 
^^fn.J FRAriM. 3; lilies Wm bt. akk. a. 
Kx. 17-2:.. 
Hpt, Ofirm. Merr? Gr. vtb. 2, 107- 

blened hlenr-fyed. "liftpwf', I'lmMVT. M9 ; 

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20; bifri'ifjhed LANnr,. » 17. il24. 

blrrrn 5^<rf/r; Mere Kich. ">708; i*. 41; 

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4»4!'; i lilori hkl. ant. 2, 211; McMil 

fpTfi.J Laxoi,. rRdi.. 71 {7-1); Iiloriil ». 

s. Ku. Wh. 21tri2: blcred (part.) CiiAur. 

K. R. ;i;)i2; Gaw. acs. 

blf'r<>ii, -V, //.6>;i«. Myren, *7fi^r/', promit. 

■lO: irrin mii liiui and blere pb. c. 2226; 

Iil^ir'nle /'/jr^i^.y u. Aimi. 7tJ2. 
HIiri Upptuy Lanul. c 7, 198. 

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cw^j. O.L.d'erm. It'skian, O. /{.f-'nin. le- 
Bcati, "exituffiurr" , piioMi-r. 3i*; :iiv<l Jis 
lifr bIrHsode kt. <iKJr. A. fx. '.!.SOS. 

lilnrhiii;;« "crtinctt'o", prompt. .^0. 

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A.S^»T. Goth. bbUiin. a/<-r?. bliitn. O.H. 

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bloUtoijoit I4A1. 1121.17; blesricn mm. 1, 

215; \t\ifs%\ uiHc. hU', blossen, bli&scii 

CnArr. C. r. a :1148: blisse tim. Cov. 

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blessM SPEC. S:j; bliBsed Havm,. 2M7!1: 

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blplftlng hlfuing, Oru. 1 0(>(i I ; ble^tiimjire 

lioM. 1. 71; A. n. \hA\ bloKsinpo Lai. 

I02rtl: blisjiinKO ayrxr. 07. 
bift i^f bli'iuT. 
bin, AJ<ar. Wen, /V. Wen ? Wm", eMru/euii, 

V. r<. 712; r. m. 0920; On"- t'low) i-Rnjirr. 

41; Tri.^jt. 3. 10; Amp. .1272; G«w. 

::. l.'iS: Chatt. 0. t. e 22lJ»; M<»u lus 

inde Mand. 48: blowe aslces h\xnh. c 

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bl^irii »'^ bilfbfen. 
btiund. O.Fr. bliniit, M.Lat. blialdiis. a 

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(mi. bJih.-ind) Tbist. 1, ;tS; blpaimt Gaw. 

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ILitfrm. b!frbon, p4tl.'ejtc*fe: bis lip|)es 

pbnlle blikoii !£kl. ant. 1, 66; duwi/;. a- 

Mikcu; derir. bl;\c. 
bliklrn, O./rf/. blilca. M.S.Ofrm. blicTcen, 

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kioii scli^nro |>ori )ip sunno a. r. 302; 

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kodo fprei.J Kath. 339*;; bliKkcd Gaw. 

bliknrn, O.M. blifcna, tphn^rf, pallfuc^rf: 

lOikuande ]i0ile3 a. p. 2. I4t)7; t»omnj 

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bllttilj .-/Nflj-. O.L.Oerm. blind, O.^wA blindr. 

ffirfA. blindu, O.U.Germ. blinter, blind, 

Mfcw, Bkk. lfi!)5; Slim blind mtm o. a. 

K. 12-17; fie blindo man Gow. 2, 210; 

bliudne fnrc. m.J h"M. 1, III: blinde 

/"pl.J Kath. HH>2: emitp. stiU-pblitid. 

blinilfelleu hUmi/oid, promit. 40; blind- 
fellpdo i^;<T^^y A. B. 100; mirc. 4.1; 
blindfold fpuri.; f. w. IflGLI. 

bliiidfellinipi hlnuifolding, \. it. ISS. 

blindhwarven hliud htf winding round: bis 
('jcn wenre blintwhiirved c. u 114i». 

blmdwomi bliudworm. \-f\c. 223. 
hllniHn, A.Sas: blindlan (V). O.Frit. O.laf. 

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pJtOMiT. -10; blimlo s. s. y.iy. \Vb. 2i>!M; 

camp, ablindon. 
blindlUHSf, OJf.Girrm. blinliliui^un, clausit 

oeuhx, Marh. lr>. 
blimlnesM', .4..S'(ir. blindness. i/fW?*!-**, PROMPT. 

40; Wni.. 4 KINOfl li, IS. 

blink, 7>rfH. Nt4wrf. blitib, Iffifti, atjk'ctm: 
ItlinVc.H fpl.J TEST. 1'hh!<. 22(<. 

blinken, iiuith Idiiiken pret. blonV. Sieed. 
blhlka pret. blinlca*b', Ifnn. bl'inkp pret. 
blinkoJe, W('»i, i^irKdrtf, »pfcinrf: before 
I'i ijoii bit blcnlcis (for blinkesV) Halliw. 




DUT. 185: Woultod ffwHJ Gaw. 7!>!>: 
<)vciiiio |to balefHlIo i>» Iiioiilii'fl on his 
I(i<nl A^T. AHTtt. XIiII; Hm'e. Iflniif. 

Iilimr, blilRril tre undn- \n. 

ItlUriirn te« lilnsclion. 

klismrn blutom, /eUii'i\ prifegvantfto facirf? 
hlisnip*! (iHtrt.) cs. 77. 7lK 

bllur, A.Sax. bliss, bJid^i, from bliJe, Uixt. 
hriitia, "gntuiium", Li:kk 1.%, 10; in>v. 
I, 7; Lm. SfiS; Katii. 1723; a. h. IOJ; 
Odm. 719; 8T. OKX. A. £X. 11; Ukit. 
G8P: Ki-Kf. (il; (iuw. 2. M5; blistfc. blis 
o. A. K. 420 & 12S0; Mirt sctr. CO; Kii. Mkb. 2t>,18; Twist. 2. 9r>: 
CiiAur. C. T. D :J:!; to Y^re blURO yim*. 
37; blis&eii (blisaes) /'pfj Lai. f!037; 
blisjton A. R. 1!)2; blisjieno /gfi*. jt/J an. 
UT. 90. 

blihful W«*/«/, Kath. IS79; Will. lOSr.: 
Chait. C. t. a 17; h\i»vA avkkb. 1-IS. 
blUfiilhi^A Pit. r. 7830. 
blisru(l|l|rl)0 h/n»/u//y, A. n. iO; blis- 

VdllTrlio Ar^sn. OA. 
blUfulnpFiso hUi^JuiHtti, Chacc. IJobt. 
4. 2 (113). 

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liAt. 19041: h\\f»m iinn. 2, 93; Okm. 
AAA; blisren a. h. 300; \c\\ fibt . . • 
bli!«tie)i bit hpannn irb ciitno d. a. n. 
43.^; bliHsio f»uitj.j noil. 1. 10;>: blU^o 
o. A. K. 478; (ti'ih )0 bUv«ou up {'inf 
Kath. 848; )ia liavcitt itl»8Cil m>n(i*) 
w'xile iiMM. 3, 71; (Vin/r. iblii!>«ioii. 

liliiuIrM Kff blotMian. 

Wblw, O.Ihttfh bliiistcr, WfVT, c. m. fiOll: 
bliRtreH //(/V Chai'*!. fl. a. i.. 408. 

hlitfj A.S<,i, bnjG, 0.l.Gn-m. Iiliili. blt- 
Ibi, O.M. Iiliilr, 6'<rfA. Muijw, 0.n.€n-m. 
Wider. 6WA«f. A/rfw, M'tru, Kath. IH7'.': 
A. R. 34H; bli^e nnd faffsn mt. 'ibx. a. 
RS. 1343; blide Oilifrc} L.u. 1379; bll)>e 
Orm. 60S; u. A. X. 418; Eou. lU: 
Havki.. or.I: ayksr. 87; >ms. 443; 
blit'c b(t<le ilic |'0 brin^'O a^s. 104; blific 
BtiiDCH Oaw. 1G2: bll|tc. blitlio I'ftArc. 
C. T. A. 840: bUve bel. a-nt. 1. 48: 
blliire ft^mparj Lai. 2527; irh am frit 
blititire o. a. k, IIOS. 
bliilolTclu*. A.Shji. bliilrllri'. UiifwJt/. \. 
m. 63; bli^ellcho Drakd. .%; blAilpllrlio 

HOH. 1. 31: Lai. 3304; blitwlK^liC' t'l»^^- 
li WiM.. 819 ii 1144; bU■^eh^bc n. a. 
Ki). Wku. 503: I'llf-ehio Ojiw. 1'3:.; 
bl{|>Q]i Max. t.x\. II. 103; b)lili4ukpr 
fcompnr.J ii. ji. 3. 
blidomnd, J.Sax. hUdvmful^ hffuA »h/mo, 
l.M. 21*701. 
bll|H*, O.feef. blida {mniUit, Uttititjy a. p. 
1, 3r,4: u i\ c. 30. 
bli|>criil I'K. 103, 34*; i\ H. I78n7. 
IiIUIiIr> O.iefl. blidn. OIlMtiM. bliJon, 
"rshi/ttrarr", I'Iimmpt. 40: bUtb[o) iv m. 
ITf^TO; blithia f/n-'f.J dkp. Bini. 3, IM- 
bll^rnnutr, J.-Sar. blidiicfts. l.iHttM, CiiAue. 

JtuET. 2, 3 (37). 
MtTf we iiWrr lif. " 
bU of^t' bU. 
bUbarr w-r blubber. 
bl^ nf€ bU<'. 
bIH -^.•*^*- O.L.GtTtn. O.FriM. MM. a 
/«/. bli«1, f.WA. bUi(». O.JSX-enn. bluot. 
pluut, &/o(v/, Muffuit, o. a. k. 1127; ^at 
blod L.\). 23973: Orm. 1770; U<tii. 172: 
Karra ilat fairc bl.vj ht. t:rx. a. kk. 
1192: H bIM AYKNa 218; bUd, U\*t^ 
CiiArc. C. T. A 03r»; blwMt Wiru JtWil 
0. ;i4: bifid Iw. 2071; blodo /Jot./ a* 
YKN'n. 107; boo wore of rin(ff) blude UoM 
15; ctimp. hoortoblud. 
blodbpnd A. n. 120; Thi«t. 2. !>9. 
blt'd^utfl. vJ.&fx. bli)dif)-ie. fy*w"p Mngni- 

nu, Lai. 030. 
bl6dh»iiui] hioodhnynd, Wii.L. 2183; bKoI- 
hoDil l>. AltTII. :[iilo. 

bloodirin, 0.l/.(irrm. pluiitlsarn, phMfttt- 

pilli, I'ROUTT. 40. 
bb'HlIC^. A.Sas. bluOlMs. hiMHirn, Katii. 

blNlel^u hlMd-lti: bb^dIi>teno (men) a. 

R. 200. 
h\hA\iiiiHW hiood-UUing, a. k. 114; MAil- 

ICtinf? iiQM. 1, 283. 
blAdroAtI h!ood-red: of bbuln'ttu scarlet 

null. 313. 
blMdmno, O.FriA. MMronf, fiuxtt* Mtt^ui' 

ni*, iiiiM. 1, 207. 

btiHlftwtlinjn* biood^hnitting, ICuu. .^4^ 
Wr-dstroain ttrram «/ i/voi/: blhlfttfOnM 

fplj Lai. 2S3r.9. 
M'ludvnakoTD hlot4*ud^^ Thkv. 4, 243. 




bICdwUc "fiuV* rftf jinne tupanda", ret.. 
AST. 1, 38. 

Mmlwurt hloTHl-WOrt, BEI.. AST. 1, fH>. 

blodc^D, A.&iT. (K0)bl6degiaD, O./w/. bojjja, 

hi'itodi/. cr wilt art : comp. liibluOejJeu. 
biddi, l^.Nrt^. l*!«'Klip, O.L,Gfrm. blOdjip, O. 

J/. Germ, pluotsffor, hloodi/, a. b. 1 12; 

RPKr, «2; AYEN-n. 4tJ; PR. C. .1201; hi 

his blOdio syCA.^ uou. 1 , 2u7 ; bludio 

veldes La*. UiJSll. 
b|«kj O.Dutth blof, O.I/.GeriH. bloch, A/oei, 

*'/rKfl«M, eodet", FBosipr. 40 ; l. h. r. 

141; bInckoR /'/v/V G^w. 1, 314; blokltea 

p. A. c. ED. Wr. LXVI. 
MAklrR w>r blfikittu. 
bUMe, ^. Sbt. bli'ima (matm), 0. 1.. Gtrm. 

blymo, 6VA. bKuim, O.Icel. blurat, O.J?. 

Gfrm. bluiimn /^j(f»V, y«'»»t b^^^l'en, bloom, 

*;/?*i", pBowPT. 40; Ohm. 10773; Havel. 

(;;i; Man. En. F. 4I*it;; ps. 102, 1.%; 

Ki^iR, CSd; IsiiMB. 176; Tmwts". myst. 52. 
hUnliif M.L.Ofrta. blAmen, &/oom, '^orfri*, 

PBOMi'T. 40; birtmen Orm. 10769; blritre 

HI). Cdv. r>6; b]<>medfl fpret.J st. okn. 

A. nx. 2061; bliimed l. ii. b. 13&. 
bltnc frt blaDP. 
Uaailcn 4m blandftti. 
blahdrr wv blander, 
blonkr m« bUnko. 
Wdrf »^ bla'Ire. 
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kUsr* 0,/«/. blosei fJUmtaa, faxj? \. p. 1. 


blHtnr (bKifftae?), .<4.^«. bldsttn, bl1^st^la, 
MMG^rm. O.IhtUh bloseai, /rwn OJiuiah 

Lbb'tseo (fiortrt)y hlouom, fto», a. r. HtJ; 
o. A. K. 437; Uni.. ant. 2, 8; /'nu. 
blossime) Obh. 1928; blostme, blosme 
Nartt. 10; blosme hom. 2, 217; tiPKC. 
26; CitAUC. C. T. A 3324: prompt. 41; 
blustmcn fpl.J fraom. 2; a. b. 276: 
blosmen a. e. 31; blostme noM. 1, r>; 
blosteie. bluBoiQ ». a. s. 16; btu&mo Fl. 
A. 111.. 3!(4; blo8me« IiAhgi,. b 16. 7. 
bUsMi Jhrmt, /oridm, CuAUC. p. f. 183. 
blMMta^ A. Sax. bl(wt«ii:in, J/oiiwwi, ''fhrere', 
PROMPT. 40; blosmo Wici.. PS. 71, 16: 
blosmeth (ftu.) Cuacc. C. t. k 1462; 
blosmwle ffrei.J Lanol. b T^, 140 (m. 
Wa. 275 1\ 

blot */oi, maeula, a. p. 1. 781; fm*. blott) 
Tuw.N. 3IYST. 106; tte plot. 

bUlllH &/o^ "ohfit*rar«", pkqmpt. 41. 

blttit «tw bleat. 

blowr, 0. Dutch blouwe, from 0. H.Ofrm. 
bllnwan, Otith. bliggvan fverhtruro), blow, 
f/laya: blowes fplj n. a. c. eu. Wr. LX. 

blAnrn^ J. Sax. blripaji pret. bleup, 0. II. 
Grrm. jilnon prrt. pliiliitii, ifete, fi&rtrti 
blrtpfl (). a. n. ll?t;I; blt\we rel. ant. 1, 
262; Rub. 352; blOpod fprrs.J UOM. 1, 
193; A. «. ;J0; bicou (prH.J Lai. 2013 
/»«. (e-jn! blATideJ; bK^|'e fpart.J n. a. n. 
1636; cffljB/i. iblowen ; (/wt'r. bleilo, blOme. 

Iildwi'ti sef b]&wen. 

blubber UiMsr fhiohhtrj, buiia, tbst. Crks. 
192; blobiire pbumpt. 40. 

bliibrri, L.a^m. blnbbom, bluhhn-, %ulUre: 
blubmndc fpart.J \. v. 2, 1017; jie bor- 
ne Iiluhrod *»AW. 2174. 

hIikjeD, A.Sax. bKpan. M.H.Gtrm. bUgen, 
bliu;;en, ttrrwt: eomp. ablftjen. 

bliudrr llmder, Gaw. 18; blnndiir Flor. 
loiiO; blunder, bloritler Tows. .myht. 30 

blaiidren hftaidtr: we blimdreii (blondren) 
Chauc. C. t. o G70; thoti blonOirs Jii 
selferi V. AitTH. 397&: bloadringe fpartj 
Tbkv. 2, 16<». 

blatidrror hlmulerer, promit. 40. 

blniidrrin^f hlnntlering, prompt. 40. 

blunt bi'int, "/tfbc*", PROMPT. 41; a. p. 1, 
176: bluat k Wind Orm. 169r)4. 

blHnttnf blimtie) fpret.J a. p. 3, 272. 

blare f so mnui Ibiis htif^ht i ou blure 
Town. myht. 310. 

blusrb f'/uMh, .loH. 657; Gaw. 520. 

blutfrbrn, A.Nax. biyscan frtitihxrej Monk's 
Qf , ;l Sf) . J/. L. titrm. blosrhen feandert, 
rttinc*rej Sih. i:. LCb. wb., Mttth ; bli- 
Rchis (prtt.J .Vt.EX. H72; bluschande 
(pari. J Gaw. 1819; blusched (pr^.J a. 
p. 1, 979; tliQ kin^ hUschit on the berin 
D. Artii. 116; blushed rC-d Ciiauc. c. u. 

bluuirH MNi^tf, tpltndtre: bluKnande, blis- 
nondc fpart.J a. p. I, 163 & 1404; 
blisned fprtt.J 1. 1047. 

blistrfii blmter: blustered fpret.J A. p. 2, 
886; blustreOen Lamol, b 5, .^21. 





h6 ifi' bA. 

balnuief, O./V. bobaoce, pomjt, oUettUttim, 
r. L. H. XII, 45; bob&uce, lobAonce 
Chauc C. t. d 569; bobauiice i>. ». 189; 
Will. 1071. 

btkbr, O./cei. hohhl ^nodiujy Ualdobs, lkx., 
hoi, Gaw. 206; & bob of cheris Tuw.\. 
UYHT. 118; bobbis of grapes IJalliw. 
DICT. 190. 

bsbbr, JJan. bobbe, Sietd. bobba, M, bu- 
f're»ti»: bobb(e)8 fplj Hixuw. dict. 190. 

bobltiii M, ftrirf, HUtdere, l. u. k. L79: 
bobbende "iiltttUnU»\ Wicl. .1 Rsris. 1, 
SI; bobbed fprei.J s. s. eu. Web. 2240; 
Iwbbidon RKL. ANT. 2, 45; bobbid (pari.J 
Lii>o. ii. P. 261: tec buffeu. 

babrt "cohphut", vaourr. 41; «« buffet. 

babrlin "c6iaphitare\ pbompt. 41. 

btlt, A.S»r. Vic ></. hoc, O.Icei. b<)k /</. 
Itufkr ffmjiu, libtrj, Goth. I)ul;a /'/. U»k<~>}i 
/. (^t>)^o;), 0.»i#. bilk ;»/. iK-ka. Uik /. 
»., O.L.Germ. K-k ;»/. Uk n. /, M.L.Ogrm, 
\)Hk n. fgiaiu/affi, iibtrj, O. il.Germ. pMoh, 
buob, buDch pi. puoh ». fUhfrJ, book, li- 
ber, Ohm. 599; spkc. 41; (ros W»c Lai. 
10110; A. B. 12; I'mo U)c 54; htx. b^lk 

0. A. K. 1325; \\» UV, buk ayekd. I 
^ 42; bOk. buk pb. l-. 51 & 33G; bccb. 
A.Sax, bf-c, /'rfrt/J LfKB 3, 4; on Ji^re 
bi'>c HUM. 1. i^9; le«:aui b^te b<'>k rJuctrf, 
Misw. 99; W'ke Chauc. C. t. h 190; )>Bt 
la>rod fias o U'ke Okh. 8932; biiko Iv. 
1947; bOc /noM. ccr. pl.j riLAON. 8; hum. 

1, 101; b:i)C. bAc (b(*ke«)LAt. 53 l 72t>3; 
b6ke8 Obm. 5311: in i'|<ro bokes //w 
bi^ken) Kath. 83th bokeii ///W. jv/.y Lai. 
1>29S; on bdkca FaAou. G; hou. 1. 113; 
krod on . . . boken »t. or.\. a. k%. 4; 
in boke o. x, n. 350. 

V'kbinder hvoBimder, ukste. T. 158P. 
b<'>cf«l, A.tiaz. WicUW, O.U.Uerm. puoh- 

r«K hook'ftJi, perchmmt, Lal 60; Mabii. 

b^ciltcrod Lai. 16915; bOkllCred beu 

Axf. 1. 170. 
bikcltdrt hhrmy: biM;lioiue /'tfn/.^ aykkb. 1. 
b6cleden, A.Sax. Uiclie'leii, hum. 1, 107. 
b&kmut, O. L, Utrm. bokmmt, Halliw. 

wrr. 37. 
bdcrQne ^«Mfr, Lai, 4496. 

b6c«pel Lai. 17487. 

bocfctaf IttUr, Obm. 4308; bocaUven />/.; 

Kw. 7G37. 
U«iroop. ^A0«. buctroop, "/t/tw", ruMN. 
bAmrr «^« bVtkere. 
borchrn hoUh; boccliiD "*areir»fii" , WscL. 

lAHAl.. 34. 10. 

bscbcfaare holeher^ prumvt. 42. 

bacr, O.Fr. boce, boche, iow, ^/n, hm^o, 
r&OHPT. 41; c. H. 8087; bos Chal'c C 
T. A 326ti; boobe hoieh, "ffibhua", roc. 
224; bohche, botrlie (bocctiey) "idau", 
i'KuMJT. 42; b'jCCbo Wici.. UKvn. 13, 18; 
Lido. m. i>. 31; bocen ^pi.J Wicl. I». 3, 
18; bnccbes Lanoi,. b 20, 83. 

b«rla femjbott, phdmpt. 41. 

bwhrr, ^J./'V. bitchier, iuiMM', p. b. 192; 

AUS. 1885; CHADC. C. T. A 3025. 

b«rhcrif, O.Fr. boucbeiie, hutcM^r^^ ayekb. 
).i4; On-uv. 733. 

bvclil MrA>. "gibhotut", vuc. 225. 

bwlf, O./V. li<>cle, htukla, "piaaeu/a", pbompt.^ 
41: spiu'. 35; AT£ND. 23t). ^| 

bnkflln. /v. lii'Dclor, hueklf, pBnMpr. 42. 

barlrr, O.h'r. b4>ck>r, bucU>r, btitHtr, c/^prav, 
CHAir. C. T. A 112; bnklir p. 20. 

Wdi J.Sh*. O.Fri*. bod. (}./«#/. U)(], OM. 
O'trm, pnt, /rom beoden, hed«, himcmm, 
mamiatttm. ohUitum, liAl. 8510 & 23407; 
(-. 31. 409t>; )>at ilclio tiod Mine. 142: 
bode "HunAMMi", rHu»PT. 41 ; mm, 2, 
213; Ob>i. 5255; st. i^kn. a. kx. 395: 
A,t». 104; Wua.. 2154; Uich. 3298; 
TR16T. 2, 88; Am. a. Auu.. 1254; Uax. 
r.ri. IL 22; <:hauc. p. p. 343; Gaw. 
1824; Acndo boJisUe) ii budo Katii. 48: 
bode fdaU p. L. 8. VIII, 131; A. 
400 k 4IC; for n<> b>^e uf paiu Uki 
438; bwle /WV uu3i. 2. 209; mmf. bi- 
for-, ibod. 

b'-iilirord, OJcti. boilard, Amad kh. H'l 
70; A. V. 2, 473; I'lm'S. hist. 73| 
b^deford Out. 7; n. okk. a. kx. V6t| 
bodewunl "/wtwfp^Mii*', ra. 2. 6: 
jto. F. 9810. 

Ui ««« bud. 

M'l 'L'Sfff. O./'rii. boda, O.L.Orrm. bodo, 
O. U,Ofrm. pi»to, bot<>. /«»• Iwwlen, «»*#• 
am^n-, ItirH. 1359; bvden "angeh', uoiLj 




1. 219; Iio sende his boden /'/or bodo?) 
Lat. 4695. 

!nm1f 'Vf bod. 

bodrkia «w boidekiu. 

Im4I a-i* Imdij. 

bodim, A.Sax. bodiau, O.Fri*. bodia, '^/'wA 
b^dn, /forfr, MiMniit'i>, pratdicarr, Ll'KK I, 
19; Katu. 1481; lie letto ... his ciimo 
boclieii Lai. 23290; b'ldost (prt«-J o. \. 
X. 11S2; bodflfi Gow. 1, 1.S3; bodiflfl A. 
R. 212: b»dedon /^pretj uou. 1, 95; 
emtp. ibodien. 

Mhi .'i.finr, bodif "i O.Il.fitrtn. boteb, 
potab m., ftorfy, eorpiu, OitM. ISS^; bodi 
Lai. 4yOS; o. a. n. 73; sr. gen. a. kx. 
41.'U; TKiiAT. 1^8; PEKCKv. llliG; ^et 
bodi A. R. 102; ayknb. 2i\G; bodies 
fgttij u. M. '\o: boilie /'/fa/.y U'>M- 1, 
109; ATEXK. 72; bodies fplj Kath. 14i4. 
9ditl<ib hitdi/y, AYEim. 72; bodillche 
Mash. 281. 

bftJoDSPf jt.Hex. bodttiMr, Icdififf, nundaiio, 
fir^frHivatio, iiOM. 1, 80; bodlnit'i Kob. 428. 

Upf, U'f, (i.fV. boff. bnef. beuf, *(■<-/ Chal(i. 
C T. D 17S3; beof r. ». 384; b*f P. 

\it^ A.Srne, Wig:, bOh f ramus, ertnwij, 0. 
leef. hhirr feraiut, eortiua proras/, O.Duteh 
bOBCh, O. II. O'erm. buoj^ farmmj, huagh 
fhowj, 0. A. s'. 242: atknb. 17; b«>tr wt. 
lut. A. KK. 4)08; bOffh Ik-. :J'.)2: TntAM. 
410; b<>aj Braxi>. 9: hhw\ r>r braoncbe 
"«mK•^ Vi'ict.. Mat. 24, 32; bAnh v. b. 
!>4L: t)o bi'iuh bpon bo adoaded a. b. 
150; l)<iii>rb Chai-c. C. t. a 1080; Ik'.u 
B. B. BI>. Wk. tilO; lh\;©, h.'i)Ti) ^<ftfi7 o. 
A. K. K^ Je 125; brtjes ('/t/.y aicesb. 17; 
bu;hefi Orm. 10002; bf^jiB^ (bAjm) a. k. 
30; Vfwes W'lu,. 23: Wwo* of wildo 
l/irea d. Aetk. 188; biJwlj Wici„ Mark 
H, 8; b<^K AST. Arth. Ill; biiv'lies pb. 
r. 680; bugen /'rfa/. ;*/./ Mat. 13, 32; 
bfk^, bAwe o. A. X. 1)10. 

b^ollDB hotctine, Max. KO. F. 12061. 

bdofipret hovfgprit, Max. ed. F. 12001. 

bi|Mm, jl..Vff.r. b^.csom(?), 0./>*rfM b^och- 
unn, obedwily ATKXB. 50; bl^n8tlm Iw. 
1155; ni. r. 85; b)^xonl x. u. 54. 
Iwj^wnlldid AYEXB. 70. 

b'^^samnesse oMttnef, ayrnb. 33; bOo 
sfiniuesde Bod. 234. 
b»3f', J. Sax. O.Fn't. botrn, O.L.Germ. 0. 

II. Germ, bogo, O.Ifel. bogi, yi-ow* bAjen, 

Aow, irnifM, AY^:KB. 46; b<>fre sr. orx. a. 

itx. 483; Hn^ boje, bnwe Lai. 14S3 & 

0471; bof»e a. b. 250: bowc Bob. Ifi; 

GiiAtrc. C. T. A 108; bowe (bonwe) "/or- 

nicfui", Wwu. PROV. 20, 20; <ro;'i^. ol-, 

rein-, sadelbote. 

bowedrnntfht Mand. 240. 

bow{e)maii l/oicman. Sob. 878. 

bowc^rboto bow-ihoe. Alia. 9491. 
b«Ke tpf bulge. 
hAjen, J.>Sar. b(*>pBii ffadftr*)^ Jtei ehul 

b»")Kfin oot "(TiwiaAttwi*', Wiol. ra. 144, 

hai^m houyn; "arewirfia", PROMPT. 46; 

boworo \'ot\ 195. 
liot;;{srh tHmtdtixf prumpt, 42. 
lM)Ien, 0./..Oerm. bo^iitn, O.Dtitch bogen, 

boui,0tdfre: bo;e a. p. 1, 190; boje fro 

|>is bmcho Gaw. 344; bowe s. s. ebI 

Wr. 2530; bojod fprH.J Gaw. 4«1; 

David bowide fro |ie fiico of Saul "deeh- 

Hfftit iJaviH a fane Sauf\ Win.. 1 Krxns 

19, 10; bowoden bore hides M\x». 235: 

siuome oeouweden fpcren Lai. 22297; 

iboned ^fwrt.J treat. 130; cntap. abojien. 
^•)fn, flFrif. bo^ria. A.Sax. biiL-ian? ha- 

hitnre, trutner^^ henu lonfre wult ['ii Iwo- 

jie abaten |>issore borje Lai. 29233; 

Brennes jrer bfijode i^aw. i^-z^ sh"itl) .'i074; 

heo Jit^r bojedcn J;* wile Jto bc*> Invodcn 

WglcH bog^U ; bfwelid fpnrt.) Halliw. 

nicT. 959. 
b«)t) Dut<h hnvt, Dan. Swfd. buct, from 

hrtjen, hmght, flexura, ainM: boncbt Tor. 

568; of ^use boojt was beora cronne 

A LIS. 4712. 
b«)l«l, O. Hutch b'icbten? bojted fpari./ A. 

H. 3. 440. 
baldrkin, bodekin, W'rAA bidogyn, iodlili'w, 

tubul«, prompt. 42; boidekin CHArc. C. 

T. A 39*10. 
biif , 0. Tintch booi o. SI. II. Germ, buobo ? 

«« (JB. W8. 2, 457, boy. purr, UoHX ed. 

Lull. 1075; 8. 9. ED. Wkb. OflO: WiLt." 

404; Laxol. prol. 77; CnArc. C. t. n' 




1822; bAi}«s fijtn.J Will. 1705; buies 

fplj Havel. 1899; Bkk. 79. 
MICj O.Fr. boUlir, boU, bu/lire, Gtw. 2, 

265; L\ M. llStirt; boile, buile "seatm". 

Win.. Exi>n. 16, 20; brtUIode /preij 

iUHQ. 247. 
b«l»rd, O.Fr. butnard (iinhieilU/^ asc. ut. 

9; iif.p. Eicu. 13 (2. 164). 
bobic, O.Fr. boUte floiUj, "pyxU", pboupt. 

42; Chauo. C. t. c U07; boisto, boist 

c. M. 14003; boist Iw. 1835; ^am). 

85; bustdi), boistes fpl.J a. b. 226. 
bthlins, f^VaA bwystas, hoitttrmu, jaru. 

la, 17G; Tkkv. 2, 311; Alis. 5660; 

Chaitc, C. t. h 2U; Law. ii. r. 91; 

boistois AXKKH. 103; btiistiius "nidit", 

WicL. Mat. 9, 16. 

boJBtDUsllche hoitterinufy, 'Iuv\. 2. 147; 
boistou»li ClIAlC C. T. E "91. 
bdk *<•?■ buC. 
Ittkeram, O.Fr. Loui|Ufirui, huclraai, pbosipt. 

UKtre, A. Sax. b4^core, ^o^A. b«)1cureis, 0. 

If.O'n'tH. huorhari, librarius, ^'mtHm", Mat. 

H, 10; Iwcjurea /;>/.; Lac. 32125. 
kaket buclft, ''fUttla", tuouyr. 42; bkl. ast. 

1, 9; CiiAuc. C. T. A isaS. 

UUcB, .><.^j-. bi'Vciaa, Aaoit; boke Guw. 1. 

U; iU^ked fmt. ibocked) a. b. 158. 
k%\, OMhUH bol. O.Ictl bolr. hoU, trmcu*: 

bole /rfri^; (Jaw. 766; a. v. 2, 622; 

Ijolos (jrlj Ualliw. hut. 19:^. 

bu]ea.\, O. i<tl. bolOxi, dtJabrt, nm,. ant. 
2» 176; bulaie Obu. 0281: bolooxis 
/;j/.y 0<Tiiv. 1039. 

buibc.! hullkeud, voc. 222. 

balrioche hulnuh, rutiMfT. 244. 

bolwerk. M. L.Germ. O. JhUeh bdweik, 
httltcark, Lido. m. f, 237. 
IwlaeCf O.Fr. belnce, huUaft; bolaceii fpi.J 

viK\ 162; Wu-L. 1809. 
UU, J.Ntfx. O./'rw. bold, ^ bodel. boUl ? 

fWrt, HOM. J, 253; liAJ. 7094: Katii. 

1664; uisc. 96; Hub. 116; bel. ast. 

2, 217; boldea fpl.J Jia. 72; Mapbs 
343; bolde tgm. pJ.J I*Ai. 25882; wmp. 
buri-, I'Qrdebold. 

M4j li*|ilfn m beald, bealden. 
b*b: Hv but*. 
WIgc M bulge. 

buljin «/<a^P bolejed. boluped. bolhcs ^jH 
A. H. 214. • 

b*lk hoUi, ructtu: bolke fdal.J Lakol. | 

bolkin, A. Sax. bealdan (erudare)'* J 
Gam. bolkeu fmugir^JY Mk, "n«ft 
pbumpt, 43; bolked, balked />rv^.y Xl 
2, 195; liolkedo out "fructavit", W 
vn&n. 19, 10; see l>elkeQ. 

bolknen = bolkeo; bolkenand fparL) 
\A^. 13. I 

bollr, A.Sai. O.Frit. holla, O./eel. b 
M.!..Gcrm. O.lhUth boUo, O.H.Germ. pj 
from bellou? hull fbowlj, f/IohuM, hnr^ 
aihu*, voc. 199; pbompt. A'^; IIorx 
Li-u. 1123; Lasgl. 5, 213(369); Ciu 
C. T. o 1210; A. p. 2, 1145; Lioa 
p. 52; \-im bollo La». 14994; t>0 1| 
of J»e pojii Halliw. uict. 193; bo 
(Wiles) /•;»/.; Laj. 19781; tr&u. 1 
ct<w/». chf'.'je-, flo-t-, I'tutobolle, '] 

bollro, 0. Dutch b.dleii, M.U.Germ. \ 
/voiterti, jatiartjf pu/aarv: wbiche I 
. . . boiled |>e Halliw. dkt. 193. 

bvllrii^ /or bolnenV bulle^ fprttj Lanui 
.'i, 99; Ixfliiiige fv. r. bolnande) c 
6011; byilid fr. r. bwlnid) "trt/Wi-, W 
1 Cob. 5. 2. j 

b^IIere "ganex>\ Tbev. 3, 359; bollars / 

T..«-S. MTBT. 242. ' 1 

bollinKi for boininf? Lanol. 6, 218 
:'I4). ^ ! 

balnla, Dan. boloe, O.Tctl. bolgiiH, "tumi 
I'uoJiPT. 43j l>nliie fprt>$.J Uaw. 5 
To\\-x. MTST. 197; nl mi Iwidi boU 
Laxol. b 5, 119; bolncdo fpt'tij % 
Ki>. F. 8204; b-dnod a. v. 2. 363; ] 
ned (porij c. m. 4726; bolnid Win; 
Cub. 5, 3. 

bsliiige "tHaw", fbohpt. 43; vix-. 4 
Iwlniug Langl. 6, 218 (7, 2Qi)*i a 
12(»83; M. u. 130. | 

boliirr, A.Sax. holster, O.IetJ. boUtr, d 
Grrm. bolstw, M«f«r» Mabk 4, 38; j 
sUr "atlcf'tra'*, tookpt. 43; bolstitr 1 
rKv/', voc. 178; bolstro fdat.j rfU 
)>; HOM. 2, 139; B. s. Y; L. u. ft. ^ 

boUlmij Grrm. biiUtcrn, iiul8tern, Mri 
hoUierid (pari.) LiDO. at. p. 200. 

boll, A.i^x. O.Uuteh bolt, ai/.tf* 




l«lt, Mgitta, ptttuftUH, voc. 190 & 278; 

BKL. AST. I. 183; V. h. H. XIX, 54; 

CnAii'. C. T. A iI2t«4; LID. Cuv. 13tj. 
M(ea boii : bolted with iron Lakgl. u 0, 

V.iti, c 9, 143. 
bmUM tee bumUoa. 
btMHtB BM Immhen. 
k»n, bon, horn, &9mu. Ton. 2143; 

Ik'011 JticH. 1540. 
Mr »(•<• hiVn. 
boBrhcii tee buQcb>oo. 
Imb4 «iw ban J. 
bondagr bondage, Tbev. 1, 389; Ua». rs. 

II. 71. 
boDilf) A.Sax. honda, O./w/. bondi, yrwn 

biudea? "tertu*", FaosOT. 43; misc. 77; 

Tbist. i, 89; Miac ^r,)H); Chaw.. C. t. 

o 1660; ^n olit bundo Lai. 15291; ba- 

TDuns, bonroU ic bimde Will. 2128; 

buQde ^pij MISC. 89; *»« bonndo; cMtp. 


bondohiMo c. ti. 5404. 

iKmdomac ho»dman, "fservmtj tuUivua^, 
vot. 1«2: o. A- V 1577; IIavkl. 32; 
Bek. .S52; Lasgl. b 5, 194 (2859); 
bondemeu "wrtu", Tkkv. 1, 246. 

bonditcbepc PHoiii"r. 43. 

bandwominan londwoHtan, Trev. 2, 97. 
\%mt tee bauo. 
b*nr, O.Icti. bon, &<wfl, roffaiio, procati; hum. 

1, 37: A. R. 234; Kath. 611; Orm. 

7606; lUvEL. 1659; as. ut. II; Buand. 

aO: Will. 1095; «. s. eil Wr. r>4«; 

Oaw. 827; Ttm. 1578: avow. Abth. 
kill; )>eoB bono Jul. 30; b<'me, bortno 

^BAUC. C. T. A 2269; boon© Kolan. 1 01 ; 

bAne fdatj Laj. 14912: bdne ^«(wj. /./.y 

Aui). 72; W-non (^(/rt/. ///./ a. r. 142; 

lusc. 63. 
ER ;?rdy; bono (yre*.) Ohm. 5223; b6- 

nod />ffrt.; 694. 
liBiirl, y./'r. bf'Uet. hmwfl, ^artnnv", i-bohpt. 

4.1: vw. 268; m;p. Kick. 4, 72. 
^•■1, O.Fr. bagno, lmn»y fboi»fJ, "itmw", 

I'KitMPT. 43. 
b«Bk are bank. 
beoBlrB tn buuncu. 
Iwr, A, Sax. M.L.Gfrni. 0,hel. hut, hrr, 

ttTthra, fmt. buro) Tuws. atsr. 219. 
b*r «M b&r. 

btnee^ 7?a?. borace, lorax, Chauc. C t. a 


iMfBge, 0. /'V. borrwro, Wtfj^c, pHO-umr. 44; 
HKL. AST. 1, 51; buray^e Horago\ bkl. 
AST. 1, 37. 

Wnlj A. Sax. bord «. ftahuJa, ^t'pem, nt/ir- 
go/t O. L. Gervt. O. ^Vm. Imrd w. finhuh, 
Uipeuji, tnargo/, Goth, baurd «. ft^ihulaj, 
O.lctL Ix-rd ». (Utbvin, cUp«fu, niargo, 
&ra}, 0. If. GfTHi. bort w. ^marffo, ora/, 
hoard, tabula, meUM, clipna, ora ch'pei, 
margo uurie, Lai. 20*);;5 i 22953; Ha- 
vel. 1722; Bek. G91; Alis*. 1270; Wicl. 
cxui). 25, 27; }>Ht bAl;lie bord Ohm. 
1096; )>ot bord aykxb. 167; os stif as 
^ni bord p. l. s. XVII, 334; the tbe^f 
U\ over bord CiiArc. C. t. b 922; for 
bord ue clot'in;? o 1017; burd Amas. ku. 
ItoBs. LXVI; borde rd^tj hom. I, 105; 
A. R. 142 Jc 324; o. A. n. 479: Gaw. 
481: bordcs fpU La?. 5186, 11979 & 
18523; brC'ltpn Jie Bchipea bord (bnrda.t) 
Jul. 78 ic 79; bordcu (dttt. pi.) Lai. 
22778; coM»/>. mete-, KidlK>rd. 
bordclod bkl. axt. 1, 129. 
bordkinf voc. 253. 
burdfelftwg WiCL. judqbs 14, 11. 
bnrdwntrb voc. 237. 

bordf, O. lerl. bordi ft^penj. O. B. Germ. 
borto fUmhuaj Y on bi-6de BilkiD borde 
Gaw. 610. 

bardel, Fr. bi-rdol, brotM, p. l.. h. XXT, 
92: Win.. r.KviT. 19, 29. 

b«rdArr, Fr. Imrdftrc, border, pRuairr. 44; 
Chacc. Boet. I, 1 (6); bordoore i>. Abth. 

bi«, O.Jcfl bnra, hort, "/oramm", pbovit. 
44; M. H. 57. 

barcl Jitv hurcl. 

barln^ J..Sc;j. borian, O.lJutch boreii, O./eti 
bora, (t.Ji.Germ. buron, boTf, tfrrkrarr, 
pBoMiT. 44; boro fprn.J rnAON. 4; Iw- 
rian /'*«J^y' Kath. 1949; bori'rade (^/wrt.y 
AYKNB. 66; bofod (pTct. part.J L. u. a. 
208; iborod Trkv. 4, 397; eoiap. ^urh- 

berj) jf.Sflx. bur^', burb. M.II.Gfrm, biire, 
from l>or;en, borrow, caatio, mutuum: {lor; 
bor) and i^m&t idd Shorbh. 113; bftten, 
p9 eorl Adionitrd . . . wRlde bcore borh 




lieon Lai. 119IS; ;«h)o(l biro iaref<«) 
borh Jul. 72; lor^'b, In nij, born (tnt. 
horw) LA^'(lL. 4, "G (HD); brtru'Ii fm*. 
l>nriL'h»| Tows. anrsT. 231; Itorugli Bifii. 
3259; borwe, borowe "rw", rsuupr. 45; 
borwo (^t.) L-\yflu d 14, 190; i d« 
tftVe K"^!! Ui borwo tiuw. 2, 84; dch. of 
tioiu hail leid liU fat|i to borwo OAt'i'. 
C. T. A 1622; bitrecea l^iL) «.jm. 2, 17; 
b<iru'Bs LAKtiu 1, Ih (77); Au. a. Amu.. 
890; Iwrewes BfK. 5S5; bor^wis '*rrtrf«", 
WiCL. Pituv. 22, 2G; ettmp. tnlwrj. 

bfi3 *■*» bun- 

borsrh nv burnrots. 

bvrfira^ J.^ex. liortriaii. O.Fri^ lorRia, 'J. 
11. derm, boreeii, 0. /w/. horpm borrow, 
taver*. mtdiiari: td bvrjo him fmm (b}ar- 
mo Lai. 21268'; liorwc Aus. 124S; 
CaArr. C. t. b 105; tO tvortwen us alle 
hfl ives ilwiro srrc, 25; u.s alia fr'im bain 
U» borowe jub. i-l. H*J; Over icb . . . 
borupe et ttsse vrakfta y-irbld so lut«l 
so b«) 6ver moi a. r. 204; bor^e^ a- 
Yt:NH. ;lii; borwede, UirwrJ^prf^y Lasoi.. 
t;. 101 (7. 1)2); borwea U'ltu 170.'.; 
b«jrwiJ fpartj Hikix. I, SiV,'; iburwetl 
c. L. 822. 

fttf)fBf;« horrctpiflif : bnrwin^e "n/rfMaiw", 

I'HtiSIlT. 44. 

btror "f bitroo. 

bsni, bonr im bnrj ffnt/ bnr;. 

bsnrjcn «(V borilm. 

I6%f J.S>£. Uit I.?). l.Otrm. Ms. 0./«r/. 

brinB, 6(1^. b&itata? ^OM, j/dWrnn, /"mt. 

bo$o) "bortnr", voc. 235; b<j<ia "4c«<tfr, 

hiKiftnn", I'KOSIPT. 41. 
hoMtnl «n- biisanl. 

bo»ka:r, O.Fr. bosclre, hoiKas*, Tw. IG71. 
baitrb 'p-i buACb. 
Minu, A.Hnx. h!)9m, O.L.f/rrm, boaom, O. 

2I.(Jtrtn. buA^uui, bu<>;3Uin, Aomm, Mtiuu, 

prora. Oiui. I9il91; m. h. 12.'>; b<'^uni 

A. u. 1-ld; »>T. QKX. A. KX. 2809; a. p. 

i), 107; b*ia.»m f:HAuc. 0. t. t» 1990: 

btomo /i^/.y noAi. I, .53; aticvb. MS; 

biVinno (lissome) I4^S4: b<'<seme a. 

ft. 140; buiim^s /p/.> Lal 7949. 
hular, bogiae, biuin«, buamt, Aieim. 

bwkrii 4M buskon. 

hnse ftcf boce. "^ - 

bmt, WoUh b<>st. Gar/. bOal? i«n< fMtaiio, 

florin, KciB. 209; atrxb. 71; Wn.r.. 

1141; Alis. 4069; worMos butt ttpKr. 

94; bfist, b«toitt drtpiiiuY Lakol. b 14, 

247 (KD. Wb. 9U97^ 
b^lri, n'thh bttiitiaw, (?«i: bdnlf ian^ 

jaeUiro, glorinri, Laxoi.. h 2, KOt b4si« 

Iw. 70; bflUc k lilAwa traxsa-t. 18, 

25; bCwteJ' ^^frw.y (iHArr. (I. t. n 1072. 
bustfiv boanUr, Tbkv. 4, 2*5; bftsUr dkk 

K. 11. 
boNtI ffiorinmt, TTiKAT. ins. 

bt)!)tiuSC l<(Hl»litfy, SlI'jREII. 112. 

bM, y/»^<tA bot ^obttumjy 
b«:itf.>rlic spRr. 110. 

bat «r4 Uttou. 

b«t M bat 

bile (f^! bAten. 

failp, J.Hai. O.Ie^l bOt. 6.ft-i>. bAt* 0. 
L. (ttroi. (I'oth. h'ttA, 0. If.fftvm, baoui, 
boite, fmeniifilio, rvparaCfo, Lai. 2 1 930 ; 
o. A. K. 6HH; Havbi,. 120(1; KoB. 448; 
Bun. IJOBO; ast. . Abth. XVI: f-jH u 
b>Jte of alio balo Axad. r.v. linn-^. XVII; 
vorjived bam buro irultm hpun hou b:iai 
ikn6]i«J ami bibOtc^ ItAto a. s. 4S<^ dA 
bMe W11.L. 1378; til 11T8 sftflo bota 
OiiM. 2092; v\n t<^ bt'tte hum. 1. 15; U 
j'iure b'lte Suorem. 159; IxHe. bonto 
Chai.t. C. t. a 424; t*» bfiU (bootc) •»- 
«H;»r, L.^.vab. n 14, 208; but« Mix. 1; 
€<mp. brtk.'»re-. Uwil-, AQubate. 
h-Hdai HOU. 2, 09. 
bollns bonUfit. "Will. 134. 

bdlc, OJctt. Ihtti, H.H.Gtnn. Ui?c, O./V. 

b«to» *«o(, "wnw", Toc. 197; PBOMrr. 

4&: l)dt«9 //)/.> ![oB?i CD. HoRSTV. .S32; 

. I', ft. 330; Maxi). 250; Uwtfct Tiikt. 1. 


blip), A.Sar. boti, O.L/itrta. bodal7 iotiyb, 
oerfw; botio fdatj MaT. 20, 8} /««b 
bfiLtlc) Our. 2768. 

batti, O.Fr. bottel? iaUU, faaeicuinM : ft bo- 
te! liei Ciui.r. C. t. u 14. 

bfllrllc; O.Fr. b»ufeillc, holtif, /o^hw, ntmirr. 
4j; bfitd LID. Cov. 138. 

batclcr, O.Fr. UmteUliar, btdltr. Bob. 187; 
Wict.. r.Eirt». 40, 1; CHAca 0. t. « 
4324; bQteler sr. oe5. a. bx. 2092. 




Mdcrltf O.Fr. bouleiUdrid riuu cm ton met 
batrn tf« \h-<p!*m. 

b^tfa, O.LMerai. bateiui, &o^A. K'ltjan. 0. 

il.Girm. puwou. /row Wte, boat, entenda- 

r«: lir>t« Am. a. Amil. 27140; it liolod 

not K. L. 00; lie wa;ii Initid of mokilo 

caxH Eglau. 188; «» bC'UjQ. 
bslrrare bwUrMi; boteraoes fplj Wicl. Kz. 

■n. 15. 
bfltrrir jm butere. 

b«lfrfi, t>.». botcrel fcrapandj^ AYta'B. 187. 
boleric bttttfty, "efiUrium", pbo^ipi'. 45. 
bolurn amtud, rtjtair ; b<»tlli»J fjtres.) Kath. 

J."i23; Iwtnede /'/^c^y cuitON. Esol. 768; 

ineiiie «i)>ere |ri)r bi<tne(]e ok i>f uvolCe) v. 

L. s. XII. 151; b6tiiod fpartj Will. 

10&5: botnod, boutned LA.NOh. 4181. 
k^talBJtr ameadmmi, SnoRKfr. 9ti. 
BotoU ifofo(/': UotolTti to(a}a Jiutm, a^. 

UT. 4. 

b«tte/ O./'V. biit{>n, (tif^an. voc. 2US; bo- 
toun AYKNtt. 8G: iKittniius /'^/./ 1-. 8. 230. 

botonlHt /r. bouUiDQor^ bttUon, fBOMPT. 4G. 

bolar «M bitor. 

b«(le «M batto. 

ho^, 0. Dutch U^edc, If. II. Germ, buode, 
jiKi/A, ^^m<i, rHoMPT. 4t>: Orh. I.'i817: 
xxhSb. 215: le. 45; Gow. 3, 281; A. p. 
;*. 441; bO]»ea r^y Alis,. 3457. 

ba^l huddit, chrysanthnninn y bu|iul, buthil 
"iiica'ttui \ I'HoMiT. 4(J. 

betcn, A.Sex. botm, O. Z. &(7-m, badnm, 
tt- H.Grrm. Itodoni, O.led. boLii, boUom 
I /^/loiN, hodtmj, funtiuB, voc. 159; Jof^ 

^^ 15; tiAiv. 2145; A. i>. 3, 144; lK>|nim 
^^^e.. 6. Hii. Mb. 80!); botiiin, lioiim *'/un- 
^^^ rf«*. fffomtie~. rKOMiT. 46; botmo /"rftfi.y 
I AYKKB. 140: Guw. I, 108; CHArc. C. 

I T. u i;)21; Majid. Hi: pAitiKN. 4480. 

I bttlhoBr .^••'^x. bL>Jon, &<i^uin, ehrytanthnnum, 
I LEKt-uii. 3, 315. 

W«4r jvtf bud 6. 

b««rl, C>. /v. IkiuoI. buelc. iotctf/, a. t>. S, 
J'.ilj; bocella 'Vucim", voc. 24"; bouelo 
Guw. 2. Sti&; boueles «>/.; r. s. 221. 

Via) fM b')}. 

baugf ^0 bul?e. 

b«it)rn «(w hrijcu. 

Iflu^rr, O.Fr. liougre (BulgarfJ, ayehd. 19. 

MkIi a^t bfs. 

bank uf buc. 

b*Bk(D, OJiideh buikcu, M.II.Serin. bil- 

diei), buck fhotdj, lijcitio ineoqutrt, Lanui.. 

B 14, 19; bf.liko KEL. AKT. 1, 108. 

lto«lp, /v. lini]c, ^rf/. ghbut, pkouct. 46. 
bauiilL-, A.Sax. hunda, M.L.O'enn. hande, 

fl WDM ^HH(/ U) an rvinU, a urj, .s. s. 

KD. Web. 582; Arth. a. Merl.. r.9l. 
boMMle, OJr. bodno, hrinde, boitne fhome/, 

hound, (iow: 3, 92: bouiides ffl.j ayenu. 

20rt; CKAirc. C. T. E 40; baimcn ^rf^/^ 

pl.j Ut. 1313. 
fa«audrB, O./V. bi>nder, banner fhorntr/t 

bauitd : boimiled {pnH.J Gow. 1. 218. 
boBurUf froin bouu, bftn? prepare, Jo». 414; 

houne HESTR. 'i', 827; bonne fprM. wlJ.J 

u. Artil 3257. 
boauri sffi buuiieri. 
b*«t^, /v. bont6, Imuiy, c, L. 1214; spec. 

28; Chaic. C. t. b 1664; c. m. 9681; 

bunti' ousc. 36. 
War »ft bar. 
Wir4e, O./V. bourde fj^tnttmUri*), Chauc. 

C. T. u 81; Gaw. 1409; |}« boiirdea and 

)>e trtities ayesh. 56, 
bonrden, O.Fr. b-jurder {piawtntrrj: bt^nnle 

(pvtK.j Chavc, C. t. c 778; Wiirdintie 

{pnrt.J IjAxol. b 15. 40; \>'^\itA<iA fprfi.J 

U.wv. 1217: b<mrdodost atbsh. 20. 
boanluHr, (K Fr. bmirdcor fpiainuntj, Man. 

tD. H. 204. 
boardps O.Fr. behordeis /[;'oii(^y, Wii.i,. 1477. 
b^isf, O.Fr. OMutch buUc fpotrufumj? bpbc*. 

bouirn /tai b&ten. 
boavcii NV bujeu. 
bare «« biuveii. 
b*we «M bnje. 
bu, A.l^ax. \i\iX, 0. U. GtrM. bubga, t / . 

t:u^'.^, box, nuM. 2, 145; nos. 456; 

CaAirt-. C. T. A 4390. 
b»Xf A.Sax. box, Zdf. buxiis, Gr. iC'iSo;, 

*w, voc. 163. 

boxtrC rcK. 238; Chacp. C. t. a 1302. 
b«x box, *'alap«'\ rncuiirT. 46; CnArc. l. o. 

w. 1384; s. Akth. 1111. 




brir, J. Stir. (^)l>r»c, M.L.Girrm. O.Ievl. 

lirak. O.n.Germ. (ire)brob, fragor, 0km. 

brarr. O.Fr. brat, hracr, hraehittm. Hand. 

l."(; ''ndcim", PllOMI'T. 4'k 

brarcH, O.Fr. bracior, bract: iu armes fov 
ti'i hraco Ualliw. Dirr. 203; bnice it id 
irino u. Artii. 1 182; ibrac«d (part.) 
.Tmm. 2«}fi. 

Iirsprr, i-V. brashiero? hractr^ Chacc. C. t. 
A 111; brudorc voe. 2G3; brasers />/.y 
D. Akth. 1859. 

bincbft O.Fr. braclif, bmine. M.If.Ggrvk. 
bracke, hrach; brjuhcs fpi.J Gaw. 1142; 

B1LI» A!CT. 1, ITfl. 

brad, O.JI.Gfrm. prat, prart /'or*;? hrad, 
"acu/fiu", TDC*. 234; ajtit brerd and brod. 

br&d, yi.Nrtjr. brtd, O.L.Gtrm. O.Fri». bri'J, 
(.WA. braidH, 0. /w/. breitlr, O. /J.Germ. 
br&itdr, AnxH^ fWaad, braid), iniut, Orm. 
34:U: s. s. Wer. 2784; Iw. 1«:J; 
I'erckv. 261); AV4)w. AiiTH. Ill; brfttl, 
bn^ (brddt Laj. 14219 & 1589$; brV»] 
JU B, 102; Havkl. 1C47; Tor, 1352; 
brood CiiAio. C. T. A 155; ^nt blOd stud 
al a bn'til Uou. 2(>I; her mnne^ bd^ a 
brud dbo epraddo Cfow. 2. IQo; and btid 
bir lap|te a br6d (brood) Chaitc. C. T.-y 
441; a brood Lakc.i^ kd. Wa. 9031; 
JLvan. 45; ^o bn^de (btAJc) 8tret(e) p. i*. 
rt. VIII. 172; bnVIo /adc.J Wii.i.. 754-, 
CuAVV. (X T. A 739: bniido rdat. n.J Lai. 
4541; brAdDO face. m.J 50S7; bradoii 
/'(Alt. fl.J a0272; bnvdder fc0mpar.) Uon. 
43; brAdder, btuddere "latior", Wicl. A- 
3LIt>H <>, 2. 

bn'idarwo "mUipHJt^', vwmvr, 53. 
brutidiLLC "dola6ra'\ i>r(imi>t. 5^; briVdox 

vw. 234. 
brAdGgvd hrottd-r^ed. Sax. uhkok. 2&B. 

bffM« AV br^d«. 

bridiri, J.Sas. bnldian. Gffth. braidjan. 
U.l.Gertti. br«dean, O./a/. broiiU, O.If. 
Qtrm. breiten, hrade, dHatart: bnjdo') 
fpTM.J Alis. ED. Sk. 122; brfidid /^pr*^y 
OKI', K. 13; XhxiAfA (paH J n. A. X. 1312. 

bhHc, ^.Sffx. bn^a, a/n>. br«de, Gvih, 

bruid«i, O.II.Gtrm. hnltU tntd fhnAe), 

. htiindo: a br^e (In brdd») Lai. 21995; 

brMe raouPT. 49; o. a. x. 174; Bob. 

353; atbkh. 105; Gow. 2, 388; Mavr. 
117; Ciuuc. C. T. A 1970; Virl. orkkh. 
(i, 15; AST. Arth. XLV; al ahoute r»n 
br6'lc [>oi sprcdde fiion. 4434; )>o knittlit 
HlTKOS Kr on brtnlo Pkrcbv. 7',l7; in 
breeda and ldni;|ie Lid^. m. v. 98; braade 
A. u. 102: MiHf. 145. 

brMnij A. Sax. bnedan, from lirAd. hrmtd, 
dt'Marr, Lai. 14283; brt-din raoiicr. 4'.l; 
brudo A. V. 1, 813; bloiimeii brM^j) ^m 
txptiitdtitUj srcc. 45; hraddo fpret.j Jon. 
642; Oaw. 1928; bonles heo bnMd«n 
Lai. 18523; tamp. abrtNlnu. 

bnrdliRK t ho pile suite mid bntdlinrt 
spverdu HoM' 2, <>!. ^| 

brag, Ihn. brag ? Ar</^, jitdatio. p. l. <<. " 
XXTX,92; Dkokkv. 231; bra«; and boost 
Tnr.v. .5. 109. 

bras ^^S, gUiriotHM, mtperhuM ; |>at make)) 
us 80 braff aiid Ixiblo *vrc. 24; wnrden 
bra^^ Shobhk. 110; hi ^ehuldo n6ajl 
bcrou hoiu m liravtr(ti) ri,. rit. 70R; brag- 
jk'OSt (anp^rl.) Wn.i^ .1048. 

braggCBt />i». bratfeV O.Fr. bra^uer? ITWit 
bra^'iaw, /c. braKfiini ? braif. cr^*are, /««• 
ian: bo b(>sto|i and brai|rce|f Lanql. n 
13, 281; whaono jto vaieo nf |>o trompe 
... in }oure eeris brafnrit> Wkx. Jmr. 
0, 5; bnucpiHle {prU.J t>. Akth. 3057. 

brai^crc hrnygn; Lanou 6, 156 (7, 142). 

bnM;«l, bruirot, brnkct, Wehk braunwd fa 
iiquor made of ale and mtad /irvumtM 
icgfthtrj Owbs'h nirr., Tr. bracal fwuiit 
liquor J O'Kkili.t's mrr.. tray^ prompt. J 
4ii; brapot, brakot Ciiaic. C. t. a 8261 
(Ki>. Wb. brapat): bniffot Tanv. 1, S9U, 

braid, A.SaT. bnctrd. brojj'l, 0./c«l. bninl, 
Jrom breiden, braid, tortua, f'aHiu, dobtt, 
Guw. 2, 21; CiiAi;«t. l. 0. w. 1164| 
Ttrn. 1011; bo abiVl mooi A bittor bruj 
TRAxaArr. IB, 24; schn bratil bit a donn 
at On braid 8. a. ed. Wr. 483; fat was 
A ^vea briiid Max. ed. II. 104; bni4 
Rob. 22; rbl. akt. 1, 224; he w«al t«^ 
))6 uscher ill il broide Cl. 448; babbaa 
biUeit beitrte ami xem^i breda Lai, 30392; 
brftides Ipoa. 1834; i^elo breidas sxl. 
ant. 1, 21 H; Mmp. apbreid. 

bralla, O.Fr. briirp, hroy, "h^rrire", prompt. 
47; braie Man. kh. F. 3488; braia^ 




ffrm.f i*nw. I. 144; l>rnion Oaw. 11*13; 

Irraiiudo (v»ri.) axbvii. 73. 
LrallK, O./V. biPier. Ariry, "piirMtrf, itTtrf", 

fnoMPT. 17; braiiti /"/xtW.y Wnr.. I kixoh 

2.S, 18. 
bnll. O.IV. liraiel, ir/iiV.- \iXAi\eR fpi.J par.n. 

s. V. a:t. 

(vain (liniipn), .^..Sar. Iiiwfrrii. if.L.Ofnti. 
ibrvgott. bni-rou. O.IMeh bi'cf.'cii, O.Frin. 
>reiu, Arvm), c/vAi-mn, I^i. l-fliS; thkat. 
138: l.rf^ln limits I5r>a; braiuot* fjtI.J 
Jus. MM. 

}minlt.s Ai-atHima, i IJ.IHPT. 47. 

|l)niin)>»nno, M.L.OWiHthn-cttnjitimie.hraiu- 
pan, Makd. 2:J4. 

bniinwod Wiu,. 2(ir'ii; L\s»i,. a 10. fil. 
braiaiii brain, "^jtt-rrln-arf", fnoMTT. 47; 

briiiiifl* fptraj Witt Is. 66, 3. 
bnikr //v hrakon. 
krAkr. MMf^ittm. bnibo. O.lhitch bnwko, 

A>f/'n/. brfika, yruiii brokcii, ^"iv, "r»pii, 

rt'hra". voc. 317 A; 27ti. 
braifti. ^..StfT. bnuci! (?) [.ki:(-)ii>. !!, iMT*. 

Sif'i. liiiikon, AfT/r fbiticienj, A. P. 2, 

1676; bDillin ">/«', v<ic. 1£»1; brake 
"/'^ff'^f^'l TOf. 150: ^Jlh'x", i'W)MPT. 47; 
i.KRr-HD. H, :l)D; i.itn. (V>v. 22. 
bnilii'it, Af.h.Getm. brilccn. O.Httteh bniokpn. 
.s,r r/. brjllui. franffcrt : brfike i>KSTi£, T. 
Bft22; briikin "rwwrtv", pbomtt. 47: brake 

lANOU t* 7, 431. 

Ilea, f/mn. yjj<u(i-A bralltm, J>an. brnllo, 

ffrnnnrr; lirollo ToWN. MVST. 01. 

brlMf, (>. i/uiefi bracatp. O.if.ftWm. bnlma, 

brmm, "trihaitt, tifrea\ VOO. 192. 
knui ivf broil. 
branrhr, O. /r. bmnrbr^, in'tineh, "ramtu", 

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Iw. IlKKl; AVo^T. AitTii. XIV: Tnws. 

Xf«T- "*•• I^DO brand (bmiul) Lai. 7&44; 
Ijbnmil iiftM. 1, HI; Kath. 2:tOG: «igc. 

1.^4: Viw.i.. 124-1; br.imics /'/»/.> Tbiw-bv. 

^774; bnm'U-s A. n, :ltiH; avkmi. 20'»; 

Chavt. C. t. a 293H: «i>m;}. hirlimml. 

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voo. 178. 

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bi-iiiiiln>ilay ffra»dffitA,"tripiu", vac. 2^2. 

brouiliii, it. Dutch bniTideii, h-outf, "eatUtri- 

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erdutu, Ai.RX. 3049. 
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Onu. 17-117; st. oinn. a. kx. 4*»7; tiieat. 

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ruARM. 4: A. n. 21*i; atrkh. 20^. 
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in brn.<JH«* atid in brinstimp ant. Arth. 

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Ohm. 17424. 
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htnsW, Spnu. brasil. f\\ breail, britn/, 

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bra-.k'lii, liritttk, trepttrtr, Lai. 2flP70; 

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brat, A.»iT. bralt fpafiiHmJ Mat. .•», 40*, 

brut, Uhaiti-. (!. T. o HHl. 
brA|», O.hel. br'icTr, violmtt, Obm. 7ii'>4; c. 

M. 4003; brd)) Gaw. 22ilM; br^jjfl /'^/.y 

A. p. 2. 1400. 

br<'i[<lrrhc riotoftiJff, ICapkh 34H; bn'ithli 
r. M. t;:!: M^eli Mav. rd. II. lOiJ; 
p£iu-i:v- 212.1. 
brft^ltr, O./cr/. brA(T, rio/emx, Orm. 4501; 

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bnl]:<fii1 rt'efrU: br('i]>er<il)e wordea If an. 
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"jurgunn", cKOMrx. IS; liRiweliu^'e. hrnn- 
Jiiifro Lakuu b 15. 2:ta. i- 17, 3(>0. 

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PutfM brocdo], ir««w. "laetriwt, pufpa", 
iwoacpT. 4K; nt<ifor baron no limun Laxci- 
It l:i. 91, (■ ir,, ]Ort; fill bij: lie wtis 
uf lii'aiiii iind 4>k nf tw'nitKt Ciurr. L\ t. 
A 5-Ifi; braonen "laefrtm", Wicu. Juii 
22. 0; bnuines lianlo aiid strniiKO Cbal-i-. 
r. T. A "2135. 

bniia hrttini, apery (m*. trawuc) n. Am-H. 

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^'iT»«. brM(l, 0. /(W. bmui], O.II.OrriHt 
brut, brtati, pantn. a. k. 1!^2: Siidkkh. TiO; 
broad. brAtl hum. I. 211: ]»'t bro;t<1, bria^I 
AVKXB. 110: hrM Ibrtnl) Lai. If^7l7: 
hrikA Orh. *)9i>; bi-ccd «•»<-. 14)1; <'iiac<'- 
C. T. A 341; br6d b. s. Vll: IIavkl. 
OliH; HnAvn. ti: (wit biP'l siisi-. ^(l; brou- 
do /"rfrtry SnoKKH. 30. 
brwlcfirti brrad-corti, Lascl. (1, 64 (7. .^8), 
brt'dloes hrMitff^; Lanau b H. It»0. 
broadli^lt ^/HAnfim, st. oks. a. kx. 2078. 

brnilc WW br^dc aW hn^do. 

bn^-lr, A.Sax. ^/Vm. iirpr, a/w/. br6k pJ. 
brn.-kr. O.Jf.Otrm. brunch, iirtioh, Ar«vA 
fbrffchta), a. r. 4^0; Hkk. *Jr.(»; liAKOi.. 
2822: breecb Masu. 2:.0; br*cii. bri-l; 
'*4Mnw#", I'HiiMiT. 48; bn>k vw. 238: 
Iw. 1770; Man. ku. II. IfU: bnVlipn 
ftUit. pi,} Lai. lt;74:t: bnVho Fi.. a. Hl. 
SfiS; br^ke Luw. w. p. lit. 
tn'-libolt "iHmbarf'*, voi-. 238. 
brt^rh^Ardcl avkxr. 20ri; brcitriirdel mim'. 
l'.i:l; brfirinlil Wiix. .Ikr. 13. 1. 

brrrki>, bri^ke, .4. Sex. (d'|>-, pMlfr)lirora, 0. 
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2I(;.S; (iuw 2, i;iK; r. m. H220: (= 
briirli(^V> SihiRKii. 133; romp. Arliipbrerbc. 

tirfrhr, iS.lfMtrm. britrbo^ hrtceh, ager no- 

ralitY o. A. K. 14. 

brfd, J.SVx. O.ftHieh bred.!erm. hni. 

hreti, (afiHin, i-BtnnlT. 4H; r. M. |ltri7S: 

niiilti] Kii & l^od (if it<* KRL. AKT. 1. r>3: 

brwio /'iJW.; n. A. X. 9nr>; A. r. 3, lg4; 
eoNip. tflivel-, waxbrod. 
brcdcliOttO I'KOMPT. 48. 

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brN 9te bread ^hj^ bruid. 

brfdv, J.Sar. bn^dc fa»mturaj vor. 27, O. 
If.iicrm. bnitt^, pn'lt" wi. fanaalurtj QfiWV's 
ni'Rscit. 3, 285, /rvM bmlen. rtwrjif m<-ii^, 
p. L. s. VIII, 73; o. A. K. ir.:iO; Ha- 
VKL. 98; 8PKC. 27; avow. Amth. XXXI; 
brtdo HOM. 2, 224: bri'deti. brAdo (brwi- 
do) faK.J Lai. 30^83 k 30589: brt'des 
/'pA; Kid«. .'i249. 

WrMf aw brtude and brudc. 

brMcH (breade), J. Sax. br^diin, O.Fris. 
brdda, O.ll.dffin. bn'tfcn, prat«n ^rf. 
print. oMr/m, La?. 2<'>9Hti: bri^de b. s. 
V (Misr. ISO); .ki-. u 170; Kuii. 1493; 
brct fprtt.J uoM. 1. 53; br^de fimpn-.J 
u. c. r. 2.1; I bri'dde />frf7 Laj. 306H4^i 
bmddon 20978; brOdden Arth. a. Mkbi.. 
730r)]: bri'di' fpartj Itinr. 3til3; [brad 
(Jaw. 891; brod st. oes. a. ee. S147} 
ibrod MIHL-. A4J. 

brftffii, A.Siix. brMan(?), O.HuUh brocdou, 
O./I.frWm. brooten, yrot/t bnxl. Arwrf, /r>- 
wr* ; bK'de spKr. 101 ; bri'dnl (pTf.f 
HOM. 2, 5.'>: br^doji Uur. 177: LAKm» 
» II. 339; brMod. brct a. tt. 200 k 
222; brOdde /';)r(f.y n. a. k. 101; brMdea 
Lakhl. n 11, 347; brod (p»ri.J ski*. 
AKT. 1, 211: ibred n. a. k. 1724; beo 
wenrpn ibrftlde Lai. 30f>71. 

brMrM an* linuloii a^d brui<lon. 

bri^dlng hrteding, c. m. 3479. 

brtf, O.Vr. bref, briof, hrUf, %. a. eo. Wiu 
3213; Man. kii. F. 939. 

br#)« «(w breu. 

brrm;c aw bru^!|rd. 

brfli ift bniid. 

brridfB, A.Sax. brcirdnn, brrdan, O.LXi*rm. 
breirdan, U. Frit, bivida, brida, O. M. 
brcplii. briirdu, O.If.Grrm. brcUan? Jf. 
If.dfrm. briten? braid fhreadj, tor^turt, 
Tftifre, irahtrt, plrtitre, Uxrre, Hringtre, 
HUM. 1, 201; brriden . . . .Iim crane a. 
B. 124; bnSlcn vOrUrlio n dfin 223; ii 
^•t I'lk be widdc brpido a donn aa it A 
nnni lorde wi^ro Hon. 22; bo Mhal bnl- 
do n woi f'ftfittt"; Win., ps. 24, 1$: 




yif |wu hr^tlost kM b. a. «». Wkb. 1907; 
breid {pretj a. a. 280 -, broid liu . . . 
a vwflorJ Lai. 1548; ])e Vinur hine l>ra>ii) 
(breiil) &ix ti667; lie braid . . . oftor 
his iilderan iiS9.5; & brieid hine of bi:) 
fttMo 20777: braid Oweid) Iwm Ajoiupard 
Jul. 7'J & 7:i; braid Iw. .5248; avow. 
Aeth, XLTII; of hi* slop aa '^n Jio bmid 
Havkl. 12K2; |)e jiuf bruid out (b)is 
knif 4niRuN. Kkgl. 670; and brudden np 
B;ildolf Lai. 20335: Ibraided 5Hoti: 
IsuHB. 104]; hrMjdcn Maii'.s 339; hrui- 
don fjmri.J u. A. s. 045; broidin "hiifiu!- 
f tef", pBoMPT. 53 ; [broi Jed, bmidotl, 
bmuded Cuauc. C. t. a 10401; «wi»V- ^y 
JCt-. for-, i-, ttf, widbreidon ; dtriv. 
braid, hnid. 

MlCf O.IfuUh bmoyo, M.ll.Otrm. brfkojis 
hrm, jtu: brc l. u. c. 17; comp. alebrol. 

brria tee Lnun. 

fcrek, A.Sax. (j.'e)brec, (!»e1brc«e, Ar«i fbraek), 
Jracluta, Aus. 2U>8*; Man. kw. P. MliG2; 
c. M. t)344; broko pbomi'T. 49. 

brrVe «« brecho. 

brrkfl hrickie,"fragilit", prompt. 177; Taws. 
MT!.T. 101; ffw brncbel. 

brrkcB, A.Sax. O.L.&trm. bracan, O.Fvvt. 
brekti, Ooth. brikau, (KJT.Oerm. precbau. 
Itrochen, break, Jranger$, rump»re, a. b. 
242; Katu. 2028; st. okm. a. ex.3147; 
breukfla Jitu 5H; breke AVKtm. 52; Mand. 
228; Ut brekoiio noH. 1, 43; broko»t 
fpret.J OiLM. 1^4Hi brokH|j trkat. 13U; 

Lbroc fimperat.j Marii. IJS; brekml im in- 
vipUt, Kath. 1301; bnuc, brae, breuc 
fpnlj Lai. 155H, 2023 It I0i>78; brae 
t. L. 8. VIII, 93; ST. OBS. A. BX. 3100; 
br&k Iw. 3778; CiiArc. C. t. a 1408; 
WicL. KuMH. 11. 8; brak, brek Kou. 22 
& 120; breu iiou. 1, 171; Maru. 5; 
brec <m fn. r. bigon) Kath. 2295; brok 
ATENB. 10; (J»u) breko Lai. 5037; La:vul. 
*; 21, 383; (hwi) brtlikon Lai. 27.100; 
Jul.. 50: AVEKB. 04; Alis. 5891; s. s. 
Ki>. Vih. 1218; brookeii, bnikeu Wirt.. 2 
PAiUi^ 31. 1; bn\ke IrtuHB. 652; broketi 
fjMrt.J Havkl. 1238; Chaito. Tbotl. 
7574; brnkin OrTAV. 944; eouifr. a-, ict-, 
for-, i-, lubrokon; rfnr/r. brae, brake, brek, 
broofae, bricbe, brucbv, brucbel. 

brfk«rCj M.JT.Germ. brochou^, h-eaker^ uoxl 

I. S3: WOT/', eaplirekore. 
hrrkliisr breaking, aykxb. 48. 
brnnibcl, A.tinx. brcmbol, brcino3, bramble 

fbrimmUjy c. ir, 924; brambil, brimbil 

WicL. ECCLCS 43, 21 & Job 31, 40; 

brinibil, breminil "tribuiuay v*pr«s\ raosiFP, 

49; brembles fjU,/ uoh. 1, 223; briiu- 

bkxt 2, 129. 

Itrombeltlonr Chauc. C. t. b 1930. 
lirrmbiT, J.Krx. bn»mber ^ brouib<>I? 

i>roiiil»orft>iui' <nu. brorabro-) Chauc C. t. 
Kp. \Vn. 15157. 
brfMf, OJl.fierui. breiiM {Uhauuay oedrm)'^ 

BKX.. A3IT. 1, 81. 

brf nir, A, Siis. brOme, iww, darn*, Obm. 
7ly7; Giti:r.. 200; Will, 18; ii\w. 1142; 
A. I'. 3. 430: 11. Akth. 229; Town, sirsr. 
197; fiQ ai't j>ol modi luid pel breiue u. 
A. N. 500; hcbaiQ aod buld k. T. 835; 
^16 litrtf \>'Ai ii m hTdma r. l. 538; pW- 
ko fealo was w el bremo Fl. a. Bl. 792; 
brAme wittes Lankl. h 12, 224; br6nio 
u u bare Obqaev. 1240; il brcnio biiro 
Ahaii. Kb. VfEB. 171; her brdrae hlwitia 
DEP. Bicii. 27; when briddey »in;;(t^ 
hr6me si-kc. 44; foug)iten bn>inu ^breemo) 
CiiArr. C. T. A 1699. 
bremeli am. Will. 23j Oaw. 1598. 

hrimt, /v. bnjuie, brmtm, voc. 322; pbuupt. 
49; Chaix. 0. t. a 350. 

kr«», O./'r. bron, Jlr»i. brenn, JTsiiA A*. 
bran, Arfl«, *'/«r/«r", i'Ko.vpt. 49; (Ihav*'. 
C. T. A 4053; AVKNT). 210; breo, braji 
Lanul. II 0, 184; bran voa. 201. 

bm« 400 brnne. 

brcHgcii, A.'Sax. breD^an. O.Frn. brenj:a, 
O.L.Uirm. breniroan, M.ll.Gimn. broii^'tfn, 
from briuKen, affern, adtliiewrc; broii;;^ 
AYKXH. 87; «. 8. KB. Wkb. 2109; f^tnii, 
brinisG, r. a. gcufro) Lai. 15094; bren- 
gej) (^'t«.) Shubkh. 6 ; brubto (prtt.) 
hrougM, umt. 14301; i'. h. 221; brotta 
avunb. 118; |}al uumi uiun brujtu to dt<|!0 
Kuit. 17: bn^iite, ltn>iibto, tinVnto (britfte) 
Laj. 3l>, 03 & 233; me be»m brOhto 
drinken 13585; brujte, Imtubte o. a. k. 
107; br<'>iilit« (bnMiite) bio k t<ldp La:<(:l. 
5. 8: hni^hUi, br<'tu;U!, bniutfbte (^xrc. 
C. T. u 533; br6ttt« anL. ast. 2, 277; 




br(>ht08t Jii.. til; lnoliteii Mat. 2, U; 
HiHiX Ki>. Krrtt. 44: bruiilitun a. k. 114; 
bTdhi fjMrt.J broug/U^ uom. I. 2.S3; spko, 
2t); bru^t La.vul. a 12, L:3l>; bcuiilil, 
brfluUt, brdat ftnt. browt} IIavju^ 33t>, 
197^ & 2412; cewf. ibrenfr^'ii. 

brrHir j>r briinio. 

brfior, y./rt/. l>reiiuft, O.Jl.fivrm. Wimui, 
jivvi brmuL'D, hunty iNa>miiiun : liwau \iv 
. . . Jutvedoo . . . pe (ir bnVutb uu breuuc 
Mavkl. 1239. 

broneton, O./a^. broDiia-, brooiil-, bren- 
nustoitin, aulp/mr, Uk'K. 'riiK». I, 'i'lS; 
4M hrnnston. 

brrniiri, J.Sfij;. bronuiin(?), Itoriian. bafrimit, 
U. L. (it rtu. O. //. fi'rrw. breiinrin, 0. /«/. 
bimuiii. O.I>uUh buiuou furrrf, armcre). 
Oath. (imttinLnjaa ^xaiis'.v), from lirinnin, 
burn ihrrH^ brnuj, nrryc, tin', i\,\\t.h. yl)i; 
biN Uil silinl breiinvti in fo ^Otlu Chait. 
C. T. B 111; lirenno Maxh. 4'*; brcntio 
bis lundttt Wiu.. Itu^; i^\ia\ brciinu 'Vr- 
rffiArt", Wirr.. LKviT. ti, 12; bcrncn a. m. 

' 30ii; Inltqcu Okm. 1529: Itm bei» ffua- 
n«i luprnen I,ai. IMljli; iKirno Hob. HI; 
TEKAT. liJG; ArKKn. 1711; broiiilB fprvfj 
Ob». I08G; ST. OKN. A. i;x. UOt); i-. 
L. ». XII r, 121; Lasui- II 17. Saii; 
Oow. 2. UM; WtcL. 4 Ki.v.iS 14, 4; 
be bruntlo. ImruOu La*. ^824 d£-;iU45!): 
bomdo A. R. 242; barn<to Hon. aOO; 
brendou 8ax. cubux. 202; ]Ia%ki.. 5l>4: 
UtrH. tiO'w; fw fires brendo ii[h>n \>o 
lUtw CiiAi'C. C. T. a 242.'.; btcud (iwrt.) 
0km. 1000; Havki.. 2H:i2; brt'nd pold 
CiiAic. C. T. A 21(12; Ki>ii. 3349; broiid. 
brent W11.1.. 2H4ii k 43t;7; brout Hctcti,. 
1. :ll*0; rt>i»;'. ft-. fi-rbicRncn. 

brmninjKr, J.Sax, liiiniinc, btmti/tff, »t. cikn. 
A. wt. :t6r>4: Ciuuc C. t. a U96; b«r- 
ninjco ATKXB. 20&. 

brr«Nr«! imn/). tobrotwon. 

brrvftlf A.^tr. btoust, O.L.Gtrai. O.lsai. 
hiiiist, O.J-'nt. bhiuit M., Arrrt<i fhrtMh 
ttfctna, r. i. s. XVH, titi: Ai.i^. iI2t: 
hriost ATKxtL 175; br^st Ohm. 4774; 
ST. UKX. A. XX. 37D; bretMt Timv. 3, 
341: brCst mid. Cur. N: t)rei>«t« LAt. 
4'i'|0; \nk bri>iito t)N) brooht) tt4U7: broi'vtc 
A. tu 14; lit tyf Y^n ()'inu) br»>tilo Lai. 

I5H31; npttn |»o bavsU' 'il' ■run' b"iM 

Mani>. 1*2 ; bri>(mrou {'</<'/. /»/.; Katii. 

3130; brifjitcn ayknd. 247. 

bioatljoa breatt-bvHif, t'uAui*. (!. t. a 2710. 

bri^tolat vuc. 178. 

brcostlm(c) Oem. 955. 

bitfsttilato brtad-platf, Chauc C. t. a 

breustjtimc I-ai. lt>3B. 
breo^epQiide a. b. 194. 

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lied (^bu't^ilv) I'll Frvn::ivc •'il9U; A bru^io 

/df^i^uratf'J ih)mr v. l. 9. I. 44; ewap. 

Weefm, J. Sax. bjenpaii. MJi.Grrm. briu- 

wen. M.I.Mnm. biiiwen. O.ttuUh brCiwcD, 

brouwen, 'A /«/. tirutfira, Arrtc, rofacm; 

tfreo(>o HUM, 2, 2'i7; brofcn $t. okk. 4. 

Kx. 4054; br^wo Max. ku. K. 1246; h. 

tf. KD. Wb. 1490; biuwin. lirnnln pbuupt. 

54; blyu (m: brow) f}*r»(.) r. v. ti'.l; 

br«>ii, br6ub laJtiti'. '>, 133 (219); brfu; 

itoM. 2, 2r»i>; (bioncil tf. ». bi>. )Vh. 

12Hr»1; |)oI bniwQ Hun. 2(>; bniMTim /'fNny.y 

Mapk!! 337; Kioi. 43ii&; bruwo LA3i«ti~ 

[J 18. Sill; ibrowoii r. 29; ibruKo 0. t)* 

KU. Wkii. 1494; Ibruwid Fmju. t>&71: 

dtrie. bri>(*, bru)H<n. 
brfwcrr^ 3/.if.0'n-m. brhiwor, M.LMrrm. 

brfivrure, brnfftr^ 1>a>oi,. b lt>, 394; 

brouwiu-u» f'/"/..' Miiii-. 189; btaerof a. ?. 

Iirfttc»lerc breirtttr, Laxou d 5, 306; E. 

II. 355. M 

brtrl brOr (brocr) on ria c. l. 123. " 

kmif J. Sex, brt'rd, brvjiril, O.Jl.tJfrm. 

prort. pprit. ni/tryo, Obh. 11040: Win.. 

KX(»o. 37, 11: livrd "Margo', vutWT. 

32; biwde i'd^itj Tukv. 2, 173; up-.O 

bcllfl brei'dc a. b. 324; brcunia La*. 


bronlful Orh. 14'i29: brcdfdl. bmlAil 

l.ANdL. t-HtiL. 41; brotful hum. 2. 107; 

CiiAiL-. 0. T. A 087; t. 41; brodful 

rrmB. bradoful) Lai. R2224. 

httttt A.Hex. Uir, InW fbnfr;, "/nMi«^ 

ptpr**", Tw. 181 A 229; PBtmrr. 4! 

"rgUmter'y vui . 163; Lamil. r 3. 31 

WltX. JufI 31. 40; TuWK. MY9T. II 




i. c. VIII; scharp us brcre Ciuuc. C 

T. K 18i!5; iirecrti I. mo. y*. v. ilH; 

broro fdiil.J J[iN. 31; brijt *i blosmo on 

hi<in tiKcti. tS; u^iiu hrore l. c. c. 12; 

brtro* /y.y A. B. 276; Ohm. 0312; Will. 

1809; Mam>. 115; Ciiauc. C. t. a 1532; 

a burton uf bi-^re spbo. 110. 
brr> ff/tf bra*. , 

brrsc, .-t.ty'as. briosa, irw* (WtHeJ, "w- 

WrwM**, voc. 255; '*atiku\ J'ltOMiT. -ID; 

"irKdAw", PS. 104, :H. 
Iiri*ftra «;' brutcn. 
hrrs(, ^.fiax. bersit (?) Jio^u'. uicT.. d.Uvi. 

brentr fdr/etlwj Kuil}«s. lkx., 21M.Gcmi. 

brefct, iireuto MtintHj Hks. wr. 1, :!5t>> 

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lUJDH., »/rt/rtiiyf, (tyiff^, patnifT. ij); A, p. 

L'. 22H; c. M. IC.MU; brosU Haluw. 

biCT. 20d; bom liKVES lUUO; im brtUit. 
brMl /M brcost. , 

lirrMcii, -I..V«.r. berittnn. O.L.Germ. breutan, 

O.FrtM, ber»|ji, 5»Mi (brwii, brratj, /run- 
gcrw.mmpert', Kath. 202S; bre^tin rnuurx. 
50; brostCD, bonito I'iiauc. C. t. a 1980; 

Cbrentp, bcrsto Wicl. Maiuc 2, 22; bersteii 
A. R. HO; bewto Lai. 27«s:t; ikutN Kr>. 
Krrc. titiJ;^;'nr/.v'C»uic. C t. c tj97; 
Tuh. 087; I>K(ii(j;v. 182^; bnist, Iwirrtt 
Lakoi^ fi, 180 t7, lf;5); baretLAf. 1467; 
AuH. t'»25; fiat moari bearat ub Jli.. 5'.,1; 
Immten OtTov. IO.SS; >Ia>-. eh. K 1833; 
buibtcii JlI/. .i»; Rilu. 28P2; Htane^ 
_ )>t'r bursUin Lai. 277 HJ; Uorstoii k. T. 

1041»; brostou f^rt.) Chauc, C. t. a 
3820: Wux. ukkk*. 7, 11; ibor«ten 
Uk'k. thbi*. 1, 22*<; evmp. xi-, lubryateu; 
ilmr. brest, brutrt. 
brctaMft (V,/V. brotcsche, "prvpufftiacn/um", 
I B'.'MtT. 50. 

brctoicrr briumer. brutiiier? Lanul. 0, 15li 

{-, 142). 
\»rii4; A.Stix. bra'td, IreaUt, halUuA, vapor, 

IIOM. ], JO:j; A. II. 80; bU'|j TitKAT. 

I3ti; SiioKKU. 102; v. h. 8. Vk, 11; )rti 
h'iU brvt» o. A. w. 1454; brt^jo fdatj 
HUM. 2. 145; fur J<an ufelo brfido 1, 4M; 
brftI>o CiiAi'u. (.;. T. A .1: LiiiQ. M. p. 02: 
btijlhe ta. c. tJ13. 
brr-lbr, OJefl. briiidi V /rejw bu'i)) ? /wry ;^ d. 

Abtii. 2213; liru|> ^'fttrorem", p». 3ti, S; 

briH)io ^rf«(.y TnttTJ. .■«Y>r. VM, 
brrjiclj ywji brciutciiV /'printed breyel) "wi"- 

*irculH»'\ ruosiPT. 50; \m)f6\ f? priiUtd 

bifijol) BHL. AST. 2, 110; hrtitholb fpij 

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brcjtfliiif; An/no imm-y Artu. a. MiiBi.. G4; 

bril'flliiig' K. s. VI (wi^ii:. IS4 A 185). 
br^lhlB bietitlte, htiarf, "^rar^", riwiiPT. 

50; br(f|ii tbkat. 136; brefiji /'prw.> 

Wict. JmiN 3, 8; brfitliedo ^j>«i.V dksth. 

T. S777. 
brei, fi. />. broil, (uu. browD) "trodtutn", 

voc. 241. 
br^H, /rcM broiiwon, iivw. 

bri'iuirii. A.Saje. brcapifrii, fW*« e^episiiw 
eogiUHitiir, vitc. I 7H. 

brculious, .V./fJit-rtti. briubOj^V brew-haiuv, 
Yiic, 204; L'HAt;c. C. T. A 3334. 
br^B, br<:>wo? A.Six-. breup «»,, '>./«/. bn'i 

J., OJl.dtrm. bnl. i»rft n. /., 0.>W>. bro 

w., breio (brev, brra, braaj, tapei-ciiium ; 

bn?}c Hi'w;. 34: brio 'WZ/W, vuc. 7f»; 

batik no brij .M.ik. fd. F. 1 0333; bro 

Man. ki>. H. 310: broyo f'i'tU a. s. V 

(MISC. 182); brOwis />/.y WrfL. lkvit. 

14, 1); bre^iwou Lai. 18374; brees avow. 

Artii. XY; brijos Mjitc. 220; tfOM^. Oju- 

brcrfti^ O.Ic«i. brera, M.H.Oenit. bi'ioven, 

/rt>wi Irof, lUtri» outndare, v. s. 150; 

broved (part. J Hwv. 2521; a. j*. 2, 107; 

ibrmot kum. 1, 240. 
brcret} />. brevet, brevH, Lanul. pbou. 71 

brfwc iiv bruu. 
brriTfu (im broowon. 
bri, .i.Sox. blip, O. Hatch O.H.OtrHi. bri, 

M.L.O'nm. bji{;, "piU«', fhacjji. 4. 
bribf, C'./'r. bribo (hncceUaJ, bribe, Ciui;l\ 

0. r. u Iii78. 
brlbin, O./V. briber fmrntdifr), bribe, "hmh' 

ticHlttri", PHoMfr. 50; bribe Cuahc C. 

T. A 4417. 
bribrrlr liibery; briberies (pij Chauc, C. 

T. I. I3ti7. 
bribr^.' iKm a britioj) (bribort) Langi.. o 9, 

bribeiir, O.Fr. bribeur, bribvr, urn. Oov. 
183; bribvorea prardmua, Tehv. 3, 147. 




Mrfar, J. Sax. lu'ii'o, bryca (iRkin's ol(>nm. 

1, I [.'», /iowt brekon, /rut/, yoor, ii. s. 

582 1. 
brlrhv «r<i> brndie. 
brN, ./..Sflx. hridd, A(W fbridj, "yuflui', 

fKAUM. 3: "lieu", pnostpT. 50; A. R. 1I>12; 

0. A. S. 124; S. S. ED. Wr. 3035; MaxD. 

48; Wkx. LKviT. 17, 13; culfro brid 
fm*, bridd) Ohm. 7887; Jndiw was d 
1i]*or brid fpturj p. t.. h. XXII, 1; mi 
hiid i fed L. H. B. IS'i; briddos /^w.y 
I'. L. s. XXV, 1^; briddoa fpf.J a. r. 
118 &. 128; Katii. (H; Laxol. n 12, 
131; Will. 17l>; Ciuuc. C. r. a 2r>2t): 
AST. AiiTH. XXVU; birdea i>. Artii. 2510; 
birdua Tub. 2044; briddo fiitU. pl.J u. 
A. N. HI. 

bridf, rt>r. bride. = bridel. Alis. 202ti; 
^mt. Iiridul, r. v. rido) HoitN ru. Luu. 
772 (KiTB. 778, HoRSTM. KOI). 

brfdr are briido. 

hriirl .I.Sajr. bridol, O.U.f.trm. britel, 
bridt'I, if.L.Gtrm. (). hutch broidcl, frvm 
breidenV iriirf/*, /reaum, a. r. 74; o. a. 
V. 1028; SnuRKU. 6; Cualc C. t. a 
250G; |iane brid?! ayknd. 253; bridil 
Kkh. 5817; briJlo filatj ayrsii. 204: 
bridles fpfj Win,. .Iamk!< "•, 3. 

bridHlH, J.Sai. bridliiiiL, MJl.Ga-m. brito- 
lon, bridle, ^^/rmarw", PKiunn-. 50; bridlml 
fprtn.j A. B. 74: bridleii tiow. 1, 110: 
liridlvd fpaTt.J Orm. 116A4; hridvled 
Manu. 253; ibrhtlod CriAt'c. l. o. w. 

brir, bri^f wa br6u. 

briot nv brwwt. 

brl|tf O.W*, brigue, "briga\ tiiinmaio", pbompt. 
50: CwAW. C. T. 1-. 243. 

brigge itv bruggo, 

bri)! N« briht. 

bribf, .<.AVx. brlbt (?) Lyk's mrr., brolit 
BuiT. EV. (;u.«^., brtHdtt Mat. H, 2'2*, 
beorbt. bertit, byrtit (irkin'i^ (iijism., O. 
L.Oerm. liorht, O.I/.firrm. iwrtthtor. O. 
Av^. biurtr, hri^ht, tptenHidtu, dariu^ tttiH. 

1, ei; Ui. 72.'*Ji; Oiai. :.U:il: misc. 
8H; spur. 25; K. T. 240; briht, briit u. 
A. V. r.2.'l; hrifht iroM. 2, 255; vi-sr. 2"; 
brut Ait;.Nii. 74; Ueurev. 1483; bri{t and 
Hcli^no SuottKH. 149; brijt wfn (iAwr. 

12!>; ttricrt wtT ckh. a. kx. 132; br 
brig^ht Chafc. C. t. a 10t;2; briyt Hick. 
TiiKu. 1, 231; brith FIavru 589; britt 

lIlClC. TBKH. 1, 22H; hrUt RKL. AXT. 1, 

48; broost Mat. 6, 22; bribte fti4v.J 

CHBON. Enul. 770; /«w. bribbte) Oem. 

2138; briite Branh. 3; bribtre fftmtparj 

HOM. 1, 3'J; Katm. Ii>KO; brihtost <m- 

>»tfr/.y Marti. 21. 

bribtJicho hrigfUly, a. r. 154; bri^tllehe 
ATKXB. 150; brihtliiker feoMpar.J a. r. 
brtgl, A. Sax. bflorht, npJendor, «t. OKU. a. 

iix. 143; bripbt Twwy. jitST. I, 
brthlci, A.Sax. (ge)bribtiin, bo^rhtan, hrigfU- 

en, A. B. 148; bribte /■/»rwi. iut/wj iiosi. 

I, 200; 111 on itiurweii pa dat bri^rbt ». 
T<. Kh. Wh. 1U97. 

briblnnur, A. Sax. hryhUi96a. beorlitneut). 
britjht*ifm, HOM. 1, 217 & 2, 31; brijtnwsa 

AVKNH. 27. 
brlk, Fr. briquo, M.L.GtTm. O.lhUeh bricke, 

Ana, &<«r, w. A. I. 37; briko E. o. 373. 
brlke — hreko? Chal-c. C. t. u 3580. 
brlltU $M birlen. 
briw, A.Sax. O.fdti. brim, aMtiu, fiuttta, l. 

II. H. 125; MiN. 20; brimuiu fdttj Gaw. 
2173: and K'pitb dnno intu tbe brimnie 
I-. L. 8. XXXV, 157. 

briiiu<wiit, O.fc0/. briniBVlnV "dttphinua', 
rKM.\icT. 54. 
bpla hrm,"ftrm,feroj!**, prompt. 61; Max. 

ftu. H. 28; )>e it ftat was ful brim II a- 

VRL. 2233; brimo b. a. c. ki>. Wb. XX; 

br^rcR brimme Cuavc. r. r. 183<i; brem- 

ino wurdos nur. Rira. 11. 
brim, A. Sax. brjmm pi. brymmoa, Vtm, 

wii; brimme fdtd.j Ouw. 2, 203; Tret. 

1, 423; L'liALT. I., u. w. 244'.*; Km. «34; 

A. P. I, 232; bi t>an brimmo Lai. 4472; 

t4^ \\» londoK hrimnm IIhrx kd. him. lUO. 
Iri«r, 0./<(^. brimi. ^iwi, «rf/«r, ipttt: ant 

|iurh {)e briiiiQ (bruno?) ablindeil Marii. 15. 

brimfjr st. r.KX. a. kx. 754. 

brimslOo (= brinstnii?) hn'maUmt, mtpMmr, 
cttBftN. Kkou 181; brimrttoon, bremsUm 
CnAnr. C, t. a 629; brim-, bnimston 
Wirt.. HBTTER. 20, 23 A: .»nii IS. 15; 
breutftdn Bkvrs 3277; briimstAn Ma- 
PKS 389; mac. 227. 




hrlMMri, M.L.Gtrm. Wimmcn /nt^trfj^hn'm: 

till- si'miK^r Wfil thoi liriinme ayein fiuil 
1 bringo fartli iiifrL'Cs muo I'all. '.i, !07<>; 

brimen and hflrpn bt. oex. a. ex, 11><; 

briiue "tiubare", pkumpt. 51*. 
briour, v<. Sax. briniHo, £>. />uCeA bremse, 

liiiinM0, <frd}-nii, Wh. DiCf. 257. 
brill, /inn. Steed. br5'n, O./c^i. bn'iti ^/. 

bij^nn, "jiujMireHmm ' , I'ltOMir. ol; JIan, 

>a>. F. 12344; AVuw. Abth. XV. 
biiuf, J. Sax. brjuc (Tiw- briiio), O.ihifch 

iirijue, frj-i?«, "Mhitgo", phouit. 51; r. 

M. r.;t4S; I'Au,. ;i. ;ift. 
briisr yoHatioy wo] biJ liim fC're briiifre 

La?. 74a. 
brlRfSfH, A.fietr. hriii^ran part. bruu;;onf O. 

L.Germ. brinwni, ^. //. 6'*nn. prinjfjin, 
I brinffau pret. y\M\\; part, piun^aiicr, 6'WA. 

^^ brija'Hii, O.Frit. briujru, bring, porturf, 
^^msffirre, uddtufrt, fmdtte«r«, a. b. 268; 
^^Orm. 1327; st. qks. a. ex. .112; h. ii. 
I (j; brint^n boom tt> ^^<ulere misc. U7; 
' briuKeii (t)riiii;») Lai. 741; brittgo o. a. 

K. 1029; Havku 72; H) ile[>o bringe 

KoB. 335; \A cndc brioKO (' i'- 288; 

frnit . . . hrinpo lrb. Jks. .'■jijO; brinfjoli 

fpTM.Jo. A. N. 524: briQ}; f^ifM/HT.y Makii. 

19; row;*, ibriiuri'ii; dvrii-, brenpon. 
brla|;frc britign\ IUanu. 243; Lritiiraro 

I'HuiinT. .ll, 
brialf a^r bruiiie. 
briak, JU.L.OWm. Dan. Suffd. briiik. 6n'Mi&, 

"mrtrjo. n'ptt". promit. r>2; hriii3co ^i^.y 

a. r. 242*; i.Ko. I:t0; Auh. ;;4V»I; Max. 

KD. F. 4^)23; i>n mi pittcs brinko Cuauc. 

C. T. j; 1401; in pe briiiico "(m litwii", 

WlCL. JOBX 21. 4. 

brInifB, A.Sttx. briuuiiD. leiiniaii, byman, 
O.L.litrm. (Kll.dtrm. Coth. briniiaii, (i. 
Irrl. liriuHU, hitrn, ardfrr, uri; briuuc c. ii. 
Uli*J; Ikuub. 69.^; briiine, brBniio CctAuc. 
C. T. 11 52; booracn, berneu Lai. 2358 it 
in218; beorocn fr. to. teorne) uom. 1, 
197; birno 230; Tor. 555; beme Abth. 
A. Mkul. 2320; brinnwT fprta.J kv.\.. ant. 

^^^ 1, 215; beroindo (pari.) b. ?>.. IV (misc. 

^KlG6); bam (prri.) Lai. li>217; biirnon 

^^^ 4579; eomp. forbrimion : di'rie. brDimo, 

I brenncn, tirutic. bran<l. 

hrltrn jim brOsen. 

krUl <iw briut, 

brilel ser lirutel. 

brlhidi Aff lii'iiLncn. 

brl|>4-l, brl^rliHj; aa* bro)tel, bre^wlin^;. 

briilfj O.Icei. briKsli (for brifrdiili), Aon 
hroidon; «w*/j. niibrixtc. 

briilm, O.Ical. briKitlu, iv/jrwc ; , bruxlox 
(prfK.J A. P. 3, 345. 

hrac meitace? jiis was bire bn>cLAi. 21029*. 

brdc, AJieT. bn')C m. fricMj, O.Duteh brook, 
OJf.Otirm. liriiocb n./pulutj, brool. rivut, 
HUM. L, 1S7; ti-nno bri>c Lai. I0S2S; 
bn^k, brook ('hauc. C. t. a 3922 ; hri'ke 
fdttt.J LA.N-ni,. H, 137 {7, |:>0J; bivkes 

rp/.; A. R. a.'ifi. 

brurniinto hn>oh-mi»(, voc. 140. 
Iirarjis;r hroeagf, Laniji-. b 14, 2iJ7, r 17, 

KM'; CUALT. C. T. A 3375. 
bni-oir, briikoiir, M.TmL brnc-Hriiix, broker, 

IiANri[., B 2, 65, r 3, (•(.;. 
bracbr, O./V. bri)che, hroach, brooch, a. b. 

420; Wiri_ Jrbkh. 4, 30; lia^ Hot a 

bnirlie ]'o ttiuiie hum. m. p. 164; brodies 

fpl.J AYHMi. 229; LANdL. B 17. 245. 
hrArhiuj /'r. broclior, irowrA, pbomii'. 52; 

iimrlietle fprdj n. Arth. 2714. 
bred, A. Sax. brunl ftptMj, O.Jtcl. broddr 

fitpiettinm, oraj, O. Jf.Orrm. pnit, prort 

(m-e), brod fbrordj, gpiea, ora, "flcw/pw", 

V4ic. 202; "cJaiu* acfphaiut", PHoin>T. 53; 

brod fmt. brodd) St blumo Ohm. 10773; 

brunles fpl.J a. p. 2, 1474. 

briinlful A. p. 2, 383. 
brod, A.Sux. bn^d, M.If.dtfrm. braot, iroofj, 

o. a. n. 1C33; notes bnid st. obn. a. 

Kx. 3712; |)e liifwr brud &<]ii. 70; brodo 

fdiU.J 0. A. N. 518; c. M. 1507: bo sii 

a brodo p. L. s. Vu, 35. 
brArt i(V bnVI. 

broddtit. /rvm brod, Kpicarr, Obm. 10769. 
brudlu Az-oorf, "/oretr", r«<>ui'T. 53. 
bnidirn »re brmlten. ^ 
broilctt, O.Fr. brutller, brtrii, *'u9titlgrr, i«i- 

r^re", PROMPT. 53; broilo CnAtc. C. T. 

A 383. 
br«k, A. Sax, broc, Jr. daei. liroc, Wie.'tft 

bmch, broekf "taxtu't riioMrT. 53; '*ltiM- 

4okb", voc. IGG; Iw. 98; hrorkesi fpi.J 

Laj. 12817; broUos Tkuv. 1. 327. 
kfk, A. Sax. broc, 0./(*i. brockr (?) Hai^ 




iMiKs. i.RX., broel:, tahaUm. CnAor. C. t. 


tirxliclt.ikkiil "ffiiionu", pBOSirT. 53. 
bn)Vcf«mli(I "fmcto ptdf", Wict. Lunr. 

I*n'koloirpt)0 erur(bu» rtrrtw ant nrtf'iw, 
l.Asnu p. «. |:{S. 

litvkcnijrw'^ (/oivw n»rro, ii. M. 25. 

lirokoi^hanViil, -.■TlmnlEet LAxr.r.. a 7, 131. 
brnkel, a/>«M M.L.UmH. Lrokol. Aw-tA-, 

V. II. l/i-l; bl'oliil *\fr(tgiiii\ i-iwmi'T. rill; 

liAKOT,. c II. i?*; i^f brokolo kondo 

BiioBEH. 'S; Mw briichtil. 
briLkfii I brokke Siihrbii. 10^: brokVin^'c 

{purt.J Chait. C. t. a 5377: 
bral hroh, protps, hkntm.. n, 19H (204h ri.. 

fit. 74ri; RKL. ANT. 2. 177. 

brAn, J.Sitr, hrim, O. Jtuti-h broenn broom. 
"jcwiV/rt". FRAOM. 3; v<tc. I 10; A. V. a, 
3112; brmmi Manii. 130; bramo ^rfT/.> 
Al.l*«. 24112; hf'imCK ^fii./ "ut^rif a f'\ Wici- 
.1i:h»:m. 17, 6; CiiAtx'. n. k. I22rt. 
IlPiinltnlni CnArc. 0. t. a 42Hfi. 

brand nf brniicl. 

Jtmlrl «r<* bnitot. 

br»|t, .4. Sax. hroil, O.fl.Germ. |irflil, /rowi 
broiiwtn? Atirf*, ;"»», Btm. 528; p. 4iJ; 
Maxd. 250. 

bw^j /I'OM brcoJ<ni? 

bffi(>fal, tin;;. O.Tctf. brnttritll. rpilept^? 
OiiM. irifiO-l. 

brA^ Mw brfi|t. 

bra^l, from hreoilrn? uiiVrP LANni.. All, 
01; fill \*xf}\^\ f'T t** tiMo CuAUP. L. o. 
w. IHKI: liro)M)l /^«K5rf.; Oow. :), 173; 
Ltrn. Cftr. 217; brofels {^J pl. ra. 772; 
■«• brcl^el. 

bHtrr (br>'.|vr), ^^.-SW. brf>dor, (inih, brtjiar. 
CJ.Z.^fTiM. bn'»thar, bnioihcr. O.Frii. bn^- 
ther, ')./«^/. brfliTir, O./f.O'mn. prnodor, 
brnotlcr, L^t. frAter. Or. 9paTT,p. .'*fm*(r. 
SJIfTI, *ro/Art-. l,Ae. 21 Oft; brtl)wr n. a. 
S. IIS; bi<i|vr. bpiUicr CnAitr, ('. t. a 
529; brMor Fi.imi. 7 IK; bn'HTer, .t.Strx. 
brAJftr, O./tr/. brudiir. O.If.fWm. I'lnntlor, 
(Vo/A. brOt"rs. Lnt. frltri*. ^fcwiwr. yig J, 
fs^) La'- •'»74I; br''"[K»r I'nn. 201; ^U 
wa* Hii br>J*r dMft (bniju'r^lPtle?) c-. m. 
8750: bK<tIre"» iio». 2. M7; briMor, A. 

t^x. br6Jrr. fdat.J kki^ ant. 1. 2as| 
bi till re, -■( . titix. br-Vtl t . r. brrnTm , hrvifl ra, j 
OJJ.Grrm. briicdor. bnioilni. O.f^-it. bn'Hi 
thorn, bnitlioro, (itUA. bn'>(>rjn«, IM. fnV-j 
trcs, fpi.J Makk 3, 32; imu. I. 7; hrii^mi 
Misp. 55; bK'jire Ohm. M2C.0; br6|>or Wnjj] 
2t>41: Man. ki>. H. 51; brt-^ir Amau 
KD. l{i)B«. I*\; brpiler Al'j>. 35; brM|iiTrf| 
AVKSii. 102; brC'}H!iOn 8im"K1£I(. 45; bri'i 
iloron, brt'ilflron (brV-jierrt) Lai. 2101 4 
2137; br^Jrcn A. n. 54: br(')twcn Hmc; 
4(;3: Mas J). 222; br6(Tmi /"</«/.;•/.; Mat. 
18. 35; bn"'I>ri*n siihc. 53. 
bnij'Orbt'do /ra(<T(fiVy, AVKXit. 110: Ciut-i^^ 
(J. T. B 1232; Am. a. Auil. 362; Gavt. 
251)1. I, 

hr/i])oriT>4lefie fou. -reddene), A.Smr. bn>-' 
[tniriLilou MuNKS Qir. 33rt. /raUn§H»/, 
Hou. 1, 41; brr>)if)rrfilL* aviinb. 110. 

braidin, f'r. br<><lor, HrH. brAiKln, IIV/<iA 
briMiiti, itroidt-r, I'ltoMrr. 53; br<inili*d' 
fpnrtj CffAUP. C. T. a 3238. 

braidfrif, bnuMlcri. Fr. bnidorio, hroidn-y,^ 
Wi. i„ Kx.-n. 2S. 39. 

\f%%t tee briiwo. 

bn»l«l/ Fr. tinmol, Ji^l. htM\iU/\ rnovn'. 
54; nup. ItirH. 10; i-. v. r. 32; bntii»«t: 
O.Fr. IirmiPs, bn»03i, /"^V Ar*i«w, "*rf»)wt- 
(♦uw", PKitsnT. 53; bmnis voi'. l!>l»: liriM| 
26G; and houpiil of )«> bmnwl* ft SApoi 
Kini. 3077; bruis Havki.. 924. * 

broflk(>R wv brfikim. 

bro«Q fee ttnin. 

brwiwf ifr brriv«. 

br*v«f o.lHttfh hmvQf j'i»/^ fAmp. lWhri>v<^. 

brafbr, J.Sax. bryce, O.lhtUh broiik, ,1/.//. 
Orrm. brucb. //•">» breVPH. froeiio, frae- 
tura, riBlatfo, HfliHum, Koii. 2*>; HKt^ 
AST. 1. 241; at Jift ftinnpsto bnnbo |.jit 
bo fond bo l^}t in 2. 272: fitr innnn<<s 
hrodie Kato. 1210: brorho LirKE 24, 
S6; bruclioa f^.J bpbt. 30: |»o brucbefl 
nf bim) bodi Katii. l'>|5; ) b<*ita af |*«i<b 
bnirben a. ii. 2^: amp. le^, bdrb-. ciij^, 
tniiiKl-, tt^bi])-, »!itQ.tbrttrhfl(-brirUe), 

brurbr, A. Sttx. br^fo. fMh. brftk*, y. 
Ji.Germ. prt-bor, /r»Mi brtlkon, mffil: 
brtrhe BKi^ AST. I. 325{ Mav. wi. F. 

bnirhrl, ^/tmm brfkm, AriVW fhrn/^/, yM 

bruch pin esse 



/i'/m, Katti. 2020: a. h. HM; Urutel m. 
. 120; bnirlipliire feompar.j a. k. 1C4. 
bmrhrUfiwr /ffliyi7//vj*. v. b. i,. r. 2^1. 
kruAt J.'Srtx. lii-.vd, brygd. /row broiilA: 

eamp. ti]ibnul. 

brajf, ^.Sffa^. I.r_^J. O.L.Oerw. bi-Od, a//: 

c;* /■m. [irut, (K lirt. \n lulr. Gath. Xn-a}^^, 

hfide (hiri}, maiur f»pons<i. nttpta). puflh, 

A. B. iGA; II. u. 5; IIiikn kd. ICits. 

1058; r. s. 230: br^ilo Mat. 3&, 1; brid 

Oem". 111P4; bride iKdMrr. ■>(>■, In-fido. 

burde lai. 2S>.1 k lSli!71: imi'do Maru. 

^^^•17; Wit.L. 683; CiAW. 7r>2: liiiinSo <-. i.. 

^Bfifl^: X. T. :i74: burde, bnirdo, birrlc, 

^^■boi'do Lakgl. a, 14; birdc Fkrcbv. 1289; 

^^ bordo I>E(iiiKV. 75tl; btirJo fgfti. fl.J 

Marji. 21. 

|l)n'id:tl(t, .4, Sax. brj^tlealo, hridal, bkl. 
A>'T. 1, 2(>r>; bruidttlo, biidalo Lancl. 
I B 3. 4S: bridnle Orm. 14003; Ociav. 

1702: bK'dalp misc. 29; avknh. 118. 
' bnidj-'ame, A. Sax. br^'il^'uma. O.L.Gtrm. 

I brOdejri'rao, frridefjraom, Marh. 1!>; lirid- 

Kiiuie On.M. 10422; bruOiruuie Mat. ft, 
I ir»; MISC. 29: brddsTDine aybkb. 2!t^. 

brAdlcTc nuptMlt, Jrr.. 7; h. u. :t. 
' brOdJ>iTig', A. Sax-. br^d|iiiis, miirtiiih, nisc. 

bruj^gr, A.Smx. bryc?, f>. /p*/. bryicrKiji, 0. 

/■'rw. lircgifB, O.JI.Gtrm. Lnicca, bridge 
\ (ffrisA pofu, Lai. l!)242; W'lhi.. 2140; 

Lasol. b B, 601; brJjrv'O Chaic. C. t. 

A :ii>22: Mas. kp. H. 241: Manh. 7; 
j (MS briiTKO of I'O nofio vol-. 183; bros'ge 

u B, jiisr. I2.'i2; bniprfl f^ifn.J Hon. 

539; brapffo /'(A?/.; a. b. 212: brifrgo 

Hocci.. I, 190; bnipfwn /p/.J Run. ftR.'i; 
^^■brifrccflSAx. ciinoK. 254; eomp. tnbmgcro. 
^^P'brij.'i.'cloto, jl.Sax. bryrgbot, iikl. ant. 
[ 1. 3a. 

I BristOtro, A. Svx. Bryc^stOpo, Brietoi, 
\ Bod. 377: Trniv. 2, 35; Hiisttiuwo 

rnrusfoiiwe) Lai. 21027. 
IrlKxr, A.Stix. Brycffo, O.Didfh Hnifrtfbo. 

JSrufffi, 8ax. nutON. i!ri|. 
I brsii^ri, A. Sax. bryr^enn (?), M.L.Oerm. 

brtiijuoH. hri'iitff: bripvoilcii i^;rtv<,y hum. 
I 2. t'l; ibriipvwl ^rfl»''.y Lai. 2!27i;. 
brikkm, A.Sitx. O.L.Gcnu. bnVjiit. O.f-'ii*. 

0./cv/. 1>r&lin, OJf.Gerui. |irObban, pifi- 

chcn, Z«i(. frui ,7»' frugO ;):fr;. fruffus, 

iron/-, /rwi", «/»', A. H. 202; ll. M. !t.i; 

Orm, 21&4; brfikcn (brmiko) he liew 

Jvtlitc Lai. 4800; bruken mines dreiirhes 

\^1tiTi\ hri'ike MtRo. 7(i; bronfee Laxol. 

B It, 117; CuAuc. C. T. E 2308; so 

mAto it'll broiike fingpr or tA IIatbi.. 

1743; W liriikPiie mw. 1, 105; bnic 

^pr«. t'm/trrj st. «kk. a. kx. 1831; bnlc 

hifl (bronk hit) on wini»e Lai. 24180; 

brOlto A.VA1). Kii. Hdhh. LXT; rf^rfr. brdnhe. 
brill, A. Sax. 0. Fria. ]in*in, 0. hvl. brilun, 

ti.U.Grrm. britiiBf, hrotrn, futtut, c. m. 

188:!;'; broini Chait. ('. r. a 207; }e 

bn'ino Havki,. 2181; mi brimo hfir miuc. 

193; of bronne bora Kon. 42!>. 
knnt, A. Sax. tiniie, O.Ar/. brtini, /rmn 

briniieii, hum, tutio, mm. 1, 2l>3; l,\i. 

S2r*Ti; u. M. 9; fe brune of j^liicaso a. 

u. 2.'j4; liiliiO0 bnine o. a. w. llS.*!; 

hrinpon on brniie iueetnUre, Katu. 13B4; 

brcno AVKsii. 204. 

brmiaUin "anlphtu", ph. 10, 7 ; PR. c. 
4853; bi-un^toii Mist'. 150; brun-, briu-, 
lirPiiwtr.n Wiri.. »knK8. 19, 24 & i-b. 
10, 7; brinston p. l. r. XXI, 143; a. 
p. 2, 967; ANT. Abtii. XV; bren-, boru- 
ston ATK.NU. 49 k 73; bronsWa Mah. 
Kl). R M6H4*; l.l-l>. (;ov. 308; born- 
^tOii V(«-. 211; Kf broiiston. 
brAiii>n, O.U.Gn-m. bn'iiieii, Ucouw brown; 

broiuiiti fprrs.J Aufi. 3208. 
liriMr, A. Sax. bynio, O.Tivf. br>'nja. O.L. 

(tvtm. Goth, brnn jo, O. II. Gn-sn. brnnja, 

cuirat*, coat o/ unttl, a. r. 382; s. k. IV; 

HnnN Ki>. LuM. .'i91; brnnio, biimo Lai. 

1553 k 6718; bruiii 1869; (Iaw. 

2012; brinio HAvj-.r., 1775; brenio noM. 

1, 243; tiraii a.m. Artu. XLL 
brUHlnd provided icitJi a coat o/ mnil : bro- 

uicilc Kui^blos o. Aitrir. 316; tie ibru- 

bmnl hnitit, "impftHg", paoMiT. -M; a. p. 

I. 176; broiit iiii>n. m. p. 261. 
bruril Me brnd, 
hrssch, JltiK bruKCO. hrash, acopit, "hrtuetu", 

vrtnyMvr. U^^ Mak. ed. F. 8338. 
hruriiPj Jtal. bftisnL, hntah, prnicuha : wipud 

it wilb A brii^iliis I^Axni.. ii 13, 460. 
bntsrlirn h-wh: bntsrhe b. b. 180. 





briaowort, A.Sts. br^'sepjrt lrkcbd. 1, 
874, "unagailu", lekciid. 2, UTa; "wh- 
m/m^a mtijor", 3, SI 6. 
brAifu, A.Saar. hr^ssxvi b. d. n. 4*J, O. /V. 

brisier, drttw fhriw, hir$rj, frnngfie: bri- 

KBD MOM. 2. til; Uavki.. IStiTj; iirisiii. 

brosin "yMrtjrjifflre", i'Iiomit. 52; bvt-so Pali.. 

1, 913; linisede /"prri.y Juri. ."iOl; bnisdeii 

(t, r. debrn&odo) l. ii. b. 40; brlsid 

(>frt.; WicL. LitKE 20, 18; brfesUl Fu)k. 

103; Tbiau. 287; «(wi/>. for-, tobrt\8«ii, 
Wist! .^.Ajx. byrht fdamnum/, O.U.Girm. 

\\t\xtX ffiaetarajt from lirestcn, damagt, 

ih/fd, injury: burat Lai. 1(U0; sfw. 24: 

brist K. T. a^'i; pk. c. ti20ri; brist, birst 

a JA. 6344; buMofl />/.; j4At. 24G1. 
brulff A.tiaz. bjrrst, (>. Av/. burst, bust, 

O.Jl.Oiim. iJurst, biraflj, aHtt: (>e bru3t(e) 

t)f ft Kwin Kll. hom. 2, S22. 
WMtcn damage, mjureY brustcd, iblrstcJ 

{partj Lai. 18950; |>ou irCre bi^tin and 

brist Mapbs '■^'S^. 
bnMU% O. tctl hynXa part, byrstr /'f^a 

omartjy bruat aae A br^ro v. b. 151; i- 

brosted {uc. text ibrastloJj mid golde 

Lai. 36Ut». 
tmKlte, J.Stfj. brUtI (?). O./^MiIfA borstel. 

lnri»U$: brustel k. T. 777; brustilo, bri- 

8titc, burtttil "»etii'', rmiMi-T. 52; briatilo 

Towx. MYfiT. 100; bnistclLs fj>lj A1.I8. 

6621; bnutlcs, bristles, borstlos Cilaic. 

C T. A 555; bristled Tuev. 2, 217; 

brofitles Bfivi;^* 748. 
briMlir* hrUtlf; bri&tled fpot-tj Xt.\9. 5722: 

|fO hristlade U.>or Cuah-. Buet. 4, 7 

(148); iburfltlcd (ibnistled) mid t«t^lo Lai. 

brihllira bnutU, creyart: and brostlct) lui 

u ui'^nkos frotso Ut^w. 2, D3; bnutleilci) 

fici>l(lc8 liAt. 2014:3. 
bratirPj iV. brifiuro, Will. 24lU; W'ia.. 

LKnr, 24, 20. 
Iril, A.Sm. Ilryt. ifn/w, Lai. 6401: 
hrutloii fiai. pl.J 7at;o. 

Brotloiid La>. 2194. 

Bnillemlon fpt.J Lai. 140211. 
Iriitakf (UritiUno), />-. Ilroti^nr, Itritaia, 

La.. in'.>&. 
brmrl, from A. Sir. brotlan, O.It*I. bii«t4. 

{frangerfj, hriith fhntUit), Jragiiit, Tbev. 

4, Dl: brutel, bril^l Cow. 1. S3 (Hal- 

Ltn*. mcT. 215); brutel, Urit«), brutal 

Lakou a, 42 19, 37); briUol. bixlul 

OnApc. C. T. E 1270; britil, bn^til Wio. 

2 Cob. 4, 7; brotol Suobiji. 5; ArsKu. 


brotflliedo frniity. ayexo. 130. 
bnilflnewie hnU/fum, Tkkv. 2, 219; CuArc. 

C. T. E 127it. 
BrulCBf, A.SfiT. Bryton. Bieoton. ffritanniit: 

Brntoiino. llnittono Lai. 2509 & #130; 

on Brcutoiio praom. 5. 
Brulkr, J.Sar. Brytiec, Drituh. Lai. QHli. 
brallcn ^ brutncu? brutlcde fprrtj misc. 

britDeOf A.Sua^. hiyinim, /r'iug*rf: bruttonfti 

Will. Ii;t3; brittene Kavkl. 2700; n. 

Arth. 903; brutncd fpretj Wili- 1073; 

brotiiiid Halliw. dkt. 210; brltnod^/Mrr/.y 

Obm. 1417S; brilned, britteiicd I>aw. 2 

& 680; eoMp. for-, ttrbrutnen. 
brBllti = burton? Florire fnrft hire swiro 

^utte Hud Blnudclieflour ajeii tt brutt« 

M. T. 112. 

bnllCR, A.Sax. (fur-, to)bryttJin, briUan. O. 
- Icel. brytja, Ari"/, Jrangtrt: \>t dMo bodi 
^«i brittcu Max. en. 11. 244; eomp. fiir-p ^H 
tobnittcD. ^1 

Bratte, />. Breton, Britv; Bratuiis fftl) ^ 
La). 1958. 

brB|wB, A.Sax. brvdcn, ^om brenwcnV /w. 
brufenled «. k. V (misc. 182.) 

briwe, J..9IM-. (bn'i, briip?) p/. brdii, brApa 
vor. 42, «4 ii 282, Arow; brouo ^Htt. 
brovo) "aupereUiwa\ voc. 179 & 183^ 
rKijMPT. 53; spm:. 28; li b. disc. 883;.i 
briiwen />/7 Laj. 22283; bronwes k. T.J 
417; Hisr. 225; bnies, bntiies r. h. 8O1I 
broues REL. AST. 1. 54; {tn*. brovcKt) 
Bi'KC. 34; Tub. 1454; bruuoa /'««#. brov- 
e&) fdai. pij BitAND. 19. 

bdft A.HiiT. O.LMvnn. brtc. O./w/. bultr.j 
OJl.Grrvi. bull, |)iicli. AoHi fhtuk), rm^rA 
Jin.. 71; u. A. s. 1132; bdlsM /'y^i.; 
BKt.. AXT. 1, 218; biiko fdai.j a. b. 134; 
boulce CnAiro. C. t. a 2740; Imukes {pi.}\ 
Amh. 3940; bOkon /"rfrt/. pl.J L.«. I73ll».i 

bvrkr, A.Sax. hiirr.i, iKlert. hnkkr, O.i/.i 
<7rrm. bocli, bnel, hinnM, a. a. 100; bntke,] 




Itokkf Chauc. C. t. b laifi; bukki- Trkv. 

1, Man; Mak. ki>. K. 15749: biu-c Can. 

1140; biHTkcs (liakke*) bom Chauo. C. 

T. A 31187; buckc's ^WV "oai. 2, 37; 

«i)M/», goolbukkc. 
c)kfi^;hiM, A.i<iix. Bticein^'a Iittinn), Sue- 

h'ngham, MISC. 1 4ti. 
liBfldc, O.lfHtfh h'tHv'^ bad, "getnim", prompt. 

.'•4-. buddis fjilj Lido. m. p. 217. 
biddui, O.IhdtA liottcu? bud, "ff«muuire'\ 

I'ROMTT. 54. 

bide boud, voc. 255; bomlo "gurgniio", 

I'RosiPT. 4Ci', eomp. BcIinriiluKi'.'. 
bidrl, A.Hax. bvdfl. OM.Oerm. imtil. //£>;<♦ 
bfoden, iaadif, pt-a^Ot hom. 1, 117; Kath. 
1928; 0- A. N. 1169; ^pkc. 22; bidet 
I Orm. 97; bmiiil, kxici Lanoi.. 2, 77 (109); 
^■bfilol LiKB 12. 58; Wkx. cksks. 41. 
^^43: binlclvs ^/i/.; p. ji. 151; bodeles A- 
I YENa 37. 
I bom cff bctm. 

, bufB. J. Sax. Mian, 0.11. Germ, bricn, bii- 
I *i'n, 0. lal biiu, C&/A. bnuan, (Wwn, 

I pitran; b<in (p«rt.) loiiu, iHtratm, 0km. 
623; c. M. 14992; boun spko. 100; 
Wuj.. 1138; .Tos. Ifil; Man. ko. K. 
476ti; ToB. 2044; Eulam. 583; echc 
^^^vas bouQ tA ^oiii) riiArr. (.:. t, p 1503; 
^^Pmw biiKki>n; coinp. ibui-n; tkriv. bur, bi, 
bier i?i. bipg:cn. 
bnrrrn sm bercn. 
bifrn tff biiivon. 

bnffcn, L.O/TMt. buttL-u, 7)«/(?A bfiffi-n, *«/,• 
I I'f'Hiiip fi'art.J ItoH. 414; ftw piiflVn. 

biffrrc bafrr: of bufrorrs "ia/Aorwm", Wicr,. 

N. 32. 4. 
biff I, 0./>. btiffot, A«/^/. a. R. 182; Wn.u. 
I 4700: PH. r. 5203; bulTal, boffnt Wicl. 

^^Jons 18, 22; Imni-l, W>nA "afapa, tripe*\ 
W^nGvart. 4], 54 & 55; biiffctfR, Itoff'otos 
r^fvU c t. 1148. 

r bulTrtitii O.Fr. buffclcr. Iwffet, '*ahpttre'', 
PROMPT. 54; bHffbt^flt*. bufToU'tl (put.) 
Lasoi,. B, 178 (7. Ui3n bufft-tytUji a. 
B. lOG. 
bi^ni, J.Sax. l«i;ran, 0.1>u(ch biiiifi-n, (?rfA. 
O.If.Gn-m. biii^an, 0./c«l biiign, i(rt. 
fugcrc, ffr. ^cy-fstv, .Vflntftr. >1vT0T Bopps 

nuisiji. 247, boiff, flecUrf, ineJmnre: bujrn 
Ibuu^ea) ul of tcldo La). 5380; t>c, lilm 

buwcn ("bouwot wuldoii 3700; bi'ijhoD 
Orm. (Ui27; bi'ii:>L'n a. r. 22; btnne aykxr. 
8; lio sal boii-jho biiu "ineUnabil sv'\ ps. 

9, 31; ti^ bono iuto pe li^'Ql I>kuhi!Y. 55; 
bCllitl fpren,) A. R. 266; bflli|i .misc. 96; 
bouwej) f. L. 1305: boiiwci .Tos. 571; 
Will. 948; heo biihed to him Kath. 
365; Ijiili from iivtde "dfclina a maio", 
iinM. 1, 117; bimwef), boiicli Lan^l. 5, 
575 (6, 561; bftho fniif.J Kath. 1484; 
binn'lc (part.} a. h. 18; beah fpret.J Jpl. 
77; boa) AVENB. 239; bfih, In6U Lai. 
4745 * 15740; ;>A bob lij\ fo spire 
Mash. 22; and bC'h him to uie over bord 
apw;. 54; ich bfeth to )w rieollo A. B. 
304; b*ij, bi>ib c. u 358; bM rt:i.. axt. 
2, 27f>: hS3\\ Orm. 8931; biiji-a Lai. 
24iifS;;; lmv>n to fnlchtc hom. 1. 91; 
liojon AYKNn. 8-i: (taw. 2077; buho /'•Hi/V 
Kath. 2400*; couip, a-, an-, bi-, fur-, ibujen; 
rfcnV. beaj, bejeii. bijds. bijl, boje, bojt 

bi)fa tee bejen. 

boggp, W-V/«A bwir, hug, krea, prompt. 55. 

bu^rn> .LNfrj. bvcg7in, O.L.Germ. bujrgcaa, 
6*oiA. biiKJan, hutf, enure, Kath. 1633; 
A. R. 208; o. A. N. 1368; a.v. lit. 9; 
bupgo c. L. 1112; beg^n Luke 9, 13j 
big^ren Ohm. 15793; biijr^L'il, bi^iKO, 
bofrgin, bijen Lasol. 4, 76 (89); bigge 
Alis. 5494; p. 41; bijfge, be^rgo Trkv. 
2, 19; bigpt'. bic WiCL. oKKBg. 41, 57; 
bcgfje AVKN'B. 23; bigt'U st. gkn. a. itx. 
2mt!; biiif frnt. buyej P. i>. h. XXV. 49; 
bicD, bic p.s. 129, 8; bicn. heie Chacp. 
C. t. B 1240 i r 845; bic Hwiiil. Til, 
31. boip Uavkl. 53; OcTOV. 388; bihd 
fpraj HUM. 2. 157: bud A. H. 148: bu|) 
TioM. 1, 185; MIRC. 63; buifi fimt. bHy|>) 
u. II. 85; (hoy) buRjrctl A. ». 190: biff- 
ge|i PL. (Tu 360; buje fimpm-.J I*ai. 30810; 
buj,>'w (bisT^f) finthj.J Laj. 3556: bohte 
fpret.J Ohm. 711; bojte ayksr. 133; 
Iwujte Wicu OLSEs. 25, 10; ltohtc«t 
8TE(.\ 58; bmiUtcn a. h. 362; \mh\fpari.J^ 
H. H. 97; boght Octav. 580; compl 'r^, 
for-. niitiffn>ii. 

bnggerc, big^'ort, bcfq^crc^ bicrc ht^n; La^jol. 

10, 307 (U, 209); higgere, boggero hom. 
2, 213; biggcrcs (pi.} 3Uxd. 86; crnnp. 





b«Kguige, J. Sax. bjcguup. bai/in^, a. r. 

3«>2; beiririnpo ayknii. 3a. 
hif,\t, O.J-'r. hunk; Lat. Itiioiilus, bngi^, "ha- 
baiu»'\ pu(»Hi>T. flit; Wul. BBrxKB. 11, 
5; buKolo ToB. 142; biiglos {pl.J Mas. 
5112; M.v!(ii. 269. 

bugl(>I)oni Alis. 5282; Cqacc. G. t. v 

lulisiini. A. Sax. btibsoml?), jm^^omi, ,;f''zt'- 
biiU, vbtdien*^ huh. 1, 57; Katil lijur>; 
A. a. 356; Oilm. 6170; susc. 13"J: 
biUnm ST. 4tKX. A. KX. 'JSO; biUom AViu.. 

aOJi5; Laxgi,. B I, 110; I'uiR. 1725; 

H. H. 02. 

bt'itisunilU'hc iio^i. 1, 215; bAxitmllclio 

Laxol. b 12, 114; bnxomli Mand. 82; 

buxnnili Hoccl. VI. 52. 
buhsumnefiito ii. u. 41; buxuaiiictisu "oh- 

ftlie»tta\ PHOMPT. 57t 

blild«tt »n ImUK-Q. 

bille u'« bnlp. 

bilw finptu*y {laiili i-lunno&si^ m ho» uuut 

buine ibiiiic) f"»QH einndir'j a. r. uiiS. 
bllae fM}iium, emptio-' liiim- hum. I, 185; 

piiliitcn buno /'t. r. Imjjj^uufft'J a. b. ;IU2*. 
biUtots wv btnslous. 

Wl A^ Ih.I. 

bftld Ah/W (heddj, atdtt; bil(J Halliw. ukt. 
175; PL. cK. 1.57; bilcif /"^/.^ a. p. 1, 
1H;2; bublcs "atdifiwr, TflEV. 2/71. 

laliIrR, .J.^x. I}vl()iin(?i, huild, aedijieare, 
Mahitatf, Lai. 2t>5ii; Kath. |i»r»7; btiiUJi-ii 
Lanol. h 12, 229: liibb'n. biibbn. buil- 
Avn CicAcc. r. t. n 1077; bildp lld. 
Cuv. 20: Mdtn J'L. ik. 700; bdJtJ TuifT. 
3, 47; MAif. KD. U. 135; t<t bfldo and 
td bido in blissc D. AuTU. 8; biild» 
/>fW.> Lai. 211218; Hon. 21; bildtcl 
rparl.J MA:<n. 58; ibtibl Fu A. Bl. 613; 
|»i biir IN st'iir ibubt u. h. V. 

haldrr, /Aim. btildor, Nwn/, bullor, hit/dtv. 
lulderslou. .S«W. bullcntCii, Ittldtr-plone, 
IlAVKI.. 1700. 

baU^lUflC btiiiding, TitkV. 1, 111; a hriil'linp' 
\w wax i.K». Jkh. 871; bililiiigp. Iti'Mini,'-' 
"ofdiftnth" , PBMMiT. 00. 

balv> M.l.Ofrm. bulb-, 0./>«/fA bulb', itollr, 
6./«/. boli, Jm/7, Kath. 61: Oiiii. flilO; 
ball' /-ym. dat.J Lai. 14187 A- U209; 

biillo ''tawiu", voc. 187; bolo "IttMnuTt 
I'ltiJMiT. 43; liivuL. 2488; Max. ed. ¥. 
478; biilos, IwUs /*;»/.> its. 21. 13; bob's 
L.UHL. B 1 1, 333; OuAtic. C. t. a 213'J. 
MobU'ioLAj. 14187"; bob^lilde Uod. lH;. 
Miltt A.Sax. b^lu, O.PuUh biulc, M.Il. 
O^rm. biuir, biUfbailJ: bile "gthhm^, roc. 
207; biio "ptutuia', prohpt. 36; biles, 
bules, biiilcj; ^p/.J Lanul. d 20, 83, c 
23, 84; bik-s Wnzu. exob. 0, 9; bvlfti 

AYKVU. 224. 

bul^e, O.Jl.Germ. bulgn, ^'«i- bulga. 0./>. 

boiitri'. iH/jTir, boagiTf bndffi, Iw. 263: -iHiugv 

"btdya", rauMi-T. 46; b.niiJre "m^/*". Wict. 

P8. 77, 13. "gibbua", luvit. 21, 20'; bop; 

Mas. ED, y. 11107; *oi«^. |ratorbulgv. 
b«l|i;l( hulgrdy bel. A.vr. 2» 24. 
bull <<•« boli. 
biilkr, O.lwi. bulki. iw/Z-; bolko *'#wnii/M". 

l-nuMlT. 43; blllilir« (/*'Ml, MaPR!4 338. 

bnlkeii hitik, pu/$are: on licr brC">tt'!« min 

tboi bulk c. SL 18511. 
bHlle, Zfl^. bulla, bu/t. Itou. 473; ati;.xii. 

62; Lamil. I'ttoL. 66 lOllK 
bilMr, J.Sux. biilluca, buUwl; "buttdtu", 

voi\ 177; bullnc a. a. 3; bulloL i-iiuMi-r. 

britfii, .s'uwf. biilU, Xif/. imlliLTo? ImHrbuU;, 

puitarv. )ii( piik< |tulti-u ibiilU'til un bim 

A. B. 36(i; \m\U'' painando purgare'* i-bumit. 

55; Chal'C. C. t. a 4430; bullod bmd 

Obsi. 092; booU) and bulUid flour lam. 

M. P. 98. 
bslllRKr boUiug, pfioMPT. 55. 
bamblBf liummin. (*rrm. bumnictt. Ttnieh tmni- 

iiicii, hum, '^bombisuirr, homhihrc", I'ltnurT. 

55; its Ii bitor bunibUli ft. r. btimbli^) 

CHApf, C T. D 072; lvummet> (p^t} 

Lancu a 7, lilO; bitmincde, biitimii-<| 

(prH.j LA.NOL. 5, 137 (223i. 
bvablcB bumble: :ui ;'i bjtor burabli)' (bnin- 

lo)i, bi'iubbllii in |>u mire Ciuuo. C 

» 072 (Ki). Wb. 65.*)!). 
bdmr *et bvuie. 
binrhr, f>./n</. bimki fairafsjy htmch, gibhiu: 

liiiiKli.'ft f^jd.J )lArit>> 314. 
binrhoi, Ihtlch UinKi'n, bunch, "tnud^re", 

i-itiiMfT. 55; |>i-i bi)ii<:li<^u \|^'irv br^tlx 

I{At.i.iw. PICT. 194; baiH-licdo, iHrnvlu'de 

fprdj LAxni., mi«l. 71 |74| 




biiidcl, J.Saj:. l»vud(<I. Gffim. bQndcl, firom 
biiuloD, biittH/e, ''/utiiriiiu*" , i-aoMiT. 5j; 
M'lCL. s. Sou 1, 12; bimiU'ls fplj snsc. 

bmr, A.Sax. Iiune fcarchtaiumj^ iutt fhoon); 
bunnp "calatittu", thompt. ilS ; byimu 
(Y printed iHtimt) 150; bmiis Aiir- 
»Wji»' IUlliu'. uicT. 2J9; iRinis VVicl. 
If. I, HI. 

b«ie Md btiinc. 

buwn r cojup. tulunon. 

bnai^f, (*'«*;m. Imngr^, "htm*\ T*R0MrT. ho. 

bUBIir iKM, "pfaCfnta", CRUMI-'i'. r».'i; u. H. 
!:tO; hoiint'S ^/>/,y Nl-fi. I'OKT. 10. 

biniie xee buuc uni/ buunilc. 

baiMH, L.Umtn. butison, £o^i»cv, pulaare, \. 

R. 18S; linuk-rc \>nt is bete iUiil l«>muiy 

Tiu:v. 1, 281. 
biDl iiott: tlio bimt of tlio sailc Haxliw. 

DICT. 210. 

bntcn bunt, jtu/anitdo punjure / luuloj) Jjvt 

baiittilg httHtiug, rituNi-T. 50; buuiitint,' ei-£C. 

bir, M.LMcrm. Iior fgiibUmiiiJ;' 

Iurlirli, 0. Jl. O'erm. biirhi'licr Wraj-k^ 
bFBtiCii. *1), 107, bitrlt/, tuiiitiiu.- Ijuili 
pKBCKv. 2fi!t; liiirii, borli c. w. H-'rH; 
fcorllc HEL. AjiT. 1, 222; borlK'h Dt;- 
psET. 7b'.}; pi barllchc Imiti ant. Arth. 
XVIj biirhclic kiiiifbk's d. \mu. SSt'. 
biTt O./ceL bvrr jam. bjrj;ir, ii'r, impetun, 
tempffltt, liAw. 2ltn; A. p. :J. 14H; bir 
M. i{. XVII; l>) him lie stirt v,\^ bir ful 
grim Iw. Hi61; biro /tiiUJ Xvkx. 711; 
here J-'i.uB. 65!!; v\p hum "turn impHtt", 

WiCI.. Jl'DITH 14, 2. 
bir^ A.Sax. O.heh Uu n., 0.71. Germ, jiitr, 
bur 111., from liiirij, bower, conchv^, A. R. 

It: )>c bur u. a. n. 958; &oue bur I<ai. 
9218; bour IUvel. 2072; h. h. ^2; 
Iroft /'j<w.y a A. K. G52; bures (boii- 
wi Lai. 25889; iHKiros ('iiaii-. ('. t. a 
3fi7; biini ^rfn*.; Oilm. ;j:.(2:i; IJtmx mr 
IitiM. 280; b.tun' AiBSii. 220; AVili.. 17G0; 
Uw. 853; bouro //»/.y m. t. 01; buros 
}. 5082; bouron rdat. pl.J Lai. 2025. 
irrnibt Lai. 18000. 
hiiiiiii]<-u pEoau'T. 50; boiirniaiitca fua#. 
Iajit. a, 175. 

banlfin La?. 15;(57. 

burwani Lai. I£)170. 
bilr, A.Sax. O.I/.O'enn. (ifiobiir, Acor, tf^rW- 

uo/rt; bouir KfcL. AMT. 1, 187; bouor Luju. 

M. P. 102; comp. ibur. 
burble ftrtri/^ "inUn", i-BuMPT. 50. 
bNrbUn "buHatii", ratmi'T. 50; burbi:lit 

//T-'^.y DKSTK. T. UG07. 

burrh tee bur;. 

bard 4f« bonl. 

burdr mw brfldo and biircle. 

bardnUj ^//V. bminbin, burdi'tii, bnrdea, hoar- 
don. HoHS j;jt. Llw. 1 00 1; linnb'iti r. s. 
l.')0; bui*tioun, bimliin l.AXca. 5, 521 
(6, 8>; bunloim, bonlouu Ciuiru. C. t. 
A 673. 

burfh tt biirj. 

barri, O.Fr. buref, a eoavM wooilen dujf, v. 
rf. 221; buril. bord Langl. b 10. 280. 

burrn, J. Sax. (gLMbj-riiin. b.vija, 0. 
L.Gom. (frilbiiviiin, O.U.O'rrm. (gijburron, 
oportert: bur|) fpret.J an. lit. 4; jujj 
bir(» undtTstimili-u Ohm. 89; b^-TS m. ir. 
10; bunli) ^/vri.y <iAW. 2278; a. v. I, 
316; biirtl AIak. kd. U. 70; jiol biiwje 
wcl W liini bOri ^Tini IfAVKii. 2701; him 
bird N. H. 17; ^mp. ibureii. 

bar?, btirrh. A.Saz. btirir. luirh, burub, O. 
L. Oerm. 0. 11. Ocrm. burp, O. ted. burtr. 
UUh. baiiriTH, from bcrji'ti, Jwey, h<n^ough, 
burrow {bttrgh, brugh, brotigkj, arx, wb«, 
o. A. K. 700; bur;, boruj i,. u. x. 54; 
buri, burl (Jaw. 2 \- 250; buof »t. okx, 
A. KX. I8:i7; burb Katu. 40; OftM. 7202; 
ftne h^'je burb (borj) Lai. 218; bitn-h 
Sax. chbok. 240; uom. 1, 225; biirpb 
Au«. 2050; IsrMB. 547; buruh "mbs", 
vvLAOiL 4; A. B. 74; borj, boru Iton. 47 
A: 72; boiirtrh (iuvr. 1, 30; Liu':oluo po 
p'lJt* b«irii Havkl. 77JJ ^*peit borw 847i; 
bum; /'fflff. burwjl vl. ca. 118; buruli 
fuu. burwbci pbomtt. 50; bnrvgh, bii- 
ndiff, A.Sax. bvriv', /'rfo^.y uuai. 2, 31 k 
ilU; biiri KRAUM. 4; Ikti ('i/u. Wry) Hat. 
23, :U; biri er. okn. a. kx. 2257; biHe 
nou. I. 225; biirjp, burbo, bnrtu (burwi*, 
borewo) Lai. 29:*, 2108, »55a & fl888; 
binic KKi.. ant. 1. 182; bun'li, biircwo 
tunc, itl) k 55; biirgbo, borghc Laxf;t.. 
B 6, :t08; burwL' Wibi.. 1889; burb, 





A. a. 

.i.fiax. bjriir. fp^J hum. 1. 13; Imrh, 
. burijt' I Ijort'wos) Lai. 2t>57 & !Kt2H; t'lir- 
ghfs CiiAff. C. T. D 870; Imiirfrhi's Liuo. 
M. r. *iIO; bnrjfn iborowc) fdat. pi. J Lai. 
616.1; c9Mp. hibfcd-, kiao-, muilorbuih. 
Iiiiritnild Katu. -140. 
biiri'Iibriclie, A. Stix. buruhbi^cc, 
HKL. AST. 1, 33; burjriibrfchu 
2, 9T: 
burhfolc Lai. 9758; uuu. 2, 89. 
biirhjjit Lai. 17670. 
burbmou L.u. 12141; burulimoii 
l)orj;hiuut E. o. 350. 
Ijurhrpve Katii. 1927. 
bnrjtoini AVux. Josii. 7, 2; biirgh-, borj-. 

ItoMitimn Lancl. r -I, 112. 
bnrhi'vin Lai. 1:J716. 
burhwul Lai. 220!*!. 
burhjiaro "ttviti*". Mat. 21, 10. 
btirhwer Lai. 38308. 

bargasr, O.Fr. burfrugo, bourgago fhritago 
roturirr dan* un honrgj: bun;«pes, bor- 
ffapt-B fpl.) Laxol. 3, 77 i.SWj. 

barjft )>jit \vx atwfiud (mrb vodc bttric 
Lai. 2168. 

barfjcis, O.Fr. bunrcoift. hur^fta, Ki,. a. Bi.. 
lir.; Wru,. 1880: Lanol. 3, l.jO(163»; 
bourirt'is Kim. 47i»; b»rif»'is ayktcr. 162. 

borgpiilr, Ft. bourgi^yisir, atbnb. 161. 

liHr)fls, A.tiax. btirjfi'Iw, O.l.Oerm. biiririsli 
Hkink'k ftTA»»»., twial, tfptt/trum: biihels 
a i^ 1284; Tbkv. 5. 153; ilu buriels 
/"m*. biiryolBl ii) niwo iiiiiVi Hon. 204; 
burilf* "sfpttltTHtn', PHAQM. 4; /»»*. burv- 
h6) jiimr. .IR; biirii'lR, bunrli>it I.Axni.. u 
19, 142, c 22. 146: birii'I« Mak. kh. 
K. 9026; lM'ri*'ls /'flw. boryplsi 'V/mii/<t«iim", 
vw\ 178; hrricU's AYEKn. 228; hirijjolcs 
6T. GBS. A. KX. 2474: biriel. bi-rid *V- 
fmfcrum. tutntt/tu", PKOUIT. 37; iMTii^*! in 
8. KT.. \V«. 2561. 

hmrytmf .4. Sax. brr^r.nn, brrttnm, Sury, ttpf- 
hrr; burif-n Lai, 27872; li(.>ri'.'ii. bi'ri-^'n 
LiKK 9, 59 A: 60; bir(('n fma. birrjcnn) 
Oim. 15254; blripo at. oks. a. ex. 2424; 
biriiu, bpriin "»9pelirr'\ pkuuit. 36; birip 
r. s. 197( Wict. -loHx 19. 40; b.Ti>' 
f^iiAtc. 0. T. c 884; KoLAii. 4H8; burii* 
/)HVJ. imptrj Aijti. 4626; biric s. s. so. 

Wr. 1257; buricilo fprd.J hum. I, 93; 

HiiBN KI). Kits. 906; Kob. 50; buredo 

Bek. 2219; buredt'ii Lai. 19822; biiriwl 

fpaH.J Lanci.. 11 11, 66; iHiricd Hjuid. 

15; comp. hi-, iburjco. 
kti^fv, A. Sax. byr^t'D. tfptt/crHin : bprtoii 

HUM. 1. 241; burione fdai.J hom. 1. Ill; 

t..■ri.u^ bi^roffCMic Mat. 8. 28 & 23. 27. 
burjen, O.Fris. hiirgia, Ji.If.Oerm. barpi'ii? 

ai(vr-«.* til biir;cQ biui .soolven Lai. 21368; 

btirhfn Jul. 26; biiru^on fnim I»ps tlr*>- 

fifs botle A. s. 306; biirwe Havkl. 2870; 

bureje ^prtv. tvhj.) iiou. 1, 25; comp. i- 

burjiagr, biirijinir burying, t. l. a. XXV, 

btirh M<' bur;. 
hnri «M bun. 
biririi mv bur}<?n. 
barl^fn, A.Sax. brrigan, brrgiui, taUt; e/mip. 

burlneur, A. Sax. (br)brrifniisR, srpiiUira, 

HOM. I, 35; burinrosso (barinissc) Lai. 

barjin^ buijoun, O.Fr, burj>>D fliyttrgtwj, c. 

M. 10735. 
barJoBUi'D, 0. ^. burjoncr fboHrge^mrrJt 

boitryecn, Wici.. i^kytt. 19, 23; bnijono^, 

buriri-otmctb (pre*.) Lanuii. b 15, 73. 
harirn, L. frerm. burroln Hit. wn., hulh'r* ; 

biirland (part.) k. T. 99; Botres Int bar- 

linjT ill bnr bb'Hl*^ Kixik. 1639; jw burblrn. 
bam WW boont 
barar, A.Hax. O.Frit. bnma, O.X.</#rn. 

O.IT.Gvrm. bnmni>, O./e^l. bnmnr. honm 

(iurHj, n'fiu, u. A. K. 918; rki.. avt. I, 

t; biimo, borno Max. kd. K. 8164; c. 

H. 896-1 ; bitrni' <<aw. 731; bourni*. bnur- 

nns (yi.J Lax<il. I'Bor.. 8; bouruw* (iit.j 

KuiB. 009. 
bMmf! iH hniiiip. 
biinirtij O.fy. bumir. &wrHi<A: bumH fpmri.) 

(inw. 2. 231; Chaitc. C. t. a 19S3; 

bumUt riAW. 212. 
bwwi, />. bnioct, paimrr. 56; hom. 3, 

birrCi &rrM. bnrir, i>m. Sictd. bom*, hr, 

•'iappa'\ PROMPT. 56; Amtv. A. Mkbl. 


?bur«eii We. dict. 272. 




f fcurtrC hur-trtt, "tamhucui', voc. 238; 
Halliw. but. 2'21. 
bnrrrl, 0. />. kiunel, burl ^m*. htitlv) 

'^omeHtum", PBtmvT. &6. 
banl «rv brust 
bnr>lro t cotnp. iin-, Mxirslcn. 
burtou, O.Fr. hurXvc't bnrl, *'eomH p^trrv", 
I i-RMMrr. 1)6; )>i; nuislt's fasti* Ui iridfve 

l»urtc Max. kd. K. 4l>2G; *•# Itnittcn. 
kartTf, ^..V«x. (gc%r(]. O.L.Germ. (gel- 

linrd, O.U.Germ. burt, f/<rf(li. ({ra)baurjia, 

k/fwn* borrn, i*V'M. partui, tuUug, natio, 
mature, nuu. 1, 27^; biirc!**, Imnio Katti. 
^4; bunlu, biirdc a. b. 1o8; burdi', bur^t- 
HOM. 2, 47; liniip biriTu st. gen. a. kx. 
1484; Ilaclipl n<tn birJe ne utim 1697; 
birlKJ Oiw. 2. 76; Chahc. C. t. h li>2; 
WirL. Jons H. I; Jiat pas nf liiii- kill k 
ol of hire birdc Ob^. 20.'i2; birtla-a im- 
iitmta^ P8. 105, 27; eomp. loburUt*. 
burdcy. biirdt^bold Katu. I-IO. 
biirOriil udu. 1, 277, 
bur)>tiau> lbo- 7o; binlctluie nia. ant. 
1, 2U. 
IwiNn, A.Sax. (ed)byn]an, »<7acj'.)' birilon 

ST. (IKK. A. EX. 1471. 

biirtffie, J. Sax. byrjcn, O.U.Germ. pLiiliii, 
burdin. if.L.Gfrm. lioriifrie. yrww bi'ren, 
hHrthm fhurdcnjy onu*. La?. 2.''»070; ijm? 
burdcno a. b. 2^2; 1tiirJ)<>iif< c. h. ^TiB; 

rbtir(M'n srsc. ItO; Thev. 1, 7:1; burj)^!?, 
ier^eno i.. u. b. 5G & 57; birjH-'nu Ha- 
VEr.. 807: birlion P8. a 7, 5; b^rdi'iii' Mat. 
11. 30; bcrjwae ^VlCl.. jjcilis 33, 25; 
IhtiIpih' misc. a4. 
blrilrr) j<..Si?x. bvrdor, partm: i fn' biir- 
drrne //or burjcrc?) of bearn b, m. 37. 
bitni). burnk ««t bnrj. 
bonm ie* biirji'11, 

Iiu«ar4^ O./'r. bii!^.'i!t, butzard, huUo, Amr. 
304U; boaard pruupt. 45; buslu'rd tut. 
Wwh, bnsli, O.Il.Gemi. biisc, H.II.Gptm. 
liiisrh, biwrb, IjUKiIit*. O.Ihiteh liiisch, f>. 
/r. Imjhc, busirhi', M.Lai. b"srus, ^iwA, 
\Vii,i,. 819 * 30*i!>; biiJik "rfiimiu", vrompt. 
50; ST. OKK. A. KX. 2779; Gaw. 182; 
bow-bf SiioRKH. 1^1; biiHclic, \iMSi]\p fttai.J 
L'haic. V. T. A 1517; biisso ATKKB. 28; 
bgskos fpKj Rob. &47; buskos, biisehes 

Lanol. n II, 336; bii»1ios Uakd. 116; 

buskes 1'kri'KV. 758. 
basrbfl, O.l'r. buisscl. boissid. iw^Af/, p. 30; 

biist-Ui'l, bii-slic] OiiArn. C t. a 4093 j 

buiscUel. boisi.-lii>l Wicl. Lukk 1 1, 33. 
kusfbrn! ibtisiclutt) niji Jromes Man*. Kn. F. 

buM'bi-ii, O. Dutch biiistlK'ii. O.Fr. biiiiwiur? 

bMsfi, pidtare, ferirt: busliiupo dkp. Kico. 

1, 99. 
busli A.Sax. bvKJfr, 0. Dutch bosieli. ha»y, 

neffofiosiu, vidtiUriui, Will. 588 : busi, 

bisi. bt'si Chai'c. C. t. a 1491; bisi 

(litisil La). 2837; bisi a. It. 142; c. l. 

787; M. H. 108; bcsi Oow. 2, 42: Mash. 

3; bisine facf. m.) Lai. 105S>6; bJsio 

(pi,} Lai. 19557; bijH'j:tir(' (compar.) a. 

R. 1H2; bis(>f,ii'stft (mper}.} 1047t!. 

bisilurde rndtuiria, AYKNa 55; Alis. 3. 

bi8illrb(> lun'/if, a. b. 14ti; Shorkr. BTi; 
besillche Gow. 2. 43; busili Wjix. 650; 
bisilujiost faupertj Jul. 44. 

hisiarbiin* n«gatunn, a. b. 3S4, 
biulr, ji.'Snx. hyauM, bisiirti, /a^itr, ocru^- 

tuitt; lipsip n. -VRTir. 3630. 

bisivol AYKSB. 226. 
boftlflli A.S{tr. bj-spiui. bis^iuD, O.Dtdth 

bosi^i'H, iwirjf, occupare, fxercem ; bisH'il 

CiiAiT. ItoKT. 1. 2 i8j; bfsicii Gowr. 2, 

43; bisiccie "talnffcitU", WiCL. LcKK 10, 

40; bisicd Gaw. 89. 
bisincBsn busincfs, 8uur£u. 92; aykxil 56; 

n. en. 727; iK'siuessp Gow. 2. I>0. 
kuskfii, 0./(v/. biiasf, bflaz /»* pffrffrp/ Jwit, 

parare: hiiski' Will. 2210; buskoft fpmj 

v. L. s. XXX, 20; )>e kiu^ buskos l«ttrc9 

Joft. 414; Imp ho^ikcfi hiicm \i\^ butouua 

p. 9. 239 ; biiskp (>e forji t<> fare Kglam. 

348;'li (liuskc) juu to |>.it b'ttc 

LANfJt. B 9, 133; biHk<'rl fprtt.J Gaw. 

1411; )>iu btiskcd oud miikud bi'in bouii 

TniftT. 1, 14; liit was biiskid abovp wi]) 

bfsaiiiitiis DiiOHKV. 1427. 
kassr, O.F/-. Itiiisi'. A.Sitx. butscV Sax. rminN. 

201, AiM#. *rrt/>Arf, Mas. kd. ]■'. 187. 
kulenf bcati-il )tc A: biiKtcd ibulto<1'/) }>o ii. 

M. 31; {tab l^u tne bitst« nnt bimic Jul. 

24; rom;». tobast'n. 
basUru buttle: buHtolitig forji . . . over 

vitlL'ifs in bulU'K Lakol. a G, 4. 




fcir, TV. iHil, ^ ^Sui!<y, "Miff<r. Muorrr.; 

11 Imt of lotirl "itmugfg", voc. 270; tli:it 

miirlit the ston tu Iuk but bringtci (>ctot. 

hity Af.I/.C'frm. bu;V hout, pu!au, Kavkl. 

bAlPB jrtv hiOtoil. 
Iialrrr, y*>'iff4^. tmtor, Imttor, Cr. ^oCivpov. 

A((//(T. Sax. chrck. 2511; IIavkl. G4:J; 

Imtloro RT. OEK. A. Rx. 1014', huttiro 

vor. 198: bntUr. liolcre Wici,. oitKitfi. 

IK, 8; Imt.Ti' K. o. .sr.«. 

luitfrlhjf buUfrJi*!, Fii. A. Bi,. 47^: hiittrr- 
lllc Pai.i.. 4, i»4r>; hntortliP CiiArc. ('. 
T. B 3080, 
htXXty 0.t.Gfrm. btitli I-Virstk-m. xamkxti. 

2. am. aedet, (m. Imttli-) hum. 2. 18",; 
fcr liotcl. 

liH<tf, f..(itrm. butt**, iirf/, riom&iu, i-rompt. 

,'.(i; Havkl. Tftit. 
b«ttf, AJ^ax. hytt. O./*^/. byUa. *«/^. "ntrr", 

rRAOM. 4; luillo. Litte ttttrmy h. u. :i.'>; 

bolli'n :w a Ititti' /'»i*. bitt*. r. w. pitc = 

Iiillc) Mam'.a a:l4; bit "Hi(T", PI'. 118. 

8:i*; bl»ltJ^ bplln. bitto /•««, hyttoi, bitt.Mi. 

liitirn />/.; Mat. 9. 17. Mark 2. 22 * 

LtKR 5, 37; bittpfi K. a. 362. 
biltri, O.lMch Wittou. Kll.Oirm. btitzcn? 

W/, Arth. a. Mkbi.. .117-%; Ik- bijian 1" 

stirpQ & Ii) button Or». 2810; button 

"^/ifr*", PROMPT. 50; but fpari.J IIavkl. 

biltak htUtock, oppoc. "tttftfa", Vitc. 18:1; 

PBOMi'T. .'tH; p. I., s. XVII, I OH; CtiArr, 

('. T. A IIKOm; bllttllkOH fp/.J tbkat. liiO. 
bivfR »r» biuvcn. 
hitira Jiee bivioti. 
buwrn «*<• liutiii. 
liiiiRM H<> bithsiirii. 
b| tre M. 
wA, Van. k-AA. O.XMeh kfl. knr. O.TT.Omn. 

r.'ihu. (wa; kiin tot, 18S; coo. kro "wwnt- 

rfWtf", I'lioMiT. 84; t*f cboji'. 

pudflwp ead4ate, "mmniuia". VROwn-. r>7. 
ralina, 'IVtA /r. finel. rnban, O./'V. oabiinOt, 

Kibanp, tehin, "capana", phomtt. .'i?; I.Asot.. 

3. 184 (IPOl; iTiibjiiio d. A»th. 7r.7. 
rablr, f'r. vMc. M.Lat. cipnlmn. nff Hikk 

wii. 87, mWc. pRnMi-T. r.T; itttv,'. 2. 142; 
knbUu (aiblrs) (pf-J hxt. 1338. 

nrbf, O.^r. fncho, ciicp, cliflpo, ftf/*A. fi«f; 
rhiirc «it*r. HtO. 

cacVpol, O./V. rhnrppol. fatfhj>olt, hom. 
1, 97: Lanol. kp. T\'r. I2lttf>; calcbt- 
|iiilli8 *'apptrritorft'\ Wici- I KiKns 19, 

rarrbrn, O.fV, oiPhiPr, rlincipr. m/cA. piLfH': 
iif bi- niP niihto r.irrbcii' (cache) Lai. 
31^01; cacclio AViLi.. 22(»(i; carcbe, caclio 
Chauo. C. t. a 410It; cacche. ohacchp 
LANor^ 2. Ifi7 (192j: kPtthon A. E. 324; 
krwTlip IIork Rn. lirrs. 1377; niphin 
(kncrhiii) a wpi '^uhifftre'. pkomit. R? k 
2fii>; vor tft curhip ami vrrri ]»ani^ <li(r)- 
vet rram btni ayknu. 178; chacon outi 
allc iiiiabpU'evinLT nioii SIanii. 3; chaop 
PR. c. 43l«;: cb;(cv a wai Lido. m. p, 
139; iiUf . . . VxkXm m<> a wai v. n. 
ISl; cabt* fptfij Lai. 4547; cajlo Hon, i 
14; k:Mftc is (a) jnn »t. okn. a. kx. 049; ^^| 
caujto, cangbl* Chauc. C. t. a 498; ^^ 
koibto a. r. ir>4; kvjti^ a.nt. \ktu. XLIX; 
rburorl LAKfii.. b 17, .M ; rabt f part. J v. 
R. I.'i2; caii;t Lanou. « 17. 219; ikoibt 
A. K. 88; hajt mrhirl "eomprfbmdit". Win^ 
Hir. 4, 9; j^ii^j am i raclipt fruiu ki)« 
AKT. Ajith. XII; ft>f«/). biraMion. 

farbcrdf cachi-rdts /^pi.J v. ». 151; kacbe- 

IC'li*.- AYKSIi. 2(i3. 

null voc. 219. 

kofjlnmb tade-hmh? voc. 245. 
railu Mi/rffj'. •hemhtfcinum" . PBoMPT. 57. 
rsrff, />. c:nlt\ ctfrfc, pr((mpt. Wi. 
odtr, 7r>/«A Pailair, eailher /hatherj, nraiT«, 

A. B. 82"; kador 378. 
rtf «r« I'haf. 
cAf, ^.tSox. cAf, 4Mr, etbr: r8f srl. axt 

1, 212; c^'.r & qvik a. p. 2. 624; \t-M 
]ip was & kof Man. kp. 11. f>A; fni riivt 
A. R. r>fi; biforpn k.ifc Ar kt-iip 1>rm. 19902) 
core /'flrfr.y o. a. s. 371*; ciifor feomjmrj 
HOM. 1. 231. ■ 
c»>fll<bc cfieriler. Lai. 1705; cftfli Oxw. 

2011; AMf». to. Sk. 1009. 
mft, k'-n? A. r. 200. 
Pigf, O.Ff. rapo. /-ai. cavpa, <wj/, a. i. 
102: Alhi. 3565; CnACC. C. t. a 1294. 
n^n c/tttfff, A. r. 1 . 511; cai;:i;i><| (pari J 

2. l^.-il. 
bRi, /V/«. Jim. ki>i Ot:T3ERSfV m,tws., Molr. 




niAU LKX., 0. Dutch kei, kai fttaltwjf 

OuDiiM. iiijDR., tinuter, Uaw. 422. 
"rtll «v keU. 
r«ilr«rl, t>./*V. (poire df) caillool? Lanol. 

ji It), fid. 
ralBud, O.Fr. caignard, rngn.-trd ffoUronJ, 

SPKC. 110; A. s. 3fi; CuAi:c. C. t. l> 235. 
r»lr, 0. /w/. kasrr (carut). 

ka^'erk'K /w**. ka^gerrtojjc), 0. hd. k«r- 
Ifikr, oMor, Ohm. 2L67. 
ralKi, O.Jctl. lipyra fagertj? in coutrS W 

cuiren (kaireu) aboute Lanol. raok. 29; 

kaire Oaw. 1048; *-aireit fpret.J a. p. 2, 

85; t«' kouhiTiio kaired to his housu 

Will. 373; ic^irtd fjiart.J spkc. 37. 
caUrr> --i..%rjr. cjl8<>ic, Z^i. Caosiir, emperor, 

Ai.18. U09; Mam. xd. F. 5L20; kabcr 

A. R. 13S; kaisorc, kwiserc. keispro. kci- 

»cr (caisiT. kavKLTc) Lai. 5220, 59t>ri, 

7U31 k 273tS<i: kainit'r, kaist^-re Laxol. 

B 19, 131; koison^M fgm.J Kath. 3; 

ke^scrvii fm*. kf)}8i'rt'ss| Okjk. 3510. 
riltlf, O.Fr. caitif, cliiiitiC Mitif, "eaptiruM", 

WivL. 1 PARAU 5, r>; Win,. 710; cuitif, 

• liailif Lakiu,. r 23, 23ti. 
nilititf, O.Fr. caitivelt', MplkituM, c. m. 

okci tStCfrf. kaka, w^*, "/iitim, pitiffnla", 

fHOHl-T. 58; vof. 108; H. M. 37; ('hauC. 

I.:. T. A C(;«. 

rmkrlitt, Ihdch kllkclou, iitctd. k:tkl:i, catJde, 

''^aa'Uare", promft. 58; kakt'lon a. k. 

<»(»; ra4'lc|> (pre*.J (Jow. 2, 2(>4. 
rakkfft etick, aicare, pho.«pt- 58. 
<ml, O./cfl. kjtll, cw/7, tocattis, A. p. 2, 61; 

calle fdiit.J c. m. 3022. 
ck\ «*r cunl. 
ralrli, A. Sax. ralir, £(t^ calix a2>/ix^. riUict^, 

O.Fr. calico, ehali<^e. cvr/w, chitiice, misc. 

43; calch, calicf hum. 2. 01 & 215; 

calix A. B. 2H1; Havei,. 187; IIhani*. 

14; cluilic;v Suuhkh. 20; ubiUis axenu. 

Ifi7; calii-es fpl.j ayknu. 41. 
ralrldvlnr, O.Fr. Ciilcwloiin-, chalcmlomj, Oow. 

:i. 133. 
bilnlr, Fr. cnlculer, Ciuvc. abtrol. 1, 22; 

c-alnik'd (pari.) Laxul. u 15, 364. 
taUj J.SffX. wuld. caU\, O.L.Gtrm. cjild, 

Gdk. kaWs. O.It*l kiildr, 

cballvr, /com calon, «>/(/, fiigidm, hum. 

I, 97; Iw. 360; pr. c. 767; colJ Lai. 
4510; a. ». 4O0; 0. A. K. C22; cvld 
r^d RKL. A.NT. I. 182; clin.lj «ific. 30; 
ayknr. 15:i; chcld Hihireh. 9; Ureo. 
798; cold i^«<S*ry Havku SMJ; p. s. 330; 
Wiu.. 008; Mand. 256; cliealdfs /'y«J. 
n.} Mat. 10, 42; calde rd4tt.J Jll. 21; 
Iw, 2074; uoMo Ot>w. 2, 38 (= kelde?) 
kaldhed "rf/n'^friuat', ps. 65, 12. 
calddlclie coWy, mm. I, 277. 
? caldmewp Lidg. m. p. 202; c-almewc 
K. T. 133. 
raldrn, A.Sax. coaldiaii. ch.illoti, 
/rigf<Mcn-«: I'oldc rki,, ant. 1, 120; CiiAir. 
Tkoil. 5031; M. Akth. 3ti47: liis 
bigiiii ti'i fcddt' fi. R. Kn. Wn. 1678; liiro 
Ucork' biKiJii to ('held"-* Horn kd. LrM. 
1148 (kcildo ED. 1I«RSTM. U.M5I: kitld(y) 

REL. ANT. 2. 210; Wld*."!" ff>re».J fKAfiM. 

5; ffli?i;>. a-, for-, ofcaldi'u. 
fale Jrijuj!'^ in lioU* & iii oah^ lko. 148. 
ralen, IKTcvi. kula frri. kt^l jrar^ kiiUtia 

faignfj, Lat. gwlarp; rowi/j. action? ifonV. 

cald, col. 
kalrndfr, Lat. c-alt'nd.-iriiim, eulmitar, Lai. 

72r.l; CliAlU.'. ASTK*U.. I. 11. 

ralfiigp ^(v (iialimtfr;. 

»If, ^..Sflr. L\-alf. ci'lf, O.L.Gtrm. i-alf, 0. 
Ji.Gnm. rhulli m., O.lctl. kiilfr w., tfl//, 
riWH4, 11. M. 37; Orm. 5858; r.ilf. ka'lf 
I.Axoi.. 7. 274 (2«;)); ksHF FiiAfjM. 3; 
k.-lf A. B. 130; clialf LuKK 15, 27; kni- 
ves fli'is ST. OKN. A. KX. 1013; njlVtTI'U 

fpl.) Masd. 105; t'Alvoroii, ralves Wioi-. 
Nl-KB. 20, 32. 
cainif'scli vor. 200. 
CBir, O./Wa kair />*.//«/ O./m/. kalfi /'iH- 
nuA «a//", "tMra", prdmi't. 58; Chau-"' *' 
T. A 592. 
calioB ealt/ott, "ntdtts", phomit. 5S. 
ralli 9M ralrh. 

calko etikeiu: culkcii /'rfr//. p/.y Mark 6, 0. 
calki'trappe, A, Nix. ciilcatripjn' (hfratU^) 
voc. 68. 0. /i-. I'liiiiu'ctrappi' Littiik 
DirT. 582, ealtrep fcuHrapJ, "irihHi'n*", 
reIm axt. 37 [vor. 14il(; oaIki;ti.i|'iM'ii 
CpKj Ali9. 6070; vol of . . . fulkctn'iiiM'U 
am! »( ffriiics AVKNB. 1!)1; k.i]k.nrai»l>wi 
La.s(il. c 21, 206. 
rally, O.Fr. '■allc. calf, /c. calla, ei^tU fUtn), 





p. B. Iftfi; CnArc. C. T. D lOIS; K. T, 
365; J»t; cjillo of |»e Ijvi-r "rrtieiUnm /ivo- 
rw", WicL. LKvnr. 3. 4; kfUf '•reticuhm', 
voc. i9«: Em. aoy; kelli-s />/.; Tows. 

MYOT. 8i3. 

ralUn, ^.."^^ix. rKJIi:in. O.Dtilck rallcn, a 
/«■/. baia, O.Jl.GertH. clialloii, «//. Wa- 
in<irv, "poftir*", I'Hompt. 58; rallon Uarh. 
3; so sbulcn iucd calluD it ai Havki.. 
747; calle boh. 2, 257; call.' rpretj 
SVKC. 59; crtllon MA!fD, 1; oalledt? ^prdj 
Pkbcbv. 610; cuUcdc, callc^l Lanol. n 
18, 93; c»\ii fpart.J »T. r.r.s. a. kx. 1700; 
icnlle^l Jos. 78; rt. cit. 574; comp. bicnllrii. 

nlltigc ealUng, "ir«u/ia**, pbomtt. 58. 

ralnt, Fr. calmo, wlm, prout. 58. 

nilnni. .Fr. calaipr. ealm: talmo uep. IL 27. 

rail, J.Sax, calii gen. calivj, O./htteh calii, 
O.H.Gtrm. chalunt'r, caVow, '"ca/rfw", Wjcl, 
LETXT. 13, 40; ^ c-Uewe r. u b. IS, 
89; )>e ralouwc mous la e^ame-KntrtM, 

ATKKB. 27. 

cabm, J.Sax. >.ealfinu(?), OJitUch kulveii. 

M.II.Germ. kalbeu, entce: pv con calvidi,' 

TVici,. Job 21. 10. 
nmk, .4,Bax. rnnit), romh, O. Icei. k.imlir, 

O.H.Ggnn, charup. comA {eemhj, pfdni, 

eriOa, Obm. 6340; romb r. 16: <!(; dikes 

comb ST. GKX. A. KX. 2564; koub Chalt. 

C. T. B 4049; kokiK coaai pkompt. 281; 

kombe fdat.J KYKXtt. 25S; combos ^plj 

p. 1.. 8. XIX, 249; eomp. bor^. liutti;niTnb. 
raMbak; M. T^. catiibuc;i, cmp. If. Gael 

i-.iihutr, "peiitim"', vot. 232. 
riH^l, O./V. ouni^l, vbuiu^I, Mm*i, ?. l. g. 

I. 22; c. K. 6001; kamel tpt. oen. a. vx. 

1398; caaJ^U. chani^Ia /"pl.j Wici.. jiiitaics 

8. 21. 

Cuiiii'lbllr M. II. 41. 

ciiuina.b- c. M. 2249. 
fiamid "nmiu" paustr-r '''^t ••immrAf} fpf.J 

RK).. ANT. 1, 240. 
tammte, J.Sar. canuuoc, cammocl. prutftta- 

num ; canimakra, ka^llDokt^8 fpi.J hAsnu. 

11 19. :i09. 
raHora, lu-iinmix'a, O.Fr. camnm fttofft fi»t 

fail* i/r p^I 44 tfutrnmnj, tAVGii. c 17. 

raMawillr, Fr. camomillc, tamomiJf^ v. u ». 

XXX!. lU. 

raai|lf A.Saz. raiii]t. corni>. O./ViV. katois 
kurnp. O.If.Gfrn:. i:b.imiih »i., O.M. kaiip 
M., mm/I, certamfn, pugna: |)»t cotnj) Lat. 
23889; oora]> k ifiht 4347; kampe /"dirf.; 
D. Aani. 3670: eomp. icamp. 
knrupifCre /"* printed kemp ifere) pugnat 
ivcim, A. B. 274. 

fanpiaT A.Sax. rani[iiaii. 0. Frit, kaiiipa, 
'kciupu, 0. 11. Germ, cbaiaran. rhcmfan. O. 
Ic*i. keppa. camp fl*mpj, eertare, pujfnar*^ 
PBOSCPT. 60: konipo d. Abth. 2633. 

caHn, camois. Fr. camus, Ciuuc. C. t. a 

eaa, A. Sax. cann (can), conn (con), O.t, 
Gtrtn. ran, Goth. O.leti. kann. O./I.Gtrm, 
ebon. ^prH. prr*.J can ^eonj, pMtum. itia, 

ST. OEN- A. KX. 309; K4tU. 10: AY£XB. 

21; can "teiT, Wjci.. Jons 7, 15; noa 
can i DtV red Tkiam. 595; con, kiiu Oiuc 
1314 k 5282; i can (ban) i noblt tali* 
Ckauc. C. t. a 3126; sho ... can (ka«) 
hem )>4i' fore as miicbo thank as nir a 
1808; can. con Laj. 3291 k 13332; ciil 
ban. con. kou o. a. x. 197. 203. 680 I: 
757; cun a. b. 18; c u 30 & 555; a. 
H. 26; Aun. 16: nc ron crist hitu nAlmt 
^onc uoM. 1, 32; fu cuu^t o. a. s. 1 182; 
canst, kan.s-t. ronsl Lakou 3, 166 (.172); 
cuuQiU Obv. 5514; MiBC 237; )k> hvI 
cunoen a (runne of) 8p4cbo Lai. 7301; 
cunoc 0. A. K. 911; Bbk. 1325; conoon. 
ounn<> Manh, 5 A: 213; cunne fn^.f k. 
B. 64; Horn kd. Lt-MB. 568; caoBcy 
kunnc o. a. n. 47 k 188; ciinae (c4iuie) 
Lai. 28644; eonnc atevh. 118; ^d 
bouue Laxgl. b 19. 26; }e conuc. koutiy 
cunnr, k u nn^ V.havv. C. t. a 3118^ 
deriv. ciuincn, kcnnou. 

nmtttj O.Fr. (-ancn>, rbanere, e»iii*r, Mai«r»' 
a. it. 330: soranio btcimo caorre 
Rob. 299- 

raadflf, A.Saz, mnilol, Lai. rand^la. tnik, 
SUM. 2. 47; ayrnb. 102; cauiU>> Bkk* 
1969; romllc (HBox. K.\nu 505. 
cau<K'lbum "lucrrnartum", proMTT. 60- 
rjm<i,'Illbt 23752. 
knnib.-IiurikSe oandievtas, Oaii. 7706; caa- 
ilolinrsxi' A. R. 412. 
randelstaf Mndeiahritm, WiCL. KXOO. 3 
33; candi>lHt<>r Mark 4, 21. 




caudolstikkc cand/eiUici, vkuuvt. 60; Tkkv. 
3, IS". 
nindflrr, clunindoler. /V. cliutideliiT. eliand- 

ihr, ''Mndtlttrim", prompt. tJO & 71; 
cbamnlclei' Wicl. juwies 4. 4*. 
caaff O.Fr. cane, com, "eanna", vck;. 191. 
nacl> ohuocl, O.Fr. c-mel, cliauol, etmal, 
I imntl, ehattnti, "canalia", promit. rtO & 

^^ G9; kanol Oaw. 2298; i-banol Tkkv, 1, 
^^ 133; cauols t^;i7.> c. m. 1866. 
^H canelbun Juffultm, Chauc. d. Hi*. 943; 
HK Ait'T. Artu. XL; kaiiclbDn ukl. ant. 3, 78, 
r^iiiflr, O.Fr. camJi^ fcannsl/fj, Lai. 17744; 
j i-aQilli; Maxu. 187; cauol f. l. ». XXXV, 

I 7ti; Will.. Exon. 30, 23. 

ClMTMi Ft: Ctiucvas, ainpat, Caxvc. C. t. 

u 939; cauvas pkomi't. (JO. 
ring fooii*hY Kath. 200; a. b. 62. 
'Ma {.'lie he fitoiithly'^ .\. ft. r>6. 
kangsrhiiM' foUyY a. r. 33fi. 
ruBX /<»'>^ A. a. 270; kangcs /V/.; 362. 
riagrs &«>iw)« fooii$hf ya arn cungcdo a. k. 

302'; c<nnp. ttcangen. 
mngii I boo he caugun ^cr rrnpi'l a. m. 

;t:i; A. B. 62* (v. r. Cfini,'). 
aHne^ J. Sax. canoo, O.U.Oerm. I'baiina. 
can, eanlhanu: kan LCD. Cov. 259; caimos 
('/»/■> WlCL. J(»HN 2, 6, 

rawtalf> O./V. caaonie, chaniiino, Lai. vu- 
nonicuK, m»on, Sax. riiRos. ilirt; kamin- 
ki-s fgen.J Ott.M. i>SDic. 9; cnnoues f^l.J 
Lai. 218H1; caniincH u. a. n. 729; i-ba- 
ni"iiino8 Havkl. 360. 
riinvaifl, />. canuaial, eanoniatl, a, r. 8. 
ran*p6 cattftpij, i-rompt. 60. 
cant, O.Pitifh kiuit? catU, atvr, Urtnutay 
cant aut keno AUk. 30; c. h. 8943; 
kaut i rofMAK. ed. F, 1886; laani kant 
knight Hau-iw. bict- 488. 
railfbriK^r Cambridge, p. l. s. XIH, 66; 
I C.Tntcbriffge Chai.t. C. t. a 3921. 

raatplj O.Fr. cantel fchanUnuJ, eantif, Cuauc. 
I C T. A 3008; u a. i>isc. 346; ant. 

I Artii. XLI; a «autel of liretle voc. 358; 
i^K kantirl StiuRfciu. 33, 
IB CAntolcajK Lm. 29749. 
r faalicle panticfe, sr. obv. a. ax. 4124. 
f faatwirc, A.Sax. Cautpare, fjtl.J inhafnianti 
of KfffU. 
Uautvareburi, ASax. Caolpara burg (bj- 

ri^'), Citnterburj/y Lai. 2821; Ciintoreburi 
FRAQM. 5; Ciiiitprburi Bkk. 240. 
ni|W, O.Fr. eapt*, pha]H', cape, cope, chapt: 

be nom .Ino caiit> of his Ane cnibte Laj. 

13097; co]>(i 29559*; co|)e, capo "fapo", 

PROMPT. 91; Kbapc of 3- scb&thc R9; cope 

Showch. 110; jif lie bavej 6ane pidiio 

hod k I'lnp ilitkpno cope a. r. 55; kopo 

Havel. 429; copos fpl.J Lanql. trol. 

53 (56); comp. rantelfapc, 
caprlj capil, capul, Fr. capall, capull, Ga^ 

(■apiill. Lat. caballiis, Gr. xapa)v).ii]c, Cuauc. 

C. T. A 4088; cajtcl, capul Lanol. a 4, 

22, r. 5, 24; capul pbumpt. 61. 
ropPD proride toith a C6p«: copo]) fpft*.} 

LA^(iL. 3, 138 (142). 
rapllaln, O.Fr. C4ipiuin, captain, (iuv. 1, 

:''60; CriAuc. C. t. h 230; m chovotain. 
rapllle wc rhapitle. 
rapAn, -INar. capim, 0./>. capfin, chapon, 

captm, rkl. a«t. I, 217; chapoun p. 8. 

334; cap<^us /'/i/'.y atrkb. 38; Cfti>iiies 

LAiJOL. H 15, 466. 
rappr, A. Sax. 0. Fr. cappe, 0. If. Germ. 

cbappa, cap, ctieitihts, pHetia, prompt. 60; 

V. s. 330; 3iASD. 247; |ii8 manciple sctlc 

hero allor cappc Chauc. C. t. ' a 586; 

kcppcn fiat, pi.) a. r. 420; &mp. fleil-, 

cap, Gael, coari'? car fhr/, ginixtir ? wiji 
I't- cur lioii Jo fprinUd carhoude) ant, Artu. 


caralie, Fr. caratiiie; carike Cuauc. C. t. d 

1688; rararkes fpl.J hq. l. dbo. 819. 
rarairai, Girnn. karvei, karro, karboi, karbe, 

ciirtiicat/, prmmpt. 62. 
carhinrlr, O./V. carbuncle, rharboucio, ear- 

iuncie. TuKV. 2, 235; charbuclo u. m. 

43; rbiirboclo Cuauc, C. t. b 2061. 
cardr, Fr. caidc, card, cartiuu*, carmm, 

prompt. 62. 
cardla, Fr. carder, card, cerminarp, PROair^. 

62; <*ui-dr(i fpttrLJ Lanol. ii 10, 18, 
nnllakfj Fr. r^iawion) i-nrdiaiiiie, Halliw. 

DiiTT. 232; rardiarle I^.voi,. b 13, 335; 

Ctuuc. C. T. c 313. 
rariliiml, O.Fr. cardiiiai. cardinal, Lai. 29497. 
rardouR, O.Fr. ranliin. rbardcm, "eardo", voc. 

carcj J.Snx, c«arti, cam. O.L.Germ. can. 




Goth, kara, O.Il.Gmn. chars, tare, ear*, 
wUicitude. Lai. 2^051; Oiw. 4852; tU- 
VEL. 2002; c. L. 217; Chauc. C. t. a 
l.'iGD; PR. c. 7263; god scntc ua him 
Kt'kui'BSfi A: care st. orst. a. kx. 775; 
karc ti. A, N. 1590; Wiu* 726; Icare 
niitl Iiowc 8. B. ED. AVkb. I4i»3; on karo 
& on pino hom. 1, 129; caron fdaf. pij 
Li'Ku 8, 14; eoiap. mwlciirc. 
rarfiil, J.Sax. LO.irfuI, careful, 1)ek. 639; 

Will. 2201; chunfiil Lai. 31572; kaw- 

fnllc cnihtojj lf)7i>0. 

carfuOlIlchc eare/ully, c. l. 203; car- 
fuia Will. 4:147. 

carfulDOSSO cttrtfuineu, hum. 1. 115. 
karcloas, A.Sax. (■(tarI<Mit, eareltUt a. b. 

246; rnn-Ies Lal 12478. 
riri&ge^ O. Fr. cariilK**' carriage, "rtciitra^, 

PBUMPT. 62; Twv. a, 3i>l. 
riririi, A.Sax. cearian, O.ff.Gtrm. <:haron, 
care, eurnre, »oJ!ieitunt eue, A. R. 48; \x» 
)*iU> cartt^'ii r«r liirc ii. m. 5; karint uoji. 

1, lit:{; larir Hon. U12; faro Ml». 34; 
i-arvut ^prtt.J Will. 3182; carc|i r. 28; 
chared Mat. 6, 34; rarando fpart.J (Jaw. 
674: caridf fprH.J B»:k. 125. 

rariro, O./V. Ciri<-r, tarry, teAgrf, Lakol. 

2. 132 (IGl); E. a. 20; cJirio Gow. 2, 
203; CiiAuc. 0. T. A 130; Makd. 49. 

rariarr carrier, iiiumpt. 63. 

ririltil, O./'r. rarite, O.Ttal. RaritAtp, cAa- 

niy, Sax. cunox. 263; karitoj) Obm. 2998; 

chariU' atkmi. 71»; Cuaix*. C. t. a 532; 

r1u'nU> HOM. 1, 39. 
f»rk, A.Saz. carrot?) Soacs. dict.. WViA Gael 

carr, twrjt, cura, Artr. a. Ubbl. 3952; 

(iAM. 760; kiirkc j'rftrf.y Man. ki>. H. 

1 3.',. 

rarkris O.Fr. carcois? «rww, pbukft. 62; 

kiirk'is Will. Kxon. 21, 35. 
rarkcH, -I.. Sax. (Wynnian (?) Ltb's otct., 

rwrt, cware: earkf pi*, t. 198; carkp and 

raig jig. i.. imr.. 924; carkc /'/fr«'*.y' ^PBC. 

51; Jo9. 30; carkod fpart.J Abtu. A. 

McRi.. 4464. 
rarkm «m charg:on. 
rarl, O.Icel. kurl O.H.Otrm. rharl, karl. 

rt/r/, ci'r, "fiui*V-f«", PROMPT. 62; Havkl. 

I78y; CiiAt'c. C. T. A 545; r. M. 13808; 

Tow3f. MtST. 213; karl fw. 559. 

carlnun, CM. karl-. karmailr. rir : rar-l 
man c. m. 2937; airliufn and pimmeq 
Sax. chbon. 261. 
rarilsrh earfith: kaHistcho ^in^s hom. 1, 273.1 
nir*ln«, O.Fr. caroigno, rharoignc, Mrri**^] 

Rob. 216; AXKsni. 86; Langl. o pbou 

193; rharoiuea fpl.J A. b. 84. 
Mrtlej O.Fr. Carole, carol, Rob. 53; caroltt 

rpf.J Chauc. C. t. a 1931. 
cir^lH} O.Fi^. caroler, wrot, promtt. 62(' 

karolcd {paH.J Ma.\. kd. F. 1777. 
raiye, 0. Fr, rarpe, 0, IT. Germ, charpbo, 

carp, "carput", pRonrr. 62. 
rarpli earp, loqui, "/aiulbri", prompt. 63;;| 

carpc Will. 4581; Jos. 440; Lanol. bJ 

19, 65; CuArc. C. t. a 474; Dbgrxt. 

5; Lido. m. p. 191; W cari«» wif jour 

qwi'oe ANT. .\rtii. XI; the kinf; . . . 

carpis J>i^s wordoa d. Abth. 639; carpe 

fimper.) HOM. 1, 287-, karpode /prd.) 

IsiTiin. 234; carpt'd Caw. 1088. 
rarprnl^r, O.Fr. caritentior, tttrpetiUr, Rob. 

537; Ckauc. C. t. a 3189. 
rarp»trlc, Fr. charponterie, earp*tUry, Wicu^ 

KxoD. 35, 33. 
carplns carping. Will. 4660; karping IwA 

caiTfj O.Fr. car, char, ear, "enrnu", prompt. 

62; chart "<r«rr»a". 69; carro Maso. 130; 

chare 175; fliar, charo Chauo. C. t. a 

2138; chaar, chare "cHrrum", Wicx. 0»> 

5ES. 41. 43; carris^'p/atutra", xcmh. 7, 9^^ 
art, A.Sax. cnutV O.fcfl. kartr, HWjA rart, 

Gael, cairt. cart, "rk^a", prompt. 63;! 

cart, carto Lasol. 2. 154 (179); carttj 

WicL. 3 xiNOH 10. 29; karto Orm. ntKT. 
48; kort "oarria", rRAOM. 4; carlo fdal.} 

Lai. 11396; carttn fplj atrnb. 35; 

cartes Makd. 250; cartes and paincs st. 

GKK. A. GX. 2362. 

cartborR Mrt-horae, voc. 187. 
cartwhwl cartwheel. Chacc. C t. d 3351 
cartelOdo eart-load. Havrl. 895. 
cartmare Laxol. 6, 2S9 (7. 274). 
cartosUf KoB. 99; carlstaf Gam. 590. 
cartwci oart-ieag, Lanuu 3, 127 (131)] 

Trbv. 1, 63. 
kaH/trrig^ht eartterigkl, "^earpfntariu", roC' 
r«rferf carter, atkxb. 160; ». a. t*. XVII; 




kartprc, cartAn.- o. A. n. IISG; cartaro 

PROMPT. (>2. 

rarlia earl, flann^ro rrM*rf, pROMrx. 62. 
tMj Fr. cas. catf, catm, Hub. K\\ (Hron. 

Kn<il. (>fi2; AYEXn. :i6; Wh.t.. WZiS. 

rash, O.lcel. kaskr (uhcr) Kr.ii,s8. lkx., 

karskr (ratk^ ^iv^ig) Fbitzser'h orph., 

(iAkw-; Jtrtske (f>h) Havel. !84l; «w erask. 

eanff O./V. cjihsp, m*/. m^m, pbdkpt. '2H0; 

i-as CiiAcc. C. T. a 2080. 
cut} O.Jctl. kast. crti^. f'atitta, conjtetnt. Will. 
4rtri2; Masd. £J2; Chauc. C. t. A 3605; 
Flok. I40ti; WicL. KtiMB. 35, 17; ast. 
,\hth. XLVm. 
(titHj .-^..S'ff.r. O./V. rastil, &i$th, Bkk. 2089; 
|K?ne ra«Ul Lai. 191; bLstcl Oii«. 19941; 
cuttoltc fdat.J Mat. 21, 2; CiiStoIt; ayenu. 
121; CJWtolo, castle Lai. 14138 A: :J0771 ; 

^^H castles fpl) Sax. c-hrok. 251. 

^H castoljui ctitUf-ffiUe, La]. 18G52. 

^^B castdtoim .\lih. .'>i:n. 

^^^ castcl^al uou. 1, 141; eastclwul Man. 

Wm Ko. F. 5078. 

P^ rafilolwcrir Will. 2220, 

■ culrlel, O.Fr. cjistWct, chastelct, MJ^2r<, h. 

I B. «D, Web, 2754; i-haatdct Lanql. b 

I 2, 84. 

niitra, O. /«/. kastji, eatt, jneere, eonjicfrt, 
spKC. 37; CnArc. Tbotl. .'l.'iftO; t* cmsU-u 
him 10 Irens Lanol. 4, 72 (85); kaatou 
Kath. 946; castp (Jnw. 1, 334; Wnx. 
John 8, 59; Pkbcev. fi82; ankr-r . . . 
kafite Horn hu. Hob.stm. lO'tS; kfusttn 
Jtn.. 67; kfsten a. r. 56; kost^n in fo 
teres HAvrr.. 1784; kestc Axenb. 99; 
Man. kd. E. 54; cnstw! ffres.) hum. 2, 
177; ft . . . lYitc l>et kcst wlc kvi.'a'lo 
bAjtS ayknh. 31; caste )^/*r<r/,; IIOM. 1, 
47; Lai. 1919*; Urand. 8; Mam». 9:t; 
kajitc Katq. 1360; it kaste .1 rri Uapkh 
339; keHlfl Ihitub. 608; hi I'sston hrore 
lot siisc. 50; k<.'St*ii Gaw. 1649; (.-itst 
/>ffr^y Flur. 2181; ica«t Bkk. 450; 

C. L. 807; TRANSACT. 18, 25; JkcSt A. 

B. 228; owtft. a-, bi-, for-, over-, umho- 

raitrrr mi^, Wicl. pbov. 28, 7. 
fal, ^..Srtj. f.itt, O./b.^. ki\rtr m., O.Frin, 

kalt4?, O.U.Grrm. ch.iza /!, Zn/. ralus. 

caUna, /r. Qa^, cat m., ;r«/iA catb /. 

eat, A. K. 102; u. M. 37; Aybsd. 179; 
LATTfiL. B I'RUL. 149; Chauc. C. T. d 
350; ARTif. A. Mkrl. 8726; cat, kat o. 
A. N. 810 & 8?ll; cific mriscjt l>c kat 
after hire mfldor rel. ast. 1. 180; rattcs 
^jrn.> Lan<ji,. h prol. 179; kallos miato 
"nepfejttt", REL. ant. 1, 37; catU-s fplj 
Manh. 129. 
ralfl, O.Fr. c.a\v\. rhiitpl, Lat, cji|iitftlt', t*« 

Klinf ANI» ScilLHICitER's UEITR. 2, 50, 

m(^/«, cluiliU, capitiii, Lai. 30(;73*; Ha- 

VKL. 225; c. L. 990; ayksb. 36; Kicn. 

lB4fi; Lamal. 7, 22 (8, 24); a. b. ed. 

Wr. 1210; wJI) hpoff rat«>l and heore 

fjtNdc TMASSAOT. 18, 24; aitel hit'Wf jn'i 

im\n;ffh and rento ('halt. C. t. a 373; 

chatcl uo.M. I, 271; chc-tcl a. b. 224 

fv. r. Tflj); chsMB (>/.V Rob. 18. 
catlrpd catftjHVar, srma, prompt. 63. 
rauW', O.Fr. caiu'lf^, cbaucio (chansB^), eatttty, 

PRiiMi'T, 64; kanr(> Mas. eh. H. 183. 

raiu'ewi'i etnu^teny, prompt. 64. 
aiurI6n, /V-. cautiim, eaiMoH, Rob. 506; 

raucimin Wicij. Lpkb 16, 6. 
caailrl, 0. Fr. cjiudi'l. chmidyl fcfumdtau), 

eaiidk. Rob. 561; Lashl. 5. 205 <3rtl). 
caurirAOj O.Fr. (MiidtTim. cliaudrron, caldron, 

Bhanu. 17: LEO. 41; Trbv. 5. 323. 
rankcB eafcan-y LAxni,. u 12, 229; caukcdo 

fprd./ 11, 350. 
raul, .4. Sax. raiil, capl, O.fceJ. kii], O.fl. 

Gi^m. cliftl. cM, Zaf. raiilis, eoie fcaUj, 

FRA»ai. 3; kau] voc. 141; coul mir. pl. 

8; kat Kl^L. AXT. 1, 52; cftl, cdl c. H. 

12526; cfil L. u. c. 48. 

caiil-, colplanto Lanrl. 6, 288 (7, 27SV 

Cillstok voc. 190; PROMPT. 58. 
caaur, Fr. (-aiisi?. cawm, a. r. 316; ayekh. 

224; CiiArc. C. t. a 410; bi cause 174; 

bi> caiiBO SIand. 15 k 46. 
naws, ^V. causer, mm*: caii80j> (pru.) 

<;ow. 1. 362; CuAUc. b. a. 4235. 
faal^lr, Fr. caiittlc, pbwmpt. 64 ; (iow. 3, 1 40. 
cavf) Fr. caw. c«rp, st. oes. a. ex. 1137; 

Will. 25; Chauc. C. t. b 500. 
ftifl WW kovol. 
fcdiv, Fr. CL'drc, tM^rr, avksb. 131; r. m. 

cfflat, 0. /v. ui-int, eiwitut, einetum ; saiat 

Iw. 1772. 




A.Sttx. b.vrip, fpfj hom. I. IJl; Imrii, 
, burije (lK>ri'W('s) I^ai. 2(i'.7 k !»i>JM; hnr- 
plifs CiiALC. C. T. D 870; hourfrfees Liiw. 
n. r. JIO; biirjt-n ihon'ure) fdai. pLj Lai. 
6165; cow;*, htfefed-, kiDO-, mOdcrburb. 
liuriboM Kath. 440. 
biirrhbrichc, A. Sax. huruhbrvco, -brico, 
KKU ANT. 1, 33; burg-bbrvcho Tksv. 

2, on. 

burhralc Lai. 9758; udh. 2, 89. 

bnrlijnt Lai. 17670. 

burlim-^u Lat. 1:!441; burubmon a. r. 

borKbiuOt E. o. 850. 
burbrBvc Kath. 1927. 
biir^toan Wux. Josu. 7. 2; bur^h-, borj-. 

Iiorutoim L.\7toi.. c 4, 112. 
burh|n'iii La«. 13710. 
bmliw.ll Lai. 2:;0!tl. 
burbparo "eitita*\ Mat. 21, 10. 
burliwcr Lai. 28;Jfl8. 

bur^Rgr, O.Fr. burpiife, boargago fh^ritage 
rotuttW tla»9 un boars): btircttpos, bor- 
ffiifri'8 fpf.j Lxxnr,. ;j, 77 l8«». 

iiiir^r \ |iiit }ptt atwood ^urh wudo bur|c 
Lai. 21fi8. 

bir);r[H} O.Fr. buritooia, &w^iMf, Ki.. a. lit., 
lin; Wit,L. 1889; Laxol. JI. I50(lt>2t; 
b«'Hr^fis Kua. 470; borma aykxb. 162. 

bvrxriilr, Fr. bounfwii.sic. avkkii. 161. 

barjrls, J.Sas. bar)^<ls, O.LVerm. bnrfrisli 
Hkink'k f)t.oss.. hurial, w/rM/rru/'i ; bnriojs 
f. L, 1284; Tbbv. ?>. 153; ;m buriols 
^Hif. barrolH) nl iiiwo im:'nl Uoit. *J04; 
burilos "»ty>it/tmm', fhagm. 4; /'m*. btiry- 
Ivfl) uiM\ 53; Imrii'la, buriob'X La.noi.. ii 
19. 142. c 22, 14(1; biriils Mas. kd. 
Y. 902S; bcrirlH {uu. Iit-rvd-'*! "tepuferHnC, 
V(«'. 178; bcriclp-s atknb. 228; biriu'clos 
8T. OKK. A. BX. 2474; birieL beriel **w 
pn/rrKM, /uMttAu", pHOMiT. 37; bfriol ». 
fl. Kp. U'n. 2561. 

baryta, A. Sax. brr^Mn, hyrirnn, Awry, stpf- 
iire- tmri'-n Lai. 27872; lK*rii.'n. bcrtK'.'ii 
LrKB !i, 59 ii CO; bi^^'a ^w*. birrjonn) 
Ohm. 15254; birien »t. akn. a. bx. 2424; 
biriin, bpriin "arpt/irt", I'Bompt. 3(1; birii> 
p. 9. 197; Wkx. JmiK 19, 40; tHTio 
CHArc. C. T. c 884; Eolam, 488; biirii- 
fprrt. itufmr.J AuB, 4628 ; birie ». 8. kd. 

Wa. 1257; biirioJo />»ro<.y hom. I. 93^ 

Horn Kn. Hits. 900; Hob. 50; bumle 

Bbk. 2219; buridfu La*. 19822; burM 

(part,) L.VNiiL. B 11, 6ti; bchutl Mjlxi 

15; »■»/». M-, ibur^iL 
bunriit A.Snj;. byrjren. j»;»M7<ri«Jtt .* bpficirl 

iiiiM. 1, 241; biirione A/«<.> m^M. 1. HI; 

)K-ricii«'. bt;rO(?ono itiT. 8. 28 4c 23. 27. 
bvn'Bf O.Frit. biir^a, 3l.II.Gfnn. bflrgfu? 

«cir*.* to burden bini soolven Lai. 21368; 

biirln>n Jul. 26; burnpon from )'i*a *1mw 

flfs botte A. R. 366; bnrwc Havkl. 2870; 

biirpjo (pri/e. ttAj.) noai. 1, 25j comp. k 

linrjilBSi'f burijing huryiny, r. l. h. XXV, 

bwb «M bur;. 
bflri «w bun. 
bariea mw burji^n. 
Imiijri, A.Sttx. byrigan, byrgTui, iflj<*; mh/t. 

barlsfSSTj A.Hnx. 1ho)byriguiHs, ttgpnUma^ 

HOM. 1, 35; bnrinicssc (barinisse) Lii; 

bujiBf biirjuun, O.Fr. bmj4n fho^ff$m), cA 

M. t07:(5. 
barj«aiirn, 0. Fr. burjonw fhourgto'itrr), 

b0utyiHnt, WicL. i.Kvrr. 19. 23; burjcmc)*,' 

bunn'oum'tb (pret.) Lanoi,. u 15, 73. 
barlrii, /. Utrm. btirroln Hk. wh.. huUirt ; 

biiiliiml fpaH.) a. T. 99; Bolres liii bur- 

liiijf in bur blortc I-'mir. 1639; «* biirhlcn. 
bara nv booro. 
binir, A.Sax. O.Frit, bnma, O.L.Ofrm. 

O.If.Gtrm. bnamo, O.Iftl. bninnr. lo«m 

fhitrn), rivHs, o. a. jt. 918; rki.. akt. 1|J 

1 ; burno. burno Mak. bd. F. 8164; 

H. 89fi4; bornn fiAw. 731; bfiiirn-, \mai 

nwt (fffn.) Lanih,. i'hoi.. 8; bournes />/.; 

Flob. 609. 
bann we bnink'. 
bmncR, O.^V. burnir. iamith: bnruoil tpmi.f\ 

(i*>w. 2, 231; CnAcn. C. t. a 1983; 

bumist Gaw. 213. 
bmrl, Fr. bruDct, prompt. 56; hom. 2,| 

bnre, Qvrm. bum*, Dan. 8 wed. bmrrp. hw^ 

"tiippa", rRoxPT. 56; Artii. a. Mbrl. 


?burstu Wb. dict. 272. 




? burtrC hur-trtf, "mwJimm*", voc. 228; 
Haluw. cict. 221. 
bnrrrl, 0. Fr. bimrrel, burl {uu. burli-) 

'•^(oweMlum", I'BOUi'X. 56. 
Iiai>l Kft brust. 
burxirnr comp. an-, ihurstcn. 
barlaii. O.f'r. borU-rV liui-t, "comn petert", 

PKIiMFT. Tifi; ))i' tnOAteS ftisto t»"i gitliTi' 

burte Mas. ki>. F. 4620; ut liriittcD. 
hnrSr, J. Sax. (geibyrd, O.LMn-m. {g^V 

btird. O.II.Oftm. biirt, (Jc/A. (^a)baiir['s. 

^r'tfjii bcrpn, biHh, partiu, naiug, natio, 
,9ut(ura, noM. 1. 273; biinl'.', biink- Kath. 

84; burile, burdt' A. u. lo8; biinli-, biir^L> 

udm. 3, 47; tinnn bir(1(^ st- gun. a. ^tx. 

14S4; Rachel in'ia birdo no nam lGf)7; 

■birfHi (l«>w. 2, 70; CitACC. C. t. n 192; 

WicL. JoHS 9, I ; |iat piis of liiio kin 4: 

al of biro biitlc Okv- 2052; birtbrs wt- 
^iimtt, P8. lOS, 27: comp. jobunle. 

Ixinlis burdcbold Katu. 140. 

biirdtiil BOM. I, 277. 

biirJitTQi"? LKO. 75; birtlelluie bkl. ant. 
1, 211. 
bMrfrOf A.Sax. (edlbynlau, tiatd? birdc-n 

ST OEN. A. EX. 1471. 

hurdrnr, A.Hax. brrdt'it, O.JI.Germ. |>urdii], 
Imnliii. M.L.Gtrm. bordono, /row bcreu, 
lurtkm (hurdtn), omit, Lai. 251170; 6w 
burdcno a. it. 2:J2; hiir[)0]ie c. i- 958; 
burjH'U spBf. 110: Tukv. I, 7:1; bur[tL'Ui'. 
bi>r)>fno L. H. B. 50 ^ 57; bir))i>iio 11a- 
\BL. 807; bir|ien i*8. 37, 5; berdenc iUr. 
11, 30; liflr|>finp WicL. Brci.i;8 iJil, 25; 
bt-rdoQc jiipc. ;14. 

kBrd'Cff A. Sax. b^rtlor, pariui: i pe btii- 
denie //«• bardero?) of benra n. m. 37. 

hurmj. hunh ik burj. 

liur^ra arf Inirjcu. 

bii^rd, O./'r. biisurt, huLutrd, huteo, \i.j9. 
uUiU; bomird pkohft, 45; busbpnl voc. 

Uirli, biwk. O.ff.Gfm. hnw, it.IT.Otrm. 
buscb, bowh. bosdit?. O. IhUch biiscb. 0. 
Fr. bow% biiBclic, JI.Lat. b')srnR, AiuA, 
WiLU 810 & 3009; busk "rfuww", pbompt. 
56; 8T. OKX. A. Kx. 2779; Oaw. 182; 
Irtisftif Sroriui. KIl; buschp, hnnhv fdi$ij 
ViLW.c. C. T. A 1517; lusst' asesji. 28; 
ffK/ IU>B. 547; biiHkL'A, biisclies 

Lakqu. r 11, a;iO; bushes MAsn. 115; 
liuski>8 PiiBCKv. 758. 

liisrlirl, O.Fr. buisscl. bui.'isi'I, fiuiAr/, p. ;!(►; 
lnK-liol, biislifl CiiAUf. C. T. A 409a; 
bui*bfl, bmsplii'l Wit'L. LrXB 11, 33. 

biurhrn! ibHschoi »i|) J»onics Max. ed. F. 

biucliri, O.Ditteh buisohcTi, O.Fr. biiissior? 
htuh, ptUtare, fcrtre: busbiugc dk?. Ricu. 
1, 9». 

bnsl, A.Sax. b.vsifr, O.DiUeh besich, in*y, 
ufgofiostu, itidmiriut. Will. 588; bnsi, 
bisi, bcsi Chai-c. C. t. a 3491; bisi 
(^)| I^f. 28:^7; bisi a. u. 142; c. l. 
7K7; M. II. 108; bpsi tlow. 2, 42; Maxi.. 
3; bisine fnee. in.) Lai. 10500; bisio 
fpi.J Lai. 19557; biscgure fcampar.J a. 
B. 182; bis.;,iisti.' (nnperl.) Laj. 10470. 
bisJh&Ut ittdtuin'ti, ayknu. 55; Am*. It, 
bislllchc himhj, a. b. 140; Suorfh. 5r>; 
br>Niltcho Gmw. 2, 43; busili Will. 050; 
bJKiliUccRt fMtpwI.J .luL. 44. 
|jtsii<i'lii|H> negotiinny a. r. 384. 

bulr, A.Sffx. by^iiru. hisigii, lubour, occupa- 
tion : besie i>. .Veth. 3G30. 
Iiisivol ATKim. 220. 

bnilcK, A. Sax. bj^^iiui, bi-s^iau. 0. Dutch 
besipMi, hu^, occHpart, ex^cert: bisii^n 
CuAiTc. IkiET. 1, 2 (8); buaii'ii (iuw. 2, 
43; bisiwie "tatagfAai", Wict. LtKK 10, 
40; bJEiic-d Oak*. 80. 

blxlarste biwMtgi, Shorkh. 92; avrnb. &6; 
PL. m. 727; besinessc Row. 2, 00. 

buxkrn, O.Ieei. biismr, bi'iaz fu pitreirej, busk, 
pfirnre: bnske Will. 2210; biLsko]' (prf».) 
V. I,, s. XXX, 20; fie liinjf buski-s Icttn^s 
Job. 414; hue boskcji huem wi)) botouiw 
p. s. 239: buskc Jif furt» to faro Kolam. 
n48; biiskoj) {btisko) joii tu )>at Ih'ite 
LANCiL. n 9, 103; bMslicd fpret.J Gaw. 
1411; ))ai btiskenl and imiktMl b4>iu bouo 
Taist. 1, 14; bit w»s buskid above n'i)i 
b(>s:iiinlns Dedhev. 1427. 

bttMTj O.Fr. Iiusse. AJ^x. butae? Sax. cmioir. 
201, ?tr«(f, mipha, Ma.v. Kit. F. 187. 

blftlonr boaU'J ['c A: biuiU'd ibiilti^'d':') [W H. 

w. 31; ^uh |iu nie btisto nut bento Jirt*. 
2-1 1 rtJmp. tobii^t'n. 
biiillra bmtJf: btiskling for^ . . . over 
vaK-ioR & liulUw LAxni.. a 6, 4. 




rbuil, I'liMilfH MCf i-]i:ivct, cliavolon. 

rbmrlf A.Sax. roall. OJe^i. k,ifol(?) daf, pi. 
kiillun. it.L.Orrm. kavol. ehawi fehmcij, 
marilUi. TmnT. 2. ;12; ch.ivil Iw. lityi; 
chuut AJ.1S. KD. 8k. llld; Wicl. 1 kinos 
17, Ja; clipvtl /'I'^iwM/ clicwin "iiw«<ii- 
MttrnT, voc. 187; chuiile M/^y Aiii>. 77; 
diolp PI.. L>K. 224; ))i'n chiu liiin of sHipti- 
mid nl\v )>au clierolo Lai. 2tJt»5<>; cUailloii 
(rhotili's) fpi/ Lai. 6507; cbaveleH xki.. 
AST. 1. 220; chavplia, vh^ivWa /'plj c. u. 
7J>10; chauleti MAisa 338. 
cliavilliOn, I'liuiilbOn '^mattdihitla", vbouvt. 
' 70; i-liiivilbOu LUD. Gov. 37. 

rkfttrlri, LMerm. kuveluii. ehartl, garrire : 
cliitulu V, s. 240; cbelted, clicotlvi! />f».> 

A. R. 70 & 128. 

rlift*fllBj;f giririim: raid clmulinEr(o) ami 
milt cliutt^rc u. a. n. 284; chcvcluutte a. 

B. 100. 

ckrafcfi A.Sax. ctiufor, O.ICOtrm. cUevar, 
kcvcr fbnteJtusJ, chafer ; clutalfeis "scara- 
haei", TltEV. 2. 211. 

rbrakr,, A.Sax. wacv. ci'oto Mumr's qk. 31G, 
O.t'ri*. (kioko) t2iakf>, liakc, il.LMorm. 
ki*kv, O.DtdtK r;ike. rAA>X-. aykxb. 248; 
his overe chi'oko Mabg. i^^\ cbckc "mo/n, 
g*m\ moMpr. 72; bpkc. 34; Oow. 2, 14; 
rlioU- L. u. B. 218; chcdkcH />/.> a. h. 
70; chf'kcs Lanou 4, 37 (50); i-hokcs, 
chockos CiiArc. C. T. A 633 ; chokos. 
cliokoa Man. kij. F. 1820: chC-kpa /t/jf. 
;)/.y «(«. 2, 7.**: ax. lit. 11. 
cbf'fklnx'D chtel-hone, "maxUia', WlCL. JUI>- 
(tKM 16. 14; clu'kt-bOn i'uoupt. 72. 

cbnuirr, 0. Fr. chrntice. ehaace, IUib. 1 4 ; 
Shobkh. GO; chaunt'tf pb. c. 37t>8; ffoil 
\i.-\y |»o (food fhaunco Cuauc. C. t. o .'ii>3. 

rbrap, -4.A"flx. cea]). O.L.Oerm. cfl|j, O.Fri*. 
kA|<, f>./w/. kiiup. (}.Il,Germ. rliaiif, fA*i/), 
emptio, Lai. 385; nt^ mibte»l {lU {lurh 
l]en(n)c ch^ii flodo nwmwer iu\ brftd 31791J; 
deuru cbca|i biTdi^s tu on nic hom. 1, 
2H1; fio lUit t'hvs}) a. r. 3DS: bry^u us 
yuod cli^aii asc nie mai atkkr 44; flli't'i) 
"pr<tiian", pbumpt. 72; f:i>i\ cbi''p W 
nMnM p. It. 341: *iow. 2. i^'J; li^bt 

Cb*>|» T(»W!f. MYST. 102. 

choapfaro ehajtr, mfreatura, avexil 36; 
clidOaro A. b. 310; misc. 40; IIavki,. 

1057; p. L. B. \XI, 67; cboftire c. l. 

1112; Langl. vaoL. 31; "tugvliittto" , 

WnL. I.^. 23. 3. 
cbajifiiri ehajffr, mrrcari, ayexb. 162. 
ctii'imiou chapman, a. k. 208; cb^jv. cbat>- 

moii L.U. 306KI &; 3U6H0; rha|inioD o. 

A. X. 1575; cbu|iuiail "wrrrw/or", plutMPT. 
60; CiiArr. C. r. A 3i)7; cbt'piiifrD fpl J 

B. s. VII; rhdjj-, cbnpmcu misc, UU & 
76; (.-huptucn Havkl. 5 1 ; (ini. cb»ppmt<uu) 
Oiui. I.'i7s;l. 

cbapnuiihod "mereatwT, pbompt. 69. 
ckiwpieilj A.Sax. vCivymvi, O.L.Om-m, cOl>on. 

O.Fria. kjipiu, O.Ietl. kaiipii, Goih. Liii- 

pou, O.II.Germ. i-ti.iiifiill, rlioilfon. cfuaptH 

(coup), fuiere: pit] ebutel moa luai lu\o 

cheapo uoK. 1, 271; ch^poa Oaw. 1271; 

ch^pin "h'eUAri", I'Romi'T. 72; vhvyv Ciuuc. 

C. T. i> 268; coupv IIavki.. 1800; vii\vin 

Lina. M. p. lO.*!; ciieaiiPil fpre$.J a. r. 

190; cheptfde fprHj Octov. ^89; ebi'M 

ItAxaL. B 13, 380; cheapt'dpo Mat. 21, 

ckraplld niT^o^f'iitnji, A. K. 418. 
rfa^plngr, A.Stu: ccapiius:, emptio, mfrmttu, 

''/orum". Hox. 2. 2U; Ui. 23413; Wii.i.. 

1822; Lakol. 4, 43 (56); cht-ptD^ Jul. 

52; ibi'epinKtt "/oro", Wirr,. Mat. 11. 16. 

obppiiigbnjic Obm. 15573. 
chnutc, A.Siix. wasU Btrifo, iiapttUt emtm- 

lioH, A. R. 200; cheastc. cbioffto ATXML 

65 & 67; cbeste Shubku. 113; Octov. 

754; fiooR ch^Rto o. a. k. 177; wl^iittro 

chC'Sto Riru. 5143; s. s. kd. Wb. 1638; 

chi'CKk' Laxol. n 13, lO^I; rbust MtBr 33K. 
chef, O.Fr. cbff. chief. cAi*/. Itoii. 74; Max. 

ED. F. 940; chief Bek. 1003. 

chiefoite chit/ city, p. l. s. XIII. 42. 

cboEstlward Will. 3841. 
rhef ai« rliaf. 
cheisU *cc chai&ol. 
rkrk, 0. Ft. pschof , eJuiek, proui't- 7 1 ; choklcea 

fdtJtaUJ TuBV. 3, 231; cbi-s, O.Fr. t- 

achfui, cAmi, Crauc. n. Hl. 610; plaic 

at-p chcs ATKXB. 52. 
cbfkf M< L-heukv and chcuke. 
ckrkkiu chtck, pbuupt. 72; chckt* (pmj 

Lanol. c 21. 287. 
chrkrr, O.Fr. (wchckicr ff'ekiquitrj, ^JUutyr, 

exthnitur, AYS.NB. 45; vctchckur Fu A- 




: esohokor. chekor Lakol. 4. 2(5 


rbrkfrrdi ciuvbrrad, PittiMPT. 7'2. 

rbrldr ■<■*• ki'ltk-. 

rkMr, .4.Sax. cHc, cfh', cile, from cul, /n- 

kgu», Lai. nOHll: Orm. ir>ir<; MISC. 74; 
KoB. 7; Hi'Ec. 110: ayknb. T-S; p. 8. 
Sriii; lli»w. ti. :it'.H: LAxni,. 1. ill: tiiV|»- 
<liT bi'.iii* Hit cht'U- Kath. 17i'l: in fic 
tiiir)iliiill' ... no nun tu> ni>ih'|> Fur chhle 
TiiKAT, I'M; cLiK* Bkanh. :t. 
rhrllr, J.Sax. i\\U\ ivllc. O.Hjifrm. i:\mA\j\., 

ttifihultitH, IIOM. 1, lil3. 

. rhnurat, r.liiiuL'U^tf. Fr. ctiemiuve. cAimnei/, 
I Cnxcc. C. T. A 3776: cliiint'iii-i' Laxol. 

i:». Wit. 580:l. 
rhrnisr, /■>. difmitii-, rA^WMu*, rki.. ant. I, 

I J'.i. 
rlimr «v rhino. 
cbMkr I 

cbeke-. rbukt^fiil choh''ftiil, d. Arth. 15ri2 

cht'kc-, rhokt'liMi snjoea&ifit, IIali.iw. iiict. 

rh^kra, jl.finr. ta)a'Oi-iaiil?|. fAol;; cbi'kin 

"•wjjTycvW. pRiiMiT. 72: clu-kv ii. s. :jl92: 

chtiki^ih' ffn-fl.j Trkv. -i, i;t9; eomp. u- 

rkralff A.Stix. wtiU'. 0,l>ttt^rh kt-l.', a//. 

OfTH*. vhrlix, gttitt, ffuUiir: iiiartn'K cIk'mIo 

I'. 1.. ». Vlli. IK2. 
rbrnrli .i.Snjr. i-corl. L.dtrm. kerl, *A«i*/, 

KUAdM. 2; La). 4200: uisr. litH; |>i ni- 

rliporl A. K. SIJ; rhi^rl "rmtit'un". Win.. 

vfi^u. 17. Iti; Ohm. 147HH; st. orn. a. 

KK. 2715; A1.IH. .'i:>y8; Will. 4; Iw. 

268; (.'halt. 0. t. d 2IK2; pv cIktI is 

def Bi-Kc. Ill: i\ jrii't i-lii-rl Lamil. Ti. 

204 cir.Oi; ohrrl. I'.hiirl tl. ck. 221: 

rhurl Lido. m. p. 182; rliL-ork'-s ((^^b>irl(>»1. 

^^KrJinrlrs />/./ a. p. 2. 12&8; pa onrU'N A 
» |»;i (twfiiifn A: |'a t'hctirlfs Lai. 1I!*04; 

chi'rieti "i.rni"\ Tbkv. :t, -il'i; ))iin' i-lii-r- 
Iph |»im' bini' itAVEi,. G2U; cbcurlvu fiint. 
pfj Lai. 2i:i:u». 

i'lu*rlllcb cfiitrfy, riutmtji: cbcrllllicbi' Ira- 
\'-I H 14 L. KCi:Li;rl 27, 7. 
rbrrlKb, J.Sur. ocoi-lisr. chttriith, ruMt'ctu, 
Wici,. iux:Li'a 7, HJ. 

rhfmrn, A. Sax. rfiiwin, O.L.Gfrm. kiosan, 
O./crf. kiosu. O.Fri$. fciusa. titii-su, Oo/A. 
li]u>i:iii. O.H.Ofrm. i'\\\u»m\. cbiasuii. ehootf, 
f/iffrrf.hAt. 151I7;Kat». I8l»4: A.R.2i2; 
SFKC. 62: clu'osv u. a. k. l-{4:l; IIukn ki>. 
liiT«. r»ii(i; Ai.i!». Ifir.9; rhifsi-n h«m. I, 
21H; I'liifs*' AYK.VB. Hit; emu Sax. ciirok. 
250; ciii'sen 0km. ;I218; h'1*. r.ES. A, KX. 

34211; ai. t. 1>3: cbusiii i-bumpt. 73; cboso 
Lanol. b !.•», 38; PK, c. 79; ehi^t /ptfM./ 
Shohkh. 100; L-liL'Os (imper.} a. 11. 102; 
chi's. I'biM'* t'iiAr(\ r. T. A l-'iHr*; choas 
fprd.J H. M. 1*1; AYKNu. 77; c-lidps LAr. 
121 75 ; Okm. £541; cbtfii »<T. kkn. a. >:x. 
433; Makd. 2; PR. 0. 3132; PniirKV. 
1207: AiLAi). Ku. Kt^iis. XLVl: cheos 
Will.. I-T. Hi; ("HArr. l*. T. K 214S; 
|»ii iliua* Mamii. Ut; i)iL-it) ciirt'B (i.'hosriii 
Lai. 088i); rust'ii Sax. riuioN. 250; clm- 
soD 8T. nxv. A, XX. 543; Uavhi*. 372; 
Lasgl. pkiil. 31; Maxd. 22&: v^wrnf Bkk. 
1»8«; roivii fpaH.J Lai. U;:I5H: kun'n 
Ukvkm 770; ciirri A.m. a. .\.miu 1431; run' 
rHKiis. ViLiHt. 1:21; cUitwn, vnvn ps. 17. 
27; i-hus(>n Ukm. 9023; !)Uno. 225; emnp. 
li'i-lK'Osen ; rfwi'r. r<»-st, cuiv. i'H8li\ chiUi.'. 

rhrosfr*" chooser: rln-oscrs. olimTs {p!.J Tbkv. 
5. :i))H. 

rh^)tUB;;c chooting, huh. 2. H*. 

rbniw«u, J. Sax. wopiUi pnrf. r*>:ij». O. fl. 
fi'rrwj. rliituvail piv/. clion, fO.Icel. tvjrsr- 
va, t_VL'UJ;i /JT/it. Ifi.irtrl, (lAtfiff {ehotc, ehitfj, 
nutniirrr, tAjftrgiirf: "■liii.-M',* ayhnh. Ill; 
rlit'p<-ii fum. flu'^ijX'luil Ohm. 1241; elu'|ie 
HfjM. 2. 183; obco|>0(I. cbpuii|>oJ fpi-fx.) 
A. B. 80 ^ «4; ftiil U' &: i-bioptMl (print'- 
rrf flllMIKull !«■ II. «. 31; cbewi'^ CilAl-t. 
U T. A 3090: bi'srtps ]«il I'lu'ttm i]'»t 
bi>ro ro<b' Masi». 20; «-liV>Wf fmtlij.J Mi»r 
255; ort»i/t. lorhi'OweiL 

rbeiiin} A. Sax. .cd|)aii, f^imn. rtndet-f, Jll. 

02; cheptaii fprd.J Mabk II, 15. 
rbcr, A. Sax. mr, ryrr, <K fl.Herm, cher, 

thar fchtrj, rnfio, ricM; cbi-rir /"(A//.^ Lai. 

8350; Ukvks 3101; ttt ouc tbcrru A, u. 

324; ebi-'iv u. w. 23; fio biui ilvd . . . 

■pikt'n & rb»>in's mm. I. 137; cbarrps 

(Jaw. 1074; rliari.s Tcjw.v. .mist. 100; 

eoiap. ji'incbur. 




rWr, O./V. diPr, rhior, eariia, 
clK-rli cheerfy, AVii.l. ti2. 

rkrrrhr *ff rliinn-lip. 

tiitn, O.Fr. cli&re. chiero, cheer. Mahii. ^\ 
Misr. 40; Bkakd. fi; pe. r. 1636; chi'rri' 
"ru/tut", PROUPT. 72; luakien him irlwlt- 
ch&r*' A. B. liX); wij» riit a miTk- t-hfen- 
k'lu'erot CuAuc. C. t. a 857. 

ch^rU, O.Fr. chei^r, cAwr, "hUarare', prompt. 
72; chorid fpart.J Win^ Rith 3, 7. 

«hrrl» O.Fr. coriKC. £a/. (Trnsiiui, chmrrtf, 
I-ROMPT. 72; rhiries fpl.J Lakgl. 6, 2niJ 
17. 281). 

rheriston ck^ry-ttont, priimpt. 72. 
cbi'ritre eh4ny-tref, voc. 181. 

rkrHtsen, /V. rhrrir, eherith: (hi^rsjii prompt. 
7S; fbcrisso, chcrisclK' fimptr.) (.'hauc. 
V. T. K 1388; chi'risohwl ^/wW.; a. p. 
2. 543. 

rkfrl tt« climrl. 

ckerrfif A.Sax. corran, cjrran. cirrnn. O. 
L.iierm, keran. O.FHt. kcra, 0. II. Germ. 
clicnen ;»■*<. cherti, r&rlH-f, rati: clieaiio 
JtL. 35t; oharrp Mapkh 348; yii\ pivi's 
and cliiliire dctten rhftron nr. okn. a. ex. 
1712; chare h. f». 2062: rhariii a nai 
«w<<ri, prompt. 70; Liu. (!ov. Sa."*; 
rhiirrc ffren.) (Jaw. IK7.S: hpan it- ,i;t"'n 
clitTix' (rttfri^J uoM. 1. 7ft: ohurrc|i rei-.. 
AST. 1, 172: cher me from siirine hom. 
1, 215; citc-arroii ftubfuHtiJ KAxn. 22GI: 
chonle fpret.J o. a. n. 1608; chprdi', rliwr- 
(le, 'luiHr Lai. 7234, 28744 k 3in.'i4: 
rhcrdpQ (rhnrdpnl . . . aioln Mabii. 3: 
r-harde A. p. I. 607; tomp. hi-, ichem'n. 

rkfnrn(r), A.Sax. corHllo. M.L.Germ. kcr- 
vi'1.% 0.7/.tfrt-w. chcrvob, /tf/. rai'Vcfuliiim, 
ekmril, phompt. 73; cluTveles, chorvi'llrs 
fpfj IiANOL. » 6, 2!)6. 

rkcniR ^ korviD? prompt. 73, 

rk(B *fv chek. 

rbHr, -<.-Stfx. c*«e, IM. cAseii*. rA^tw, hom. 

1. .^^3; IfAVKr*. 643; Mand. 272; K. <i. 


rhtoebollr ekfne-hmd, "pitpatfr", pbiimvt. 
73: chMwllo vt«-. 190. 

rlii'ti^tt chftte-i-nt, voc. 202. 

rliJ^^i'kjAt' ehffut-tttlf. prompt. 73. 

rlit'slPjK' ehffaf^tp. v<k: 222. 
ck^»pi mt* dteoiiPii. 

rhfstklpj O.Fr. oliosablo. elinsiiblo. ehtnVf. 

rKOMHT. 73. 

rbrsAn, /ur ondu^u, s. a. r». >Vr. 680; 

I'lu'soun AiAA. 3330. 
rknic Mw rliistc, 

rhrslrr, A. Sax. cMster. Z^/. caslnini. "rf- 

r/^f*". FRAr.M. 4: Mat. 5, 3.1; Okm. ft47H; 

L'hfstre fArar^-r, p. l. s. XII 1, 27. 
chete, A.fks. cctc, c.vto ^etlfaJY lioiHc ns 

h:ikp in chote spki*. 31. 
ckftrl, A.Stix. cotol. O.l'h's. ketel. sxetel,'! 

iML-td. O./ff/. kctill. O.II.Oerm. clipzil, 

^tffUjEr, "WTMitt*", KitAt^u. 4; Jii.. a .%4; 

chotil w. A. I. 23; ki'tit, rlii'til prompt. 

273; kptrl "/^W, ps. 107. 10; clu'tok-s, 

koti'l.H fplj Win.. LEviT. n. S.**. 
rkrtrl iw r.atoI. 
chfi, //om elifowi-n. cAnr, chmc (jatej, iii«i»-' 

dtuaU'o, ohjurgfitio; friirmrni' pIlN HOM. 

2, 121; chest & viiiy f printed vhrji) RKU 

A«T. 1, 131, f printed i.-Iii>h I hom. 2, 13; 

comp. iriicu. 
rhrvilcrirj Fr. cht* valeric, ehiealry, nunx. 

EynL. 22-%: chevalri^ ohivnirio CHArO'] 

C. T. A Ah. 
rhrtrl »ee cIi»m-1. 
rhrteii 0. Fr. chevir fr*nir it ehffj, ehierft 

Ijanoii. pbol. 31: v\w\v \Wx. S-'iit; oh(>viH«r 

('HArr. roMi-L. )U. 280: cht've /'frrti. «**/./ 

Peorkv. 465. 
rkrinr, A.Sax. cvf(«p (f), O.H.Otrm. rlio- 

Itisjt. concnhiHe, Lai. 384; MaBii. 3. 

^h^'^('.«l^^>^'•ll bom of aeonruUuf. IjA», 4334, 
rkrtrliln, O.IV. t-hovctain. ehi»flitin, SnttiiGH. 

112: Mas. ku. F. ^779: clio\eU'iii BtK. 

2.'>l; WiM.. 337ft; tee <x\uU\\\\. 
t\it'%\v»untt, O.Fr. rhe\isfRinc<', eheriaanet, 

TH-Mr. f. T. II 15in. 
fk^J> -r'- I'hy^H. 
rkiMlr, O.Fr. ciboiith'. /?. ri|>ult;i. rAiiirf 

/'i*r3«/^. PBOMPT. 74; f]\}\*o\W(i fpf. J Uaxci^ f| 
6. 21)6 (7. 28n. 


rblfkf, O./'f. clii.hc, Z<i/. ciivr; cliictiiit ^y.y 

WicL. 2 KixoB 17. 28. 
rklehr, Fr. diicho, I'liArr. & a. 5588; a. 

r. I. 604. 
Chlrhpslrff A.Sax. CironHii^r, ChiehetUr, Hob. 

2; i'i.-.-s)ti' MISC. 1 l.'t. 
rkirfr, .'f..SAJ-.(^<t4'i(l, eontntiiM, Mapr« lt41 



I.F.N. A. F.x. '2722: Vi oliifli'D jitrm {mi 
sci'lil iiKi.. AST. I, I8:J: •.imliii "conUHiierv", 
i-BiiMiT. 74; rliitle u. A. N. 'JK7; aykxu. 
67; lAsiOL. 4. ^9 l<52); p. 51; chideJ 
/IHTM.J A. B. lOK: chit h. m. 81; chit 
. . . f*ul ^odo iioM. 1, 103; '--hid o. a. 
n. lS:[:t; chi^hle fyrHj tt. a. x. 112; 
Chac(J. C t. a :J0011; c-hidil'.-D "liligabttut" , 
Wiru JuHX 6,5.*}; sT. (iKK. A. KX. 1927; 
hi ihiiWo Ukk. 1010. 

rhidrrr, A.S/ix. ricli<r{> i?). ekidfr: ehidai' 
I'ROjnT. 74 ; ohidcres f^l.j \,K^ai.. b 
|(». 4.^ 

rhidrslrrf jtirgalrix, ('ifAu*'. C. t. k iriJVn. 

rhidiflsr, J.fitix. vuUiat:. chittiny.x^Etin.'M). 

rhirHf-n a-^ chroson. 

rklKca. J-Arx. cvccn. cicvn. L.Gent*. kiikou. 
thickfH^ "pnl/iu', KBAfm. :t: rhckiii pmiiiPT. 
74; chikvwe /^pij ilKT. 2-1, 37; lkb. Jk». 
4SU; cbikt'ni's, chikiu's CnAft:, C. t. a 
380; chicne uiL'tc. A.Snx. ciU'Oua luete. 
rt/iiW, riuuH. 3: chikne met« kel. ant. 
1. 37. 
'Iii'kiuwCiI ehieheetd, I'KOsii'T. 74. 

rkikkift thiekt "pu/lulart", riiuurr. 74. 

rklld, J.Sax. rild. (OJ.Xinm. O.Frit. kind. 
O./'erm. chind. chiut], cht'iil, uttttu, /•'- 
b^r, pufT, Lai. 2Wr.: ]):it child o. a. v. 
!4tja: KuB. 10: fiet child ayknu. 84; 
Jsit «-or])i child Will. 541; cliildPK /'^i.y 
Obx. 8ortr>; it is uo cbihios jdei (-ualc. 
C. T. K ir.30: fhildr fiiai.J st. hkn. a, 
KX, IIG<>: pif» i-hildc p'tn sriw. 82; child 
fMM. chrldl /'p/.y Mat. 21, 15; childrfl 
ifoy. I. 7a; Lai. ri317; i>rm. 8005; st. 
OKS. A. KX. 7ir>; \x.i». 4H38; vu. CR. 
TSfi; Tub. 2043; childcrc liti. Cot. 30; 
fhildrc. thildrcn uuai. 2. 17 & I!); o. a. 
31. I>:H; rhildrcii a. k 334; Kkk. 24; 
Uaxd. 241); rhihln-uo /.^m. jil.J Lai. 
15303; A. R. 422; rhjhircnc, children 
I.Ax«i.. 4. 103 (117t; chihlm. childcn 
fdnt. pl.J Mat. 14. 21 ht la, 3S: rhil- 
drrn Lai. 12002; evmp. cuavc-, moder-, 
childMI rhUdhtd, miic. 2, 47; li|r . . . 

A rhildlMdiic Ui>K. 370. 
chlldhC'lt- childhood, aybsb. 82; childhado 
fiat.^ Katu. 70; childhOil*) a. b. 314; 

childtiOdc riT. GEN. A. KX. 2652; OnAuc- 
C. T. B ItiSn. 

childli^S chiUltiS, ^T. UKN. A. KX. DliO. 

childli chiidl^, "pturiiit", VVici. Too. 1, 

4; Howl. I. 64. 
rhildli, jO.n.ftfrm. chiodonl. ehiU, "pars- 
re*, I'KitMiT. 74; }»(• slijil . . . |)in pif 

.in suuc rhildf*!! ))ny. l.MJ; rliildi aykkh. 

224; cliiWt' AuiH. t>04; cliililido i^^rf.y 

Wifu. OK-NKs. 4, 1; childed Paht»:n. 1157; 

chiJdwt fpartj 3dAsii. 133. 
rhlMlnsf puerfKrinm, ^VIt:L. qknbk. 25, 24; 

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childish, A.Sax. rildiHc, (O.II.Germ. chin- 

(tisc.*r|. childish, Lanol. h 15, 145. 
cbitdtif piuTtlityY idcluo'so and chilce p. l. 

s. VIll. 4; HOM. 2. 220; snsc. 58. 
rhilf xft' cliole. 
cbilindiT, Fr. cylindrr, cjfliadtr, C'HAUC. C. 

T. B 1306. 
rbillla, M. L, Germ, killcn ? sAiU, algere, 

I'KUMPT. 75; thiltande fptirt.J d. .:UtTU. 

20rt5; rliillcd fpra.J a. p. 3, 308. 
cbinbCf O. Dutch kimiiK', chia^, ora : the 

strepui 4if lif nou dn>{>[K>]) on pp. chiFuhc 

OHAirr. a T. A 3805. 
chlmbfj chime eymbalnm^ c. ». 12103; chimo 

PBOMIT. 75; rhiiubes fplj ps. 150, 5; 

Mak. ki). F. 11387. 
rblmbcH, Swed. kimhii. Dan, kimo, chime, 

tinuirti : chinilw Chauc. C t. a 3806; 

chiuiiu i'BOMPT. 75 ; cbioio GoW. 2. 13. 
rhinbtraj O.Ioei, kintlila ftitide i del sfagu 

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chiMrn^ tm chenicnS?. 
rbii, A.Sti. vmfm.yj voc. 43, cinoo n.f^J 

KrrM. lex. 391, O. Icti. kinn /., O. 

Duifh kinno /., Goth, kiniius /., O.Il. 

Germ, chinni /, LaL s*'"". Gr. jevj^ /. 

ehiH, "mfftlum", I'Romvt. 75; Masd. 107; 

|i.inp chill Lai. SI48; chiniiP fdtU.J u. a. 

s. 0(i; treat. 139; \^\- tAnip ((aoc viss 

hi }>c |>rot«! ,ind hi ]iu rliinnc aybkb. 50. 
cblnfhr, O.Fr. v\i\nc\v:(i),"p«rparcua",vfi.imvT. 

7.".; H. ». Ki>. Wbb. 1244; lUvKU I7t)3 

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rhlnrhrrlo "parrimoHta', pbompt. 7r>. 
rbiiir, .i.Sitr. I'iiu. OJiuUk kt-ni', ,/r9iw cliiiK'n, 

fhine, iin, rima, i'AKTK.v. 4;t4:t; rliinr, 

cliono "hiatus \ Tukv. I, 2:13 ^ 415; 

IjkNOL. c 21, 287; cht'iKi Palu 1, 450; 

cliino« 'V/wwm", Wicr^ I«. 2. 21; ohin<^. 

kini'K Man. kik V. 1720 \ 13i)7t>: C9m/h 


7R; Ai.m. r124fi; n. Auth. »3ft0. 
fblnrVf A.Sax. (tuVinuu, O.L.Grrm. kinan. 
6'«fA. kohinn. O.H.Germ. rhin:ut. A"''', ^i'- 
kivre: (•at liiiik''|» lieorti- I'liiiK'U /'in*, cliy- 
w\\\ misr. 7iJ; fliiiic Pali., rt. Ut*.'; rhinod 
fprM.j n(«i. 2, llKl; |H»t p|ps lie !trok<'»l 
u<* cliincJ I. K:t; ^t> 4'i>rn . . . rlunoth 
LKR. JK8. r>rt4; chAn ^^M.^ Alim. 2228; 
iU'|> litr IiorHi-O cluiii Abth. a. Mh«i.. 
77B4; (cliiiml /"/wr/.; l. h. r. !42|; 
cnmij. I'H'liinen; dtriv. rhino. 
rhlpi^r chip, ''aMufa", rBOHPT. 75; chi|i]tfs 
(pij Gow. 1. 106; Cmahc. C. t. a 3748. 
rhippri, .i.Nffj-. (l'i>r)(Ti|>|>itin. O.Duteh kipprn. 
ihtj'. MiJtrf'^ rhi|>|>o Uauijw. 'iHi'T. 2.*>0. 
rblrrrJifi .4. Sax. riru4\ rvrirr, O.L.Oerm. 
kirikii, korika, O./cei. kirkj;i, O. f/.O'rrm. 
chiriiiin. Or. xuptctxij. X'>ptax6v. eAurch 
rkirlj, Laj. 26140: kkl. art. I, I2t>: 
rhir<"hc'. rluinliti a. b. 22 A; 2M; ». a. s. 
tiO(*; rlu'r<^Ii(> WIST. :)1; rlicri-li" ayknu. 
7; lidw. 1, <>:•: cbirclir, kirke I.aniii.. <>. 
9:1 (7. H4); kirkf <)hm. 3.%:II; Havki.. 
36; rliiirlii'ii fy/J i'liHos. K»<it.. 1*2^^; 
i'hiirrlim IIkk. 1414; eoutp. liovftk'hirrln-. 
rliiiedu'rluri' misi'. 151. 
cltirrlifcuiig mom. 2, 47: c)iirrli«tton^ ht. 

ttwt. A. iix. 246:,; Kurt. MHO. 
rliinvhrirrul I.Ai. 22h22; rhirrrltorrritt A. 

B. 174. 
rhinli'irnrJ ehurehjnrd, \. s. :tlH*; chii- 

f-lioiaM LKO. l.Ml; rliiirrhjeni Hbk. 2217; 

kirk)-pLT(l Oku. 1.'>254. 
Hiirt'hphiii vih*. 17H; Ahtii. a. Mkki.. 

ti7;iK; ''III n- till ill .Minr :]:10'; i-liirrln ii' 

fHittJ A. R. ;ii«. 
chirvbrhawc s. s. £U. Wkh. 2625; Tbev. 

.&, 65. 

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-rliirrhrn-vr (ItiAif*. (!. T. n i;*07. 
cliircbosunfr 0. A. y. 984. 

chirchRCk-oc hom. 2, 89. 

th^ielMmiu AVKN'K. 41. 
rhIrktB chirk; "dridrrt, tihilarf'\ PHnwrr. 

76; diirkojt as a sparwy Ouauc. C. t. 

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rhlrm, A.Sax. cirm. cvnn. thirm, dimor : 

rliiniu! /'dfU./ o. A. I*. MOr>. 
rhlrMrn, .-t.S/t.r. r\, rimiiin, O. litdeA 

krrmrri, M.LXirrm. koriuon. kurmen. thirm^ 

elatnarf, a. b. 1A2; rhirmod ^prtt.J Pai^ 

TKX. 878; coin;/, birhinucn. 
rklmr, A.Stix. rrn-u (?). O. ItitttA kpim*. 

rAwri* fchertt, kfittj,' rBuMi'T. 76; kirn« 

VMC. 2(t2. 
rhlmfn, A. Sot. i'4*rrMn •'/>. O.HtUch korncn, 

(hum: rlnriit* prhmpt. 76. 
rhlrpra chirp, Hridrr^: rhirpp m. t. 102. 
rhirphlgr chirping, "gnrritut", PBuMPT. 76. 
rhltf M-c rhi'iKf. 
chisri, A. Sax. risel. ccosol. O.Dntfh kiyjcl, 

OJf.Grrm. rliisili frahnlwij, ekitfi, j^/oretf, 

^imbHfutH", l-fluMI'T. 76; cliL-soli* /^f/.y Lnu. 

Cov. 56; (wm/if. HJindrliiisL'j. 
rhl»el, f'.^V. risfl. rA»Jw/, tca/prttm, PKuMrr. 

76; SiioKKH. lo7. 
rhlslr, A. Sax. risl. nst. n-sl, O./w/. O.ff. 

tltrui. kiKtt, y^. riKta? chefi fehi^, kiti), 

Bbk. 2458: cbr«U' "/oetifm", pbaum. 3; 

J»ii chfsU' I.i'KE 7. 14: itop r.lii>fit(> Lau 

2785S; rliijttc. kiste ^dat./ Havbi^ 3231 

A: 2018; kii^tr Pkbikv. 2100. 
fkilrrrn, I'hiin'n chitUr^ ffarrirF, OuAiro. 

T. ci I:'.;i7: Hiitrc Cm-. 2. 318. 
rkltlrliBi: chtUnhug, hilU, i-ftoMiT. 76. 
tkfttc ehit. "ctttHiu*", V4H.*. 177; chitlos "w- 

/k/w", Wici.. Is. 34. 15. 
rkUalrir «v cltcvjilcnc. 
rkitdrii chttfl, rumpi Y hi« rhekcH . . . )»i!i 

<iiivr|<'il for I'l'lf Langl. b 5. 193. 
ckitcHa thiter, horrerv, vruhpt. 76; rhiio' 

reo (cbivcrini in ise b. ». V («i«c. I7i)tj 

chivere k aeirnVv 1.. 11. b. 144; I 

rhi'vrriil for clieir n. .Vrtii. 3391. 

rki^r, A.S4X. n-n? vim-. 29, vhouyh: ehMD{«< 

. "M»jiM/*t/«", viK.'. 177; rhniKlio Tbkv. 4,, 

307: ihojon (pl.j i: l. s. XVU, J85j 

Jio rn>wrs and ^ clioiiglH^H Maxd. 59. 
eh«bj O./V. chni«i. rAom, K*in. Ill; Tur. 

4. 385. 

choisli rAoiVw/y, Will. 1753. 




<'lioi»)»iii ;illf f»i> IkkIi in siiijilt' (H'os 
Mand. 'Jfll; rhop fituper.J Lanc.l. A S. 
253; (-h'>p}it(l (part.J n. .Urii. I02t>. 
rhosl KM rheastf. 

rbflll tee rliavt-j. 

rliirkfii chtH-l. tingulUrr: Ii*- ^-Imkki'lh wlian 
lu' hatli .1 nini itVniniic Cuaiic. II. t. b 

rhilTtrf rhoITe chuff, "rusticua", pkhmit. 77. 

rhiffrr fgfhfior^ T«iws. mvst. 'Jlii. 

rhRffiiK jncMioY (»aM. 12177. 

fhallrH agef«, peUereY and rhlillos hilti as 
raca ilou A hiillt; Hali.iw. niL'T. 24D; we 
hafc hpn rhasoil f't ilaio aofl vhiilltNl ;is 
hares u. Arth. 1144. 

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amant: JKit wiis rluisr iL'hisii) of |tr chil- 
de Ki>. Sk. 49; itpiu iiii wis «nt 
rim iKL. AKT. 1, 12:j: jxr htili is uf l<> 
mnu chis Ams. ki>. Wbb. 32!)4; cbosin 
ful fhise Lui). Cov. 180. 
ehifili A. p. 2, 543. 

rldalsu, fiyaM. ciclitlon fttmictmij 
nicrms.. a tort nf gutmriil^ or ninjf', lIlLK. 
TUKs. I. 22">: <'HALC. C. T. 11 I'.t24: i- 
M'hnid mid )ip;tc cidatnnD uoai. 1. It'U. 

cklf, />. cycle, ryf/f, Trxv. 5, 877. 

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rinanBw, /^^ ciiiiuniuiu, ciimavunt, i'iiu.Mrr. 

rinrirf] /V. ccndrt'? cimlrf's fpf.J >Usb. 

101 ; «w sindrr. 
riprfs, O./'V. ciprw. pypifM, \rv.nn. I'-il: t. 

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rirrHM, /^/. riiviim. 

rin'MHi'iisfn n'rcitmwe: ar*mmriscti fjtart.J 

KT. OKIC. A. KX. 1200. 

circniunsiun ct'rrHuiems'i, hum. I. 83. 

rirc'uit eireuit, ('iiArt-. t". t. a IHS7. 

cirfniiist«iirc cireuMdanee : circuinslimnceH 
rpfj A. iL Slfi. 
Circiiffstrf Ctrente*lrr, K"n. 2. 
Hr^rrir, 0,Fr. rinir^iir, ^Mrycy, Thauc. C. 

T. A 4 1 a. 
clrKr;;iaB, O.Fr. firur^'icn. aurfffon, Hob. fttiH; 

Miiirirn'n. Niir^fit-n Chatt. ('. t. r. 20-1; 

surfHvD Lahol. b 20, 308. 

riunrf, 0. Fr. cisoiro«, mitMr», ^forftx', 

I' 7)5. 
fi>|priir, O.ff. rist.'rnc. ciiffrn, pkhmpt. iil. 
rflnrinn, Fr. citation, eii^ttion. Hub. 47d. 
rill', Fr. dto, eiljf, a. h. 228; aj«<:. 3ti; 

ST. UES. A. Kx. 26<>9; Mand. 244; Chauc. 

0. T. A 2701; TH. 45. 5. 
cHelm^ O.Fr. citvicn. citnen: citcKciii (.-i- 

Uiii'iuVj (iow. 1. 7Ji; citi'it'iiH fpi.J Wji.i,. 

3850; citcjcnis K. g. 2!1; citespins Tbev. 

4. \'l^. 

rllnlr, 0. /V. citolc, « tnntt'eai inttrumfHt, 

<'nArr:. C. T. A I95f». 
Hdn, O.Fr. rii'm, r/oM, prompt. 79; sioitnii 

fplj p. L. a. XXXV. 74. 
rinti Fr. nvo; rivps /"p^.J citt$, pkomi-t. 78. 
rlarhf, 0. IM^'h kliicki'. chit, iff pitacn/mn; 

kl.ikkf V(k:. ISO; i'kosii'T. 79. 
cltrkfii, O.lluitk klitokoD, O.hd. kldkii, ekek, 

garrrre: d.-ikc; h. c. c. 54; ^i clackcslt) 

i>, \. N, 81. 
rlriarn, A.ii<ix. clibuiuD. O.DaUh klpptiien, 

O.U.Geriu. rhipinirn. titam (thim)^ liH^re: 

cloime Liun. m. p. 53; clomp':* fyret.) 

SACRAM. 708; rlcino (imptirj Pau^ 3, 

S71; cKmiip lilt with Hjii A. i-. 2, 312; 

plpliiPilc "linifit". Win., EXOI). 2. ii; <Jo»t//. 

cl»n«; A.i<ux. fllfejii? fmHHdm, purtuj, O.I.. 

Germ, clone frxilitj, O.Dutch cli-uo /'/Hcr- 

I'ru. humili». nuhiiit'i. mtiHdiisJ. (t.J/.fj'erm. 

rhloiupr fsuhtHigJ, cfraa. mumlm. puru*, 

rtiduji: difeiH) icloiirp) iiuki Lai. rt21H); 

clyne o. a. s, 684; sr. gkn. a. kx. 605; 

llKAcr. C. T. A 504; ilt^m* brfttl (Irm. 

1590; c\bn<i vntor Ron. 4.'15; rloancr in- 

pit A. B. 2; cIpii*'. klono, i^lii'iu* ayknu. 

5. ITiit «r 224; rl;1nf m. t. 20(5; m« mai 
no man c16ik? tnlit- Bek. 128; VnrliKcr 
&ne hit dudfi for nllc ctiiop (rloam) Lai. 
t32A4; pl^untTC fcmnpar.J p. h. 8. XXI, 
98: liASdi.. B i;i. 29ti; ch'-nnpst fmtptir- 
h(.J LA.NrtL. n U. 4:J. 

i'IiKiilr;r puritaK, Ohm. 4()22. 

rlwnlrch eifotily: rlonllplie pli>t>inp) ayknh. 

21(5; rl(-nIlcho fadv.J a. b. 344; Bkk. 

130; PL. ca. 229; dinllrbp p. l. s. 

XV. 65. 
r*)i':in!MThi|)# purttai, h. m. 21. 
rl]riiirM«| A.Hnx. rltbuncss, cAmnww, Okm. 




4rin8; ritfniiosho a. r. IKI: u. a. k. 401; "201; oastitjis |»ft is rlonrSM- on 

ICiiLrlisc injji. I, 105. 
rlirihini, .A.Sujr. rlrensiao. c/mwe. inmitLiri; 

pitrificare: cUasiva riLKtM. 7; rlt^nsrn a. 

It. ol4; /■*««. rl('itn<it'nn) 0«m. Il2i>; i-li-n- 

'•i SiiuM:n. 50: clviuso Lanui., h <>, 100; 

rltiiisi II. A. X. (ilO; rli'itiKn .Minr i.'ii); 

rl^ngoil fprmj uojt. I, 83; cl^nscdi! fprd.J 

BOM. 1, 237; cl*iisoil ^fart.J pb. c. 37«ri; 

r'<«t^), lrl>•■^^nson. 
rlrii»>Nj;rf ,4.Sux. cliitusuiifr, clnnuing, irim. 

2. HI; I'K'nsing Ohm. I'»000; cKinsiitge 

LEO. 99. 

dalj J.Sax. fl*p, O.tris. klaj. f/»y, /it^M, 

»BL. ANT. 2, 210: /"mf. diiy) mpkc. 85; 

-U-IS. ill5; j'H. c. 411; r\t>\ VHMiV. .t; 

/Mi. iliM ( "argiihi", i-komit. 80; Trkv. 5. 

129: L'HAt'c. C. T. o 807; rlrij LEn. 14. 

riMdot ». B. V (MISC. 172). 

clcipit chy-pit, i-humit. 80. 
Hnl c/tiy^^, Wici,. Kiixvs 22, I. 
rltilmrii, O.J-'r. rhmiiT. rlnimcr. r/iri'wi; rl.ii- 

iiii ti irlcimeni ami jlskcti I.a:(Oi.. h 14, 

259; clpinicf" he after clojies Will. 44«I ; 

rl^imod p^uu (juit of fer nonis(? M.ix. 

Ku. F. 4.'i4K: dame Towrx. sirsT. 200. 
flik, .4.S,tx. rhrt- (--l. .V.lI.Oirui. Uiir. ^'. 

/fv/. klnbkr. macaia: jif |tiil ^(t p-l ;up 

li^kcn fra clitkf fc eakc Ohm. 9017. 
rlikkr mv cinrko. 
rlna, (ierta. hiiich Iht». ktmn, cAfm, "glu- 

tiHOJiiui, iiicotHt", i'fti)Mi>T. 79. 
rlAn, .I..Stx. rliun. O.Ihtfrh kl(H>iii. r/orruM 

(tioom), inium; rioiii IjAXgl. A 12, 100. 
clanbcmi, a Av/. kl.imlira (?). c«ngf<ibarr'* 

cliinihD'il fpaitj Caw. 801. 
rUmrrin elamh^r, "repliirt\ i-miMrr. 79; 

«ti:iniii? i\iii clnmhn-ilp [i)i ijsu. 194. 
rlnnvar. O.Fr. clrtmAr. tlamtmr, (Jtw. I. 

:!I; liiAri'. C. t. a 995. 
rliiJ, O.lori. kl.intl. iH)ar»f; cloml Lai. 1 1 70 1. 
rUar im rlri^nr. 
flap, O.DuUh kinp. O.ItXifrm. t-htnpb, i;/-'/!, 

(rtM. A. h. 102*: rXayyvv. fpl.J y\Kn. tit. 

H. I7-1; eotup. ^i)n<'lii|>. 
eliiHT, ^V. rlniiinr; rliiitem fj4.) Ciuuc. B. 

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rlippr, Oerm. kUpfo. klalfe? ehp, "$trtpHm", 

rh^«, O.Dutch khi|)|)o, tilo)>|H^ Jf.ff.Grrm. 
klafTo. t^ap, (rffiUofiiittm, Chaic. 0. t- a 
3144: cln|)}K< of .\ milli' fKOUPT. 79: hold 
|>i>ii ft] clap|io /^ot'^dwy cMBox, ViLOU. 94; 
rlt'|ipe A. H. 70 i 72. 

rUliplii} A. Sax. i-lappian, 0. Frit. O. Av/. 
klii|i]ia, It.L.Oerm. klu|>|K-n. O.U.Germ. 
rliI.i|thon. eiap, •ptdtare", prompt. 79; 
clappeu t<i giJre "compiitd^n" , Wicl. jud* 
GKK 7, 19; cliijipo OcTOT. 5ti9; cUppo|r 
(pre*.) tiiiOBKH. 1U5; rUppo}) iit (te . . . 
irnle C'HArr. ('. t. u 15K1; what «*► nirn 
t:\-AY^ (hlaUrrut) i\x frit> G 965; cUppidc 
(prd.J u. Akth. 956; flappid (pttri.) 
HoccL. I, 394; ««uj>. biflapi>Ofi. 

rlii^ftr L.Germ. klappur. klcpitcr. clapper. 
(riiw. 2, IM; ciipiM' and clappiT he bar 
. . . fts be A niesvl war TuisT. S. 80: 
|i(i rlopp<»r /«w. cU'pcr) of |w niclle a- 
YKKB. 58. 

rlir#, 0./>. riart, clartt. t'ar^, Hatkl. 
1728; LAt'>rp. 344; rlan^t I'Romi'T. 79. 

rUrflfr, O.Fr. cliiile, elarilv, Masd. 8t». 

cUrilflij /'/■. cliirifiiT. e/iiri/y, W hl, S FI^hr. 
8, 82; dnrifirlli fprft.) Lua Ouv. 103. 

rUriMa» O.Fr. rhmi)n. darion. Max. bd. F. 
1 i:tK4; Chait. i:. T. A 2000. 

rlirfrii) rhrt. mactilare; cump. liii'lartt^n. 

rU»p(r)> L.derm. kiaspi-. eia»p (clapt). fihuJn. 
llicu. 4084; fJuspc pbompt. 8.1; rlwp* 
vw. 238: rlflHiMfs /'/i/.; V. 8. 222; a 
Arth. UOS. 

rliKprn chap; rta-ipcd. elapsed /"/wrf.y Chadc. 
0. 1. A 27:i. 

clulmt mit clastrv)) wit* boon cull« p. x. 

rlilrrriif 0./>Hfrh k]at(*n.Mi. dnUtr, dr^prrf, 
Kath. 2020; |io Hrwi'H . . . rlatron fist 
and rin^^i- CiiAlc. C. t. a 2.159; rlnt^rrd 
(pni.) <iAW. 7:tl; claltorctl Liiki. m. p. 
106; «wf. tncl«l<i'i¥n. 

rlslrrer dattcrtr, dkmtr T. 1 1375; cintvnn 
(plj r. p. 271. 

rlnllf crepitaeuinmy promi-t. 79. 

rl4«-, J.Stix. *\M\ «., O.Frin. klath. O.M. 
klifedi. O.HMcrm. kicil n., r/«>/A. jMnniw, 
rM(!('MiMi<MM, Katii. 1428; |>u hrfdimt rjjjl 
k'l ft'iicQ ii')x. 1. 3:3: i^^\\> Ohm. 3208; 
nO Ywwnv rltitt a. r. 418; (-l*'>{i HifK*. 48; 
BsK. 691; AYEKB. 45; CUAUC. a T. > 




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re^iire, OuM. 11710; ilitlliv i>K. c. lift."*:!; 
clt^dcD 8T. OKN. A. EX. 'Jti^tO; rl't))<^n 

Cow. 2. 237; Gam. 72; clofk- Uavki,. 
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Iw. 1787; rlodimlf fpnti.J a. a. Iti; 

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\^^b\^, Rich. 80U7; cMde m. h. 87; 

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Alis. 7702: eleven Katil 20:j7; IIavki.. 
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fl. XXIV, 2:>4; :t7(1K; TiiiST, :t, «; 
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Lai. 2iaaO; ilutV Tows. mvst. 25&; 
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DiiM. 1224: rlovLMi CHAitr. C. t. a 29:J4; 
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of [imlc Thkv. 2, it85; & klewe of jarii 
voc, 157. 

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Kath. 2100; rlrpit'ii. rli-pijii. i-|oo{>U'ii. 
clupion (rlopic. rlcopioi Lai. 852. 2408, 
5045& 20M57; \\f (m poUlo rK>o|iipri liiiii 
16 wet<> A. B. 2(»0; clciiini'ii. eli|(ii'u hum. 

1, IH.J k 180; i-)t^|M>n ()K3i. 15:t25; ilrpiu 
"rofW. PBOMPT. 81; s. s. Kl". Wk. 1452; 
rU'p<'n. (kpo CHArr. C. T. A G4;t; rK'|M^ 
Will. 1200: biwIioppB hp \h\ clipii> Bkk. 
472; rliipii! Kuii. 322; tu )k> i rlvpii* 
aut ralli' spec 50; «l)'<>in'|> o. A. n. 1:115; 
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SiiuiiEH. 107; rl'^ptfift (prttj Lai. IOI; 
ST. OILS. A. ux. 1274; tVn-ov. 750; eko- 
podp tiiparil hfovFOP Mark. 18: cliiptMli' 
Hnns Kii. LvM. 225; rlqu'dcn Onjf. 1207S: 
Whl. .Tuhh. 22. 34: rlfpeJ /"fw/.y Mami. 
a05; TiiK. ;(41; Lanol. b 10. 21; Hop) 
llorix. I, 225; nwnp. li-, je-, in-, wi<I- 

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ATKXB. 24; |fp clipri' lii^lit Lido. .w. p. 

215; cWrure ftmupitrj leg. 98; cIiV'Twr 

ATEXB. 2*17. 

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AYRNB. 155. 

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Lai. :MI: p. u. «. X\7L 50; dirli a. b. 
MIH; CiiAiTr. i:. T. A 480. 
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A. R. G; Katil 75. 

rifrglp, O.Fr. vXvra'u*, tJergy, p. l. s. XXY, 
155; Jos. 171: rlrrirjcs /-/^.yKATH. 538. 

rlf^rBfHW ehnrnru, \.v.n. 170; atknb. 05. M 

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557: kli'vc "euhile", ph. u5, 5. 

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kli^c PS. 0:K 20; rU-ovioii jauu. I^. 171; 
rlivcn st. gkn. a. kx. ;t72; rli-vi-p /'^n*./ fl 
TUKAT. 11J7; vK'Mvii'J Lai. 0;t80: clfvr, " 
clh'P (t^.) Lanul. b 11, 210; i-lpviiod<i 
(pttri.) AYK,vB. 107: rlrfi'do fprttj LrKit 
10. II; tK\»'d»' Hrk. 2242: tlevod Wu.i.. 
7^4; KijivL. I, :n : divoili^ii IIavki.. 1.100; M 
rlt'vcd (port.) HUM. 2. 7-'t. ™ 

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divi UH dido a. p. 2. 1602. 

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rlildK' /"/j/.y MISC. 144; iv uioto boe »d 
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ANT. 1. 24:1; rliliWst fiuprrl.J jaBb. V\, 


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rlir, A.S«x. clif, c!wf, O.lttiirh (i./ul. klif, 

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klif <»Aw. 713; cUr, pK'f Tiikt. ;i. ifiA; 

clivc /'(/'//.y p. 1,. «. VIII. 175; LI B. 

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ft^i./ Lai. 21807: kliffos ps. 1 U. H; 
:li'Vf!# CiiArc. L. 0. w. 14fifi; clivcn /'rffl*. 

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82; Laxou :>, (Ua (6, IM); CHAtf. C. 

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rllmil, ^V. rliiujil. «/rMii<#, LANnr.. c 18, I Ofi; 

('jlAIir. ASTRUL. 2. 30. 

rliMbrn, .'f.Mtij-. i-litiil>:in. OM.f'frm. rliliiii- 
Util. r/tmh friim/, tcitndrre, A. K. HO; 
Obm. 11860; Ohaltc. 0. t. p lOA; dim- 
ben (clembDa) Lai. S.M: Wtrabi* a a. s. 
M;t:i; \Vii,i„ 707; rlimiiu' S^iukkh. ^; 
cIoiuIk' p. l. s. XXIH. 72; i-hnnli /'/>r<r/7 
HRtu'Rv. 122:i; i-hiiii Koii. :V.\'<i; x. i4. kij. 
Ws. 851; cliiiuli, (loiiilt LKti. 74 & 75; 
clonib A. R. ;ir>-t: I'll fhtmlif La?. 214110; 
boo rliinDlM>n 0420; a. b. 244; r1«>iiil>pik 
(Jaw. 2078: »'Imiii1m> fpmt.) Chauc. U. t. 
n 12; irlumlHMi mom. 1, 211; a. b. 178. 

rliBiErB, ji.SaT. ctiutmn. cfinff, Hf emUrah^e, 

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Alis. 015; clin«v «ini clove tun. Cot. 
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Laxol. b14, 50; nnt rli]ivr<'|> s^ f- '■'•^' 
BPKC. 85; kiH Il'M •.'liiiKL'x p«. *'• 82.'t: 
rlauff ^/fvty <•. M. 4l»iH); luH liiiicH rl»ni;i< 
a wui p. L. s. XXIV. 215: climgen. 
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flun^nn m. Artr. 751 ; rloii^i* Pai.l. 
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I'KuMi'T. K2; rlipjKM's fpij Man. kd. IL 

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rliiilrrlp, «./■>. rlistiTP. F/y<rfr;-, Tbkv. 4. 893. 
rlifi', A.fifiT. fliff, M.L.Oerm. klivp, fl. /^«/cA 

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CiiArc, C. T. a 43. 
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rlikr ehok MuhJ,nngHi9, Tiiu'x. mvkt. 334; 

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D. AftTH. 7S12. 
fidkr, Jr. Gael. vWa, cleoca. r/owt, Lat. 




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!■;;!, cloci; VBoai'T. aii; ii rloklci' i'liAir. 
C. T. o 4044; tin uf fa t-Iukkr it was 
I fi; at VII of thn dokko w. a. r. 17. 

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KttACiT. 3; rKoaarr. 83; bki., axt. I. S7: 

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84: Lai. 2tj0ii2: Havki.. iy27; 'pedum", 
voc. 240; klulibi' a. p. 1, 1U4S; oIlI-U- 
TiiisT. 3, 4; diiblH'S />f.y Iw. 3300: 
(litlibEii fdai. ftl.J Lai. 21504; e«mp, 

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Itiii "rtuita", I'Rotii-T. 8 1. 

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PBOKPT. 84; Bkk. 141.''); Aus. 777: 
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rBKAT. 136; vloiide* axksb. 108c t*. 
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111H34; difU'/'Ai^yCHAiT. 0. t. u 2145; 
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"fissut^", TkKv. 4. 347; diltUH 'VnuMn*"* 
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12118; cli|ti.<Ml /'ptirt.J Will. 86^; 

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RUM. I, 43. 
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<W. A. H. 250; H. ft. V (iii^c. 172); 

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vt* HT. UKN. A. KX. 1151; Havi:i.. 450; 

TRi!AT. 130; F1.0R. 2095; riiAL-c. C. t. 

A 3484; Ton. 3008; )>e koki's knaro a. 

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7908; is 3'Mia' child a kmivo Town. 

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lei'lio Tkkv. 3. 216; knuiilerlio MAKtt. 
313; UiiAtc. C. T. B 1220; LUD, Cov. 
Dil; «t'»uit*'ii liirn a mouir hi.He rodtna 
and hifiv kii':'uleclii.>/'"a'Y'W"^''*''V^ViCL.' 
LtrKK 2, 44; knOulifbo Avd. lU; knau- 
Ifltti^ pKiiCKv. 1052. 

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kni'iil^fliiii "/at^i", pRuMi-T. 28U; knftu- 
IC'-lit; 3IAPK8 335; Masd." 120; knipu- 
lufhp MiBU 1670; cnftplCcliPtt /pruj 
Katii. 1352; ku'mlCctiido fprtt.) Witx. 
KsTii. 8, 1; kii'MiIc'-hcd Langi.. b 5, 
481; kn'iiilocht'dtii Will. 47S2. 

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kiiAnlC'diin^;? ayknu. 133; cnoulcrlmnge 
A. R. !I2; kn>')(il{^'}iinr.' l»ow. 3, 23. 
ciiApra, A.Sax. uimpim pret. cucop, O. //I 

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/tfww, n<M<W(*, Orm. i:n4; kniiwr Havkl, 
278.N; AVKNU. 7<>; PR. c. -12!^; ktiauu 
AST. Arth. XIX; fni'ip^'n mm. 2, SI; 
l»6wcn Will. 577; knOwv L.\nul. b 10. 
1i)8; cdAqcii rel. ant. 1. 17^; koniiL' 
AuD. 43; cnapcJ fpr«».J hom. 1. 349; 
km'iu fimpn-.J h. h. I(i5 (lilTi; cnwp 
fprHJ Orm. l2o84: cneoii l.Ai. I70iii»; 
kiiL'ou /'nFif. knc-ow) .Vlis. ll^I; C4icp hum. 
2, 127; kn<>u U»bk rd. Bits. 1151 ; Kun. 
315; c. X. 11032; kn«u (^w«. knecw) 
Alib. kd. Sk. .%4l; )j«iH riiftwf iiKt., Asr. 
1, 48; kncpcn sx, oks. a. kx. 2S^0i; knc- 
wcu AYtXB. 24ti; kutiwi'U. knt-w^' Lanuu b 
12, 154; jpf ^u cnrope Jul. 22; knaK'c>n 
(part.) Iw. 2ti6H; ra. c. 444; kiirtpcn 
ST. (iKS. A. KX. :J0:I7; kmtwt'n AIand. 
2: kiiowc Will. 726; cttmp. an-, bi-. i- 

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gnitia, ph. c. MS; CQi'tpungo A. B. 3K0. 

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rnoiii'T. 27y; km'*K' I'MAn'. l'. t. a IOIM; 
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CiiAue. u. B. 217; kuddon i-RiiMrT. 2H0; 
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knio. 6VA. kiiiir, O.Fri*. kno, kut. '>./«•/. 
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kuwn /'</W. pl.jh.\i. i'MHy 4- i2tJH&; ta- 
king \m on •■nrniiwn ;l2rt4(i; knonn 
3ii»r. 149. - 
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hictl: cuniliD .Mahu. 20; cntMcn Obm. 

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fprel.J LAt. 2l)tio4; knoulcdo Bkk. 540; 

kn^lcile KPFV. iOI»; Trkv. 5, 455. 

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rneliiit; <>bm. 14.'>). ^| 

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Lai. 3775; kuif a. b. 2S2t spkc. 102; 

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1. liO; kiiirrs, kiiivis /'/•/.y Chauc. C. t. 
A 23;!; knives a. h. 212; Uavvx. L769; 
cuivoii fdnt. p!j La». 4000; (vrnp. txtrd- 

kntfp(p>rtrjiart' a. k. 212. 
rnlhl, J.Sax. diilil, ruiHilil. O.Fria. knechl, 
0. /I. (term. I'liiti'hl, knight, ptur, nrrruM, 
miifM, e^Hiv, iiiiu. 2, 181; i*iiilit. knit 
(cnivl/ priulrd riii|)l) Lai. a4«i A 2HO0; 
miht. kttiu u. a. n. 1087 A- 157.'.; knihl 
Horn kii. Kith. 508; knidil Wast. iiisfT. 

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Knn. 11.%; L.-iziir |n> kntjl lkh. •!»!«. 678; 
knipl ST. <:r.N. a. kx. 2H:V; kni»rhl CiiAirc. 
C. T. A 43; knitb, kniii. knirth, kntl 
lUvBi,. 32, 77. 1050 \ 2427; kttiet, 
kiiil H<.iRN nil. HuBt>TM. 524 & 10^1^: 
kiiilitc fditt.j A. b. Ht>; cnihtoii fpj.j bUx. 

CIIBIIH. 2.52; Obm. 81K5; kuijto r.* L. «• 
XIX. 2H3; ihihl.' riff- pi.J l*Ai. 8173 
* 18007; riiilit<>»<' (priuUd rinlittfoo) 
Il34ti; niihirnr Katii. 1571 ; ' cniltU'D 
(dat. pi.J Lai. 714; Riid cnihton iiuil 
1, 231; eomp. bur-, iu-. leomin^oifat. 
ciiibtbaim Lai. 1552H. 




knilithCiri knitjhthood, ITarh rd. RiTit. 543; 
knijthOil Avrxii. H3. 

knjjtii Inightl^, Wul. 2 Macc. H, 9. 

cnibtS4ri|ic "mililia", hum. 1. 213; Lai. 

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knlhlrN knight, vqitiUm ertarf, Horn ki>. 

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kivfcil, A^ax. vu\v:U'n, O.Outch JK.L.Gtrm. 

kiiokol,'m. kiUli.'ili'I, kHurklf f knetk- 

lej, "hoHus", vol*. 186; 'Vc>fl(/.vW. pkomI'T. 

2H(»; knokolis />/7 Rku ant. I. IIIO. 
rnoklrttf A.-Sax. cnai'm}, O.keh kii<>k:i, htock, 

puitore; kliokofi ,'prti.J aykxii. lift; <:\v\- 

k*n A. I'. I. 72r>: knrke /fVu/irry Chauc. 

C. T. A 3432; cHokictI Mat. 7, 7; kno- 

kwli* ('/trii.y fl, s. Kii. \\ii. 1420: kiu'knl 

/^rt.; MiK. 10. 
kMlf .4.Stix. cncll. jEtk'//, fW/rV, >t. tinTi. a. 

Fx. 41211; rni'IIos '•foUra", Uk k. THUt*. 
I. IGS; kiiMll-'S PS. 64, 13. 
bnelHR hioll, "pu/iuini", prmmi-t. 2Sa; ku«II>il 

/port.J K. n. 401. 
ha»p, O. Frif. kncp. f?. //. Henn. i-liimiili. 

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W. A. I. liS; liU<'i(|ii's ^;i/.y CllAur. K. B. 

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kno|»|>iK (if bras Min,. Hxoii. 26. II, 

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ktMffr4 hiopped, VI.. < ft. 424. 
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"»!«/«*", TROMIT. 280; t*. u. 8411; ("llAUO. 

OL T. r 401; ))am> knotto atkkr. 253; 
filiate knotir A. K. 2; kiinttcn /'/*/.> Hkk. 
1479; ciiolti-n, rimlU's Katii. 1157; 
kiiott«« llA-ND. 190; Vh. CR. 161. 

riMllcl, o.Ihitth kuutti-l. knoUlf, noduitu: 

ktiuilik'3 O'U IIalliw. iiict. 4;>H. 
vnolli knoHij, ikim. L, 281; kih>tti "nodoittt", 

i-iniMiT. 280; Chawc. C. t. a U»77. 
<-iiolliru. A.Sitx. cnuttion {'i\, knot, umiare: 

rriMiTO"! fpfntj Sax. cimos. 262; kaotU'd 

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Mauh. 10; kHiTncd AU^iivt Maw. 2t66. 
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iiis Inowcs t'liAi'L*. C. T. A 1128; kniit 

Ofi'-J A. H. 31)6; !is mo kiiil ii riL-t p. l. 

«. XVII. iri7; knuit*' fprd./ Alis. 2251; 

kuntlp (low. 2. 30; kniUtii (pari.) I'R. f. 

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I'lHiMrr. 84. 
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LKX. 470. cixrk, "jftillm', JIark 1 4, 6S 
flhe tarlivf tcH his h;in:i); A. R. 140; o. 
A. V. 1670; KKh. ANT. I, 217; AVIMB. 
258; pok Mano. !)1; rtn-Jics f»t n>/wn- 
hitifY LKKriiK. 3. 310; rokkcN fplJl^Ky. 

1. 330; ««/». lift-, wi'clpr-, wiuli>-*ic. 
roklH-lk"H«/«", riitJSiPT. 86; TttKV. I, 211). 

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rm|ittl»!, li)CU>t, coodt-, coj^Ntw, ]tAi. 1U048; 
r^'k. kok IIavki.. 067 Ai3808; knk itfKo. 
101; i^.iiik CUAUC. C. T. A 2020; Liuo. 

u. p. 217; koh vw. 211; kvkoM fffftt.J 




A. B. aSO; cokes ft>}.) Lai. :l:lir.; Tititv. 

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Ai.Rx. 2042; lUi'U l»st si|i briiWc-.>( <>i>kt>iQ(lo 

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242; floors iinJ cokkcrs Tiikv. 4. 17;t. 
rorlkUBCf puffiiay |>iil stmn^f rot-kuiigi* 'uor- 

■um.- Iiirn i\H*-\\ ii- M. 47; cokkiiiiro THtv. 

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nil, -J..Sfi;r. toilil //»crrt/ Ettm. i.kx. ;t«4, 

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fwlriu) KlU BUT.. 0. /ft-/. k'Mldi fpniU^J 

TritzskkV omin., c*/, fafh'cuitu, pfTii, 
Mat. 10. lU; ClUt'c. C. t. c o34; <*»■«/, 
Tows. MT8T. 84; coJdc ^rf*//7 i). a. n. 
1124: C'vliios "mVifHi*'*, Wul. Likk I"i, 
lij; ciiidts I'f tiiWiis IIalliw. dict. 2ti2; 
coMp. l):illitk-. li/'H-, j'i!'S«"oiI. 

code, O.U.Germ. it\\\\fgltdtnj^ f/ix, pkompt. 
85 { Dir.nT MVix. 35; coodo "pi'w". Will. 
Kxnp. 2, 3. 

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radilr, .i.Sax. cudi-Io, cn///!-, "w/hii", rKoiii'T. 

rodlins f'dliug, pkomit. HXy, voc. 189; m. 

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tht $e« (,'Af. 
mfia, 0./>. n>Hn, eoj'fin. "eaj'h'NU*", I'lumrr. 

«.0; WiCL. I'S. 80, 7; c-iffins *'/»/.> I^all. 

4, B7a. 

cafrr, O./V. (oTn\ eajer, Uwc 102;»: c. l. 

lt!>2; bPBc. 27; t'nAic (X t. k r.Sii. 
rofrrn, I'r. roITnT. enj'tr, pl, ni. liK. 
r«^r, y.L.O'crm. k'.vcc»>. 0. Patch kv^fHiv. 

C'./cv/. kutrifr, cry, lUmnMy CuAt;c. t. c. 

w. 1477; u. .Vbtii. 47tt; f«;tp's /*/»/.; 

lEii-M. 47K4: Mas. kh. I'. !20itS. 
f*^, Suvd. kuifin-. c*!>y. rf^fM re/<if, pbompt. 

85; fruggf |»at sit at luuinc undtT r(tL'ifp 

0. A< y. 8<i. 

f»l, ^>. ^r. fill, (iviii. eoff, quitiuo, pudmit. 
86; CHAcr, C. r. A 119. 

tvittk coy, ifHt'fUrff, OiiAiT. Trmik ISliU; 

(•■'ii's (pm.) Ai.iH. El). Hk. I17.'>. 
fttlfr, (I. /v. coifo, coi/, pBOHrr. 8tii -Max. 

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raiirn tm iindrr c«ini-. 
c»ilan, O./V. coiliin, co/mm; coiIurs, cuilUtn* 

^;//.y CnAUf. C. T. (I i»j2. 
caitif O./r. <.'«tin, roiui:, v.fN, CitAuc. appkkii. 

iIt>»:T. I, 20; fyitrn*' Lankl. c 2, Mi; 

c-utii. ciiuj pRoui>T. 282. 
»Ib. <|voin, />. coiu. cotwij, voc, 103 &: 

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fUe quoit (mi), pwiMi'T. so. 
rnk frc ••«>(*, 
rakd, I'okkcl, JJinx. wrcl, otcoel, /r. oMzal, 

ccwjtA-, CiiArc. C. T. » 1183; kokil "«- 

MHiV, Wu-L. Mat. 13, 25: rkl. axv. 

2. 80; ciM-k*.-! I, 3G; >.ijkkil Iji>o. m. p. 

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cakrBf OJhtUh kokvn, O.Il.Unta. rm-bim. 

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8i>; rokviwi CiiAUft, L". t. a 4208; co- 

kcnoi (?)... i*(>lo|ipPs to Riuki>n IiAswl. 

0, 287 (7. 273; 9, 309). 
rikrr. -V. .Stf.r. iHtror, O. FVif. kokcr, O. U. 

(irrm. •.iiiii-|j;ir. coclff, jiharflra : ^tmt* 

linker I.Ai. 0470; i-oi-ur, eokir "cffhwittu'. 

TUOUVT, 84; cokcrcs (>/.y Lasai.. *». t'ri 

(7, 5fi). 
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v\\f]i*. f-ml, crirho, ATRKIl. 2nr. • Wibtt. 

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230li; rol, riilo I^^auc. C. t. a 241!>3i 

rnlc IToilX KD. Jam. 5!)0; s. S. kii. Wll. 

2170; vn. r. ti7R2; i\ ^\\iti rnlr Iticra 
I.MS: ns hUk an rolo p. l. s. tS, 42; 
<'4i|rH ,yV Mask. 101; eolni /'lirf. plj 
uou. 1, 251; brcnncn t<) roleD st. ov. 
A. KX. 20.'t3; eomp, clian*<»l(r. 
C'llldak ewtiMad, o. a. ic. 75; CUAOr. 
C. T. A 2142. 




snaxiir. C. T. n 440.''». 

rolmOst', .-I.Sfrr. foluiasc vui-. 'Mi k i>l. 
Gain. iit'Iniriw. e^t-moniie, j-jinMi'T. 88. 

Rolpnt eoal'pit, Misr. 18;t. 

colruki' nkti-rale, voc. 27G; moMrr. its. 
r»l, -i.Wtfjr. lol. O.Jf.Germ. rbiiolor, from 

caloii. roo/, /rigitlHM. .^UN^J. MO.'.; cool 

M1SI-. 140; L-olu vH KiMi. 1^1. 
ral ibv i'.:iul. 
Culrlirstrr, J.Sox. ColiiccoasttT, VvMnj^^r, 

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rold AHf oaU). 

fvliirr fo/i/cr, jtaha, I'luiMtT. Sr>, 

r«lf, MJl.Gtrm. kohl'/ jhya/'p?' i-. 3I. ^135. 

ralrrik dtolffrk, CuAro. C. r. & &S7. 

ralf£'n» A-tinsr. ciMiiit), M.L.Otrm. kAU>a, 0. 

J[.<ierm. cinioloii, fW. /Hgtterre: cfiliri 

*'/fiffrfanr'''\ miompt. M7; cmK'h hor raivz 

(lAW. 12.'»4: ciilcilu /'/Tf/.y .Ii'i.. 70; coulitl 

(pari.) rEoiirr. 87; fOMp. a-, rnrrDti<<n. 
rollerff M.H.Uvrm. kubi'rr, coliier, earbma- 

riuti; cttlirri'K ^;»/.>' (Irrnv. 41>r»; lioiicrfS 

WiM,. 2r.2:l. 
rsllLr, Fr. i'uliquci, cc/ir, fuomii'. 87. 
raike toik (eoul, eoii*/, volvaY x\*\>o\ . . . ^nt 

tircn in iiiiJtIcA liatt A roiko I'R. r. (il45; 

eolkc (tl*UJ To\fN. MVST. 281. 
r*tlr, Fr. rijtl*'? p. s. ]*»7. 
r»llr, /or n<.il|.'y *«//. \>irL. rcclbs. ;l, S; 

kollcfi /'iM'rt.y Will. (HI. 
rollfr^ O.Fr. roUcr, eofiar, pnoMrr. S": ruler 

Lanal. b rjtuL. 100, V 1. 184. 
ralml "'i* tiitiiii. 

rvlniL rfilnrl, 'eantMrm", voc, 257. 
rolop cttlfop: wlopos, ixilnppcs /"/j/.y liAKtir.. 

«;. 287 )7. 272). 
niloar, O.Fr. colour, colour, Siioiikr. 2fi; 

\\ ILL. 7')4; som iiilour of rijle Koh. 3i:t; 

rnhir HoKN kd. I.vm. Hi. 
rolpotij AV. roiiiHJii; cuI|ioiin PHnstrr. 108; 

cul|k)nft. ruIiHtns fpJ.) t'uArr. 0. t. a 

fi79: ciilpims Iw. (i42. 
coll, A.Sitx. colt i?l. coil, "ptd/ut", vsimf-r. 

88; Hi>M. I, 3; .JrL. .'►d; Ciiacc. C. t. 

A 3203; Liufl. w. p. 255; (tat colt i.rh. 

Jk(*. 7iiH; [lot rolt avknu. IKii; i tiiuliU' 

a} wci A folti'S lo|i I'liAUC. C. t. n 603; 

cultis fdt rc^/'« /«o/, liusiitiffo, ukt.viw. 3, 

HI 9. 
rtlllftrh ec/Zui. Cbaik-. C. t. t: 1847. 

rolMuiliiiir, Fr. colombino. cvhtMhint, spkc. 

rdliMiiiH', O.l'r. r-iliiiimr. rt>iiinitt. rnoui'T. 88. 
ruUrrf, rohrr we ctiH'r«'. 
rolwfii eoi/aie ^co//tf): ke(l)woiio fprtl.) 
lliiKX i;i>. lUmsTM. 1107: folwid f purl. J 

Kij. Hits. 1088. 
ron-, rtpu-, /v. Xrt^ rum-, con-, com-, eon-. 
qvailiu. O./'V. ctKiilliiT, quaii, '^eoagnhir«" , 

J'BOMI'T. 418, 

eouoi'il c*i»cri(. "rwiod/rfiw", pbojipt. 80. 
cniu'pivf eoNCfirf, LKO. 8it; connnve]) (preaj 

aybnk. Utij. 
c(»iiH>|K;iouu concfplion, 8ii<)itEii. I ID. 
roiii'ilii', O.Fr. niMcilio, roiirilf, cohhcH, 

Sax. thuon. 254. 
roiicliiiii'il emif/H'lf, (Jiiai.t. (1. t. A 1 3.%8, 
coiitMiliino cmteubint. Ron. 27; Ckauc. C. 

T. A 050, 
coinIicit''n ronditiart, ayjjkb. 173; condi- 

riotiii ("iiAiT. ('. T, A :!S. 
coii'liiit eouduit, foMiiud. TuKi'. 4. 30.%; 

c<)iiiliit Itoit. 212: AYKNit. 202; rumliit 

o. A. K. 483. 
cotintd, O.Fr.contb, roml.Ht. eo»ntif,}..KK('.h. 

» 2, 85. 
nintcsso nmthM, Sax. ciihos. 204. 
coil tV nil on coiijfrm, u. ii. r. 27; Ciiurvriiii 

KkK. 481; AVKKIl. 121. 

coiifcssoiir coiifftxor, aykno. 1 72. 
confouili' <mi/vnmt, Maiio. 173; oonrtiiiili 

SnnitKH. 112. 
(yinforl cmn/ort, ii. M. 27: Will. 1408; 

rnut'ort Htuw. I, 185; kimfort, cnnifort 

A. H. 230 ft\ r. oliK'). 
coufortmi eom/orl, Lanhl. n I, 201; con- 

forti f. L. 8. XV. 110; ta}ifov\ai\ fpart.J 

\\\uu 380. 
ConfAft cmtfMf, Lashl. ii 10. 136; cou- 

foiia (iBKu. 044. 
confiwi/m cmfii*ion, avkkr. 229; coiirii- 

sioa. coufusi'mn Chaiu*. C. _t. o 23. 
coiiiTfit'ii, roiiirii', O.Fr. f^<\n^vr fttMgMierJ^ 

Langl. 3. 1*;7 (1741; 4. 220. 
co^liiriim eogilaUon, a. n. 288. 
coiut, O./'V. i.'oiiit. ii«<. cofniitits. »■« I)ir.z 

nm. 110. y^OTiW, Will. 053; fiAw. 1520; 

coinlf. r|>ninto a. u.'l40; sc coiijtn kci- 

sor Katu. 580; i]voint Mapsh HH?; a. 




p. I, 8S8; I>e nvoiutc swike Bob. lOS: 

t|viiuti' CiiAi c. C, T. II I42i». 

qvfintlli'liu qHttinthf, Will. '.Vl'^'A. 
cwiiitisv. (ivointiw, O./'r. \\\\x\.t\9V flutltiltU/, 

KoB. 20 ii fil; eointisc, qvrintiHc Wiur^ 

■IIS A: 42.10. 
nmjiire ron/'ure, Ciurc. ('. T. B ISIH; 

i'i>i|jiinil« fi>rei.t llKK- 2:ll:i. 

Cplicctl- M^/fC/, A. I(. 20. 

cnlvort, O.Fr, riilvprt, Lai. rullibcrtiis, 
tff IhKZ WB. pO*, nVauoNM, A. n. itr>; 

Fl. a. Bl. ;I21>. 
ciillin. rt./K foillir. /^/. polliitpn'. <WA 
roi/, iiKiMiT. H»7: *'uilo iiki-. Kjch. 3. 
200; «i'xUiinilrii| of liiw he roMc out 
Mas. kd. K. 27;U. 

MtlfhP. O./'V. lOlirbP. fl»*cA, AVEKB. 171. 

roiirhiu. O.P'r. colrior. rulcliicr, rmirliirr, 
rottf/i, "coIioeitTf" , I'KUMPT. !Mi: rtmriiiil 
f/ktrfj >ii»v. 217; komhid Wiu^ 2240. 

conuiiiilpn comuMtiil: roiuaaixlc fprn.j v. 
L. gr.G. 

roiuiuulvnu'ut cnmMAMr^wn^ CiiArc. C. t. 

II f.7. 
niiiirucen commence: comso Wii.L. 3241; 

cimisclli, ctiiusi'}* fprvj LAsat. 1. 12S 

(i;t7l: ciuuhM .In.. 2. 
COruiiloil'X'tUiMll eoinMenrft»ent, Mtsr. flO. 
rdiupndi- eommetut, Lanhi.. r !•%, 35. 
COKiiuissario eoinmi*$aiy, Langl, '2, 151 

C^itatin'iii comumm, aykkh. ^I?: coniAii P. 

I.. 8. XVII. lOi; i*oniieAu. conioim c. 

M. 7176. 
voiu&m*. Fr, coiunH'im'. Lakhl. ii n».it,. 


Cdiuiniini commune, ayt-sv. 103; coniAni', 

ronijnr Win.. r». 140, 4. 
(•ovi'icliiff, kenlu'C, (t.i'r. c<niviv-, «ipvrr- 

rbiof, ktrthiff, PiiAnr. C, t. n S3 7 ; 

koTorfhorf Liiki. ». r. 4K; k.'V.'n-liirf 

p. 1- 8. XXn'. 126. 
corfcu, O.fV. fOMTfou. rupirrfii. cftrfeit; 

CiiATir. C. T. A 3(i45; rorfii <t. s. rn. 

WKit, 1429. 
covorlil, /'r. (.•tuivrr-Iit, cnrerhl, v. .m. 


CiivfTP, O.Ff. fovrir. rnpnvnr. /.^i/, ro- 
ojHTirp, ew/T, Man. eh. J-'. HI Ml; ft>- 
vorc, kfvpn* Lakoi.. b 3, (it); kevc'rv 

Win-. Hahak. 2. I"; kfivi'toU (pmi.j 

Jos. 17t>. 
covert cyreri, Wit.l. 2217; pr. r. 448M. 
covcituro etttrturt, Uoiijf ku. Li'M. 090; 

lcn\'cnitr(e) a. ii. 214. 
pi>i»I»ai^ip cmtpaittf. Max. F. 3131; 

('iiniiiaiiftiio r. l. i;. XIII. t8-'>; ciim|>uin4> 

Wii.r.. 1124. 

0. T. n M4A; oompnrtK^nn atvkv. 81. 
cumpas (outpiitM, c. i.. 739; compos, cum- 

ym TuAiT. r. T. A ISrtO; r. m. S797. 
c-»in]>i)$st'n enmjutMs, Lanou c 22, 341; 

cinii|>.iK>(s)i« (prti.f lkd. 12. 
cnni|wtssiun, coiiipn^iiiioim nfM/NrMioH.AYBim, 

148: OiiAtT. l\ T. A mo. 
«>m|H'Ilt»n ccinjmJ: ci<m\HAMp fprftj 1%nr. 

4. 9.%. 
comjii'U', O./V. mmiHirr, compMr, vuourr. 

99; cuMiiH'r ('iiAtT. C!. t. A 670: com* 

jM'TH fffl.J H 11,1.. 37(t; ruinp^is nifln. Sl£. 
coiii|iU'iini(\ ponipk'int.' e-mphm. CaAirr. 

C. T. A 1108. 
roni|»lrsioun /vrnplrrion, atrxb. 157. 
cuiiiplio. O.Fr. roiiiplii', compiine, a. k. 21. 
con]|ilir enmjtltj. romplere, SiioKKti. 100. 
wniititiini' eompounti. V.nwv. IIiikt. S, 9 

ruuiilin. 0. Fr, ninlcr, eoiait, **ceimpiUari', 

PROMPT. i>S: ooiiut(*)» /'prf$J hksat.. 3. 

137 1 141 1. 
ciiuiiUt. Fr. rcini)tUtlr. tjnaittr, Cuai;o. C, 

T. B 140.3. 
connvitn*, f>./V. fooi|verrr, eoHqiur, Max. 

KP. K. 3127. 
romp pnmr ctaiqwror, CnAn\ L". t. a 862. 
CouqrcMc eon^ued, SlKiKrii. 148; Uax. 

K». K. 4A91>. 
conrai. O.Fr. wnroi fpr^ttraliim, tti»pom- 

iionf. r. m. 1I.M3. 
currniin. 0,Fr. nini^pr, p»ri^. i-eompt 

cuitmtr. riiriniir. iKFr. t'onrci'ur, tfiwrwr, 

rmiMiT. 93: Wicl. DKKi>t4 ap. 9, 43. 
nirnsTJi^n forreetioti, pr. c. 9594. 
corrit]>ci<>u eifn'uptivn. asxkb. 227; 

nipcioiin Tkkv. .*>. l&fi. 
fon»meu<o cpnueieHrf, a. h. 306. 
consi'il. Fr. nmsi'il. roKnW. 2324*1 

uino. 26* IhMi. 48; Hu(-<:m t TO; MB- 




ftul Bbx. 881; CDunsail a. s. 70; n. 

c. r.943. 
conseille. Fr. couseillf-r, eountel, LjUfOi.. 

It PBOL. 115; CuAUC. C. T. n 6fj; con- 

»oiti Roji. 214. 
kua)ii)4ir eounwllor. a. r. 410. 
knnsenro, (hf'r. r<mscnsp, contenms, A. B. 

kanseuti^n coiuent, a. n. 272; eonsentedo 

rpffl.J Ubk. 1871. 
cofirio cwKffttt, IIoKK Eu. hvu. 1444; Koh. 

:\H: Mas. En. F. 475:1. 
cosjuc fimoif coiui^ti. KoB. 3.'>0: M'jll. 602. 
consiHtorie coHtiatory, Lanol. b 2, 177. 
conspiraci*' iwujiiraty, Trev. 3. 33; Csiauc. 

C. T. c 1-i'X 
ron^{tira(Mt)nn coHtpiratitm, WiCL. 2 pabal. 

33, 24. 
rxinstauct^ eotulaney, ayknb. Ifi7. 
cvosU-llticiOi) eond^laiion, CiiAuc. C. t. a 

coofltmniQ emtU-tiin^ raoMrr. 91. 
coQBlruwiun amstttution, prompt. 01. 
connlniili eoHHrw, pitoMPT. 91; cuustruf 

ItAKCL. 4, 133 flAOt. 
rastiiniR euMt^tm, rkl. axt. 1, 131; v. l. 

s. X^7J. 204: kustumf m»v. 47. 

Eoutae cmdett, tfrijf, aykvb. 1.1 : oontjik 

!. s. kh. Wr. 1718; coiitok Kou. 90. 
? conturki debate, tin're, ayexb. .'i7: coit- 

tcrkwle />*W.> p. I. ft. XIII. 310. 
^(oDti.'ckour iMtiter, Bek. 190. 
conU>m{iIiii'if>ii coutA-mpltdiony ATKXit. 204; 

(Xinti^nii'liu'iim a. r. 142. 
C4]Dt'-'[ui»lalif conUmpIatire, avbnb. 247. 
(vintuiiance eountf»atirt, IIob. 333; Cxialc. 

C T. B 320; cmilPiiiumw Will. 1397. 
rantionnn contain, CuAnr. astrol. prol. 
conlinuin eontww, i-rompt. 91; coatiuuf 
■Lasol. b 12. 3». 

iDtTAit pontrad, SnoREn. €2. 
cootriciuu emiritim^ Lanol. b 11, 130. 
cooUaveD, Fr. contnmvor. contriv«: con- 

twove. coDtreve Mas. kik V. 7140 & 

R98H; <:uritruv'< I.AXOt,. ti 10, 19; con- 
trol*'*; ffret.J PR. c. 1. "■it'll, 
ronvi'ie. O.Fr. coDvt'i^r, convey, Wiu.. 
^jRlll; a^. KD. ¥. 13123. 

>v(?Dat>Ie, Fr. ronvuuablo. Wiol. oenxs. 

Xa, 5; iniT«Jiable hi»c. 27. 

convenant, covenant ewmaiU, Hon. 179 
Jk 185; covenant, covenamit Shoreh. 
64; covenaunt Ali8. 2036. 

covent convent, p. l. s. XVT. 160; atknb. 
319; kuvvnt a. b. 12. 

coiirersiu.'i6ii eonverKaiutn, AYiuiii. 241. 

convcrto cmceH, TiiF.v. .1, Wh. 

covine. 0. />. rovinc, convino fprali^us, 
itUrigtuJ, Will. 3147; Chaoc. f. t. a 
«•■!» ()•« rarab. 
rambrea av cumbrcn. 
r«Mr «M rumt>. 
cmmtttf Fr. cuuiMe, eonut, Lal 17871; 

itOB. 416. 
camln nee (Tuiuin. 
riiwp nee wnip. 

roMH'K M» cuiuenceo under com-. 
cen Mf ran. 
c«ii- •« com-. 
mimlabt«r O.Fy. conwiUiblc, eondalle, Ha- 

VKL. 22H6; cunpstahle hom. 1. 247. 
raoiu]^, O./V. connia. «ony, "eutiicuiM", voc. 

177; WiLU 182; lie koumg ne horniino 

inw. 70; eoninjr. ctini Witi*. i^vit. 11, 

r>; cnnig V. l. r. VIH. 182; coiiig line. 

37; ruain uoM. 2, 231; c^nk'!> /p/.^ 

CHAt-c. p. p. 193. 
Mi^ii, cougciin pumilio, prokpt. 90;, coo- 

joun fmt. conioun) atexk. 76; conjoun 

fprud*d coinoun) Aua. 1718; congioun 

DEP. Eicu. 3, 45. 
mnRcn i^ I'unncn. 
contrarle, Fr. wntrairo. eontrar^t anso. 30; 

AyI:.^n. 130. 
cttBlrtricD, Fr. coulcarieiv Chaoc. C. t. r 

MatrarUas contretrwtUf froupt. 91. 
canlre-, O.Fr. rontrp. y^u/. ci>ntra, eoHuttr-. 

countirfet eowiUrjcit, phumpt. 99. 

L'ountiri>^is, -pois eouniorpoute, prompt. 99. 
ctntf^T 0.^. contree, cuntrec. eoutUry, Lal 

1282*; MAxn. 244; conlrt, runtre Chacc. 

C. T. A 216; runlre Mill. 6. 
cap, .l.Sax. i\t\i\K O.Fn's. ki>]), O.Iivi. koppr, 

O.If.OWm. chvyh. («>p, fiaptU, eu/mm, p. 

a. 70: BEL. ANT. 1, 144; J»a turrfa coji 

Lai. 7781; Jx? cop of Y" ''ilU' Maxd. 17; 

coppo fdutj Ciu-uc. n. V. 1166; Pa&tbs. 

6911; bi ^ eoppe hv bitn nitiii Lai. 





684*; from |»e lures coppe a. r. 228; 

coppes fpl.) Trbv. 3, 451; |)e coppis of 

)ie liilli-s WiCL. OBKBS. 8, 5. 
<»pe me rAfK>. 
fdpfj O.L.Gfrm. i:opa, O.S.Gtnn. rhnopUa, 

rop;),' coop "cipkwi" (xufOC>j ^<*C. 17B. 
c4pci «« choapieu. 
rapcncre, A.fiax. coppoere, amator, Tbev. 2. 

190; coiM>nert>, copiutirc o. a. x. 1S42; 

copinero misc. 150; Rub. 335; r«piner 

s. F. En. Web. 2225. 
fftt, A.fiax. copor i.ekcho. 3. 16, ZM. 

cujinim. fopper, ('halc. ('. t. o 82fl. 
MpcrMC, /r. coupcrose. eoyperaa, peompt. 9 1 . 
c*pi(e), /v. copie. w/iy, pbuhpt. 92. 
rapMn, Fr. wpier. «j»y, i-rompt. 92. 

COpiullH eopt'out, PROMIT. I'J. 

ctpiiea exjtMt V irh r<>pni )ii c\im<: Uasr. 

21: copuij A: k^potl lipuch tire is ketnpe 

Ul avercQmen <ldfr Kath. 802; |>e copned 

ant rleoped me 2378. 
c*ppr, O.Jiuteh kopi*. L.GerfH. knhhe, wA 

^crt^y, aritttAi, Mrac li*37; (T printed loppd 

CHAtlC. ASTROt,. 1, :t; «>m/J. attiTCOppC. 
Mtppf tm CQppf. 
(«p« nv COS p. 

rartgr, O./V. eorftgtv wwrttge, atkko. 164; 

M.VN. F.D. F. 5384. 
r»ragi>H| O.Fr. fonceus, eottrafffotu, Rod. 

raral. 0. A>. coral. wiW, hpbc. 25; CaArf. 

C. T. B 4049. 
Mrlili, O./K oirbiti feorhMu/, a. b. 84. 
r«nlp. O.Fr. mrilc. *orrf, p. l. s. XVII. 165: 

AYiisB. 58; Chauc. C. t. a 17-4ti. 
rardiiR, O.Fr. rnrdoiian, cordtffain. pbomi-t. 

ri^dBaiirr, 0. Fr. roTdouaaior, eordtMirur, 

riioMPT. 92. 
r*rr, Fr. cwur't cwv, '*itrula", rBoMPi'. !i:i; 

Lui«. M. p. 43; 8ACRAM. 757; kurc bjx. 

Art. 2. 79. 
rarfra iw* Mn(/<T roni-. 
mrirti, O./f.fftrm. foron. cboroii, O.IM^h 

rort'ii fytutarej: cofnp. arorit'n. 
Mrlitt a mHtitai ittdrHmtnt, h\s. 7002. 
r«rk. O.lhUeh feorL. «vi, "Mtimoi, Mricr". 

i-Hi'Mrr, 93. 
rarlcB, /"r. corlica, atrlttv, tecfcpgx, Lakol. 

s 14, 43. 

MrnivnRRi, /V. rarraoran, eenummt, Wicl, 
LfcVXT. n, 18. 

Mra, A.Xar. O.L.Germ. ci»rn, O.Fria. 0. 
leei. kom. O.H.Germ. fliorn, &o<A. kaurn, 
pom, ^mnujn, Obm. 1500; o. A. n. 1126; 
SnoBKtL 32; p. s. ;142; hno frdUo ^ot 
corn A: Itftt jfTtDs Laj. 3905; ^ct com a- 
vkkb. 140; roren st. gen. a. kx. 2134 
fc 2237; como fpi.J Cbauc. h. f. 698; 
comos PK. c. 3420. 

cornRtak Btaei of com; cornstakkos fpL) 
Mas. ED. K. 14690. 

ram, A.Sax. rorn i.KK(iHn. 3. fi2, O.Fr. 
com I? I, com, davtu ptdtt, prompt. 93. 

nratr, O.Fr. roruier, em-ner, Manik 217; 
comioros ^pij aybnb. 124. 

cvrmi wr;*y, Cjiauc. C t. c 316. 

Um^nilr Cornical/, l^i. 224(i; IIavkl. 178. 

(ortHtr forofKT; coroners i'pi.J E. o. 350. 

cvrtar, 0,Fr. n)rpor, tourifr, Wicl. Joa 9, 

rarpariilj Fr. corporul, corporal; corpUJtals 
ffttj HOM. 2. 163. 

(Wrpn Bfe rorn. 

<»Pi, O.Fr. fors. wi^w, <wj>w, Alib. Sf9&f 
r.AW. 1237; WnL. ukseh. 33, 3: p«l 
rors Mi^r. 28; iIM corK Man. b». F. 4492j^ 
corps, rnrs Lasol. b 15, 23; CuAVC C' 
T. V 519; corps Shokbii. 88. 

CM* nv curs. 

Mit «M curt. 

cwrftnc Mto crQDc. 

MTfcr, /K coneo; corvecs ^j»r*«^ toi 

^y./ AYKKIt. 38. 

cwchr cmA, "iuffuriitm", pbompt. 94. 

mil #iy u"///^ com-, 

CMp, A.Sar. cosp. cops, WMp (cftft), ^mtpm, 
jteinnilu»: comp. Pit-, hjinfi-, H|»o«n-i>|w. 

rofti, A.Sax. cost fmwimj Bolt, kt- ou't^s.. 
O. /«/. koHtr /'('pfto, condUioJ, 0. If. G*rm. 
cb<Mit farbitritm), Goth, kiistutt (4ow}i»/VJ 
^/n>M rhi'ONcn. cAoi'or. quality, wM wi wr, Oaw.^ 
540; La.nol. 1491: pOr mut nwt d« 
fttlcr Lai. 18166: kn^pcn Ik* D'>jfl Jitj 
depos cost BT. OEX. a. kx. 3327; po kinf^ 
^nt kindc wild of costc c. m. 8179; coxlrtj 
fpl.J HUM. 1. 29; Shokkii. 10; M. «. 147; 
si'>n Hum ic piis paxcn mna ^ AM i 
cliildi'K awles Orm. 8056; Vie eolver b*- 



' tmI rostp.1 gude rkl. amt. I. 221i; costus 
DefiBKV. :JiU; ]>« ne mnjtTi aire oosto 
haldt'U rriutu'K) hibudu hoh. I, 21; oem/r. 
for-, i<r-. uucvst 

cwbI, O.ThtUh MIlGerm. kost, O./V. coust, 
0frri,* impettM. sumpttu, itnn. S<I; F. 40; 
Lido. m. i*. 208; hvi>r lite pr<.)tit lit> and 
moche cost atkkh. 8;1; upt» liis coust 
JlAftO. 281; l>i lives cyato Uaxh. 7; at 
mill t'luut' rtieli' Chauc. C. t. a S04; 
cofitos /^f/.y HorrL. I, 362; costia "•»!- 
pt n m i\ VitcL. 2 PABAi.. 8. 16. 
costlewe "#«»;»/««««", phosipt. OS; Tkev. 
4. 21;^l; Ohaui-. wohks 178. 

rasligr,, O.fV. cdstAv-' fdfftant, fruiiij, CaAm:. 
r. T. »i 1562. 

rwflf, O./'r. i:D4ite. Xtr/. tM%\.a^ «m«^ Tob. 

MRtMi, 0. patch MJf.Gm-m. kosten, O./iv/. 
kvitiUi, O.Ft'. L'oustyr, Jl'gfuh cwiliiiw ^ww/, 
fxptndjt Jiret. kvwito. Lai. vomIhu-, Mtl, 
€inularf: bo scUnJ rOauiu |io fill Ai^vro v. 
h. 1002; t'OHtiJi fpffij hum. M. P. 1.12; 
cosU* "imprnite". Win.. oKKits ap. 21, 24: 
cosle /pretj CuAvc. 0. t. a li'flS; and 
jt'l wulUe i svivtv ))al it cohW me luocbe 
more Lakcl. b 13» 'Mi'4; iF )h>u liavo ujt 
nil liiir o>!iif'fxp^d^Jx\ow..\jiTii. XXVIH. 

rwanirif -l.iVfljc. rKstiiiiiii. try, tempt: biite 

hv icostrii.-'l tti-i-rrD fr. wcore) ^rie innc 

compc La!. 2-ttUJU. 
rtMlnlfn = costen; costnot' (prt*,) aybsb. 

7o: coslnpdo fpretj a. b. 2110; atknii. 

1 45 : ))(»ii; it liadde comtnt'd lue rMtol 

I^wni.. Ku. Wr. 400. 
nMlaingc apnu* : mid his iljcre coHtuingv 

Uai. 22.'i47: coittniKf^f at»:kb. lAl. 
TMlBingr^ A.^'^ax. i'ustuitii>r, temptatt'on: ne 

led 11)11 nolit iiiti> nislniitijrn mi»m, 1, 67. 
rMlffllf fo<rfnV, /(irjyr M</*. vw. 1 76; pbdupt. 

11.%-. CHArc. I., o. w. 2064. 
tnU A.'Sar. cot rfH^ cotp. coto rfa(. cotan, 

b./iW. liUU O.Unith bot, kutu, cot, »<#, 

"w/Za", rRAOM. 4; me ni? met m'int )7id> 

t'ltra bpiuk ji lutvl kot areifn A. b. 362; 

fotp 'Wiw", vw;. 27;i; Havkl. 7:i7; «ol<^ 

YiM.y CuAuc C. T. a 2457; roiva Mat. 

21, 13; coto8 fpi.J Lakul. it 8, 16; 

WioL. vtsD. 11, 2; r«n;i. snlt-. sch^p-, 




COtllf RBIi. AHT. 1, 178. 

rotife, O.Fr. oot%o, wWa^r voc. 232; 

C'HALir. C. T. B 4012. 

cote, O.Fr. cote, cotto, O.H.Qerm. coro, 

ratzo. ww^, "^urtico", voc. 238; Go**. 2, 

47; (tAw. 152; eot*, cooto Cbauc G. t. 

A 103; Wicu ou£.^. 37, 3. 
cMC) cootc, Ihttch koflt, cM, "i«(TyM*". top. 

188 A' 3S3; "wMTjrw, /u/kw", i-koupt. 

95; "forujn", Wici,. lktit. 11, 16; ft 

hailed c/>te voc. 165. 
««teler, Fr. coulcditM-, ntARrr, pnoxrr. 06; 

Bkk. 33i»6. 
c«l«B coat: wXti\ (prt.) La-vqi.. 3, 138 (142). 
ncicr, 0. >V. cotier, mMm*.- cotiors /'^/ly 

Langu c 10, 97. 
coMBu, O.Fr. cotfln, m^m, Makd. 212; 


cMY) A.Snx. ciulii, fwrfA, mor6iM.* dNde 
oJcr gviihii hum. 2, 177; co(w Aj.bx. 
2815; c(ilbf "iywwp^i", pfioxiT. 9fi; Towrw. 
MYsr. 31. 

CBB «H Cll. 

rMBr4, O./V. cunnl, conanl, twcwrrf, h. h. 

138 (I40IJ ^«.. coward) Hob. 283; Alw. 

2108: cumnl a. e. 288*. 
NRBrdlf, O.Fr, cumu^lio. cotpardiet, CsArc. 

U. r. A 27:I0. 
MBchc, rBBrlH!fl nee under com-. 
nnM mn ctiYcl. 
c*Bgk> O.JhUeh kuch, <wb;&, "tmn't", taoMPT. 

97; coil Toc. 267; oonj, kciuih** Tbkt. 

4. 287: coughe, (wglie Chacc. C t. r 

eoBghei, wghen, O./hif^k knflieu. M.IIGmn. 

kuchfu, roujA, Chauc. C. t. k 2208; 

coughen, mubin "/kmiV*", pBojn>T. 97; 

couwe ^>wff.y RBI,. AKT. 2, 211; Ci>f(bi> 

Fw>B. 248: kofcbo fimptr.J Mikc 891; 

couhcdo. couiibed /';»-«(.; Lan-ol. 5, 205 

(3611; rouitrbisl, koubfl Thjtv. 2, 195. 
Mill, M.H.Ufrm.\n}\)V:\^ "mginttrimn*, i>R03Ipt. 

97: wtf cuvcl. 
CBulle Mv qvilte. 
c«Btnf »fr cunilfO. 
nniiBlilr, /V. ronp-ibto, ettfpable, La,iol. b 

17. 300. 
CBiipei O.Fr. cujjo, puupe, cat potorium, ''era- 

t«r", PB0»T. 99; Koa. 118; mid gildeoo 

coupe fjlrat ttjcl bolle) Lai. 24613*; k 




coupo wi)) win sclio hadde io biiDiIO' Hah. 

Ku. K. 7563; L-oupt.% ^plj axkku. 35. 
niip«, rt./V. colpe. Mt/pn, lijut'GL. b 5, 305. 
Mif* =^ iMipt? ecop fcoHpJ /or ftoultry, rkij. 

AKT. 1. 4. 
Mlpco, /'r. couperV tou|>ed shOu Tor. 193; 

};aloches icoupetl Lakos.. r 18, 14. 
r«ipeii tKe c))i\ti))pn. 
roipsrr e&upfr (cxukpvr), "cupan'ut", I'KOMi'T- 

c«a|ilr, O.Fr. cople. tmtpU, ma. 70; Lawol. 

tt. 140 (10. Ift9). 
rvRpHii, 'J. /■>. ciiplor, conler, couple, ''copu^ 

larr , HKusuT. !>!); cuple ItANflU c :t. IflO; 

kupled Wde W gederos a. n. 78; couploft 

"eopu/alit", VCicl. Is. 5, 8; icuplet (part.J 

Kath. 1059. 
rcnrbru, /V. eonrber; courbed fprttj "Uasol. 

H 1, 7i». 
ctHrfD, itan. kurp, A'ir«/. kura. fiemt. k:\n- 

orn, cwcw, infitxi* gvniiuM auh»idfre: c«ui- 

re p. a. 329; Floh. 785; pl. t. ISS; 

I(i>ari|i /^pTM.y Aus. 2053; koarod fpr^.J 

Will. 47. 
Mini C/V. cms. i-'ourH. wmmc. tbeat. 132; 

p. L. s. XXV, 12.1; Alw. 712; Chalt. 

C. T. A 8 fc p 76; core Gaw. 116. 
rsirftrft O./V. corsier, cotirsier, mHrwr, i.'MAVc. 

<.'. T. A 1704; cursor rnoMi^r. 110. 
rourol, A. Sax. ci'is'-nuto vim*. 280. ci'iscotc 

Ii2. eoiuhol fetuhat, cnucot, qut'tt/, ^'jui/um- 

^$". voc. 221; qvisbt Pall. 1. I'tH. 
fitf A. Sax, cofa, O./al. boH, M.H.Uwm. 

knk". rwv. C. M. Iltil7. 
nue, /*r. couvw, eotf^, prompt. 96. 
rnirilrii «v riivt^ik'n. 
cairlr iw ruveK'. 
Mrent «m «»iirr com-. 
r«frrfii=s recuv^n?n? oovoro Havel. 2040; 

PR. r. 811; kpovpri p. L. 8. XXin. 136; 

kevore Ko». 256; kurerc. kcvcro Wn-u 

128 J. 1521; kfVtTt'd /-^rf.; (Jaw. 1755: 

•r*" iw»vt'n'n. 
rttrrea »fe undtr coiO'. 
rftiinlrr Cortnlry, Rou. ti. 
crmbbc, .J.-laj. ctiilitKi, O. hatch brabbe, 0. 

/iW. kr.iblu. rriii. "cancfr", roc. 189; 

PKOMPT. 90; KOM. 1, -il; LitMi. «. P. 

68; crabbi-n fpl.j Aus. 4943. 
rntliW irur/iu titrfMtrii, Pall. 1, 569. 

crabbctrS atih-irev, phumpi. 99 r crabtrfl 
"flfAuiB*". voc 192. 

cnibW4 crabbed. nctrhuM, Chauc. C. t. k I'iOft; 
Liuo. x. [>. |:i2; crahbcdc wordi-s Laxol. 
10, 104 (11, 6r>i. 

crarrke craUh^ tcabtM? cracbe c. h. 11823. 

rnrrbf, O./V. cnicliy. creche, eratek, "prM- 
mpv", PBoiUT. 99; Will. 3233; Wicu 
Job 6, 5; ^tihtIk- a. r. 260. 

crarrbls crutch. »aihfrt, tealp^re, pbowpt. 99; 
fnu-'-lH'n (.crucflK'l iis or clawtn Lakou 
B PHou 154; rrarcbing fparl.J Pastkn. 
5893; erac*lR'd fprHj Obph. 78; with 
tAseli'H craccbf'd LAMiL. u 5, 446. 

rrwlcl, J. Sax. cradol. /r. rraidhfil, emdU 
(endhj, a. b. 82; Ali^. 3655: OuAuc. C. 
T. A 2019; crwiel, dnidgl pbompt. 101; 
cretin s. ». KD. Wr. 789: cnidole ftUU) 
o. A. N. 631; cn-dilr 31an. ku. U. 243. 
cradelbcnd l. n. b. 134. 

craltj craft. A.Sax. cnvft in., O.L.Gvrm. rtqfl. 
0./>«. krpft, 0.//.6>w. chraft /, OJeJ. 
Vraptr w., er«/tp vis, art, Lai. 2840 It 
KJ87: cr.ifi o. A. X. 757; rkl. ant. I, 
211: Will. 635; CiuiJC. C. t. a 401i 
Udg. w. I*. li>2; ^nu. crtirrti 1>bm. 18809?) 
(Teft Katu. 872; atkxb. 35; (wnc creft] 
p&AnM. 1; pontrh ho crlode vip aliv ^ 
cnifl {lat ho coudo Mand. 305; rmlket 
^plj o. A. K. 568; Pkrckv. 560; ww^, 
drij-. dttfotfior-. Iwlw, Icoil-, wirrh*^. 

rrpfttuaR "iWra", praou. 2. 
craftnioQ Lal 28944. 

cnrflra, J.Sux. i-ni-flun. M.l.Ovrm. krel 
MvoMftit*ft '^ rri'flif Shurkii. 157; cruft*] 
Pall. 1, 428; i-rcftoli /pr«.> Shurkh. 2.f 

craftif A.Sax. crKftii,', O.IT.Ofrm. ohrcdii 
emjiy, Ai. II. 2: cnirti and Htning ml 
9088; ncni Kath. 125; lasc. 91; rraf*! 
tier feompar.J Will. 1680; c. m. 8753.] 
crafiillcho, cr^iftili crojtiiy, Laxul. 10. i* 
(11. 5>: cnifiili Iw. 3104; .rrftiluk.f ' 
feomparj Kath. 260. 

crag, Ir. W^Uh eraig, tftfrf. eivii;.-. crng, m- 
jMi, Will. 2850: rrapBu /'liai.; Ciurr,| 
B. R. 4156; BEL. a>-t. !, 126: nrajK^Mi 
rp/.> *T»- t- 6393. 

crmhieBr bigoo t^ crAliioD aat Uk rrvnelwD 
mit spire AIakh. 9. 




fral«r, O. Fr. crater, a tmati pmm/.* craieis 

rpi.J I.. Arth. 738. 
Pink, O.f/uteh rr«r, JifJf.Gfrm. krach, craci, 

/ray«r, V. M. 18953; krak Alis. 641; 

u II. i>isc, 9t>2. 
crike, 0. /«/. kriika, a-ah, comix: crakes 

/"/(/.y s. K. KD. Wkb. 3532; i»»i;). uijrht- 

rrniiifa, A.Sax. cracian, O.PtUch craken, 
M. If. Germ, knirlicn, emfi, crsj)are, iitr»' 
perv, fraMgere: crftki* Iticii. 5423; Flob. 
92; li. H. B. 144: kel. ant. I, 2; krakt? 

IIORK Kn. IIORRTM. 11 ]H; rnikf'|) /'prfit.J 
SuOBfc.ll. yit; so cli;iuilt<'|3 hi' am] criikt'lJ 
Chadc. C; t. k 1850; fei rraki^n Uow. 
3, 94; and craked Ikj^c liiu- If^Kw* Lasul. 
B 18. 73; biiQcs Jier orakfd^'u Lai. 1875: 
kraked (pari.) IIatkl. 1238; icrakcii 
Gbeo. 602. 

rnllra, Gtrm. kral Icii, lorqture, vri»pare ^ 
(.ralli' fyrw. imperj l. c. u. 35; crallcil 
(paHJ IBU). ; curious hameis i^vaintli 
rrjiHit v\.. r. 134. 

cremmel I <-raiimiC'Ies fpl.) aitxnb. 253. 

rrammifiif A.Sax. (.raiiitiiian, cram, farcire; 
iTi'iiimiii I'BiiMFT. 101; 4'ntuiliii'J) (pret.J 
p. ». 238; craiiimid (port.) Wicik Hot. 
13, 6; beo I'lr nii>u|i cnmuncd with cl»^ 
p. \t. 8. XXV. 112; icntniiiu'ii, irromniLHi 
CiiAiT. C. T. c 348; icramincd. iLTumwet 

L.VXGL. PBOL. 41. 

rriaip, O.JI.Oerm. chramph. cramp, tmciu, 
tvii/iii*: ctvm\i L. H. B. 139. 

rran|if, M.L.Otrm. O. />uteh kranipc, O./I. 
Germ, '■lirairijilio. cramp fcrompj, "tytigmms", 
pKitMiT. 100; CiiALT. Troil. 3920; cram- 
l>f, crtitupc Lan'gl. b 13, 335. 

miaiKlH tcalptreY prompt. 100. 

rriHr, A.Stii. cr;in. O.DuUh craco, kranc, 
craw, "^na", vac. 188; pbompt. 100; 
REL. AST. 2, 70; LiDR. M. P. 154: rroii 
(crane) I*a». 20WJ3: crano /dot./ atunb. 
R6; kraiios fpKj Havki.. 172K: ntitH'X 
A. r. 2, 5H. 

rmsl fTuNHtf. "rima", pbojcpt. 100; rranis 

/"ptj t»AiBAM. 710. 

traabr cranl, "girgUlm, knudrum". peompt. 

1 1 10. 
rnifpe crap, **aem\ prompt. 100; crappis 

(pi J vor. 301. 

crtschin cra»h, rr»parf, frmdsre, pbompt. 

100; crasclicic Itraiucz d. Akth. 2114. 
rraMn. I>an.', Nuwf. krafis, crau^ fro- 

P«re, /ratiffere : J»r cablis crasen h. t. 

'128; t"" I^t W"8 erased Chauc. C. t. o 

984; coroitisp haji crasid joure croaiie' 

UEP. Rich. 4. 
rruk ^ aiskV *'craiisits", pbompt. 100. 
rriij A.fiax. criip. from crinvcn. erotc f crate), 

cantiu: criiwo (e(nt,J Bkk. 1090; CaArc. 

C. T. A 3(>75j c&mp. hniucrm. 
craikc sn crok<>. 
rniBlen, O./w/. krntia. MJ/.Gfrm. krahplen? 

erttwl ; ciimlamU' (part.) c. m. ti*il2. 
rrafiDt *rf rrtant. 
crairn, A.Sax. rr.ilian, (J. /oc/. krcQrt /»rif/. 

kriifilii. crflt'?, potcert, peUm, st. okx. a. 

EX. 1320; oravr r. l. 219; AS. UT. Ilj 

a. .*. Kw. Wku. 52: I»'. 543: IIot-cL. I, 

432; (Tavi- (pre*.) (spkc. 72; cravpji 

SuoBVU. Gl; cravcj^, craven, crave Langl. 

8, 215 (221); cnwcde (prti.) 8t. okit. 

a. bx. 1418; Havel. 633; icraved /'/lar/.y 

A. H. 2"; comp. bifravcn. 
cptwp, />««. kiitvc. O.ll.finw. clira^d, fTflw, 

gultur, PBOMPT. 101; Wutl. 4 kikgk 6, 

crftwc, J.SfTx. cn'ipc iKtI.Gtrm. clirfiwp. 

clirAia. chriiji^ O.L.Germ. krain, ercwUnnp), 

"uwMiV, voo. 188; tT^j»c o. A. Jf. 12i>; 

cri'wp CiiArf. C. t. a 2692; crb\>\'n (pi.) 

V. Is. R. XVII, 185; crApo o. A. N. 304; 

<»«;». nijtcrOwe. 

rrA]i(']ec FRAUM. 3. 

cr6wefoi eroto-fooi, prompt. 105. 
rrAwcn, A.Sax. rrilpan, [O.S.Gifrfa. rhrlhao 

prvt. chrilta|, eroto ferAw), enttert: crAwo 

Misc*. 45; (Tiiwir (pret. mbj.) p. s. 238; 

croop (prei.) Mat. 26, 74; cr^u c. m. 

15992; (^Mf. crow) Wicl. Mat. 26, 74; 

CHAiTr. C. T. » 43S7; <*rflwe 9. s. ed. 

Wkb. 253t;; crrtwcn (part.) Towx. myst. 

182: crowo Lun. Ciiv. 278; ii:r«wc Chavc. 

C. T, A 3357; dtriv. mm, cr*rl. 
cmili O.Fr. vraven: oroaunt A. r. 

2S8; rr.ivant Kath. !3H. 
rml«Nr, Fr. rreat^jur, crmtur, Lanol. 0, 20 

(10. 27); CiiAi-c. C. T. c 901. 
ernldrr, />, croataro. crtainrf, Bp.k. 3238; 

CuAiJC. C. T. A 2769. 




ireckflidf, J.Sar. Cr«cca gr^lAd, CricHtitU, 
fpriHtfd Crf*iikelaile) Hub. 2t>9. 

ffftl, A.Siix. croail(?), from cruden, tmh«? 
for ... miktl creile Max. ku. F. 11244. 

frfd, //•«»» iTiiw*-!!; (4M/». bi)iu'ri!il. 

creic, i«(. cii'Uo, ncW, aoM. 2» 17; Suoreb. 
IS8; RBI.. A»T. I, 211. 

cnM tf cradvl. 

crel, Germ, kroi, mh/w? o. a. k. 335. 
rrckc 'Myorta", PBOiOT. 101; ii. a. ti4. 
rr«k« frMil- ** crokos /'p/.y CMArc C. t. a 

40 J I (knakkt-s fti. Wb. JOiif.i. 
rrrkln, O. iJutch kn:k«'ii (Urtptrt}^ G*rm. 

I.r«xli(H'/ a-Mti, "graciUurt", vhompt. 101; 

frckt'S fprrt.J iu:l. ant. 'J. 7l(. 
crrllr crt^i, "*pMrta'\ piioupt. 101. 
tttmt I cr«tuL> ?^, />. c rt-Dic, if. Xa^ /<«/. 

iTfmii. rrwm, l4A>*uL. ed. Wr. 43G5. 

rrrnimlii wr rmuiiuu'ii. 

rrrnprii) O. Dutch kn'iii|K'n. Si.U.Gmrm. 

Lti.-iii)iruu, eonlraH, restrain: i.T<'iiipe o. a. 

X. I7H8; eump. fnn^ivniiitii. 
rrrnrbru erincM, rri»g«y crcncht-n Irroniire) 

luit '.^>irr Marii. y. 
rrrnrlrn m't*l-/ry llic liou is crenclc-d Chadc. 

1. .1. w. J008. 

trtmffm, A.iiaz. creopan. O. Aw/. kriupA, 0. 
/rn. krij|m. rrw/i. rfptrt; t-rt'diui Ai.i.s. 
•jTri; crt>ii<-u Lai. 2H;U:j; cni'k«i.i», rr^pf 
o. A. s. 819; cr^ii*' Shohkh. 140; iTeopJi, 
crop)! (pru.) o. a. x. 820; cri«ptfd noM. 

2, 199; crwp fimffT.J A. b. 292; crco- 
pioilc (pirt.) Marh. 11; trrap fpnt.J 
Kath. y08: I'Tcp ST. «BX. A. Kx. 2U24; 
AuH. ^71; s. & Kix Wjl 471); krOp ». 
A. c. I; cnlp //pr ri*p?i Lai. 292H2; 
crup AT*!*'. Asmi. LXV; t^u) crope 
Laxii,, 3, IH4 (190); bw crup*D (crope) 
Lai. 18472; cropcu st. gkk. a. £.3l 2974; 
oropo IIbk. 2241: crop*n fmtbj.j I^axoi,. 
B raoL. 166; cropw fp<irtj Oowr. 1, 198; 
Chadc. C. t. a 4259; Libo. a. k 240; 
irn^p*' Tisv. 3. :t97; cMtp. letcreupeo. 

rrrprre err*per, raojoT. 101. 

rrrprl »« fnip*-!. 

rmra crtmt** livr swd if tbat nt> a^«e 

Pau. 6. 77. 
tn uM f J.St^. cTcsse,, cerw <?). O.UMtrm. 

chresso, cr^so, crcssa, O.L.Gtrm, kem^ 
cTMt fkerivj, ^'ttadurtium", vaoJOfX. 102; 
A. P. 1, :t4:J; kereo (Jow. 1, 299; » 
uojt wwp H kfirso Lamol. h 10, 17; 

com]}. v> ak-r-, ttolr r*?.s,so. 
tfHtXXj Fr. txawsvVi crnaH. "emcibuUm\ 

PROMPT. 102. 

rmle, O.Fr. creste, creH, "entW\ pbohpt. 

102; WiCL. Kxoi). 28, 23; l. ii. r. 212^ 
crrte, O.Duick kratte ftwhi»j, O.Jl.Girm. 

crczzo feaialhiuj, cruU t \^ \AVt:^\ xom 

. . . )N>t vop|> iim bis crr>te atkxb. 137. 
crtUl, AV. cretin; crituuus "(nroiiMm", Wm-u 

IS. 101, 4. 
rr««lrD, IKDnleh krovolon? repere; vxvvXami 

iparij <:. >I. 1>(3I ii. 
rmu, O./V. cr«vw!<», a-ww, s. s. ed, W«. 

7t»8; crovke pr. a 9186; crovime (iaw. 

crcrll, O.OuUJi krevol (prm-iiutj* Ltwi. x. 

p. 31. 
krcfb, f/./r. crt'rice, mvy/tk, LiDO, jl p. 

rrl, /v. rri. cry, Lai. 11991*; Matks 33»» 

Bkk. 81; kri Will. 2174. 
rriUw, AJfiax. iTJbb, orybb, O.Frtt. kribbc, 

O.L.O*rm. cribbia, O.IlMrrm. trrippa, chri- 

pia, erih, "frvMnpc", prompt. 10.1; non 

L, 277: Oiui. 3321; Maxu. 70; pa. c: 

5200; "Jiactila", Trkv. 4. 3r>3. 
friPB, ^>. /■■»•. oner, trij, IUvka. 2443; cri* 

Brand. 22; criv fpret. imptr.} a. r. 136; 

rn.-in<lc> /"part. J Will, 4347; crloile />p</ 

Laxol. b «'^, 451; criodea noK. 1, STW 
rrlkr, O./r. crit|up. O.Vmteft krekp? mwi;, 

"ncaUfhJra", i'ROMpt. 103; t'jurc. C. r. 

A 409; fprinttd Iriki't st. ok-S. a. j:i,j 

294"; kiikf IIavbl. 708. 
rrifcti O.M, kriki /'/airry KutTxanu's tnai 

frmury bU ii(«i> n^nt uulo ^ crice ^^ 

w. swiiv) Uavul. 2150. j 

rrUtrl, Fr. cri^aeU criaM, roc. 164: Lasmu. 

B 14. 42. 
erikkf mVi, "wpatmm", prompt. 103; tbov 

mi(fht &toniU<^ au') take th» tfrik Uk 

AST. 2, 29. 
rrlae, Fr. crimi!, «n'M/, Chaim:. C. t. o <M& 
criHpil "riyu", prompt. 103. 
rriHplin -'ni/irf/'. prompt. 103. 
crivar, O.Fr. criour. (n>f, uw. 220. 




fripel *(V rni]n'!. 

crippriif rrii'piii (pari.} Wicl. lkvit. 22, 24. 

crt|is *v ^x\%\. 

criinCf 0.». cro«mo. 6V. xp^^f** *'*""'»i 

PROMPT. 1 03 ; BT. OKN. A. KX. 2458 ; 

ciemc MiRC 634; creimc Snoiten. 13-, 

AYKSK. 41. 

frbp, A.Sax. crisp, /-«/. cri8|ius, WMp fcrip»^, 

yiAHu, 108; his rrispe her Chauc. C. x. 

A 21 6S; rripS TREAT. l:t8. 
olltt OSr. crist. CArt«^ Kath. 612; cristcs 

messp Chritiputr, atkkh. 213. 
frUliU, /■>. rrisljil. (TsNrfa/. Yh. h. Bl. 274; 

I'HBOS. Kngi.. t>:i8; spkc. 52. 
rrlstn^ A. Sax. cristiMi. christian: 4 cristen 

man L.\sr,L. II. I'Jft (kd. Wii. *i827); 

cristenp (ivhii.) SitnRHii. 'M\\ [jIh ff<'nle 

tinp J>at |m3 crtst^'nc biconi Hob. 75 ; 

cristinc (":riHtone> (pi.) Lai. 29773. 

criflteadoin «Art«/AMrom, a. b. 30; Bkk. 
t08: finnt; rrii^tciidrmi Shorrh. 5. 
crUlUnil^ ehriatianity, ('»iArr. C. t. b S44. 
frbtnirB, A.Sax. tristninn, chrittvn: cristnic !>; cristncde (prd.J v. x,. 8. XV. 
1 177; cristntil fpari.J Omi. 1782. 

crlBtMlagt! ehritUning, aykkb. 14. 
crhom fte rr>-t'>u. 
trtr, rrochp, 0. Fr. rrorv. crfirhr, "peAun", 

pRitMPT. 103 A; 104; Jt hiflchuiics crOBSd 
[ (crocoi LanOl. b 8, 94. c IL 92; frochc. 

Ji. rrorri/i, eroUh, "Mttttniaeuitun", voc. 
I 277; •» crricchi'. 

nwlirl, Fr. criirlipt, eroieJul, I'RnMi'T. 104. 

ttfttktf A. Sat. trocca. crock, "offa\ pragm. 

I 4: A. K. 214; crokkc Siiorkh. 106; Thev. 

M. R/i: Uxr.i,. n 10. 27r., 
rrarkrrf ".%«/«*'*. Wicii. wwd. 15. 7: 

't.'kkiM'l' HHilltKH. lOfi. 

nvfvilllfj O.Fr. crwodile. crocodile: i*om- 
dnllt- Whi,. i.kvit. 11. 2!>. 
, cnftr A.Sax. crofl(J'). ''■s^, agelitu, Lasul, 
5. SBS (C, 63): LVD. C)v. 36. 
#r»h, A. Sax. crc\\ (?). frV*-/, crng^? urnnu '' 

H. M. 39; croivs /"jj/./ mibc. 20. 
mts, O. >r. croiB. (.toJe. crnii. cntx, r. i.. 
1180; P. L. fl. ni. 88; Jos. 44G; CiiAuc. 
C. T. « 556: riviz HriHK ko. Kits. 1314; 
.Havkl, I2fi3; crtH/h a. b. 18; crtth. 
JTTripC Bkk. OSH & 071; rrnic.^ Wu.i» 
E^.'>0; itM rruH. 

ci«h«a, A'r. r.roisrr. IhUrh kruisen, erui«f. 
cruee siffHare, in enuig /ormam pontre: 
W rroifi Jtric his forehCvod p. h. 9. XVIT, 
73; nwised (pret. imper.J a. b. 64; 
croiBod (part. J l. h. r. 133. 

cp6k, 0. /W. krokr. erosjt, "nnciu", voc. 237; 
"pedum", I'HOMPT. 104; [iH Ins hake ho 
bar ft cn-kk Ton. 1018; nook Aus. 4819; 
LiUG. M. P. 217; crori /raw, Orm. 11685; 
rrokeK nnei, lbr. 169; Lakol. c 21, 296; 
crokez (aieet. A. p. I, 40; cr6ki'a fraude*, 

A. B. 268; spEr. 105; rreflj crflkes Katii. 

crake crab (croak, ennoij, "arnia", vor. 2H7; 
craukp '*eremium (qutnt restat in ji-ixoritip, 
PROMPT. 101. 

krAkf^ O. Dutch krnkr. oimittmu, v. Artr. 

crikin, O.Ihtlch kr^kiii, erooi, "eurrare", 
pROMiT. 104; a. 8. BD. Wb. 609; rrftki 
Ay»;NB. 177: ri'ftko Hick. thkh. 1, 229; 
<Uw. 2, 144; ('fYiki'il (prta.) hom. 2, 61; 
crookcdcn (prcl.J Wjcl. ps. 56, 7; erokcd 
(part.) Oaw. 653; CnAff. C. T. B 560: 
orokcd. icn>kt-d o. a. k. 80 & 1676; 
C6mp. forcn'ikfn. 

eroikfi croftk, "cunx^n}", pbompt. 105. 

rromr in'e rriinic. 

crommrii m> craniincii. 

cm nv rrane. 

ffMie, OJhtteh kronio, O.Fr. carrtigne? cro- 
m, Chauc. C. t. b 432. 

rrottffl (('n»non?i. O.Ihitch kroni-n, krctim'ii. 
O.Il.Oerm. '.'Im'mvii? fr«>N, fftrmcrv: ye 
croinc ^r. w. mdnv) T<iwx. sntsT. 116. 

rraiUkPj O.Fr. nociiiur, ekroniclr, Thkv. 3. 
47: orunirlc phumit. 104. 

n*Pf A. Sax. iTopp. O. />«/rA kn>p. O.Jcfl. 
kri'jipr. O.JI.Orrm. clin'ph. n'oy, tfiUtHr. 
caput, "(yiMrt*', votT. 229; p. s. 238; 
Lasg[„ c in. 75: Chaw. Bobt. S, 2 
(69i; p. h. 3. n. 98; i.. h. r. 69; hH 
haddp crop so An IiputI Ai.ik. 688: <*rop 
and mon.' lko. 105; A tn> ... of wliilk 
|»p rrop OS turnwl doMimwani PR. r. 663: 
pt crop of )»o nJdf lirere l. c. c. 42; 
eroppo ^i^f.y c- H. 844)8; in rrop ant 
rMf gpHc. 100; rropiuw /;i/.> CnAirr. n. 

B. 1396. 

rrvpeiv, O. Fr. rrojiicrc crupper, pbompt. 




lOS; cruperes, cropiers fpt,} Lanol. b 
15. 45;i. 

rrD|i|i»f O.Tcrt. krcippn, trttp^ earptrt; crup- 
po 31. T. 167; h(> is aso |i« pidl }>ct 
spriittcd lit Jie betore jfol mo hiuo ofU? 
rruppeil a. b. 80; Buclie (fouU's) roineth 
tu mi croft ami cropp<'tli lui whC'tc Lamol. 
» ti, ^3; liUHt )H)it . . . cnipptMl jfirua 
ft. ii'TOB) uf wruu Minn 1502. 

rr»», 0./«/. kross, crw», trux, Laj. 31380; 
Kath. 727; Lanhl. a f., 13 (n :», &29 
Ad« cnidif); iu l)is purse wheJttT (wr Tw 
voi cros or rioncln.' Halmw. dict. 282; 
ono rroHW dfl'(u«, n. Arth, :JCtj7. 

rr»fcic, HV/M iroeswu flnt^omj? I*ai. 20325 
^f/f(^ «^f. ^cxf Aim fol.) 

rr«»M'n, O.lctl. krusiui, crMa; oro&aid "«rww 

ngnatwC*, PROMPT. 10r>. 

fr»tr, af'r. rruli? (ie^nn. kroizc? "y/thula'\ 
moitn'. I Ori ; cri>o(y "crt»i«wm". Win.. 
PS. 101, 4; ilk A rroU> Max. eh. F. 2102; 
crot fv. r. prot) c. m. 2528. 

marhrH gtt cnii-hcn. 

rrtadrn tfe crujoi). 

rrtakr, A. Sax. crftce (Vt. O.L.Gtrm. crAca, 

.(rffM*** CUAIC. C. T. A 41iiS.' 
rroiikrn M>e> criiclicii. 
rraiHii' *«■ criiuc, 
rroupr, /V. ltouik', croup, .Vlis. 2447 ; 

i HAic. <■• T. i> i^sn. 
creu^f Wflnh criiUi. <r<wM ferotadj, iioitna, 

SPEC. fiS; croq|w ^dW.; i- T. 485. 
rrAvi' «M crftwc. 
crurrhr, A.&tx. cryct. O./I.Gmn. kruirka, 

O.Jiiiith knickc, rnrffA. haeulum eurrun: 

mi'l his criir*:Lo La)._ liM82. 
rrurhr, O.Fr. eructic (?), O.L.Gfrm. cvncu, 

ernx, Kath. 1171; crepe to cnit-hc noM. 

2, 95; cnichr, cruucho Lanou b o. 529; 

croucbQ Srokkb. 15; atkxti. Ill; K. n. 

rrurhro cruet tignart; cronclio fptw.J Chaoc, 

C. T. A 3470; frcnichp|i Skoheh. 15; 

heo . . - i-rm-hi-iK' liiro Katu. 028. 

cruHsh: I can iiautln'r cryiikt> nt kni-lo 
Tuwjt. jiTST. 103; kniiU'K cruukp|J ln-m 
tA & (.TOckeji full low* PL. riL 751; )>ci 
80 I4wp cronchcD 302. 
rmrllf, />. crucifler, trmify^ c. ii. 18273. 

rrnrlfii crucifix, a. r. 16. 

rrurkcif idi foil a wai thai cracke Fall. 

2. 210. 
tftA croted, Arth. a. Merl. 5510. 
tniit, curdo wrdfentdj, •'cmffnhm", prompt. 

105; tTOtldwi ^pij Laxol. 0, 284 (7, 

200); ciirdos voc. 178. 
tn44Ui curd fcrudj, "coafftt/are", prompt. 

1(15; cruiiilfd rpirfj Win,. Job 10, 10. 

irrttDdt-vraia, O. Dutch VnuwnpUoa, ermf^ 
tpaiH, pabo, Am. a. Ajiil. 1858. 
crideHj A.Sax. rriiilun (?) prr/. rrcad. CL 

ihitch kniidcQ prti. krooil, crowd, tnutrrt^ 

prllvrt: criiJy Horn eo. Lum. IS 

rroadiu prompt. 105; rroudt< Ckacc. C.' 

T. B 801; out croude ff priitUfd troade) 

Shokkm. 33; rruiidu fpra. imptr.J Alis. 

OOP; trudin fpr^.J p. b. t.. p. 245. 
rr«*I, Fr. crutl, crW, a. b. 100; Uoa. 57. 
tntXvh criuHjf, a. h. 208; Mas. rd. F. 5180. 
cnel frwi, "phwifT, rbl. ast. 1, 7; vnxwi 

Shoreh. 49; t-rapU i'/)/./ Brand, li 
epil, M.JI.tttrm. krul. O.Duich krol, tritptu: 

crol /'«M. rroUo) Alib. 19^9; crutio />/./ 

Ckalt. C. t. a 81. 
rpillea, M.L.6trm. knilloii, O.OuUJk krolk%J 

cur/, critpare: ciirlid fpArt.) prompt. 111. 
criab, J..Sas. O.L.Germ, rnimb. O. tf.Gtrm. 

chnirubor, cmp. fr. cmm, cnmi. 6W..J 

cruoi, Srtt. kruuuim, kruojiu, crittN, <vr- 

nu, Or». 9207; CTDam a. 8. ko. Wb. 

2477. , 

cnnbe crotn*: croubc, crouiubv "wmm'V] 

r-ittiMi'T. 104. 
criMbea, O.H.Oerm. i^)c)irumben, OJhittkl 

kromnifin, turc^trt; croniin prosipt. 104;] 

oninipt (pari.) Halliw. out. 284. 
crSBC, A.Sax. cnitai-, Gtrm. kniiui% ermaA^ 

feroomj, •Wca", vor. 258; a. it. »4a; 

cronio Tbkv. 4. 399; Muu; 2013; Iw 

crouTPe LKB. Jbr, 155; rruntun fpi.J a. 

B. 344 ; cruiues Orm. 1475 ; rromw 

Chait. C. t. i:d. Tyrwh. 15528. 
mn*tfi, Germ. krQnitdn, erunhU; kreOMlU 

''pfirf.j L. r. i;. 36. ^j 

rrinipr crump, Apasmtu, Tnwy. Mtsr. ft08. ^H 
criM^CB crumpir: •.Tiimplod (pari-J c m. ^^ 

8087; was rrotnpild nod Tdkid fUJB. 




aiftX *« cru]>ol. 

rrijffnt criitpid fpartj Wicu ifEViT. 22, 24. 

rrlps ftt crisp. 

criiuf, O.Fr. cresmc, t?!*. y^vs\La. ehn*m, 

I'RcmrT. toy; st. okk. a. kx. 2458; 

cremt Sliiic 604; crcirae SnoRiiu. 13; 

AYEXB. 41. 

rriif, J.'*<itx. crisp. Zal. crispHS, frwp (w^), 
JIasd. Ut8; liis cri^pft her Chauc. C. t. 
A 2165; cri|js tbkat. L38. 

arltfy O.Fr., Vhrid, Kath. BI2; crtates 
Tnesso CAriAtmm. atknti. 213. 

rrlKlal, />. cristiil, rryirffl/, Fi,. A. Bl. 274: 

fllROX, KSGl.. 6.SK; HPKO. 52. 

rriMfR, A.Saz. cristcn, ehn'ttiaH: ft oristcn 
man Laxai-. 11. 120 (kd. Wa. 6827); 
cristcDo ^tvitij Shobku. 56; |tis gitAc 
\iinp put ^iis rni^t^no lii<.-om Kob. 75: 
crislino ti-risteiie^ /plj Lai. 29773. 
crislondGm cMriHmdtm, a. b. 30: Bkk. 
108; |ianp rristPHflOm Shokkh. 5. 

crlalUutl^ chriftianitjf, ClLAl'C. 0. T. B 544. 

rriiitniriif A.Sax. cri.sinian, cfa-itUn; rristnlo 
SuuHEii. 0; cristocilp (prel.) v. u s. XV, 
177; cristnod ffoH.) Orm. 1782. 

rrbtHlBgc ehrittming, ayesb. 1 4. 

rrilsan t/f n-oWtn. 

mtn, rnvho, O. Fr. cnico, crorhe, "p«dutn", 
yBoMPT. 103 & 104; u LIschuites crttsse 
(cTMe) L&:eoL. b 8, »4, ell, 92; croche. 

277; «# rnuTho. 
erorbrt, /■>. crochet, croUM, i-romi't. 1 04. 
nwrfcr, A. Has. croccH, <T«yt, "o^", vhagu. 

4f A. B. 214; crokko Smoheu. 106; Tbkv. 

3. 8.5: Laxou b 10. 275. 
rnirkprf "Jtt/uiiu", Win,, wiki). 15, 7; 

^■I>•U•.'rv Shuiieii. 106. 
mrttdllf, O.fV. rriM-iHiilc. erocodUe: rwr*- 

.irill.' WiiL. LtviT. 11. 20. 
mflj A.Snx. cToft(yi. to/!) tiff^iu, La»ol. 

5. 582 |6, 63); ttb. (Vtv. 36. 
frth. .^.Nf*. croh (?). Gttei. cniff? arww *• 

II. M. 39; croflR />/.y vise. 20. 
rrm\n, O.Fr. crois. crtiir,, cruiz. criix, c. l. 

1183: p. T-. 8. HI. 88; .Ins. 446; Chauc. 

C. T. a 556: croh Uohv ed. Kits. 1314: 

Havkl. 1263: rn-oir a. r. 18; croi?.. 

cniif^ Uek. 050 A- 071; <'niirc Will. 

350; uf cros. 

rr*i«n, Fr. crojsrr, Ifuie/i krHiscn. rruite, 
crucf tignarf, in crncin /ormtm powreT 
16 croici Jiric bis forcbBvod p. l. s. IVII, 
73; crpoised ^prtt. imptr.J a. r. 64; 
cruised fpart.) l. h. k, 133. 

frtk, 0./(v^. kri'kr. crook, *'»Heu»", voc. 237; 
"peHum\ PROMPT. 104; on his bakn \\t\ 
bar A cn-k Ton. 1018: rrook Ams. 4810; 
LiDCi. K. r. 217; rritt front, Obm. 11635; 
criJkcs unci, leg. 109; Lan-ol. c 21. 206; 
crokez faleet, a. p. 1. 40: erikvs /rattdn, 

A. B. 268; SPEC. 105; crefti rrftkes Kath. 

rrokc erol-ff croak, rratelj. "ftriUa\ v(ir. 267; 
rraiikc "crrmiutn fqund rettat in frixorioj", 

PROFIT. 101. 

krAkf, O.DttkK kr^kc. dnetHnut, d. Abtr. 

crtkin, O. IhUcK krAkon, ffrook, "eurrtnv*', 
pBOMfT. 104; s. s. Ru. Wb. 609; crAki 
ATKKB. 177: <Tftko Hick. theh. 1, 229; 
fJow. 2, 144; oroki'd fpte*.} hom. 2, 61; 
crookpden fpifl.J Wh-l. pm. 56, 7; crftked 
/p(?ri.> Gaw. 653; CnAiu. C. t. b 560; 
rrftkwl. iaViked o. A. x 80 A- 167R; 
fOfw;*. fiiror^'kon. 

rraakrn croak, ''eaaxarg'\ pbosipt. 105. 

rramr K,e crunie. 

cranMeu iw i-numui'ii. 

rraB g0f rrano. 

cme, O.Ihdeh kronio, O.Fr. caroipne? crw- 
M, ('HArc. C. T. B 432. 

rrdnfti (cronon?). O./tntch kronon. kromipn. 
O. II. Germ. ':\nimvn 'i croen, gemerf : >n 
croinc fr. tc. mAne) Tiiwx. mttht. 116. 

tr«Klkr> O.Pr. nviiU\\iv. rAcMrVr, Tituv. 3, 
47: n-onirlp priimpt. !04. 

trUft A.Stix. cmpj). O.fMrh kroji, O. /re/, 
krojijir, O./I.OtTm. I'hniph. crop, gattuv, 
roput, "cytna". voc. 2211; P. a. 238; 
Lanul. v. ID. 75: Chait. Bobt. 3. 2 
(69); P. L. 8. II, 9K: i,. ii. d. 69; lirt 
bflfWc rrop so rtn li'''»ri Alis. 688; rrttp 
and moro i.ko. 105; ii tr^ . . . nf wbilk 
pc crop cs turned d<HU)i)vrnr<l pu. c. 663; 
|)e cnt|i of J»c r*dc brfro l. c. c, 42; 
cropiK" ftUitJ c. M. 8458; in crop jint 
r«'tp spKc. !00: crnpites fpl.j CoAfC. b. 

B. 1306. 

mftrr, 0. F'r. rrnpirrt*, crupper, pbomit. 




culfre ($ci*.) HOM. 1. 95 A 141-, ciilveicu 
(coIvtTPi (flj Lai. 24r»2l; rolfrcii Koii. 
190; colvorcn Alis. r»405: colvoren. col- 
rores Manu. 118. 
colverlioHs aykxb. 142. 

ralim iirnrfy cojjip. forciilit'D. 

rillra /»'//, enfilrtf : ii\>nv W culU* it|»iir to 
litte I*. L. «. XXX, I4t}; coiiiisi'iledp Caiiii 
fi culli'n tkillt-n) his bru|K>r LA^tni,. I. ti4 
(66): killtu "ocaJen', promii-. 274; eiilks 
fffTVMj JoA, .%4'); kiillo nl lit [ii't is i [lo 
ki-0(ii' A. B. 34r.; cuUf /'/Ki/.y A. R. 126;" 
killf Chatt. C. t. d 1041; rnltl,' /'prrf.y 
K. T. 179; ofto me hiuo cuMi- h.\t. 20319; 
cnlije, kildo Lasou 3, 180 (186). 

rnllfB »«t imd-r coin-. 

rulm, Nirfi. kolui V eo/m feotunj, "^^h'ffo", 

PRnMI'T. lOK. 

rulmra /uh'gin^rrf^ camp, bicoluien. 

mlmi. (■ohiii fHU^huMtu'^ LATfCi.. n 13, 056; 

tiis culmk' smite HoftK kd. Lim. 1082. 
kilur^ A.Sax. rrlnp(?), O. /w/. kvlna, iiVw, 

famAx, REL. AJfT. 2, 81; kilne pbomit. 

nill«'r, J.fitix. Lot. culter. «>//«*, LAVot.. n 

6, 106; Mtri,. pBov. 2.1. 2: Chauc. C. 

T. A 376:J: roltir Mape9 338. 
rilliirf, />. riiHiiro, citifwt, Pall, 1, 21. 
ciliorr tee tulfn-. 
rihrri «w undrr foiii-. 
riMW vomf'f fivmb/, tnvdiim: cuiime "rifm- 

ba", fBOMFT. 97. 

ftirt al M^) .^..S(/x. Cambrft Inutl, Cumbn- 
fond, MtHV- 14tl. 

rambrfu, U.ff.Orrnt. kuml'orD, O.IhdeX com- 
bren, CHinhfr, mofntan ; rnmhr**n I'l.. en. 
461; rumbivd fyitrt.J thassact. 18, 28; 
i-uniWrt'il Esi. 483; ii. ii. 129; comhrtMl 
rMAtc. BoKT. 3, 10 (JI4(; A. r. 2. 901. 

rmmr, ji.Sax. cuinn, O.Jl.Oerm. qrcmo, ad- 
pena : nimvnc //w g^iirarnc? Maddkni 
^gm. pfj Lai. 5190: comp. wilcuiiif. 

mnr, A.Sut. crriH'. O.L.fitrM. ciiiiii, O.If. 
6>rHi. rbwui, <i\crai, O./rr/. koiua, am'ca}, 
X. B. 188; o. A. N. 43ft; Citiiir, kiinir, 
kime (coino) Lai. 39G2, 6646 k 11827; 
rump, come Katu. 4 13 k 671 ; coiiic 
OftM. 718; ST. oi:s. A. KX. 226"; r. l. 
1031; Will. 4192; i». Aktil 1203; 
tenap, }cin-, hAiiH, tin>, ti)-, fttcunii'. 

viiriit'llrli, J.Siix. cviiilii', MM^/y, n. It' 

2r.; kiimli Iw. 2836: comli .Vlis. 6055; 

Lanol. b I"). 444: cninplli-by /'•rfr.y 

HtUnii. 19; comlokor /cow/Mr./OAw. 869, 

conililipiif G(tw. 2, 354. J 

c<>ni]iiu'ssp comfifinfu, i-rompt. 89. 1 

otmrl,^iz. cunil ftntttor^J Alfk. Orko. 
p. r. 187. O. /«•/. kniml ftumuhuj^ on 
c:tiiiu>1nn. coinc'luii. coiuK>n. comcle Lai. 
6(i:I0. linOt*. 20273 k 30400. 

kamt'lili^, O. li.GenH. cliouivIJll):. catttrliug. 
adrena, jit. oen. a. r.x. 834; rumliiur l<r, 
1627: cumliu^. comfUii? Wicl, levit. 
25, 47; comi'liuK pbojiit. 89; kotntiuppii 
0*1./ Rob. 18. 

ranrHf A.^ax. O.L.Cerm. ciimaii, O.Fru. 
kuuia. koiim. O. M. koma, O.H.fierm 
cliouiim, ({vt-iiiaii, OotL t|iiuitu. eomf, tf- 
m're, Sax. riiRnx. 2.''»0; Orm. 2179; sr. 

fiKN-. A. KX. 30.%; BKI.. AST. 1. 223; 
kHnicn A. R. 394; i'iiiih', roiur o. A. x. 
Oil; vf>w ViiMc C. T. u 1684: {^ 
suii'Ii- t'l riiniPtu' Lai. 16029; HLikfl* t« 
roBioii? ATENU. 106; )>iit is Id comint^* 
TfiEV. 3, 471; cumost. kimfst. A.Sar. 
rvnii'st, fprttj Jil. 62 k 63; comest o. 
A. N. 585; «-iiiiuh1. kirurti A. It. .^riOi 
kiiueil, kimd iiu». 1. 33 A: 153; kcmil 
LrKK 9, 26; anneji, <.*f>n»<^ o. a. x. 302 
& 1531: o.iLU>.-)t. rom^ Laxol. 1. 59(61): 
."•irhe rnint't' riiit' Laisf. 867; ^ fomt')' 
r. L. fi. XII, 111; kiime ^rfiAfV a. b. 424; 
kiiii) (impfT.j a. r. 292; comi'(' Wiii.. 
Mat. 4; cam (frtl.) CtfArc. C. t. a 547; 
H. 8. Kii. Wk 460; Mand. 12; kam Ua- 
TKL. 863; rom 0»m. 101; o. A. S. 1.13; 
Bek. 4: Will. 3L(; Tor. 662; ;1 tdIuI 
emu t1ii')<'H from hiPlovptip hou. 1, 81; 
Y'\ com I'd foTtl ^protcnitj 133; ^ com 
ftr i\ iRon iriicn Lai. 5718; Jul hft rbm 
ti) 6von AYK.vii. 191; )>ii r<)mo o. A. s. 
10.^i8i H»mN KD.KiTs. 1178; cAmen Sax. 
ciimis. 219; Mat. 2, 2; Orm. 7492; 
»T. QKS. A. BX. 1979; s. s. KII. Wh. 318; 
cy'inu'n. fiioraca Laxul. b 20, 219; roomi'ii 
K. T. IS*'; i/imp u. A. S. 1671; Kub. l'.; 
k.nnni. kwno Havel. 1012 Ar 1208: kHnJI 
N. A. i-. Xl; "■nUU' ftH^iJ Koii. 2'*' 

cumro /^ffr^y Orm. 134; ttT. nsx. A. 




365; [w. 21>56; comc-u Chauc C. t. a 
H7I; Mutp. a-, ao-, lii-, t-, overviimcti; 

Wmiw, A.Stix. cymcn, O.Ft\ cnmin, coiimin, 
Lat. curaintiiii. <'yiiiiiiiiiii, camm, Mat. 23, 
23; roniiii pbomit. 8!.1; spec. 27; Alis. 
ii797; VucL. Is. 28, 2,*;. 
rinlra, O.M. ktiiul.'i fmiafMniiJeJ'^ enmhffy 
hi-\fime crumped y i L-oiiililt' rul. ast. 2, 
211; rumblid (rtuiu'lirl) lumilis "mantta 
diaso/Htat", WiCL. la. 35. 3; cduivlid "eii- 
rilus", PROMFT. KS; comp. iu:!inil<'n. 
nn, .i.Kojc. i-ynn. O.M. kyani, O.Frit. 
kcii, O.L.Genn. ciinui. O.H.Geru*. cbim- 
ni, Ooth. kirni. 'Cr'n, ^(*v'rM, Kath. 445; 
Bkk. 61; niu. kun L\t. 3t!) ^ 328; 
kuo A. R. 308; n. a. x. 714; fa'ler m^ 
litT iiiit III mi kun hpw. I* I; i Imvt- uo 
kim (kin. kitinc) (it're Lasoi,. n. ti.'iil [(>, 
118; kin Ohm. 205^; H.ivki<. 3!>3; his 
kin auil his froudes Maxd. 30!); keii a- 
YRicB. 42; Will. 722; Uow. 3, 033; 
t-tiuiu's {gen. J hom. I, 103; kiiaiips c. r.. 
SS.'i; unrji kiiDUos trcou a. a. 150; for 
uitQi'S kuuneH u^d^ p. s. 1 93 ; Lcora 
Qi-xta ciumcH muu fh'ntmnnj Lat. 2727; 
his cunDC's ntfu Bkk. I(i57; kiaiioft ST. 
GKN. A. Bx. 75r>; Davi|)i-s kiiuit'.s muu 
Or*. 12.'.28; cunno fdai.J o. a. n. 271: 
til' is of advle I'uuitt* Lai. 114ti.^: i'tiDin? 
fpl.J A. H. 12K: jjrpo cminw f;Ui Makm. 
1; kinno nnji. 2, 03; nlle kinnc sinnes 
Lamgl. b 20, 37(>: Ipi-tri' kiinni? salvw 
o. A. X. 8SS; P6W)/). fujid", man-, wifnni. 
iuarcil imdrni, Deorkv. 935; kcurfd 

SBOREn. 45; kuurCde fdatj o. A. v. 

1677; kijirCdti Ma.vo. 67; ciiurCdes /jD/.y 

Hon. 1. 20 t 
ctuirudi'U ffntm, Jul. 60; ciuiradt'ii f?prinl- 

fd cwm radtn) IIjck. thks. I, 225; kuii- 

16*10 Itya. 284; kiurCdo "i>rmapm\ 

piioMFT. 27.''>; Chacc. C. t. a 2790; 

kinrsdc Will. 522; f*'' tpolf KimrCdon 

IKIM. I, 141. 

cuttruo, JMtut. cvttr}u, "gettcrnlio", I'Bagm- 
*•■- WW com-. 

(mJ t ram^. god-, frrnmnind. 
M«d = cud? comp. unmeruud. 
ClidCy A.Sax. cjtid, itiNi/, naiura, indole", 

proprietiu, Majik. S: jw'iio ira-i fm Uiward 
his cundc/'«v, /pjfi! cujil>c) huj Lai. 21402; 
|>at k»i>J> (if )iLno ciiiide u. a. x. 251; he 
hi(J> iiiifrles ctmdo TBRAT. 134; (leiw (bca- 
sles) ddJ hiiru ciiudi! . '. . iu i\ timo of 
I>e j6r H. 3f. 25; [ico kutde a. a. 14; 
none iierto kuadi> |ii>r niis Rou. 16D; 
kuinde Jos. 131; kindp Ohm. 063; Will. 
2506; CiiAiK. v., t. a 2451; Haw. 5; 
))i< kinde (kuindi') fiat of him com c. l. 
179; iLS kindo iiskcl) Laxgl. u 2, 27; 
i1(» hprU'8 havfii an odtT kind? rkl. ast. 
I, 210; to forsake his wedded wif auJ 
d6 hiK kiiidf? lij^or wai Mikc 230; of 
kinde "n^tmie"', Wkl. wkitkh. 23, 12; 
\i« Xavn.'. i>f kiudo (iow. 3, 204; ajcnst 
kinde 31and. 223; kondo, kiodo "jmm, 
progenut, pronapia", prompt. 271; kcodo 

SiMBKH. 9; AYKXn. 2H ; Jiat it WffO CO- 

meu of richc kendo lb kb. 138; 
nind*' //f/.?V "■ A- J*- 8S; comp. god-, i-, 
rnadpj A.Sajr, rviidf*. Jt'i'it/, naiu;ttU>t I'nge- 
wuM*. hm'sut't, THEAT. 136; he |iut is so 
ciiiide KUL. ANT. 2, 227; )hj ctiudc folk 
uf }?e luud UoB. 40; kuinde i). l. 1044; 
kinde Chavc. C t. k 602; (h)i8 kin<le 
lond ST. GKii. A. KX. 1279; his kinde 
fader Wn.i- 30*1; kinde (kiiindt') wit 
Lanol. 1, 53 (55); kcnde SiioRiiR. 90; 
comp. iruii'Ip. 
kiind(,10^J<^ (kiudhCtlc) henigHit/i»; RoB> 

452; kiiiiid1it\de lkii. Jk.s. 122. 
cundollch, J.Kfx. rvndell*:, h'nd/tf, Hottt- 

ralitj Kath. '.'64; hit is A kindellcU 

jiing' AVOW. Arth. XI; kindcli Wux. 

wi&D. 12, 10; kundellche fadvj A. e. 

120; kindtdiko 8T. (irx. a. kx. 2500; 

kindidi. kuiodeli L.\nol. 3, 15: kindcli 

PK. f. I6Hrt. 
rnnilfl nattni./Hu*: Jwsno kuadcl a. s. 200; 
kindles fpLj reu akt. 1. 222; kiodlis 
"gmiminu-', Wicl. Litcb 3, 7. 
kandi>nf!i!te kindnciiH, lkii. 185. 
rnndlt-D h'udU; kindlin "/dare", pohmpt. 275; 
kundlcil fpres.J A. R. !1>4; wannc he is 
ikindlod RRi.. AXT. I, 209. 
TflDf tee kint'. 

caaiifn, A.S^x. runnao, GUh. kunoan, O. 
Frit. O.ttel kunnn, O.U.Grrm. '.Uimacn, 




eim fcmtj, poue, tcirc, nou. I, 73; Obu. 
afl.'iS; i\\U ff^ freftes j^iit cli-rkc ah ti> 
cunncn Kath. 524; cnDU''n . . . \ivxif 
tltinl tcitzen, \. B. 124; cutint.- La*. 25I1o; 
kimoo WicL. ECCLB9. 7, 26; knOvrc an<l 
kiinti(! (koune] Lasoi,. b 15, 45; kuiiiifu 
C. L. 1071; coDoe ATKTrn. 70; tJow. 1, 
200; 6. s. ED. >Tb. 33; Paktkk. phol. 
104; Cwsoide shal not coiinc knftwrn rno 
Chauc. Tnou.. 7774; konno Hon. 45; 
cuno {imprr.} niM. 2, 29; rtinni' fnthfj 
o. A. K. 811; runniiml fpari.J si. ii. flo; 
)>nt hcolit him nelf r» knimingo (kcnninfr) 
LaN'Ol. b II. 70; euji.' fyretj couid 
fcmd}, Lai. 904; wide, ku3e bt. oex. a. 
Kx. 289 & 1«RI>; kiiJo Kath. 1544; a. 
B. 6ti; kiijw- a A. s. 714; coa|je Havkl. 
113; 9, s, ED, Wn. 3310; o>iith(^, koii)»o 
Laxoii. a prul. 182; C(iudi< Siioreh. 70; 
koudp CiiAiTc. C. T. A 7l3;-<^i'idost a, n. 
280: ciiaon Katu. 1330; (>a . . . fa woijos 
cuitcD L.M. 26'.! I ■'i ; fttii|)on p. 8. 248; 
rolltbC MIH. VL. Po; cniit'C (»uh).} AVKKn. 

105; coml? />wrt.; CiiAur. n. Hi.. 7K7. 
rinnrn, A.S^*x. cuQQinii. O.U.Oerm. chun- 

lun, eittt ^MflVf fxpfriri, tentare. Ohm. 

12 137; knDDCD hum. 1, 1 1> 1 ; rnnnrd 

fprfn.J HUM. 2. 87; hwm i fnllii . . . 

I'll cuQuid [A livim fleam' Mabii. 13; 

Bmriht<' ant fiinncdr |i*r of a. b. 114; 

r"w»/». icuani'ti. 
rBBBingp, A.Shx. rimninj; (?), atnniny, "net- 

rn/i'rt", TBuMi'T. 100; kuimin^o Lasol. « 

10, 4ifi; Win.. r.KNKH. 44. 15; kiiniiinu 

I. Mil. M. p. 31; vonuiDifc atkkb. 115. 
riolCf 0. Frit, kuntc, ^'vulra", toc. 18(1; 

connto RBL. AKT. 2. 262. 
rtfif, J..S<»x. c^pc LiKK 0, 17, O.Dnlch 

rii]n'. /;«(. i'ri|t;i? rt»rp, J'l. A. Bl.. 417; 

rn|M', kipc "fp'trtit", Tkbv. 4, 359; twclf 

ni|»r hi c. L. 1278. 

rnpirr, A.Sax. cup|>a. w^, Havrl. 14; Lanql. 
5. 184 (34ft): Maxii. 52; rftppp "ci/iwm", 
WicL-Juiix 18. 11; fii ciipiic L\i. llOOft; 
CPppi*, klllipf ST. <iKS. A. KX. 2047 fc 

2310; cupiK", ropiH' OiiAcc, C. T. A 134; 
co|ipr K(iB. 117; Smobrii. 20; Mas. Rn. 
F. 13G4; riipprs /-XV **"»■ 14043; 
coppis s. s. En. Wfi. 1705. 
fttppemclc. -mfllr Laxou 5, 139 (225). 

(.•niiposohofeii eitpthMrH, Max. kd. F.7.SrtO. 
oiri(, /taL rur.itn, o«rri/*, (.'iiacc. C. t. x 


rnraloar, Fr. cm-atiMir, curator, Mrac 860. 
mrr, A.Sar. cvrc. Jl./f.O'erm. kBr, /rvitJ 

rheoHon, ehoie«, emitom: fict wett fr bcnw 

cure Lai. 8077: hi.'fdv ho jtfuo rurc 9467| 

wind f?*d of c-urc Hors ed. Kits. 1446] 

rirc nov. 1, 221; ri^^t aud kire st. oex, 

A. EX. 451; ant^r luiidvs kiro L693. 
rdi*, f//V. curp. curt, "eitrtt", psovpf. 110; 

Lanol. n raoL. 88; CiiAUf. C. t. b 188. 
rnrcB, O'erm. kflirn. eli^rtt rnrpn k rhe«-, 

sen Kath. 1893; xcmcii fpart.J a., a. 56*. 
niria, O./V. rarer, CMn*. "cwrare', pbiwpt.J 

110; curede ('/^ft'/.y Wiol. 3 Kiyos 18, 30. 
(■ricl, A.Sax. ryriicl, kfritef : )it'no ciirnol 

HOM. I. 79; kiira'.'I ''^ntntuu", praov. :lj^^ 

kinu'l "y/'rtflrtw", prosiit. 270; "nMc/rwi",! 

TOC. 207; kirftcl, kornH Lanol. b U|) 

253 (7086); cumolos fplj Lai. 29266; 

L. H. H. 20; L. 0. c. 25; raml<<B a. r. 

2t;0«; kcTii-l.-s Man. k». F. 14i>82. 
nrnru, OWni. kumon, corn, /otm gravn: 

curuc KoB. 400; kurnc, kerne Lawgi., o 

13. ISO. 
ramiim m unArr conw. 
niTfj 0.hut(h kiirrc. <■«/■, a. b. 140';CHAn*. 

L. u. w. 3'.Hi; Litm. M. P. 20; korn« 

fj>t.) v\.. CR. 044. 
ktrrr, O.lni kyrr, kvirr. 3i.U.0rrm. klirr. 

&oM. i|»irriiK, quiHua, manswlHM ^ x. n. 

rirrr, O.Fr. rnrrr, emrrtu: rnrc JpL. 9. ' 

fM», A.SitX. curs, ««•**, puif'^icffa, UL. 
AST. I, 129; r. i.. 1385; Cuauc. C. t, 
A 061; LiDO. M. P. 53; cow Sik 

tor,: V. 43. 

rincdtiPMC c>ir»fHnM», Cii Arc. C. t. o I \^\. 

rarslrB, A. Sax, rnmiitn, curnf, maMiim: 
cursi Uband. 20; curKcn sr. tiKja. x. to.. 
4005; ourHcf). curse CuAur. C. t. u 16249 
riirst- OirtT. 2, 304; mrscsl, ktirtcnl /^pfw./ 
<>. A. jf. 1178; ktirsril a. b. I9K; mr- 
8«lii (frA.) SAif. <iraoN. 264; rbt,, Asrt.i 
2, 277; cursiMl (pari.} Oe3L 10059; \\ 
rorwd Mirc 1201; tomp. ;icnrsifa. 

MniNBKe, A.Sax. nirsiiiKT. riirting, nov. 

2((5; ciirNinVfr HKI,. ant. 1, 131; 

ORX. A. rx. 3920; corsingQ atkxb. 97. < 




nirt, O.Fr. rurt. wMt. ecwt, Sax. tinio!*. 

■JiJtl; lUvEL. 168.1; kiirt a. r. 210; roit 

AVKSB. I37j curl, cimrt Bhk. IG5 & 747. 
rnrlrls, O.Fr. rortflis, courtnis^ e<mrtH>u», 

M[:ic. 155; Havkl. 2Pir); Uek. 1190; 

ciirtcis, rorteiH Wii.i.. l!'l ie 231. 

kurtpisUclic conrtcomlif, IVill. 873. 
rartrlsir, O./'V. roiirloisir. eourtetfj, IIavki.. 

ly4; p. L. 8. XXIV, 229; Ciiauc. C. t. 

A 46. 
r«rtfl, -J.Srf*. r.vrtc!, a/r»/. krrtill. Z/W/c, 

tnniea, mikc. 4'J; Bkk. 2;JtfI; spec. 40; 

flnno cartel 4'.l*';i; kurtol a. «. 10; 

kirlel Ohm. 10137; il. cr. 220; Ciiauc. 

a T. A 8321; kert4.1 ATran. I'M; a. s. 

un. Web. 1883; cuillo /^fl'ai'-.; mm. 2. 

l:il'; krrth'n /'diT^ /V.y -Mat. 7. I.^. 
■ irlfunr courtirr; kourteour Will. 342. 
rarlilrr, O. t'r. courtilior (jardinitr), bkl. 

AST. 2, 277. 
ririinr, O.Fr. ciiHinc, corltm\ tnrtmn, ("HArr. 

t*. T. n 1219; fiirlinos fiil.} Will. 2050. 
fB», A.Hax. r(tss, O.Itrl. knsx. O.Fn'g. kos, 

O.n.Gtrm. chn8, rus. *im fcttw), "uwi*- 

/uffi", i-Ruju-r. Ill; kus Hoccl. I, ISfi; 

cos AVicL. CK«iis. 27, 2ti; .Vru. 00; fpa 

COS A. B. 102; ro« of ]h}s .Ivl. 74; ro.s 

or pi-pR Tbkv. 5. 215; c'.»ss«' /'f^*^y MISC. 

42; BKL. AST. 1, 2!i; kossrs fpl.) Will. 
1011; Cflsficn /"rfoi. fil.j Lai. 30452. 
rRurli, A.Sax. cv^itiiiL 0. /fr/. kvsna, 0. 
J'n'f. ki'.ss.l, O.ii.Chfm. riissjii, it'Mj, a. 
B. 424; r. l. 552; riissr ai'Kc. 3S; kis- 
sin "o»cHiari'\ I'Hompt. 277; kiasc m. u. 
83: kesfio Wiu.. 5045; Octot. 685; 
fUHfp (itrti.) Lai. li;»4; miw. 42; kisd- 
ST- oi:.v. A. KX, Hi52: L.vsci.. ii 18. 420; AVKMl. 240; riist.'ll ItKK. 2l!<«. 

ciiiiia} O.U.Grrm. cii-fsiii. O.Fr. cuissia. 

ODiwin. CTMAtoN.- ciixliin vkompt. Ill; 

kiismnii* ffl.) Hai.i.iw. mct. 500. 
rnUr, A.Sox, vysl, O.Fria. ki-st, O.L.Gena. 

t'HKt. O.Jl.Germ. riisl, I'Imst, 6VA. (,^m)- 

knsts, _/r(wt chcMBfii, rt'riw, qnnh'ty: iluu; 

custo Lai. 21408; cii»to fdttt.J o. A. ix. 

0; Ctt»U? ('/i/.y BEL. AKT. 1. 178; «tlStCS 
fr. V. wiist.) Lai. 19958. 
r«»ll, A.S^T. '■vatij;, O.U.Qtrm. cliiislipi-r, 
ititfrai, mitHificvfU, FHAUM. 3; Lai. (jJOtj; 
kifitii Obx. 4698; <wmjr. meUi-tuti. 

r«s(inf>M' iiierah'ty. iioM. 1, 105. 

fimtBuir <fti inn/^r com-. 

Ml mtt. 'VotV. prompt. Ill; GiiAi;c. C. x. 

A 835; kilt HEL. AXT. 1, 7. 

kllte, 0. /hU<h kulto, ff(^, ^M<T, cmWim, 
i.ri). i.'dv. 21R. 

rnltlu eni, ''jicmrfrtv. «wfff'*, prompt. Ill; 
kiitle "ftTMrff/v", WrCL. lkvit. 10, 6; 
cutti>, kttto Ciiauc. C. t. e 954; «otto 
/'^irw. iiitper.J MiKc 1889; kiitte /"wi^'.y 
Hant). 49; cutto <prflf.y Lai. 8182'; 
kiitli; ^Uis. 233(!; kiitttn, kitten, kolteii 
IiANOL. B G, 191; PllUcfl fpf\rt.J PL. CB. 
4o4; PR. e. 3715; mwi/*. fomUtcQ. 

rillrpon etd-pttrte, Laxql. a 6, 118, 

rilKrc attUr, voc. 105. 

t^9, A.Sax. (*ii(l. O.L.Germ. nith. (lO/A. 
ku|is, O.If.Gmn. fliuiidcr, O./cef. kunor, 
eonth, nottts. Lal 747; jcf fiu . . . y^ra 
cue! i>icl \^v JiiiifT JiTL. 22; cri|)OiiM. 9240; 
ci\\: ciiuf o. A. X. 922; roil)i IJkk. 1198; 
fiutt-. 2. 310; oijiili. kiutth Coauc. C. t. 
K 942: koulli LuMi. m. p. 25; hen licocl 
. . . al to krtilc A. R. 204; (W»i/i. for-, 
nnuio-, uiK-nJ. 

CuJIn.'i'Iivu. A.Snx. oiullarnu, tnaJct acquaiid- 
ed, famiiiar: cmllt-i'Int lloM. 2, 41; ho 
liim' cmllii'lilv Lai. 17103. 
klilllCi'liiiiiin* ttcqitaintane^, a. b. (>H. 
cfltlllrh Jamih'ar: iniil Cddllcho (wujtllehci) 
wonlrn Lai. 19(iT'.); :iii<[ rriillirlic s]h>- 
kHi 1 8809; ciil'llj Ohm. 2204; iMiilili 
i:. ai. I7(i9fl; ruii)i|i Gaw. 937; koa)iIi 
WiCL. PHOL. 1 imios. 
c6ilre4no fimiliiiriiy, a. r. 168*. 

rA#fii, A.Snx. r^ O.Fn'a. krllwi, 
O.h.tirrm. i-iilliitiii piYi. culhila. O.U.Grrm. 
rhtiiidrn /?r^. knndtii. rhimdila, uotum 
fticrrt, intiicurr, Lai. 1157; hum. 2, 223; 
kVideii liJR Rlronnlv a. r. 222; nV^fs kkl. 
ant. I. 183; cuiI»o .To». 484; (>«t so 
iimchc lnvc him kiii|ti' wulilr c. l. 590; 
kklfii REL. a:ct. 1, 209; kit^n (Ir.m. 210; 
kij-o Wii.L. 1184; Max. Kn. V. t>690; 
Pkbokv. 1234; )w 86|> i wille ^o ki|>e 
OcTAV. 609; k»'|it'il SlltrRKlf. 20; rn\\\w 
PL. TH. 17; kif^c, (■uii|>o ^;»«».y Lanol. u 
5, 181; f^ir cufvcsf <i. a. k. 90; (lir) kifi 
UOM. 2, 79; T^ niilod Kath. 1318; kitte 
ftvhj.J CuADC. C. T. B 636; eudde, cuiIcIq 




CHH fcm\), pout, «•<><!, Hosi. I. 73; Ohm. 
2ft58; :ilk' fe frc-flvs ^at rlorko ;ili t.» 
riinnrn Kath. 52-1; nmruMi . . . {'oii'' 
dank iriswn, A. B, 124; cunno Laj. •i'tll:); 
knnno Wicl. eccles. 7, 26; knowu niitl 
bunno (konno) Langi,. b 15, 4r.; konnon 
c. h. 1071; conne aitknb. 70; (low. 1, 
200; s. s. EC. Wh. Sli; Partks. pRor.. 
10-t; CresfiJc slial not couno knowpn mo 
Chauc Tiron. 7774; konno Boa. 4.'»; 
cuuo t'imper.J hom. 2, 29; cnnnu fmij.J 
o. A. K. 811; cunnaiui (pari.) si. h. IKt; 
)«nt Ik'oM liiiu self so kunninirc (kunuiuir) 
Lam;i.. n II, 70; l-uJc fprd.J eoxdd 
feotidj, La). 904; cfido, kude sx. oex. a. 
Kx. 2Hfl & 1659; kiltie Kath. ir)44; a. 
B. 66; ku|i(' o. A. ». 714; eoufio Uatkl. 
112; 8. B. KD. Wb. 2319; imhUic, koii|.o 
Lakgl. a Pihji.. IK2; nmiU< SnuRRii. 79; 
koudc CuAuc. C. T. A 713; rudest a. s. 
280; allien Kath. l3-"0; |iA . . . J>.1 wriips 
cuiVu Lai. 26015; cuaI>cQ p. s. 248; 

COUtho JUK. I'l.. P.'i; fOn|W /'«iA/V ATKXB. 

105; cond? (>»rt.y CiiAuc. u. Hi. 787. 
fauurn, A. Sax. (!uiiiiiitn. O.ll.Gtrm. rliuri- 

ncii, cun (ton), rrpfriri, tentwt, Orm. 

121^7; knoncD hom. 1, 151: rnnncj 

fprn.) uoM. 2. 87; hooni i follii . . . 

jKt runiiitl tA lictin rlrane Mabii. 1 ;■ ; 

smciMc ant cuoncilo )>^r of a. u. 114; 

fmnp. inmnrii. 
rinninfif, A. Sax. cunniDcrp), emminy, "m- 

enlia', i'Rosipt. 109; kiinnin^^ L.\Nni.. b 

10, 116; Win,. r.KNBw. 44. 15; kiintiiiii- 

Linu. M. F. 31; Lonuiii;;o atrxh. 115. 
niitf, O.Fri*. kuDtc, *'cu/ca% voc. 186; 

rouiilo nil.. ANT. 2, 282. 
cdpe, A.fiix. r^po Lvkk 9, 17, O.rtideh 

oiipc. Lat. rii|<!i? coup, Vh. A. Bl. 147; 

rii|i4S kl|ic "iporia", Tkkt. 4, 359; Iwolf 

riipo ful r. h. 1278. 
fNppr, A.Saz. inipp.'i, cup, IIavkl. 14; Lav<ii» 

5. 184 (:.140); Mank. 52; riipiie "cti/imm", 

Wiru JuHN 18, II : |.:k nippc !.*(. t4!t9fi; 

oiippe. kupjio ST. OKS. A. KX. 2047 fc 

2310; cuppo, coppo Ciiauc. C. t. a 134; 

ritppo RoK, U7; Siioiikii. 20; Mak. kd. 

F. 1364; cilppes rpO OitH- 14043; 

coppiH s. H. ED. Wr. 1795. 

ctippcmclc. -male Lasul. 5, 139 (225). 

ciipprsoliofoii cHp-thUttttty Mas. ei». F.7560. 
t%vk%f Itnf. curito. curaU, CiiAn\ C. t. a 

rnrnloar, />. cunitenr, curator, Mine 860. 

aire, A. Sax. cvre, M.ff.Orrm. kor. fivm^ 
chcosen. ehoi'ee, ctutom: |wt we« fo bcz^te] 
cure La'. 8077; Iiefile ho {n'tie euro 9467f] 
wind piVI of nirc Uors i:d. Kits. 1446^ 
cire uoM. I, 221: ri;;! luid kirv 9X. gks. 
A. £x. 45 L; after londes kiru 1693. 

rftrf, O.i^'r. cure. <:wiy, "rtrm", PEOMi*r. IK 
Laxuu. b rB(Ji,. 88; Chacc. C. t. b ISi 

ciron, ^V^?fl. biiren. cligerf : eiiren & choc 
Kcn Kath. 18'.KJ; i':tiri'd (pari.) A. R. 56*.^ 

tixSm, O.Ft. rarer, dWff, "eurare", priimpt. 
110; cinede /"/(Trf.; Wkl. 3 Kixr.s 18, 30. 

ciTiHf A.Sax. f}TnoI, karmi : (>rne nnrnrt 
HOM. I. 79; kurnel "jmnwiw", praum. 3; 
kirnel "ffi-aniim", prompt. 276; "nuc/ciu", 
voc. 267; kirhcl. kernel La?iou b 11 
253 (7086); curnelcs rpiJ Lai. 29266] 
L. H. B. 26; L. c. c. 25; etirDlefi a 
260*: keniftes Man. ed. K 14683. 

nrBfn, (rirm. ktiracu. (wm, /otm gr*mi 
ciinie Kon. 490; kurnc, kcrno Laxol. f 
13. ISO. 

rnrrnlrn »ee under took 

Cirrf, OJhitfft keriT. n/r, a. k. 140*;CfKAi-( 
I.. (}. w. 396: I.iiMi. M. p. 29; km 
fpij PL. CR. i!44. 

kiriT} O./cff. kjtrr. kvirr, M.ll.Germ. kdrr*,' 
ffd^A. riAirrus, jutefm*, mihww^iuV a. r. 

rirrr, O.fV. enrrp. currut: cure Jm.. 9. ^ 
am, -i.iS^j". turs. cune, maMtclio, bill. 

AST. 1, 129; c. T.. 1385; CiiAUC. C. T. 

A 661; Luio. X. r. 93; curs Suoun. 

rarhciliimr cNr^ft/fifw, CuArc. C t. o 1 101. 

rBfuIri, A. Sax. rinsimi, earsf, mdiMrmv; 
cursi IlitANn. 26; curseu bt. orn. a. 
4005; niFKen. eiirso CiiAUr. C. T. D 162-i 
carwOow. 2. 364: rursest. kiirspnty^ 
o. A, K. 1178; kliwil A. R. 198; nil 
sede /prdj Sax. chrhk. 261; rbl. art. 
2, 277; cursed {partj Orm. 16069; iv 
ritrwil MiRc 1261; eomp. .vnrskn. 

cantBage, A.Sax. riirsmi);. ettninj, Hon. 
205; riir«inge rkl. axt. 1, 131; 
oxM. A. BX. 3926; corsingo AyttNs. 97^ 




nri, O.Fr. nirt, cort. eowf, Sax. cinioN. 

2tlti; Havkl. Ifi85-. ktiit A. B. 2L0; c«it 

AVF.SB. 137; curt, conrt Bkk. Ki/i & 747. 
rirlcUj O.Fr. ctutois, courtuis, courlwut, 

MISC. 155; Hatkl. 2Pltf; Ukk. I1»0; 

ourlL'is. corteis Will. lO-t 4 231. 

kiirlfifU'-lK" eoHrffoiu/ff, Wili.. 873. 
rartt'lsie, O.Fr. eoiirlnisio, (oitrtt»i/, Havkl. 

I'.i4; p. L. ». XXIV, 220; Cuauc. C. t. 

A 4tj. 
fBrtel, .-I..SVJ-. ryrtd. r). /ro/. kyrlill, A/ri/c, 

(ii/u'm, MISC. 4;^; Ukk. 2:H.>1 ; spkc. 40; 

;lmio nuUl I,A). 4!H>^; kiirtcl a. k. 10; 

kind OoM. 10i;n; n.. m. 229; Chauc. 

a T. A 3321; kcrtil avknb. 191; 8. s. 

En. Web. I.SS:1; ciirtJe /'tfat.J irosi. 2, 

13*1; JfcrtUu /*(/«*. /V.y 1L\T. 7. 15. 
(Urtrour oinrtier; kmirtiaiir AVill. 342. 
ninUer> 0. /■>. oourlitit-r fjardinicrj, ml. 

AXT. 2, 277. ' 

rarflof, O.Fr. curllup, riirtinf*. afrltn'ti, Cuaic 

t. T. n 1243; rtn\in<'S fpf.j Will. 205U. 
(■!(, -■/..S./.r. C08f>. O.ferl. lioss. O.Ftit. kos, 

O.H.tSerm. thus, cun, jt/« femsj^ "«fu- 

/««'•, PBOWT. Ill; kiw H«TL. I, 155; 

cos Win.. rtK»B«. 27. 2t>; .Vitij. «0; ]»o8 

cos A. B. 102; f»9 of i>«>s Jul. 74; cos 

of pcTH Tbkv. 5, 215; rosso fdtU.J mihc. 

■12; nKL. AKT. 1, 21*; kosscs /";;/.> Will. 

toil; coswii fiat, pi) Lal 30452. 
luf II5 A. Sax. rvss;iii, O. letl. Ic vswn, O. 

Frin. ki'ssa, O.H.Oerm. nissan. lins, a. 

R. 424; c. I.. 552; riisHc sr-Kc. 3S: kis- 

sitt "OKTiferr', i-uuMi'T. 277; kistw m. u. 

83; kcsae Wn.L. 5045; Ot-Tuv. RH5; 

custc fpmlj Lai. ll!>4; iijsc. 43; ktslu 

BT. UKK. A. Kx. ir>52; Lanul. b IK, 420; 
(U- AYKNii. 240; ciisti-u ](»;k. 288. 
li 0. {{.Germ, t'tissiri. *"). />. ciiissin, 

coiffKtn, tnuhioH ; ciif^bin pitoMpr. Ill ; 

hiuKiiiiK fpl.J Halliw. pilt. 500. 

ilf, A.Sax. nst, />. ^Vm. k«sl, O.L.Germ. 

rust. O. It. Grnn.' rwni, rliust. 6*0/^. (v'si)- 

kn«t«, _/»■(»« citroscn, virtw, qnality: ntino 

custo l«Ai. 21408: cuslo /'l/d^y u. A. h. 

ft; msto ^/t/.y BBL. AST. 1, 178; cnstcs 

(r, w. wuslv) Laj. lf>958. 
nK|t| A.Sux. rvxliir, O.If.fft^m. rlnistipcr. 

iiitral, mttttifiiTitt, rKAOu. 3; Lai. 0366; 

kisU; Obm. 4698; etmp. mcteciutti. 

raMlMrMtr Wht^mfHy, iiom. I, 105, 

rusluRit! urc rof^/rr com-. 

cut cut, '•sort". pBoMi'T. Ill; Chauc. C. t. 

A 835; kilt BBL. AST. I, 7. 

hlltC; 0. Ihdch kutto, cut, erettft, cwmitf, 

LUD. (.Vjv. 218. 
rnlllH r«/. "teindfrf, afotre", psuHti-. Ill: 

kiitte "■umihrf", WiCl. lbyit. 10, «; 

rutU', kiltti Ciuuc, C. t. ci D54; wlto 

fprea. imptrj Mi»c 1889; Iriittfl fuuhf./ 

Mam). 40; nitto /^prrf.y Lai. 8182*; 

kuttf .\l!s«. 2330; kiittcn. kitten, kptton 

Lanol. a 6, 101; ciittiJil (pari.) pl. en. 

434; PB. c. 3715; comp, forcutti-n. 
cttllrpttTH eiit'pHt'se, IjA.vol. a tf. 118. 
cullrrc tittter, voc. 105. 
c6tf-. .i(..S./;r. ciij. O.L.Germ. ctith, ff(rfA. 

kiij'B, O.Jf.Germ. rlmmltT, O./cfl. kunnr, 

eoiUM, Hfittu, Lal 74"; jnf I'll . . . Tcre 

ciul pi(] {lo kinfT .Irr,. 22; ci'iji i>k.m. 0240; 

cu|», ctmji o. A. y. 022; coul> Ukk. 1108; 

(Jow. 2. 310; r«iij.. k^mllt Ciialt. C. t. 

E 042; kfiiitli LiiKi. m. p. 25; ho'> WoJ 

. . . ,il l<^ kiitlu a. b. 204; comp. for-, 

naniiv. uiirnJ. 

Ci'iiHii'f'lit'iL .t.Sax. dullrtv^iii, taalf tteqnnint- 
«(/. fiimih'iir: i.-riillLrL'' iioM. 2, 41; liy 
liinv '-lullii'Iitp Lat 17103. 

kuilkvlmn^f acqmiintaNer, A. B. 08. 

cinlllrh /a/fl(/(tf/*; riiicl c('iflllrh(' (ctinj'll'ii*') 
wonk-n Lai. 10070; auil (•(iJlidu' s|i«> 
kt-n 18800; nijitij Obm. 2204; nitlili 
<*. M. 17000: coii[»li i.i.KVf. 037; kouf»li 

WhL. I'BlHi. 1 KIMia. 
niclrriiilP fitmiiiarity, A. il 108*. 
fdd'ra, J.Strx. c^diiii. rflilinn. O.Fn'f. kiHlia, 
O.LJt'frm. ftithhn prei. n'lthria, O./f.O'rrtn. 
i*liiui<k*i] prvt. kuntltu. rlmnilita. no/Min 
faefTf, intUcare, Lai. 1157; hum. 2, 223; 
kridrn his strcnctle a. b. 222; ('u|)i< mkl. 
AST. 1, 183; ciiilic ,To.K. 484; ]iat m 
luncho liivo hiui kiii)»o wuMf' c. l. 500; 
kiilrii Br;L. ANT. I. 2(Mi; kiji^n Orm. 210; 
kilio WrLL. 1184; .Max. el. J-". OOOU; 
Pkbckv. 1234; Jru sfifi i 4nrilli> ])p kljMi 
i>cTAV. 009; kp^n SitoBRH. 20; confo 
It. CB. 17; ki|»p. iMtti)if fprf$.) Lanul. u 
5. IS1: fii n"il>r-jst (>. A. N. 00; (he) kifi 
m'M. 2, 70; yc ciiJ'-d Kath. 1318; kij)e 
^»tti;V Chauc. C. t. b 636; e&dde, cflddo 




(oi[H<'V/"f'7LA'. 2402. 4494 & 15194; 

ciiilfio Kath. tJlTiJ; KoB. Tifi; p. U 7S*J; 

kidilo ST. OKS. A. KX. ItiSI; kiUdc )>:it 

111' was liPinU' Thipt. ^i, 1 1 ; ki'Jtte Sin-RKn. 

-IH; kidiion, kiiltlc Langl,. it 5, 44l>; cud 

/■paii./ Kath. 814; kid (low. 2, 2i»i»; 

Man. kv. K.'1021; it wus ful loiido kid 

Havki.. |0«0; of alio kiiddo &. kOdo 

sannnn a. r. '.iVi; co>»y. iritdcn. 
rAiti, A.SitT. c^Jijf. 0. II. Germ, kuuili^cr, 

O.fc^l. kiiiiDif,'r, giutrua, fitmilinri*: cuJio 

muMi's Lai. ."iOi^S. 
cu*tf« iriil>|>.'|. W..SVi.r. rJ.UI, ^J-dJii. .V. //. 

^Ww. Ulndo, L'th. HotU-a, patria, Laj. 

-4:i'i-, liis ni|>|>(-> nntl (liti^i kno i.eo. 107; 

J'O kjii): ^"111 \>\s kii|>fK' .injle Jos. 4<'J4; 

v<ap\<v, ki|»|M) J.AXC1I.. ;i, 1!>7 (203); U^^o 

SiiuRBii. 10; ki(>J'L' TiiKV. 4. 2t>7: ki|?o 

A.NT. Abth. XII; fr-i ki[ie aiicl kiuiie Gow. 

J. 2r»7; £(>m//. iin< lltldt'. 

ki|>j>oll; /amiVtWr/^, Omi. 16532. 
nitrllri, O.Fr. ravoitor. coei-L. a. b. 60 f», 

r. tifui); covcitt<)> fpn».J Rub. llOti. 
mrlllsr, '>./>. I'ovcitisc /'cmivoitwj, svKC. 

40; AyKNO. 137. 
(•vdlAa, CFf. carcitds, cotfrltnu, 1-'l. a. Bl. 

367; roreitoiis tt. s. sn. Wrb. 1.501 ; 

roraitniis atkko. 80; coTotuus Has. kv. 

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fmd, M.if.Gcnn. kGljel ? ectch coul "r"/"», 

(ina", I'ftuiiPT. 117; E. «. 3fi2; in I<>|k'S 

ft in coiifles so inuchc virts tiii ss'jtdu him 

briiuri' n*)n. 26.'i. 

ruvplntjlf rotcf-ttfiff, ST. OKN. A. KX. .T710. 

Iniflf, .^..Stfj". cullc. O.fcc/. kuti m.. O.Jhtich 
rovole, r»ivl« /, kuvcl m., ««/, cwui/iu, 
A. K. 10; fttu' riilc (covcIp) Lai. 17t>»H; 
oovtdf Bkk, 2228; inidor covelp and rop^ 
Shohi:h. 110; eu\t;l, t-ov*-! Havkl. 7fi8 
4: 21*04; wiilo fmt. cdwIc) riuiMrr. 07. 

f|NiklfH, J.Snx. •■p.-i<:iiiii. iiwtke fwhakej, trf~ 
mtrf, Makh. I fl ; a. b. I It; ; qvakipn 
KW'ikifi Lai. 1791.5; hpakKiM?) hum. 1, 
143; nli.ikin, iivakin i>RfiMPT. r>23; <|W;ik<<, 
whake r». c. -i41l tc 7343; «-pakcd«' 
/prti.J .h'L. 21; qvukedp Ibrit. tmk*. 1. 
22H; Ken. 24; Octov. 1713; avakidc 
Win.. 1 vtsan 23, 5; (|VAk{Hl LAxr.i.. b 
IS, 24t>; [tiiiK SI. II. 00; "ivitk OuAir. 
C. T. a 1676; Max. r.n. H. 292]. 

cvsl«| J.Sas. Cfiilu, O.JJ. Germ, qvala. 0. 
Uti. kvOl, from cwcirn, nex, mors: jrf 
hiui' io c^alc for u$ ulle hum. 1, 121; 
i(v:Uti coiu on orvp Lai. 31800. 
4|ViiIoiia0 Lai. 727. 
t)v:iU%1i1 Lai. 31000. 

rfHlM) A.Siix. r|n'uliii, cyelm, O.L.derm, 
qvaliii. O.JI.Genn. qviilni. rlivjilm. froM 
rwolon, entfititHSf lur, mw^t n. m. 20; 
(fiilm, cvtilin. qvuliu o. A. x. 1157 4c 
IIOO; qviilni Hon. 252; rei. axt. 2,2U; 
p. H. 342; c. M. 4721; f*^ i|valrii Diurhdc 
jto WPS on tH'Mininnp Lai. :!1(i77; qvrlm 
V. L. s. n*, 0: i|vjilmp ^d<tt./ Cuauc. C. 
T. A 2014; comp. man-, orfrwalm. 
cpnliuliU^ Kath. GOO; a. r. 140. 
rpiiliustrOu A. B. lOrt; rfiiliiiHtOpit ^dutj 
HOM. 1. 2S3. 

rjpart iaKientHt:»y 

cparU-mo, J.Sttj-. cftartcrn. Mrctr, Mat. 
5, 2.'i; Kath. ti70; Orm. f>l6t*; qvart- 
pine Lai. 10203; hosl 2, 213; qttirt- 
ririt- /pKj Sax. ciirun. 202. 

matiriij M. If. Genu. '\\i\?,fa'f qnitt, mtiar<: 
comp. o\cr<|Vjiiteii. 

rpailcn qiurct, Marh. tar. reau. 48; qvuvin 
"trrmert', rmiMrT. 410; qvitvi<li> (prd.) 
Wu'L. 1 Kixos 28, 5; qvavcd Laxgl. b 
IS. «l. 

ruffcbea, A.Sax. q'occan, O.Dtdeh qviekeu. 
qtietek, quiteh, mover*: (|vi>ri:hc'n mid h.ifdo 
Lai. 2>>€44; qrccclioa icnco-hci li> cu- 
chpiip 33Iti; qvt'chi' A1.1S. 4747; qvi<-chiB 
"ntopfre", prompt. 421; |Kit Jul oorje a- 
jipti qrt-bk' (cui'liti-) Lai. 20141; bi> 
qveilc Ww.ird Jk^ qv6no Wiu.. 4344; bw 
qvebtoH \wurv sr^des Lai. 23007: com/i. 

m*d, A.Sax. eyed ff. cpied) faUrentJ Bu(Xl. 
GLosriEH, O.Fria. qvM, O.Huteh t|ia(til. 
}f.!l.Germ. qvAl. kiU, k<^t finalH$, atrreiuj, 
laa/tu: i-xM Lai. 20600; qv4>i| o. a. «. 
1137; ItoB. 414; Alis. 1243: p. s. 256; 
1h> iiiiil(> iit^rt) qvM fmnUutJ 1 11 box. Kndu. 
413; t<ai ^lurhte Vj dO him iiv^d Uimi. 
611; kvpd, kvi'ud aykmb. 11 Hi. 14; qvrail 
8HOBKII. 147; qvAd «t. gkn. a. kx. 536; 
Oow. 2. 246; qTadf jert' Chalt. *.'% r. 
B 1628; )h> qredi* Ron. 314: HiRc 1658; 
1)0 d6(l ai 14 cpcado a. r. 72. 




kvoadhOlIt' AYKKK. 101. 

qvWIlc PS. 17, 22*; kvpadluhc atrkk. 

8; lyMVi lUJM. 1, 2(irt. 
qvt><liM:hijH> (iwtilsijip) I.,vi. 5(>iJrt; epcinl- 
iWliiije A. B. ft 10. 
liradMraBf tHtquitiy, atkxb. 10. 
rfel*^, O.Ifei kveis;i fhjldj FRiTzyKu'.-* OHim., 

M-Vuir. A. B. 32S. 
n'Hra, J. Sax. cyAiin. O.L.Ornn. i)v<>Ihii, 
O.H.Girm. cin-lnn. qutal, cruc:m-i, morf; 
cpolad /';*rcji.v' UOM. I. Ill; t^xAc fitut>/.j 
BKL. AST. 1. 174; qvi'loii /^yr7t.J Lai. 
:tlS2(i: rf^-iVr. pwjilo, I'ttiiim, i-wiiM. 
fUellf nrcirtor: comp. laniu-'vu-iW. 
rprllra, A.SitT. cpclLiu. O.JI.Germ. qvellun, 
OJcff. kvi^-ljii. from rwaU'. qit^ff. crueiarf, 
ntcarf. Onjl. 1S4;5; qvcllr-li (i^MclJc) Lai. 
C'H; f|»eIU> R. ». V (misc. 108): (ivcllc 
^^ KoB. 10; Bkk. 7ti7; Wu.L. 124t>; CnAuc 
^B C. T. B 4580; Lion. m. p. 100; u. h. 
^V 06; E<iijkai. 521: qvolilt* fprtt.) Hniiy 
^H Ell. U-M. i)8S; c7al(lon Oiut. 1.5521): 
^^B qvnMeii (rwoltleii) I4A1. 1752; qvoldc misc 
^H 02; c)>o]Iort ^/iflfi.y 110.M. 1. 279; iu'ellcd 
^H Gaw. 1824; iqvnld (ic^wclM) I/At. 10028; 
^^ ''-9)>0>- acwcHi-n. 
I ifill M, O.Duteh O.JI.Germ. qvellon /^^fti^t^ 

" ^"wi. kvelj) AYKXB. 248. 

I f|M'llfrr, A.Sax. cpellpic, necaimr, Mahk 6. 
k 27; Maeh. 22; qvcMcrp ^'iri,. Tcm. 3. 

jl 9; i|\flU'r M. n. 40; comp. lUiiUL-wt'lIere. 

nrrlni t^e cuiilui. 

cwclarii, A.Sax. cpclraan, cj)_vliii;iii. Jtom 
cwolm. %nart : qvLliuu-t "truadenC , ts. 

rjrt. 14. 

If, J.Shx. (po)q't'UK', O.H.Germ. (bi)- 
ilv:Uiji-r. /cow cnnii'ii. jw/^m fwwmj, con- 
tftiient, asrecahle, Obm. 466; qvi-nw; Ha- 
XKL. 303; Gaw. 2109; Tows. mtst. 2; 
hit wes hini swiJe qvuraL- Lai. 2427; 
qtt^Uiu r. i^ .SOO; dki^tr. T. 6;tEI; wb*nu> 
FuiR. 145; qv^nivrc (wmintr.i uom. 2, 
03; qT(>iucB| (tuptrlatj ST. qks. a. kx. 
3764: ftM«/). joc^me. 
rffMC pitttture? W (TOnip Htm. 1. 2M; al- 
niiilili; if<Hl to c)i6nie (»ttM. IGill; ^iiti 
fylki' W qvt'ai'- (cwtMUf) Lai. 1*47; to 
qv^kitip r. I,. 1018; Will. 3104; 5L\N. 
K». K 7300; to qweme p. 9. 

qv&im'ful "phic<ihli»\ Win,, kxod. 32, 12; 
H\Omfiill(»') qvi'iMii> .\lis. Kli. Sk. .'i82. 

rpi'inrn, ,(.«V«7j. cpt'iiiaji, pfcaie, n. 9, V 
(Misc. 1841; 1)1*1 Jm niilit tirihtin rittmiTi 
Ohm. 1217; qv^^iiirn misc. I8ri; Hirti. 
!1432; qv.'-mo tim:c,. 2r.K: (Jow. I, llHi; 
PS. 114. 0; 3Iak. ki>. H. 286; qvi-min 
pHimrr. 420; kviMue avkm;. 2tf; scrvises 
iiwJiU' lu' cpC'iUfi] uuut Oro Iiiverdi- 'Vo- 
ffd'^^ utrrt'tt'a d«o tion phceni", a. a. 338; 
flH'Jiiiio fprel.J mACM. 8; /*«». C|H'mmJe) 
(>KM. 2r>0.'>: cnmp. jirpyiHcn. 

rpeuiitt'«<kr, A.Siu: q-rTiutPss, pfr-aure, hom. 
!. 2 LI: t[v t'liiiK'SSL' 2. 55. 

f pf^n, *^'-r- cp/*!!, '^^ Ay^. tfv.'fcn. kv-lii. O. 
Zijffcrm. [\\in {»xor), Gotl. i[<''n.s f^yvr)), 
^/•uj-JnitUirt-, reywiJ, Maiiii. 1 Jt : f hiM. 
a^rji); qvt'H Trist. 2. fl: qvou, qrftn> 
(cV#iw) Lai. Ift2. 3729 tc 25843; krfii, 
kvftnc AXKSB. 80 & 130; qwi'ii, qwOno 
r.rn. Cov. 80 & 215; cjii-ai' a. r. 170 
i: 2E16; kv^'iif liOM. 1. 1E13; qviUP S. s. 
I; KoB. 26; CiiArc. C. t. b 101: qwi^-iK- 
vu. c. 4461; qvt-no ('ycH.y Hon. 2<»; qvC'iit' 
fiititj Lai. 140; Tor. 776; qvi>iio fp/.J 
Lai, 24713. 

m f iirlirii, A.Sax. (;i)cpi'iicnn, fiv^c-A, exittin- 
ffttere: qvpuclicu iu)M. I. 17.'i; hkl. ant. 

I, 132; qvenchp Shorkh. 10; Lino, m- 
p. 151; cpookoii Obm. 1101; qvouohcfi 

fprfH.J THKAT. 136; Cpflirlltc fjtrtt.J .1|IL. 
68; -ivcint fpnrt.j (.iow. 2, 201; Lasgt.. 
Bis. 344; CnArr. C. t. a 2321; iqvpiiit 
MiRi.' 1104: ikvonrt atesb. 186; conip. 

■ivrrkta, 0. Fri». qverka. O. leel. kyrkja, 
q'lerl, ^'nujfocarti", I'ROMi'T. 420. 

rirernc, A,S<i.r. rj-eorn. fpyni. O./tr/. kvoni. 
O.L.Gerui. q,\ern. O./I.Germ. qvirn, fliur- 
nc, Goth. (i.iirniiK. qittni: qverni? "moh'\ 
I'KOMrr. 420; p. l. s. XIX. 233; avesb. 

18 1; CHAtT. H. V. 1708; Wltl.. EXOD. 

II. 15; qvi-ruos (pf.J Tiunr. 3, 301; 
c^mp. |>p|Mrqwe]'iic. 

cpL'iiiustOil PRAGK. 4; qwcmstOD voc. 233. 

rp<N»ru mm qv.isdirn. 

rpcd'oii, A.Srix. rpi'tliiH. O.L.Germ. qvt'tliaii. 
qviMiiUi, O.TceL kvRiln. O. Ffia. qvctli.i, 
qvpda, O.lI.Grrm. qvodim. clivi-ibii. clu- 
(laii, Guh. qi|Mn, foyiM, rfirtTif, Mat. 4, 



17; rppfipii HOM. 1, 87; qvwlou 2, 20; 

»T. GEK. A. KK. Itri'jri; i qVcIlP llJIll (jvitn 

Cii.viu-. R. H. CP9i>; nvi-dvailc /'partj KUU. 
ANT. I. 1J1»: qwi'tbiiiit Lun. ('nv, 'Mi'2: 
CfiiJ" fprrl.J tjuoih, Omi. 5214; qvil}- 
Wii.u 2:»1;Tmst. I.SI6: n.. cr. <>8: 
i|V.iil ST. GliX. A. KX. 7'»5 Ar 2881; fyaj, 
r|»Ji(>. qvn)!, qviid. qvej* o. A. x. 117. 187 
At 1180; qvfltT, qvcil (cwaj)) Lai. GVG k 
6203: ppcJ Katii. 371*; a. «. 122; qvo|». 
qvod CHAtc. C. T. A 7KS; q\'inl (Juw. I. 
47; s. 9. KJi. Wiu fitiS; fo|» ast. .Vjiiu. 
XXXVII; I'pi^dtMi Kath. 1;J4; qvi-dcu Lai. 
803; qvvjii'ii Mitsr. 14ii: qvedcii. .i.Siij. 
rpptU'ii. (part.) 6j. ok». a. kx. 1496; 
rowtjB. a-f bi-, for-, i-, misuwoiloii; e/rrrV. 
cuido, cwiate. 

c|>lr, .4. Sax. rf\c, cpyr, nir, O. /Jv/. kvikr, 
kvkr, O.II.Gnut. qv**«iivr, ^-IicvIht. yu*'ci 
{wiflj, riruji, Katii. ISOO; Orm. 1;(70; 
qvic (cwiu) L.vt. 22; qvie. q*(k Havki.. 
1405 k 2210; Wiu.. 1212 i- ir.«4; 
q\ik CHRON. KNrti,. 7li2; t'liArC. C. T. A 
IUI5; qvik upvr tlnl Hkk. 1822; kric. 
q\i«' AYiU!i), 07 Jt 20.1; qwik I'U, c. C:l!Kl; 
qvok H. n. 26; qvJk, whik rsoMPT. 421 
& r>24; wliili u. T. 150; Tuwai. mvst. 
ir>:t; Qttpihi I'j'iki'.H NuUum viri, A. K. :i:i4; 
iiiwilit qviki^ij Lai. 2*«7.*iS: I>;'i iimiswaR-ile 
|Nt kinK qvifkcrit hU'Uw 16874; iiiiil 
i(vickcru (cw ii'ki'ii.') t.U'\cnt» 1587;{; cpike 
fpi.J 3v\t. 02; ili'iuon ... cpike * ilcailp 
iioM. 1. 209; of qvikc noil of Hinlo Laniil. 
B U*. 53. e 22, 53; cpklure fcompar./ 
A. H. 1 12; romp. .s;»iiii*rtHM'. 
Cfidlrlit' quicl/jf, A. H. 246; qvk'llcliv 
(rwirllcho) Lai. 4607; qric-. qviklli^be 
Will. 008 & 2127; qvillKbt- Alib. 
2607; rpii'liikor {eompttr.J a. h. 270. 
qviluulrc qiucliaire. pu tn. 226. 
qvlksilvfT ijui<ksilrer, Ctui:*:. C, x. A 620. 

cplmrwr gti§yiHr»$f a. b. 150. 

rplildrn, A.Sax. qiiddiim, O. Tett. kridja, 
(/ir.'V, OEM. 10^58; npiddoi^t fpm.J Katii. 
2172; cpidtU'd a. u. 174; qviUdoJi jii»r. 
85; qvid(lii*f] Lai. 25^25; cyiddi'doii 
ffiTtt.J OiiM. 8613; qvidik'dou (cwiddoile) 
Lai. 13775; 'yrfi^iV'i fpati.J man. I, 261. 

rplilr, A.Siir. *ry\i\v. opijv. O.LMerm. (>. 
JI.Germ. qvidi. OJeri, k\iHr. from rwi-ilcn. 

■ dAde 

diftum, promh»um, Ugatum, A. B. 208; 
fips piti'iiin r]>i<li' ... is ifulU'd hum. 1, 
01: icli foriivi,' il'Uh"-ii' wiJt'we liiro Id- 
Yi'rdos qvide (cnide) Lai. 14857; qvidc 
o. a. s. 685; qvodo ST. OESf. A. bju 
1463; qvethi- Oaw. 11-50; nvidos (cwides) 
(pi. J Lai. 0141; on e;ild»'ii i.fidi'n Mat. 
5. 27: eomp. bicwidt*. 
qvo|i^'Word "Itgntnw", pbompt. 420. 

q»ip, O./eel. kvi^a, }«y /"(fAyy, 'yuKwivt" 
voc. 218. 

q«H'CaIf, O./rr/. k^i^uktilfr, "rittiia', roe. 

rwlklfHf .t.SaT. q'ifwn, O.ii.dtrm. qvieluui, 
chic'linu. fmVJt, virfscerf, vivifiear*; qvikeo 
PB. p. 1723; qvJkJD pboupt. 421; qvikin. 
qvikc c. «. 8622: qvikio. iivikt* (pm.) 
LANr.i.. R 18, 344; qvikvo liOH. 2, 
177: cpiki'di' fjrrri.J n. m. 43; romp, w- 

r«lkB»f O.lerl. kvikliii, qnickm: qvikoJn 
"ririfeare", pkomit. 421; qvikcUf Wici» 
LuKK 17, 3;l; qvikne fpr*»J \,ksau a 
15, 23*. 

^llslc, from riftrdfn, (IwJtitteMl, lUvKU 219. 

rpher (I'tivt-r), J.Sax. vpU-x^{\ qttietr, ala- _ 
ctr? A. B. 140. ■ 

rjiald, AJfax. qnld. cpild. O.ff.Gtvm. qve- 
lidii. from cwi'lfii. urx, "prMn", khaoh. 3. 

Akf A.Siix. d;i, dot, Iw. 2027; <ri. "dama'\ 
fRAftM. 3; Max. kd. F. 15740; duo psomit. _ 
124; Wkx. pruv. 6. 5. ■ 

dabliff dah, ithpit, Alis. 2306. 

dnbbrB, OJiukh dabbeu. d(th,/rrire: iliMttip 
(pretj V. K. 102. 

Hkift A.fins. died. O.L.Orrm. dad. 0. /rW. 
dftd, Goth. dwl«, O.H.Germ. l.U, /rwii dOn. 
(/W, /actum: dOdc I»A<. 26556; A. B- ^ 
62; Ukm. 2267; Htm. 73; pr. r. 2485;^ 
or he dide lUit 6|»cr ilOdi* Havu^ 1:156; 
ill di'do CiiALf. C. T. A 050; liiulf hom. 
2, 187; dt*U' /'f/.; yuAOM. 2; Dbajio. 27; 
(IMi', dt'^lrrt idiNhst liAt. 4864 &: 65G4; 
dMcii BKr.. AXT. 1. 131; c. r.. 038; his 
uvoIl- dC'dvu A. a. 86; mi f:<>dy dtMlca 
SPK<'. 00; dcadt's Katii. !tlh;eomp. idmi^fr** 
gud-, Imrm-, tiii&-, ufur-. nvol-, voided^. 
diinlbOtc, A.Siix. ditvltiAt, m>tffjteti mm- 
p^tmalio, Obm. 6025; IK-Iiitf^-Uco ^t'l it 
dt-dbolc A. B. 348; Mtisfoctc^iiiBO ded- 




bot^ AYKMr. 32; dceclbflto ski,, akt. 
2. 24JI. 
My J.Sar. dieg, O.L.Germ. A.v^, O.TmI. 

IAafj. Goth. (Jftpi, O.Il.derm. XiV^, 4n^. 
dien, fmt. dicj) Sax. chbhs. 2(10 ; chri, 
(lai Lai. 8^3 be 102-10; iloi iiom. 1. 22ft: 
diM Katu. 747; td (l:ii hodi«, 788; dci 
A. ■. 20; to ilai 378; tlaj no«. 2. 257; 
godes p:l3t of ln'riio fOui . . . ilii dm 
fwt. (lajj) nt iiiitlcnitTnio VIrm. llMfiH; to 
daj ri41.'i; diiig Uat. t>, :34; diii st. 
fiKK. A. rat. 83; (m». d;ij) phocl. 7; hit 
iBitR lid) (iHi li)t P. L. s. XVII, 277: i^s 
hi fi^^lu'dr il (Ui bt ^ts si^ XX. 3; ul dni 
temper, \Wx. 14'>8; Irt Imliltpf "■! 'ti*i 
(m», day) hart* t'ito In liovcin* aykmi. 7'*: 
d»itfi>s, da-ii's fgm.j Sax. riiHox. 241* A. 
251; dteies (diiiji's) uiul iiilitL's Laj. 324>.'>; 
Jh'8 dajPH (d:ii<'Ki liht" 2t!4fi4; di'ijp.s 
UOM. 1. 97; ik'irs A- uibti^s 7; deics A. 
K. 2r>6; dales Kath. 1078; fmn. il;iyoH) 
Havku 235:1; l»i dairs litite o, a. k. 
1431; lmvc>^ duii'R kvrc I'lOO; diuos ii> 
Jaiat/, DlAiT. f'. T, A 3:t2; daios djt's 
PPBr. 43; Im! dtcies f/or dieii-l Sax. citnttN. 
261; noH a d.iics CirAur. C. r. o l:Syfi; 
dieir, dajo, ditic. .LMar. <la?\i;r, (dat.J Lai. 
82, 2775 *: 4923; n-fter his deio (djiiic) 
2942; deie Ji:l. 10; M deie a. r. 32; 
daio Fl. a. Bj.. 2r>9; jimi a iiiiL(«') Ctjw. 
1, 64; dajcs, A. Sax, dnjriis, /'/»/./' hcm. 
1, II; dajt's. djiwpH (cliiit-x) Lai. 1113 
" 5^,6724: dajps. duios atknb. 198 & 214: 
Ijiges, d:ii(w hei.. ant. 1. 22ri & 22*i; 
daios. dahoji Katii. 15r>2 & IHtt; daio!« 
Wiu.. 3843; daiis Win,. John U, 0; 
d&ip.s. dan-i« Draku. 5 &: (i; daigi's sr. 
OKU. a. kx. 24.'t5; damn's a. h. 70; dawes 
tasc 38; IIavkl. 2344; Ai,!«. I43f5; 
Oow. 2, 113; Launf. 1; dajvu fgm. pl.J 
RtfOHRR. 12(>; da;#ii fttat. p/.J irou. I, 
II; t\as(-R 5Iat. 2. I; »om, 2. 4 7; liaRlion 
Uifu\ 3r. ; dajcn, dawt-n Laj. 1 284 A 
4277; dnwon .\i,is. riG31; iif ria^''^ Imjgtf'U 
tn. HKX. A. BX. 3545; bi oJiW dawn Misr. 
47; p. L. s. Xlll. Ifl: Im-ml of dawe 
WiLU 3817; cnrup. «i.stt.'i-. oiidc-. jol-, 
hAli-, Uf; love-, nit'jwts rfHU--, sciinor-, 
w.-Miwiidoi, drtO. 
dajh|>nnitT<: qaotidiannn : On' diiihpamlTcht' 

brOd HOM. 2, 27; Iiforc dajpbamllko 
s|»iiu' OaM. C238: dcilipamlMii.' (adv.) 

HOV. It 17. 

dairC'd. A. Sax. diL^cd, -nwl, 0. IhiUh 

il:ui'li<-i'ard, dilucnJum, it. ». IV (Mise. 

Iil2; St. cod. «7). 
diiijrepc ««ror<i, hum. 2, 255; dairCwe 

0. A. K. 328»i MISC. 163; dairffwp a. 

p. 2. 893; .Ukx. 392. 
dairii'iiie *^aurora\ vnx. ant. 1, 130; dai- 

vini o. A. >'. 328; dtciriine fdatj Sax. 

ciiHOK. 249. 
dai-sprins datf-tjmng, Aus. 4290. 
dnistt'orro da*f-st«t\ o. a. n. 328 ; ilai- 

KtrnT Win.. Jon 38. 32. 
drl, A. Sax. dtcl m., (f^*-, or-. to>il."»I »., 0. 
L.Gfrm. O.Frit. dftl m. h., O.Jcel. dojli 
n., tffi/A. duils /., O.JI.Germ. \v\\ m. n., 
deal, para, porlio: pe iiioaro dtfel of hooiu 
PBOCL. 2: ddd. m Qua. 1722 i 2715; 
)tnt iK'stf" del (di'iil) Lai. 2951; miu'het 
dfil nf h\» nioni? 9430; uu'^U'u diU (del) 
2153; mui-lie deal ^'old^>s 6079; del 
SiioHKn. 145; L.^NGi,. B 15, 480; Auad. 
ED. KoitK. XIV; fiani' ilcd mom. I, 229; 
Jiot: foirest dpi a. r. 276; suui di«] K.vth. 
608; o, A. s. 870; bt. gkn. a. kx. 353; 
Bkk. 688; mfisten dM Mabii. 17; ^at 
o|>cr do! Braxu. 3; pQ fiirjte dftl Will. 
1284; )tp h<>]> gi'.'^t ddl ine his kciidu a- 
YEKB. 17: Ocho daics dol 112; hi iioiifpn 
)j(ir of maki^? nnims fiiniips dol Misr. 50; 
hf hffifdo to diMc |iat siidlonJ Lai. 2111; 
hiin ]tat loud tt'> dfUo roni 2117; d&les 
/'/j/.y FRAOM. 1; dftU's Mat. 2, 23; doU's. 
dOK's AIK.MI. 17; he a fif dif^Ie (dftil.\) 
diWde his f*>rd(> Lai. 21125; mm;*, afti-r-, 
for-, i-, 'ir-, todii'ltdul, dol). 
dAliiiMiiiiiiidi' particepa, hom. 1. 47. 
diMni, ^..SVr. ilttlan, O. /•>■«. dela. 0./«/. 
deila. Gofi. dailjati, O. IT.ihrm. toiloii, 
rfrt?/, paftiri, diridnr, <tHM. 6 1 75 ; ht^o 
Holdou al |<is luad di%lt<n bcom bitw^uon 
Lai. 4053; dtU'ii. denlt-a a. a. 28 4: 224; 
dC-lon MISC. 49; Chakc. C. t. a 247; tO 
deli'ii J>at, uvvl friiiu fic ffode r. i„ 130; 
dole AYKxn. 76; s. s. >ai. \Vr. 3442; 
PB. I'. 3460; d'Mc. di-ale o. a. n. 954; 
df'ht fprfi'./ Lakol. b 10, 28; on four 
dult's d^k'ii he dc R^r st. okm. a. ex. 





151; iK'U\ Ui'ule fmperat.J a. n. 27fi. 

286 k 362; a&l(It> /"prri.; I«ai. 21126; 

(IMdc Brk. lUU: <IMwl ^ywr^; Kon. 3;J; 

ciiBos. Esoi^ o70: row/;. i»i-. i-. todifeli'ii. 
dflrailc, --(..Sr/j. iU'lf^nil I.t-KB 12. 14, pitr- 

ticri>$: nuu In him lie Kmic uo (li'Icuile 

m'Ti' of his eailinwiso nciK. 1, 217. 
drUro, J..'<iTr. tli'lfip, tteul'r. "ffurlUvr, i/(>- 

trihufor", riKmiT. 117; KiiAtisi. 2. 
dHiagr, O.I/Mfim. loihm^ii. drtiUuj. pnrli- 

tio. Jivin'o, Truv. 1, 217; "dinlrihutio", 

Wiri.. Ki«B. 116, 4; fom/). toitOliiigC 

dufr dii^, homo tgnavtu, prompt. Ill: r- 
8. 328; Lasol. I. 12l> (138): CiUvc. 
C. T. A 4208. 

dsffcB (//fjf; coin;i. IliititlTt-n. 

daflf J..Vnx. (i,'i')tlii'n. ^-'7? fdfjtj, uiaHMitftm', 
milin: (lotiiuli atiil ilitft Maths :14:!; (litt'ti* 
Omi. 2l7'i; Tiikst. vi.. I. PM; (lift 
*'fhjfh*\ rBniiPT. 116; (tat ilftftc liUMtliMi 
BEL. AXT. 1. 209: comp. icilaft. 
(hftpllW* rfcff/y, Orm. 121:.. 

dani)j l.Gtrm. PuUh dvUig. 
ihiftijlTkc deemttr, Omt. 15!>21. 

dk) MT ila-i. 

4*3; v<..Sojr. diig. O.Dutehdocgh. O.M. dt'ipr. 
0ofA. (liiigH, O.Jf.Oerm. loi^, dougi: di'ili 
"mtUM*', FRAnM. 4; (lUrh v<k'. 201; do} 
Atkkh. 20ri; diijfh Miitc 1882; ilm itbii. 
AST. 2, 277; dufjlu- /"rfa/.y l. r. c. 41; 
0Mnj>. Bdrdn;. 
duiiriMH* I'KOMPT. 12*.). 
(I6ii1r(iugl>. -In.'u promit. 12S^. 

dijf, .4. Sax. ilagii (dittjY da^i-n ^/i/.y Lai. 
afilA; (laweoe/'jfn./'/.yLAi. 400.'.; tj^-uli 
dabenc i^in^ Katk. 2502; ddjc" Bhdbkii. 

dft^grtt, O.Ft. daguer? poHgeref lec-t djigjfo 
lii& r1<>)ic8 I1.UCGL. B 20. 142; dii^^f^ii 
fpret.J D. .Vktu. 2102; dji^eil fpaji.J 
CiiAuc, C. T. KD. TyawH. p. \T\U. 

daj^gm ^ dcawcu? dag: eomp. bidugp*a. 

dufixrrfi WV/*A liret. d:n;»'r, daggtr, pttgio, 
I lIAir. C. T. A Itn. 

dajiri /'Ml. d>ii;cn^ (du;i--;i'), .4.Sax. dii^iiui, 
O./w/. dava. OM.Grrm. tji;,i'ii. /row dnj. 
i^fiT, Hiiutt*ctrf, Lai. 26040; dagcii ht. 
ORK. A. Kx.' IG; daiin, dnwin phumi't. 
112; duwvu flPKC. 06; a. b. icd. Wkh. 

2249; dawo Will. 3261; Lanol. b 18. 
17M: dafci'tl /'jfJM.y Hasi. 2. 103; daj^-d 
A. B. '<iTi'i\ }>;>r da wo), him iiu AaX Ciura 
C. T. A 1676; dawo ftuhiJ r. s. 238; 
daHi', da\vi'diV|M'''.> Lai, 1604 A: 8.12:;; 
ditwi'd Dkorbv. .'.07; emnp. a-, ufdajcii. 

duiuirn dmen; daiiniii pbompt. 114. 

daigrufn^. 'biciiju;; daipning, ar. gi^n. a. kx. 
7T A: ^1264; dawflliil;,' Aus. 403; da»e-, 
niii}?!' I'liArc. V. T. It 4072. 

difnngr, .(.-SVx. dapiuii,'. dihc»lum, a. m. 
20; dnwinjii- linn. 208. 

d&h iw daj. 

dalj dalg ut i\m. 

4alr, .l.^ifj*. daK*. did<', i^Jcel. dalkr, tptM, 
'Y'piJ»f'f"t KBAQM. 2; doU* h^tr aud bli-in 
itx. OKX. A. EX. 3027; ptiliiU* knoltc * 
dolU- A. R. 2. 

dale, A.H'tj:. iln'l, OLOfrM. lioth. lUU 
O.H.Gmn. U\\ «.. O./r.-/. dalr w., rf«/vi 
f«i//**, 0km. fl203; ItoR. 362; Lakol. 
moL.. 15; PS. c. 1044; ^it dalo Lai. 
27166; dale fdai.J o. a. k. 1 ; sr. okx. 
A. BX. 19; Alis. 2.150; dales fplj Lai. 
20860; Mapes 348; dt-iilcs a. b. 262; 
didi'ii fd«t. pl.J Lai. 2177.1. 

dftlf, O.IlMerm. tfila fparlih'ojv rfa/,., rf^-j 
fiVfo, far«; auc dulo uom. 1, 123; KatiLi 
90; 110 Kcliultii liablK-n . . . d:U** of li(i>- 
voiic ndiv Mahu. 22; ^t' fciirt»i* dula 
Orm. 827:>; lu* hchU t>ii iiitvrr lialili-n 
dlUc of luiiu' laiuk' Lai. 3084; Y*^ f<^n]? 
dalo 3311; Am- d*lo 17754; HuIp st^ 
QRN. A. KX. 152: r. L. 201; A. r. 1,, 
13G; (^'os laitU' dole a. h. 412; bt-oj 
rodcn tu |>i|-ro di'ilo Lai. 10666; dt'it<-n' 

fpl.J A. B. 10. 

dall, O.Fr. duillc? "ifwra, afta", pbonpt. ■ 
112. f 

dallaarf, daliaunro dailianee, CttAUC. (X T. 
A 211; dalijiiiiio- (Jaw. 1012. 

dallrn daily, lud*rf: dali Cam-. 1253; dailai 
Has. av. U. 116; disouni dulie jVluu| 
6901: dailiwlim fprtt.J fJ.iw. IIU. 

dalkr, diminut. rt/dalt? «/«//■ AW*;, "r«ffM",1 
PBDMHT. 112; KKL. AKT. 2, 7M; Jalk ra.\ 
c. 6447. 

daai; O.Frit. dnni. doni. 0.^7. d:mirur. Ml 
Jf.Gtrm. taui. rfniw, "agger", PRUMrr. 113;] 
"ttagnum", \w\ 2311; P». 106, SS'. 





Mas. i:n. F. J5r.2. 

JaMf, O.Fr. il;iili"\ rfffww /tiuruj, Katk. 2111; 
\ B. :;:!0; b. s. YII; Maxi.. '.10-2; I'jiB- 
« i;v. .*>30. 

UoBN Ko. Liisi. 1169; (hmi8cU* Will. 

Jmunablfj Fr. dumnuliU', d'ttnmhh : ilittit]i- 

ii;U>l<' Shorkh. ir»2. 
dSMBm^ /v. iI:ilUUi?r. liamn; 'l;inuii AYKNB. 


lUnprn, O.lhdth iI;imiRn, tl'tmij; ianiinMl? 

I. V. 2, D89. 
ilanr rrt- (ioiU'. 
lUuH^rr, (?./>. (laiigHT, danger, a. r. 35t>: 

SlinRRH. Ifi3; CUAUC. C. T. A 063. 

ilaDSfrAK daugtroiu, a. r. 108. 

AamV diink, u. .Vrtii. :il;). 

il9iaii»ri itaiim*', Fr. dausv, (irinctf, Ciiauc. 

c. T, A 47ri. 
dnnnsra, O.Fr. daDBcr, rfaNW, Chauc. C. r. 

A JJ02. 
4aRlrB> O.Fr. diinti-r. ddnUr, Z<;<. *lytiiitari\ 

damU : t|;iiiliti-n L^Nur.. ^, 'li\^ (2Kli); 

tl.nin1i> Wui.. .\UiiK 5, 4. 
ilaprr, O. /ceK i\:i\n ftrt'ttuj, O./hilch Ait\i\iQT, 

O. JI. Germ. tu|flioiur (grarUj, dapper; 

(Wpir '*fifga»i\ i'komi't. II :I, 
4iip|irl \ 

il:il>pcl«Tai dappif^ijy, CHAfC. C. T. B 

iw, O.Tcfl. ihirr fhadaj? dar, Toc 2t>S. 
4ar JA^ doar snt/ parf. 

Ittria, l.Germ. IhUth Fn's. 0>o>iiarcn? '7a- 
/«rp'*, pBOMiT. 1 1 il ; LiuG. M. p. 1 5M ;■ 
dan? sPKC. 50; transact. 18, 2(J; Wirii. 
I Mabk 7, 24; Man. kd. K 518:1; Oaw. 
j 2358; A. p. 1, 838; dark- fpr^.J Makii. 
( tfi; darv k. T. -I-I-T; i drr-iiiic aud darr 

MiN. 2; daiL'J so jfC- d'M j'tTf kkl. a.nt. 
I 1, 217; and d4ri|) |»flr for ihMc Thiam. 
^^^21; ff dvarlctl Jll. 43; dvovi-kti jtat 
^Hln hnni dcarii'il (dariMlj Katii. ■'>■'>;}; da- 
^Brea ant. Annt. IV; dure OnArc. C t. u 
^^2t>3; dan) (VkA/'7 <j. a. s. 384; iViiredo 
[ />r^.y Katu. 113.1; daml Will. 4055; 

^k 4(M denrc. 

tfinrl, dcrnt-'l, Fr. dumol Lamdaia ciot.. 

darned, \Xic.L. .Mat. 13, jr. A: 2*J; dcrncl 
*'jiiz.tnitt, MtHin", CBOWPT- MO. 

darl, rt./V. dart, /".(..-^u-. daroil, ^.Av^. dar- 
iMtlr. C. //. O'l'riH. tart), rf(ir(, "irtum", 
pKoMir. 114; Hand. 117; Chacc. C. t. 
A I .'04. 

lUschrii, Dan. ihiskv, Stotd. (Ia.<>ka, = dwc> 
si-ln'n? rf«*A; dasclio Aus. 2837; daschc 
A doiui 1'. L. ». XVII, 36t5; diusduiiide 
fpati.J A. p. 3. 312; doachtc {prtij Kob. 
r»l; row/*. ItidnsL'licn. 

dusin, O.Tcti. dssa fdtside:n esu), O.Dttteh 
(bisoii, dwaseii fdrh'mr^ deti'pcrej, A.Sitx. 
dcH'siy^i'.ta (intplirej? dttze, ''ialitjaro'\ 
raoMi'T. 114; fUisc m. t. 311; )•« ijon 
... schulou uot diispwo "««« caligahanl", 
WicL. !a, 32, 3; i daso and i di'dir 
Town, jitst. 28; {w «i;oii diisowt'li p. r. 
L. p. 221; dimcn. diiscwoii, diiswoii (.'iiauc. 
C. T. II 31; (lased {prrt.J A. p. 3, 383; 
dn*(sl fpitrt.J CiiAur. n. v. riTtti; pb. c. 
1)647; *ow;». adason. 

ilui, A.Sa.T. dpifjiifr? 

diwiljcnl /m)«w itifp{.m, PROMPT. 1 1 4*. 

iltthliinl, from OJcfl duatiir ^JeutuJ? datturd, 

PK'PMIT. 111. 

ilutr, Fr. diiti'. Ilal dnl«, dah, Chauc. C. 

T. o 1411; 3Ia.\. ED. K. 1747. 
italPj O. Fr. date, dtUf, "dacty/us", prumpt. 

iliubin, fr. didiaiin, tt'elsh dwldaw, dtinb, 
"/imare*, pbomj't. Ill; dftutH-n "/iHt'tuW*, 
WicL. hlx. 13, II; daiilio fimpa-.J a. p. 
2. 313. 
daubrr daubn; voc. 181; i-humpt. 114. 
ililwej O.I/.GiTm. t;ihi(, dutc- cemp. ciwIftWf. 
duwleit nv diijttu. 
ilaj »ee dii'i. 
dc-, O.Fr. IM. k\v. 

tU'Iiat, a/V. ilobat. rf^^fl/c, WiM,. 4380; 

La-nol. h, 181 (337). 
dphrisc, (^./V. dchrisor, di^rinfferg. Win.. 
Kz. 34, 27; dcliruscdt (prei.) l. it. b. 
doeeito rfw^, rkl. ast. 1, 263; CiUDC. 

C. T. u 1367. 
dewiv*^ deceive, i'iuACC. (!. t. d Sl8; de- 

advi AYKNB. 82. 
decos dfceoM, Mas. kd. K. 5353. ., . 
declareo dwiare, Chauc. C. t. a 3rtba. 




decrfe, /v. decrdt, tUere*, Cmuc. C. t. a 

mmtj, iMa. 6; Cuacc. C. r. A '2177; 

iloiliit. Brand. 2; Will. 4998. 
Jftaco tir/rtce, Cilall". C. T. » 510; dc- 

fiicod (pari.) ayknii. 191. 
doraitt i^/im//, ItOB. 35; 3iUk. ku. 1'. 51 13; 

dofautvfi (pt.) A. B. 136. 
^dofondc dffeitd, Man. kd. F. l-it»n<[; de- 

fcndi AVKNB. 157: wf iiofvriiU'|) Ituii. Ii>8; 

ilofi'lldido fprei.J Wici*. Ji'DOBS 15, 1. 
dcfcmlor lUfetidcr, Kub. 198. 
dofenitc deftHm, ItoB. 253. 
dcficu difftrere, Lanul. 5, 210 (380); do- 

fiin i-KuMPT. 115; Ut doH<! fio mote 

Tbbv. I. 141. 
'fli'foule. O.Fr, diit'oak-r (fanlerr aux pt'edsj, 

de/otU, ItoB. 57; WiCL. PS. 138. 11; 

drr<>ilcil fprd.J M'ill. 4(JI4; dcfuiUed 

(pari J AYi'.N'H. 107. 
di-pro deffref, u. m. 15; (.'halo. C. t. a 

1H91; degrcjt /'/f/.y A. 11. 288. 
(leliaet, 0.i*V. dchait fmatheur, oX^kthn), 

o. A. s. 09; dJiit Jul. b 202. 
deliciU dctieate. Chai'c. C. t. h 927. 
dcliccs, /r. dolii'es. delieiitf, \. r, 3G8; 

AYENB. 24; PB. c. 4til5. 
delicious delieioM, i>B. c. 0291. 
delll, O.Fr. d.'ltt, (W(>A/, a. k. 102; u. 

H. 3; .\Llt}. 2n*>(i; CliAUC. C. T. A 335. 
dohlaliKt delecUthiUf, WicL. uiiNKb. 3. Gi 

Ciutic. BoKT. 2. I i;tO); |.B. c. 5239. 
dditen. O.Fr. delrtcr. i/^/t^A^. A. &. 52; 

di'lHcd /'^TP^.y VK. c. 833t>. 
dclivfruiif-*! dfiivtrattft, pB. c. 3585. 
d<*In n*. 0./>. dclivp' flthrtj, p. l. s. 

XVII, 290; delivm' rnAir. C. t. a S4; 

doMvor Will. 359fi. 
delivron, O.Fr. doUvn'r. deiictr, i-. .■^. Jlfi; 

delivore K*»b. 93; Ma»u. 2; dcIWcri-, 

dili^cri- c. l. 1124; dolivnidr /T"*'-^ *- 

B. 234. 
deniiuidi! d*manH, li^u. 500; Bkk. 817; 

CHAtT. C. T. 430. 

dctuouL'D, O./V. doDiPDcr. dtrnfan: & dc- 
nienfMl hem d<iit;tili Wtu,. 1222. 

demure, t>./V. di'Moerf, di-nn'iirt-, dtmar, 
Fl. a. Bl. 501. 

deniooreo. O.Fr. dcmorer. domurer, di-- 

ntt^iiror, demur, demorari: donioorc jo 

Iriif^rc A. u. 242. 
di'niin dtHif, rnoMPT. 118. 
douMumbron. Fr. deoombrer, Wk'l. w.' 

89. II. 
dcjtarti depart, tbkat. 140. 
do|H;inUMi drpaint: di^|K'iutiHl (pari,) c. i^.. 

704; Will. 3217. 
deprive dfprt'cf, a. p. 2, 185. 
doraino, 0. Fr. deratnicr, drr;»i«nier, d^ 

raiyii, .Vlis. ki>. Sk. 12-1; dcrciui ICuu. 

285; drviiu-a rr. l. 974. 
dcM-'cndru detetnd, Jos. 088 ; descei 

PiiAUC. C. T. K 392; d«icendr|> (pra.] 

a\kkii. 123. 
descrivo deicribt, Will, 5005; dcitcrivei 

fprtt.J A. n. 10. 
do8iTt di'sert, d^tertam, a. k. 220; st^ 

GEX. A. KX. 1227; ItoB. 232; ayi 

dpRrrt<e), O.Fr. dcsrrto, d^nrt, "men'tum''^, 

I'BoJIPT. 120. 
dt*ficrvin dntrve, rKuiiPT. 1 20 ; do^terri 

(prtM.) CuAuc. C. T. A- 1232; deecn 

(part.) I^ l. 402. 
dcsir rfwir*, dttidprUun, CiiAuc. C. t. 

671; disiro Mas. ki.. F. 795«. 
dvairt'D dftirt, dcsidaart, AVill. SOfiS" 

desire r. l. s. X\TJ, 147. 
desinis dttiroiu, CmaUC. C. t. a It>74. 
dcsttl;U Hfatdnte, i:hauc'. 0. T. K 1321. 
dw-in'ii dftimr, CiiAt'C. C. t. a 3171. 
tlefiiM'nmnre. Q. Fr. drs[>eraiicc, M. 

dc«|H>rnnli.i. a. r. 8. 
de}<|ior.'U-'ioii dctptratio, LA.NbL. c 20. 281 

disperarioii misc. 215. 
det4]ieirfn dttpair: i\vs\mTvA (pvri.) x« 

YKlfB. 34. 

dis|iisi.> dttpt'te, PR. c. 1252; dcspiitc. t\i 
spiw fpm.) Laxol. n 13, 337, c 7. 8< 

despit dcpilv, tpiif. K<«b. 18; WiLU 55i 
Chacc. C. t. i> 2176; c. m. I8233i 
«p» (Jaw. 1144. 

dcKlliloilN dt»piUQH%, L. H. B. 14it; 

220: disi.itous Tbev. 3. 285. 

dcHpitimsli ditpiteomlt/. Will. 1137. 
ilenpnilcti dfpoil: ilis|iiirli avkxb, 45; de- 

siioiledo (prei.) a. b. 300. 
destjild detiiny, bbl. AST. 1, 63; A. 

1, 757. 




fiostrci ndro, di»ti-nm, 

ISltJ; (listvoi^ni Bek. 

4i8treme. 0. Fr, 

Cvtxvc. C. T. A 

trc380, O.Ff. (lostrcssc. dittre*», stretn, 

ItoB. I4;l; Man. ed. F. 3348; stn?8se 

J-BUMPT. -180. 
dcetTUCcionii destrueiion, Tkkv. 4, 455; 

s. s. Li), Wbb. Ufid; Chalc. C. t, a 

dfstnir rfprfroy, aykxu. ■.!S; licHtniip I.asgl. 

Iu 17. 215; sUuicK Jos. 507;^ struifii, 
stroion Lanui,. r 15, 587; «tniicJ (prvs.) 
] UOM. 2. 1(1 1; ilcstiiitvl //m;-(.> a. «. 088. 
ijetnirri^D ddradion, ayknji. ID. 
ftivcrsorio. O.Fr. divcrsoiic, deerrson'ttm, 
LKO. 1»0*. 
flcvis dcvK<; Wiu^ 3222. 
doYlHu rfcwV, UoKN i:i). LUM. 030; WiLt,. 
, 800; (iovisi AVtNii. 73. 

^^^llt'vot devotit, A. u. 37(>. 
^^rdcvociim decolfon, a. b. :!Si!; di'vofii-n 
Rob. 3i{0; avksd. 107; dcvwioun i: i,: 
^H R. XII, KI9; PR. c. 5'!0<^ 
|Bdi'vouii'n dwnur, Cuaul-. C t. u 21. 
^■e- *M (lis-. 

(!♦, de. rfw /rfw-y.- dfcj fpi.J ayksb. 
45; decs tiow. 2, 39; dees, dis Ciiah . 
C. T. c 467. 
4nil, A. Sax. dt-Jid, O. /•>•/». d.'id. dath, 0. 
i L.Oerm. dod, O./ce/. fliiidr, 6'o(/(. diiiijis, 

^^^ O. /A//w»». tOtrr. l/id-'r. aC^-rtrf, mortum, \. 
^BiL 134; u. t). V; Liiki. u. i>. 35: dniil. 
^^^dibd Lai. 196 4: 2540; ripad. rlt-il o. a. 
\ s. I(il9; diud AXENfi. 12; dtud Orm. 
i 1 436; dwl. dopil CirAi;.-. ('. r \ I4S; 

^^ J>P d^dc sip]. CiiAuc. D. Bd. 127; )>•> dide 
^^■bU'P Fu a. Rl. 66; dcadne face, m.) Lai. 
^K7093; doado /^/.; Jul. 62; f-'^ d6d(<n 
^VuoiL 1, 37; La). £)270; |h> dviiJt! a. k. 
^V890; wi}t t>i> dt>4li> Pkrc'k^-. 155. 
^Bd'^udllr, ^..Stfx. di'iid-. di-adllr, O.lf.Germ. 
ib^-, iii\\\c\w.\\ deadltf, mort-iii*, ittiM. I, 
223; dcadlHi Katu. 1104: a. a. 2(KJ; 
dUdllcb MISC. 27; dciiilllc mom. I. 221; 
doadllcbc scnnc Siioui'.n. 'Jfl; dt-adliclie 
ifuun rRU(:i.AM. 6; ^inv du:dlT(rh(< iviiji 
I«Ai. 8550; dcndii, decdii WicL. Dhth. 

13, 2; dCdIi Uuw. 1^ 355; Lanou a 

14, 78, " 
detfj A. Sax. deaf, O./Vh. daf, O.LMerm. 

dOf, (V.AW, d;iufr. ^'oM. d.nihs, OJf.OWm, 
toiiluT, dett/, Murdit*, Makh. 20; dmf a- 
iti!>'B. I; d*f Obm. itrtS"; dfif 5IAl'^:9 
335; Jt-r. doef CuAUf. C. t. a 446; dwf 
PK. c. 782; Lino. m. j*. IS'J; u*d. Cov. 
254; di'fc. JcM' fpl.J La-vol. b It), 126; 
(J»'l di'Jivu Kath. 1061. 

di'fli rfrtxify. TuWN, MYSr. 100. 

dni)> A. Sax. ik-iifj. deal), O. Z. G"(rw. dfip, 

Cru/A. (Uug [^'m^ipn), (i.Jl.O'lftin. I'luar, 

^;>crf. ;jrf#.y laiet, eporUt; di-ali. ilt-h Katu. 

1446 &: 1853; di^h Marh. 1; doili tHiu. 

1. 202; Kl- "" I"-' doih A. r. 420; Tlicr 

b.ild n.iiilit. nc doih Man. ed. 11. 133; 

|ial I'iuv: ^al ii^^lit nc dicli Obm. 4872; 

lipilL' j^iiio daffos ilu^tm hkl. ajjt. I, 184; 

«J«w. diijcn, dujL'Jc, dulitij. 
draj> A.Saz. Ai^iis;, dtitii, ^^^0, U'Hcturu, odor; 

di'dio A'"'-> MISC. 193, 
dr»|rii, A.Sar. dct^'ini ^*/W. dcnj;;, </i/tf; dcie, 

dir riiAiic. v. T. F 725 lBi>. ^Vn. 11037); 

dtiil "tingfrv", PiioMPT. 124. 
di^lrr, diiTi' rfyrr, tnfedot\ V.nAVv. C. t. a 

302 (364); diliji-n-s /-ji^/.y K. a. 359. 
di»(rrr in/rdor, \.v.u. 40. 
dfah jitv d<M|. 
driikne #p(i diaciir. 
dral «<r d&I. 
dear, A.Saj-. diMrr, dear. O.L.Gtrm. (gi)- 

iliir, 6'0/A. itiirs, OJI.Grtm. ({a')tiir, /'/»rf<. 

pret.J dnrc fdarj, amho, hom. 1, 187; 

dnr Orm. 106.19; g. a. x. 1110; )i. k. 

142; hANoL. It 15, 108; Manii. 249; 

SAi-BAM. 316; dor Lai. 6639; A. n. 206; 

SiiuRi:n. 5; dt-rst, dii-rst, durst Lai. 20375, 

24779 tc 24785; dcwt Jci.. 47; diiret 

Obm. 5615; u. A. n. 853; r. l. 1081; 

bon |i<<rstoii . . . ticiiino IiIh Dnniu IIrand. 

27; nc diirrcn (di>riTU) lico mo abldrn 

Lai. I5(M»3; dtirrc .\i.i«. 1314; nicri 

durrc 1= (lurvp?) seldu lit-rt: orf ia lious 

n wintrr brinffi* Rob. 43 ; duf M.\Nn. 

271; di»rro atknb, 22; dorm Wici.. gb- 

SK8. 44, 26; dnr, dort' Chauc. C. t. o 

661; wp III* fioro ahiilo in>ji Hek. 1375; 

diim- ftt^iJ Laj. 24783; u. a. n. 1706; 

dorri' Hob. 112; duri'cn a. b. 128; deriv. 

durri'U, dursti}. 
dtarc, A. Sax. dcarc, deorc, O.fctl. dOkkr, 

d4irk, GB. 26; dare, dorc Jll. 30 & 91; 




dtrk "irNebtvam, obtcurw", pRoMrr. 119; 

Rub. .')60; c. l. 71; Gtm. 2, 120; Uaxu. 

237; LUl>. Cov. 21; dcork Bkk. Mil; 

ilorc HUM. 1. 253; tlurk tkkat. 1:>4; r. 

u. 8. n. 4:t; ilirk ANT. Abtk. VI; Lihg, 

M. r. 114; ilitrkc ui;t i>. r>7: dorke /'mit. 

dorrkc) niyt Lai. "SRS*; dorltcr fcom^rj 

Laxgl. b 10. 182; flurkcst fwpeilatj 
^Sash. 8. 

^deorkliOilt' otacmitof, Halliw. nn t. 2i>8; 
(K'lkliiS^it' i.E»i. yii; ilunhOdo Rrash. 2. 

Jtrklivlio (/tffZ/y, Lasoi- ed. Wk. 6303. 
drrlif O./cfl. ilOkkvi? oA^rwimy ohHarUatY 

Wii.i.. 12Sr>; Kw. Sk. 714. 

dorkful. A.Siix. diMtrrfuII, ttnehro$tu, WifL. 
LiKK n, :14. 
ilrarltlrn, J.Sitx. <lforriaii(?}. O.Av/. dflkkva, 

dark, oUcurare, liUtn; (Irrkiii "ohvHrure*, 

iHOMi'T. UP; (Icrkcn Chait. Hmkt. I, 4 

i20|; clrrkede (i>rH.} li n. nisr. I07i'; 

1*0 cliild ... darkol iu his <k*n Will. 17; 

dcrkctl fpariji'tim. H, "ift?; dcrkid Wici„ 

:J KiNc.f* 18, 45; dirkM Liuii. m. p. .1S8; 

idiuktvl Rkk. 1414. 
drrkarssr darknrst, Laxul. b 1H, 85; Chxvc. 

('. T. A 14.M. 

dmrhnim, O.Tcfi. dtlkkna fohtcHrareJ, O.II. 
litrm. U\xc\ix\vn fmj>pfmere, yaUiatr^, Jttr- 
h-u, latrre: durL-uJii mm. 1. 2o!)'; ilark- 
in-t (prti.) BKL. AST. I, 211; ilirkiiis 
ANT. .\rtii. V; dimniiidc (poft.) Kath. 

4rsrif »er deriic. 

4rrf, .^..S'ax. dead. 0. ^ w. d;Uh, darl, O. 
L.dtrm. d'Ml, d'"l, O. /rr/. lUudi, (iiAh. 
dJit|>UN. OM.Germ. Ind, i/lra/A, mem, Katii. 
1127; KT. OEN. A. EX. 508; dca^ dufi 
Shdekii. 2o A: 28; diii|< ayknb. 12; dinlh 
niw. 27; died p. l. s. VIU, ii:); driuT. 
d6(] (dtal-, dd)r) Lai. 2«4 i 2r>H7; iK-J*. 
dctih ('HArc. r, T. A 1*(J4: dtfef Obm. 
17150; dotli, \\H nioMpT. 115; dtnl IIa- 
VKL. Irt87; Iw. 1262; pii. v. 8ir.; dcujcs 
/^fN.y Katu. 1143; deudcH Nptit a. ii. 
j,ilO; dcafvs /'mortuiuj v. A. K. tG:l2; 
doa|ie, duj"!; fJtit.J u. A. K. 1617; dilw 
HoKS £0. Lux. .SH. 
d^fxlai Lanol. U. 104 (108). 
Mdj&|«tuldi; 0km. 1043(>. 
detail Lai. G348*. 

di)|)]irDvo V. h. s. XV, 192; dMtkniwc 

D. Abth. 1 1 r>o. 
dfj.luii'l A. R. 314; de|>iivcl Ukk. 2311. 

dtun, J. Sax. dtvip. O. Fn'». dau (?) d-U. 
dawc, O.JI.OtrHi. tau. tnu, O.ftff. df-Rjr, 
rfrw /rftfy/ rw; dcaii. dlini AVEXfi. 13iJ 
J; 144; dAp //«■ hom. 1, 233; 
difep Obm. 138G5; dop st. den. a. rx. h 
:i;i2rt; don trkat. 137; Mai'Ks 347; hfec. f 
72; M. II. 2i); )>en(> dOu hom. 1. l.iii; 
d«uj 2, 25«; di-wo /'Ar/.y trkat. 137; 
dcowcs fitij srso. 44; rtiHiff, luildCu. 
d^Kippc, fiait. Afffthcp, dew-hp, "paf»ir*, 
rnoii'T. 120; voc. 221; di^iilaiipcs /'/•'.y 
Pali.. 4. 711. 

dfaifii J. Nrfj". di.'afian (Vi, 0. Frit. diUa. 
0. IcfL dpyfa, //twi dwif, rf«/r# fdenfvHj, 
turdeaefrf, turdare: d^ve Gaw. 128tf; liiu h 
di'avi'ti yti. lirvi) fkagm. ^; dciiil //wr/./f 
Mil. Tuv. :>4S; cfl*/!/*. iidoavoii. 

draum, J.t^t. liiiipiaii, O.UvteK dauwci, 
O.U.Germ. loQVcn itoiuifii). 0./r«/. dAf^v^H 
Aw /rffly, rfr^y.- dowin "fM-ir/*, raourr. " 
120; di'jvn Obm. |:iJi48; tk'Wi'tt "''<»*''"*» 
WiPL. Is. 4.'>. s. 

ilrd w^ d(?nd iW dc»d. 

ilrdr «» dibdir. 

ili^df Ih A. Sax. d<?dau, O. //: fferm. todci 
6'oM. duillijau, rfiwrf ftiettdrHj: }>•.■ ulilc t 
bijran ti» dt'di' H. «. Kii. \Vb. Ii23; dedid,! 
deadid fparij Wkl. 1 Kisos 25, ^17 
coMfi. :idotl<?n. 

drderro W¥ didcrcu. 

drrf, d^f Mf draf. 

dffl Ke diift. 

dr| «v dn*i, 

d#jn», O./Vm. deja. 0. /«/. dovj.i. <7(ol*. 
daujim, 0. t. Germ. dt\juii, 0. //. d 
touwan (tfluuaii), dt* (dm)^ mori, 
80U0; doji-n, dOUwi (dt'ict Lm. 2S3 

'II70<t; lIl^igOQ !*T. UKN. A. £X. 1112 

deirn Katii. tti>8; /■««. d«-u'Ut Wn,u. 33.131 
dfiiin PBOMPT. 117; A^;i' h. m. 54; Ga' 
OOti; ddije Buuuku. 124; d«iu l. nu 
22; r""- dfvi'j Havbl. 840; Rob. 494; 
9. A. V. XIV; dOic, di*« Chait. C. t. a 
1797 *: K 3r»4; d^ghw i-r. c 1939; di 
die Langu 2. 187 (211); du'ii c l. 218 
die Mamd. 201; h. ii. 79; dejcdiv __ 
imit)rpfd.J Lai. 4280 « 7150; mjt^ 




8. 110; (ivido Katii. UOl; Lanot-. b 
b1. 200: (lifiHli' Jus. 1't4; tloicdvu a. 
R. :iOJ; dioilon>. 286; iitwiwl /"/we/./ 
Lai. 3737. 

JHe, O.Av/, ilcigja, de-y, aneMa, pbumpt. I Hi; 
V. 8. 3*27 ii: 15); CuArc. ('. r. ii 40:lti; 

dltio RKL. ANT. 1, 129. 

ili^lru ^f ilcajca and dtf}oii. » 
rf^irrlr ditiry, CiiAir. C. t. a 5ft7; tli'irit' 
PBOMPT. 117. 

drlnei, iluipn'i-, Zn/. ilin;u;iri, drign; 

ilaim|) (prta.J ayesh. 1 H ; (leiuoil (yrel,) 

Lasul. It G, 310. 
AtSmXki O.Fr. rI.-)inU\ rf«ii'H//A a. it. -Il-J; (icin- 

too La.\ol. ii U. 47: ibiiiui (;.\w. 13iiO. 
irUj O.Fr. deis ^/a J/.i/ dri* Cdtm), Ron. :U!*; 

SiioRhK. 102; Laiki. 899; CiiAir. C. t. 

A 370; drs Wiu.. 4312; dws Man. ku. 

K. i>282. 
4^1, drlri t(e diiil, (ll^leu. 

drir, A.Sox. d*'if, rff/y; /mm.- di'ir- (dat.) 

Town. myst. 230; dolvo.s "htpicidinis" . 

WkL. 2 PARAl,. 34, 11. 

4i|fe R, -4..Saj. dclfaii. a^Vw. (U'lv;i, f>. //. 

IHpMm. telbctn. f/ff/if, fodert^ Li-ke lO, 3; 

■■^(-Ivi-n Ijh. 9238; Lasol. b 10, 359; 

dHvin HinsifT. 118; Line. m. ?. 14^; 

delvi' p. h. K. XII, 144; AVfc.Mi. lf>8; 

iVC C. T. A 536; delfc]! f'/)r«.; Oltai. 

185; delvi-a iiOM. I, 40; diilf (ptel.) 

p. OKS. A. KX. 2718; Hon. 131; .k. S- 

Wkii. 2410; SiiuHKtl. Ifir.; diilfi-u 

tolvci Lai. 2199H: diilvcn a. r. 2{>2; 

Ivo M-\Bn. 219; doIvL-0 La.\ol. li^ I7d 

L98); diilvf (nAj.J a- a 384; clulvr a- 

ritxB. 2fi3; doivpii fpart.J AVill. 2fi3a; 

Na-nb. 02; CuAtT. il r. 4070; IiJuIml 

A, |[. 292; mnnp. bi-, iiiut)eiif>lvi.'ii. 

4rlirK) A.Sax. A^Mvxn, dfktr,/ou9r, Lakol. 

I'luiu 102 (223). 
dfllriinsf O.Fr. ticlicioiis, detmou*, leo. 204. 
drllr. 0.t>uich iK-Mc, rfr//, rfl//(>, mva.. ant. 

2. 7; dvlluii fd*it. fl.) AKt. Anrji. IV. 
driirn jw dciri'ii. 

d^mfj ><..S^j*. d^raa, O.U.Germ. tunmo, ;m/jr<'. 
Mat. a. 25: l.At. 363; Ohm. fiAO; u. a. 
*. 1783; demt-n (ditt.) v. r„ s. VIU, 48; 
intn /'p/.y Mat. 12, 27. 

d^nri, A.f^r. dt-mau. O.Fri*. d?uia. O./w/. 
dn'iiia, (Jfc/A. d'Vuuiiii. O.ll.Ceim. tiu»in»*n, 
frout dull], (/*r**, jadtcare, decetncre, ceiuerf, 
Obsi. r..'>2; Masu. 41: I-l'I tu Hrlialt ilA- 
nipn l>i siiItpu fH a. ii. 120: dt-iut* o. 
A. s. 188; WicL. OKX. 15. 14: Lido. m. 
r. 12: tui fadi<r iif Ikm'^'ii Ii^ks nic dt^iiii 
si^iit to di'iiif _j-oure di-di's suit. v\.. 188; 
di'imlo ^/wrf.y Lai. 4!I3fi; a. n. 3t>ij; 
Shorkh. srj; il*>iiiiIon Kath. 330; Uavkl. 
2820; doEind ^^r;-/.> «. ii. 7; pa. c. 
1995; pflw;*. fur-, idf'inen. 

di^mrud, A.Sux. lU'iut'ud, fudfjr; ilt>Hi>imi1t>s 

{•JrU.J IIOJl. 2, 171. 

ilrmcr gee diviiiicr. 

ilruerf, A.Sijjt. dt>mrrc, jWcj, hon. I, 279; 
AiENB. 12; dOiuarc a. b. 28G. 

drmeslrr, iliMH|<'ri/^w*/c/-. fttder, r. m. 7005. 

drnmruj .t.^^ajr. di-iiiiiiLiuty). O.Friv. ili'iuitin. 
d^m (demj, ngjferare; dt-miwd ? (pret.) a. 
p. 2. 384. 

df ■( A. Sax, (IfiiR {euhihj, 0. Dutch deu, 
derno (aren^ aitfrumj, O. ff.(irrK). tfURJ 
(arm), drtt, *'tprcNii", tiioiipr. 118; nusc. 
I.')2; fft doll OB. 24; doriiit' "spelunea", 
ViicL. John U, 38; dt'nno I'o'tJ^V L^r, 
22028; .Uis. 5400; Will, 20; AVuw. 

AltTH. VI, 

d^n, 0. Fr. dpjin, doirn, Ltil, docaDus, itai\t 
V. 8. 332; dcfu K. n. 64; dOocn /'|f^.y 
Langl. 2, l.'iO (172). 

dcBf) A.Sax. (Icn« m., Ji'Rii /, O.DfUch 
dan irt., i/mm, "vaiUt\ i^rarm. 3; "eon- 
viillm", PS. 59. 8'; A. r. 1. 295; dtfno 
"ralL't", Li:kr 3. &; )k) duie uf tioares 


dne (<v duou. 

■fie, A.Sax. Uono, Ihinfg: p^-nc lawc kisc. 


lU'iK-'iiiiirke (DfiiPiiKiri'lic), A. Sgx. Ilrna 

IVn«>nimTh ItoH. 3. 
drnslfn den: \\u ho dcunodc liioi in Hat 

•li'Dt' Tiiaiilifi K\\\.. ANT. 1. 209; di'iiti«'l 

it] a Ih'IisU'S cribbc hon. 1. 277. 
■riWir, A.Sax. Dcnijtc, Jftiuiih: DfRsc*- /';/.>' 

Lai. 12854; Dcuslie IIavbl. 2575. 
deal *ff (iuut. 
AfM, A.Sitx. di'i^fol. Lftt. dialtdlus, ilrrf?, 

Oxv. 071; dcvvttl a. b. 208; dc-ord C«^et^ 




vpI) Lai. ITfifiS; dirvel atkicii. ir>; dfr- 

vol Wir.i.. IHTO; iliovli' /'rfW.y misc. 28; 

d^'oHo rpfj Mat. 9, ft4; jiirc. isa. 

tti'orplitlil fm«. -ivldl. A. Sax. (loorolpilil, 
O.L.Oerm. <lU'lKil>.'t'lJ. Irikntf to (he drrH, 
HOM. I, 'J27. 
4fil w (lovl. 
ilMp. .(.SiTj-. ilcii|», O.Fn'g. tlinp. O.L.Gtrai. 

diu|(, (lij)), O.Jeel. iliu|ir. 6'o/A. iliups, f>. 

lI.Gtrm. tniTT, (/<v^, profanduji, a. k. 

224: Majiu. 1.".; ilcop (ilcni)) La). iU7; 

tU'Dp. fl<T|> Lanul. pr(jl. ir>: <tii<]i ayi-:ku. 

2r.I: fl«]. Orsi. Hifi07; Mai-bs naS; A 

dujir iljcli Bk.\nii. 27: «Ii'0|H' fpK^ bi-kc. 

fi*2; dt'ii]H* in his Wsrh lii wi\il.' Hkk. 

2332; (iJit !P no fulli- to ilii|.c Riionmi. 

lOi; diMipprf /'fom/iflr.y' hom. I, 4i); ileojK 

porc. d6piior Langl. 10. 182 (11, 138)j 

d(^l>|H<r ('iiArc. (!. t. ri 250. 

doopUrlio ^H>pljf, A. B. l.'i'l: d^^ltko 11a- 
VKi.. U17. 
df«pr^ A. Sax. d^p, d^|K>, (iolh. ilMl|ioi, O. 

iljirrtn. litifi. ttrep. profunHuM, P. h. 8. 

XV, 84; di'pp CiiAiT. ('. t. ii 4%.%; inc 

po d6)>e SnuRRiL 14G. 
draplm^ Goth. fj;ii)diii)iji»i, Hffpm: dt'Opi-d 

n\Uy [ii' si'mU' A. iL 288: fil |n' dlr w<'s 
, alliiiurt' itkoped l.M7n. 
draiwrwrt A. Sax. di'opnitts. dtepunn, n(«». 

1, 49; df-jmisHo Kath. 080; di-piii'ssr' n. 

.VjtTii. 740; diopiiosse ayknb. 211. 
ifftr, A.Sar. dfor. O.Fn't. diar. O.I^Gfrm. 

^\ot. O.fctl. diiir. il^r. ^'h(A. dius. O. //. 

/?iTBi. lior, tit-r, (/«t, httliit: deor Lai. 

<J49.'»; deor, der Ohm. 1177 * 1312; dw 

HKi.. AA'T. 1, 2irt: ditr Misr. 100; dtNirrs 

/'^XV A. S. Iflfi; donro /'i/fl/7 HOM. 2, 

37: door tpKj Lai. U2r.: Mauh. 10; 

lild>t>|i al fu> jiitdf deor (dor) o. a. n. 

1013; dtur ciiitna. Exrtt.. 3ft; dfr st. 

(IKK, A. KK, I7H; dr(ir*>n ('rf»i/. pli Lai. 

1128: d^ro Oaw. i:i22. 

dt-rfald Sas. thbox. 24ft. 

dt^orfrid Imi. 14:h». 
4nr, W.'Sffj-. dvur f forth, grarinj Oncjx's 

Btoss. 1, 11*3, rfiwr, grari»: df'ri' /"^.^ 

CIaw. 564; mm fi^lr »*• il df-rr ph. r. 

1460; siirprt dip- ST. r.Kx. A. Kx. 3742; 

dt^iure fcttmpMr.j Katii. 1*48. 
dimrf, A. Sax. d»M>iv, djrt«. O.Frh. diore, 

diiiro, O.h.Oerm. diiiri. O.fefJ. d^rr. 
H.On-tn. tiuriT. rfA?/*, prrttonu. ttoht7it{ 
ftrrtu, A. R. 408; deore, diin< Lai. 14' 
& 29f»3; dpore. dC'ie (>rm. 220G A; 23:.6; 
iliiTc liinc AVKXii. 3fi; dwr<'. d^rc Cual^] 
C. T. A 24:i3; dtTi- Makd. 2r.2; p. 78i 
of d^ro pris 9t. »v.y. a. kx. 2247: what 
tiim dPH? |>i)»jt Will. 1268; ^ cuntrl] 
wiis diT** Jos. 37 ; A d«Jre dai Gaw. 93j 
Artlnir Ji* d^TP pKHritv. ft08; of du{f 
niCD aud pf iltlr*^ avow. Arth. I; duoi 
BKi.. ANT. I, 110; di'on' ^o«'f -y* A. R. 3!)3i] 
doorc abojt Hkk. 112; dtVo IUvki,. Ifi:^?;^ 
IticH. 5312; doore Lwn. u. P. 2l7j 
iliuMc H. H. 59 ; V. B. 214; dporro ^«i 
par.; A. B. 190; dC-m' Ohm. 18221;] 
dorrcr avkmi. ■U\; dfiri'st (mptrh) L 
3081; hJR dooresto mOD 8075; of d6r 
pris LA^f^|,. u 2. 13. 
il^orludip, A. Sm. doorllp, d^rfyt Lai. 
31752; JvL. 76: drinkf to Iiim dourtj. 
itpfcr. Ill; derii Wili.. 1421; di'orlukar] 
feomparj Lai. 3OOO0. 
di-oropunlt', A.Sax. dcorpynlis prmetmA 
Ji'L. 10; di'ort.'piirf>e Orm. G6H9; dfiri 
HiinV Lai, 1(1)180 ; dtTwiiif"' AVirtrj 
Aimi. XXII; dOirwtr{>t' Fi- a. Dl. 28d| 
.h^rH..r}M' r. i.. 27: Wii.i,. 1538. 

dr»rf, O.J/.Orrpt. liiiri, eariUit; ddre 
VBL. 824; Mas. ku, F. Itt419. 

ifvrfbl, A.Sar. Doom l>^. Ihrhy, misc. I4ft|| 
\M>rh\ UoR. 3. 

AftV »ff dcarc. 

4r«rlia§, A.Sax. deorliii^, O./cfl. d^rlio^i.^ 
darit'ng, Lai. G31(>; a. r. 5G; ddrlil 
Orm. 9219; Will. 1538: pr. c. 87911 
LID. Vov. 53; diirlin;^ Hraxi). 3. 

drsrur "rr dcrno. 

4Mr|»r, ft.fe^f. d^d. O.JI.Ofrm. Wfsni 
dfftrih. caritm: dirrjtc AYksb, 256; d<^r| 
LANni.. n 6, 330; Maso. 38; A. p. t, 91 

dn«rl "V tlcyfrl. 

d^p u*' dcup. 

tf/fCHi --f-Siw. di'pani?). 0./Vi>. dt^pii, A£. 
<?rrivi. dupL'an. OMh. datipjua. (>. //.<7<m.fl 
totlffn, nunyrrf. haptizarf; di-p** Siiorrh. ™ 
1 1 ; AVKNIl. 107. 

DrpprfonJ Dfpl/ani, ChAUC. C, T. A .3900. 

rfrr *'■'■ di-ar. 

4^ Mv di'or. 




itTf, J. Sax. daru. O./taL-h ilore. daro, O. 
JlX'trm, t;ira, uoxn, damnum, ht. okn. a. 
KX. 3314; Iw. 2:.77: Kim. ir>9(t; b. T. 
042: E01.AM. .lift: Town. m\st. 28. 

derf, A.Sax. dcarf Bout. ev. oloss.. (V./f^-A 
iliiirfi'i O.L.Gtrm. di-rvi. /mmi <lorvi*ii. ^r- 
mt4M, dnriu, fffim'it, Mahii. Ti; Obn. liiTSO; 
A. p. 2, 862; for |)i cit-ifi' ijpji; avow. 
Aqth. LiV; (lei'fp fpI.J'TowK. myst. ill 7; 
lit'rfo d'mli« Alkx. 20i)i; ili'stiups {lyrf(^') 
& iliJro ftAW. .'ii;4; iliTVi' misc. 9 ^ftrintfd 
Jrruc BKL. AST. 1. 2lo); dorfre, ilorvro 
/eotnparj .Ivh. 16 & 17; ilervcslo /iMjjw/.y 
Katii, 565; dcrf^e) /'/frfr.y 91. h. 2^; eomf. 

derfllcliP dHi-iirr, grafii^r: rlertlTche ipi- 
m*d A. R. U4: dcorfilki? Orm. 9".'i2; 
diM-fllkc RKT„ AST. 1, 218; ilertli ast. 
Abtii. XXIV. 
drrffichijtf gratitoa, Katii. 978. 
ittXi A.Sitx. iiiHkvrf. irihultfiion, /r/fficlioh : 
i DHM nil tiiaii . . . p[\i diirsti' liiiii Uoil 
uakion Lai. 10943; vor io tlrit'Ti dorf 
inp ifodos stTVisc a. ». 80; (le ikvf uf 
di-nd Katii. 242G. 
d('rfr«lll*-lii' Kath. I0£10. 
drrfn'MC »n'crity, grtnity; dorvenosso hom. 

I. 21. 
icricn, J.Sax. O.L.Orrm. d«rinu. O.Fn». 
dcra, O.Ihtteh doreii, daii'ii, O.U.Grttn, 

I teriaii, tprran, from lit'n-, f/urf, nocerf, 

^^L./itW«rr, V. li. s. VIII, UiH; dorian, d^>ncn 
^^K«f>M. L, Ifi; dci'ii) IIuhn rd. LrM. 786; 
^^Baykku. 1.26; ftn». dt^ijr**) wise. 7(); Snonim. 
^■28; Alis. 3(t57; diTen bf.l. A.vt. 1, 2L2; 
^^pLAXOL. 7, 50 <6, 54); dt<rp IUvki.. 48H: 
\^ Masu. 13; Chauc. C. t. a 1823; ?s. 
S8, 23; PR. c. 22U0; ilix. ft: I'KSrKv. 
1171; AVOW. Anru. HI; derip[i {ptenj 
Majio. 22«; dpmlf (prptj Lai. 1)65"; 

f)T. GKN. A. KX. 242. 

JrriBsr "wpcwi/jwdiffl", pwuirr. 119. 

derk •'t dwirr 

dfnir, A.Hnx. dcinc. djrnts O.L.f^rrtn. dcr- 

iii, rfrt'M fdarnj, Mtitltuji, Marii. H; c. t.. 

1030: >Vu,L. 8G0; Lasol. b 2. 175; (Jaw. 

1012; u. H. l(>r>; bi a dvrnc hti IsrMii. 

40; ijudi'S diTiw nnics A. B. 9<«; dtTiio 

strdra ATKieu. 140; di'nic, dcorm* Lai. 

13604 & 13«24; doarne Kath, 574; 

divriie Orm. 2004; duruc IUck. thk». I, 

222; durnf Ukk. 23; dome /^<i«'i>.> spsc. 

23; A. r. 2, C97; liivie dcrue 0. a. m. 

1357; ilornti {t^htj o. a. k. 008; in 

dern*> "iw al>wondiio", I's. 0, 29; avow. 

Arth. LII; lei us lialde ii.s in duriu' 1>b- 

r.RRV. 007; oamji, undeiuo. 

dernelR-Uo oecitltr, a. e. 14fi; o. a. s. 
I42;l; H. t. ion; dornolicbe (d*'oruo- 
lldie Lai. 4392: dwiriii'Iu-hf Kath. 407; 
dt'iTili TowK. MYST. 141; deruohiker 
fpompurj A. B. 128. 

iU-aruostliijie privity, a. b. 152*; darn- 
Rfil)c Lai. 258. 
drrnrD} Jirrmni (doorni'). A.S^r. dornau. dyr- 

mn. O.L.0'>rn*. dorniau, dcrucaii. O./f. 

Oerm. Urncn. d«rN, oceuHarf, Lai. 0000 

4: 18549; ilcrni Shorkii. 79; dajnidcn 

fp^-dj liAi. 7694; cowp. biiiLTuan. 
derxte tet dratit. 
Derte Dart, 

Dprt<*iiiaiTi> Dartmouth, Lai. 1786; Dorto- 
mi)nj>p ('haitc. C. t. a 389. 
denfn, A.Sax. doorfmi, O.L.Gtrm. ffar)- 

donaii. O.l'ri*. (foridoiva, O./ft-/. (for>- 

diarfa, grieve, <t(fiiel, iitjme, a. r. 382; 

p. L. 67fi; t« dtTvcn Kiiae soulr Jlirs, 

THUS. 1, 227;derve Jo.'f. 47; dcrve<l//*r*i./ 

Kath. 1684; d<'rve fani/.J Mabii. 12; 

roMp. idcrvci) : rf/r/r. derf. 
ilrs MCf (U'ia. 
<l«» A(V rii!?-. 
desi «w duKi. 
desk »w diivOi. 
dcslea ^ dustcu? nc non liami dine d^i'iOu 

dojite Shokkh. 52; o\or fif briflrifi' lio 

deste Trist. 3. 9. 
dnlr^, O.Fr. dpstrior, a war-^oru, u m. 

DISC. 569; Chauc. C. t. b 2103. 
dffttc, O.Fr. di'to, dettt*, debte. <ifU, I'BOnrr. 

120; a. B. 120; AYUNB. 35. 
ietUktt O.Fr. dctar, det^Mir. d.-ttnir. rfcWiw, 
A. R. 312; d«'ttour HoccL. VI, 7; ilt'lt.mrs 

(^/»/.y AVENB. 113. 

d^lt' nfi- dt>.i(t, 
den tvf dvau. 

d««s, O.Fr. d^Mis, i\<>m fdi^tij, IUvrl. 1312: 
a doii TiiwN. MvsT. 94: \rA\- de ('iiArc. 

a T. A 1312. 





ifttU- dtdy, AcD. 24; diiU pbomtt. 135. 

d^trl >(¥ deofel. 

4l^rfi MW d<raven end (irivf^n. 

Drtrnf (Dfvem-sK;?/.; /^rw**, Lai. 30880: 

Dovpni- srin*, A.Sttx. !)ffi*na skStc, Ih- 

rcHthirr, Lai. 210 1 r>; Drvciic (prinirH Di- 

nenp) Hchh*' Hob. .'i. 
dri^r, />'. devoir, dtvoir, Siiorkii. M; Will. 

474; Lakou a 12. 2; d. Abth. IJl-lO; 

K. 0. 5. 
d^p, d^w» MTf (lenu, ilouwi'n. 

dlHmr, A.Siir. ()i:ii'iiii, X<//. tliucoiitis. ilmetnt, 
HUH. 1, 7i); ATRNH. IDO; (l(»iku** Shubcii. 

dltd Mf (lead. 

dhdtM, .^r. diaiUniP. rfMi^^iN. Ukk. 2150; 

CHAur. C. T. F 43. 
dial i/i'd/, PROMPT. 120. 

dilMUld, />. (liiiiuunt, diamond, SPEC. 25; 
diamautx /'^/.y Chaitc. U. t. a 2147. 

dU^ii Fr. lUiipriT, diaper: diaprorf ip^rij 
Chalt. C. t. a 2168. 

dia^ •«• deiu}. 

die, J.JSdx. O.L.GmH. die, 0./>m. dik, 
M.llMentt. lull M.. a/«J. dik, diki «., 
(fij[», JffeA fdtekej, foata : 6nuc> dif, iine 
d!ch (r)ue diclil Lai. fllfi & 6425; {tu 
dicti |)>e dicht 12570; didi a, b. 346; 
KoB. 8C; BoAKD. 27; aykkb. 57; Alir. 
6632; dik kt. okn. a. ex. 281: ia ft dik 
(dEke. diclit'» fall.' Lanoi,. b 11. 417: to 
dolveu A dich (lUchc) 19. SS!*; dicho 
Mam). 2!); diclio fdat./ Chaiu-. C. t. a 
4106; Orph. 347; td |)4rc dielie o. a. k. 
1239; dike Rich. 6021; dichos //^Ay Lai. 
9338; diche p. l. b. VIII, 21; hom. 1. 
lf)3: ausc. 69. 

dtrk mw dk. 

dldfria, .^.5ffx. d.rdrian fiiMerfJ' diddtr. 
"^jyu/if*", pROMTT. 121 ; diiitiiit fjorul 
faitii tt\ dii-iiiH avow. Aitth. XXV; dwlir 
(frf.J Town. m\st. 28; rmw/i. bididri'n? 

dlta «w deiijon nnif d^jea. 

dirp Mt dcop. 

dlrrf M-r di^m\ 

di^lr, Vr. dii'to. i/iM, A. L 112. 

dirl' j/c iIi'uiL 

dijrl, -I.Afj-. d^iKfll, df-gol, dt«0}^d, d«i||ri>l, 
O.UMtrm. tongalcr, tterHn*, oeemhiu: iu 

one swlfp dlieic halo o. a. k. 2: 

dTgloii fA.Stii. di^ltttn) ":m abaetmdHo 

Mat. 6. 4: dijelen (dtjt^le) bi fadv 

I^i. 26935. 

di;i-llii-lii> ocfrJtf, FRAr.M. 8; dijvlllrbe ll 
still- LAt. 13530. 
dt|rlar?isr, A. Sax. ri^pi'locsa. tftrtttf^ Lax 

2391; di;li\']iu'8sv Ohm. 5501. 
dlK*) f^-ii.OfTUK toii»niUPr ^DrtTi/dM, JWrt/Mj^ 

iHjonllr trertty mid diieuhcbi* nineu Lai. 
415; dijL'iiltcUc . . . biwilie 6659. 
dijni jAf d^ji'O and ilc.iji*n. 
A\%%t dig, anitt: tWjs^'ti fpjj Crbst. pl. 

52 {MiH. PI.. 9); I., r. v. 9. 

dlgghl = dlkeUV ditf, "/■•rffTc". PROMPT. I2l( 

dit."„'f]i Maxu. 107; dijfire Tnitv. -1. 329; 
LiDTt, M. p. 145; sUm ... tA dijrjri* Will. 
2243; diggfo) it up ti. 8. kd. \Vu. 631: 
digRwi fprftj Lamrl. b 6. 109 (a 7, 
100 hti dikt-dcu). 

digar, Fr. dif;nr, dignna, Rrm. 132: JoA. 
2.';2; Will. 583: CiiAic. Burt. 2. « 
(431; PR. c. 74; K. u. 29. 

dlfpill^, Fr. dignity diguHif, a. r. 140; Brx, 
244; PR. c. 3872. 

dlblfRf A. Sax. dihtan. O.TT.derm. dlhloo, 
dictoiL, O.lcel. dikt.i. IM. ilirtaro, di$iA 
fdM), diwpmert^ Lai. 3150; Kath. 1471; 
dihlin, ditin "dictart, pnmrt", prompt. 1 23; 
hi l^tcn hotn di;t« A ^^i srbip Hbako. 
5; dljUol A bull EoLAU. 526: diiibto Pkb- 
CRT. 052: a\ \>Ai be dibt(Hl &: dt^nn'il 
noM. I, 2(>": dilitc (prti.j Uabii. 2; he 
dihU' fi'Olu duuK*s Lai. 7221; ))U.s bp iia 
diste 25907; |»l' kiii^' dibti' him for IA 
wpudf K. T. 954; diilu Buorrh. 10; Aud 
dijW iiiu di^Hi Lanoi.. it 19, 3; di^t 
(part,) Will. U-l; .IJKht i-B. c. 448; A 
leltiL' Ims be di^bt Okhrrv. 153; idthi 
Kath. 1607; o. a. v. 641; idi)t r. L. 
XXXV. 100; nwip. adibU'n. 

dijterr, A.Sax. dilittn*. diiptmr, aykmb. 100. 

dljllasr ditpouilion, AtK.icti. 24. 

diblliiirr, A, Sax. dibtiii-rc, "diajiMntatar', 
KBAOH. 2. H 

dlk Mff die. * 

dlUa, ji.Sax. dicinn. O./JmJM dtkrn, O.Fru. 
dika. ditsa, rf»X<-, ditch, "fonore", mumit. 
121: dikpR. dirbc La.khl. o 6, 143 a 
19. 332; dikv Gow. 1, 15; ChAud. C r 

dike re 



A 536; iWkvd fpurt.} Wnj.. 222:1; idicliod 

c L. 674. 
dikcrr, J.^x. diovre. ditcher: JikiTos. ili- 

k«T8 //t/.; Langi,. prol. 102 (22:1). 
till = (lul ? (lit fmi. dillj d£ $la|7 Oim. 98H5; 

dillw liAw. ir>2!t; A. r. 1, fi7!J; Tuwn. 

MYftT. 1^6; doDib and dille ILvluw. uict. 


dllr, .^.NdJ-. dilf, O.Ji.OWui. tilli, t/iV/, 
■'tfwWAaw", TOO. 140; Pali.. 4. ll>7; ilillo 
rRniiPT. 121. 
4il)ifii, J.Stix. (a.itliljiiuii. O.Fri*. (ur)dili- 
gia, O.L.Oerm. ^f;ir)(Ulif;i)n, O.lf.derM. 
tiligtth, efface, rxiirimU\ eAmfJuisb; lUljlieu 
Ohm. 408:J; (ouip. :i-, ftniiil;ii:ii. 
iUlrB = dullcn? dtU, hehttare, hfhetttrt: dil- 
lo c. «. 202; Tow.v. siyst. 13tf; dillcu 
(prt^. ttthiJ BKI.. AXT. 1, 217. 
i\m, J. .Sax. tliiutii. O.Fru. dim, O./w/. 
dimiiir, dim, ohrcuruM, o. A. n. 577; st. 
GRK. A. KX. 2SG; ayi>!:b. 159; Mand. OD; 
PB. c. 11615: Pkhi'kv. 1094; dim and 
dork c. i^ 71; [lo sonno dim biconi 
SuoRKH. 86; dimmu fadv./ (iow. 2, 292; 
^axx} 1 loke dimmu Lahol. 10, 17!) (H, 

diutlic dim/jf: hco poldcD . . . dimlukor 
bcuiea a. ii. 210. 
rfiainU, A.Stx. iljmminn, O. /eel. dimiua, 
I rfiM, "ohteware", riit'Sii'T. 121; dim'tm'u 

I Ria. AKT. I, 65; (litniiii)! (prt*J v. l. a. 

I ^7; him dimmet) (KO (^ijeu v^lLQia. 5; 

^^K dimmodt', dimmed fprttj Lanqi.. », 200 
^P (356). 
f ^4limfai|^ dimming. Uxru. 6077; bl (jr) 

dimminKi^ of \iv dai Tor. 514". 
I dlnarMfj A.S«x. dimui.-s», dimntn, "iAwh- 

liiil/^, yRAGU. 7. 

diailrlln dindie, "tiHnire'\ prompt. 121. 

dinr, dinri u^ dune, dunii-n. 

diora, •iin**, 0./>. dt-sncr, dttte, Lakgl. 5, 
I 58 (75). 

din^r, O./V. di8n6r, dinner^ Mvm. 655. 

dinf;f «v duDgc. 

dluKra^ O.Jeef. d»'n;d;'. 3£. ILO'et-m. tfnfwn? 
'/'My. ferire. JiANOL. it 6, 1 4:); ilingc 
Havkl.215; Aua. 1732; Pkimkv. 1067; 
djing fprii.J K<ii>Ay. 550; wi|! his tiiil 
(le cT(Hi') he dauK I»'- 3*67; di)nf' Uavkl. 
1147; RicB. 5270; dongt^n Mapks 338; 

diin^oii ^^r/.y HavivL. 227; ph. r. 3256; 
(ion(^(^n MiK. 20. 
din^lrj OJI.Oerm. Umr tiMn fgtirgejij!' dingle: 
dciiprc |it'n oiii ^aa diti^rlc wm. I, 263. 
dlit «(« ditat. 
ilippen Me dujipen. 
dirk *r(t doaK*.. 

dia-, (its-. 0, Fr. dis-, dcs-, Lttt. dis-, 
ilcsivi iiK-ii, rt./^f. dt'Siirmer, diearm, Chado. 

BoKT. 1. 4 (13). 
diRr4iniL< dijierrn, Vn.\\;c. C. T. A 3003. 
discbargvu diechtrge, JIand. 302 ; dis- 

(■harjuv Win,. Jaukh 5, 15, 
dischcvrdeii, 0. Fr. deseheveler, diefuwei; 

diNbuvfli3d /fiftrtj Chauc. p. p. 235. 
deskiimfit, O.Fr. doscoufit fdeconJUj, A. 

B. 250. 
dt'S4i>nfitp ditt'omfit, Max. kh. F. I3iH4. 
disL-oufituiv ditcomjiture, CuAuc. C. t. a 

discordance ditcord^tnce, avknb. 250. 
disc«nltj, 0. Fr. dis-, deswrde, ditcord, 

pfiOMPT. 122; di8c<>rd ayenf. 43; des- 

coti Rob. 106; Shuukii. 141. 
discordin, O.Fr. deswrder, discord, prompt. 

diftcovoron dueover; dlskovcrez fpre$.J Gaw. 

418; diakevpn-t fpartj Jus. 350. 
discrecion dincreiion, atknd. 155; discre- 

ciouu Chai-c. C. t. a 2537. 
discruiit diicrsH, CMArc. C. t. a 312. 
disd(>ia, O./V. deedaing, RaL disdepno, 

ditdain, c. M. 11301); di>sdcin. disdain 

CiULC. C. T. a 41; dodein lioB. 173; 

Jos. 244; Mxitc 1159. 
disdeifK'ii. O.Fr. dtsdyigocr, Ital. diwliig- 

uure, [I^at. dodi^nari], disdain: dedoiac- 

dpn fprei.^ Win.. Mat. 21. 16. 
dosese dimise, Uow. 1, 139; Ciuuo. C. 

T. H 3961. 
diff^imt>, dcfamt' dtfame, Thev, 4, 9Z & 99. 
diff^reu, O. Fr. differer, defer; diffcrre 

"differci", WicL. dbutkh. 7, 10. 
difTfi'-'Uct' difference, ayknu. 10. 
difficultfe dijjicaity, Chauc. 0. t. b 218. 
dcfic. O.Fr. desfier, rfe/y, Man. eu. F. 

5975; dffli'd fpret.J Lanul. h 20, 65. 
dcsgvlsen, 0./''r. desgvisor. Htguisa: dos- 

Ji^lsedu fprd.J Man. eu. P. 4744; diti- 

g\iSE!<) (pert.) Will. 1677. 




disherite difkmt, a. i'. 2, 185; <lv8hcrit« 
Uatkl. 2547. 

dishonesto dishoimt, Cuauc. C. t. u214. 

dcshoniir dithonour, i'h. A. Ul. 655; Man. 
ED. F. 6242. 

delai, O.Fr. dvhu, delay. Rub. 421; with- 
out* dclaie Lju. 17480*. 

deUie dfffiif, Kob. 156. 

dilippnco dihge/ie4, aykkb. 238; CuAtx. 
C. T. II 1720. 

diligent di/i^ent, atknb. 32. 

drmaien df$mat/, Jos. 84; dcsmaio 3011 
n6 lenger AVill. ^040. 

disiuombrJD dhmetnhrr, ritoypr. 122. 

di-Himra^ou ditparatff: dcsparaurd fpart.J 

Wiu.. 4y.';. 

disparplin. for csparpliu, PHOMrT. 123; 
dt-iparplc WtrL. Ez. 12. 14. 

dcpartc, O.Fr. despartir, Lat. di8i»artire, 
dfpurt. Win,. 2:J:J4; dt'iiartedo fpiet.j 
Bkk. 483; depiirtod />Mr/.; i-b. r. :i7H). 

diiipendc, 0./>. dosiwudrc. di^ftnd, Chaiil'.. 
C. T, K 112U: dis-, dcspcndfli f^ta.J a- 
T£NR. 7 & 19; desponded {part.) Lanol. 
B 10, :»25. 

di'fiiKTiKP dhptnu, AYKNB. 21. 
disiH?nsiD dinpenw, rROMfT. 122. 
spensor. O.Fr. duspeusicr, Hinptmter, Tkkv. 

4, 331. 
displiMvu. O.Fr. despleivr, -jdoior. dutp/ay; 

disploied (prtt.) Chapc. C. t. a i»6(». 
dis|d<fS6D ditpfenat, ChauC. C. t. B 506; 

diHplte4<z fprtM.J A. i>. 1, 455. 
dis-, dosport. O.Fr. dosport, duport, tport, 

Cbacc. C. t. a 775; sport lcd. Gov. 

diipodeidn ditpctUim, Cuauc. C. t. a 

dlsprcisiD ditpraut, pkohpt. 123. 
disputcn, diRpiiitj! ditpule, Lanol. 8. 20 

(9, 16); dJRpiil^. dispiiiti' v. h. 1082; 

difipuite MiHC 673; spuli Katii. 131-5; 

8pnt6 Jos. 148; despnttnio f^tt.j a- 

TKNB. 79. 
din-, denii, O. Fr. desroi fd/rtmgemtfU, 

dAordrrJ, drrny, .Uis. U77 A; 4353; 

drnii T.I a. disc. 306; axt. Abtii. XL; 

drai Mis. 35. 
dcraien. b.Fr. dpsroii-r? lip dcraied him 

fts ft d{'vol Will. 2061. 

ilrcssv. />. dresser. /(«/. diiuwre. drfu^ 

Ckadc. C. t. a 3468; dnvtsrdu ^prtLj 

D. Abth. 786; drossi-d /'part. J a. p. 2, 

dJ»soison. O.Fr. drssjii^ir. dinvtu; disaci- 

sed fpiirt.j e. l. 1088. 
dissi'isinu diauitia, E. g. 361. 
dissevcre ditcvcr, d. .Vktu. I57B; dese- 

vord (paH.) misc. 31. 
distoioo di^in, ttaiit, Ciuuc. l. o. «r. 

255; stoiD't! (tuw. 1. 225; destciacd 

fpart.J IIoccu I, 340. 
di8tt>i)]piTia diHtmper, pbompt. 123. 
dJRtiui'tiun ditttiHciion, \. n. 14. 
dcsltirliiniiK'i' dt'tturhaitce, kkl. ant. I, 265; 

dpstunrbann*' Hon. 436. 
dlsturben ditfarh, x. B. 162: drsturbi f. 

L. 8. XVlIf 360; doHtt.rbflJi fprta.J a- 

iK»u. 179. 
di'slurlimir dinlHrher, Hkk. 1110. 
(livers diners, SiiuHKii. 142: ayrkb. 15; 

c. X. 11054. 
divcreitd ditmrtity, Tbkv. 3, 467 ; Chavc 

a T. B 220. 
diviKioun din'sion, Chai*!*. C. t. a 2476. 
(lovoido, O.Fr. AvMuuWer f^dt'cidmr J, yiiu.. 

2014; A. I'. 2, 908; dovoidod (>rrt./ 

Chaik-. B. B. 2;>20. 
div<irc« dicorce; divorces fpfj Lakhi.. b 

2. 175. 
iWh, A.Sax. O.L.Gfrm. ^xwfdiictu, ttihuii, 
menMj, O.M. diskr (paiinn), O.ll.derm. 
\\m fmtnmj, I^d. discnx, ditK diit, dttl. 
Job. 297; Wicl. 2 Macc. 4, 14; ibrokwi 
nup nilor disth a. b. 344; disr 10602; 
Any iJins vol of pesru atexb. 120; ilisb 
"di*ctft, tetUfllit", rnoui^. 122; desk **plih 
Uam'\ 120; disclu^ rdat.j .V1ani>. 52; dnskv 
w. A. I. 39; disclics ^p/.J wse, 175; 
comp. iMbrdisc. 
difii't'ein dapifn\ fhagm. 4. 
dkrhnT, dinherc diVi-inaitr, L&Nab. 5, IM 

dlMlplr, Fr. diHciple. dinipky p. i*. a. XTII, 
390; di»ciples fpl.J hum. 1. MI; hhc 
diKrlpHtiP, Fr. diwipline, di»a'j>/iw, p. l. «. 

XVIJ. 114: PB. c. 5556. 
dlw, O./I.Oerm. d^'h.tu? "mcm", kru ast. 
1, 6; «(V adeso. 







r, jJ.T,.Oertn. tiiso ffiax prffntrfd fot- 

distrt'f, A.Sitr. ilistiof (?). distaff, ",v/m*', 
KRjiOM. 4; <lisUir vuc. 157; Ctuuc. ('. 
T. A a774. 
dkj «fp ilusi. 

diMir, O./V. disoiir fdiMur), i.i n. Disi . 
13<>; disouis /'/»/.; A1.IS. ti'.M.H. 

diuac, /■>. tliclami'. diittnitf, I'RoMfT. 12:1. 
dMf, af>. ilitt*-, ilictOi. rfiV.'y, i-rumit. 12;J; 
WllL. IiKUTKB. 31. 19. 

ditfa fcv dihton. 

Ai}f tctf iload. 

iliira jr« (tiiv4<ti. 

dhfren lremi>lr: \mx ha imj scliiiltlrii m'lfilir 

flivcrfu no rtr^^dcn Katii. tUO; rtivorc 

HoM. 1, 283; sponlicii i iic lUu' iiftjH »h 

riivrri fint dnrif Mahh. Hi 
dlrlMff ilevlni', O.Fr. dtviiior, rfiV(«c, Ciiadc. 

C. T. B 1414; (loviae a. p. 2, 1fi61. 
dhlnllf, O./V. (Itviniti\ dmnity, i>. 1., 8. 

WII. 237. 
ritTiaanr, O. », dovjnpour, dfvi'fur, Wici.. 

.\L.M41. 22. 5. 
4d M« di). 
dobbrD nf-e dulihou. 
ilsblr 4f(t dtiMo. 
darkr^ .^.•Sirr. d'trrc. rfwjt, rnmer, liipHthmn, 

■CHAfc. Tkoii.. 5130; Sitiiru') dokkc *r>«r 
ppri, ",nrfiflj*', Toc. '162; tHm Ookkf 
^^pifrelfiji", iniD. 
4«cliru rfof^; doklciu "lUeurtttre', pnoMrr. 
L26: his t<i[i wnit dorkitd rdiikkrd) OiiAtr. 
T^ A AOO. 
dM-tMr^ iV. docleur. dwtor, Oittuc. C. t. 

\ 411. 
doildfii f/orf: }c simk'n dodtlo "atiottdfbt'tt/', 
Wici- i.KviT. lit. 27; doddff f^rtit.) p. 
B. 102; rlnddid /^f/r*./ rmmiT. 12r>: 
iiluddi'd A. R. 422. 
4wlprj iiJiMefm. lotcr. dodder, rkl. ant. 

1. 37. 

dwl, O. ^V. doel. fluel, /rf<. (.'.orMoliiim, 

doirfd^vij, Au8. 5121: Manu. 202; (ioo!. 

■ieo) Lamil. 5. 21 f> (3Hr>); dm't. dol, 

■5ur!. dill dp| \Vii,L. -'>04. 781. 1510. 

1!H}!» Jt 2757; dot'I, dull, dco!, dcil Win.. 

2 Kisos 14. 2: dtiW spe*.'. 34: dcol 

Horn kd. Lru. 1048; ICob. ItiG; dool 

JBBV. 1736. 

dcidful dolrM, La*. t;J>Ol'; dtil-. delfiil 
(Jaw. r>tUI A: t.-,17. 

duIfullKho dolrfuUif, V. !,. 9. XXIV. 219. 
durrr (/wr; cwm/». ^"od-. mis-. iiveId5ore. 
diV) w- itii}. 

dnRfrfl tinfffferel: rim dontfrol Chaco. C. t. 
n 21I.V 

do^j^r, IKlJUU.h diip^llC, rfoj, ''cttHi't", PBIPJIPT. 

125; A. K, 290; RuR. 09; W11.L. 46: 
Masik (irt; Chaiu'. V. T. K 2014; riofryt'n 
/'p/.J V. s. 239; Nimp. ballil-. Itylluduifffe. 
iIu^isIktIi doffffhh: da^fffischf? /"rffi^. m.J Wiri,. 
M'TE IiC(TI.irs 12, 22. 

dvbirr, J.Snx. ilolitor. O.L.Otnn. di>]ittLr. 
dolitdr, ilohtiT, O. Fri$. drM-hter, O. M. 
dotlir. Ooth. diiuliliir. O.JI.OiTm. tohtor. 
Gf, &'jjaTijp. dn»gh(n- fdttfterj, JjUa, Kath. 
74; (m». dohlilorr) Obm. 128; dohter, 
dnjtor, (UiiiliPr Lai. 142, 211 & 3018; 
dotlcr ATF.NB. 20; do!»lit<T PR. c. 2130; 
drplilir Eola.^. Ji8; duuiiU'r a. r. 54: 
dnnhtvr. d-Mithor Havel. 120 fc 2Kfi7; 
douliter. dotijtor c. i,. 301 &. 347; douj- 
terBRK. 22; dopter bt. qxn. a. kx. 1847; 
Jniitrliti'r, dinitiv, dnntt-r prompt. 129; 
ditiTi^T. dostor lIoBx EiJ. Lm. 249 & (197; 
dduter AN. LIT. 10: d"ftir (dostir?! Li 
n. nirtr. 689; dou;t.'r fgf^nj Will. 3152; 
doslor Lai. 2982; hi» dolitrvs r^\ Sax. 
THRON, 254; flohtcr. doiJitw, dtwU'i- fini.J 
Lai. 3308. 3373 & 3133: doutpr bkl. 
ANT. 1. 184; dohturc. dulitreit (dohtrus) 
fpK) Lai. 2921 & 24509; douhtrcii, 
dniiitron ('. L. 289; d^hlrcn iioM. I. 247; 

II. M. 19; ('HKOK. KKfJL. 545; dpjtiT A. 

p. 2. 370; ilnhtrcs Orh. 0383; douhtrcs 
Havel. 350; dohU'r. dohtrt-np fmt. dnh- 
(roRDo) (doht<>rno) fgen. flj Laj. 3089 
A: 2701: comp. pyifi-, alfopdobtL-r. 

dnhd JtM diihtij. 

dak dock, Oaw. 103. 

dike tee diikv. 

dakd dwM, Town. mtst. 313. 

d»l WW dill and doeL 

d«r w dfbL 

d«lr «M dale 

d«le jwf ri^lo. 

dalknit cvmf. forduIkeD. 

doloar, O.F^. doluiir, <io/nir, mihc. 212. 




46a> J. Sax. O.L.Grrm. O.Frii. dOm. 0. 
Icfi. (Jomr, Goth, fioras, O.I(.fierm. tnam, 
dooM, judicium, coninhwn. decrttmn, atttio- 

. rilas, pUsHas, gloria, Orm. 1472; v. u 
■101; Havkl. 2487; Will. 1220; Wkl. 

OKNKM. 18, lit; 1*0 (loiU ... DO lOSt he 

naplit longo hom. I. UlO; lien dom Kob. 
337; l^nno lii.s|t> l^^IIl ayk.nb. 74; tlVimcs 

(gen.J O. A. K. !tiy.*i; ^("111108 mrtll A. B. 

156; (loinofl dsi Lai. 24274; tl<)mes <j:ii 
B. 8. IV; dome fdat.J o. A. K. 179; mid 
uaiuidlL> dijiuc lieo ferden tit uf R<'iiut' Lai. 
1)228; icn>uff J>i»spn dl^tu(^ difed iwanl |»e 
(T^de kinj; 15064; (>c dai of dumc i'k. 
c. 1859; ddmes /-^/.y Laj. 7221; comp. 
ald<T-, cristcn-, i^orl-, freo-, li&(ieu-. fnili-, 
kiuo*. kinic-. nuiDir-, |):ii>i>-, ri<:bc-, Jh-oi*-, 
wisdom; derit. d6nion. 
dvmkeU; uoii. 2. d3. 
dAmseotut JrL.,5!i. 
d^fliRtoI A. B. 306. 

4«ak wet dumb. 

d«HiHir}«VB, /v. dPmJDutjoD, domittatitm, 

CuAvc. r. T. B :t40'j. 

dM trfi dun. 

din, ^. Max. d«)n, f}. f..Gfrm. d<>n, do:in. 
diiao. diion, O.Frit. dua, O.If.Gfrm. tu'iii. 
rf«, /(r«r#, Kath. 7H4; a. b. Id; Man[>. 
3; |w BCHtdo (itls 6rndo doo Lai. 142!; 
ddn feommiij suiinn .misc. 72; tu d^)H> 
dAn ffUJ ciiBdN. t-JuoL. DOS; Alis. 7;!0; 
dOn oD do on, don, induct, Laj. 1701; 
tft dv'tnnc Katil 2201; a. ». 6; wh»l him 
wv'iro (6 drtDQc (dOndci Lai. 4769; u"> 
dimr Bbk. 248; what in hfst t«t dAiio 
Chauc. C. t. a ^544; Hi diJuilu »isc. 193; 
d6 pa. c. 4290; schanio dA Rrk. 14A8; 
he ssel dA a wai }>e hrondes ayknb. 205; 
d6 biSte Will. 1378; shiil do jh' nest 
dr^kd** Laxol. b 20, 153; \v\ ftrhnldo of 
do her cl6fv8 Tbbv. 4, 1 ; dof )= do uf> 
tftf/, fximt. Will. 2S43; dA />rf»7 a. 
a. 200; dM Lai. 15154; Kath. 754; 
A. a. 124; apttr. 104; Kbobkh. !)6; a- 
TJOfB. 129; di'st. dftst o. a. ». 49, 237 
A 821; d6st Obm. 52r>8: dM a. r. 174; 
d^)i Kob. 321; aykkb. 5; dod (d4^) Lai. 
674; d^{>. dd> 0. a. v. 156 & 564; he 
d«)> (d6^) Di(! hTJ't wd c. L. 899; dd^ Urn. 
1042; ^ A<A Laj. 1434; hco d6j a. b. 

328; grttt hnnu bco nie d6)» c. u 89< 
dA soi mr Jul. 41; d<^ or Jio s4a $t^ 
OKN. A. Kx. 2781; do (mahj luu luve 
so si'Kc. 71; d6 out alio JN^jtes ayi 
2tO; do a wci )ii maiimetea Joti. 102{ 
d6 nm 8ikt>mt<S!ie ))dr t(>623; qvoth Vbbfl 
dOth hiiu Bni|ic fct*> Havkl, 2037; dilindt] 
fpnrt.J AtKNH. 194; dude (prH.J A. 
102; o. A. N. 1637; Hrk. 1050; 
dudo him OB )>e wei p. l. b. XII, 119;] 
ho duilo \t\ df>thD Will. 3427; dudti binitii 
\ii umlerstoudi' misc. 86; dud« (dcde) Laj.] 
431; Undo, dide Kath. 1552; dide, drdtj 
Chauc. C. t. a 22(52; dcdo ayeku. 78|.i 
I»UUB. 67; dod<> iit.iiikiiuK> bAto 8T. ai3i»| 
A. Kx. 24; altp ^ KBglis dedo ho avcre 
Havkl. 254; ho . . . dodo him ou Ku(«i 
Will. 1119; dudest a. b. 306; d(K>dai| 
(dudost) Lai. 2294; dudon a. b. 330; 
didt'u Ohm. 429; jii'i clidcn dcnlH Kinna, 
Lakgl. b 14, 78; wo y\)\ h6st4) dadv Air* 
Ifrttm H. H. 169 (171); iKm ('jwr/.y Obh. 
237; K. T. KI3; hd ton dOD at of |>a> 
radiii st. okn. a. kx. 381; dou, dtmaj 
(-iiArc. C. T. A 2092; comji. bi-, for> i!i( 
und(>n; d^i'r. d^e. 

daai^rAa, dutuoun, O. Fr. dniiKdn, do^i(l, 
dnnftOH, Cilauc. C. t. a 1057; doiigvAn, 
duuKdn LasAl. pbol. 15; duBKoan jl n.^ 
2. 1224. 

doikra donii, ttMdere: doDket* (pru.) ariiaj 
44; donk.iiidc (port.) (Jaw. 519. 

doppr, A.Sax. (di'iri>Hlo|i{i.i ? me gut? Al4i 
5776; eomp. d^vi'^loppc. 

i*fpMt (dive-JdoppeTt "mergu/u*", pbompt.] 

dormuus dormauu, "gtia*, i>fiOill>T. 127. 
d«rr M€ dpJiiT. 

UHX dordus (ptj voc. 178. 
dare, A.Snx. dora, DuUh tor? d<fr*, actnt- 

bimu: dorren fpl/ ARrn. a. Ukbi* 643lij 
dare <M dure. 
fearkrcslre, A. Sax. Dornt ct>;i8t«r, IhreMmttr, 

V. L, ». XUI, 36; Doirhcstre Bob. 2. 
danwa ! t^r hitsbtindw )wi wil so doraa & 

a. r. Ki>. Wa. LVU. 
•anrle, .4.Stfjc. I>or8iet«, Ditrttt, Lai. 21014;;] 

u. A. s. 1753. 


4«ri«ir, Fr. dortoir, pi,, ch. 211; Chauc. 

V. T. D i8:»ri. 

ilasr cfiT dusc. 

dosU, O.Fr. dosil, doiisil. diisil, fnucH; do- 

siU (^'y Kf'B- •'■'■12. 
^■ ■ ■fr, /v. dossier, datut^, dornfr; dorcr, 

dorcor pbomtt. 125 4: 127; dosor (Iaw. 

478; dossers fjtI.J Chaitc. h. v. ID40. 
d«Uge rfoia^.-, CuAUC. C. t. a 3898; a. p. 

2. 1425. 
dflUnI dotard, Chauc. C. t. n 1131 ; dotardes 

fplj PL. cH. 825. 
dale d^wiptrns, bkl. ant. 1, 184; Trirt. 2, 

72; IlKVEs 217. 
dvlira, OJHdck d<>t4>u. O./V. (re|doU>r. tfoft; 

d'llie Lai. 3234; rloton "tMirarf. d«aiperr" , 

hrBOMi-T. 128; dolcn. dote (Ihaii-. (*. t. 
o D8!J; dote uvt*. C-ov. i>8; Avnw. Arth. 
XVI; doU'st /;>rrt./' Lasoi,. a 1. 129; do- 
les til Kath. 2111; he dotes pr. c. 78.'»; 

dntic f*»thf.J A. n. 224; comp. iidaticn. 
AM«tk rfwWcr, /o^/rr** ))e dun dtttured ti> ])(' 

p-otiud Dkobkt. 1109. 
d*a «5i* dd). 
dviiiiirr, O.Fr. dnair^, rffliwr, Thavc. C. t. 

E 848; douario E, o. HHl; doiiere Tbkv. 

4, 78. 
4«wle tfpw^, Mak. Kn. F. l12.'t.'>; if sliA [)c> 

nfrTer so fonli' :i domle Towx. my^. 312. 
ilsiirD, O./V. douor, doer, fmjdow; doiif /"«*. 

dywf) WicL. KXOD. 22. lli; fm». dowp, 

doQwe) Lakol. c 4, 322. 
dan^lrr, daihlrr a/i> dolitiT. 
dsiilli. iliiuiilf ttf duhti}. 
4*nkrn act dtikoa. 
dval Jini diirct. 
dM* AM dQo. 
dMicn, 0. /««/. dpyna? odorari: spftt t6 

dt»pnMi /'wi*. doppm-nii) Orm. 6745. 
rfoupir "mnyia", pROMpr. I25>. 
d«HrrD, L.Gttm. dureo, Jl.J/.Oerm. ttireu, 

frintf doured /'/»rrf.y a. p. 3, 372. 
dMSC, O.IhUeh diiijto fconenhitM/^ rpkc. Ill; 

yit is sill.' ft fi»iilf dcuw Tows. Mtar. 1U4. 
duil Mw diiMt. 
d«it« m* dt'ito. 
daivr <» dure. 
d«irrr, O.h'r. douvre /T"*""* ^"""0: *io\\vcrf 

"cumatiuf", PttoMPT. 128. 
IdfWf, A.Sax. lXift<r«(V) il/^ Duf(>riin, Jhvei; 



Havku IJ^Jt; Max. ku. F. 4335; IWvPre, 

IWvn* Lai. 74ir. & 8583. 
dawrii Mrf do^icn ^ni^ dii^ti. 
(toirlar, O.Fr. duzaiiie, <'"X<fn, Lanoi,, b 4, 

37; CiiAi-T. C. T. A 678. 
drablm «<•/ dravHen. 
dnrd, A.S'tz. diicj 1.V), drtvid, timor, Utror: 

drf*(l, <lm}<> A. R. 6 A: 364; i ]ioii rafillci 

wes niiK-liel drSd I^Ai, 1682; Ik-o kefdi'U 

mtirhele dr^ilc 2088; he liaddo of f>attfr 

diei ST. r.EK. A. Kx. 600; drtdo hom. 2, 

71; J1ISC-. 193; Havbl. 828; Rob. 337; 

AVBsn. ;t2; Lanol. b 16, 85; Chacc. C. 

T. B C80; liica. 5515; pb. v. 5263; 

hpone hi! is ilrc must im dr4de o. a. n. 

6S4; drAdc 5740. 

dr^dful dreadful. A. R. 302; f. L. 454; 
n. H. 200 (2021. 

drt'dlt^s dretrdhM, (Jaw. 2334; pu cii. 624. 

drSdllcli fcmi^, a. b. 58; drfldUche f0dvj 
HOM. 1, 143. 
dnMc^t A.Sax. uuiidr^un pri^. ilrdd, O.L. 

(ierrA. (;i3id)dri'wiim /wrf. diOd. (i.II.Gervt. 

(iD,)tri:iU-u prfi. Iriat, triet. dread, /I'mnv, 

Obm. 5907; difidpn Lai. 311fi4; a. a. 

136; drMo (iow. 1, 344; Lanoi.. b 20, 

153; K. T. 429: drMest fpret.J Jut. 24; 

dredefi v. 47; iln;t «tst:. 95; atexb. 26; 

Oi!) dmiof) ATENB. 74; HP di&de ji- op 

ujipilit Katii. 1403; druddo fprH.J Oasf. 

19965; 8T. OEX. A. KX. 767; Siiobkh. 49; 

drAddo Ukk. 127; Gow. 1, 341; evmp. 

an-, for-, ofilrifedi^ii. 
drHi limidtu, st. oen. a. wt. 872; Wici^ 

ji^iMiEs 7. 3; L. u. R. 140. 
drHRnw /I'mor, <^ror, nov. I, 235; Jvu 

dr^dnnf; dreading, Oru. 5602. 
dn^rrn, -L.^^r. dnJ^faiL O.lcfl. ilrcifa, ffofA. 

dniibjan, O.ff.dtmt. treibpn, from driffit, 

rfrwM, jttilere: drdved //ffi^.y A. p. 1, 979; 

eamp. s-, todr&fnn. 
driNi WW drram. 
draf, }f.L.Germ. O.Dutch draf, O.If.Gtrm. 

tmb (?)/>/. tri'IxT. rfrfljf, recrfimeatHm, '•«•- 
pHfrinm", voo. 233; Lai. 29356; Lakuu 

10, 11 (U. 11); Chauc. C. t. i 35; {wt 
drar AYRSH. 93; drof st. oen. a. bx. 3682; 
evntp. windraf. 
Jrnr^Ak CuAuc. C. t. a 4206. 




drif. -t.Sax. itriif. }l.l/,Gfnn. treip. /rom 
ilrifvii. rfroi-r: it Uilet! al Ois perMos dri'f 
HT. nKN. A. Kx. 102: wit^ <iiiiitt'» (lri>r liim 
al todiiif I,. II. R, 141; driAo fJnt.J Wict. 
oi:k. 18. 7: vip (li)iK dnjvo of bc^ti.s 
Wii.i.. ISl. 

«lr»K ! 

(ir.nviPihmgv*' draichriiije, Amh. 1205; 
druwcliriffgi- ii. jVhth, 2-17-t. 

ilrigtj dra^e, l\: ilrjij^e, rfrflrf^*, rfivrf^f, 
"nn'rtiW, mOOTT. IIIO. 

dni)i-n, -4.&rx. O.L.Garm. Cotk. dragan, O. 
yer/. dfiiira, O.f'ri*. dniga, dri'^rii, ^>. //. 
Gfrm. Ira^'uU, dratc fdrrifj, iralunv, frrre, 
Lai. 105:10; dru;h<'ii Oku. 11545; ihuK<'ii 
ST. nRN. A. Kx. 2;)78; dniUen, dmicu, 
drvheti. drcii'D Kath. 33, 1193 & 22.17; 
drwion. droicn, driilion iinsi, 1. 257; dm^r- 
AVKNo. 12; \i> stclm|)L' wo ituHf dr«;i' 
Horn ki>. Lrw. 1420; drat»* Towif. sitst. 
lOG; drulK-, driiui' o. A. n. 1375; dmpi'U 
A. B. 1(10; dmnt p. H. 153; Cdauo. T^ 
T. A 1416; WicL. John 4, 7; drawc bis 
ht>r I'. I.. V: \CC, 266; <iv(>)k<i- i wit riht 
and lawo mai him wit mf til hrlK"* drawi^ 
M. H. 56; drajf fprnj o. a. x. 970; 
i\iiA\ fprvtj Lki. 93; .\Uiin. 2j Ohm. 769; 
|iiir|>ru .'ind |i:il lit- drub rki.. as't. 1, Il*.>; 
dn:.j Fl. a. Hl. tiS.T; (Jaw. 1188: d^r 
f(j|k |»id"r <in>; It<>H. 41; drun. drug st. 
«rTJ. A. KX. 1716 k 2717; drogb m. r. 
22411; Isi-MB. 364; Au.iu. ku. Kobb. 
XXVI; dnigli. dn>u}. dn'm LAKfit,. n 14, 
106; drtj. 4r6H5, dWni, Ureiij Wici,. gxop. 
4, 7, JiTiHJKH 5, 21 k Ik. 10. i:i; dnitili 
A. B. 102; b^> dr<'>nli btnu a bak uiiic. 
43; dn^aj . , . bi^i sword Marh. i)01); 
drftuj. drAn Will. IOCS t 2208; drAii 
Uavkl. 719; Eglau. 316; bu |m dvad 
drube Kath. 2467: dn>;(>n I,ai. KIH; 
(Uw. 1463; diuboD Kath. 2155; ilr<ipi-ii 
A. B. 110; dp>wt>n LAifni.. n 11, 330; 
))<« ministris . . . )fal drowon Jic water 
WicL. JoHK 2. 9; drajhpn (jutrtj »>rm. 
7413; diiiin TinsT. 1, 65; drniiln-n Max. 
KD. U. 18.-^; drawtu Havkl. 1925; Maxi». 
40; Jtiir for [lis bOk %•& nn Iii^b'S itrawt'ii 
PR. r. 336; rojw/i. ii-, i-, Uk witldrH^i-n. 

4ra|;jtii} A'Mvrf. dr.i^^. drag, iruhtre. rmiMrr. 

drngMHU, Fr. ihui.'oii, dragon, M auo. 1 58] 
ilr.iiri'in st. hen, a. ex. 2321. 

Hni)|»r frirrt^rfufV aykxb. 251. 

dralM>u *!'!• drau<n. 

ilrahl, 0./h,tch dnirlit. O./w/. dratlr. >•« 
dra;cu. draught, iroHvt, haUMtmi, i>. ft. 1^; 
driuki'tl ii dralit uum. 2. 199; tu )w 
lU mi dnmcbt 256; draKt ^t- »£!«- a. kx.| 
3745; dmujt i-. 29; i woldo hntc druw^' 
tbi> siituc dniiif^bt CiiAtr. n. Bu. 682; A 
draught idraubt, drauji) nf win C. r. A 
396; u t>aii formo drabtc swidtt) diodWI 
be iUblp Lai. 2'.)259; drables ff^j p. nA 
153; dr.iii{t4-!j its me drnwrji in |H>ti>lr*I 
1-. u. 8. XVII, 225; drawc ilraKbti'tt iluA] 
(liffy) b((r|jcncs HALun". mcr. 310. 
dniiibtbrigge Mak. kq. IL 183; dnuit- 

brijIt'O PROMPT. 131. 
tllitUtWfllc PRUIU'T. 131. 

dral »ee dcrai, kn'/i^' ditt-. 

4rakej A.Snr. draca, /)a<. ilrucu. dragam, 
H. 246; Ohji. 1843; B. s. V; st. 
A. Bx. 2H3; X. T. 408; m. .Utu. 2607} 
dnikrn (^^«n./ Lai. 17874>; drnki-u ff 
Lai. 15935; «(v drag^mn. 

ilrikr, L.Orrm. drakf t>c'itA.MR. wr., naj 
M.L.Gfrm. nutdmkc,^rm. anti 
i/riTi^, fTMAi, Ha%'ki,. 1241; Craitc. C. 
A 3576; dniki's (pl.j spec. 44; mm| 

drMr^ .'f..STz. drau ror. 23, dram 77* Al 
L.Gfrm. dran j»/. drani, M.ILGtrm. trtd, 
rfrofM, "Jaau\ pkoupt. 130; Toc. 17' 
IjbG. M. I'. 154; pa draiie Sax. 
25t!; dnitli's fpLj Pi,. CR. 726. 

ilrnpfr, /-K diajiicr. drajur, Laxrl. c 7, 2Si 

dnul, dirst<', ,t.SiiT. dniT^to, dreste, dti 
fmp. O.lf.G/mt. tn-islir, *'/rf<w", \Vigi» 
74. 9: dnutlia darri*, "/aectt", voc. I78j 
drt-stis froxi>t. 131 ; doriiton "nmmt»*t' 
t-'KAOM. 4. 

An»\i /tteeulmliu : ^i dnutti (daritti) KpAcl 
OiALf.-. C. T. u 2113: dn?«ti psuMrr. U 

drai)!, draabt ««« driiht. 

drankf O.lfnith dravick. Armci. "3/uH«iM*" 
VMc. 265; PBOMPT. 130: rku axt. 2. 
di.'iiii' fyrinUd dmiii-) u. H. 152. 

drairleiif L.Grrm. dmb'dn Bhkm. va. n*^. 
MJfJirrm. (Ix'jtri'lH'ii, drabhlf, drtrsi, *»- 
/iWrv, iMtnrf: pel duo but dntvclu (^ 




p. flilvrip") |»*r on Lakol. 10, 11 fll, 

II; 12.9): driiikiMi and (Iravelfu (itme- 

lon. »lrivoIen) n 10, 41 (ritJS;!); drabctin 

rRuMiT. laH; ilrnvfled /jftftj Oaw. I7r»0; 

ntvrliMl fpari.j v. 55. 

niwni «te dr<iu*u. 

drriiBf A. Sax. difntu fwnur, mtUn», gatt- 

ttiumj, V.L.Gfrm. drum finutnium, emti- 

tiumj, O.Frt't. dniiu. O.Icel, druumr. O. 

IfJitmt. trniiiii, tr<tiini (nouiHutrnJ, drmm, 

tauiHt, Katii. 14118; A. R. 210; 

b^rdeitl (n'hi* dream phaom. 7; «'nj:l('np 

4ri-aiu n. w. lt>: dreaiu, diteiu. ilrom Lai. 

1010. 14286 * 24551; drifem Ohm. W'lA; 

dr^m Brvks l:i3ii; Aus. bd. Sk. 781; 

Je (llt-Ol ... of \\:w\H' ulid |hij<* o. A. s. 
21; lit-IU'R (Ih-IIi'V) dri'iu rki.. akt. 1, 

2:|; driH'iii ki-kc. 57; rlr?ui womnium^ sv. 

KS. A. EX. 20l»:.; \\\XT.h. 12S4; li.iw. 

1. 2^; PB. 0. 807G; mid to dmlful droami* 

nf )hi 0iig}pno Winim a. b. 214: mirl fulk' 

dr<^me o. a. x. :(I4; anHf. Iiollo-. irk'n-. 

iti.iiiit renin. 
Atrrrhr woraY droc.hf' Uai.i.iw. nirr. HIT; 

dm'lich(ft) Oaw. 1072. 
Jrrrrhrif .^.-Saa-. dn-ocan. rmp. M.If.O'frm. 

ivpcV^n flraft^rej, texare, morari, st. «kn. 

a. kx. 1420; drccrho Unyr. 2, 5; (^riAi'C. 

Tkuil. 235H; p. R. I.. V. 85; ac Sathanus 

75; diwt'ht'I' (prtK.) spKC. 113; i'l, th. 

CfiiH; wjlw ho drowlird drtre RKt.. ant. 1. 
211; (lift) dmTlicd uom. 1. 251; dircvlio 
ftvii.J B. R. II; if it 80 botido |ii>i ni^rlit 
|>at f>o iu K)o|to droclio Ani wight Iw. 
480; dm-t-huiid /'^W.y ps. 108, 10; 
driibto t^rt.^ A LIS. m. Sk. 752; «w»p. 
irU j>fe dr&d. 

Wf, O.Jf.Germ. tniobi. i^oublr? iiloliitrie 
. . . oftr lit |:<rofrt« hem ttorgt^ dr^f bt. 

OKN. A. RX. 4144. 

dr^frB, A. Nut, drf'fjin. from ilnif. trouHf, 
$iiAturb: tlri'voH hom. 2. U*-"i; ic jitid Kvo 
shIpii alio (li)i9 Idi.sso drfve st. bjh?. a. 
BX. 3IH: drovnl ffftt.) hkiu ant. 1, 
220; di*rcd (port.) Ohm. 147; comp. for-, 

iri^, O.M. dn-sne /., XiiW. drAjf^r »., i/)#y, 
/*«■, rjt. :i!l. 3; dn-K^'Ps (pi) vot;. 1H8; 

dresrsres and draf LAxnL. a 19, 397; 
dioL'ji-is fuoMPi'. liU. 

4r«3f dri?, '/. /w/. drinjrr, from droojon, 
drtigh (Hrtc, dnfj, magnit», ionffiu, patieu$, 
(Jaw, 724 k 1750; droj. divij, drih iioM. 
2, 40. 2ri(> & 2-' 3; bi A river brode aud 
dre^rhp Halliw. ihct. 317; on dri'>tIio at 
» (tiat-i/ncr, u. AftTii. 78<>; droglf hiai u 
dr6^''liL' AKT. Akth. XLIV; » dr^} a. v. 
2, 71; :1 drfiph (dr6i> lUx. kd. K. 1042 
it 0048: on driic Oaw. lOSI; n drJKh 
iiov:. 2. 4rt; dorfo dintoR and dr*'jr Ai.ex. 
2091; \>v finui'X liriii- a. v. 1, 822; l»oii 
lovoMt Trislrpm drt'ij;lie Tbist. a. ii7; comp. 

drftli ('mt/y. /owj^r, Caw. 1020: dro;!!, 
driili A. I'. 2, 74 A 170; dn^li Tow.v. 
w\!*T. 90. 

dr^^r «ff driMO. 

4rfjtn «(■*• droo}t>o. 

pRitsiiT. l:JI. 

lirehfii irrtf dniton. 

divir^ >>!•</. drVig flrahaJY dray, "rhinta", 
Trrv. 3, 146. 

drclcfi CM drajou. 

dr^M »fe dream. 

dr^Mrin somnut>H, LAxriL. a S. 138, b 7, 

dri^nfii, A. Sax. dn', tlr^iiian fjuhiliirej, 
O.loei. drpvuia. O.II.d'erm. Innimt'U fMom- 
ni'nrtj, from droani. dr^vm, nonary, raniarf, 
juhilare: lioo iriiuuou diOai'.-ii La*. 1;158G; 
hariK'H f^iniion ttrmi'U 22885; drpmi'ii 
timfiuiarn, ST. hkn. a. ex. 20tJ7; dri>mc 
fpm.J Gow. 1. 281 ; miiriu droan;i'it 
cn^U'tt uoM. 1, 191 ; ]wt ^y|>cr ttoodoQ 
. . , drtntiuon jwl iat' drihU-ru's enroll a. 
B. 4:10; !i sclkflj* dn^m drtniodo fr. dr*in- 
do) Die DOU Hatel. 1284: him dri-mptd 
ST. OKK. A. KX. 1941; ^cinos }f^T drem- 
den Lai. 11575. 

dr^nnrff A.Sax. dromon' ftnuticutj, dreamfr, 
"Mtmiiiitttr", PROMPT. i:Jl; droim^r r. .m. 

drcHch» A.Sax. drouc, 0. L. derm, dninc, 
iif^h. drnxk. O. U. Germ, truitcti, /rout 
drinkon. drsHeJt, potio, potus, r. h. I; 
drcmh, dnonc 102:U A; 10084; 
drvudi, droitcbo Hon. 08 ti 09; drfnobu 





(dtA.) uisr. 82: Hobx kd. HukcTM. 1 1 9*1; 
rlronclios (genj Lai. Ilt7ar». 
drmrhrn, A.^ax. iln>iu-:in /»rrf. iljvnrte, 0. 
Vrin. ilrenkn^ O.itei. drrkigrt, O.JIMenn. 
trcuclion. Ooth. druf;kjan. drtnefi, aqtta 
wtwfftrtit Lai. 1.107; IIavkl. .IHU; icb 
wille lufi rlrenclieii in (fo Wfllc a. ». ki>. 
Wkb. 14(>4; i scUal tlrptirlu'ti in }n* (lr>|M< 

ClIAUC. C. t. D 155; llrfUCill- (I. A. N. 

1305; Laxou H. so <i>, 4B»; (low. 3, 
205: heo Wt , . . (Ircnchc hu^t- tw6 Kod. 
27; i filial drcnclie iiiiti iirewJN iu blood 
*U'nrhriiilo wgittti* mens Mtttjuiar", Wiei,. 
UKi'TKR, 32. 42; Ui ilroii-'hciuli; mm. 2, 
39; dronglp (^/rrf.y La). 12111; dromto 
p. s. 217; Mas. kd. F. 2008; droiat 
f part J Ifow. 3, 10; idrcint t^AUC. (*. t. 
A ^^'iiO; comp. a-, fordiTnchrn. 

dre Hg, A. Sax. dreiii;. O. hfi. rirontT, nV , 
Havkl. 31; drini! Lai. 1271S; c. «. 
15414; driugt'D fdat. pi.) Lai. 12938; 
Mm^i. lic-rcdrinK^. 

drf'nlfiij A. Sax. ihf'biii:iii. M.ff.Gtnn. tre- 
Xwwcn fjrom trahen yn^J, ba-iuMiJ, drain: 

Mat. 23, 24. 

Ireftklei w (lriiikl<<n. 

ilrrs^ra, J.Sax. /"a^mv, ptfJUtn, 
j-'iitj, 0. L. 6'wjw. (tiijdridjTdn fdteiptrtj, 
O.Icel. drtuga (fXtreere, patraifj, OpIA. 
driugnn (T:paT£'JsaOat\ O.B.Otrm. triit- 
paa (failere, dtripfre/, dre», perfcere, $Hf- 
ftrr$, p. h. «. VIII, 145; dr»>;hpn Ohm. 
IfiOS; drdlien Katii. H2fi; Jri.. 70 1 [rtne 
to )N>tii* uut dreic »i>£c. i)2; |i.-Lt t<tiu ne 
mist \>'\ti foreward tuildc uo dnV 105; 
drtic ('bw. dreve) IloRS kd. Kits. 1047 
(,lIoBHTM. 1078); dr6i(y) m. ». Si); drpo 
[fttiMU. 370; driivn. drk'ti (drOjcii) Lai. 
370 i 6228; dnyhf, dri'^hr pr. c. 2044 
& 2235; drije Gaw. 500; a. p. 2. 372; 
drteo A. a. 80; drio SIaro. 84; Wn.i.. 
450; Cium;. h. h. 748-1; k. T. 235; ho 
smfM Bfi fuMi' as hc> mi^Mit drio ILvlliw. 
lucT. 318; neimtiro for to drip p. 27; 

driC fprni.J ElCK. THES. 1. 228; DfiGBKV. 
5f.O; drihj A. B. 856; Attn ^rd.J st. 
oKN. A. Rx. 42H: ("0 sorewi* f''' ''^ **"') 
fY jtrintrd drceh) *. s. k». Wkh. 2('.60; 
dr^ili A. A. 106; dr«l;h, ili^i Will. 2706 

it 2864; dniheo Kath. 028; 
(pari.) ST. OKJi. A. KX. 2402; ttmp. 
idnHijfu: (/«■!>. tirihtc. 

drMpenj ,l.Sfi*. dreupirn. O.L.Owrm. drio- 
paiu O.Fris. dna]ia, 0./r#/. driupa, O.It 
Gtrtn. tritifnn, A-rtj», dedUUtf, dtciirrts\ 
dr6|K> mn. Cov. 170; drvepitb Lido, ic] 
p. Iiil; dm-it. dro]i«, dri|ii>e. 

drcM-i), A.Sax. dix^>ritr, O.U.Gtrm. tnlreger,^ 
y^«M drensen. dreary, triatu, Qbm. 4838; 
dreori '*in«M^f»", pbaom. 4; skl. axt,| 
1, 178; icli am dri'ori .Mabh. 15; dreorf^ 
fuslcs A. B. 10*>; of dri'ori nit'td(o) »rKC. 
70; dri'ri t'HAro. C. t. b 514; pr. r, 
791; IsL-MB. 125; avow. Abth. L\M: 
dr*ri, Uifiri Wict. 2 EsnB. 2. 2; boo 
weorcn ... an hoorU> dniri (dreri) Lai. 
14547: druri Em. 808; a. p. I. 323. 
driribM t'ittitia, kt. grx. a. ex. 1132. 
drtrill'-lie drran'/t/, Kath. 1808. 
dn'rijniud tn'stui animo, Oru. 6541; drtri- 

mOd AN. LIT. <>. 

Annlumtf A.Sax. dreori^'nofus, drtarituu; 

drOrincBse HrittUia'\ Wicl. i«vti-s 4. 8, 
drfascn, A.Sax. druosan, O.LAitrm. diiniuui,^ 

Go^A. driosAD, c^rMv, cadert; comp. i-, t< 

drcoson; ifenp. dreort^. 
4i«|»ciij A.Sax. dJL'iion. O.Av/. drcjta. 0./Ii:| 

^*nn. trcrjiD./rf/Vrn, ^-tfjdrfrt, hom. 1, 283;^ 

Havicl. 1865; da'pcil fpret.) lun,. Aarr. 

1, 221; dr(>|i(>|i misc. 151; drpppx A. p. 

2, 246; drBji /^;Vrf<.y Mapks 343; drop. 
Havel. 2220; drA|M<n Kax. throx. 262;] 
drftpo pp. 93. 6; dri>]ii>ii (part.) st. flB«»j 
A. EX. 2648. 

4r^i w drM>potL 

4r^l wr drcori). 

diwwni *M ui)4^ di»-. 

drmtc *t9 

dr^ea *»• dnbft^n and drPfoo. 

dri| v4.&fx. di^". "tnagua", rBAOM. 2. 
dri;cr;in ntegioat art, Obm. 16053. 
dri^tunii magitian, Oit3f. 16051. 

ririe iM dniiu. 

drfm iM* drpojoQ th^/ diiiton. 

drtfM, A^.Stfx. driOm, O.Av/. drifii, O./Vh^^ 
driva. <»(rfA. drciban. O.lI.Gmm. Irihai ^ 
rfn'r*, flyfF-c, peflfTf, Ohm. 16082; drive 
CHAur. Tboil. 7540; »it)mi>u . . . drit* 
Lai. 24706: drUu x. ir. 31; diivt* BjX 




]397: drivest fprenj s. r. 2J0; [lat to 
Wcovol . . . ilrivcd op to drtmio Jul. 2ti; 
[idrif)> AYESB. 7&: bi drivp)) ibid.; licd Jio 
Mrive|> lii'OQne o. a. n. 66; ihif fmptr.) 

A. K. 374: d<»ne tbetfarp nc drivp jo 41H; 

idrivrndo fyirtj a. b. 244; drAf /"/ir^/.y 

IUakh. 8; Obm. 824>0; tinlf. iin!)f. ilruf 

iAi. :i09. 7843 & 9367; ilrof Bkk. G75; 

F^Usfl. 86; A. p. 1. Wi'l; (U}ttveIok it 

sail AVkA ]>id<'r driif ILvvkl. 1793; cli-df, 

Hroyf CnADC. C. t. i> 1540; ilief Man. 

KD. !•'. 1590; [hih drive H«ins kd. Kits. 
kl279: driven Aus. 5731; diive Rub. 21; 
'drpvcu WicL. 2 KU'UB 6. :J; dnne Kiun. 

S002; drifen ^jpsr/.y Obm. 8339; driven 
iJjCako. 67; t6 Imiire pe Imvcu driven ftvc 

lusisclii]ics Katu. 181**; drive Will. 979; 

drfv^'ii WrcL. Kxou. 8, 9; l. h. h. 68; 

eoiap. bi-, for-, !-, to-, fnrlldllfoQ; delip. 

drAf, drine. 
Jriftf, O.MfifjS M.l.Gtrut, drin, O./w/. dn|.t^ 
M.Il.Gtfm. trift, /row ilrifcii, r/r//'', flo(«*, 
voc. 379; psoufT. 183; drift Ai.18. ED. 
Sk. 897. 
dri) «e« dr^j. 
drt^r an drfije. 
drl^rn av droojen and drtljun. 
drlble, --^.NoT. drylit, drilit. O.fri". drpcht, 
a /v. Om-m. dntlit, a /w/. drutt, Goth. 
dranht^ /., from dreojiu, rfiinw, hoH, 
Lai. 92. 

drihtfarc Kato. 1852. 
driblfolc, -V.Nrtj. drjlitfoliv Lai. HI. 
drihtfui? JiL. 13. 

drifaUlc, A.Sar. drvlilllp. n^Alf: |)is drilit- 
llcbe lond Lai. 3784; dhhtllchr mon 
drilitniDn Lai. 14715. 
Miles, A.i^x, drvlit^-n, driliton. O.l.Gtrm. 
drohtiii. O.Fri*. dro<dileri, O.feef. drof- 
Lin, OM.Germ, tnihtin. domimui; dribtuu 
(drintcn) Lai. 4; driht(>n, dri-sten rrl. 
AST. I. 171 (Sal. a. .Sat. 227); drihtin 
Katu. 1095; Ohil 2; drijluii hki.. ant. 
1, 186; drihtin Oaw. 996; drihto. drittc, 
ilrithU- p. L. 8. VrU, 40, 55 & 60; 
ilrihti' c. L. 27; a. n. 1; ^m*. drrhtp) 
■ISC. 83; drijlo Horn kd. Lum. 1310; 
SiiOHKH. 61; Laxoi.. n 13, 'l\V.^;f>pnntni 
drigbtc) Aus. 6402; )UrK» 348; drih- 

tonos /Vfrt.y A. B. 430; drihtnes hom. I, 
105; drilitoDo (tlut.J Lai. 2D; drihli-iio, 
ilrilitn.' noM. 1, 33 tc 105. 
drihlncsse mn/edy, uom. 1, 101; Katu. 

ir\\\{t), O.liutch drilluD, drill? o. u. 16300; 

comp. ndrilh'u. 
drlnCf .<i..S«ap. drin<\ rfmi, /iB^fH, M, IL 24; 
|)eDe driut: Lai. 1303; drjm-, driiK-li Okm. 
165 k 15388; driiieh nosi. 1. 383; drink 
Mani). 248; i-. 43; Dkhkbv. 1739; diiukc 
fdat.J ItuAvn. 1 1 ; drinclips (dringos) fpJ.J 
Lai. 3558; Jrinkc.'i Havkl. 1738; mmp. 
lovt*-, ovffnlriiic. 
drinkctos uom. 1, 141. 
Jrlig BM drcu^. 
dilalt ttx drinc. 

ilrhiliCD, A.S'ix. O.L.Germ. dilnciin, Goth, 
drigkan. O.Frt's. drinka. 0./e«/. drekka, 
O.U.Gfrm. tiinclmn, drink, hibertt. Mat. 
20, 22; Lai. 5804; a. it. 44; Orm. 165; 
dranr fprH.J st. oes. a. kx. 1G60; drank 
RrnH. 3090; Chauc. C t. b 743; Lino. 
u. p. 91; drone a. s. 210; drouk (dions) 
La3. 6928; dniukoti Gow. 3, 21; dron- 
ken Will. 1906: Chauo. C. t. a 822; 
dronki-n, dnmkc Lanol. b 14. 64; dron- 
ken fpfiri.) CiiAi'c. C. t. a 135; vQmp, 
1I-, idrinkt'ir, deriv. drinr, drench, druac, 
drtnkerf, A.Snx. drinct'n,'. O.ff.Girm^ trin- 
eliure, drinlvr, thkat. 138; atksb. 52; 
Man. kd. F. 3986; drinkarcs ^plj a. b. 
driiikinsc dri/tkmff, hom. 2, 37. 
drinklln, driukclin "mtrgere'^ promi't. 132; 
(!•■ (U' cliildro so drinktden bead st. qks. 
A. EX. 2768; .Ironklpd />-<<./ c. «. 1336; 
dr^nkUd (part.) Man. ed. F. 997. 
drippfj 0. Dutch drii|>]w, O.Il.Germ. ti-u]ih!i, 
from dri'opfu, drip, "ffnit*i, tWlt", pbompt. 
drlpplii} M.L.fifftH. O.lfHtch dnipprn, M. 
ii.iierm. trnprm, drip, "ali/lara", PBOJIPT. 
132; liropcj* fprot.J Jiiao. 151. 
drlri jtw drwrij. 

drit, n.lhUeh dryt, ft/w/. dritr. dirt, "tttr- 
au'\ inoMPT. 132: r. s. 340; Thbt. 4, 
433; r. L. ». 1, 7; dril and donga Alib. 




diitrlierl. L.Oerm. tlrUkorl. Havkl. «82. 
rfrilen, J. Sax. i^i'idrilaii, O.Dutfk drijli>n, 

O./cfi. i\r\\n, "(wtwrre", p«(»mpt. 1:12. 
tlrhtl, JU.L.Ofirm. 0. Dutch drrrct. drirvi 

fdribblv), mrviu, n. M. 2li; drivil rRUMrr. 

I:i2: drivi-les fftlj Katii. 2154. 
rfrhflfn *w dravolcn. 

dritf, A. Sax. Urof (i*!, i/.L.O'ei-m., rt. 
y/f//oA ilrot'vo, OM.Gtrm. truobur. tttrhidu*, 
triftie: d^(^f ht' wes on nn^iic Lai. 1040, 
drufllc. SI.L.Gmn. «It6tUk. Lai. 1020. 

drAf M» draf. 

^•^KK^j ^^' drogue, drug; drog^s, drUKfiX's 
fplj CwAiTC. C. T. A 42(i. 

drtturif if. L. Germ. O. Dutch drOQOQ. dromt: 
lif ilriMmnl :is ii ilriit?>n Alis. k». 8k. 085. 

drankra tM drunkt'ii. 

drupe, A. Soic. Axify-A, 0. Itti. iIt:o|>i. O. L. 
Otrm. dro|M), O.U.Germ. tropho, tropfo. 
from droo|K'n, drop, "fftUta, a/i'/A*", fjiaom. 
3; KOM. 1, 211; Mam). 51; L'HAt'i.'. ('• 
T. A i:il; llwcx. J, 415; I'R. c. J005; 
Kiinv dn)|u:^ bliVd Lai. 7(i50; jiiiiie dropc 
AYBKB. !I2; dropen />/.; a. r. 220; tbkat. 

IStl; ATKXB. Hi. 

dropomCio by drop«, A. B. 382. 

draprii A.Sax. dn>i>ian, Af.L.t''erm. O.Duirh 
ilii'pcn. drop /dropfj, tfiUarf ; droppe)* 
fprf».J Masi). fiO; riroppp fnthj.J Miitr 
l'.);tS; droppiude fpartj jAitii. i:). 17-1: 
dropped (frttj CuAtic. C. t. o 580: a.s 
)<tM diupiki-d n doun Lanui.. h W*. Til. 

droK, -/>.fx. (Irrts(yi. 3IMGtrm. thoH, OM. 
Gtrm. gitn«, from dre(»ttpnV' drots, $cai-ta, 
A. R. 284; TB. c. 3339: L. h. b. 147. 

drnsnCf A.Siit. droan, O.U.Germ. troHena. 
truoKiw.T, 6'<rfA. draiilisna ? "frr", pitAnu. 
4: di'oscucs and dri'^K''-'' IjAsoi.. c It, 11»:;. 

drslrn, O. ic*l. dnilUi ? droit, "trm/nrr*, 
iBiiMrr. 133. 

drvBkBrn, O./cei. dniknii, tfi-oMi; iMrftti>y 
ill it droukDing dr^d l. ii. r. Ml; «m 

drnRlirniiic ituiuirai«, itiehrudio^ MArKu 384. 

drooBrn see druui'Oi'u. 

drMpra u* drfl|H*n. 

dr^iCBf Jf./t.Grrm. dn'ivrn. O.hateh drni'Too, 
Goth. dn>>»jim, O.Il.Gfrm. trnnbon. from 
drOf. irotAU, dutwh; drOvt- c. m. 11974; 

drives fpr«».J vu. v. 1319; drdvcd 
bata'\ i'». i>, 4; <A' dr^\ea. 
drAiij yt.L.Gfrm. drusicli, i^rtfry, ^wr^iViw^j 

KEU AXT. t, 220; OUAUU. C. T. KI 

TyawH. p. 165; a. p. 3, 1016. 

drBUtn :^ Inildrn';:' "turhnrt", rRuMpr. 13f 

drnbli; drobli "turhUHs", rBoxrT, 132. 

drRcrlr, O./V. dnitirio famiiif. amovrj, Vu. 
.K. ilL. 382; drurie hum. I, 271; Lavql. 
I. 85 (87); driperie a. b. 250, 

dritjCf A.Stsx. Ar^ittf. drige, L.O«rm. drOgv. 
dry, ticcut: uid dniio fotun uum. I, 87; 
drui|o L. u. R. L42; dniie a. b. 27t): 
fin». dniyo) ItoB. 531; oiiaox. ICngl. o-lil: 
l^oltH] . . . Iipilo druio fneomnj k bptiv 
|>^tfl HOM. 2, 123; dn'io p. s. 1M3; dr*;*". 
dri;D a. v. 2, 385 k 412; drije puili' 
pbahm. 3; dri;«- fm». driijti) Orm. 08H:;; 
dnije TBANgAiT. 18, 23; drlge, dric &t. 

OKN. A. EX. 61t) &: 3VI10; dri« RKL. AST. 

1. 22tf; trkat. 135; Gow. 2, 2G6; drle, 
dreie Chauc. C. t. a 420 ^ v. v. 380; 
for drio C. t. p 409; dr^K" Mat. 12, 43: 
dr^Ii* SiiuREii. 145; drvic mom. 1, 227; 
di-aip AVRSB. 240- 

drAjfB; dn'ilien, A. Sax. dr^gnn, dr^pjia 
idriipian), L.Otrm. ditigi'D, rfry fdrfiej; 
driin "giKarv", pboupt. 132; dn>it' Lta 
tVjv. 230 ; wban ^m dritwt (dnii;e)it| 
L.ixuL. 1. 25; dric|<ruAuc. C. t. a 141^5; 
dniidp ^prti.J Trfv. 5. 113; dr6idr Li:iii: 
7, 38; drii'do Hand. 08; drijcU /pu. 
drijjetid) fjMti./ Obm. 8325; drit-*! p? 
21, 16; eotnp. ft-, fordri'ijeu. -itnljt'^ii 

dnmm drudg*: drupge iwd drave Chacc 

(!. T. A Hl«. 

drUSCBIICf drudgiH^y MUM. 1, 207. 

druh^, A. Sax. dni>nii1, L.Gfnn. 

drtnith fdroaghtj, ticct'tat, ft»». druUh| 
Orm. 8tf20; drii;^> aykxb. ti8; druu)| 
jARB. 13. 172; diouti^'?. droutho, droai 
droKhU' Ijisol. 0, 290 (7, 375i 4 W 
29t> (U, 205); dniKt(> «T. ukk. A. BX. 
2348; druu^f'hlo, dnf^lili' Ciialt. C t. a 

drasr, dnimh, A. Sax. drunr, drvur. 0., 
Gtrm. truiicti. O.leri. drvLkr./rowi drinkfi 
paias, A. R. 14 ^' 114; dnin<'b Uj 
8; dniltrho f'dat.J llOM. 2, 4t; uud 
mctti druncbu iii>m. 1, 103. 




'Iniiir-pil eapidm pettu, a. r. 21ti* 
druurHfiif J. &tic. (ou)iUtiuciuau, droiea, 
Hurgere: i shal drunknp "tHebruiho", Wicl. 
Is. Itt, 9; (IruukcLOs, ilroiikenes fprea.J 
M. u. 138; tia ttniucuL'tl ^vt in Maah. 15; 
dnincDvii Oau, lo:$i)ti; Unincuio /"wV-^ 
A. R. 58: drtuikut<ik< Wil'l. \^. Gil, G: tie- 
wpin urncn . . . intu ^^ s* A: drun^'UPilp 
iiPiu 8t>lvcu uoM. 2. ;t;'; (Iruukeui'il i-s. 
fi4f 10; {IrouDPil A. p. 2, ;j72; ilrouu'-d 
(pari.J Mani>. 57; Lin«). m. p. 140; comp. 
drinkra iwwytr*; Uiuitln'iii' fprd.) Wi'l. 
i.fxxrs ;Jii. 28; ilrouki'ii (jHiti.j Will. 
•i'tlti; (Ww/>. ofdninki-Q. 
dnmkci, .J..Stx. (li'uiiki-ii. O.II.Gvrm. truu- 
i-)i;iner, /ro« (li-ink'i.'n, draaiwu ^dt'uukj, 
fbritis, ST. <*i:>i. a. kx. 871; ('ii In*" wcoiu 
BWii (IruiiLi'ii Lat. liMtiA; (li'onki>n Mand. 
260; Unmko ayknu. 75; Cuauc. C. t. a 
;U28; AHn/f. fur-, wiiidrimkf^a. 
draDkcQltcU o&ruUts, Wh-l. It». 5, 1 1 : 
(Imiikf'uli&tti Ctuw. 3, 20; (kuiikuliCik< 

AYKNU. 2fiO. 

'IriMikrIik- thritiat, Diliitr :>!. 
diuukci>ht'i>'.' ''tArifta»\ pauiirr. 131; ilruu- 
biMhiiw (iow. 3, 20. 
ilranheHf J.Snx. drimr.-vii. froth. (Irufc'kiint'i, 
(J. Icfl. lirvkkiii, 0. il. (term, triinoliiiiii, 
rbririan, WX. I. 175 (llf'M. 2, 22S; Misc. 

til); Lal 6070; tbe milK-ri; ^ut I'ur diiui- 

keo (droakcD) was nl jiaIc CiiArc*. C. t. 

A 3120; drunkv p. h. s. ^'^I. 123. 

druukL'nlowe ebriatut, \\'\v\.. .Mat. 24, 41*; 
drunkolcwi;. ihnuk'/lowo Uuw. 3. 5 (lUu- 
uw. ini'T. 3 lit); dnnikclcwc! I/Anisu ii 
8, 83; drunkc-, dronliPDlcwe <,'iiadc. C. 
T. ©2043; dninkokMt "flriMHs", vsunrT. 
133; dnmklcu Ln»a. m. p. liS. 

drunkeuKutii rbno«us? a. h. 21(1*. 
4ml[ffiBllCW} A.Saz. ilriiiKU'itlu-M-s, dntnktH- 

»e»i. Ohm. 1 66 ; druuk(.'tK<tjS4i u. a. k. 

13!>9; droiikf'nnos!)?, dninkeiK'MSo CiiAur. 

C. T. c 54t». 
drikp JnHium; dnt)KW ^mperij Mabh. 16; 

fiMipefil aire nioiiin' Katii. 2050. 
irafmn, OJc*l. dnipji, droop fdron/ij, dcmilti, 

tUcumhrrf : dniuiMn "laiitme", pkcimfi'. 

113; (irodpli') ^ ilan< thav^act. 18, 26; 

M, Abtq. 2575; droupe (pntj Mik. 2; 

Tuw.v. aiYM'. 223; drou|>iis ant. Abtii. 
V; drCii'.md (droiipanii) ... he aa^rh \^-'n- 
rliiTo c. M. 4457; Iiis aiwes drouped 
noiiglit wij! frJifKS 16wo Chaih'. C. t. a 

drdpl detniutu, hom. I. 205: Ualliw. ihct. 
321; & maJtfd driiiiic- tTlti-re a. 8, 88. 

ilrnnpiii^r drooping, "latitaitV\ pmikpt. 113; 
iu>»iijiiujf C-Jaw. 1750^ 

ilrupiiin, 0. Iceh drttiuia. droupen, demifnut 
t*»e, iioM. 1, 25;»; i drimpju' ant dju'c 
HPKr. 54; droujiniodo fp^H.J Hubn kd. 
HfJitsTM. 1 ] 26. 

dntupiiln^e dr/ectio.i, Mapks 340. 

driirl sfri ilrron;. 

drdtf', O.l'r. dnid, O.U.Gcrm. tint, di/gcttu, 
Hoii. 1, 260. 

ilnlpifQ s(w dn'ijiou. 

diibltcu. J.Saj:. duliUiitQ Sax. cuhon, 210, 
(i.Jrti. diibtM FaiTZNKu'fi oKnii.. dub, vr- 
tuire: W tiiihto hiue dubbeii (dobbtuj I.Ai. 
22407; diibbn him kniyht Isumb, 484; 
ft(.'rt kiiijiJN lic-jtv l-HjJi diiblt'i> -U.I8. 4311; 
iliiblii'dc /'yr(rf.> lUvKL. 2314; diibbe<l 
/part.J (Uw. 75; l. h. K. 127; (lubln-d 
and dight rn. c. 8700; duMiwl v[\t pns 
cious Klc>neH 3Iakd. 241; idobbtt^i ArttifB, 

dubliiiis ditbbiHg, HuuN kd. Lum. 438. 
diblf, fJ./V. dulik'. titihit'. rffl(ii/c, dupim, A. 

«. 70; 1', I.. 8. Ii, 176; dobU> Ukk. 417. 
diiblcD, O./V. doubler, di»bU't, dmhU, dup/itr": 

diibliii. dobt'liu promit. 125: dubli IIraki}. 

28; doubloli fprti.J Kiiohku. 34; dobk*)! 

AVKNu. 22; diibled, donhled (prd.) c. m. 

iloublriicue di>uh/ew»t, L'iial'c. C. t. o 1300. 
d«bh-r, O.J-'r. douMior, dmhftf, parnpm, a.. 

1'. 2, I M6; dtiul)I"rs. dDlmlcrs fpl.J Lanol. 

u 13, SI. t 16. 91. 
diblrl, O.Fr. douhli't fhahft dmiilf'J, prumpt. 

dir, /v. diir. duix, Lm. 86; a. b. 300; 

Tu A. Bl. 697; diK% diik Chacic. C. ». 

A 81)3; link, (liiik WiCL. Mat. 2, 6; duik 

u II. a. 149. 
Amrhpf Fr. ducbd, duihy, Lakol. c ^ 245; 

Man. kp. F. 8150. 
durhp:«!irj .^V. durbvHSi^, duchftv, Chavo. C. 

T. A 923. 




tlrilrhcrl. L.Germ. diitkrrl. ITavkl. 582. 
ilrllcn, A.Sas. (^'(•(<tritati, (i.Dulck lirijtfn. 

O. /af. lirili), "wcrtrc"', rnoMPT. Mi'2. 
drUel, M.LMerm. O, Duteh drcvol, irtael 

{dribbkj, tffcw, n. h. 29: drivil I'lwitiT. 

I:t2; iliivfles fpf.J Kath. 2154. 
drlrrlm uf tlrarclon. 
ilrhru *M (Irifou. 
drit, A.Sax. dnSf (?», J/,i.ffw«. dntvc. O. 

i^M/rA dniuvu. OM.Oerm. IriiolMT. turhidiu, 

tririm: dn'-f !u> W(>fi vin m'>ii<' Lai. 1040. 

dr-Jllu-, Jt. L.Germ. tlvolUk. 102G. 
drAf j<(v ilraf. 
4r«gjSf, /v. droffue, ttruy,- droggos, drukrpes 

^p/.; Chauc. C. t. a 426. 
Jr*nfif it.L.Onm. O.DuJrh dronon. rfrow; 

Ik' 'Irmincil ns ft. draf;>:)ii \li^. y.u. Sk. f)d5. 
draukri $te drankon. 
dr«pCf A.Sax. iUo|ia, 0. /«/. dro|ii, O.Z.. 

&«rn. dFO|)0, O. U. Germ. tru|dio, tropfo, 

from (Ireopi'n. drop, "guUa, HUW\ faauh. 

8; HOM. 1, 211; Mani>. h\; Chait. C. 

T. a l:il; Horn.. I, 415; ph. r. aOfiJ; 

ijiuiu' drnjH' liltn] Lai. 7650; ^uk> itropo 

AYBNB. IHI; dropen />/.y a. b. 220; trfat. 

18ti; ATKHB. H4. 

droiicnielc % t^/v/w, A. B. 283. 

riraprv, A.Sax. (irM}ii:ni, M.F..fiertH. 0. hutch 
ilviijit'ii, Hrop (^rojtrj, ttiUarf : dropju'li 
fprrn.^ Manip. .''►0; droppc (mh}.) MiRc 
1J);I8; dnippiDdo (fart.) ik^w. \% \'l\: 
druppcd ffret.J Cuaiu*. C. t. o 580; lus 
\v\ (tro|>]H'd a doiin Lanoi.. it 10, 79. 

Afif A.Siii. dtostyt. M.L.Grnu. i\u>% O.lf. 
Orrm. ^'itni*!, from drfosyii? drttn, tearta, 
A. H. 284; piL V: 3;l:«>; l. u. k. 147. 

drisnr, A.Sox. drosn, O.n.Grrm. tr(»s*na. 
lm(»wni;i, 6'o/A. dn^iiliftna? 'f«x", FnAoii. 
■I; ilri»s«(n.'S iuid (irt't.Tfi's liAsuL. v. ii, lit:!. 

drtlm, 0. Ictl. drulM ? rfruf*, "fratt/arr', 
i-miMiT. 13a. 

drDnkorn, O.Icfl. dniknn. drouk, mrrgrr** 
III ft dritukiiJDg' dri'd u. it. ii. 1-11; «m 

driikrilRg immtrm, tHririalior Mai'KS i{84. 

drainen wv druiicD«n. 

<lM«pra tpn drfipt'i). 

(Irviftl, M.L.O'rrm. iln'nrn, OJiutck lirocvrn, 
(iidfi. drribjjio, O. il.Grrm. tnitihwii, fram 
drdf. ^rPnW*, dittw^: drdvi- c. at llltTJ: 

drives fyn-t.) pb. c. 1319; drtvwl 
hata", PH. li, 4; xev dri>ven. 
<lrail> M. L.Germ. drovit'U, '//'^ry, JurAfVui^^ 

BKL. ANT. I, 220; CUAirU. C. T. 

Tybwh. p. l(»5: A. p. 2, 1016. 

dmbliii ^^ tniMin? "tariar/', pkomit. I;t« 

drabll, ttrabli '•lurbidta". pboupt. l:J2. 

drvrrirt O./V. dniurio (amiiif. amour J, FuJ 
A. llL. iJH2; drurie hom. 1, 271; I^AVoi 
1, 85 (87); dnp«ne A. s. 250. 

dnl^f) A.Hax. di'^^o, drige, L.Gtrm. drQjrC^] 
(/r^, ffVriM.* mid drii}e fuUn hum. I, f^7(j 
druijo L. H- K. L42; dniit? a. b. 276; 
/■(ffff. dnijo) Itoa. 5ai; chbos. Knol. J4tf( 
JNtlvd . . . \\yi\^ tlruie ^necumj it bfl 
poto HOM. 2, 12:J; dniP p. s. IflS; drt; 
dri;v a. p. 2. ^85 «: 412; dri;o ru*!*] 
FRAOM. ;(; drijw ^»«. ilrijjoj ()r«, DHhiJj 
driijc TRANSACT. 18. 23; dii;jrc, drlc 6T.^ 
UKN. A. KX. Glti &: 8910; diic &£L. ant. 
1, 22(>; TBEAT. 135; (low. 2, 2tJ0; drie, 
droie Chauc. C. t. a 420 k p. *-. 380: 
fov drif C. T. p 400; drtgo .Mat. 12. 4:1; 
ihi'iv Shukeh. 145; dreir hum. I, 227: 
draio avunti. 240. 

drA^, (Inijion. A. Sar. drtfnui. drugiiui 
|ilrii]niin), L.Gvrm. drftgen, rfry /drtmiJ: 
(Iriiri "*w<ir/', ■•itiiMrT. 132; dri>it' u,u. 
C'uv. 2;10 ; wliiiii |»ou drlost tdruipfM) 
Lakol. 1. 25; drit'I* CiiAtT. C. t. a 14'jr'; 
drilido fpr«f-J Tbev. 5, 113; dr6id(> Li-xt 
7, 38; driwlo MiSfD. 08; diijw] /«m. 
drijJwMf />w^./ Orsi. 8625; drit;d ps. 
21, Hi; comp. u-, foidnijon, -drujt»'ti 

4riKgca dmdjfe: drutr^t? iuid tlruwo Chacc. 
C. T. A 14 IB. 

dmcsiinsc drmigtug? mipm. I. 207. 

driilitif'. A.Sox, dn'itnul, L.Germ. drOydv, 
drt/ulh {droHjktJ, ti'eriUia, fm«. drubb|i« 
Oku. 8l>2lj; Unitj>n avknii. (18; dnin;| 
JAHB. 13. 172; dr«uli|w, 'Ironllu*. dnmjl 
dri'jtlito Lanol. 0, 290 (.7, 275) * 1< 
2m) (11. 205): dnijfit! ht. «kk. a. 
2348; droiurlitc, dntKhlt t'luuc. C. T. A 

4rB«c, firmirli, A.Sax. ilfunr, drvnr, ft. 
Grrm. truncli. O.Ierl dr,vbkr, /rowdriakei 
pUiu, A. R. 14 ^ 111; dninrh Mai 
8; dniiielitf (ditLJ iioM. 2, 41; iiud 
nidu drunrho hom. 1, 103. 




(Inilirpil eupida* pottu, A. K. 216*. 
■IroiriifHj .1. Sajp. (uii)<liiin<-ni'in, dreicu, 

mergere: i sliid tlruilkut.' *^iHchriali>', Wli'l.. 

Is. Iti, it; iliinikonos, liroiikpni.x {pen.} 

Ji. H. 138; liu (InmcDrtl )>i-r in SiIaaii- lA; 

' dniiKneo Obw. 15;tD8; flnincnio (tnh}.) 

kA. B. 58; ilnuikiK'Je Wici.. Is. ij:J, fi; t»6 
spin uiTiPU . . . iutM |>p sDB A: (Iniii'-iiPilB 
bciu twivou aOM. 2, 39; )In'u!icut.-il i-s. 
64, 10; JniUDiMl A. p. 2, 372; druHUftl 
(pari.) Maku. 57; LiDC. u, p. UO; cim\p. 
drinkn mtrgtrti Uninkodi- fpret.) Wiri,. 
KcrLus :l;i. 28; Jroiikc*! fpart.J Win-. 
:i51t;; MM/), tiftlninkf'u. 
draikcif J.Sax. <lnii)koii, O.I/.Ovrm. tiQU- 
flianf-r. from lirinkcn, drunken (drunk)^ 
t^itu, «T. 013'. A. ex. 871; )<u tu^>i WOOl'O 
^^ swa druukeu Lai. Ia4(i5; Jruiikt'u Maxu. 
^^^ 250: (Ironktr aykxb. 75; CiiAcr. ('. t. a 
^^^ 3 128; eomp. fur-. niiKlniiiken. 

rtrunkcnbod ebrietan, Wit i,. Is, 5, 11; 

r(lrotikt-MhC>I«t i\o\\'. 3, 20; diDukihO'lc 
■ AYENB. 2(>0. 
drouktilf^.' ebridi'D, Mine 31. 
iliiinkoslioiK'*'(^rM(a«", PTioiii'T. I'M; dion- 
kvshiiHj Gqw. 3, 20. 
rininkfn, J.Sor. (lniiic<'n, Goth. (|nig'k;iih'i, 
O. hfl. (Inkkiii, 0. U. Germ, tninrhiiui. 
nbrieUn, iii'M. I, 175 (iio.M, 2, 22S; ntM\ 
I ti7); Laj. 6070; Iho milKri' |>jit Ui lUuu- 

I ken (droakcn) \ti\& ul yaW Chait. C. t. 

A 3120; ilrunkc p. i.. s. VIU, 128. 
(|runki>i))u«4* ehrioaua, Wici,. .Mat. 24, 49; 
<inuikdewo. dnmkrlpu-i) Cow. 3, r, (lUi^ 
uw. JiicT. 3Lll): dn)iikek-wr Lamil. u 
8, 63; druBko-, dronkenlowc C'ltAur. C. 
T. s 2043; Jrmikok'U "eirioMui', i-Kourr. 
1!}3; drunkli'ii Linn. m. p. t;,S. 
dniiik'nsMiu eln'oiHU^ A. R. 210*. 
ilriiBkcMcssv, A^az. Anuweimia^, drunhm- 
rumt, OttM. 1GG; drimkcuofiso u. A. K. 
lUUO; dronkonueHie, dronkeoosso Cbauc. 
C. T. c 541>. 
ilrdp dmiifnu: druin'st fsaparl.) Makh. 14>; 

iIii'i]N'8l. iilri- m'jnuc ICatii. 2050. 
drnpni} O.Inl. dn'ipA, droop (droapj, dcmiUi, 
dfCMmh<irv ; droupin ''litlif<irf", pkompt, 
US; drotlplu) & daic tha>'!<act. 18. 2C; 
H. .\STa. 2&7o;.dniii()e />rM.y Miv. 2; 

Town. mvht. 223; droujHis ast. jUtk. 
V; drii|Mnd Idroiipand) ... ho anali )»cir 
I'iitTv f. 31. 1457; bis juwcs droupod 
iiiiiiglil «*i|j fejHT'-'s I6ifte Chalt. C. t. a 

drdpl d^mitaiu, hum. I, 205: Hai^liw. nicr. 
321: A- tiiakfjd dru|)io rhi?i'»> a. r. 8K. 

dr«uiihiqe drwpmg, "httiiettio", pituMPi-. 113; 
liit'iil'illg' CJaw. 1 750^ 

drupiiiD, 0,leel. driiima. dr9up«n, demMum 
M«p, iiQM. 1, 25;(; i driiiiinip ant diU'o 
SPEC. 54; drouituindo (pari.) Hohn kd. 
1I..I1ST-M. I12li. 

■lr4tti|iRingc drjtdim, Mapbs -'MO. 

drdrl tte drturi;. 

ilrild-, O.Vr. dnid, O.U.Utrm. tnit, diletius, 
HUM. 1. 26V>, 

ilrdpltn WW druji<'n. 

duhbm, J.Nu. duldtiiui Sax. chron. 21D, 
O.lfft. dubba I-'ritzkku's okimi.. rfwA. wr- 
m/rc: to I'ttilik' Innc diibbeu (dobhpn) I-ai. 
22497; dubbi- him kniv'ht Isustu. 484; 
f'cu kuiitis lifOR' bodi iliibln>lj Alis. 4311; 
(luMK'df ('/frtf(.> IIavkl. 2314; dubbetl 
(piirt) Gaw. 75; u ic. h. 127; diibb<-d 
and diglit ph. c. 8790; dithht^d wif» pre- 
cious slviios Mand. 341; idobbwl ayknb. 

dabbing dubbing, Horn kd. Lim. 43B. 

dutilf, 0./-V. diiMc, ddhli', doubk, dup/a», A, 
It. 70; p. 1.. 8. 11, 17(>; dobli' Ukk. 417. 

dBblrn^ 0./>. di'uhlcr, ditbler, douhU, dujtlare: 
diibliii, dobt'Hi) pBourr. 125: ihilili Hilvm). 
28; dimb!i|i (pren.J SiiyRHU. 34; doblf)) 
AYEN^. 22; diibled, doubled (pret.) c. m. 

dniiblritraKe duuhie»e*$, Chauu. C. t. o 1300. 

dabler, d^nibJi'.-r, dmhler, fHtray*!*, a. 
\: 2, 1 H(>; ddllblrrs. doboliTS (fii.) Lakol. 

u in. Hi. c u;, 1)1. 

dihlri, O.Fr, duublt*t /'lUiif douiUj, prohpt. 

die, /v. due, iub, La^ 86; A. b. 300; 

Fu A. Hl. 097: due, duk Chauc C. t, 

A 893; duk, duik Wiciv. Mat. 2. 0; duik 

u n. K. 119. 
dirbr, /'"r. diirbo, dttekg, Langl. c 4, 245; 

Man. ki>. F. 3150. 
darhnur, Fr. du<?bcsKv>, rfv«A«M, Cbauc C. 

T. A 923. 




iitMr ttttd, "hirrtu", riwiii'T. 134. 

^■rl *ff iiav\. 

4mrr mv dror. 

dtjtf /rom Hci;, utility dowv p. t. «. XXV, 

l,;:i: rt>M7>. idujo. 
rfa^m, J. Sax. ilu^'uu CA O./c*/. duga. 0. 

li.tifrm. lu^-an (?(, /row iJ*'a|, <iwr, rtf- 

Itre: dimts (pretj a. p. 3. 50; iliiji'Dile 

{p^rij Lai. 412:{; dii;i>ndo ))^nM B(im. 

I. 100: doUtfeV -i^W. dobto, OM.fifrm. 

tohla. fj^retj u. ti. 140; al be sold? ^ot 

Miitti douUio IIatkl. to:}; doufrtit Tbj^t. 

1, I : Mas. kc». F. T-'iftO; a>mp. idu^i'U. 
dld^rn, A. Sax. {pi')<li^(Kin, d^pin, O.L.Genn. 

'Ui;vn'i earcref yc\ md diihen micro of 

fi*\i'X pini(ji}lanffp a. b. 420*. 
4B3«d'r. A.Sux. du};iii1. tliipdj, O.Frit. ciu-jfil, 

O.lcfl. d}ffil, O.II.GerM. liipi'd, liiiri-nd, 

r/Wiw, potcer, rin'/ity, nobility: \\a\va.ra. W 

AlrhtTi' ditjcdt' Hon. 1, IO:t; Bnitun & 

his liujojt' Lai. 181i); duwcdo 4n45; 

(lilt hi f<irli>l<-fi iu lirorr dii^rfii} o. a. k. 

t»:J4-. dugojH' BKL. AXT. 1, 184; dplifdr Juu 

4; dulju? MISC. 91; doiilhe? Gaw. 1365. 

diiji'fK'diilit Lai. lOltttJ. 

diiiitlll'-ho rirlwiuly, Lai. l(iS44. 
dull! «'r (lithtij. 

dnurii dngy dnir Town. mtkt. 313, 
lUhni, ilihritr »w du^on, dutnlo. 
dahli}, A., Sax. dvliliir. MH.Gvrm. tnlitir, 

tiimyhij/, ciiWHiu, hanua, Oiix. IKI; dtiltti 

Katu. 782: |>ini' doinrs . . . bcotl duMi 

Uarii. 8; diihti (d«>liti> m«n l^t. 14701; 

dujti Oaw. 734; avow. .V&tu. XIV; 

dimliti Tbiht. 2. :t2; tkaxkact. 18, 25; 

Am. a. Amiu 207; dojti a. p. 2, 1182; 

doirlili Ihimii. 27:i; doiijli Will. 1101; 

WicL. KXOD. IK, 2.1; iKmjtioic, d(iu;lier 

fcomjMT.J Laniil. 5, 84 (L02); dojtirst 

fmpfrl.J A. p. 2. 130«. 

diiKhtiliCde. it.U.Oerm. tachtikcit. c. u. 
1 (1 1 (ttt. 

d«itlilillchi- doayAtily, Jos. 495. 
dBhllafMf Jpughtineu; diHi^litiliOi<»ti> Max. 

Ki.. K. 2808. 
ilAkCj /row dQk^n. duei fduhj^ "wwt", voc. 

220; dtikt*, doki' Lanhl. h 17. 03; Chait. 

f. T. A :J57(>: drtko piiuMiT. 125: di)lcM 

/;»/7 >L\si.. 21»V 

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duikcu. M.U.Grrm. tftclion. ^/Mfi r'*^, 
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dilprv, O.B.Girm, tllrlian. ifmubr, iurfai; 

iloukiTO ''plwmjouii", BfX. AST. 2, 8S; 
dokare voc. 253. 

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dol, O.n.Grrm. toI, = dwiU? rfaff, "Ww, 
flA/Mii#". PBOSIPT. 135; CiiArc. C. T. p 27y; 
dul fit Kath. 1268; t<i brain is dnl 
\.iw.. M. p. 191; dullo fpl.j Lasol. I. 
I2!)(l:?8!: dullc aeilos a. b. 292"; dollrr. 
dallor fetmpar.) Trey. 3« 409; m§ dil. 
dill-, dolwittod duil-wiiU4, TmBv. 3, 467. 

diltsnl, O.fhtlch dulhird, dullard, pBOictt. 

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dullin, dnilin "hflxttire, teptfnctri', pBnjin. 
126 A; 135; it dullpj> mc U^ rinio Cuacc. 
0. T. a 109:i; ntin hofd dultitli lud. Guv. 
34;J; dtillid fpari.j Liijo. m. p. 217: i 
am ner h.indo dnld so t'tii)? have i »{»• 
l>id TowK. JiYST. 98; *■<»«/». rurdtilloii. 

dilMXM dullMu, PBUMPT. 135; Chavc. b 
Bu 879. 

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1268*; diiltf m-ilps a. b. 292. 

dRHh, A. Sax. O.L.Oerm. 0. Frit, dumb, 
O.lcel. dumbr, Go^A. duiubs. O.IT.Gt>rm. 
t»nilH.'r. dumb, muttu, bom. 2, 125; OniL 
211; o. A. >■. 41G; Mapks 335; domh, 
ddumh AYKNit. 1 A: 51; a dombu best p,i 
l; b. XIJL 220; doinb, doiimh Chauc. CJ 
T. A 774; doutiib Lakol. 10. 137 (11*1 
94); dom PH. c. 49; l. h. b. 148; doom] 
Luu. Cov. 126; dumbo ^pl./ misc. 39: 
doiitnlH' Itoii. 1^11 ; dnnibon fdai. pi.) 
iK'ji. 1, 229. 

diRihifB, A. Snx. (]v)duiDbiiin. 0. II. Gtrm, ^ 
luuik'U. dHMb: i diiuruhod "obmutm", i«lfl 
;5H. :*>; comp. .idniiibiou. 

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PROMPT. 13^. ^1 

dRM|irn, O. led, diim|i;i, dump, tundtnt^ 
duiiii..' A. P. 3. 362. 

dRR, A.SaT. diiiin, Jr. ilunn, 6W/. donDV 
rfiM, /wwM, CuACC. B. H. 1213; dl 





/>/.; A. F. 1, 30; Lroa w. p. l.'.2; 

doimc Lavkp. 988; h. u. a. 144. 
dan, 0. leth dfiun, doum ; iloiin "pinma", 

rROMiT. 128; (Jow. 2. 103. 
ddu «<v dllDU. 

ilonrli (futiefi, tAtcurua, Haluw. dict. 324. 
diinr b. I>an. *ltink. i/i»irA fdnnnh/, "pWfMMw", 

i-ni'Mrr. IH.'i. 
dnnrhluj han. dituki'. ^S'uvii. dtiitku. i/uncA. 

"■tHfid»re\ I'BnMi'T. 135; (ItinrhiMi (pre-.) 

HUM. 1, 283. 
diiHr, .4,tirr. dyne, djn, O.leel. dyiir, J/. 

I.X'fmt. O.ihitth doiK'? rfm, tom'tM: fiv-iit"' 

tltinv Lai. 8ti42; un ii ^uiitps tluai- Katii. 

2024; dJDo prompt. 121; kou. 2, 117; 

Havku. 18C0; il*;ii(>, din Ma.n. kd. F. 

9i*l7: din a. p. 2, 862; pr. r. 7;i32; 

dint' /'<^/7 ST. OKN. a. kx. 34tJ"; dim-, 

dvnr, dcone Lamjl. b 18, 02, r 21, 65: 

dftup. erdedino. 
dimr, A.Stix. dfln, ^. /r. dfiu. dotcn, iMon«, 

1103L 1, 143; O. A. Pf. '.'lit; ST. GKN. A. 

h:jt. 587; dim Ohm. 14')(>8: uppoo Jn'ri' 
dime Lai. 272<*itt; dotint! Hob. 3ti2; sprc. 
85; bl donor iuid dak Al^s. 17^7; a 
;dftno, a dOn. A.Sox, n. of ddnc. cfffmrni, 
>ltNrtum, Lai. .^51 k :l02t>7; a dun ward 
9297: a diin Mahii. 12; a. b. ilO: n. a. 
E. 1454; a diith!, :i doun IIavkl. f>67 & 
>; a duun Hob. 208; Chavc. C. t. a 
BM; |w piliT fi'l a doun s. s. kd. Wh. 
2045; kiidle u dniiii Ant). 79; di'iiio. dim. 
Jor a dune. Lai. 6864 k 26546; dim 
mard dtwutcard, 13106; Im com dfiii Obm. 
631; dtin fnrd 2056; diiue, dAa, doiin 
Hatkl. 888, 925 & 1HI5; dAnos ^/»/.; 
A. E. 380; dimcn fdat. pij Lai. 2177.'i. 
dans«, O.Dutth dun^^■, Steed, dytiini. J^-if. 
6>rw. tungp. dutiff, A. B. 1 42; diinpo. 
dungo "^mus", phompt. 127; doiiifc Alih. 
4718; donc*,doungeL.vx(JL. 4, 130(147); 
dang? Mabu. 15; duiiv atknb. 61; 31ani>. 
49; CiiAiic. a T. 807; dimpo fditt./ 
Like 13. 8 /"t^v earhW text hat uicuxe); 
Hob. 310; diog(e) r. l. 9. I, 7. 
dnng-, duDgcart dung-eart, Cualc. C. t. 

b 4226. 
diinirli">0|i spitc. 103. 

doU^'tll'l dUHff-hlV, AYKKB. 81; H. A. Rp. 

Wbb. 2411; doti^'hil C'kaic p. p. 597. 

diaj^, A.Snx. dvnijiin ('*), .Swed. (lyiip'a, 
O.Duich duupi'n. Af.U.CWm. t(itiir"-ii. f/uujr, 
rf/Tccrurp.- diuipi?, don^fo CiiArc. C. t. b 
(226; dnngron pi,, cb. 735. 

DuMlioliit Dxtrham: tm OiriiliDluiP Hist'. 146. 

iluitpii, A.Stix. rlynian. O.M. d.vujji, 0. 
IhiUh diuuiii' rf/«, tonnre, Lai. 30410; 
dcnjp Horn ed. Lum. 592; <lunedo (prtt.j 
Mabii. 20; |>c erjjo dum'dc under Iumu 
KoB. 459; diuede iln mLMliil )innii<s blAst 
ST. GES. A. KX. 3461; donedf Will. 5014; 
RKi,. ANT. 2, 7 : pom/i, .adimicu. 

ilniilnKr, A.s^u: diumnfr. (KlhUeh doningo, 
*</»i(itg, "hQtnhua', PBoaii'T. 135, 

duuBirii, A.Shx. dunniaii, heeome dun: y\a 
lu>u diumct p. R. L. p. 221; dunuid "mb- 

tliffiT", PROMPT. 135, 

dnill, A.S'fjr. d>iit. diiit; tcliu, Lai. 8420; 
Kath. 22; .Vlib. 1505; spi-onles diinl a. 
a. CO; l»pin? dual jabb. 43, 172; dint 
Obm. 4290; Lakol. ei». Wr. 12124; 
dint, dpTit Wiu>. 1234 t 3750; di-nt 
Horn ki>. Li:.v. 152: Laitnf. 332; dtiiitv.s 
fp/.J «. A. N. 1227; c. L. 1161; diuU« 
VE, c. 7017; K. H. 135. 

danlen dint, /en're: dlii(«dc fpret.J hok. 1. 

281; lllUltfii (piirt.J L. H. B. 138. 
dAp fee iltx>i». 
dappen, J. Sux. J.v|']i;iti. Hip, immerifere: 

dipjiiu "iHtinff^e", pbomit. 121; dii)j>c«t 

fpret.J OiLM. 1551; dupjifji Tbkv. 1. 117; 

du|)|n« ,loH. 534; dipjied fpaii.J pr. c. 

8044; idcjit aiksb. 106. 
dlppere dippfr, "tnergu/us", Wxci*. levjt. 

11, 17. 
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dHrrulfti eee doarknion. 
dnrTj A.Sar. iliini, O.Fn'e. diirp. dore. CorfA. 

daiiro, (">. //. (rerm. iiiri, (ura, 6'r. Uupo. 

d<Wt /oris, porta, Lukk U, 7; st. ork. 

A. KX. 1082; doro Uavbi.. 1788; atksb. 

210; Chahc. C. r. a 550; dure fdal.J 

Mark 15, 46; hom. I, 167; f(>re dure 

MISC. 44; diireu fpi.J uom. 1, 87; diiren 

(dorcs) 1^1. 2363; doi-on Hob. 495; ftPEc. 

110; 8110RKII. 55; eomp. rliarnber-. chi- 


dniliorre voc. 261. 

don-niiil ditvr-mih dffd as A dorpiiaii 
Wilt.. G28; LAKor.. a 1, 161. 




(Iurc|>iQ ST. ORN. A. EX. 1078; Horn xp. 
. Ltx, fi7«. 
^dorstodc voc- 170. 

durptrC IL&vkl. IH06: Lanou k t, lS.j. 
dnrowan) Lai. 17G72; misc. i'A; doto- 
wiinl Shokkii. 4r>. 

dArr ««• dtvirv. 

4Arrn, O./r. ilardr, »/««, Hurarr: tli'in' Hem. 
70; CiiAvc. C. T. A 2770; dt'iroilo fpretj 
Lai. 20708*; whi t>iit t<?inpi>«to so lunp:i' 
liiiii' dfircdc (ilui-iMi) LAsni.. n 18. t;;J. 

dNrrkke, /V. iliins-so. tiurrt'. dnn'tui. \\'ii,i., 
1074: ». H. Ki). Wkh. 2l8it; UoiPi,. I. 

ilark siv (It'.nT. 

ilirm' *iv di'iTiP. 

ilirrrn, .^.Nflx. durran f?t. O.I/.Cerat. (i;e>- 
Inrrr'ii (?(, ^WA. (ff.i>laiirs;in. /nm lU'jir, 
audnr: diiru, ilorn, tlaru vnuui-r. U4: 
diir PH. V. 4mA: diirsh^. A.Sar. iii»rsl4\ 
O.U.Gnm. (iri'ltiTsIa, 6WA. i};.-iMiinrsla. 
fftrft.J tinnl. K.\Tii. IJiiri: a. k. l.'.^: 

ST. IIKN. A. KX. 2.'.J>;I; PPKC. 104: Isi'Mll. 

61K; (luraU) (doratc) Lai. :}r>7: iiuvnw. 

JoR»l4« Lamgl. 8. 118 (9, IM); CnArr. 

C, T. A 227; tior8t« aykhii. 14;t; .hw. 

664: pKBCKV. !!>(■»(>; (totslo. ilorlo lions 

Ki). Lm. :i8« 4 '.»28; i ii« )»prsiP . . . 

dii sucli i fol dodo Maho. n04; dorstotti 

AvicNB. 73; diirstoD Havkl. 1866; Mash. 

282: durst fpart./ Mas. r.t\. V. i>W2. 
4unl\j vl.Nflx. lijrstijf. O.IIMrrm. (jjiitm- 

fljpcr. audnx. 

durKlillchc 'iiu<i«cUr'\ pbagm. 1; dirsli)' 
llk<« Orm. 1A152. 
due dtul:, ohtcurtu: dose noM. 1. 2H9-; do«k 

i.Kn. 20:t; dc<iH4- a. r. 94. 
dMcbMij M.L.f'irm. iliLsclicii? ^^ dH-rFk'ltpnV 

AuA, /frire: diisclipd fprei.j .Vrth. a. 

Mrrl. 5624; a. p. 2, 1538-. jw iin«rhpn. 
dni, J.Nax. dvsig, O.lhtteh deiuifr. aZT 

/>Vwi. tiisigor. rf*i^ fduxa^J, itupidtu, 

dtdtuM, Katii. 782; a. u. 208; du.^t luw 

ii(» laflt n6lit loDg<> o. A. n. l4Hi>; than 

woxra ... his hdvod fftldv nn<l dixi rit. 

c. 771: dpni bki.. axt. I. 179; |w> dujfir 

mon mm. 1. 117; df su-n /rf*''. w.> Mat. 

7, 26: diirtiin /rfd^. p/.y I.A1. 2811; Aan\- 

Kc»t ftHpfri.J A. B. 182. 

dutiil&r liuUitid, KATn. 42&. 

dusi^lldii^ f^if/fr, noM. I. 119. 

dut4i»(*hi|H< ttu/tiiiu, a. b. 182. 
dinlf A.Sa;r. d.Ysiir^ aUiHitia, iiOM. 1. 111. 
dtixirn, A.Sax, Ayn&eum. O.FrU. diisiii, rfjs 

iw^tiff: dosigfi] fprt*.J )1abk 3, 7; d< 

sict HUt.. AST. 1, 177. 

drsliiUftf , -■/. .'"''(ff , dysiimyss. dixsfwit, ttt 
tt'tiii, (m*. dcsytiVKKvi Mabk 7. 22. 

dukri, ,Aom dnju'., rfiuX:, dAAMtr^n*: dnskeil' 
liis liorto PL. CB. X\\S%\ |>iit«* ^lim>n scfaa- 
Ipu duHlcJu u. M. '^li ; dnttkod (f 
CifAre. C. T. a 2806. 

dN»kiif!*M> "c«iigo", Win.. .lint 2:1, 17. 

ilsKlf ./.Ntfj-. M.L.UWm. OJhUfh O.leti. dn«t 
dfttt fdoiittj, "f>vhi»'\ PRouPT. 135; A. B^^ 
122; Ohm. 1606; l>>v. 22.'it H 
diisl (duiiftt) IjA?. 27646: di»iml rki- ant. 

I. 28; |iot doiist AVKKIi. IO.S; duMi- fdaL^M 
.liL. 41; doiisif I-. u. 8. XVIIL 26. " 

dtirtpn, O.M, diiitt,! fpHJr*rfm ntHUrft ^t- 
hrrarf/'^ UAhtKius. Lr.x.. rf'W. d-rirf. 1. ■■ B 
212: jir hit dti^tlcd (ptiWtrtM vmUUl)^ 
:114: dnstc jiYiV, Katii. 10114; Kb hahU 
n dun . . . iduHl Mauii. 1 1 ; iv dratyn; ^ 
Am/f. .*ulii!<ton. H 

ilBKtt, A. Sax. dvstii.', rfiWy, ''pa/tfru/fntiu*, 
cHnjjiT. |:jr»: HiiK. TiiKs. 1. 224. 

dAl^dcdut, SnoMKii. 12*); p. i.. fi. .\XXVV| 
9; Gaw. 1020. 

iitt, O./V. dduto fdoiUt, eritinUJ, dtuht, a,\ 
R. 220; Mtsr. 44; doiile Marc 107; 
L. 1425. 

iitrnt O.f'r. thmif^r ^douttr, eritindrf}, dwU^ 
mi^iC, 148: dfltod {prft.J a. r. 244; dm 
todo ^prrf.y Havrl. 708; di>ut^l fptiri.j 
c. I,. 382. 

dNtlpR, A.fiar. dyllnn. X. ff.Gfrm. tlHRcnl 
i/*4, e/audrrr, RPJH'. HO; Hic Bohuhio dnl-l 
ton (ditt(<n) hi^i iiifid a. r. 82; dfti.ioj 
Lt-CR 11, r>.S; dittpn 0&». 185(>0t dill 
r. ac 19452; ditto* rprf.J a. p. 2, 58HH 
yo ditM HOM. 2. 190; dutty fprti.f Liu 
19813*; Maro. 308; idut />rtrt.y »»:u[ 
AST, 1, IMl; r. L. :U; t^mp. for-. imdiitt'tL 

dR^ Av di)j(<do. 

Hkink'p nLOSS.. 6'irfA. dlibn. O.II.Grrm, 
tt'iha, cfoTf fdcitttt d«w/, eotumha, uom. 2, 
4ft; ST. ork. a. rx. 60.*i: duuic SIaxu. 
87; ilini. A67I; Laxoi.. 11 Xh, HOA; ir.1 




s. 304: (loiifc Town. mtst. 33; ilovo 
un. Cov. 48. 
(lAvclirid uoM. 3. 47. 

ilOvi^fiopjip "utrrgH/ut", Win,. r.i:viT. II, 
ilitrl, MJUierm. tnhp], dowl? danlis fpl.J 

Viicu. 3 KINGS 7, 33. 

durolriht^'? fwltpu li:"i (;il dun diivflrititrs 
Kath. U.!H». 
rlvirlunsr ! :int to iiii'iilcn <tn\'ctiiiip'i« fi<ti) 

'iiiii U fic oiirilv 3Iabh. 20; dcvoliog 

AsTH. A. Mkkl. 77r.2; Bkvkh 649. 
diffK, A.Strx, drtftm prft. dp.if. rfowtv, wwr- 

^i: |H't J>('t swcord in iWnjf Lai. B5U.^; 

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ditrn, -4..SffT. i]f{an prH. il5Mi>. 0. Av/. 

<lo)-fa, ditt {dtfTf}, mertfi : iltvon l.Asr.i,. 

[I !2. H)3; diivo<I /^/>i«.; a. li. 282: lie 

llIVOl! clfin ta ^Qilt' RRL. akt. I, 221; 
(U'f (itapfr.) Makii. 17: "Iftvo "demerff/tt", 
HOST. 2. 4:1; lU'fih' fpvH.) Makh. 22. 

dpal, .4..Srtj;. (Ifal(?>. (ipol, M.h.fierm. dvr;il 
ffatuMj. Goth. dvflU ffKHpo^), /row dwp- 
h'li. />r(iriw>' |tiit dt^vol dj^fllo kt. okn. a. 
KX. 20; dj'nic irrett'r, Obm. 74-'>4: dp 
rliid I'll wi|» n^nnc dwali's ffoait^} rki.. 
AKT. 1. 1S3; w^ ildl. 
dfalkfnnei) V \\\x\\ itpalkende Iftre Oan. 
dpalr, O. /wi dvOl fmora). Steed, ilval.i. 
I /tan. (Iviik f4up<tr, taporj^ O. //. ffrf-w. 

I twdlfl fmora/, mnra, Uupor, »r. okx. a. 

I BX. 1220; dwnlo. dvale c m. 141«7; 

I nod ftlud as lii> nor*.* iu dwiile Man. ri>. 

t F. -1*059; dw.lln ffipori/n'otu drink, <Jow. 

^^b A, 14; CaAvc. C. t. a 4101; hkl. ast. 
^^ 1. 324. 

dwHr w* (ipi'olf. 

rfprlrn* A.Snx. dpflan. fl. TT.Cerm. tnohiu 

/'Inrpere, aopiri/: en/up. jidpi'l'M). 
dpi-lim, A.Stfx. dji<'li;iii,'rrm. dwclfii, 

Inrurt: jif ]»i' lAiUcu ilpvlml iiOM. I, 100; 
p» djH-Iicil Mat. 22, 20; diro!o "mv^r, 
H». tt4. 10; dwtded {prd.J pr. 118, 17(i: 
mm/1. Ifidwilicil. 
dprllrn, -/>Vr. rljiillan. rt./iv/. dvi'Ija prtt. 
rl\;ildji, O.Jf.O'rrui. IwcII.aii ptd. Iwalta, 
rftfW/, tfirdar*, morari, 0km. 9038; (Iwcllnn 

RAvn,, rt4; i niUo m-ujt lonurp dwolleu 
s. s. KD. \Vb. I(i25; dwfllo AU9. 225; 
Shoekh. 19; Will. 701; Chauc. C t. 
A 2354: dvolle spec. 82; bim rPopeJ> 
}iiil: hp dirllc)' IitT spji spijie laiitre on 
i^(jrl>i' Oiui. .'j.'i76: dwpldc (pfft.) LAxr.i,. 
B 20, 342: iiiani wmtor lio dwelde |»6re 
s. s. Fii. Wk. 3204; dpaldfl Orm. 13218; 
tomp. idwi'lUMi. 

dwrlltug vxornKa, Havki.. 1352; dvolliiiff 
iiltrrt. 305. 

dpoolf, A.S'ax. gcdpcola? error: )»al is 
dpculo R. s. II (Mjsr. IGO); |jfth |>n isco 
|tat Riim blind nion f>rtt nflime ribtup pci 
ne con to (iftre dii'ho Iii« dpndc* jdwclo) 
fiiliod o. A. N. 1239: poud a pri mini' 
{■l»»u vriMu [jo jK'ildfs dpfoU' a. r. 62; 
dwrip I.KB. Jes. 149; ^w*. dwplle, r. w. 
v,-ple^ t'. i^ s. I, 13. 
dpoole-, dwi'lt-Rnog o. a. n. 020. 

ilprolrjl' >rror? lioo piia ifruii a dpi'oled fp. 
r. M ilpi'iili') A. K. 224. 

ilpfolJt'r, (iath, dviUiJtii? nror: ^t . . . 
dp»(d(li' me np di»rip hom. I, 199. 

dwi'iimor jww dwimer. 

ilw#r d<-iMv Mai-kr 3(il; «. a. c. XV; 
di\Or<' i.vv. (_\>v. 17 & 117; iu dwere 

TOWK. MYST. 302. 

dircn> -^■•^"J^- dpoorfj. O. /w/. dvoijrr, 0./7. 

<7fr«. tverg, Atumfi dwerjili Iw. 2390; 

dwcn- (prinifd dwfi-fi) Wil^. 3t>2; dweroii. 

dwrnili "nanm", phumit. 134; drpni 

Tbirt. 2, 8fi; dworf Ipom. 1746; dworj^liOH 

fpl.J Mand. 205; dnerewM (dnrwi^H) 

Aus. 0260. 
ilpi>«rlirii, A.Sttr. dpiescan, quaUre? eomp, 

dptld) .i..'^'r. (Ki')dpnd. dpvid, error, fm». 

dp>ld) Sax. vmnctv. 258; dpildc Oiui. 

9730; ««w»p. jedpeld. 
dvlnrr^ A.Sus. dpimor fphanU»vui): eomp. 


dwomm-TcriEfl ma^ie art, Lai. 30034. 

dwoiimiTlac ma^ie piny, Laj. 270; demor- 
laik Alm. 414; a, v. 2. 1561. 
dviHPii, A.Sftx. dpinan pr.t. djAn, O.Butch 

dwinon, O./cr/. dvinii pret. d\in:i(la, dwtM, 

"ttihfseerf", Win,, rs. IIS. 130; duhiiu 

"traneacetf", CKoMrT. 134; dwino PR. r. 

703; lui jtres in mpdowo i drle mid dwJne 





!Iau,iw. nir-r. :V2t;; <lwini>}> (Utvr. 2, 117; 

(Iwiiird (prei.) Will, TmS; <l»itii'<i tpnrtj 

<"irArr. K, u. ;tt»0; eovy, fitnlwiijcn. 
dpalr, A,S»x. {ge)tlpola. O.U.Onm. (f?a>- 

twiiU, #rror, u. a., k. 825. 
ilpillfii, .I.Sar. AfoWan Aunt. Okko. p. r. 

rj;», rrrarr, Minitf. 
dpalailgfy .^. •Sflj", ilpi'Iiillir, (Ifiiraumiitin : 

\<vr JH' (Ip^'liiiiKc rixtiil imu. I. 117. 
fi «iw on. 

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Nj A.Sor. ea. W./w/. A. O.II.fifnu, ;thii. 
6'a<A. abva. £a/. aqita, nf. irfiM, Jinvim, 
fm*. cxi) PRAAM. ^; |>aK ,a> LAt. 2-M)ii; 
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I'afrosk irOM." 1, 'I'M. 

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Ac, O.Ieti. Geih. niik, (KHAttirm. nnli. cjEv, 
«i<«Vim; 6c. &c i>akl Lai. 3745. 8001 ^: 
2&682; ^ Makii. 14; Okm. 151); ». eLc 
A. 11. SO 4; H>8; ok Uavll. 102'i; U»jii. 
200; Alis. 2164; mid il icU rn'tvri feln 
piht« o. A. N. 535; 6k, ti'k CuAin*. C. 

T. A 41 ; Ml) Ai*. 

rail, -i.Nrtj. oiid. (KM. iimlr. OJl.Gtrn). 
(giKiler, imUt, (//«*. htatut. 
tldg^ir. ^.^twx. Kailgur. r. l. s. IX. 141. 
padniQiIc, A. Sax. (•nth, (>a(liiiG(lu, O.//. 
6Vw. <H-. Miiiuoti. yrrtw; )>Hrli liis *(I- 
nie<l(<n hkt. I00l:i; jmd jo(irn"iU'n Ar- 
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ediuOd. A,Sax. end-. eitJmOd. O.If.f'rfm, 
tit-, iMinuot«*r, htimhie, graeioiu, "Aumi/u",' 
PBAOM. 3; A. H. 158; susr. 141: H-, 
A<lmOd ttoM. 2, K!) A: 187; lu' ]>iu Ad- 
niOd A iiitlik> OajtL 2887: luid ^tinOdc 
wordcn Lai. 22422. 
cadmodllcbo h»inbiy, yructoml^, uum. 2. 
141; 6dtii(]4lllclii' A. N. !)4; &ilmOdUrlu' 
Lai. 2n2H8; uMmOdlii Oilm. IIDS, 
ffldiiiOdnt-'Jisc humtUlv, uum. 1. 17; fd- 
mDdn'»89«> A. H. K; mibc 193; lWiii5(l- 
iifssc Orm. 11*218. 
{•.'uliiifidii'u humih: \*HdmOdio<1 tprta. im- 
perj A. n. 278*; i>adniO'le(dr) hinf- 
M-idfno iioM. I, 17. 
PMoninil 1'. L. ». XVil, I. 

Kndnnrd Edteard, uirt. 145. 

radi, .-i..^rtx. ".-adii;, O.LJirrm. r>daf:> *'dwf. 

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O.JJ.trenii. Mta^lT, rf/rw, OpHtrn; /•»/»'*» 

*'&iMte«", FKAOH. 1; Uarh. 2; A. a. 28; 

SHonfm. 129; cadi. »Mti. Mi Lai. 2:tAL, 
6t>;t8 k lli.55£>; 6di uiiu. 1. 17tt; mim\ 
100; BKi,. AST. 2, 228; *dil Ohm. 2:i:1.!; 
radiuc face. MJ llOM. 1, lir>; r;idil»' fpl.} 
HOH. I. lis. 

ewdillclio /rha'tn: a. b. 328. 

Alijlpjc /eheitAt, Orm. ."i^Oti. 

fadlar»«^, .4.SiiT. oadijim-ss. fr/iettai, irwif. 

I, 217; A. B. 28. 
^■Inrwr, A.Sar. cadnuss. hratiMo, uou. 2, 

75: /'mp. lii'dui'SM-) Sai<. a. 8tAT. 21t0. 
«)«, ^h.Si?*, vage, O.Frit. Ago, O.L.Orrm^ 

iy^A. OM.Grrm. oiig:i. 0. /<■*/. luifr-i, Co/A. 

aiigo, /fiuj. oKO />/■ n'lil. Gr, bXQC i'mi/ 

0033, Xa<. <tOU-lllS. 9jf» fevj: ^^ tx A. x. 

42(1; (N't p;p 147; 6je, 6i)P, fiit 1 
Lanol. LO. 123 (11, 80): 6^1ie ml c. 
2234: PKHttBV. ClU; i-be Katii. 10.S6; 
»'(o A. B. CO; llAVKih 2rt45; |h' iiildi* 
6iiu) r. L. 8. L 22; «i;is Ijv Wil-l. Mat. 
5, 29; ije Mas. srL H. 830; if CiiAtc. 
C. T. A 2080; *')cii. A.S431. cagao, Goth. 
, auKonH. />/.y i-. u. s. Vtll. 38; Braxu. 
26; Al-E-VU. 81; Cse«. i>mt furn. (»v»*nj u. 
A. K. 7r>; Ci)en Will. 4i>3; vwu, jejra 
(= ii'juu) c. u. 17837; iKbrn, tbro, <^it<n 
CuAuo. C. T. A ir>2: idmi'. vhiicii Katii. 
497 &- 2002; (^hnc Uriin. ti20; ^{cn. 
ifeluA, .^.A'lix, oufnini, 6'oM. uugiiu. /Ait. 
plj La). 7347 4: 17076; oicn a. k. 16; 

AS. LIT. 1>l; l>illlU*,t>RM. Jl70t #■>«■'' ^"M- 

wni AKT. jVjiTn. XL\1I. 

6jubr{Hi tnpfrei/ium; lffvhrbw« /H^^J p. 

fi. 239. 
cbrlid <«/tW, hcm. 1, 2i>.'i: di|i.>lidd«a ^;HLy 

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djbctiulfo (y^^M/ff, Oiutt. 18&2. 
oiiKOr ryf-ioff, kku ast. 1, 1 10. 
i!h(*(.<iiu'. i*rh.-,C*nr, /J. //. Gfrm. nufrsioa!, 

Lal 30112 ^ 97(>;J; ^XHOrir bkl, akt. 

L, 103; uut uf biti ^i^liCfiCiie Tun-. 

3, U. 
Iiwilti? ^ffefiyht, Miflf 325. 
ObMlidr Mauil 17; fibtiihilr a. ■. A8: 

«jbmiil|f>c OitM. ISiiS. 





ih^url iiOM. 1, 83; ei)iurl A. b. G'2; /m«. 

i;v|jnrl) Makh. 8. 

rahlr, ;iliti'. -■/. Sax. (-ahUi, O. Fn'n. arhta, 

O.L.fJertn. O.fl.fierm. alito, Goik. nhlau, 

O.Ietl. attJi. Lai. octo, <?r. Sxtta, «^Ai 

'^^/«HghtJ, Jul. GO Ju 61; ichtc (puhto. ohtc) 

^KtAi. niUil .V 2t;502; ehtt^ OuM. 5»0; 

^BeibU' A. B. 12; fm*. eytito) Miac. 115; 

^B«{|(> ATENB. Ift; f>gte 8T. HKS. A. KK. 

l:UO; eijtv' Wicl. Joiw 20, 26; eijto 
nud Qivoti KoK. 02; Sfti &: i^iite Ga3; 
piphto faiiht) AIan. ei>. F. a714; oighto 
nmi twviititlic CuAUf. C. t. a S; oitx" 
LiTD. I'ljv. 129; ahto chuox. r.Nr.r* U24; 
auijrliU' D. Arth. 278; njt A. i*. 3, 11; 
nght Tw. 14;18. 
clitotCno, A.Sax. eaMatyno. Aj^JUiwi, Laj. 

18014': eijtotGnp Ror 407; eijte-, cii- 

t«oe Thkv. :). 17. 
t'itlvtoofn*, A.Sttx. Ciihlad'odil. eigJUtenUt, 

r. L. s. Xll. 5; o^t",'*en(K^ pnocLAM. 7. 

ci|iuti, A.^9X. nalitnti^, OM.Gtrm. nhto- 

^K tu?, eiyhltf. Hob. 292; Win.. 1 Kivn<t 

^ 22. 18. 

rahlii'r^ olttn]>p, J.fhx. l•:illt<lc^J^ OM.Genn. 

ibUKto, &n^A. :ilitu()it, O. I-rta. iichtundu, 

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tl & 107; fihtndo, (MhtewU' a. b. 14 

2'Uy; chtede. oertodo now. 2. 47 fr i:i7; 

iteode 87; ciliUtifif siwr. 145; eililcju- 

Hr'Airr. msT. 1. t.l; oijU^jic Uuk. 2l;J: 

lpl)k|H' Lanol. kd. Wb. 9538; egh|»e 

line 4fl8; cht^'iifif Ohm. 413(!: i>jtciiilo 

IkYUVD. 10; SnoHi^ii. !tt>; Ciftemli- st. oks. 

A. KX. IlIV.l; .u'lil*'!"! PK. r. t)H9r>. 

rike, ><..Srx. earn. O./fe/. niiki. rif. «d4Utt- 

tuentum : (A fikrii inKuptr, hum. 2, fi 1 ; 

Iftki-n (to 6ki')MAmi. 4; iH(m Obm. 747: 
Ike (t^kpn. W* bVc) a. r. 78; tf-kf h. m. 
ft; on ftkc SPKP. :i4; f«M/j. oviTojiko. 
Icpnaniti. O.ImL aukimiiTii, m'ehutm*. u. 
|b. IfiSI; Akoii.tme, n6k<>iiam(> "<r,7rH>fN«»", 
TROMI'T. 3'i2. 

caM, .I..Viiji. r-nifl, aid, O.L.fiarm, nid, old, 
O.n.GtrfH. altpr. &WA. ill^^i.^. o/rf /'(./rf;. 
p. I*. «. Vin. 2; aid Lai. :tOl; 
IM. 747; aybnb. 104; Ivr. I.IMJ; Mik. 
twdf winter aid SitnitRii. 44; old a. 
6; o. A. N. 25; eld <)( rov, 656; ». 
c. XIII; un f>)d cU'tb Uavkl. 54tt; )>t« 

I'alde lawe Shobbh. 44; 1)0 ialdu (ienldo) 
iujf AYKSU. 7 A: 97; fu iildi: (olde) king 
IjAi. 39o9 fc o32y; jie olde man Duako. 
2; HldtS oldv fdat. mj o. A. .v. 1183; 

be \o talde lagho snsc. 27; cido lO'/.y 
apEc. 95; Ijud. Cov. 73; caldcn fdat. jH.) 
Uat. 5, 21; alden Lai. 6774; \fs nlde 
(fide) nieu Wicl. Mat. 5, 21: oldre (torn- 
par.j fid^r. Ohm. |:J2!5; mis*:. .18; pidro, 
uMre p. L. s. VIII, 162; teldio, old(?ro 
feldre) Lai. a926 * +390; eldren />/.y 
tMiofM, ptire»i*ty I{oB. 65; Shohkit. 97; 
jeldeR-ii. luldi-ri' (oldre) La». 7354 i 12516; 
oldnm. <-ldrps I.Axnr.. :{. 248 (261); eldre 
Mtsc. 46; iiro eldn' noM. 2, 43j ildro 
BKL. AKT. 1, 175; eldrea CnAua C. t. e 
■65; oldrent' /gm. pi J Katu. 81; oldoine 
tlEP. Kktii. 6; eldest fmpet'}.) SIark 10, 
43; iddeste cuHON. EsOL. 423; ayenu. 
104; jiddRHty (eldPHt<>) Laj. 2930. 
oldfader. A.Sax. ealdfimlcr, O.IJ.Gfrtn. 
altfattT, ''ffffwi", voc. 205; el(d)fadir "»- 
cw", PBOMPT. 137; aldfador m. h. 122; 
jildrviid.T L.u. 31009. 
ddmudf'r, Ajinx. wildmOdur, "awa", voc. 
205'. ridniadir "toffria", pbokpt. 137. 
»Me c/rf, (rfi^f«, mw(u$ f ^» pvorldcs aid 
()rm. 8831; |)nt him sriial un ealde gOra 
rvnwc Bi'.i.. ANT. 1. IH4; for I<as kinges 
nidi! Lai. 19411; in old(* tt. ». Rn..WR. 
641 ; jwc Mdc. 
caMer, A.Hax. caldor. aldor, prince, ehttf; lel- 
dor, aldor Lai. 136.''. A 16562; .ildcr iiom. 
1, 2HJ; i-.ildro8 "principf'" , Mat. 2. 4. 
:ildt>nlOu>, A.Sax. (.'aldordUm, pn'iietptth'ty, 
Obm, 18278. 
nldcmian. A.Sax. oaldorniann, aid^rman, 
Orm. 1 406 1 ; aidcnnon "prinwpa", fuaom. 
2; L.M. 1420. 
idd'Tscijii- " prinpipatw' , iioM. 1, 219, 
raMIrn, A.Sax. oaldinn, O.H.Germ. .iltDr^ 
fl/rf, «F»««w*; ioaldi /*«#. y«»Idv) atbnb. 
97; oldvn (^hai:c. b. b. 896; iildej (pre*.) 
uoM. U 35; pUIc> Onur. 18826; icldudo 
fpi-ift./ Lai. 2!»:{7; i^ldtHk'U Wirx. m. 81, 
3; eotap. fcrwildi'-ii. 
rRliIJn^, A.Sax. rnltliintr, gnviug old, a- 

YKSn. 95. 
rldlimrj A.Sax. t'tilduyttM, oidrnfat, Wiol. 

DKUTKR. 8, 4. 




MM, &m, JjSax. i^aiii, O.Frit. i^ii. O.Dattk 

oom, OM.OertH. oticiui, turn, acumHlua, Lai. 

8831 & 8897; oum, em st. ora. a. kx. 

1758 & 3747; oora Sax. ciihun. 2iil; 

cm HiCK. TUKS. 1, 227; Havel. 1326; 

Tkist. 1, 84; (low. 2. 2ti7; OtTor. 1^79; 

WlCL. 1 PABAL. 27. 32; iUs. KD. K. 

4123; M. jVbth. 1681; eem prompt. 139; 

M B. DISC. !J97; iem /'««. vom) Cu^st. 

Pi,. 2, 65; vines /"^oi.y \Vii,L. 342fi; I'liiis 

8. 8. ED. Wb. 1054; dmv (dal.J CiiAUC. 

Trou.. 1022: ^mea fplj Pbbgkv.- 1050. 
ran xm am. 
faii> A.Sox, cacen, impfetus; ^ne, cODc, fuiu' 

/■/j/.y AVici,. PS. 143. 13. 
enuesj A.Saz, oaniiia, ciu'iiiuii, HtHch ocuicti, 

MH fjfMtnJ; dain "fitart", pbokpt, 140; 

enode r'^w/./ Tukv. 4. 451. 
ear, A.Sfix. ear Ettm. lkx. 17. chtr Buirr. 

Ev. oLoss., O.n.f'trm. uliir. ahir, Gof*. 

ahs, O.Tcel. •A\, ear; tx "jt/Ji'w", vnc. 233; 

pRusnT, 141; 6re /lirf/.y ^Vus. 797; iore 

(an. yerc) atknb. 28; eart-s fpLj st. okn. 

A. Kx. 2104; ^res Rob. 490. 
tar tee (br. 
fardj A.Hax. ciird. 0,t.Ctrm. ard, J/.//. 

&ff^i. iirt, irTM, HOH. I, 13 J wrd Lai. 

29171; Obm. 1416; erd ht. oen. a. ux. 

210; ure ord i» on lievene Hoy, 2, 149; 

enrdc fdtitj a. b. 358; \k kinf; oi' fis»on 

wirdi' I*ai. 741"; irli fjirc ItiVni W iniu(r) 

«(a)ntv o. A. N. 400; erdc Langl. d G, 

203; A. p. 1, 248; c«n^. kiae-, iniddol-. 


tldflllc ST. CIKS. A. KX. 1880. 

rardlrn, A.Hajr. purdmn, O.fl.Germ. arton. 

habiUtrt: ha nt' mulira niipt sonicn cuidcii 

in lirvcnr h. m. 43; erdim Will. 5360; 

crdcst (pretj ps. 21, 4; vardid Mabii. 

9; <>rdcdpu /'/»r(<(.y hom. 1. 89. 
CHlUgj A.Sax, uardiinj:. hnbt'tatio, uom. 2, 


oardiDgstOpe Xat. 17, 4; vardiupitOfe, 
enliop^tSn'^ o. a. ». 28; crdinffutoupi' 
HOM. 2, 173. 
care, A.Nax. viirv:, O.Fru. Are, O.L.dfrm. 

6ra» dn% O.UXifrm. dia, ft/rvA cyrH. 6*<rfA. 

HUHo, Zfl/. aiiris, #rtr, Kath. 1734; \v\ 

oare, ieare/ivM. jreare) aykkb. 177 Ai 189; 

iiire /'in«. yar?) mibc. 36; &ro 0km. 2800; 

dra p. L. H. XV, 118; 6ro "amit, »Mm* 
paoiii'T. 141; oaren f^t.J Uabh. 20; 
K. 90; o. A. s. 338; Hubs) x.u. Rita.J 
909; eaTPn, ftron PRAnu. 5 A; 7; 6rt'q 
Alis. 6448; p. s. 1S4; civs, 205; 
PB. c. 782; ires lliiitM ed. Lru. 959;^ 
jeioa (= icros) Ha.luw. bict. 940; 
com }ie liinf^] t6 dre Rob. 492. 
6rcla|i|i« earlap, rkl. ant. 1, 34. 
earpreou ^^inam-n'\ pkaosi. 2. 
orering Mm'ng, Wicl. Job 42. 1 1. 
jarwigge, AJiax. carpicga, ^nvtg. pbuhpt. 
MA ttrumttu, yViCL. Nijxu. 4, 7. 
carcwr *rf jrwe. 
rarrplli A.Sax. earfod, eaifcdt', O./eei. vpA 
Gdi, erfatii, O.LM«rm, arbiMl, aiiiid, ai^| 
biMli, arbidi. itrvithi, 0. Frit, arbcid ■.. 
Gt^h. Ar\yA\]>s, , O.fl.Gfrm. arbi'it, /tmt. 
paOorna /., iabvi; Irilfufatio. 
parfvj)-, t!arvc]jslj', A.Sdx. oarrutlslJ, «£»- 
mitat, PRAOM. 5. J 

tvtttit, .LStix. varfoda. purfcdc. O.lcei. pm 
Tidr, diJ'JicuU: earfl.o)t!. ervcil Katii. 999(1 
(TvoJ (iirvt'Jt for tt iiaien a. b. 108; 
arfof t)aM. 1 7334 ; iTvcJcr fc9mpar,j 
HOM. 2, 63. 

urV'.'Ofiudp difjieuit- to Jind, iioSL 2, 27. 
arvcdfurj'o difJieuU to fjfd, hom. 2, 131 J 
onodlicliic difjk^lt to hoid, v. h. s. Vllf. 

157; :irofi>i11ii'.-i]d(«>) iiou. 2, 229. 
ervoJlIfhc a. r. 328; arrt_*«ll!cho boh. 

2. 123. 
HTft'dtoIlo difjietiit tA t*i/, MOM, 1, 
arvL'dfiuii'.' tli/fiat/t to win, hum. 3. 
rariet'anur, K-rloiliicssf, orfciliicjvMo di// 

ly, uoM. 1, 21, 105 ^ 223. 
cmnij AJittr. cnrru, O.Fris. ena, O.L.Gtrwk..t 
OJf.Orrm. iuiii. 0.le(4. nrmr. Oo<A. am 
X4<. ariiiiiK. arm, hrathinm. hom. 1, 189; 
iprm (arnil Lai. 28010; arm Rob. 17; 
Trist. 2, 103; X!ani>. 172; winnu <« 
A..R. 112; farmer fpl,j Suobkh. 123[ 
(.'arntp-i, nrvwi, a. b. 394 ^ 402; anat 
TREAT. 139; iirtDpn ^rf'i*. p/.^ Lai. 223J 
L'rmi»ldrL- hi-achMl feitt. \. u. 258. 
arnilndp fmt. Imrui-} i»r»i-Aii/f, Kxilht, Vf 
earai} arm. A.Sax. cann, O.L.O*nH. u 
O.Fru. crui, O.U.Gtrm. armcr, O.W.' 




nrmr, Goth. :inu.s, poor, mtsernhie, ii. m. 

il; ivnu Lai. 6<i08; oaiin'.- steor\e MAJtii. 

12: (i*'t ajrniu foli" Sax. rniios. 253; fu 

aniio pumo rki.. ant. 1, 18ti; his itiiii; 

«bluli> uuM. 1. 27; uarnio /'i^t^ n.y hum. 

1, 35; t'rninr' /'aec, m.J 115; cj^nue />/.^ 

F. L. 8. Vnr. 115; iirnie o. a. s. 537; 
^^jrraxtit firupfrlj Lai. H8i>a. 
^^ftarruhcrtuosse mUiric^rdi.i, iiOM. 3, 95. 
^^BkoiIIc />M>r, miM^ab/e, mtu. 1, ITH; [pini- 
^^^ hcho bi)rniui^'cn Lai. 0435; a'nu-. iirnK 
1 iTcbu /</<!(. plj Lai. .IKS & I OH!. 

I rrmlttfif J.StLr. vurmiQir. ormiuif. >imiii>r. 
I O. JhUch iiniiiuc, omiirif, poor, miaerahl^ 

IeteiitHr^, kraom. 7; hum. 2, lil; o. a. 
s. I 111; iprmiiijr Lai. IfitiUO. 
emrmte, A.Sox, pruulu, .vrm«lu, O.lI.Orrm. 
«iruti<lii. mitery, ii. M. 27: oriiii1t-> Makk 
12. 44; u.iM. 1, 113; iprimlu Lai. 1014^; 
;trui(i« Kti,. AST. 1. 182. 
rirn, A.Hax. caru, M.L.fienn. arn, fJ. W. 
flro, fO.f/.Oerm. nrii jm. iircn, CjrfA. nra 
yM. arins], *r« /'Mrn, ytrHj, aijiu'lit, a. 
B. 134; fl>rii Im.*. 282t>; Orm. r,880; era 
Havel. 572; Wtct. 3105; fhruv. 19ti; 
Lal'kf. 208; uruAiKNu. Gl; m-w>i ^jfm.J 
luti.. AXT. 1, 209; Him. 177; uanics 
/'/»/.> A. a. 196; nini*s Lai. 2175:1; umcs 
Max. ki». V. 10202. 

rxntirii) A. Siit. famiiUi. 0. ihtteh arnuii. 
uriiL-n. O.B.Oerm. arui'ii, *«•« ^rtm, p'trnj, 
mtrm: ernioQ doih. 1, 7; arno nuc post. 
1 4 ; varai'd fprtti.) \\. m. 1 9 ; t-nipilp 
(pret.) now. 2, 5 ; carut'il fpnrt.J Katii. 
22-'t5; comp. jp-, nfearnion. 

rarningr, A.'Sax. carnint;. caiuiiiij;, carnimj, 
twritvm, aiiBC. 60; (>rniti)ni i*. h. s. Vlll, 
32; eraitnjri' nost. 1. 19. 

nut, A-Sax., O.Fru. ils-t, O.ffutch oost. 
C./cr/. iHist(mAdr), e(i$t, ii. u. 1 1 ; out 
^fH otifnte/ and pr«t feor and nt>or i diV 
pel fain' niJ mostor a a. n. 923; |n'l 
iuant (hu. yiia«t) aykkii. 124; f».it &'a\ A, 
pi-Nt A- siijt A; uoij" f»is mifliloIiiT"! Iniiikcn 
Ohm. 12125; Tt-nlou hw liwt {<*»ft) /'rfi'- 
«iM orimiftnj La!. 10590; C>st "onettt", 
Pltuaii>T. 143: st. ckk. a. kx. 829; i 
ithall w:ilk eeai mir. t>L. 172. 
JC«ttrn}:1<- Lal 12253; Kytmi;jrle Hon. 1. 

d>.std.ilo Okm. 16400. 

aisU-niW (oasti-auili*) Lai. 28305. 

ealjet hum. 1, 5; (stjatp Tkkv. 4, 451. 

easUoH'l IvATH. 535. 

e.sln<-lii> HUM. 2, 45. 

Rutspxo £m<x, MISC. 14G; jEslsifx (fest- 

Nox) Lai, 15390; KsUvx Hub. 3. 
iHlseo I-. I., s. XIll, 18. ■ 
eslsltic Run. 2. 
cai;t|iaril eattiMr^, fraom. 5 ; estward 

BitAxi). 2. 
estvriiKt intt-teind, prompt. 143. 
eastv, A.Sttx. C'iista rfrt/. Oiistaii, 0. Frit. 
AnUi dot. asta, O.L.QerM. iwti) C:"! rfi*. 
ijslan, /O. y/. 6'er;H. iiStfO A((. nstour |, 
(wiAJ: bi 6stim a. k. 232; Han. £1). H. 
45; l)i oitt' Horn ed. Li.m. 1325; p. i,. 
n. XVIIL 2; fraiu bi' cask- SnoitKii. 122. 
ca-slcUj A. Stir, oastiin, O.Ice/. austaii, y. /-. 
C'rrwi. osliia, '>.sUint.'. O.sUuia. O./I.O'erM. 
nst^inii, ab minute ? ktX^w fio Ja| ii) i^r. 
OKA'. A. lut. 1264. 
msU'r, A.fitjr. ojistcr ycfl. vasfrys ;>/. ciuslni 
n., oablif l>j /»/. t'astruu, unstron, O.If. 
Gertn. fistra />/. usiriiu /.. E(utifr ; eaU^r 
Braj^ik 7; l^i Astrc U'^stt-i) wt's a{oii}.'0 
Lai. 24195; a-ster Mint- 143; imirc rdat.J 
ATKNii. 213; an Unv jfesU-re Lai. 24143; 
ilLsterc Ai'D. 41; vmUv (pi.} Mat. 26, 2; 
eastii'U Mark 14. I; ocsti.'ni "yanftu", 
PHOAii'T. 1 43 ; euHtreii fdat. pij Sax. 
uuitON. 256; in Cstcrnc (r. dstcrn) At. 
QKK. a. kx. 3290. 
oasf'.'rdei, A. Sax. eastpvdieg, 0. //. Germ. 

ftslcrtaf;, EnsUr-dnp, uom. 1, 123; fister- 

dei A. r. 412. 
OstorCvcu, A.Sax. eostemfuu, EaH*r-*Tt, 

A. B. 70; HUM. 2, 95; fisterEvo Trbv. 

5, 189. 
i^rterfcstf KoD. 441. 
oastcrhr. A. Sax. oafilorlKs O. //. Gtrm. 

AMlarllclHtr, patehalia: fnuii ^nn dstor- 

llcho doie uom. 3, H9. 
:'i.-4UtIu[iiIi, Germ, fwtorlamiu, l'hroh. Vua>o. 

^■itcniioicwe, ^^rw. OsttTuior^sp, si'bc. 96. 
*stt>rtJdo. j^.-Sf/j:. oaslprU"! tbkat.6. Eiuter- 

tide, Will. 1417; Auth. a. iURi.. 2849. 
fastrrnrj A.Stu. oaHtonio, etuUrn: of Aattirnt' 
(ypu. n'sUof) WLMirlde Laj, 27393. 




eatf, A.Sitx. o-n^p, dde, ^do f/aci/it, Itpit, 
vattunj, O.L.Gmrvi. Athi ffaciUtJ, O.H. 
Osrm. ii<icr f/aci'/u, mdrnj, O. Icfi. iiu*Ir 
fvacatuj, G(4h. Ullj^s l!pijfto;), onM, ^m^i'«, 
/d«7M, Kath. fi^6; jfefi Ohm. 13012; uit 
liim wcs on lioortcii Lai. 22f{4; )rd ifetT 
{lo seal iwiirilcn 22100; an his mf^dp him 
wos t>iX ^(lo 22G59; ed to ivelea a. b. 
223; e|) Hob. :327; Oow. 1, (iO; ilix. 
20; Max. kd. 11. 191; OlU Wilu 3571; 
6)10 (Jaw. 67(i; a. p. I, 1201; Chait. 
Tboil. 7220; Iilldo hi bic|> anti w»«lo 
Hick. tius. 1, 224; rnit (eil). 'i-Aiiv faJrJ 
A. R. (52 A: 270; eaile hom. 2, 173; 
cade. ie|»e p. l. s. VIII, 143; i:&]w 0km. 
17(176; r>|>e HuRX kd. Kits, tjl; r. i- 
1281; SL T. 97; i|>o Horn ki». Lum. .17; 
(tiloro (camper.) HOM. 2, .'ili; mid t^ran 
Icdone khaom. 1 ; cow/', uoeade. 
t>(1b£te eanj to amend, hou. 2, (i:t. > 
Ml^lc M«t7;}r feie, A. B. 194. 

edlelc /i«?A^/y etUenud^ v. h. h. VTU, 37 

4^ 130. 
edfllc, ^.A'tfx. oadfr-, t'(J<v, ydelic. O./iv/. 

audliirr. /rrtV, iioii. 1, 21; Mcllch Avu. 

i:j; rtii ('Jrllrh «tirh(i a. n. 2H2: |'iirh 

6<l«.'ll«-lui ^\Hv Lai. 24921: for u-jichkc 

gilto Obm. 10172; ^ddloho A: piUe hum. 

1, 25S; ddcllcbc mou 2, 35; ft)irlT| 

/'iwip.y Oasi. 12534; >« fft^Ilkcsto st."m 

is criskil Ft,. A. Bl. 274. 
MltiU' wijn/y puUtd, .Iiii,. 70. 
edsCne Mfhfy w^h, Katu. 381; udsCni', 

6dceoo A. B. 116. 
M^inno «My to un'jt, iiok. 2. 49. 
ratf'icn tote? 6dcdo /'»!«. eddrdr) bis sofge 

HT. OKU. A. KX. 1439. 
CM «M 6. 

ml Wf nwel. 

ftp «» £. 

capcB, .^.•Su. rapnn, oopan, iopnn. i(rp:iti. 
^pan. O.fh'i. ouva, &o<A. iiugjuii, «■<«»- 
ifiv, fflOMlrwrv; amijv. at4>upfin. 
'CM, J.Sar. tax. v%, O.M. fn, O.Z.Germ. 
jicuH, O.n.Gtrm. nrhuM, Golk. iKjizi, Ztf^ 
wcia, sr (ft), A. B. 384; I'iix, ifx Lai. 
2312 Jc 6473; nx **mimM', prahm. 4; 

axo Orm. 10063; Rob. 17; lU voc. 23^ 
o. A. s. 658; IlwEL. 1894; 8. tt. 
Wkb. 384; Mamj. 251; v. s. 222; 

[■B05IPT. 144; I.I B. DISC. 1180; 

fdat.j Lai. 2310; aicn fdai. pi) 

747S; tomp. bol-, hiind-, ir]«tx(-ax). 
CM, A. Sax. cnx. 0. U. G«rm. ahsa, Z«i. 

aiig, ax (ex), 

iixtrco axirw, axit, Jin*. 56; axtr5 Miro 
334; U-, I'ltri^ Witri.. ecclkk. 33, 5 J 
cxtrB voc. 180; pbomtt. 145; CaAoa™ 

ASTRtlU 1, 14. 

O.L.Gfrm. a^i.slii. O.fT.Gwrm. iilisla. ahsrla^ 
alis.'(la. Xof. .-txiUa, trx/c, AuNfaTW; vtlr, 
exle Lai. 2263 k 18032; c«x1o ^f/.; 
Luke 15, 5; oxian Mat. 23, 4; upIcs 
"leapHftM", Fs. 90, 4; ho hit twrd an hiM 
eaxlun nou. 1, 245. f 

:a<.-ltii>4> axh-ttM, Gow. 1. 320; axiK 
(•xiltr5 naoMPT. 20 ; oxiUr5 voc. 2>78. 

rbbr, A.Stix. obha, O.Fru. obtm, ubbe, 
.\i.i8. 6184; Chavc. C. t. r 259; Uas.J 
Ki). P. 12317. 

cbbln, vINu. pbbiaB, «&&, pbuupt. 13.5; 
(•bW Lui). Cuv. 56; cbbc or il6wQ 3l 
131; ebbej (prM.) rkl. ast. 1, 123. 

«b1ilRgC Ming, huh. 2. 177. 

^C WW Oflf. 

^ w« ftlfrlipilc, wufn' A. 

ccke AV nciie. 

^Im, A.Sax. dec, r^tfTMn/. Mat. 19, 16| 
Kath. 302; a. r. 108; bku ast. l,| 
130; »IBM. 971; n. A. N. 1270; 6rha| 
n")tp Uirx. THKS. 1. 221; iu i^rho 
<u<<prHtim, .]v\'. 35; ««M^. cft'nech<\ 
Mii4lchi« HtrnaUy, Katu. 2387; box. 

#flir inerfowy «i|»oiite wjino and 6ch« 

SlIftRBH. 10, 

cchcd, .4.<Sdx. ocwl, O.L.O0rm. ocid, 
ofhfdo /'i^.y Mat. 27. 48. 

#rliro, ^./iu-. C'cao, ^cnn. OX.Otrm. fildai 
OJl.Gfrm. ntnlioii, nbf, augtrtf A. u. 124;il 
tA Orhfii |)in .llito ii. ^. V; N'ban LuksJ 
12. 2.^^ Si'-bou (drhi*) Lai. 13065; 6rbej 
Ikiii. 199; ttrBO. 92; KiiOBim. 3St Aua.! 
6026; Wkx. k<vm!« 18, S; Cthcu, *krt 
noM. 2. 31 ii 57; Akru Orm. iiKiur. 57;{ 
6ke Uam. md. H. 176; PR. c. 3356; «che 




rr. TaoiL. 705; CchetT uom. 
1, 103; vkfH 'aHjieief, ph. .M). i»; <f)iM 
/pari.) PL. ca. 244. 
rrhnrKie tft pciieiw4>. 
frll^, /v. eclipse, fciifvf. Lakol. o 21. 

Miif» ^^{'Cben? |to bp^pere OcncJ his btuli* 

HUM. 2. 213. 
^unatf A. Sax, (•cnciis, ecnyss, eteraiti/. 
Mum. 7; Kath. G6I: vclmesso Luke 
1. ;13; m.w. I. 109 i- 2r>l; i>difUt'8So 
A. R. M4. 
rj., A. Sax. w!-, Goth. id-. O.M. iil-, O. 
Jl.firrut. it-, ed: 
pdpxtw(c) nigrmo. prompt. ISR. 
Iioalden rrWrt** eiih.ildo ffot' cthaldp*') 
HOX. 1. 141). 
<^li.srh, A.Hax. fdisc, OflPRC, tdUh. 

(Hli8(Ii)bciino "eotwuir", ph. 104, 40. 
cdliiiclten. A.Sax. wlIAcan, rfptat ; comp. 

edien. A.tinz. nllean, O.ff.Oertn. illOn, 

CrtvQtNprtiae, ut'"il. 1, 103. 
Cdpit, A. Sax. edpit^ (>.L.G(Tm. tvinil. 
ffo(A. idvoit, 0. lljifrm. itw'u, reproneh, 
hlamft: |H*t wipit A. B, lOS; cdwit Knit. 
379; ledwil Lai. 5827: fiiUf iu filwite 
o. A. K. 1233. 
edvjt«, 6<Uh. id^oitjan, 0. H. Germ, it- 
«1xon, reproach, hkr.i«, I.AXor.. s .•), .170: 
p. 1*. #. IV, 8; edpitfil, (Nlpi^Mi (prtt.) 
H. M. 87; wlfUe (tuhjmH.J A. k. 42I>; 
wJftito Wici,, BCCiiUS 8, (J: edwilvd 
f^H.J Lanbl. r 7, 421. 
M «M ead. 
fitfrr »te nddrc. 

frfdrf;, A. Sax. ifedre. *d(lrc, 0.fri$. *ddre. 
O.JLOerm. ildra. mn, ^m*. lu'ddri-') hki,. 
AKT. 2, 273; eddrea /';;/.; a. r. 2ri8; 
vemp. ormCddn.*. 
n|« w» iKtdo. 
Mi •» cadi. 

tk\$my FV. edifipr. «fc/y. "aedijicari\ WirL. 
oKnn. U, 8*. 

er M it 

tifii, A.Sar. ofon. oiim, O.frin. ercn, ivou, 
f>,/tv/. infn, O.Il.Oerm. rbaii'-r. ffoiA. ilm.>s. 
My», atquM. nfquaiiK, Ohm. 1S40; cfne A' 
nnedc a. u. 2; jitt is efue pid ]<u hum. 
1, 209; )iok> pici i^fno lieorto |)e dAiii 

26r.; Jit'r 8rnl )w> lu'Iiio l»con n'fiic (efnn) 
fun lojf Lai. 22!»28; his lyfiif wilit of 
golde 30H3ri; rto . . . finos o dai ik 
fvc'iu' ^/"wiy lillf HOM. 2. 67; I'veue ditin 
r. L. 490; rveno jtipc Chauc. C. t. a 
1804; l>ot mukct> }<ane wul omiio ayknk. 
151; an pmiie cjiir?//^, Shorkh. 75; cfiip 
fii^seit wordou . . . Bodiicr lico fjtni tiir- 
teu Lai. 2593!!; Iio benm htps Irof irfnn 
al 8wa bcoro llf 13924; ieb sinn-o cfuc 
n. a. X. 313; ei'piiv st. okn. a. i^x. 331; 
Wiiii.. 747; (lat is erpne above l»tn lii'ved 
TBKAT. 132; to ben- liiiti rvene Chaixt. 
C. T. A 1523: 0)11 forth mi mijrht 2235; 
evcoc for|< wifi )»i sclvc Lanri.. kd. Wr. 
11037; fpi beti evrno wi[i .iiirgols "«/- 
fwr/fi angeiit mrnl", WjCL. LlKK 20. 30; 
timp. aiipri>u. ■ 
vrcnnld, A.Sax. ofeneald, wm-old, Obm. 

18605; ovouald /'m*. -hald) u. m. 41; 

evenold, -old "coafitmetu', pbomi-t. 143. 
eveiiknijt "eommtHto", W'tvu Philip. 2, 

evoiiiTiatom.' evenchrUtian, mm. 1, 53; 

Lakgl. kd. Wb. 3353; pvoncristen c. 

I,. 07*1; <'mrrist<>ne HinK. thks. 1, 223; 

ciucristen aykkr. 10. 
efcnecbo eoHerttal, Orji. 13582. 
eveiiliC^e ^'afquit.a»\ AVia.. r-s. 10, 8. 
'pfenbch Okm. 15720. 
cvcnlipchen, A.Sax. efenlavaii. rmem^e: 

evoulr-cliej (pre»,} hum. 1. 113. 
{jcvelonpde, O. Tcet. infiilon^, equinox ? 

8T. OKK. A. KX. 147. 

erenllc, A. Sax. efenlTc, O.M. \nlti\lf!t, 
Goth, ibualoiks, mmfy, arqualu^ Orm. 
1S37; pyplTclit' jnsr. !l0; gevellc kal. 

AKT. 1, 213; ST. GEK. A. KX. 282; 

ov<nlTrh<> fadr.J Rt:i,. axt- 1, 172; 
cvonli WiCL. Job 9, 32. 
ofcnmStP, 0. Jf. Germ, elienmilxor. Oiut. 

30i>9; cvenmPtp va. 4fi. 13. 
efeiirlkp Orm. 11808. 
evenwortt tquitakni, Wtcl. Job 28, 10. 
^fen $90 Afeo. 
rffnllDf^ ovenlinfT, A.Sax. efflnliofr. eqttai, 

HMM. 1. 57 k 67. 
rrentiMKf, A.Sax. efrriiiiw, frtntitim. "arnpii- 

tfiw", WlCL. 0Kt:TKR. I*, 5; HVeniies PR. 

10, 8. 




ilfeste fiee ovcatp. 

tint, O.Tcel. efni, viaien'a, faaiUas? a. r. 
6 i :n3; ou maniu's cfono hom. 2, IJiT; 
after his evenc 1, 187; lit liis cvono 
Kath. 57; 1)1 licio cvpiip r. s. 157. 

(fnf n, --1. S/rx. efnau. 0. Ar/. iafna. 0, If. 
O'inn. cbanon. Goth. {^•A)\h^\\i\\\. eren, Obm. 
iai?6; cvfiien n, m. IP; Wkx. Is. 28, 
25;' cveniii "aeqiuire", prompt. 143; ciiuii 
AYENB. 16; cfuod. ovoiied fprcK.J a. r. 
82 & 132; oiire lovenl liim silf liim e- 
vi'nej) to ■so})uisso ])ere Uek. 1021): efnc- 
(le fpretj a. e. 126; ovt-iU'd (part.) ps. 
88. 7; (;««;». iofiu'ii. 

ffncftrn, A.Snz. pumcttiiiK?). acqnare; iciu- 
nette (part. pi. J fracm. 2. 

rfnlngj O.Tcel. iafiiinf,'i, eqmil, a. r. 182; 
efniiip, ofoniiiK Ohm. 10702 k lOPiU; 
eveiiio)? Kath. 119: o. a. k. 772. 

ftfre fxe ifefro. 

eft, A.Sax. O.L.Germ. 0. Frif. fft. rjt, 
pOKtea, iterum, Kath. 144P; Orm. 181; 

EKI,. ANT. 1. 225; ST. OKN. A. EX, llfii); 

r. L. 751; Will. 882; Lanol. r 17. 
Ill; fiow. 2, 2G4; Chauc. C. t. a 16(i0; 
Makd. 14; Wic'L. oknes. 17, 0; Hwcl. 
I. 408 ; iBvric moil seal oft niOpon lii 
Jion Jie he iin si\pfil hom. 1, IHT; & 
dude hit oft k eft a. b. 2Cf>; and eft 
SOUP cumo jiar ti'i o. a. k. 821; waiine 
ho cOnie oft ajo Ktm. 220: and ever oft 
ho was lame li r. nisc. 477; oft, a-ft 
La!. 3264 A; 6445. 

eft ! eft and nif m. h. !t5. 

efler tee ajfter. 

c§ see ci. 

eglCche, A.Snx. io^'la'ca, afjliira. audax? 

knihtes eglectio rel. ant. 1, 170 (misc. 

102); sleije luon and egluche leg. XIII. 
eje, A.Sax. ege. O.JI.Cerm. ogi, O.fccK agi, 
awe, timor, terror: for Info ne for eje 
^ms. ojje) Orm. 4481; ajho 7185; eige 
JIat. 14, 26; eigo, ago st. okn. a. ex. 
432 k 2550; oijo, eie, seic (eave) Lai. 
47S3, 1)126 k 9129; eio p. l. s. VIII. 
140; Marh. 5; A. 11. 418; Fl. a. Bl. 
302; p. s. 190; ^hj». eve) Hek. 282; 
BKL. AKT. 1, 116; lliCH. 3600; It. s. 38; 
Jion liaildest of him nun eie Man. ep. F. 

2894: awe 1850; eie, icio Sax. chbov. 
261 i 266; aghoTowK. myst. 305; ah^e 
LEP.. cATH. 88; aighc Abth. a. Mebl. 

465; aie, awe Alis. kd. Sk. 1243; awe 

"pfivor, terror", prompt. 17; Hatel. 277; 

Chauc. C. t. a 654; Hoccl. I. 383; for 

love no for awe Will. 5430; aue c. jl 


oifnl, A.Sitx. egefuU, nie/itl, Kath. 40; 

ajhoful Oem. 7172; eifiille yord hox. 

2, 81; ahefulle dtHoles 1, 271. 
ojohi's, -■/. S; 3-. egoleas. O. feel, ngalunss, 

awletis, imparting, Obm. 61 PI; ajlez Gaw. 

a'ielesto Lai. 19291. 
eillcli. O.lI.Germ. egilToher. terribh, Hfw. 

2, 5; aglillch (iAW. 136; ajcllchc fait.} 

a. r. 56*; ajli A. r. 2, 937. 
(')e see oa;e. 

P3f8f, oise, A.Sax. egesa, ogsa, O.L.Germ. 
O. If. Germ, egiso, terror. 
a;ijo.sful, A.Sax. egesfull, Lai. 17972; 

oisful HOM. 1, 111; Mabh. 9; fpriMtd 

eiffnl) A. H. 190. 
oislic, A.Sax. egesllc, terrible, fbarm. 3; 

HOM. 1, 87; oisllche pihte p. l. a. VIII, 

142: Jh' ei.selli'he shame, hom. 2, 67. 
risien, A. Sax. egosian, egsian, O.II.Oerm. 
egisoii. ierrei-e: Ju't he his mou eisiao no 
der HOM. 1. 111. 
pgge, A.Srx. org. O.Fri's. eg, O.Ieel. Qg^. 
O.L.Germ. eggia, O.If.Gtrm. ckka, edgf, 
'•acies', i'ro.mpt. 136; Lai. 5202; Orm. 
6639; Alis. 1271; li b. rase. 1923; 
AVicL. Hkbk. 11, 34; L. h. b. 136; niid 
syonrdes egge A. B. 60; nndor il wode 
v^isc Jos. 475. 
eggetui edge-tool, Will. 3755; Gow. 2, 

egged; A.Sdx. ocged, O.fcel. eggiaJr, eige^, 
Mas. El). F. 7862; a . . . knif iei^ 
in ei}>or sido IJor. 310. 
fggfll, O.TceL eggia, edge (egg), A. E. 146; 
Orm. 1 IS19; eggin 'Uncitare', peompt. 
136; eggeit fpreg.J bel. ant. 1. 131; 
cggedo (pret.J i,kh. Jks. 897; Teev. 4. 
93: egged AVill. 1130; pb. r. 5483: 
Adam and Kve ho eggedc (egged) tu 
(doll) ille Langl. 1, 63 (65); eggidea 
"prcvocarernni" , Wipl. deuter. 32, 16. 




fggCR, O. Dutch pgghou, 0. II. Gemt. ockun, 

oeeare : ep^cn ojpor harwon Lanol. <■ 

«. 19. 
rf;ginf(C egging, itutigatio, a. b. 82; Of^gnn- 

fn\ ojrjfin^o h. m. 5; oirprinir Obm. 11675; 

A. P. 2, 241; PE. c. r.487. 
fglr, Fr. iiijrlp, eag^f, Makd. 48; Chauc. 

0. T. a 2178; eirk- is erii Man. kh. F. 


ejifi nee t'ilcn. 

^re, /v. aiijrc, ^ffi^w, lion. 80; hkl. ant. 

2. 277: Will. liGIJfJ; CnAiic. C. t. k 

ll!>i>: AVirL. PS. 106. 11. 

cjrn'llclu' eiigerhj, Lanol. kd. Wr. 10928. 
ejtf we eaiiti'. 
^jle Jffv &\\\v. 

fhlf fee t'.ilitt'. 
eblf *(•*• ifehtc. 
^litai> A. Sax. ehtnn, prr»eeHtf ; etrte V st. 

r.KN. A. Bx. 470. 
ehtfro, A.Sax. Olit^ri'. "pemecutor", praom. 2. 
t\f M.U.dnm. ci. et'ghy ag, fmit. pv) CiiAiic. 

C. T. A J1708; ei jrwi ayknb. 10r>; c\ 

what is inc Hoccl. I, 393. 
fl, A.Sax. a% O.Teel. e^, O.lT.Oerm. ei, 

egg, ovum, (mg. ev) o. A. n. 104; Rob. 

404: (iow. .1, 7C; Chauc;. C. t. b 40»5; 

AViCL. LuKK 11, 12; Lido. m. p. 204; 

s. A. c. YIII; Pi, pij i-bo. 124 k 125; 

nun pij (m». iio neij) Will. 83; pi, ni 

(lAM. <>10; aifT Luke 11, 12; ai Alir. 

5(iH; Trist. 3, 79; Man. ed. H. 175; 

pi, PIT PROMPT. 136; piren fph) a. r. 6G; 

p. L. s. XII, 60; (ma. pvrpu) avknh. 178; 

Manj). 49; Lido. m. p. 29; l. (;. r. 7: 

p^'ijps Lanol. b 11. 343; h. a. c. kd. 

AVh. LVI; pirp ^m«. pyr«) fdat. pLj o. a. 

N. 106; comp, (tuspj. 

aiselipllp egg-titeU, Alis. 577. 
t\ nee jiilli. 
rlr d'it' '{\. A. Sttr. pjj, ijf (I'jr. ig V k/t 

HuLT/.M. ORAM. 1. 211), O, Dttfeh pi. 0. 

/«■/. py /;, -nj, intuhl. 

pilonil. A.Stix., \'A', r'ahuul, O.lhUih 
filaml, (i.M. t'Uantl. ilaml fixhuidj, ea' 
/amf, inmtht, nv.h. ant. 1, 221); plaml 
Man. ki). II. 77; ilnntl Lai. 1 13:!*; 
UcTOv. 539; ihuui Tkist. 1, 94. 
cle «M p^p. 

^ic f00 eaje. 

rlj iM pi. 

t\jtr, flhte AV pahte. 

^IMe tee itihtp. 

Alhwer *« ujliwer, under fi. 

lillf, A.Stir. Pirl /. (ctupit, fftlufaj Orrin's 

GLOSS. 1, 222. pjrhi fariftaj voc. 38, i. 

6'#n«. ailp / farinU) Schamb. wb. 6, 

ail, aritta, "aci(»", Halliw. kict. 343 ; 

}ia pi.ulp "fegtuca)n'\ Li:ke 6. 41; piU'U 

fplj A. B. 270. 
fllf, A.Sax. pjtIp, Goth, ajrlua, aeerbiu, mo- 

le»tu»: eilp /"ttw. pvIp) and hard . . . Iiit 

WPS c. L. 223; ))imj him |>oiijtp pile 

Bkvks 513; hporo ^whiv .swi|>p cillp (pil) 

of a^dplenp hirp fiiMlpip Lai. 3281; |>at 

te liuuphpd uYpl of k oil ii. m. 25. 
file, Ooth. ajrlo (*)i'}tjl. ail, dolor y dvH 

Ipssp piip to })Pii pipn a. b. 50. 
filcn, A. Sax. pghm, Goth, (us)apljan. ail, 

mohttare, dolere, A. R. 276: Kira. 3629; 

pjlen Obm. 4767; Pili h. m. 47; pilpd 

(pregJ^KiH. 1699; what pilpf [»p Chait. 

C. T. A 1081; i wOt wel what sikne.sso 

joii pile)) Lanol. 6, 259 (7, 344); pilie 

fsubjj A. R. 418; (lis pisfu! piht j^pt hit 

np pile (pili) nip iwpiht Maru. 9; pilpdo 

rpret.J Will. 951; ailpd fpart.J (Jaw. 

438; MiN. 41. 
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myrja. ember famnj, "prima", promi'T. 136. 
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fire, O.Fr. prrp. eyre, iter, Rob. 51 & 517; 

Man. kd. F. 1486. 
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pinnontjpr ovorum venditor, p. l. a. XII, 
f\ft%f O.Fr. prrpr, oirror, itinerari, ire; ai- 

rps fpre».J d. Abtii. 1329. 
fisc nee aisp and cjpso. 
elsll, O.Fr. aisspl, Gr. lia\i<^, acetnm, a.' h. 

402; V. L. 1150; pispl CiiAuc. R. r. 217; 

MiRc 1884; Aid. 64; pispl, aisi-I Wicl. 

Ni\MB. 6, 3 & Mark 15. 36 fr. r. 

vinpprri'); r. m. 1H0I9; niij pisilp ^(•dW/Vr 

rernion pppdp) Mark 15. 36. 
fit, A.SiiT. iffod y a/'t f ryot J, inxiihi : (rtn 

(Pit La). 23873. 

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f/iMffuagf, harliarous: ilii uhi'iirdi r^ *'"■ 
wi'ln'(inli) fpoo'l Lai. 2.%fir.8. 
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n»iioM: foi al|»<>oiIpiK- v''^i<l Lai. 2^27. 
cltloiHli, .-f.Mff*. t'lt't'iMlis. forrigH, A. K. 

fliS*; HltH'orli PRAnsi. 2. 
Hl(>*otlisc, vl.^'«r. i'l)H.-odiKtr. fwrign, Lai. 
2:UU; .■alil.-.>ilis4-.. /•)»/.; .Mat. 27. 7. 
*l, A.S.I.T. *i, O.U.Grrm. iil. O./iv/. all. 
(w/, "augHi'/in", i'BOMiT. 1-17; Mwj //i/V 
Alih. ri7d2: Mami. 1«>l: (^lU l. c. c. 50. 
t'liri^i, O.Ihitrh at^lirlieor. "/ittitio" giio 
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gtn, nlduiti, O.JJ.Gfrm. alti, r/rf, «<<«»*, «- 
H«r<itt» Oui.. 20t; st. hkx. a. rx. TOfi; 
ItnB. U; sPKr. 48; SiiiiRkii. I6S; ATizxit. 
fill; Wru.. a327: I.asci.. n II. l-'l; 
Ohaik. C. t. a 2U7; 2Vi:i: Wicl. 
Li'KK I. 'tri; A. I-. 2, )>*t7; i-h. i. IM^t; 
fide mo haf' overcome l. h. r. 22; fif- 
t?jie ]Ar }an vua \\\n chit? Man. i:ii. K. 
9744; icti p.iK of spnclip eldp A. r. ^118; 
Adv. tilde p. L. f^. Vni. <> j^- IftH; o-ldc 
(onldoi Lai. 2r»!t|:(; «<v wiIiU'. 
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^14pii, O.M. idda, i^n^nv aecm^ftf; ■•ildon? 

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fiditis;, O.M. 4>|ditur. ^hling frilAingJ, ali- 

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Alfk. (fnno. v. c. 3GS A 36il. wK* Boi-r. 
Kv. OM)Ss., OM.fim'tn. oli olei ■« O.. 
<'■«•*«. iitip, 6'«^A. jilfv. O. Fr. nilo. <til«i^ 
Lnt. uhiiin, 'Vr. li.atov, oi/. Oiiji. i:t2-%2; 
SnnitRn. 41 ; I'li Uipk. thics. 1. 22!^; ^i>l«j 
Kath. 2-M2: tiiilc ii. m. 45; mli Mar&, 

U: A. II. :i20; olio «T. HEK. A- KJC. IMSjj 

■ili \^. 1. 8; oiU*. nilc avr.*?]!. \vA. 

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I'lri'ii) lt»;J; I'lliTui', iH'Idcriic, illoni. tdU-r 
LAsr.i« I, (t(; (I. 68; S. 64); rldir 
PHOMIT, KJ7: "■*■ liilliT. 

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|p>i. allci. fioth. aljiK. c/*'. thijf. 7l»«Sj 
Wii.u 1102: Mand. .'i; pb. v. I28l( 
HiicrL. 11. 2;J: "lie* bpAr a. b. 78; 
heo Oahl idlos niidpi'»tuilc o. a. v, 603^ 
ellcii lipider lAliiii anM. 1. 2f>l; ellt 
ttlinder r. l. h. XVII. r.4Jt; fn I.-ntf 
anil ellos (ollts) Laxol. u vuol. ill; 
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cllis .lACRAn. 211. 

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rim, A.Sar. Am, O.M. »\im, ffm. "tifmrnT, 

VRiiilVT. Iil8; TRAX)*ACT. IK. 24. 

rlmrsKP, A. Sax. ;p|nK>wt'. tir. ikiij^ti^!tvi 
aim", A. ft. 222: ayrsu. 17: dAn Am* 
HOM, K 37: idRii-tfU' UJ ^iiivln'U 2. r*il^ 
aliiiiS!* Lakol. n :J, 75; Ciiavt. C. 
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mMWMt^ ii/msdfvil, HUH. 1, 135; a 4. 

IV; P. I., s. XVII, :jsri; a 11. imr.o. 

KliiK-sful chnrilabU, iiuM. 2, H.*); Obai. 

Onai; IlKK. H;74: Lasi:l. r 7, 4S. 
(■InK^sji'oni 0iUi*tg to giv« iiht», uum. 1, 43. 

linetjiiifm ahixman, Lai. Iliti(f2. 

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ellin, O. i. 6V/7fl. eljon, t*Uv«n, cllicn, 
Oolh. ttUnxi f't O.Icei. rtjan, djnii /., 
tom/ori, noM. 1. 215; Mahh. 10; a. r. 
tOti; 11. M. 27. 
I'llcnla-s Okii. lO^OH. 
eUf, J.Nffx. fin, O.H.Oerm, dua, i-Iiuu. 

0. /m/. Ott), Hlin, Goth, ak'iiui. Lai. iitnu, 
Gr. biXlv>2, iftf, 2750; An due lon); 

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^^KiOcTuv. 1tH4; olni' //i/.y st. okn. a. kx. 
^BstiS; clnc'D I^ju. 420. 
r olbofw, A.Sax. clnlio^'it, O.IlMrrm. olin- 
I l>^i)^>i O./cf/. Atu-, (5ll>npi. fibvw, VRAi-.iX. 

L 2; elljowt* trkat. i:t;i. 

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^^K Cilt-WitUll v/f'tcantt, I'HItMVT. 139. 

rUfi, ^.*S*r, einian, O.Aw/. dna. 0.7/. 
/.Vrw. pllJnon, 6'«W. .iljiiiion. eomfini, 
MOM. 1, 2I0; A. U. 10; flUffk- (frd.) 
Katii. tI72. 

rialiig, i!lniiUK. J.'Sax. cluunir. eomfort, iruu. 

1, 185 it. 2U1. 
cly, .-f.Sii*. dp. = clip-m-l. M.IlMerm. cl- 

t'liDt. elofant, elfphtni, kki.. ant. I, 223; 
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dfpiert, ST. nKN. A. KX. 2Ki»2. 
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3, S7: Katu. 833; avbnb. U3; enati, 

*BiHli CuArt'. 0. T. A 3K1»4; oiiiti. itnili 
o. 17 ic b*i; vuiyti A. B. I5tJ; M. u. 


emlleR) J.Aix. omtiait. iemtiginn, t-midy, 
tuiuuirt; i'm|tlr <'nAri;. t', T. li 741; ])o 
|n'l fiiiKf (>t* IutU- of liirc \iy\i\\\c Axuxu. 
58; ii'mti-'JiMi fprvt.J Laj. 30408. 

«n1llgf "etacMtto", I'ROMi-T. 139. 

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2G1 ; fii "ndc hum. 1. 227; on KiiKe(l)- 
limdf cintoN. Ksoi*. 330 A; 480; en 
miilJv's 1'abtkn. K70; vnn Jw* |)ri(lilt' dai 

ML:JC lOD; U lUUllK T^m'N. AIYiiT. 22. 

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tiK-il /"/wrt.; c. L. 13ril. 
i-nlwuiiH'n «mhaJtH ; onhiiuiuwl (prut.) 

LA?i()i.. II 17, 70. « 

enl)Tar*!ii, Q.Fr. oiiibriu:it'r, vmh^wtx; cii- 

linii'c I'. L. K. XXY, 113. 
f'nhrpvi'Q rtcord; *?ubrvved (part.) a. h. 

oubiiM'hi', 0,Fr. cnbiistflu'r, <im^u4A, Man. 

EU. I-'. l>8(i; abuschid fpart.J'Wii.t. 3K33. 
fnljti»fh«'im'nt amhtuhnunt, Ham.iw. mct. 

••nci'ns. O.Fr. Mift'iis, iwomim, CiiArc. C. 

T. A 2277. 
(•nrensiui, O.Fr. »?iia'iiscr, inceikn; cnscii- 

8ed<? fpM.J ttMJ. 81. 
I'D-, asiTflio;), O.^V. encuirliicr. ucruhn, 

Vi'in^ -i KiNos 30, ti fc THOv. "is, 1 I : 

oas^'rcltos fpret.J u. Akth. 1311. 
onrbiinttmioilf mehfiHtinent, Kn«. 10. 
4.'iii'IiaDtf.-n. enp/uml ; uuoimuutod fpnrt.J 

Lakhi.. b 2. 41. 
vni'liiiuloiir r»ehaitirr: t'ncbantnurs (''^/.y 

p. I,. «. XXI. 122. 
t-ncbi'.'wjn, i*nc'lirsfm, 0. Fr, i>nfliiii)ti>iin 

(occafioH, vuumJ, Rod. Ill ^ 452; en-, 

ancbcisoon atenti. 47 te, 205; Jtochcisiin 

A. R. 158. 
•nicliin' i"nc/»w, Ohauc. 0. t. b 30!>2; 

A- I'. 1. 629; riirlinedc fprH.J v. h. a. 

XVI. 159. 
ncluiin, />. cnclouei-. ofr^, pbujitt. 6; mj-, 

nrl'Mo (p^*.) Lanui.. r 21, 290; I'n- 

cluit!il /WW. unclinric) fpart.J Halliw. 

DicT. 333; acloiod p. b. 38B (p. 51 1. 




cncl'^scD mcIcm: iitirhVscd (pari.) Will. 

2:!2fl; .irloMcd SiioitKii. l-iri. 
cuconibrcii *ncwmber (intanthcr), v\.. en. 

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B 2, 50; cncDiubri|i fprv9,) Houcl. i, 

355; vn-, mMimbrvd f pari J Lanou b 

I, 'AX V 2, ai; Chait. U. r. a .IOS. 
vm-oiitH', O./V. rncmtrir. eneoHfiitr, d. 

Abth. I;l;!0; t-ufountimlo /^prrf.y Bbanh. 

19: acuoliod Will. 3602. 
earou]H'u, 0,Fr. cnrouljwr, iwuipatf; ^ 

C4)QiK<do fprdj Rub. 544 ; aouuiiftl 

LAXot^ M 13, 459; acuujird fpari.J vn. 

c. 3947. 
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it89; oiicrrttKc Ciuvr. C. t. it lOliS; 

cncrew Win* 683. 

eDtlHiunprit ntdanuigt, CUAUC. BiiKT. 1, 4 

vmlettua ind»U; ruitvlttsl (part. J CHAtu. 

0. T. (1 7iM; amlettcd a, jb, 1*26. 
cndik, 0. Fr. omlwUir, cuiliU'r. inJtU, 

mdicl, Trfv. -1. 2!.'i; riiArc. C T. A 

2741; Hditr> Kuu. It 74; iuillU^ fRuMi'i'. 

codiiire mdttr*, misc. 218. 
»nfort'e enforce, Miitr l'itj2. 
cafvrmcn *(t/briM; i<iifnrmi!d(t ^/wc(.>Thkv. 

5. -1.11. 
rup'Oiln.-u tHg«»ilfr, Ch&vv. C. t. e 1372; 

i'nK''ii'lrwl*- (pfftj SiiiiKKH. 16S. 
omgPOflruio. (KFr. fngC'aiUiiif (geHe'ration/, 

SUOBKII. 167. 

fiipiii. O./'V. «>iigiii, /rfi^. ingi'iiiiiui, Migin, 
Ft. a. 1(u 759; svkc. 5H; .Vlis. I2I;(; 
CKAtrc. C. T. 11 iio9. 

CDfrine. O.Fr. cogigoier (iromprrj, SU- 

PBH 337. 
rn^iDKur, O./'V. cngignoiir, mgiHter, Has. 

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i-iiliiiunHin, i-ii)i.iiiiur ttdtafict, Chavi'. C. 

T. A U3-1; anlmnsi Hob. 1^8. 
rnhrritr inheril, a. r. 2. 240. 
c'iguicD rt»/<»y, I'KoAU'T. 1 10; eujoic Wii;l. 

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aturuni en/oin, ayi:>u. 172; riijiiiijrt '^it- 
KtHiBiii (pTM.J A. II. 346*; oajroiiXHlv 
(prfi.j \\m. 234. 
I'Dluinint'ii iliiiwint ; fuluiuiard fpre(.J 

COAOC. C. T. E 33. 

oii% anoinl, 0,Fr. enuiut, eniiint. inuwIim. 

CiiAur. C. T. A ll)i>; ;iDoint Trkv. 3, 

en-. iinointiD nnaiHt, PHuMtr. 12 A; 140;:^ 

anoiato Wicl. qekks. 50, 2; nnointM' 

fpari.J Will. 139. 
iiperlii? impeach, »acbam. 302; a|K.The4 ; 

(parl.J SiiuiiRii. 38. 
Hprrhonr impeacher, vtumrr. 1 2. 
cnjwiron, Fr, ciu|iircr, Spun. cnii»cvnir, 

impair, Chauc. Bukt. 4. 3 (120); irm* 

[tvire M.\Ni*. 310; iUiip-iiri AYtum. 10; 

:i]R'in.* La.nol. h, 573 i6, 54); iHwircdi 

fpret./ Ifon. 279. 
4'Ui|)frir(> emprt*i; Sax. ruays. 2tt4; Wiu*,l 

5343; Tbkv. 4. 1 89; rm[ipriiisc Siioiuiii.{ 

117: oij||icri'si*c Koh. 440. 
i<iii|)i>ni' empire, Hnit. H.'i; TnKV. 3. 73. 
eiuiiertmr fm/j<rw, Rub. 40; Will. 5251; 

8. ft. KD. Wr. 1 ; ;iiiiu|iviuiir lkb. Jb».J 

f>n|HiJMDeiL fV. puipoisDnncr; a|M>iMiD<*(lr 

fprti.) cBWiVt. Ksr.L. 781; ©n-, aimistmcd 

(pari.) Lanul. u 3, 137. e 4, 164. 
cmpriHC, O. Fr. t>ui|)riKe, empnnse fntlr*- 

pritj, Crai-c. C. t. a 2540; c. m. 9803. 
cuqucrc inquire, Ukk. 333; p. ft. 325: 

Tmkv. 5. 11. 
onqtioste iuqmd, Buk. 333; Khurkii. 94. 
corulli vnroll, E. «. 359. 
cnsuiiipit-. for eNaiii|)lv. uitK'. 27. 
ca-, iiMlc, O./'r. ousofler. U.Lai, imii- 

ffilliin*, liANUL. A 2, :>7; aMClo Ali». 

XD. Sk. 829; nwlcil ('/wrr^.y misc. 228; 

Lanul. i- 3. 1 1 4. 
enscnt, /or 4wpn», Koii, 317. 
oas|iirv iiupire, r. l. s. XXIX, SL 
t-nsflro //or a-isiiri') emtar*, Cnxvc. C. 

R 1231; 11. AttTii. 2324. 
oDlnniPri, O./V. iMitiMin>r =-^ iitlamt'r':' ft* 

tamcd<- />f«2.> D. AuTu. 2203. 
puIcoiIp inlmd, p. l. ». XVII. 227. 
entente iutstU, a. r. 252*; Uabg. 27?^ 

CiiAur. C. T. A 958. 
CDliKi'n (fcr Htison ?) miIw .- cntidt 

^fr#<.y R»iB. 32. 
<tiitit4'lo]] enMit; cntittflid (pari.) 

p. F. 30, 
cntunoti, Fr. cntunor : entunud (% 

Chaoc. C. t. a 123. 




tnai, 0. /v. nioi. imtiui. iititii. nnnoy : 

aniii (pnniii) a. r. !)4: nnoi ayknb. 

267; Dui c. l. 443. 
enuien, O./V. pnimior, cmmu'r. ain'itir, oh- 

M«i/; anuto UavhIi. 17:t5; nnuic Suokku. 

86; aimii". noio Wtrt. kxiio. 23. 22: 

oniiioil ^ptfrt.y Lai. 2250*; IttK. 1001. 
inoKms. tJ./V. anoioUH. amiiou-s. t'uniuotis 

fWHU^ujrj, Ohauo. IkiKT. 1 . 2 (7) ; 

Qoious AVicL. 1 Ttu. 6, !>. 
rnvpninii! enremm, (-'nAvi.'. ('. T. n 474; 

eu-. ;ijm'iiimo(i (prt».} ayknii. 26 A: 27; 

ruvcdi'mi'il fpnrl.J Wili,. 4428. 
wivio wiry, UuuN KD. Llm. 687; p. i*. 

H. IX. 69; V. It. 8^;l; anvJo uihl*. 3i1. 
enriouA *hn*(Jrt#, ay»:kb. 27; ottvifts >'i.. 

A. Bl. ;(.->(i. 
rt-, >V. I'll-, /*»/. in-; jw«t in-. 

vueiiii, /'r. coruii. Lai. iiiiuiiriis, encmij. 

Chalc C. t. a Ifi4;t. 
onrmit^, O.Fr. encmtsti^, c»Mily, Wiol. 

niiNxs. :i, 15. 
in i*e oan. 
rid »t« iiud. 

vidr, A.Sax. endi'. O.L.Oerm. cmli m. z'^- 
«i>y, O.Icel. cntli, liiiitir m. ffiiti*), niiii 
B. (J'rotta), O.UJirrm. ft\<\\. cilti m. «. 

^_/f»i», orit, frotuj. Oath. .inHris »i, (antpov. 
■cipac, Tiii&c). end frtudj, Jim's, Ohm. 
1932r<; Lakgl. u 2, lOD; w uudir misc. 
35; (wn eii<i« a. b. 20K; jH'nc i'imIc rkl. 
AKT. 1, 175; I^P iwk- |n't fu itut ben 
habbeil in icnh-l Ma tin. Iti; (<rli 111:111 
. . . wotido ln'tni in liis (■mli; p. l. #. X, 
41; linvp lUi i-ndc Cuaoc. p. f. 40r>; 
hpontip tOmc irii W ondP a. h. 204; in 
(fhc endr Kob. 84; )>t> '>i^ w^' itiroujt 
Ui endt« p. I,, s. X. 64; i^mie. miih (ciin-ii) 
Lai. 24.'I & 27r>0ij: iPinlv i-ruclam. '}; 
)cnd« /Tiw icudi'l ir. 8. 2;{47; luii^vu. !M>1. 
futdudn; Ohm. 766.1; fmioiboi Ln.t. :j720; 

eadcdai Bek. 1963 (Ut78]. 
oitditU>iiK eud/rst, A. s. 14G; cndctOs uom. 

2. 169; Ui>w. 2. 2ai. 
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Gtrm. endon. ^nton, mrf. /»irv, a. k. 24; 

Okm. 8254; rudii' misc. 192; imti a- 

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243; A. P. 3, 402; cndcj. emlo]! ('//m.; 

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Roa 32; {mn;*. fol-. iondcQ. 
I'liiler, O.Icel, «ndr {aUtnjy 

pniJfrd;»i spec. 60; an. lit. II; p. t.. b. 
XXVI. 2; H. s. BD, Wkb. lOHO; AViu.. 
:I042; (Haw. 1, 45; rt. m. 2Ji>. 

omlcruilit c. m. 4561; ouJcrnijt Adtu. 
A. Mekl. 9t7. 
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392; AYBNit. 31; ending »pkc. 5i>; ph. 

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"/rlUifi*f/l", PBttMl'T. 140. 

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fBftrl, J. Sax. (•ngL'l, O./'V. angolc. siikK 

anfftl, Kath. 6KR; A. K. 14«; Orm. 143; 

wngnl IIOM. 1, 227; Jiiijrol Shobbh. 120; 

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RKL. ANT. 1. 170; i'HoClam. I; Kn£-lpn(* 

Innd England, \.\%. 17; Kiiiric lanil Sax. 

ciiRuN. 2-jO; Kni.-]!' liind Miwn. 14r»; Ym^v- 

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4231; on Enurlc spt-cho st. okv. a. ex. 

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TIIKH. I. 229; BKI,. ANT. 2, 227; Wit!!.. 

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eiikliurn inh-hom. Win.. Kz. 9, IT. 
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cutrtiai'tcn, J^-. entroiaettre, a. h, 414; 
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CiiAta C. T. D 8^4. 
int4'r|iolp, Fr. intor|«IIor, Wici*. iwu-ruR. 
25. 7. 

nlrrr, Fr. cntrpc, entry, LAsah, hu. Wb. 
»iS2:i; cQtiu Koo. 1.18; Man. kw. F. UOiH. 

rnlrli, Fr. cutnT. etitrr, piuisii'T. 140; cii- 
tr>' I'll. V. 5040; futri Siidiikii. 4tt. 

rntirvMur, Fr. enviroDncr, imeini, Wicl. 
P8. 58. 7. 

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ivi, A. R. 52; fipcr. 42; c. L. 320; lie 
oodo u IuikI Lai. 122: cihIc, joudi' Krni. 
5:t & 7y; I.. H. B. 2i(; otic H.iflN bii. 
Kits. 115; Maikh 3:J5; ptodr Mat. 'J, 
25; ji><»i]c, IC'I^ UoRX Ell. Ltii. 381 A: 
1025; He Wiu.. 17(57; s. 8. kh. Wk. 
l!t(J4: Max. ki>. F. 7552; CiiAi e. C. x. 
a I2H1; i: )(Hk' 'ntu )h> tcin|i)i< Orm, l^lir; 
vi'do Uavki,. 1:J55; sacbam. 29tl; Rifrlf 
BOM. 2. 175; i>i*iv .Ulai>. kd. Kubs. LXVI; 
yidjc t'^ii.AM. '^Sl; M. II. 72: f"' ^'O'l^'^t 
Mjsc. 139; bc^n-rcs fusto abouti! pcvltii 
(}ud<'D, ;ihIp) Laxul. ntoi.. 40; todi^n, 
iodcn Sax. curun. 250 & 362; yvlvn 
AYuxu. 74; eomp. lii-. Tor-, i-, of-, orer-. 

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••rl, A. Sax. I'orl, O.L.Germ. crl. 0. /«W. 

iarl. «ir/, Lai. 7551; rhi,. ant. 1. 170: 

Bkk. 507; itI ayexji. 71; C'liArc. ('. t. 

n 1157: jorl Dkorev. 1881; eoric fdat.^ 

Lai. 8927: «"«- 2. 35; eorlcs fplj v. 

u. s. VIII. mi; (tRJrt. iinS'i; licrlvs mom. 

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eornosl ic w^'ffo wy Mat. 5, 18; *'nu"»t 
"wnW/jw", fBosiPT. 142; (iuw. 1, 2!I7; 
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ItuH. 175; mdrv fur erufsto ilan for pi- 
nion nr. OKN. A. IOC, 411. 

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K. 122: |i<'<i LMinli- hum. 1, 53: |>A c<«n]c 
t(i6 earKt La»- 27817; onrfc OaM. 2r.9B; 
& 1^ 95: Tkkv. 5. l«3; rur^', or>p. 
orthe Lakoi.. 7. 2 (8. 2): nr|n' (kiw. 3, 
'.12: P><. H, 7; vx^v fpri'tUd vt\v\ t-rthc. 
i.rd*' PROMPT. 141; 4'('r|ie rki.. ant. I. 
282; tiTlif 2. 220; erjto, ior}N> /'nu. ver^) 
AYE^^l. 8 A: 12: ;ortH' ffor iorfc) xro, 
poKT. 50; tirjH- TitKAT. 1^2; i-ordun /'rffll.y 
imsi. 1. 13; rorjcn Lai. 1150. 
(irdrliinc dfl. A!Ct. 1. 217. 
«.'Or|H'()val.p earthquake, TRANfiAiT. 18, 28; 

ertbpqvriilie prompt. 141. 
oi>r^din» Sax. mRox. 258; onUdiiw *r. 
liKX. A. rx. nOH; rrtbcdin i-r. c. 4700; 
cifiotU'iic pukmpt. 141. 
eordhttip wm. 2, 1!19. 
oi>riPin» Lai. 2300. 

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cHrJllc MrlMp, LAi. 35875; porj^li^ Tlf 

OiAi. 70:!0 ii 10'I3S; c<)r|>lu-li 

429; url^UcIi p. i. «. XVII, 2r>'.<. 
eoi-))t?ncbf^. A.Sttr. eonlm^c, 0,nM*rwt~ 

ordrichc, Obm. 12132. 
pordetilic agrieoJti. La». 22117; k. «. 

114; (>r)'ftilu' i!HRos, K-NUI.. 'J3. 
iT|H'liIi('r'* Win.. OKNES. 4, 2. 
rrft'(i!|n' ''affrieuUvra", Wul. 2 paiul. 

2rt, 10. 
fiinli'piirf, A.Sitx. conlj>iini, inhahit 

of tht mrlh, A. R. 322: h»h. 2, A9. 
Mrit^H, O.ff.Gerat. i>rdiiier, Goth. atr)«ins. 




triitn. lirrrntt*: I't^w CtiAirr. C. T. n 

nr^ltiis, A.Sax. oonllin}?)?), .VTtlIinjrt.?t. "a- 

n«<er", VBACtM. 2. 
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yfn/, roiiV. riM. p. r^ s. VI 11. 7!'; ^^ liit 
iS('i>J I'op solvt'il llOM. 1. '^-i; fijii 1 05; 
i^m, iHtw, )4*nw (^011, oiil I.m. 7:^7, r)453 
4 ri4r..'i; wu B. K VII: op Kath. 277: 
4ip. <ni. I'll «. A. K. Ilk I(■.^;! iV l7;*-i: 
im n- n. 2; Jos. 7;i; on {uwi r. i,. U{\~; 
Oi'D of ou A. n. S-^t^; i|<in]t>(1 nil yiilvi'ii 
40(1: ]ou aiAiin. 130; Wir.i.. 2^2 fi^. 
law 2:tH(; Ai:d. 0: .roit ITAVnr,. Utl>: jOii. 
ou Im.xol. I. 14; ;nii. yoii ('HAiir. C t. 
A 728: jiip Orm. SO; icu fm*. ji-w i rno- 
cuLM. 7: leu. jiii hom. I. 22:1 iV 2;;7; 

)U WBC. inC: VU MISC. 33; ^^ AKTwVUTH. 

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wiprr, A. Sax. roper, O.L.derm. inwar, f>. 

II.Gttm. iiiwiT. <?«**. i/viini, /^b. j>h} 

antrum, Mat. 2G, 21; lipilr I'oppr lum. 

I. 24.'i; wiur 15; opor Kath. 1283; 

'iwer Fl. A. Bl. ri34: J"iir Hcmx kd. 

Li-Ji. ■Sl.'i; voiiT Am. a. Amit,, S*«2: iiirc 

nrin <»(iM. Jt271; ilc >:«ro st. obs. a. kx. 

3471; ;ouri' Lax<;l. r 22, 473; jotin- 

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fopfr, oiipcr. A.Sttx. c^ipcr, O.lT.Ofrm. iiiwfr, 

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itrar, yw, rwi/rr, uou. 1, 13; wuhit 

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uwr Jtmi. .'lOO; uper. uupor, our a. r. 
8, 4^1 k 70; opcr /'/w* opnst Rpiiikis 
lAn Kath. mMi; ^iper now. 2. (15; he 
is jonr Chalt. Tboil. 167J>; fi woMp 
it ni>ri' joniTs T, t. it 141141; Jf>r P. u 
R. XXX. ."<«: or spbc. 37; i'<i*iv J>t'oiIe 
Lai. \'2-y'2C*: ('oim' Biiimc r. b. VI!: ourc 
sOhIo a. r, .'lO: euro siiiiU^ rki.. ant. I, 
171; ;iine liicHc hom. I. 217; yiiro 
Itivcdi Havki.. 171: v^vt' ffor jiirl prenst 
Orm. '.134; ourc (jtnin') lifin- Laxiil. 3, 
l!4 (72); in wnvrc lumlr l.At. I2'i21; 
Wipre /';//./' iiom. I. 1*1; ooiiri' jitnii'S L\i. 
13047; iu apn< IiAVpk K&tu. 839; eoprea 
fdaf. pf.J 5lAT. ft, 4. . 

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/•;»■«./ Orm. puis. 

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Iw. Hi72: nmit;1irc. InTiiiit.'ijn- c. u. 81ii|. 
rrrniilr, Ir. crniitJ'. Iicrmih*. IM. pri^initii. 

/unmil, iKiM. 2. K.I; A. B. .12: oniiUe. 

lieriuitc p. h. it. XV, (14 & 78; prfmito, 

(lii'n' fpi.J Lai. 298.M. 
i^fftidr fw ii>r('it(K\ 
ppfpf) "flMter", Wicx. ,V>ios 9, 6. 
frff, owe, .4.Nrtr. orfiv icrfp, irfr, O.Fn'n. 

f'no, O.U.Oerm. orbo, ffofA, Jirlii (xiij- hrrilfigf^ eoitfU, st. ors. a. kx. A: 1K3; of )iat prfe fat tAr pas 

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crfwi "/«rtw«". PS. 148, 10. 

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ST. flKN. A. KX. »34. 

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irlw, .-fN-w. oriiill. O.lhdth pr*>U, 0. /«rf. 
urja, O.Frit. era, O.U.Oerm. tmjo. Ci4A. 




aijan, IM. ararp, mr: fiifn Atirl sA)>« o. 
A. N. I0:J9; a-ririi Lai. |00ai»; .riiiii 
"iirrtre", rB«)iu'T. 141: erin aykxii. 214; 
Lakol. G, *I (7. 4); foiwn. i?re Wicx. 
EXtm. 34. 21; oro SIaxd. 44: Chauc. 

f. T. A 886; OTPdP ^/tfVi.y A. K. !184 ; 

Kou. 21. 
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rrwri, A.sax. vrntan, ifrman. from ennii. 

i/i/f/v miwrahU: Pi'me (!iiAfO. ('. t. r !112. 
rrninr, (i.Fr. fniiino, ermine, v. l. b. VUl, 

lh2; s. 6. Kii, Wkr. 473; licrtiiiue u\w. 

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Trawii. 1233U*. 
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tf9t»t O.f'r. criu'a?), = cnosV fanie»t, v. 

n. u p. 2:11 ; enii'K, crui'sl "pignut", Wici.. 

'2 f"oB. 1, 22 k It, U; I'niciit "itrra", 

PBOHPT, 143; H. T. 128. 
enifst jwt* i'urtii>j«t nW pnics. 
eriirK ivr caruioii. 
Knilrir -irify, I.At. r>. 
errf, O./V. orre, rtrrAn; crroa //f/./ l. u. 

R. 217; Mf orles and cnira. 
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riTfB, O. /v. rrrur. m; fu. cm. 840; eircn 

fprt«J CiiArr. C. t. (i'44!): crn'di' fftrftj 

Thkv. 4. 47U: orrHc Wici.. ^,B^■^«. 21. 

trvntt O.Ft. orroiir. errt>r. SnnnRii. ilft; 

a^i;mi. (»9; Lwi. 2i:l; CR. i*. 42t»B. 
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rrli«, O.M. crt^i, ^'im'tttrf", prompt. 142. 
•T^, J..S«jf. >Td. eratio: vrtlii^ /'/i/.y Pau.. 

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assai p. l, s. XXX. 166; Flor. 1S< 
a.Htiai4iii. 0. /'r. or-. uN.HuitT. rjuay, I^akqi 

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abais^en. 0. >V. vsbahir. ahii$M : oboist 

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Man. y.n. F. r.0ti2. 
firiildcn, Jtal, Kr;ildare, /mL excaldare. 

•Trt/rf, Hick. thrs*. I. 22i*; pr. c. 6:>7»J; 

Bcoldt'l* (prt:} ATENn. (US; schaltliar)*^ 

{part.} A. B. 24(J: scBldiind rs. 82. lOi 

Hcaldot] /'pre/. ;)tfW.> r. u. I.^PSS; 1- 

Kcaldod ('iiAiir. C. T. A 2020. 
C4cliaiitil|r)n. O.Fr. eKoliauliDuii. Mantling • 

sihauulillfln Kl. a. Hi,. iPjri; Rcantilt'iti 

r. X. 2231; si-aittU<>a "Mnuvni". prompt. 

t'sc'aiK'u fucjipf: pscliupe ra. c. 2678; as*- 

clia|f0 Will. 1671: a-w^ipit? atksb. 131; 

a»ca})Oii. aska()i.' liANOL. 2. 180 (202); 

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kain(i fprrMj MISC. 41: asoaiiodc fynt./ 

Lai. U;I1V 
PXf4>llriKi* e^efUmct, CiiAVc. C. T. R 408. 
PHcliaiirpn, O. Fr. pschaurcr {4t^uf^h 

csoliaufi'^ (prtt.j CiiAur. Bort. 1. S, 

(22): acliaufc (mhj.} Lancil. c lA. Gif;! 

adiaiiM (paH.) a. p. 2, 1143. 
(•scbaitli^* excJuHjff, ZiAHni.. c 7, 280. 
PHrh<'l4i, 0. />. pwln?<'tc, MdAMrf; ejKb^t«ff.j 

//i/.y Lakhl. d 4, 175. 
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T. o 744; pxcitpil*' fprrlj Trrv. :1, :U 
cscliititc. 0,Fr. et^diiJH.', tUitti BdOfiB AtJ 

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psrri, O./'V. pscrl. rry.- nskri a. p. 

cwrirn, O.Fr. I'.siiirT. nti t*td: nsri'u 

rpret.J Will. :VSU; a. p. 3. 105. 
pxKi.Hpn fTcuM, A. R. 304*1 neim -ktwsnJi 

7: PMrtsedc {pr^J 8i|iiBfiH. 40; pi 

(port.) PR. f. 6077. 
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'Sumiilc c. M. 95 1 4 ; saumpk' Wicl. 
Katb. I, 18. 
ipU'ie MMplf, Pabtkn. 2947; sunm|t1i>i' 

AViCL. KKI TKB. 17, 18. 
Plfllljit fXfM/'t, I-RfiMrT. 145. 
It'Cl fJffH, i'UAUf. BOKT. 1. 4 tl5). 

Ibrce, O.Fr. eRfnrwr («ffwre*rh PR- «"• 
nflmi. O.Fr, osfrci, a^ray, Man. kd. K. 
11054; uffKii. afrai CiiAir. C. t. i> 2l5r>; 
k.ftfr;ii liitMi. M. p. llti. 
froieiv O.Fr. osfraor, -frepr f^ffrmjfrj, 
nffray, ». s. 33:1; iifiiijo, affrftic Cmaio. 
iC T. F 4Tth ; afraii'd (port.) Will. 
'21o»: M. u. 21: affiaid BiiuitKU. 158. 
sea, O.Fr. issir. rxyre; Lssi'dL'n fprd.J 
\kv. bi). >'. y4t>6. 
(i, O.Fr. aliisclnr. ehxare, Lai. 8338". 
tfrrionn fiftiioa, (.ibeg. 978. 
iiaieu. O./r. esniuier, terrtrf. nc muai 
Jh- nAii;t B. 9. K[». Wb. ir»;lfl; ainaird 
/'/wrt.y Alis. 1740. 

lUieiide, O.Fr. uiiit'udis amenii; uuit?iides 
li^js/.y ATKKB. y7: PB. c. 1589. 
^DicndcitK-iil nwjimrft/im/, ItoB. 32; Shobkh. 
M; AVKN». ''VI. 

iicndi'd, f).iV. amrndiT, Zn^ I'mondaro, 
'emend, tnenti, c. l. Ill"; amende Bek. 
jlOOi; scliDn uiiK'tidu Juh. 42:^: aiiicndi 
R. B. U; amonrtcil />«'«. tmpn-.j A. n. 
^H|fiii*rvvilpii, 0. /^r. csiiirrvoillor fr'mervtil- 
^kirrj; uriii^rveilU'd (jMtrt.J u. a. a. IGO; 
H|BmLTvailiy1 Will. :I857. 
^^movpo. O, Ft: esin«noii ^/mmtt-tn'rj; a- 
BHti'tHl (part.) (inw. I. 29 ti; iiirimi-d 
► (ilBKlVlHll L'HAtlC. HOKT. I, I (ill. 

>re. soon.', Fr. cssor**!-. itoar, Chauc, C 

^T. F I2;i. 

par|diii, O.Fr. ti.|ii»rpfil|pr f/parpiUnJ, 
**di*yergirt' , pbomi'T. 4(i7; [ii>ariih'd 
fprtt.) Man. En. F. 8488; ti|>uriilid 

\(y**rl.j WuL. ItKKllR ap. 5, SU. 

iIwIIp txpei^ Chaimi. C. t. a 2751. 
(•n*r> rrpraf. s. it. ^50; r. L. s. XVTT, 


ilM'ri«.no«.' fjfpirimi'f; (Ihaic. <■. t. ii 4108. 

Splt'it, O.Fr. i'nyii'ii frxphitj, i.y.u. 25. 

luuen rj-pound. IjAnol. b 14, 377. 
tjiresiitf fxyrtMt, Cuauc. C. t. o 1066. 

oapuigca, O.Fr. os|nirger, axfntrgare: spor- 
(fen PBOMPT. 470; spoiirgidr fpretj oest. 
KoM. 4oa. 

csiivacbeu, O.Fr. escivarber, aquaah, twiuh; 

sqvacclip, swwrlip pb. 109, 6*; sqvaubej 

(part.) LKQ. 224. 
B(]vuru a^itare, Chauc. C. t. a 107G; 

Pall. 2, 107; sqwarc "qufidrtu", promi'T. 

S()rarin. O.Fr. csqvaijr. /la/, squadiare, 

fqwtre, '^'quadrare", pbojiit. 471. 
Sf|riiT, O.Fr. psqvirp, estiTierre fi'^turrej. 

It^i. squadra, tqmre, Fl. a. Bl. ;125; 

c. «. 22:11; sqvin-s /'/i/.y Chacc. astbol. 

1, 12. 
araco, O.Fr. esracier, vradicart, Cbauc C. 

T. E lll>:(; ararhcHi fptiH.J ^a.oft%u. 156. 
exwHciou erecuWtm, p. l. s. XXV, 37. 
«xil eXl7«, ATK!CB. 131. 

oiilin «xik, PBOMPT. 145; exiled (part.J 

Tbkv. 3. 235. 
essoigne, O.Fr. ossoigrno, wsoioe, aer Diez 

WH. 321, DiRPBNB. WB. 2. 2U0. Kl UN':i 

ZEiTscHB. I, 340, e»»oiti^ IIalliw. DICT. 

340; assoipae p. s. 191; cssoiuy, as- 

soiiif K. 0. 3151; rujoiiie Hob. 539. 
asouicii. usiinit'U. O.Fr. ess<niier fexciuerj, 

e$*oin, A. B, 64; asoine IUjb. 539; a- 

soiai AYKSB. 242. 
psti'iit fxUnt: stpnt "texalio", pbompt. 474. 
asloflfo. tt/'r. cslOlitTci (etonj^n-), JAKB. 

13, 161. 
rstoucn, O.Fr. cstoncr, adonuhi ustuuic 

ATKNB. 126; Ujttvap Gov. 3, 54; aato* 

uoid fpaH.) Will. 880. 
extorduB exiwiioHy prompt. 145. 
\%AW. Fr. iN.mie, itmiA, I.anol. b 16, 196; 

Mas. kd. F. 5084. 
? nvaili'n avail; avails, nvaillo Chahc. C 

T. A 2101; availU' Man. kd. V. 5112. 
Bvoulail, O.Fr. I'svuBtail f^mttaifj. Will. 

3608; CnAiir. C. t. e 1204. 
avente, O.Fr. osvfntcr fevrnterj, Flcb. 

evidence en'tfmcr. Lanol. h 17, 195. 
? avoidt'H (iro/rf, "traciutre", pRitaipT. 19; 

avoidi' Win,. 1 Cub. 15, 21. 
*», A.Sax. (L's, M.I..(iirm. M.If.fierm. &a. 
O.liuUh iM'S. ead«r*r; *v» "n>m", pbompt. 
143; |toi i'S uoM. 1, 123: ierai; tu ^ 





mete ase dej) fc hoiid to J)e ds ^m*. lies) 
AYKNB. 5."); #ses /ycjj.y HOM. 1, 12^; ese 
(Aat.) IBID. 

esfh, Cwm. eschy mA; fowj/>. avor-. ediscli? 

rarhr ite iisclie. 

psrhfkpr sw chekev. 

rschel(e), O.Fr, esciielo f/ehelle, troapr ran- 
ges en e'cheUeJ, Will. ^^.79. 

^hicn see fuskion. 

eschitfn tee scheowen. 

Ht see aise. 

^kien tee fiskien. 

cspe tee aspe. 

esplen see spipn. 

fssflj 0. Fr. aissel fesfttett, aoriathittJY Lai, 

^t s(v cast. 

estit «;« stat. 

Sste, A.Sax. est, 0.1'rh. est, enst, O./cc/. 
j'lst, O.L.Germ. O.JI.Germ. nnst, Girf^. 
ansts, /rOT« ;m, favour, grace, pleasure, p. 
I,, s. VIII, 181; 0. A. K. iri04; Hesclies 
esto A. B. y64; oste fdatj Tbiam. 141G; 
for ffoiidis este Eglam. 004; esten "deh'- 
eiae", hom. 1, 241 : estos /'me. esstessj 
Obm. 7542. 

estdedo at. gen. a. >:x. 2758. 
estful A. R. 108. 

^sle, A.Sax. este, favorable, deltctotis: ]>at 
lond uis god ne hit nis este o. a. n. 
999; nas nan este fms. esste) nicte }>ifer 
Orm. 829; est(o), luetos hum. 2, ^7. 
estlTdic A. It. 204: estllclic metes hom. 
2, 179. 

e.»in, O.Fr. estre fHre, e'iat, place J, Alis. 
5468; Mas. kd. V. 5398; estres fpl.J 
Will. 1768. 

et «e a?t awrf it. 

etel, A.Sax. etol, 0. II. Germ, ozaler. erfff.r; 
cwnp. oferctel. 

ftCB, A. Sax. 0. L. Germ, etan, 0. Icel. eta, 
Go^A. itan, O.Fris. ita, O.H.Germ. ezaii, 
Zrt^ edoio, Cr. ^Ssiv. Sanscr. ^f^, eat, 
Orm. 7806; Chalc C t. k 1890; etoii. 
eoten, eaten hum, 1, JJI, 45 k 5;J; cteu. 
jetrn (eaten) Lai. 1:j45(; i 230;t7; eot^n 
Marh. 14; etc Misf. o8; WitL. tiKSKs. 
:j. 14; AYKNB. 51 (spelt etlio 205.1; tu 
eteno A. K. 54; ayknb. 51; ete fpres.J 
M. li. 70; cltf PR. ('. 4675; etest o. a. 

H. 599; REL. ANT. 1, 264; est Rob. 238; 
ATENB. 54; otejt Shohkh. 23; et hom. 

1, 103; Mahh. 17; ayekb. 135; hi ete> 

0. A. N. 1007; jet fprH.J Lai. 8725; et 
Orm. 11549; Havel. 656; Deorkt. 1419: 
eet M. H. 39: at Bek. 274; (in ^t^* hom. 

2, 181; ftten Mat. 26, 21; Lai. 13444: 
6to« Orm. 4797; h. h. 172; Sten. eetetf 
Langl. 5. 612 (6, 93); ecten Rich. 11^: 
ete fstihjmet.J c. l. 177; civn fpari.J sx. 
GEN. A. EX. 329; Havkl. 657; Langl. 
B 17, 97; CiiAur. C. T. A 4351; Iff. 
76"; WicL. LEviT. 7. 16; etten s. s. kd. 
Wr. H:i7; comp. fr(a)-, jeeten; deriv. jfet. 

fin, A.Sax. eotun, O./cef. iOtunn, etiin, gi- 

gas, TnisT. 1. 87; c. m. 7443; etin l. 

H. R. 118; ylioton (= iotcni. eten PS. 

18, ft: jfctenes (= ietenes) (pKj st. gen. 

A. KX. 545; see potand. 
etenisch, A.Sax. ootonisc, gigantic: gctenisse 

men t^x. gen. a. ex. 3715. 
elfre, A.Sax. etere, eater, Trev. 4, 297; 

eteres fpl.j ayenb. 47. 
eteraf, O.Fr. eterne, aetemtu, Chauc. C. t. 

o 44. , 

ettagf eating, hum. 2. 37. 
etIfD see ahtlien. 
#ij" see aid. 
*|»el, A.Sax. e^el. a'llel. O.fee/. o(lal, O.fl 

Germ, uodal, property, cotmtrt/, "patriii", 

fragm. ;»; noM. 1. 113 k 115; feJel 

f earlier version edel) Mark 6, 1. 

ec]('Il>oopc li. M. 1)1. 
rffele, e|»eling see a>iIole, uudeling. 
i^tm, A.Sax. jfedm. odni. O.L.Germ. athoni, 

0. 11. Germ. atum. Italiim, epiritus, hom. 

1, 43. 

f^ICH) A.S'lX. eilian. halare, spirare; feji 

Mark. l;l. 
#B see eop and u;p. 
4orh see liihwilc, undi-r n. 
ear, euprr see eoj^er. 

evBugellf, Lat. evangeliiim. Wicl. Rom. 1, 1. 
evaiigelistf, Lat. evanjrolista, evangelint; e- 

panLTolisto hum. 1. 81; a. r. 94. 
evel see llVL'i. 

pffB A(* ifefen. 

cvene, eveneii see efen. ofnoiL 
fvrr, A.Sax. eiifor. O.hel. irifurr. O.JI.Girm. 
elier, Lat. aper; raven's fpl.J h. m. 13. 




exervcrn polypodifj kel. ant. 1, 36; cvor- 

•ferne (jht.J a. p. 3, -i;i8. 

Eoverwic, "^qoyc (3'>ic). J.Siix. Kufi'iplo, 

York, Laj. 26(59 A: 2678; Kverwlk Kou. 

2; Everwlch misc. 146; York Havel. 


cvrsr, A.Sax. efose, vfcse, M.L.Germ. oveso, 

O. Frit, ost', MCM fovesj, ttiargo, "stiUiei- 

dium, imbrex", pbojipt. 144; J)o eveso of 

J)c hil WicL. ToB. 11, 5; the wode eveso 

fmi. hevese) voc. 159; ts\s sprinted enis) 

u. Arth. 3376; cvez Oaw. 1178; oveso 

KKL. ANT. 1, 219; ovise Parten. 5504; 

<'ovesen fpl.J Laj. 29279; eveses Lanql. 

B 17, 227; Man. ed. V. 14689; comp. 

rifsieD, A. Sfix. efesian, ofsian, tottdere ; 

cvosede (prd,.) a. r. 398; evesed (pari.} 

PI.. CR. 166; Sprinted euesedj Gaw. 184. 
tiesvngt, A.Hax. efsuog(?), eaveting f eating J, 

A. B. 142; cvese or evcsinge of a house 

PROMPT. 144; cvesinges fpl.J Lanol. b 

17, 227. 
CTctC) A.Sttx. efeteC:*), evet (efi), n-eurt, "la- 

certa", ii-ragh. 3; "ieaard", voc. 157; 

"tteliio", WiCL. pRov. 30, 28; leg. 151; 

outo, ncuto PROMPT. 355; cveten fpLj 

p. L. s. Vm, 138; evetcs Bevks 1539; 

Sprinted enetes) Trev. 1, 335 ; elites 

fm*. ewtes) Mand. 61. 
*fre see &fre. 
iw see ip. 

£we tee uowo and sb. 
ewer, Fr. aiguiero, ewer, Man. ed. F. 11425; 

. ewjire prompt. 143. 
ex see eax. 
ex- see vs-. 
Exchestre (Kxcestre), A. Haz. Exuii ceaster, 

Exeter, Lai, 30942; Eicestre misc. 145; 

lioB. 4. 
ey see ei. 

ft, A. Sax. fall, fig. O.n.Germ. (gi)fdl)or, 
foe ffaej, inimictts, in/esius: hold odor fa 

HOM. 1, 231; ;\ foo cragffo (Jaw. 1430; 

fil fsubst.J Iw. 874; faa pr. c. 1453; f6 
Havf.l. 1363; Bkk. 870; he wole U fo 

t('i |)ini' fun Smorku. 90; fii, foo (Jiiauc. 
C. T. A 63; vd, foa (faj a. r. 62 A: 274; 
filwe fpl.J n. Arth. 747; tiiwc (fan) fellis 
ANT. .\rth. VII; fda fttthst. pl.J Bkk. 711; 

c. L. 683; von atknu. 255; voan (fiin) 

A. R. 388; comp. ifa. 

fumoii foe/nan, Jul. 24; ii. m. 41; foman 

PROMPT. 169; Shobeh. 41; A. p. 2, 

1175; Town. myst. 134; voamon {Sir 

men fpl.J A. R. 186. 
foshipe mmiti/, noM. 2, 45; foscfaip a. 

p. 2, 919. 
ft see fea, 
faUe, Fr. fable, Jahle, prompt. 145; a. p. 

1, 591. 

faUcD, O.J-r. fiihlcr, fable: fableden "fubii- 
larentur", Wicl. Luke 24, 15 fp. r. t^il- 

fabler, O.Fr. fableor, fahler: fablers fpl.J 
AVicL. Bar. 3, 23; fabulers Lanol. a 

2, 157. 

face, Fr. face, face, p. l. s. XVII, 171; 

ARCH. 52, 38; AYKKB. 88; Alis. 1314. 
fanlt^, Fr. facultd, faeuUtj, prompt. 145. 
fade, O.f'r. fade, Lat. faitiius, fade, jarb. 

13, 176; Gow. 2, 117; h. s. 3220; 

"Bwrwrfiw", WiCL. ECCLU8 11, 12; fi fairo 

hewe is al fade Will. 891. 
fadeD fade, Chauc. Bokt. 4, 3 (119); fado 

p. l. s. XXX, 42; Will. 579; fadcn 

fpres.J (Jew. 2, 117; niiu herto fadide 

femarettit^'J WicL. Is. 21, 4. 
fader see ftuder. 
fadicB, A. tiax. fadiaii, 0. U. Germ, (keun)- 

vaton, dispose, suit?' iA^a Lido. m. p. 35; 

Parten. pbol. 164; fade fpart.?J Trist. 

3, 41; Pkrcev. 616. 
fadne see fadim-. 

fee, A.Sax. fa-f, O.Fris. fek, O.H.Girm. 

fah, space: bin(ii)e fece hok. 1, 235. 
fie, (KIcel. feikr fimmaniiJY Vortigcr wcs 

fife<; for her he his hivord bisw&e Lai. 

fxder, fader, A.Hax. fmdor ge7i. dat. fieder, 

O.L.Germ. fader gen. dat. fader, Goth. 

fadar, O.Fris. feder gen. fodor, federes, 

O.Ieel. fadir gen. foJur, O.H.O'erm. fater 

gen. fater, fatero«, Lat. pater ^wj. patris, 

Gr. Tcaxi^p y«i. icoxpoc, Sanscr. TpfTf 

^«(. fq^y, >**«■, Lai. 212 k 3199; 
fader Ravel. 1224; Lanol. 1, 14; Tor. 
2058; vader ayknu. 11; fadir IsrMii. 
313; feder rbl. ant. 1, 1; feder, veder, 
voader a. a. 10, 26 A- 54; fader fgen.J 




motp asp de|i fe hoTid t»'i \ie ps ^mit. lies) 

AYENB. 55; ?SPR ^ffPUj HOM. 1. 12n; PSP 

/dat.J IBID. 
e«fh, ^rcrm. eschV "fh; cmnp. aver-, pdisch? 
mrhr wf asclie. 
psrheker we elieker. 
f8ehel(c), iKFr. eschele fc'chelh, troupe ran- 

ge'e en eehelU), Will. :!379. 
(^hien see jLskipn. 
eschAcn tee scheowen. 
^M see fiise. 
^kifiB see .IskieD. 
cspe see aspe. 
esplro «f« spien. 
essel, 0. Fr. aisspl femeii. aricuhisj? Lai. 

^t «(*0 cast. 
csUt see .stat. 
Me, A.Sax. gst, O.Frii'. est. enst. O.leeJ. 

fist. O.L.Germ, O.H.Germ. anst, G'oM. 

ansts, /rom an, fatotir, grace, pleasure, p. 

L. s. \1II, 181; 0. A. N. 1504; flesches 

este A. B. ^64; feste CdatJ Tbiam. 1416; 

for ffoddis este Kglam. 904; p.stcn "dtli- 

ciae", HOM. 1, 241 : cstes /■»»«. 

Obm. 7542. 

cstdede ST. GEN. a. ex. 2758. 

estful A. R. 108. 
iste, A. Sax. este. favorable, delicioux: }iat 

loud nis god no bit iiis dste o. a. n. 

999; nas iiaQ 6ste fms. esste) iiietc Jiier 

Orm. 829; est(ey luetes hom. 2. 07. 

gstlTchc A. B. 204; estlTchc metps hom. 
2, 179. 
cstre/ O.Fr. pstrp (iire, e'iat, phce), .Vlis. 

5468; Man. kd. Y. 5!J98; estros fplj 
. Will. 1768. 
et see mX and it. 
etel, A.Sax. etol. O.H.Germ. ezaler. cdax; 

comp. oferctel. 
et«, A. Sax. 0. L. <hrm. etan, 0. led. eta. 

G(Ah. itan, O.FHs. ita, O.H.Germ. ezan, 

Z«i. edere, G'r. I8e[v, Samcr. ^f^, fu^, 
Obm. 7806; Chauc. C. t. t 1800; etoii. 
eoteii. eaten hum. 1, !J1. 45 k 5:1; eteii. 
ictt>n (eaten) Lai. l:)456 4: 230^7; eoten 
Mabh. 14; etc o8; AVill. gkxks. 
o. 14; AYi;xB. 51 fspvlt ctlu' 205); t<") 
pteiie A. B. 54; ayenii. 51; etc (prex.J 
M. 11. 70; cttc I'B. c. 4675; o. A. 

N. 599; REL. AKT. 1, 264; est Rob. 238; 
ATENR. 54; etc}) Shobbh. 23; et hom. 

1, 103; >Urh. 17; ayenb. 135; hi ete|» 

0. a. n. 1007; let (pret.) Lai. 8725; et 
Orm. 11549; Havel. 656; Degrev. 1419: 
eet M. H. 39; at Bek. 274; \\\ ^te hom. 

2, 181; ifeteii Mat. 26, 21; Lai. 13444; 
eton Obm. 4797; h. h. 172; §ten, eeteff 
Langl. 5. 612 (6. 93); eeten Kich. 11.1: 
ete (suh)tmd.) c. l. 177; (^\cii/partj sx. 
ORN. A. EX. 329; Havkl. 657; Langl. 
R 17, 97; Chai-c C; t. a 4351; Iw. 
763: WiCL. LEViT. 7, 16; etten s. s. ed. 
\Vr. 837; comp. fr(a)-, jeeten; dert'r. xt. 

rtn, A.tiax. potim. O./cef. ii'itunn. ettin, gi- 

gae, Thist. 1. 87; c. m. 7443; etin l. 

H. r. 118; vlidton (:= ioten"), 

IS, 6; iretcnes (= ietenes) fpl.J st. okk. 

A. >;x. 545 ; see eotami. 
ftenlsrh; A.Sar. eotonise, gigantic: getenisse 

men st. gkk. a. ex. 3715. 
fterc, A.Sar. etero, cater, Trev. 4, 297; 

eteres ^p/.J ayenb. 47. 
etcrnc, O.Fr. ptprue. aeferntts, Chauc. C. t. 

G 44. , 

ftinsc eating, hom. 2, 37. 
ellen see ahtlion. 
id* see patl. 
*|»cl, A.Sar. edpl. a-dol. O.feei. odal. O.IT. 

Germ, uodal. property, country, "patriii". 

FRAGM. 3; HOM. 1. 113 k 115; ftJel 

f earlier vnnion edel) Mark 6, 1. 

eiloljicope H. M. 31. 
ed'elr, c|»eling see ipjele, icdeling. 
e|»fni, A.Sax. ifeitm. etlm, O.L.Germ. athom. 

O.H.Germ. iitiini. haliius, spirittu, hom. 

1. 43. 

^len, A.Siix. Odiaii. halare, spirare; edi 

Makh. 13. 
#H see cop and iijp. 
fnrh see iiihwilc, under A. 
enr, eoper see eoper. 

etaiigcllc; Lat. evangelium, Wicl. Kom, 1. 1. 
evBugrlislfj I^t. evanj,'elista, erangeJist; p- 

pani-'oliste hom. 1. 81; a. r. 94. 
CVel see uvei. 
PVPD xee iL'fen. 

cvenf, eveneii see efoii, efiion. 
fver, A.Siix. eofur, O.Ieel. jiirurr, O.H.Grnii. 

oljpr, Lat. aper; caven's /'pi. J h. m. 13. 




evervt-ru poiypod^, »ki,. ant. I, HB; mor- 

• ferae fjatj A. p. 3, 438. 

Eovernlc, jt'orc i j'Hf), .l.Sax. Kitffipir, 

iVi, Lai. 2(}tiO A: 2ii7ii\ KvcrxHk li<.iu. 

2; Evvrwlcli uihc. 140; Yrrk Havkl. 


nrsr, ji.iSax. efcs^ yfose, M.L.Oerru. uvese, 
f . /Vw. Ort«\ MirM foceuj, ntargo, *'*ti//ict- 
dinm, imhres", illuiilT. 144; |hj vvoso «if 
^v }iil WicL. Tub. 11, .'»; tlio winlt» cvi-si' 
(Ht». hevese) voc. 159; Qs'xa f prinUd oiiis'i 
1). ^Vrth. 337B; ovt'i (Uw. 1178; ox^m 
KKL. A.XT. 1, 219; ovisc Pabthn. 5504; 
I'dvcsen {)tl.j Lai. 2927'J; L'veses LANfiTi. 
B 17, 227; Man. kd. 1'. Ur.89; ww»/). 

rtrsleu, A. Sux, efvsiaii, ofsinn, Imtdare; 
ovt-'fttdu (prti.) A. H. ;^98; evcsod fpaH.J 
I'L. LB, llirt; f printed t'lK'sctJ) (Iaw. 184. 

rffHHBgCj A.Sax. efsuDKfVt, wvwng feMtn^J, 
.K. K. 142; rvcsc or cvesiuRi* of ;1 huiiso 
PBOMPT. 144; oveeinges fpl.J Lasigl. b 
17. 227. 

r^Hr, A.Sax. cfe!*(?), tctt {«JIJ, n-twU "la- 
reWrt", KRAGM. 3; "Imird", voc. 1&7; 
"•<*//io", WicL. pkov. :^[>, 28; me. 151; 
eute, Dculu fRuMPT. •155; c\pt«n ^pl.J 
p. J.. 8. VIU. i:J8; ovptcs Brvbs 1539; 
ffrinUd enctcs) Takv. 1, 335; eutes 
fm*. 4*wtti8) Uakd. (il. 

Avre «v Afre. 

*w «tf ip. 

Awe Me euwf (;»rf tb. 

ewer, Fr. aijniirn', */«r, Man. ed. K. 11425; 
. ttware prompt. 143. 

fX #ff(t I'UJl. 
fi- »f« OS-. 

^xr/w, Lai. :!0942; Kxrt»«tn> mirc. U5; 
KoD. 4. 
e; $tt oi. 

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HOM. I, 2^11; a Too rr;i>'ir».' (JaW. 1430; 
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Havki.. i:Jti3; Ukk. 870; |n> woU» 16 fii 
to J»ine fun SiuiBKii. 90; to, foo CWrc. 
C. T. A (53; v.\ f.«i (f:i) a. n. r»2 & 274; 
awe /'yij D. Arth. 747; Uwc (fiiii) fL-Ilis 
AMT. -Uth. VII ; fOii ('wiW. pU Bkk. 711; 

<*. L. 683; voii AYKNB. 255; voun (fAn) 
A. B. 388; eomp. \f&, 
liUiioi) foniKiH, Jt L. 24; ii. M. 41; fuuiuii 
PKiLMPT. 1 09; ShuKKII. II; A. P. 2. 

1175; To»vs. MYST. 134; vunuca (,fi- 

nien /^/.^ a. ». I8ti. 
ft>siii|»o enmtiff, uosi. 2, 45; Tosctup a. 

p. 2, 919. 
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faUr, /V*. fuble, yaVtp, I'ttuurr. 145; A^ p. 

1. 591. 

fiibltai, 61. /v. UMn; /abh; fiibli'drn ■•//Au- 
ilar<r$ii»r\ WicL. Luke 24, 15 /'r. r. tal- 

faUffj O.Fr. fahlour, >*/*»•.■ ftiblcrs ,>/.; 
WicL. Bah. 3, 23; fabulcrs Lamql. a 

2. 157. 

fM«, Fr. filer, /««, p. t. a. XVIL 171; 

AHrH. 52. 38; atbkb. 88; Aus. 1314. 
fai-illf, Fr. fiH-iiltc, fittudty, PHuMiT. 145. 
faJp, 0. Fr. fit<If, TM. fjitiiiis, fade, jabu. 

13, 17li; (fow. 2, 117; H. s. 3220; 

*'iwxm</<«", WicL. Ki;(.xiis II. 13; \\ f;iiro 

hi'Wi' is ;il f;i(h' Will. 891. 
fulM fade, CiiALf. IJoKT. 4, 3 (119); fade 

p. u s. XXX. 42; Will. 579; fiidcn 

fprta.J (ii>w. 2. 117; niiu hrrto fadide 

f'rtMratiV' J Win*. la. 21, 4. 
fatlrr m^t ftedt-r. 
fadien, J.Sux., O.H.Cfrm. (k<?un)- 

x.ilou. dinpimeif miil? failo LiltO. M. P. 35; 

I'AUTKN. PBOi.. 164; fndc />flr(..*V Tbist. 

3. 41; PitacKV. GIG. 
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fire, .\.Sh.t. lay. W./W*. fok» O.H.dttm. 
tall, t^iicv: ljiii(u)t' fe<.-(.' iiuv. I, 235. 

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O.L.Gfrm. t'adt-i ^m. rf^i/. fiider, ^(t(A. O. /■>»"#. fodifr y«i. fodoi . fodert's, 
O. Aw/, fjulir g«n. ft^ilur, O.lf.O'erm. faler 
yw. fiit<r. fiitrn'S. Xo/. ji!»t*r jew. imtris, 
Gr. znrrifi ym. iiaTpo;. Safmcr. fUffl 

jw- f^SS!". y««<v, Lai. 212 k 3199; 
fadn- IIavkl, 1224; Lasol. 1, 14; Ton. 
2058; vadcr AyKKit. 11; fadir Isrsrii. 
313; fedcr bkl. ast. 1, 1; feder, vi-dcr, 
veador a. r. 10, 26 * 54; fiidcr f^.J 





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M. O.LMfrin. O. II. Germ, niiKt. //o/A. 
nnsls. /rw» au. /aronr, tfracf. p(eit$»ft. w 
r,. s. VIII. 181; u. a. N". 1504: HeKrlits 
(•ste A. B. t)04: O^tp ^rfrt^.y TniAsi. l-tlti: 
for ff(Ml<Iis i'sle Kai^\M. *.i04; Oxtvu "Jc/f- 
«'«", iioM. 1, 241; futps ^MM. (««tc-ss| 
Obm. lf*AZ. 

58lde(]c HT. GKfT. A. EX. 2758. 

i^stfiil A. B. 108. 
hitt A, Sax. ostc, faroraUt, deUeiou*: jijtt 

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t>KM. 82!t; fstuv iiK'tos lUiM. 2. 87. 

dstllche A. R. 204; <i«tltchr tncles uou. 
2. 1711. 
ntrci fJ. ^V. estre fHr«, ^tai, fhefj, Aijf. 

5468; Max. kd. K fiSim; f-slrc* fpf.) 

Will. 17«K. 
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rtelj j-J.NiJ^. I'tol. O.II.O'rrM. CtlJiT. n/ffx; 

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6'o<A. il:»o. O.I'rin. ita, O.II.Otrm. Miin. 

X«^. (Hlcrr. 6V. {)sn. iS(f«»fr. ^f^, fw/, 
OlOL 780(i; CiLMt. C. T. n IKDO; rUn. 
et>U*n. culm hum. 1, 31. 45 Ai S.t; ctcn, 
letcn (calon) Ui. \V,\T,fi a 230:*7; t'otcti 
Makh. 14; vlv JUM*. 08; WiiL. liK.vt.s. 
a. 14; AVkXit. .11 fayfH itlu- -J05i; U. 
pirno A, B. 54; Aiexb. rij; cto (prf.j 
H. ti. 70; ntt<' Nt. r. 4ti7r»; oti^l u. a. 

s. ^99: REL. ANT. I, 264: p^t Hon. 23! 
AVKN'u. 54; fto|» SnoRRH. 2I(: i»i iii» 
t, 10»; Mahk. 17: AVK.VII. l^.*!; bi pI««| 
II. A. K. 1007; ii*t f^*i-} LAt. 8725; «| 
Orm. lir.40; IIavkl. tl.^G: DsKKKr. 141 ! 
pot M. n. :ili: iil Ukk. 274; |«n ^tc rirtJtj 
2. 181; red'ii Mat. 26. 2t; Ui. 1344«| 
StPii Ohm. 47!(7; ii. h. 172; flcu. wtt-i 
Laxol. r.. 612 (fi, 03); fpii'n Rich, ll.lj 
Ptf- fnuhiuneij c. f- 177; ricn fpoH.J m 
nits. A. »:x. :t2i*; Katel. OS?; LAxni*^ 
II 17. 07; i'liAir. r. T. A 43-'tl; Iw* 
70"i; Wirr.. i.i;riT. 7. t«; otton «. t*. ki 
Wb. 8:}7; Fttiw/i. rr(ji)-, ji*rtrn; rfwiV. 
r(fa_« J.iSfTx. ontoa. O.M. iotunu. r^/rir, 
jw#. TBI-.T. 1. 87; c. M. 7443; utin uj 
H. B. IlH: yliotoii (s= ioti-iil. rlpii n.{ 
18, <i; •ri-ii>m>K (:= ii-lmi's) fpfj tir. omcj 

A. KX. '>4^; **■<• fr)Iitnr|. 

rtriiitrh, A.Sax. rnlnni'H", yigitntte: grtpoie 

lll'-n ST. GKS. A. EX. 3715. 

pirre, A. Sot. ctpn-. wdr, Tbev. 4. 297** 

i-\e\'-<K fpfj AYI.NII. 17. 

CtcraCi O.Fr, i-hTiir, aefrmu*, rHAnc C. r. 

«thl|C •atinff, tluM. 2, 37. 
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6'*rM. uodal. proprrty, eouHtrjf, "p^triii". 

KRAtlM. :!: HOM. 1. tl3 k 11 A; i^t\ 
fenrhrr tn*ioH M'-tl ^LaBK fi, I. 
<'<ti-l['("I'c ll, M. '\\. 

rtfflp, ryrliii; w a-Jet*', n-ili'lmir. 

f|>r«, A.SaT. ibdiii. &<1ni. O.l.Oirfa. Athok 

O.ll.OrrHi. iitUDL hulittu, iq>irHuM, nOM. 

1. 43. 
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Makm. 13. 
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r*r, r«pfr *<v eoppr. 

riausrlir, Za/. t>ruii:i-liuiii, ^N'k'l. IUui. 1, 1. 

rtaa^rlislr, I^t. i'vanjfpIJ.sti, rrangeliM: v 

Vanpclistr iiOM. 1, 81; a. r. !)4. 
f!icl ifv iivrl. 

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pirr, A.Siijc. infur, 'J./iv/. i«iriirr. OjI,f»rrm. 
I'bnr, /a/. aiM-r; pavpn* f^J a. x. IS. 





cvoncru //w/y/Wy, BJbi.. ast. 1, ;16; e\"cr- 
• fprni- /i/rt^y A. p. 3, 4;>8. 

JVi, Lai. 2tirt9 A: 2(}7S; Kvciwlk Kou. 

2; Krcruich misc. 146; Virk Havsl. 

nwr, A^*<tix. ofose, jfciw, M.L.Gtrin. ovbsu, 
rt. /ViV. ose. wt'M fotetj, vuir^Oy "di/Zict- 
diiiM, ('irtirt'x", PKoiii'T. 14-t; Jie t'Vfst' of 
\i*: Itil WicL. Ton. II, ■*; the wotio i-vosi' 
/wu. Iievt»i«) voc. ir>9; o\is />riW«'i/ 
D. ^Vbth. 337t>; evoz liAW. 1178; oveso 

MKL. AST. I, 219; OvisC P.VKTKN. 5504; 

ciivrson fplj Lai. 2y27!J; Lakol. 

u 17, 227; Hak. £d. 1-\ L4GS9; Ann^. 

r*nlra, A.8itx. cfcsmn, efsinit, tundtn: 

evi*«ei|fl {pret.J A. k. :ll(8; t-vcfsod fpari.) 

Pi^ CR. ll'J(t; dirinied i-ni'sod) (iAw. 184. 
CfftMllgt, A.Sax. cfsuu^l?), eavfiing feaaing/, 

A. B. 142; ovrsp or I'VPsiiigc of j1 lioUHf 

I'lioxET. 144; cvcsingcs (pi J hxnaiu b 

17. 227. 

cw(«", FUAGM. o ; "Inard", voc. 157; 

"ittUiiT, WlCL. pnov. ^^0, 28; LKO. 151; 

ante, nciit« prompt. it55; evotoD fpl.J 

p. L. 9. Vlll. 158; pvvtcs Uevbs 1539; 

fprtjUtd eiii'U*sj Trkv. 1, 3S5 ; outett 

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KichcKlrc (RiL-oMtri'). A. •Vox. Kxau 4:ciuUi-, 

ExfUr, Lai. :IQ942; I'^fpstrc misc. 145; 

lUiB. 4. 
f} «» ei. 
ft, A.8ax. Tail, %, O.ff.Germ. (s.n)felior, 

f^ffmi), imMiew, infedm: liniti mlrr fil 

HOM. 1, 2.11; a r>>.. *'nij<i,'«- Oaw. U:JO; 

ft rwiiiiV Iw. 874: fii:i pr. c. 1453; ft 

Hatbi,. LHi.'l: Hbk. 870; ho wo]e U lo 
I'lA Jfia4^ tuu Siii>]tKU. 90; !<>, fcKi Chaiic. 

n. T. A i>.'l; VM, fia iffi) A. H. Ca Jt 274; 
'ftw« /'/»/.y D. Artii. 747; lAwv ifiiril Mlis 

AXT. .Utb. Vll; fdn ('wiA*/. /»/.; Bkk. 711; 

c. f^ GHH; v6n AYKSB. 255; vojm ilt\x) 

A. R. 388; (Mutp. ifa. 

t;Ui)t>n foeman, Jii.. 24; h. u. 41; fHuma 

PHuMl-r. ll>t*; SUUBKII. 41; A. P. 2. 

1175; Tow.v. -uyiit. 134; vuatucD (fiV- 

men fpKj a. r. I8(f. 
fushipo enmUjf, uom. 2, 45; fgticliip a. 

p. 2, 919. 
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fiHe, /v. XiX^U^ Jahle, pruupt. 145; \. p. 

1, -VJL 

fableu, a /v. fnlikr, /aWc; fiiWi<Uii "fuhu- 
ittrffninr', Wra.. LncR 24, l.'t ^r. r. tivl- 

f«Her, (7. /v. f;ilj|.'.ir, /tfA/w; fablors ^/j/.y 
Willi. Bar. 3, 23; fuliiiltrs Lanul. a 

2, 157. 

fiiee, Fr. fwip, /«(w, p. l. s. XVIJ, 171; 

ABrir. 52, 38; avkku. 88; .Vl.18. 1314. 
facBll^, /'K fiiLiiltti. fficidtij, PROMPT. 145. 
failf, 0. Fr. frnlc, Lat. iutuiis, J'ftdt, jabu. 

13, 170; (inw. 2, 117; n. s. 3220; 

"wwrci'rfM*", W[c1j. JcrrLus 11, 12; f>i fairo 

bewe is at fa(N> WiiJ,. 891. 
fadfu fade, CiiAiL'. UocT. 4, 3 lllDi; fiidt< 

P. u 3. XXX. 42; Wu.L. 579; f«(icD 

fpreij (iow. 2, 117; luia htrte failide 

C'cmaftHit) \Vi(x. Ih. 21, 4. 
fwlrr Kf rii-JiT. 
fndirn, .l.i^rj-. fa<li.iii. O.JLGerm. (ki'unV 

wit'-ii. dispott, *«ii!^ fiidt; IjIIm;, u. p, 35; 

I'AUxrN. I'Roi.. 104; ivAv fpari.yj TfLxyrr. 

3, 41; PttRCKV. IJIG. 
fadmr nrr fjidrnr. 

Tim, J. Sax. im\ O.l'rU fek, OM.Gcrm. 

fall, »/Mrw; biri(u><' foe*- uom. I, 235. 
fiff, H.lcel. foikr fimmatujiJY Vwrli^'fir wps 

fi&i: foi liDr liv Iiiii lAv'ord bjswitic Laj. 

firdfr^ fjul'T, .(-■Srtx. ftiHlyr ^h. </«/. fawior, 

O-LAifi'M. fiuiiT yi^N. rffi/. faUor, Goth. 
fiidar, O.^Yin. fwIiT ^/i. fwlor, fmlorcs, 
Q.ieel. fjtjir .ynj. fOdur, O.JI.OFnn. fuliT 
jrtt. ftttflr. fatoittH, /*»/. iiJitcr ^jwi. (latris, 
Or. i:aTr)p ,¥<*"■ natpri;. ."^rtnAT. ftl^F 
J«». ftgj, /i/Aw, Lai. 212 i 3199; 
faiUr IIavkl. 1224; Lanhl. 1, 14; Ten. 
2058; vmhr AYt:xn. 11; fadir L'^i-mh. 
313; fi'dcr BKI-. A.NT. 1, 1; fodcr, vt'dor, 
reader a. r. 10, 20 &• 54; fedwr fjffnj 




Ui. 398; Obm. 180; Rue. 302; Town. 

MYHT. 182; Mf-rcs st. okn. a. kx. ISIlt); 

fetter, fpdcros Maiul 2 4: 6; ftxloros a. 

R. 406; fwKr /"rftf/.; F^At. 2270; fadpr 

(faflir) (^urr. V. t. a 100; fadcrcs />/.; 

Roii. 127; ficdorcn ^rftf^ ;»/.> Lukk I, 55; 

fadcron Lai. .'1724; eomp. eld-, roster-, 

pod-, bi'hfffdcr. 

fadt'niwi^'Haro "patricida", I'KOMrr. 145. 

faderlCs Kath. 78; fndorleas a. b. 10. 
ttje, A.Sax. f(i^jw, O.L.Gtrm. fe?n, O.Jul 

ftpigr, O.Il.Gtrm. fcigtr, fry, tHOrHnmHrn, 

moriHU$; f&ijo, ftbie. ftMP, f:\ic Lai. 298. 

,'".17, 4t:!*4 4- li/Or*; foij.', foip /'jMJt. feyoi 

Jo8. 558 k .'i«9; Lanol. c 16. 2; f6ic 

fm*. fcvt!} iiPKC. 28; HiiuRciii. 124; Uaw. 

1007; AVOW. Abth. IV; Jis Rie folk 

.\Lts. KP. Sk. SO"; vcio Bevks S0a2. 

fAipfiriuft Lai. 21258. 

f*ii-. feiestij Laj. 304 & 23488. 
Ik5c% A.Sax. fffgcd. O.L.Qfrm. fagan. O. 

/W. feginn. /am, laHm; f»'m, fnio Lai. 

4891 A: 1 1619; v.-in a. b. 192; fiifrcii 

RKL. ANT. 1, 220; ST. OKS. A. BX- 15; 

fuin Will. 1783; (ihk. fHvii) r. l. b. 
XVn, 112; PB. t- 4552: "isiUMa 55(j; 
fain fmt. fsynK fawp Chauc. C. t. a 24fi7 
4: i> 220: Mn fm». fa\Ti). \awo Ron. 120 
hi 183; fiiin, fjiun rHtiMiT. 1 l*i A: l'>2; 
fjiwon Havki.. 21ii0; fa]»p iiom. 1. 199; 
fawo Aiiis. 1956; k. T. 1058; with hcrlc 
fill fainc LUD. Cov. 25; rninro /tompar.} 
.Icu 47; fainest ftrnptrl) Will. 3933; 
A. p. 2, 1219; wttxji. ifaion. 
fainhiVile) orsTR. T. 2410. 
brjfTf -■i.*rx. fiPKor. O./w/. faifr. O.L.Grmt. 
fa^r, O.Il.Oerm. fnpan'r. ft-"fl<A. fa«T«. 
/sir, pu/ehrr: f*ir, feier Lai. 152 &■ 
3886; fciiT. fcir hom. 1. 131 & 137; 
fajcr ^m*. fajjorr) Ohm. 0:t02: faijrrr. 
faiiT. fair ST. ok-t. a. kx. I2B, 1058 & 
a«5fi; fhiPT HKL. AKT. 1. 220; ^«*. fa- 
ytr) B. a, ki». Wa 2533; fair and jfud 
Hatki,. 500; fair /"m*. farr), vair. fk'ir 
/«#. fo>T) u. A. K. 579 k 584; fair. f(*ir 
Laniii.. 1, 10; Chauc. l^. t. a 3;t77; f<Mr 
A. ». 206; B. 9. V; cuoon. Ekol. 603; 
K. T. 445; fmiri- fai/nj hM. 4842; fi-ire 
CHRoN. Kkol. 612; fajro/'tfM. fajuo) Ohm. 
1215; faire and wel Havel. 224; ho 

jErcltc btw faire Bkk. 34; (virtf fJtU. m.j 
HOM. 1, 219; vpjmt' /aw. im.y -a. b. 2tJ6; 
fjiirc ('j^/.^ I'B, c. 9249; vicireu fd«t. pf.j 
Lai. 15163; ft'licr*. ASax. fji-fciTfo. /roin* 
jswr.> Kath. 2323; faire Hob-* ed. Lm. 
8; fairro Will. 4437; fuirun* (fairvrv) 
Lai. 2405; fairore HaAtn>. 33; feinire c 
L. 737; vojeresto. rciorcslo, fi'in*st4'. fei- 
niste fauprrLj Lai. 2217. 4080. 25305 
k 29663. 
fairh&lc pitkhriindn, Bkanu. 9 ; Auh. 

6392; frirhCdc TLnii. 1670. 
foiorlP*'. O.feti. favrrli'lkr. pttichrHndo. mux. 
1. 261; foirlCi- Maiui. 19; f.'irlek c. u 
vairllrlu- fairltt, avknb. 59. 
fpir8ehi|H' pH/ehiiHdo, c. L. 090. 

firjrr. A. Snx. fa'^rtT. O. U. iirtm. fapan" 
pfJchti'tttdo ; fcir .IrL. 6; hco n^vor no 
liL-0(t 9cjid f>i veir to jscoono mi». 1. 
193; ralr .UiH. 164. 

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fajn'rufSKJ. faintm, pnhkritudo; vw^-r- 
nn8w\ fa^icrnesfio, fi-iniuiwc L*'- 3272, 
22724 k 24266; vilriiessu-t a. k. 52; 
fajprness*.' Ou«. 1 225^ ; fai(.>riir«sr sr. 
OKN. A. KX. 1233; fitirnt'sac Chauc C. 
T. A 1698. 

fiinf hditiaY Fl<»r. 844. 

falMUe J'<ttcner. "iidH/ntor\ I'ROMI'T. 116, 

fvjBlnij A.Sax. fa^^tiiiiu, rj^'mian, O. M. 
fagna, O.L.OWm. fajraiiun, fairinon, O.ff. 
<!mn. faginon. ff^plnon. /emu ffri^n. y*ip*. 
htfturi: Me shiili' rnffpnicii on his bardn 
HOM. 2. 135; faiiK'D Lai. 3588; faint* 
Kul f'iaeientar' J all« jiat Ii'jpo in (hi i-h. 
5, 12; fatinin ^'hlandiri"*, pkompt. 152; 
)>coDQc voiatnl lie mid ou a. b. 194;' 
piilvvs ]tat faini^n of haro pn-i*' no«. !,■ 
277; 111* fairncrle liirf> st. qkx, a. UL 
1441; f.ig<<n<'don Mark 14. II; hpr 
Tfeinoden ^uh Lai. 18807; faini>dc Jos. 
243; fauhncdti 1 fanQLvli!) wifi ^> tjiili'd 
Laxgl. It 15, 2!I5, c 18, 31. 

iw^vmnfft A.Sax, lh'Knilu;.i', /ntcnmg: vnpt^ 
aiiiiL'-f A. u. 290; hurhiijiig, faiiaing' r. 
M. 12350: faiiDint; spec. 23. 

fa^ricB, A.Sax. ftpffrian. iKietf. frjrro, fr«m 
fipjpr. »rtfli» f»'f, Itreome /air: (»U8 beo 
dod for Id fciren heum seolvon aux. 1. 




fcftfl: faiii|) (^Tt*J S\a*. 2903; (lis tnm 
[{:roiii*f< ami vairp]i Ik» lii's virlnc aykxb. 

Jt.'i; fi')rc<](< fpretj c. u 876; fain-dc /"mx. 

ffiirhtiU') A. H. 302* 
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frlrn «» ftSi^n. 
frijr j«<N* fifeje. 
fvia WW fii'jen. 
f»l = fal? ruina, eladfa'* fw't lie niilltc fivS 

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o. A. K. 1378; Mapkh ,'t:.0 A: :t52; 1*kk- 
OKT. 72S; fi'li', fV'oU' Tbkv. 1. 3t»9; «w«/». 
frllm uv fellMi. 

frr, A, Sax, fier. O.L.Grrm. t;ir m., O.fcfl. 
for »»., M.U.G«nn. vdr in., vflro /, /(wr,- 
f6r Mapbs :J.'IH ; fi-or "(imnr, ttrrvr', 
VBOMIT. 156; foro Hkanp. «; \Viri„ 2 
rARAi.. 14. It; ('iiAi-c, Is T. u 1022; 
fcri', fi't-rc Landi.. h Ut, 162. 
Phrfiil /«fr/K/, (Jow. 2. l.t; P. h. b. XXX. 

f&rlftc Urror, a. r. :I0G; forlttk c. l. 672; 

rparl&c Katii. .19. 
fcrlTc. v^.iiBT. fjferllr, J&rfy ffarlyj, trrri- 

hilU, Kuhitm, I'ti. 138, U*: fcrll'-Ii a. h. 

:jfi2; Auk. .'VB4«: |>o fibrllrhi' tlih.l Lai. 

683S; nprli Wiu« aita4: a. p. I. 108S; 

Im-'MB. 2:i!>; an sfidr fi»rH sifrt st. okk. 

a. us. 2774; fcrMclifl fn-Hicn Katii. 732; 

f&rllch fmbi^J minim, Lai. 5:181; I-'l. 

A. Hi.. 4.i«; fcorlLrfi Kath. 2()8t;; r^r- 

llk Uavbl. 1849; li'rli Lasol. vaah. fi; 

PkHCKV. .SiJO; I*R. I-. 20.'>ii: AXT. AUTU. 

XLl: r^rllflip faHv.J iiu.m. 1. 89; v6r- 

hchc A. R. 178; KoB. 2fl!»; fit'riikc Ohm. 

8074; f&rlikp st. cex. a. kx. 2799; 

ferli A. p. 2. 369. 

\ f-rlvlihrjlo AYKMi. ■'i.'i. 
ttrdf, M.II.Ornn. (>-(')vifenIi'? fiTrk- "t^ror", 
Win.. (iR?fKH. 9, 2; a. p. ;i, 2!.''i; mf. 
L. J(6; for Wnin (Iaw. 2130: Mis. 14; 
PR. c. 6864; pKRCKT. nil; mir. vh. 17i>. 
fi^Dinil •^tarrihilin", PBOMI'T. 15ft; Wicl. 

Bxoo. 19. 18. 
fSBnilaik terror, ph. c. 6427. 

fi'rdli irrrihilia, s. p. 65. 

UtAU V. M. 1768:,. 

f^nliifti teiror, vu. r. 2231. 

finUj A.Sax. fii^rnn fierrert}, O.ltutth W-- 
reo, vaercn frndnervj, O.I^.Oerm. t\xx\n 
fiAierranJ, O.U.Germ. fAroo fohtn'rnrv^ 
inndittrij, fmr, trrrrrr, wetwfe: ht> \\\it 
litDi fifeiTii ... & skenon Obm. 675; 
fwtron A. R. 230*; fOiin "Urrne", pbomi't. 
156; fore Lanou r 7, 34; Wici.. 2 CoB. 
10. 9; PR. c 2291; Miii. pi.. 9H; fMe 
//irpf.> Oaw. 1588; fercj (imrl.) spkc. 
21; M. n. 134; f^nl Max. kh. H. 191; 
Hkbckv. 925; |ii'jh je In? fiJrfl nf joiir 
fOn Will. 3366; iwiM/f. a-, for-, ofi^ri-n. 

Ti^rlngr, -i.-S/rr. fiiirtnrrn. O.U.Otnn. filrtnira, 
'•ntthif't", LuKB 2, 18; f&ringps Max, kd. 
H. 185. 

flffttj y*.«rtj-. f««t. O.LMtrm. ftwt. O./ev/. 
fastr. O.Frin. fcsl, O. /T. ffcrtn. frstpr, 
/dfrf, firmuM; fiisi "fixiu", pkiimpt. 151; 
'fa«1 {nu. nisst'i A litKlij l;if Orm. 1602; 
ft'Ht iictM. I, 111; vest AVBNM. 189; ho 
m.iki'tli' his cnKtlofl Iroftwo S: swkle xtiwIp. 
I,Ai. 11898; fii>rtfl fadv./ o. A. sf. 796; 
Branu. 5; Lanc.l. 1. 42 {4\) & 4. 27 
(29); HicH, 3;i3l: Pkrcbv. 1020: stiko- 
(ilol fi.'.-!!** (f.istc) Lai. 7.133: licori' jrrifl 
hro scttcii fii'sto 9562; lico riJcn va.ste 
(Ihstp) 9754; holdfJ Iiiri** vrstp a. u. 
34: so fit&to shul i Iiinde |io n. n. 125 
(127); \>aj\nv bihftlticii li^ him fiislr Ha- 
TKi,. -2148; vagto I^Jn. 568; fiwt** tii 
Rarfi-sfoiw Lai. 9'; fasto bi \»} \M\i< 
OnAur. v.. T. a 719; on fcsl llarlcsmiic 
Lai. 9; Imlu com ou vcsic 1455; |«fer 
on fast Ohm. 3334: fiiwtrc feomparj Lai. 
9775; vaslre o. a. s. 656; eomp. ftr-, 
ltl*<l-, lif'te-. r/)t-. sohamo-, sd^, stcdc-, 
troup-. Tonlfipsi. 

fiuBt-, fpstl1c1ip/rt«?/y. Lai. 18096 A 21201; 
fcstllchf now. 1. 61; f;i-sUldn' 2. 171; 
VL'sllukiT (roinpar.J a. k. 234. 
fjIRtrCllB /lint in foiinnri, it. A. N. 211. 

rt'Stschiln' ^fiftnitsK, a. ii. 202. 
imt9, A.Sm. fiest)?). O.reri. fratr, 0.£. 

f.V;«. f'^sti. O.Il.Vfrm. fnsti, /(f*(: frst 

"fi^ameH", PUtiMPT. 158. 
fKslfti, -i.^jr. ftt-etiin, OM.Germ. fertan. 




O.Am/. feslA, faat ff*d)y firmar«: in fc- 
tcffn ful fiiste restfn Uavkl. 82; fcstin 
"figfrt", rBUMFT. 158; faatc m. .^UrrH. 
•(tl24; anil t>at ich hiu woldo . . . fa«to 
<m honfk' KdB. 150; wo ho fcKl^d bojK' 
on bim bkl. ast. 1, 221; fosU-d (p«ri.J 
PB. f. 521)5: fcst. fiust Lanul. b 2, 123; 
Will. 1650; frat ii. h. "!*; eotnp, jt-. 
hiimi-. lir>, sUdcl-. uuficston. 

twnXrm tfe filstPiL 

frUlnXff A.Saz, ftLCtiDg, "Jixura", pBuui'T. 

fjuUfHe, J.Sajr, fmtStSfi, /lutHts*, "Jtrum- 

mmtum"^ w. 24, 14; of riutnoHsc **/r- 

Nu'tatia*, Wiei- uiOJKD. 41, 32( vostnessc 

AVKSU. 104. 
TrAlninit J. Sax. fii'stniiin. O.Fris. festna, festiu tn, fidtn, Jirmart, Lai. 

290G1; festavn, fpHtnJ Kath. 1180 A: 

2011; festnon /'«*«. ft'sstuennl Ohm. 1718; 

vestni avknh. 117; fo-sliiu ('HArr. C, t. 

A ID.'i; fiutlnedo ^/fwi.; Laj. 20118; r. 

L. 14 20 ; fastoeil fpnrt.j AST. .iVbth. 

XXXIX; fcHtencd Wilu 447; L. c 0. 

36; pi>w/i. JO-, tmftf^taion. 
biUbgt A. Sax. fu'stnunfr, fa*ieuiHg, '-Jir- 

mamfntum" , WirL. ph. 17, 2; rMttitiii|f 

HUH. 1, C7. 

fa^ln "adulari", pBoHrr. 14fi; flaU^e ;iiid 
f.ig** IlAtLlw, UH'T. 04.'i; faifi' "hlandire", 
WicL. Ji'iMKH 14, 15; fnf^ //»rrf.y Lirm. 
M. 1'. 37. 

fajpr «M f*jer. 

r&jlti, A. Sax. r'Mriiin, O.U.Hfrm. {^})iv\\vn. 

eoiour, Mtain; fjlji'df-n f'/?r(«<.y Lai. Ifi4l3; 

ifHwcd (iu>net) mid blude 41G-'). 
fagvl, /r. filirol, fiigai, Trkv. .1, Sr.t*; i. 

rib, -4.5«. ah. %, O.B.dtrm. ft'ht-r. 
&VA. fuihUH, WoM-n/, mrirgairdy Lai. 
24653; fall, fon p. i.. ^. VUI. 1)1(2; ft)li 
«fld gri*i R. R. IV: roh f?prinUd Tehj ant 

firriK BSL. AKT. 1, 10<.>; foull k-ILiUM. :!; 

fbiih, vOiib, rV>u Mts4'. 70. 96 in- lO.'V; 
foH and ^rrtifi THifn". 2, i>; ftm nud v^vnv 
RKL. ANT. I, 2111; |>c fojtto uoddrp ItOM. 
1, Ti^t; rri^p ncddrea I, 51: vftjc La(. 
309U'.); «o»f. ^oldf;)b. 

Ial, Fr. fi^, faie, fkde Littk^ uct. 1635. 
/to/. faU, Gow. 1. 193. 

fai mw fci. 

fakf «w fip}cr. 

filrrlrj O.Fr. facrio fff'triej, fairf, Cuavc. 
C. T. K 1743; fiiirio .\xis. 6924; fcim 
Will. 230. 

rallfj a^V. faille, /arf. Uavbu 179; »i^- 
ouUmi fnilfl c. L. 1162; faille Smuubl 

failfii, O.Fr. faillir. /<n7, Uow. I. 337: 
fiiili', faille LA.XUL. B, ;12« (7. 310): fcii- 
li Oaw. 1067; fiiilc|i f'prM.y AYKSB. IW; 
him no riiilK<iJr nojt Ueaxd. 13; ^i *e\t 
^ut wu riilea Ma»li. 134; yt king . . - 
faijodc his mihto Lai. 2938*; and lai- 
lode ... of his hurc a. b. 404. 

ra{N,, falucu xiv (icifn. fti^juion. 

fainl, falnllsF ate feint, ftiioUse. 

fair wf fii'jLT. 

faire mk ft^re. 

Ml, feet. (KFr. foit, fet, TM, facttun, >/. 
Lanul. 1, 160 (184). 

falt«a dtMnnhU, Laxol. b 7, 94. 

railb, O.Fr. fnitis. iv\h fhim faii, ftU m* 
artj; fctis Will. 126; CuAic. a t. a 

falttBr, O. Fr. f»it4>ur, "JieUr, nm^tUr", 
PHOMPT. 146; failours fpl.J LaxoL. 10. 
71 (11. 68). 

rnkel, /or fiiUm? hkl. avt. 1, 179. 

fAken, A.Sttx. fawn. O.L.Gtrm. feran, 0. 
/[W. f<.-iku. O.ll.dfrm. feichan, rfnAut Ou. 
127117; fiu^ne ''nfquHia", Mat. 22. 18. M 
fukt'tUlcbc, A.Snx, fttccnllct*, doivm, Kaawi. " 

(tkkeilf A. Sax. fjiMiic, 0. L. frfrm. fecni. 0. 
Icfi. ft'iku. doiomt: hi'o V'>!^ f^ti>'n bifbn^ 
4: iittcrni' l>ihindt>u pbagm. 8; fiikt'ii tropf** 
OitM. 126^.5; fCiken Mas. kd. H. l»4. ^ 

n^knira, O.Jf.Oerm. fcihnoii, AKtivtY ftko^^ 
^/frw.y HKI-. AST. 1, 170. 

fal. A.Sax. fi-all. fell. Hell, frll. 0.l.afrm, 
O.U.Grrm. fill. n.Frit. fnl. frl. 0. A ' 
fall, fail, "eanu, lnp*H», ruiiM", 
117: Kath. 2322; h. m. ir>; }Uv*% S.SS 
Mas. kp. 1'. 10875; Linn. M. p. 29; /m. 
rall)(tRM. 11862; M.i^. 4412; val a. a 
326; for his K'«»Itiie vatlen /'r. valli 
La?. 20994; «w fiul; CMvp. uufol. 




UU, J.S^x. fald vor. Hr^, fM». Mil, /*/rf, 
"ott'/f". voc. 204: fo!il lkb. Jk>. 544: 

"ttlCL. JOHX 10. IC; foltll' BKI,. ANT. 1. 

209; THApr. C. T. A :.12; t.. ii. r. UJ; 
fzildi' rJ't.J uoM. 1. 24r>; (ithh's f^.J 
OftM. :ia:t9: roiN/>. rlj^rfitld. ]illii<iriiltl ? 
r*l4iHt htm. roMi>, faU, ptit IN H /»/(/, 

IhoMPT. liiS. 

faldrn «v fcaUon. 

fiMlng d aorV o/f/o/A, pbompt. 117: CHAirr. 
C. T. A :i<H. 

filr *^r Mi', 

fnlrwrn »rr fjilvri'ii. 

i^it, Germ, falpi', falloic (fitftghj: f;ilottv 
"«««/«'*, WicL. Jkr, 4, a; fjilw<»s /-^/.y 
Havkl. 2509; Chaic. C. t. d fi'.fi. 

filjcif O'ertu. fHljnii. fflifcn, ftt/htr (fmttfh, 
Jriiy); fuUf "«wfl '. vmrMi'T. US: lil fn- 
li'wt'rfcn i'rj»p rHBitN. Kxoi.. 1'4. 

fallr, .-I-AVj-, f.viU, O.HMtTm. fiilla. "rffn- 
j>ii/ti". I'KOMPT. 147: cnmp. musfiillp. 

fallrMf A.Sax. foallAfi, fKLM^rm. O.Jl.OWoi. 
fiillaii, 0./r«. O.Ice/. falht, >//. wrf^v, 
Ij^i. ROI; Ohm. 7K40: \nlli'n a. k. 2U; 
fiille 0. A. K. tlSfi; foolli-(l /^^w.y a. b, 
272; |>ot fnllimif nvfi 17fi: fi-ol (^;»rr^; 
msc. 187; Hmbn' tu. Lim. 42*): Alis. 
r.Bn: uprc. 62: fool, vrol a. h. 22« 4, 
280; f.ol. fill Lai. 177 i I041t); ft-l 

BT. OKN. A. KX. 72: K. T. lOHti; liAUSr. 

7riS; hun flA i'mt. fell) to \ioWn yi\ Ohm. 

897; f*l, ful Mt>)i. 2. 155; fol. fil Lasoi.. 

D H. 71>; l^Aur. C. T. a K4o; vil A- 

TB«B. 16; ful Brand. I; k-Mfii L\i. 

578; feollen. fpllf Kath. 1:.!>K; rcllcri 

Lasol. b is. 309; fullen c. u 100; 

vUlcn AYENB. 67: fpollo ftub/.J a. b. 58; 

ftlli' r.RKr.. OGS: fnllcn /jMtrt.J Misr. 22; 

II. It. no (108»; JIa.vd. o2; cvmp. »-, 

IP*-. Ill-, i-, ofer-, tofallcii: dtriv. fal. f:il- 

I''. fi'Ilcii. 
Tnlawp tte fnl;o. 
rilvvm wr falnrn. 
Ulss fA/V. fals. fans, fahf ffiuxtf), a. b. 74; 

o. A. N. 210: Hkk. 1004: fnls /'wiArf.; 

/r/n(m,BAX. cnRux. 2-5;]; Ou». 12177; fuiu 

.los. 208; falst> ij:t>i}<<.s iitiM. I. 247; falgo 
[dilQKts MISC. 141'; l^niio Milsm- poiii A- 
'irKirn. 24; fnlnest, v;ilsi'st fanpf-ri.j \,\\. 

30182 k nU22. 

fiiUh^'if* /fif$fhfn>d, Knn. 225 J pf.. cR. 

411^; Gow. 2. 22G: ph. c. I17ti. 
fHUIIcJiL' /ij/Wy, I.Ah-nr.. b IR, :U»: vsl^ 

hcht* ATKXII. 28. 
Talft«rf filhfTy AYKNR. 62. 
falKrli', "rf V-, fjnisi'-ti', fiihH^, as. i-it. r>, 
f»l>irH, 0. Fr. fiilscr. /.//«■ : Iiih lit'ivburnp 

ffon to fnlnip (faiisipl Lai. 2:i!>i;7: fiilsim 

Chaic Tbou^ fIGiJ;): faUiii "/.riufictrr/', 

PBOMPT. 148; vjiImi>|> (prtK.) ayknu. 40; 

|>i'l it]>or l>ileavc fiilsii- A. B, 270. 
ful!inr»>!ip falientr*, t'HAi*<". (', T. (i lfl04. 
raltriH j'ahrr, pnoMrT, 148; fii liniL-s fal- 

!r»ji CiiArc. I'. T. » 772; fultort-*! ffrH.) 

fiAw. 4:U>: fjiltnnlo n. Artii. 10<i2. 
hi*, A.i^x. fi-alo /./. fealpr*. iKLJierm. 

fiilu. 0.n.f,Wm. falwcr. O./e-W. fV.Ir /*/. 

trilviir, J'allvw, ftftriu: fjiUi- Ciiaic. (-. t. 

A 1^:G4: iHltnu bki.. ant. 1, 2t>6: |i<> 

falt'wp tiM Hicii. 461; W |>p fiilo orpe 

*ixvr. 728; vrldcs falrwp wtirdim Lai. 

fiilwe "ff f.tUc. 
rnlwpa, .^.SciT. fcalj'ian. fcatiipan. 0,U. 

f'trm. fiikMvon. ^fiavt^en'e; riiliiftMi hom. 

I, V.K\: liis lii'ii nhal f»lfvn?ti kkl. ant. 

1. GTi: ralt'nni simli" |ii Iloiin's »pKr. HO; 

falppi b. ». I; VHlcjH'ii |^/^^•^M.; a. m. 132; 

falcwr)' Miso. 03; fnloMit» v. l. s. VL 7; 

valoawt'ji AYKA'H. H 1 ; nilewode ffret.J 

Laj. 41(i:l; falcwod a. r. 2, 1.139; ful- 

wwl /■;«rt.; L. H. K. 132. 
falwi>a «(r ral^cii. 
falewl rofor /f'lruM y o. a. n. 456. 
TAm, jt.fiax. fain,. O.ff.O'erM. fcim, /wm, 

»pmiM, Dkohkv. 1386; fOui Bkanu. 19; 

RpKi'. 1 02 : fijm. fooin (^Aur. C. t. o 

fAne, O./V. fuiue, /vMf, a. r. 222; Rna. 

29; 8. K. KU. Wku. 1232. 
f^Mi, .t.Sar. faiiiiir. ffwrny, Chauc. C. t. a 

rAiainij fifeinpn. A.Snx, fikmim. 0,17. Grrm. 

IV'iiiic'ii, foam: fcniin '-n/mmare", pbompt. 

169: tomiii Jru 6H; fi-me i,i;ii. Jfs. 223; 

f&uif. vOuit'It /■f»r«.; Wxti.. Makk 9, 17; 

fftuH't) /'/Tf^.y ». ». KD. Wb. 959; xi'mha 

null. 208. 
famllirr, /V. familipr. famiiiar^ CHAcr, C. 

T. A 215. 




FiimiiK!, Fr. riuiiiiio, /amiiu, Langi*. i' 9. 

;>47; Chauc. C t. c 4.11, 
rsnilriif Dan. rniriU-, NmW. rmiilii. O.IcfL 

l.iliii.'t? faaihU: staiucrrn i*^v fiimi^lni 

&KL. AKT. I. C5: bu niui-litl lia ac)itiU> 

... in his uiKl fa)ii|iUMi h. u. ;t7. 
(aiMHU» O.Fr. iaxwvwA. Jomotu. Trkv. 'i, 215. 
faNf A.StiT. fiiuit, /."^ vaiiiitis, ydN fvanj. 

''riinntu", rBowi'T, l-tS ; ''tfhti/ahrui»", 

Whl. Mat. :i. 12; fnuiir voc. 2;}3: 

Thaitc. C. t. a iiiWT,. 
iiin, M.Ii.Gtrm. vt-ben. /w. t'nmtcuM /acetf; 

hv tVMli' )>tf funup Willi j<til god hum. 2. 

fault, /r»w tiu'li'iiV of i]i.s fruit yiW it: li;i- 

\CU f'llld ST. OL-K. A. KX. HUti; ufti.r lU8 

iifcn fond 31-%0. 
raniltfii, J.Sflx. lanOian. O.Fri*. fnndin. O. 

I..(ifrm. fiinJuu. O.II.ft'trm. dtaXon. /rom 

lindoo. /f',v. tempt, f/rore; fainii*' hom. 1. 

2^9: fiiudi'u Obu. W'yiQ; famle Iw. ;jlt>; 

MiN. 24; PR. ir. 2228; fundicn (foiidi) 

liAi. 2949; foniiiun ijDdi'^ nnu. 1, 93; 

r.indi'ii H. H. 68 (701; s. s. KU. Wic. 1489: 

K't AduRi fiindon ilt* lit* ili* Nop Iwr^' 

ftT. CBK. A. KX. iU76; voiuipii A. R. 194; 

bit |iOhtp fondi |ni£ o. a. k. U42: romli 

AVBKD. IS; r«iidt' Will. 1019; OiiArr. 

C. T. s ;^147: pKBrKV. 14(>(;; by m'ha! 

fi)ii(lc t<c> dt'ot of tuino buodi^ Hum. kd. 

LrM. 1.11; fitndi' /"^rw.; n. Abth. 9K4; 

foudit Lamgl. r 12. IHO: Gow. 2. lOti: 

fuadp wi* |>is toiin tfi wcru Kiru. 4402; 

foiidi]<K- fprti.J Ukk. 717; Jos. flOS; A 

bi-H fandodt'U Maiik k, II: fuiidtHlcii Kath. 

121; fHOdi-d f pari. J rw. 11, 7; eamp. I- 

landrrr ifmptfr, avksb. Ufi. 
faiirilnjc, ^.Sax. f;mdiinj>. Umptat*on, Ohm. 

122G2; TK. c. :il-l; fondiiriK'*' *• «■ *"^; 

foiidingtf MiBf 420. 
ranr> J.Sar. (f'olh. fjiiui, O.L.Gfrm. OJT. 

fitrm. fano. row*. vetttJhuH, pbojkvt. I4W; 

chiiuugiiifc to a fnnc fvamO ritAuc. C, t. 

R 99fi; bis mast of silvir . . . iind of 

tH eaUo VIM bis faut- Kolam. 1192. 
(mu%, J.fiar. r.ini: Sax. ciiiios. ir.0. O./cf/. 

fiiu^' M., M.J/.OffM. faiijr. vaiu- m.. Mptttt. 

toptmra^ c. M. »72H. 
faasrl I cf>mp. iivwefanxvl. 

fiui|:rleii ! bold )uu tttjl ;ind rangol uojtk' 

REI,. AKT. 1, 257. 
faiiji^fi, O.L.Gtrni. fau^'iiu ll^ixt's uloss., 

J'liHff I'fttigj, M/mv, Obsi. 10799: fuBptt 

'Utpprehenderr", pbokvt. 149; fuajrv ra. 

23, 5; Gaw. 391; M. R. UO; i nuldo 

f&Jii!« itongt) h fvr|<iu^ La.nul. It. b6$' 

(6, 48): foiiireu b. «. II; vu. cm, 78rt; 

foiiij.' Vi.. A. Ul, !J00; Suuhkh. 42; 

CiiAUC. C. T. B 877: M. Akth. SltO-it 

no dnr nA fuiol |»Ar to fonge (.vitnge^ a. 

A. N. 11=15: ni> cold I'ut ^ uo fuugfl 

IIavki,. 850: a-Jiir (ft^ngl't. W..s«i, O.A 

OeiM. O.Fri«. IV"!!^'. O.I/.O'rrui. liiinfb 

fii'iifr. /'ifl-cf.y I-Af. 22878: h. s. kd. Wkb. 

924; irJi bi-ni fciig ul t*o Bsk. 78:1: f«>u$; 

on t<> U'llcn Jul. JO; fdng td )r* Hi it a. 

r. 2, 1177: vijug l<'» d(dit»'n a. k. 52; Ivft 

Wiigon fwK' tti Lai. CiV; longR. A.Sax. 

O.Fri». tgotfaiigeu, UJ..tirrm. OjlJierm. 

(go)fa&gaD. fpirt.j Flub. 18UI; eomp. 

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fang, fi'iie. 
fangfrc ''ttttceptor", rs. 3, i. 
faanira fan fron): vanni hij* corn AfKXB. 

1^9; fannt' **r«M««>". M<(tMPT. 119: rninei 

A, r. 2. 457. 
faRte» fantlD, O.Fr, laiioii. /anon, rKoMrr, 

149; funoiiri Miar Uil7. 
Caalash*, iK Fr. UvuIas'w. /anry. Alis. 1 1>. 

Sk. :i84; i^HAvc. \'. T. A ltI9l; fjDt^*«i« 

I'ABTKN. 358. 

faalafeiar, O.Fr. fnntoKniP, Or. ^avTSi^ta, 

fnutitm, f* prinUd faiit«Rtni<) a. a. 02; ; 

fuutoiuc I'B. r. 1197. 
br, A.Siir. liiT Of^, vehieHiutn, nutuj, 0^ 

led, fjir fgrrintu, tiff, vfctura, lurvifiimj: 

eomp. iiif(>r. 

fjircodt. O./rfi. farkostr. praettdtHt, •»- 
rttjanc*. Lal 1490; m. h. XTX. 
rarcen, Fr. farcir, J'«rcf : farce "/mrvi9\ 

i-KiiMi-r. 150. 
Carilrlj O.Fr. fardtO (Jardtark): fAnlHa /i 

>VifL. JutHiKs 19. 17; t*. M. 5004. 
far*, -4..'ftjjr. fnni. O.M. ffir, ytf/n. t/T,] 

girianut, rtriani, u. ii. 19; IIavkl. 1337t^ 

Hob. 52; Alih. 7072; Laxhl. ■ 18, 18; 

fhiALT. C. X. It 5G9; ft. t*. UD. Wiu «42: 

MiK. 45; A. p. 2, AHV k 'A, !>g; a. 

Anrii. 945; Pbdcev. 1U37; Ascr. Asm., 




iCT>. Vov. I S.I; se lirste fate Sax. 
CHUON. 2-''>7: Kwiilr fiiri* of IS-oifU lier 
ras Lai. HWO-l ; bcr wps nnini&t** fari> 
l02Sfi: |mt iiA itmn iiniU'r crislc of licnrr- 
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yru.h. 4580; fc.«n)i .lud cri and suclit* 
fan* Misr :i32; )>f'i liiiskiti Ji^iu wi]i riaU' 
hfiirp (>.LA». 10.14; »«*f. chpa]!-. ford-, wliiiH. wclfiire. 
farrit J.Suz. 0.l..<,'/rm. O.i/.Oerm. Goth. 
trail. O.Fi-i't. O.Jeff, fara. /(rrt*, reh', t'rf, 
,hi. 2512: Kath. ir.64; Ohm. ;U56; 
Iavsl. 264; Jm. 506; woiilo hum raron 
BT. (»:n. a. kx. 1418: fariit "meare", 
loupT. 1.10; rnri- Will. '1142; Man, 
jtii. F. OOSl: PR. r. \HtMl: PtmcKv. 1 1 1:1; 
iforr pid afffre cum, ii. w. 27; tii t'hirrlic 
irc Hinr 265: ufler liim for to ftirc s. 
8. Ei». Wb. 290; fare (prtt.) o. a. n. 
■160: |*i>u fwrest Ok t>i iiif I'andanis as 
["hi' CiiArc. Tkoii^ ■1|;i2: fiirfcT, van'il A. 
1^. 120 k 214; an<l fnipf ovi<r [>•> Hud 
Tbist. 2. 17; be fmi)' wpI "valH", Witx. 
'nFSKfi. 2P, 0: |«i^r alli* zftiilon viirc]* wcl 
AT£NB. 1: fare fguij,/ l.Asnh. b 10, 40ri; 
r;ir pi? fnr.'ii Iivniit^ Kath. IMOit; farinde 
\(}Mir(.J Lai. 4262; wtd faranih' Isrjiu. 
WS: filr rpreij Orm. 1807; » a. s. 
1474: l)i> fik Dull lit of liis ipittc Mabii. 
he f(^r Ivi Lnnd^'iio Lai. ll.'iOfi; fimr 
"Mas. ki>. F. 702:t: U<vo\\ p-r. okn. a. 
KX. 24j*2; Dirt? ANT. .\rth. LV; 1'1'i fiirc 
[forl^wnrd pKBrnT. 1425; fnren fpoH.) 
IKL. ANT. 1, 225; Lanol. 5. 5; Rindon 
irpn fit of lift* Orm. 8;161; comp. for-, 
I-, ofcrfnn'n ; rfmV. far, tarr. ferdc, fDro. 
•rit'n. fi\r*'. 

I, far, A.Sttar. fpftrli. O. /[.Gfitn. farrli. 
'!<?(. porrus, /an-Me f/arj; f:ireii ('/''•^ 
.AUH. 2441. 

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|i' ln'|l i\iirjfll AYKKII. 61; jills Ih'hiI )'» iis 

iip>.i'ii ivt'ni]'»d A. R. 204. 
6*iTw, riirz? farii pihimi'T. 3 50; Cinur. 
T. A 3800: uvxK Ciiv. 21; »tf ft'rt. 
fn, Orrm. faizcnV f'trl, Lasoi,. k Tl, 
2;tl: fiirton "/wtrfr/y". cnoMiT. 150; kiv 

r«rtar« /«r(rt-. i-rompt. 150. 

fiisll, f'rrm. fa.scl, ^/nwi praetmuf, fimhria, 

I'RnMI-l. 150. 

fiurliii) tfrt-m. faselii, i» fila »o!vcre, fROMirr. 

fa^^oBD, O.Fr. f.iccOu. fazou. fti»hion. v. i.. 

s. \XV. 41; fiwouu, facioim Wii.r.. 500 

4: 1»U4: fisce&u Maxd. 205; faitoiin s. 

s. Ki». Wkh. 1384. 
fmsl Me fa'ttt. 
frndr^ O.L.Cmn. O.U.Girm. O.Ttfl fa«ta, 

O.Frit. fcshi /■„ /aa/, "jfjiimutn", prompt. 

Ml: fw». fa-sstt) Orm. 11333; fastfii 

fdat, pij p. L, B. VIII, 74; fesliii A. R. 

faKlPO, A.Sax. fii>stan, O.II.Gitrm. fiudt>n, 

(i(Jh. fa.staii. OJcfl.,i. O.Fn'a. festia. 

ff»i, jrjuHOir, (m». fji-<istfiiii'l *)km. 11826; 

fafit«>u Mask 2, !£»; fcsten hom. I. 29; 

fttsk' r. L. 6. XV, 69; vesU? aykxb. 50; 

fasb'd ffH-t».J UKh. ANT. I, 211; fastiude 

/"/wirt.y Havix. 865: faste f$»rH.J Brand. 

5; vost(! A. R. 126; ivast (pari.) Lai. 

22310: Misr. 38. 
riulea> A.Sex. fiL'steii n. Grkin's OLoes., 

j't^'unimit: fp.stcne f'rfn/.y hom. 1. 7; eomp. 


Tt'stcndri. A.S(ix. fffstoDdttg, a. b. HIS. 
fa»lni Kef fii'stfu. 
faslirr f>utn: prumpt. 150, 
fa»lln|{ J'nding, p. l. s. XU, 136; festtinRv 

ii(»!ii. 1, 207. 
fal, J.S,>T. m.. O.L.Gnm. O.Tcfl fat. OJI. 

derm, faz, vai, *'eupn\ voc. 2:i:l; I'Bompt. 

151; "r«r»*", BBL. AiTT. 1. 81; fot Ma&k 

11, 16; (lOt fet Hick. thks. 1, 229; 

fi'rtt, VL-at .\v\.. OH & 69; ])pt tVat Maiui. 

17; i» vci 18; vH* /-rfrtj!./ aik-vh. 203; 

f.iU' fplj Mat. 12. 2^; faU>n Mrsr. 29; 

fiiltis Ki«'H. 1491; t<mp. Icobtfot. 
Cat, A.iiax. fadt, O. Dutch vet, O.U.Germ, 

ftdztpr, feiaiitcr. /r«n •fifetrn, O.AvA foitu, 

.1/. n. Germ, vi'i/.cn. /fl^ trkat. 1;!K; 

K[ni. 000:i; r. s, n:i2; Chait. C. t. a 

200; /■»«. fait) OnM. 995; fnl, fid >*«. 

^m". PRil-MPT. 151 ; fct KT. OKU. A. KX, 

2098; Vf( A. ». 1M6: AirnNR. 53; |>p 
vatic I*Ai. 19445: [ipt ftdto Hpin hom. 
1, 81. 
fL'ttliCd BT. OBS. A. mt. 1547. 





fBlurHHi ji.SttT. brtnpsft. fatntu, "piHgiudo", 
rkuMi-T. ITiI. 

faltm, J. Sax, fwtliin, O.lMch utUii. 0. 
Iljitrm. ffizlfli, /fli fJ'aUenJ, fiitiffu^/acmi, 
pinpneteae, Wk-u ph. 1 40, .I ; fulu- Cuaic. 
U T. o 18H0; lisp K^n ifiiind run kIi 
Tor le veltcii a. a. 128; vcltej* ^>/)f*7 
ATKKB. 346: failed r/MrtJ n. 22. 5; 
ivottwl A. B. i:ir.. 

fatMc, A.Si/T. firilm w. /, O.L.Grrm. 
fntlinni, Fiuloin, <A/(w/. fiulmr. O.J/Mrri.t. 
I';»iriil m., /rww fftn V fal/iom f/aJm»J: 
fadmc "ul'o", pRoMtT. I l.''i: iuic vctliiir 
Lai. 27t>86; fcdiw Ocruv. lG5*i: fiidiin* 
fplj CiiAitc. C. T. A 231«: J-iTu blind 
fcduif lanp ao«. I. 22^: five fednu* lonjr 
.Uis. fi46. 

CMtmtni; .^.iStfr. firiliiiiiiD. O.fceL U\i\\\\;\. 
fathom f/udomj, awjthcti; fudiuiri "ulnarr'. 
PBUHPT. 14IS; miiif ;iriiirs wvri'ii m l<»ii- 
Ko tliul i fuiliiH-d).- . . . Drnciimrk Mavku 
1295; frdudva ft'llt-u in R>rr fajmird t«'i 
Koder A. p. 2. oI>*,i. 

faiiHiAif O.Fr. Taiu'liun. falckimt, La>ou 
M.. Wu. 9tt22. 

fsartia, Fr. fjitia)ii, falton, o. a. n. Ill: 
fniicoun RPKC. 2(i. 

turn «w fats. 

fMtHj /V*. fsMxmt'i, faucH, l. ii. r. 211; 
fauwt Wkl. .lull :12. 19. 

rulf. ^K fmitr. /tfu/( //flWy, Jos. 208. 

rRniia <n« fn'jnien. 

riftnr, O.Fr. favAr, /rtww, avevb. 230. 

fiwen w*^ fti'icu. 

fAwlra nv fi\{i'-ti. 

fai, J.Srt^. f(>ax. O.Frit. O.Icfl. tm, O.L. 
O'frm. 0. II. Grrm. fnhs, ttnna, earmrira, 
Will. 20*»7; Kuje. 1545; Oaw. ISI; 
A. p. 2, 790; Jisr. Akth. XXIX; Min. 
PL. 188: vttx I.A?. 21873 /■«•. fert lit-rt; 
Ouos fgrM.j UB. 45; viixt^ /^<^^y Lai. 

ft wv feo Mu/ riHiIi. 

fu, .rf.Nflj-. fcfl. O-Z-'m. ft. 0.t.firrm. fAli, 
a/(v/. ftr. O.I/.tifrm. fi»htT, fVWA. fims. 
ia/. imiiciis. frti' f/iittrji |mir riotlmiir 
was . . . a r. M. 850l»; lii^ PT. OHX. A. 
XX. 2403; fpiip* ffilj Katii. 1>50; fi'iipo 
(teuitft mui r. L. Jt. VIII, 176; feavre 
SnoKBH. 16; Vtfiiwr Y^t bic|i xvicfai> a- 

YKSB, 1G2; R'wp M*Ni>. 255; A fSwe me»j 
Kuii. IH; itiid Ti'ttf vmrdo kkl. ant. 1,J 
18^; li'uiic Misr. ^4; Jiif I'l'ui* ji'n^ Lal 
a87*; fitfpr Ohm. 424; Riwf. ftue fcsu 
AKT. I. 85: Ibmr r^yn'^M four) wi. lt»«, 
M9; Mis. 7; ph. r. 704. 

feajra scr fotcn. 

•Tcalil, j^.-Sffj-. -ff;ilil. O.LJ'fVM. O.Fru.' 
-MA, O.ii-^i. -faldi, O.I/.fienm. -lalwr, 
Qoih. -fill)'*-, -/M : *w iiw-, fr')!!*-, fif-,i 
hiiiid-, muni-, twA-, jfrofv-, ]>i'iKi>i)drral4J 
(-fidd. -frtldl. 

fraM, Icaldc? ./.Ntfj*. r<\-ildt:'i, O.M. fnldr! 
wi,, it. iLdam. vidt w., TtUdc /., yWi/,' 
f/i'iw, itiitM: voUk ^</a/.y o. A. K. ti02 4t< 
(i90; robcf^ iu foldr Pkbcxv. il2; iCAt^J 
mtnt of riolK- fold u. u. 118; tiDdi'r] 
fcMc spKc. 24. 

fral4en> J,s>rx. rt-ttMaii, faldao,]«l. fiildii, doth, liiljiaii, fold: faldc 
Iw. 1125; IsiMB. :i07; fuldiu "pHun-t', 
psuupT. 108; ^ ftivudvs atrangt^ 16 fol- 
Ap k. T. niN; si\ti sir Kt»j.'»^r doun ran 
Ar. Rimt foldf Tbiau. o2(>; fur no faiim- 
Ubo Arthur iitdd fnldc m. Abth. 2547; 
ItJH liorli' Iii'KJm to liddi- h^ijku. 72^; 
,iDt mei n6 Hnicvr foMo bprc-. 48: care 
and kuadu of ride iiiidi<'|i mi ImmIi fo1<li> 
BEL. ANT. 1. 120: o|H> Atii' vic»ldi»i)o tt<Mr 
ATBKii. 239; f'ddpD f^iri.} i-l. (B, 227; 
Man. rd. K 1 lUHi); )>t' folden lust Lax(ii. 
It 17. 176: foldcn in silk Gaw. 950; 
voldrn iif irrundf Lai. 15885; com;». hi-, 
S mill)-, tiHf<>itM('ii(-fittdon-, -fidil'ti). 

fralc tee fvlc-. 

ffani, A.Sax. fvnrn, O.U.Utrm. f«rn» /mi^y 
(ftmj, "//kt", fbagm. 8; fern, frnu^l 
CHArc. HoKT. 3, 1 (64); fi'me Akth. a.^^ 
Mkbl. S87C; va-mo /'rfrf/.y Lai. 128l!»; 
fp/t/.'. vwT-. ffiifcni. 

f^kilBniiP frthtftifis*. PROMII-. 1.52. 

f^Ue, O.Fr. ttiW, tiotili-, jnhlf, RciH. I. 47; 
A. R. 56; m. K Vri; KT. aitx, a. ex. 107 3t 
r. L. R. \VIL .547; li>.Up jtuu. 2, i»l; 
AYKNlt. 31; fiUdi'^t finpfrlj IJaw. SS4, 
Rdijtdlki' //-cWy, Havkl. 418. i 

f^lbl, O.Fr. f(^liU>ii>r, ffHjftehlf, pRuMrr.B 
152; ffddi P. i.. n. WII, .^46; frWK' ^ 
fpm. mhj.J A. U. 368; ri>)>li>dra />r**.y 
Wiru Jrii. 15, 4. 




IkIiKsnl- Chal'u. Boet. 4. 2 {111). 

frfrhra, ,<ix. U^cam, fiUh, wftere, itrtcre, 

itrcruer^t Jri>. m>; Oiuit. ti6o4; Lattoi,. 

B '2, 180: CuAuc. C. t. o -111; lie pilo 

bi>iu fvccbou into cliirchc uuu. 2, ttl ; 

vis'Iirh»'n A. B. yij8; fccolif HoRaj iuj. 

Kith. ^57; as. iat. 10; p. l. s. XIII. 

222; Wiij.. 20; hpm'li osto niihtcstu |),ir 

Vifcclw u. A. s. 1504; Ictcbe ^/irtw. *«i/V 

K. g. II; if ho fiT fof4*hrn finio lux. ast. 

I. aiC; feiK'ht<(.') ^;A»f<.> JUs. kd. F. 

;»0A8; jwr lip tliM ficliti' Lai. ti4G0. 
fi-«hf, Litt. vicia? veifh ffilt^hj, '^vict'ii', voc. 

2ni; litTliL- WiLi*. Is. 28. 25. 
fi'drn, ^.4Sva^. fdtlan, 0. Fria. finUi. O. le^. 

\\r\\;\, fi'oih. ft'iljiiii. O.L.Gtrm. finleaii. 0. 

iljirrm. fuatjin, from tViil*'. feed, itleffi, 

piiw^fff, Lai. 3253: 0km. 2080; feden, 

ii'do Uavkl. 621 ic dDti; vi'dim a. h. 

2U; fMc Mavd. 58; h. h. 43; t6(Io 

AYKKB. IDl); fCtilod. fci fpretj rkl. axt. 

1, 21.'. A; 22ri; fMi-)). fit Lasiil. ii irol. 

1114; let A. K. 198; ft'ilikV;»rf/7 Katii. 

m4U; ST. GKK. A. EX. 2<i30; t'luuc. C. 

T. A 146; feddi'st Jui- (31; ft>d fpartj 

c. L. I27«; ifod P. i,. H. WU. 135; i- 

vcd A. M. 306; a a. s. 152*J. 
iHln^ff A.tssx. ftviiiiifj .\i,KR. (iiiKc. p. c. 

i:i, fi./riL fitOinn, /iv(^/ffj, juttUis, rKuupr. 

152; fodinp Trkv. 3, 1»:!; mkuit. 09. 
Mnr »M fiidmo. 
fee jw ffo and fooh. 
ffi™, aA>. fi'ff..>r. lipffer. /"«?/; foffo W[L[,. 

1061: ffffudo /'//r^^y Jtob. ;t68. 
frffrnfut, ff. hr. ti»*(T('m»;iit, fcoffmoni, Lavol. 

B 2. 72. 
frfrr, .^..Sffx. fofur JIat. 8, 15. O.^r. liovri'. 
feVrr, A. R. 112; fcvre AVB»B. 2!>; fovri'. 

fpvero Lakul. b 13. 33li; fivrr'' fttnuPT. 

16^; liv.M- PR. C. 3!>8I», 
ffj*, A,S«x. tvpo. ii;>/(M,- fo«/». ifftio. 

ff)*B, A..Stir. fir-eiam?!, 0. /«r/. fipvyti, fcfflo, 
0.l>uieh M./LOcrm. vi'in'ii, fct'iffi /f*yj, 
jMlit-*, jturgore, criMr« : fiui™ hrorc .^t*- 
dun l*A(. a057; foajcid {pr«*.} a. k. 58*; 
fe^ de <lus of dl brdst (ildo {*m. fildo) 
KKL. AKT. I, 213; fcake [d meidculiilii 

pid alio godo |H'aprs ii. ji. 45; feiedo 
fprdj i>. .:^.BTii. 1114; fiejcdcu heoro 
woptn-n Lai. 71)57. 
fp}pUj J. N<«:. fOuiWi. O. Frit. f6pa, 0. jET. 
Gtrnt. fuuf,'i'ri, _/rty, aptare, juH^ere; v6ipii 
A. a. 396; fojo p. (*. 154; fio s. s. kd. 
Wb. 3981; Vic tkbat. 139; vic(i /'prf*.; 
Hf.k. (t.'iy; TiJidn fr toiiirs tii firr liramo 
HoM. 2, 25; fiodo Laj. 50; mannes Ijodi} 
teji'd U of fopro kinoc shafts Obm. 1 loOl; 
comp. jfojon. 
feivr, M. II. Germ, vcptTi-, pargaior, fHuuPT. 

frjt m- felit. 

IViihHiiKP oruiiUu, II. u. 43. 
iriuugr, J.Sht. f6^'iing(?), tfwM. ftlffiing, 

funetura, a. b. 78; feiugc uqm. 2, 25. 
fell AW fvoli. 

fehl, J.S{tx. (frejfcoht, O.H.Gorm. (/rDfuhl, 
/yW ffri^yj, fugna, Katb. 608 ; (wt 
fecbt. fiis ffcht HUM. 1, 151; feft a. p. 
2, 275; fclit, fmht, feiht, fooht, tiht Lai. 
172. 407. 1744. 4170 k 18693; fcight, 1'R.iMPT. 153; Hilt Uavkl. 2668; 
|)al liht c. L. I17;3; vilit A. n. 358; rijt 
AViiNi). 180; febtes fgpnj Laj. 860U; 
cvm/i. ifclit. 
fihtliti*, A.Saz. fcuhtlSr SciimD's sums. 

574, pugita, u. a. n. 1699. 
HotbwiUs A. Sax, libt-. frlit-. fi-ubtpltfi 
ScuMiu's Gi>oss. 586. "}«»■/« da tnedlea 
de la ma-ei", nvji.. jlkc \, 33. 
ffhlriij ./. Sax. fi'ohtan. 0. Fria. ttiiclita, 
Horlitji. O.n.Gtrm. lohlau. Jighi fjrightj, 
puffHrire, Katii. (i03; ffwhl^Mi. Tilittin Lhkk 
14, 31 k 33: rohtcD. fclbti'ti. fihtOD, 
fuMtta Lai. 1359. 1491. 1580 A: 3939; 
fojtv ant. -Irtii. XXXII; foig-btin, feitin 
PBOKPT. 153; fibU'ii K. T. 1078; fma. 
lUililoDii) Ohm. 1842; lilit**, \-ibte, fljti>, 
villi' u. A. N. 172. 1069 ic 1679; Hj»o 
Will. 3825; vijt« ayknb. 15; t\hi fpret.J 
o. A. ST. 1073; yhcvi) uhied a. k. 268; 
feaht. fabt fprti.J Lai. 1591 L 4353; 
falit Mabii. 2; fiibt, rajt o. A. n. 1071; 
fajt Hob. 274; fajrt mt. qkn. a. kx. 3386; 
faglit OcTAT. 535; fanht Man. kd. i{. 
170; faujt Will. 3426; laii>:bl Iticii. 
5677: faut Ton. 668; fuhl*n a. b. 196; 
fuhtcu (ftiblc) Lai. 576; fuubton Uatxl. 




2661; fitjlnn ant. Artii. XLIV; foghtcn 

(fart.) MiK. 20; fogbtiu Kulam. -iSJ); 

ren/r. for-, i-, wi(]Ppht»>n. 
fflgbtare, A.Sax. ftohtons OJIMerm. frh- 

lari. Jightfit', ''pugnat<rr\ ritoMi'T. I Tt-i ; 

filtj^ro ^M#. fyjttere) Shobkh. 10t». 
IhtiDKf, fi}tinKO fightins, o. a. 3f. 1704; 

viitinpfl AYKSB. 37. 
ffl, O.Fr. fei, feiil, fitilh (fag), /rf«, Ha- 

VKl.. i.^fi; ItKK. 20B2; Joa. 24.'t; hacram. 

^m-, fiii Shobeu. 139; DitoitEV. 428; 

ft'itl HT. uiix. A. KX. 2678; fei)) p. l. s. 

XXV. i:W; Mant). IS; Kor^iii. 440. 

feil)li WiLu 777. 
rrMr, .V.Zii^. fjiiila, /vu// (f«id}, Alis. 96. 
ffic •'■0 OSejc. 

fMni M* f6|<fn iiKtf foojcn. 
fclfr we f*jcr. 
fcl), felh wv fuob. 
fpli *r f*;en. 
fcinU, O./'V. feigner, /«iyi, i'kiihpt. t5:{; 

foino OnApr. C. t. a 7.'I6; pl. cb. 273; 

foiguettu fprdj Brk. 42; fempd (parl.J 

PR. r. 2.'>.'i«. 
XtXvAy O.Fr. fiiinl. yu*W, "negtiit', rKt»MfT. 

I'l^E; SPKC. 25; Mim- UICl; faiiil pu 

(H. 47. 
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fdatlse, f).Fr. fi'intiKr. raiiittsr, fii»ium»li>tiou, 
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MiBc 1207; faintisfl avknh. 26; pi- < r. 
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a. Hu 21fi; W'lu.. 1822; feiro, fairo 
Lanol. S. 119 (205). 

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«., i*/. |n'Uis. 6V. TtJAAa /., f^, ptUis, 
Kath, 1617; nKt. ant. 1, 211; Will. 
1720; s. s. jt». Wb. 24S;t; k. T. 7r>2; 
fmi. fplll i)aii. 10441; f.-l yfUem\ Wki.. 
Jw 2, 4; I'd fel Hick. thks. I, 227; 
fi'l, vt>l a. a. 120 & .iH4; \vl ti. \. k. 
830; fi'll« /MJ CtAW. i:J59; pb. c. 82: 
vello ATKVB. 210; A feicr |iiDg of H^scliv 

ind fulle l<>;i.AM. 29; fHlen /liri. plj 
HUM. 1, 225; cOTM/». I»iinu-. Ii*>ffvl. 
ffl, . J. Sax. foil (?) S)iMx. nicT., i pnJ if»'t 

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p. 1.. 8. XXIV, 35; CRRON. KsoL. 791; 
AYXNu. 66; Rich. 4419; Cbai'c. C t. 
II 2002; Line. m. p. 14']; jI fel wind 
Lamji.. h 16. :tl; fi'j nn*\ griin n. m. 
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A. p. 1, 367: Hlo fade.) Trjst. I, 9; 
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fcllcr fever Wtt.u 807; felliffte ftuptri.) 

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felhedo AVKVB. 29. 

fclli /f/Zy, Will. 3274; a. p. 2. 571; 

PU. r. 44411; I'KRrKV. 613. 
fri, O. M. Hall, /fi/, moHj,, m. h. 25; Db- 
<ikKV. 1149; fi'llv riiat./ tUw. 723: i>. 
Arth. 2480; fi'llcB (fiij ANT. Artil I. 
Mi)r, O.Irel frlH)ri. fr/hw, anci'tu, IIiikk bd. 
Ll'M. 996; Siiorkh. llil; folii^- st. (iKv. 
A. K3L. 1761: folu^lic PR. V. 5485; voU;r 
ATKNU. 36; fei'ljilu- Ji'l. 49; felijc. fr"- 
lapc HUM. 1, 187 & 201; foUwc r. !•. 
s. X. 42; At.i(t. 2255; Lanui.. r 7. 12; 
CaAUC. C. T. A 395; Pbbckv. 460; fr- 
Inpc, r^'uliip' A. H. 114; fi'liiwo Manii. 
24; folajfN (pi.J Oaw. 1702; (vUbM 
Kath. 2339; comp. tmnlfeluwi*. 
fcolaulK-h feOmelg, A. R. 282. 
vc>olaurCilcn fmt. -ri-ddcDl eoutp^ng, a. e. 

106; vcl.ijreilp ATrsrB. 9; fcl.iiireilf lliVH. 

3137; K. T. 956; felaurtuin U«b.-( bd. 

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fclji}}ichi|) ffihwakipt a. p. 2. 27 1; fcbp- 

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L.a0m. feld. O.U.OtrM. felt. f«ld m,.>««, 
eam;*w, Obu. 14568: hpkc. 105; LAX«ki 
1, 2; llAN-D. 50; Dbohkv. 269; )pv>w MA\ 
Lai. 15285; li ivld h^Q fcold) 17156;. 
|>0D f«ld KuH. 213; void A. R. 102; a- 
vbhb. 131; frill, fptdd Ciuov. (X T. A 
886; fcild Ali». 3403; fild Pnunv. 




fl67fl: Tor 3; .Uad. ed. Kob^. XV!; 

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[17; TiPlde I.Ai. ISIHS; feWw //'/.; Lai. 
4164: foldeo fdM. pi) Lai. L8404. 

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O.L.dfrm. Hlii, tiln. (KU.a^nn. tilii. (iln, 
file. G'o(A. filu. ffr. itoVi. /"nV //iV/A wi«/- 
/km, SiiiiRKii. I(i: Wit.i.. Tt; A. p. I. 'J1; 
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fell' ^>t1o iili'i) Oltu. Uh\ |n^ niKO ilidii 
mid fC'we worfl(o) can folf biliLkcm rki*. 
AXT. 1, 183; III] Tolti K^r kt. ciKN. a. kx. 
2400: r.'If wordps IjAkuu b W. :i:l.S: fr-lo 
si|»c Havul. 778; ft-'la [lofjts Hax. thhon. 
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felo puiidiT UMW. I, 227; lt'i>lt' udic ;^V- 
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rnililcft 24537: vicli' f-usoml 22-'(.'>0; fi-'jlt.' 
Kath. 89; Juii. 18; foolc (veole) Midijt 
A. R. 23G k :J20; Mc, fcalo !■. L. s. 
Vril, 5 k 35 ; full! (vt-idc) fttHNit' o. a. n. 
387; fi'li' (vclr-) Tirfiu'lu- 813; (.f so fcolo 
(fi'lc) \'\\\^v 1772: spa v;il<' pist irili3; 
ft-lc, valo Hon. !l A; 200; falc IJurK. TiiEs. 
U 332; 14 velcn A¥£Xb. 102. 
foolcvold MHltiphr, a. r. 180: foolovntdo 

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fiiWiM, AWiiM, c. H. 17017; n^nvoj! nio 
f^lc of pine HUM. L. 285. 

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fctnid^tre, ofiarr/, O.Frin. (M)f<'llii, 0.£. 
ffrrw. (bi)fi'Hi"n. O.Il.firrm. firl.ilian A^wr- 
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M. H. 3; fele fpi-et.J A. I'. 2, 1>I4; Towy. 
siwT. 67; Wtft;*. l»ifolctt. 

ffl«a, -J.Nffx. ffthui, a^rw. f(»la. O.L.Ocnn. 
(£rr)f')Ii«'n, O.UJitrHi. finilen. fnaltfn, /W/, 
rentire, iWm. 3. 281; ftlc A. i\ 2, 107; 
APOL. 1; vdlril fprti.J A. R. 178; f^ldo 
('jrW.yRoB. 17; Siiorkh. 8H: felto Chahc. 
a T. 11 521 \v.n. Wb. 1244;>): ffilnd 
/'fwW.y spKr. (>8; Will. 038; cviifp. ifilen. 

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180; fclwc "twuMiw", pboupt. I.'i4; f(»- 

lottf vot;. 234; fvlion //^/.y Kath. 1044; 

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rH^rn Jtv folji'u. 
frllriliS Fr. f'olirilo, feiteity, Ckauu. C. t. 

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f^liii^p^ ri'liinfff. /■/>/■«!. fiHnnir. filing, a. 

K. 114: VfliiiLi' AVRNH. 241. 
rdlrn, JSnx. liUim. fylhiii. O.L/,Witi. M- 

Itiiii, tViO'aiu It'llion, U.i/.Oerm. fiOIcii, 

O. /iW. Mlii, /rwn riillf^n, />//, (w<irfrtT, p. 

8. 180; fi'Hiil ^'Jf/iwrr", i'Rmmpt. 1 .'j4; 

folio Jus. 308; M. It. 4.1; WiOffii ffllo u. 

A. N. 707: ffllt' (lillc) >in (ike Ciiaijc. C. 

T. A 1702; fi'tli-n. fwHon, tooUm Lai. 

1304. 5032 A: 8000; vollp, fulle u u. 

H. 30; 111- U't fullt* (h* irf<'tfl trfln Rim. 

170; M rimpff.JhM. 31107 : rol-li-. fji'ld'.-, 

ffoldr. hiMc /^/'jt^.y Lai. 1710. 1017. 

3710 A 4089: foUlo Koii. 70; IIavki.. 

1850; ft'ldc'ti \li9. 5844: fenldun cimus. 

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fclleB «v fiill'>n. 
frlniB, f>. AV. tclun, ri'Iiiii. felon, Bkk. 505; 

Ayr.NU. 20; IV.-ltm Ft. a. Hl. 320. 
TrlvHiri O. />. filonic, ftiony, Fl. a. Bb. 

331; p. L. S. XIII, 97: ATliNB. 140. 
r«ll, A.Sax. foil. O.HuUh \'\\\., OJl.Oerv^, 

fill!. /WK. "//(rKiH", FBOMPT. 154: a. p. 

2, 1080. 

fpliwoii terhatcHvt, lkkchd. (jlokh. 2. 384, 
U\\t%, M.Il.Gorm. vih.ri. f^H: frltod Wlos 

I'. K. 330 (p. 20). 
ffltren, //«/. folirarc. /V. foiitrf?r. ftUtt: 

litUT /'/iTrt.y A. p. 2, C!>6; fi»Ilerd rpart.J 

Toww. MY8T. 85; filtered d. Aara 1078. 




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rrmrllr, fuin'Ic, Fr, IpmcllQ, fi'maU, CitAUC. 

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fliui N., 7<ri«, lutHm, pttlus, AT. imn. A. KX. 

41tO; (iPKC. 5-1; I'B. a 5«lJ; ^et fuk- foQ 

iinu. I, 81; 11 fitl (liMp ft'ii M[?ir. I'iO; 

von A. a. \:\H; fi-nn*; /'rf-ii.y Lai. 217*1: 

veunc o. a. n. 832; fcuno fpi.J v. h. 70; 

amp. I»;c-. uiilrfi>u. 

fcnvcm "Mieifi", vuti. 130. 
fi^h, fniil M'f ft'nn, fi'niKl. 
fniilru, /w tU>ri'D(li'ii. /ffid, Lavku. u It), 

til; fomk' Man. kii. K. lUHI. 
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Jmufl f^nHrJ, i-KO-MiT, 150; fwiil f^pfca 

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firtt'lMTil Lasuu 5. 156 (313). 
fcM-Klrr, W./V. t'l'iitislnt, fetiftira, KiiAXn. 

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ffUfl, ..i.NAjr. fpDg, O./m/. fcDfrr. /rum fan- 

fffD, wpiiv, ctiptHi-a, uuBi. I. 3'l; full^-s 

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I28fi; rofiip. furti-iiff. 
f»il, .i.Stix. f«Dm^, O.JI.Oerm. Fvoiiif^T, 

/'(TNity, A. r. 2, 1113. 
Triilr, /v. fente: R-nlP of A rl6thr '^Jibula- 

torium\ rnoMFT. \UG. 
Xt; O.Fr. fou, liu, MJ^t. UvuXwxw, ftr f/cuj, 

.\ms. 79«:t; I'w I'BMMPT. 152; Wiii^ (p!./ 

A. r. 3, 9(iU. 
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fraht J.^w. ffoh, O.AW. fe. ". /-V*/ As, 

iKL.Herm. fchu. O./lHerm, tilm. 6'o(A. 

failiu. Xa/. iiccutt, /m, jwnu. "fKcuma'*, 

riunH. 4; f«»b (fvn) I.At. 'U2<>; r>')i r. 

K. 152; /n*. Mih) Orh. ^279; ^1 ii'h 

HUH. I. IM ; fotli A. H. '126; fro mimc. 

95; Fu A. Bl. 25; Mj. fi'i /"«*. ffVl c. 

L. 467; fu Havkl. UHti; anil ^lif him 

loo<l imd f^o and f^ st. okx. a. kx. 78.1; 

fw r. u. llrt'H; CnAtc C. T. o 630; 

Istmn. 90; Kguam. 294; htnlM that V*\w 

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fetlit mv fcht. 

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ff«i, A.Sitx. fcon, fi'oian, O.H.Gtrm. TwtO 
u.lcti. fm. CoM. lijau. orfiw; f(oK)<lc fprtijt 
HUM. 2. 209; vri)) frno mrn t)ii art Hrli 
fiJid lufc. 86: K fMe /'««*r*'y c. ai. 12948| 
ccmp. ili'uicD; drriv. fcoiitl. 

fMiil, A.Kax. ffonil. O.L.(i»rm. fioml. O. 
Frig. I'iiiml, fiuui), O.H.6«rm. Haiit. fa'Dl, 
^WA. (ijitnds. ^J. Aw/, tiiintti, from fi'oo, 
^Ni/, "«or, hontt't", Kii.\(}M. 5; B. s. V||- 
si'Kc. 9:1; L. H. B. i:i7; \iv frond hin«i 
furvJe Lai. 237; fconJ Ul' wos )hw kiof 
ll:{52; Tpond a. b. 66; fwuJ, fttnil c.i 
b. 893; [oiifl Oau. 12354; Kar^a. 564r] 
AA<7RAU. 8K1; fiH'Uil Manik S7; voendj 
RKL. ANT. 1, 213; vionil, voml avkxbJ 
I A: 158; find Ti»H. 991; Ai'i>. 2; fonml 
fp/.J Lai. 10311; virndi's atkhh. 79; 
iVundi'n fdat. pi.J Lai. 373; foondo r. 
». VIII, 111; eomp. ifcond. 
fi'nd-, fiTtidhrli ^fimtdl^, Ciuuc. C. T. 
7S:t; fimlli Wicl. Jamkh 3, 15; fool 
lldic {ndcj l.A%. 85. 
foitndiiL'H hoHiU tour**, Lai. 23960. 
fiDmlfcaito Lai. 26039. 
rtsindxcj]!^', J.Nitx. fi>i>ndisci|H', O.L.(irrm. 

fiaiidscL'|ii. nimity, Laj. 7714. 
fiHintlshi'ht Lai. 16456. 
rciin((i>Jcu Lai. 579. 

ffwr^ O.Fr. ft'ur, pn'ee, iiou. 1, 2H7; a. il 
398: foorc /^datj n. u. 1031. 

flHir, J. Sax. fi'orh tfrn. fvorrs. O. frrl. fiAr, 
O.L.f'erm. O.U.O'nm. fcriih. riM." ^A irh 
v'.'s un voro (^^ voorey) flftCno jAre Lai. 

ffor, -f.Ntfjp. fwrr. fyrr fproeul^ icnfm^mu, 
remotu$J, O.L.Orrm. fcrr. fcr, O.Friw. fir 
/proenfj, O. H. (irrm. f'T, f'-rro fprecyi/^ 
(oTTCT (rnnUm}, O. leri. burn ^yroaUj, 
Hnrr (rtmUnKj. Ooth. fjurrn licoppui). /«i.. 
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Amc. 3851; Ji^' np9 nrtht Xv»v (for) froi«< 
liconi Lai. 543; In- ftTilc (■") fcor 1720^1 
fpor. vwr A. R. 7ti & 104; Oor. fcr (hucf 
G98G & H473; fw>r, rcoT, for. ntr o. A-* 
N. 398, 653 & 710; for "yr^c**/". pbomtt. 
156; lUvri.. 359; Iw. 1815; A. P. I. 
334; ni. r. 3895; fur r. l. m. 1. 50t] 
u fur for^ AR vu mowo Bkk. 880; 




fl!»r IT hnffint/uo, Hum. I. 247; A. R. 250: 

^_0i S4! fvvr Katii. S25; on k-r ajar, c. 

Hk 12S.*i2: a Fin* (km-. 1. :tl4; fii slotle 

^^ far K L. R. XVIIl. 4a: t.I f^r Jos. 

5**2; Ix- vti' AyjiNii. 112; viani vpr 104; 

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„ ^l oUilp Hob. Ool; fcno I')ii»K-.>* Will. 15.'i; 

P^irvrrtf steOcs atkxb. 204; on fiTrutii fdat. 

^^pf.^iiw. 1575; r. M. 57'.l: m. n. XXI; 

o f'-rniiii Mix. 21>; o fcriom Maxh. 271; 

fir. .4. Sax. fyrr. O.Ic/. hrr. O.l'rin. Hn;i. 

Jt'vni. fctmpj .Makh. H>: Jk-s fiv hr jiom. 

I, 103; fir A: nwr l-t7; fur a. r. 192; 

far Uek. 1172: fur iind uCt tkkat. 

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>\\\; ii-TXK, Hrn- A. V. 2. i'V i 7t>6; 

fun-p tiie|i p. L. R. XXXV, la-i; for- 

^TPT. O.Jf.Gcrm. ferror. Li'KE 24. 28; 

Mas. kd. H. 44; Iw. 181^; (•iiniw' wal- 

ki^do i ffrrfr tl, cb. 207; fcrriT foilli 

PR. c. 2:)21lf fcrrost, O.L.Grnn. K-nisl, 

O.lf.OWm. forrost, i'tufm/./ Wn.i.. 24:;:i; 

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^Hpst« Chacc. C. t. a 494,* fo ferrrstn 

^Htndt* Kath. 1565. 

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t*r Lu a fiuwei i»m Bek. 122tt. 
ff»rf «M f&fp. 
frorlliMtr M.H.Germ. vicrliii^? fvrlin^ qtm- 

drnim, p. k. f>9. 
(rvmr, veoTiiM*, A. Sax. fforni, (vytfrf, A*i«- 

■n^, 1^1. 14425 A: 14432; fgmw kkl. 
AKT. 1, 131. 
fnirrca^ J. Sax, fi'orran, ryrnin. O.II.Oerm. 
ri'll, O.fefl. firm, r^'mon*; forrt' PS. 51. 
vt'rri fftriutfd iii'rrvi SnunK}i. HJ4; 
MTPj* fprtn.j AYKxn. I7M; lirn^s (Yprint- 
firncs) A. B. 7(5'; ivorrcd fpart.j \- 
CB. 240: comp. aforrpn. 
PK, ferrpne. -4.Sr»j. frormn. fonrmuo, 
O.L. Gftm. firnui. ffrrani'. 0. 11. (•'rrvi. 
fi'noii, fonnna, proru/, e lontfinqiio, "a 
jJmiffe'", Mat. 213, 58 k >Labk o, 0; |i;i 
ijcn ^i"'" iiftwilit fwtrrt'ii (vorro) a tnu- 
lel fOr smokien Lai. 257.'I3; fimrn' (a 
rrp) 17H(;4: jit't sttNl or vtiorrpfi 16 a. 
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rte»> fwifip ferrcu Smoreh. 1:J7; fig^jrcn 

/'/or tifrpiil ST. OKK. a. kx. 35111; frnrrc, 
vi'orrc. ft-Tio o. a. n. 327 if 1322; fiirrt- 
aici.. AKT.^. 175; of fporr«n icnnicn tum. 
'"[, 2-IP; of fprreni* ifat Kath. 12Hfi; 
f'-rm- Man. km. F. 5040; frn fcni*- 11a- 
TKL. ISli4; lltm. 193; frii f.m- (Jnw. 3, 
05; fi>nic I'll ftin-n bud fOnm. foriicsz 
hiniti LcKK 19, 12; fi^rrcn^ ktnjTPS I^i. 
3331; nf fprreiiP (fornc) londo 5328i o^ 
furrcii" loiidp p. l. s. XIX. 20: to frruo 
lirtlwtA TnArr. ('. t. a 14. 

feonicii, A.Sits. Ovjisiaii, fvMiaii, remove ; 
tonivn iinv. 2, 205; fprspn Obm. 141 98; 
firsin JiL. 16: fmsnl (prt*.) a. b. 7(»; 
com/), afursicn. 

frorsl */■(* frist, 

fcttri'r, A. Smx. fntrda, O. L. Gfim. tlt>rthi>, 
0,!e^. Hordi. O.Jf.Germ. tiordo. Henlu, 
fourth, qutirtiu. Lai. 3311; vponic a. r. 
22S: fr-drt'i' ittst: 145: fi'orlw. t{'r\H? Ohm, 
530 Jt 4318; lifiilp iiOM. 1. 237; fm|»t 
(;»™-. 3. I 13; CiiAif. C. T. 1) 3r.4: Per- 
CKv. IIIK; ft'Tfio, (ifrtli(* Laxcl. b 19, 
293; fiir|n' Bkk. 587; niKox. Kshl. 429; 
Alir. 52; roiir|n> Mam>. 234. 

ffrfllni, A.Shx. fi-'udiny. ffsirdiiiirir. ''>./«'. 
lionliinci". farthing, qHn^rntiu. Li kk 12, 
59: fi^itinir Laxol. 4. 41 <4. 54; 5. 57}; 
rf'rl'inir Uou, 507; Iprtliin^ CHArc. C. t. 
a 134. 

ftmwtr, A.fiax. fntippr, fcdpr-. (ji(Vr-. f>. 
/W*. liowor. tiiiwor. O.L.Gtrm. 
ftjir, Hor, O.II.f'triit. Wot. Iut. Hari. Hi»rtf 
IB. /, ftoni n., O.lcel. fiorir, tlorar, liri- 
inir. Goth. 6dvor iat. fidvorim. tidiir-, 
nV/jA iwdwar. ppdair, four frotcer}, q»«- 
taor: fcowor, foouwfr, fower, fi'oiir, four 
l,Ai. 25, 194. H)02. 2092 t< 25395; 
fcojipr. foiipor, hipor hom. 1, 49 it 159; 
fnpcr. fnn'riVI 2, 85 & 211; vor, vour 
(fonpcr"! A. B. 160 * 172; four & tweii- 
ti Boo. 22: vour ayknii. 124; ioyrp Jui,. 
59; fm'. fo^'r*') Oiiir. 507: fopr*'. foiiro 
BT. OKX. A. KX. 559 A; Slti; allc foiir«> 
Ukk. 2395. 

federfDtiM fnur-foete^, iroM. 1. 43. 
feovrornftkcd fmir-noohd, Lai. 21999. 
fpowt'rli'^n". A.Stir. fcoporlvni>. -Ivm-, Goth. 
Ms [irliwhmi. fnurtfm, ItAi. 25t>75; four- 
tgue Will. 1337; Tfliirf^t*. foartlni) 




teres (fl.) Havel. 82; Bek. ir>; Gam. 
384; veteres aykkb. 128. 
fetirlob "*wo compeditaliti", peomit. 159; 
a litil fetirlok of gold w. a. i. 37. 

trinien, A.Sax. (gelfetcriiin, O.Fris. fitcra, 
O.rcfl. fiotra, O.H.Germ. (ka)fezarou, fd- 
ter, compedire; fotoric Lanol. r H, 212; 
fetereu Gam. 384; bindo ami fctorc Ha- 
vel. 2758; fetcrod fpart.) Man. kd. F. 
8568; fettred Langl. b 17, 110; comp. 
i-, iinfeterioD. 

fftls 9M fuitis. 

fetlak; Germ, ft'szlach ? fetlock ; foetlakes 
^pl.J Rich. 5816; fitlokes Anxn. a. Mkri- 

tttXtn ffttle, parare: fctlcd fpnrt.) Gaw. 650; 
feteled d. Arth. 2149; fotild Towk. myst. 

, 309. 

fetles, A.Sax. faetols fvai-J Mone's qu. 435, 
LEECHD. 3, 16, vatculum. Ohm. 14450; 
fis bnichele vetles (fctles) a. r. 164; i1 
strong vetles Marq. 207; fotles, futoles 

ST. GEN. A. EX. 561 & 1225. 

fetten ue fatten and feton. 

fetire, O.Fr. fetiire, faitflrc, feature, p. l. 

8. XXV, 41; fetfires (pi.) Will. 857; 

Gaw. 145. 
feVftr see feower. 
fe^re, A.Sax. feder, fider / n., O.Icel. 

fiOdr, O.L.Germ. fcthora, OM.Germ. fodi^ra 

/., Or. TCTSpov n., feather ffither), pcnna, 

Lai. 49; fefer o. a. n. 1688; f^lior, fc- 

|)ore Chauc. C. t. a 2144; fodir prompt. 

152; voc. 221; fifer a. p. 2, 1026; vc- 

deren fpl.J a. r. 140; voJ>eren ayknb. 270. 

fejperbcd feather-hed, \. v. 3, 158. 

federhorae (feferhame) Lai. 2874; fojior- 
home HOM. 1, 81. 
fett'crien, A.Sax. (ge)fideriau, feather; fcjie- 

red (part.) Will. 191; comp. ifiderion. 
feSlBC %ee fadme. 
fMrfD; from foder, charge, oneratt, k. r. 

140; ivC'dred (ifedoredj J)Ot is ichaiffcd 

feinessc, for foancsse, A.Sax. f(\ui!.ss, ftio- 

tuts, pancitas, rs. 101, 24. 
fente see fuite. 

f«(fr, Ft. fiMitrc, Will. 3137. 
ffvre Kfe fcfro. 
n, M.U.Grrm. O.Fr. fi, fy (fie). Will. 

481; s. s. ED. Web. 1599; k. T. 612: 

Chatic. C. t. a 1773. 
ficchcn, O.Fr. fidier, fix, Chauc. Boet. 3. 

9 (88); fichode (pret.) n. Arth. 4239. 
ifhe tee fechc. 

fifhfi, O.Fr. fissd? fitehno, pl. cr. 295. 
fipble t^ee felile. 
fi*n fejen. 
fiend f/'e foond. 
fier Me fur. 
fiprd'P *c* foorde. 
flf, A.Sax. fif, fife, O.L.Germ. fit, fivi, ft 

Jr?>. fif, O.rr.Germ. fimf. linf, fimfi. finfi. 

Goth, fiiuf, O./rcA iinini, Gr: nejirs (i:r;TE\ 

JTV/jtA pump, five, gmnque, K. T. 1017; 

A. P. 1, 848; flf jore Lai. 11675; raid 

flf hundred cnihteu 1425 ; fif mflnel" 

OEM. 233; fif k frittode Kath. 43; 

vif A. R. 26; (jurh fife grimme pnndes 

Oem. 1443; betere is On almesso before 

fannc ben after vive (nu. vyvc) p. l. p. 

VIII, 14; cnihtes suuen vive Lai. 13993; 

J)e vormestc vire a. r. 22. 

filTeald, O.U.Germ. finfTalter, fivefold, hom. 
2, 35; fifTald Ohm. 7836. 

fiflef fivehaf "quinqtufoUum^* , kkl. aitt. 
1, 36. 

fiftcne, A.Sax. fiftcne, -tyne, fifteen, qnin- 
decim, Lai. 301; Rob. 70. 

vifteojie fifteenth, p. l. b. XII, 142; fif- 
tCjjp Dkghkv. 1869; fifteado Ohm. 9170; 
fiftoiul PR. r. 4812. 

fiftij, A. Sfix. fiftig, fifty, qitinqnaginta, 
Orm. 8102; fifti Lai. 1285. 

fifteiijado fiftieth, uom. 1, 89; fiftugode. 
-tude 2. 117. 
fiRf, A.S^ix. O.Fris. fifta, O.H.Germ. finf- 

to, fimfto, O.Tcp}. tiinti, fifth ffiftj, quia- 

tug, ST. GKN. A. EX. 159; WiLL. 1322; 

Langl. b 14, 298; pb. c. 3088; vifte 

A. R. 110. 

figf, O.Fr. fiffo, fig, Mand. 50; figes fpl.) 

A. B. 150. 

figctrc fig-tree, prompt. 15'9 ; figotree 
WicL. John 1, 48. 
(iger, O.Fr. ^gm- (figitierj, a. e. 148; leb. 

Jer. 842. 
figAre, /v. iiixuTQ. figure, ayenb. 2o4; Will. 

447; (.'iiAiTc. 0. T. B ;U12; fif,Mirps />/./ 

A. B. 214; ST. GEN. A. EX. 1006. 




V». 42: fetffit^ (verodo) fy$et.J La). 2117; 

ferk'il ^purlj A. p. 1, 91 r>. 
frrlil»j A.titix. r^Tciiia Sax. cuttuN. 1-12, 

Jirh, vehtre; fi'ilii' Will. ^6^0; i». Ahtu. 

H84; forki'V ^/^r^.y Cow. 3, 20.1; ferkis 
.LK3C. 02f); In* rrrk''(l over |»(- Ri>r A. p. 

Ifi. l:l:i; ))ri forki'i lu'in fnr|' rKp. II. 17. 
f^rliii); we fi'*iiliii>,'. 
frrar, /V. foruit', Jirm, "Jiimiu", pkumpt. 

l.'ift: CffAuP. ItOKT. 3. H (78). 
frrMe, />. feriuo. /arm, "JSrma'\ pboupt. 

l.'tJ: CtiAiT. ('. T. A tl-iait; In* st'tlp Ills 

tuuin's & tiis InuiK-s to fcrm« Koii. 378. 
frmir stt lVt)|-i!ii'. 
rrmln /arm, "/rauirr, f(/ tid firtNam atci- 

prrr", l-luiMI'T. I'»7. 

rrnnlrii, A.Nnx. foormUvn, fiMrniian, /nrta, 

f'irrff'irf: foruiO Hai-lim". hut. 353. 
frrMrrr fiurgator; comp. gonyliniur. 
Ttn, (KLMtrm. firn, OotA. faUu'ih. (jzajMtQzi, 
J'tTH, patt: )>(' snoti pf form,' jen' Chaiti'. 
TwiiL. I'tid; i ilur ii;it sjK'ki- ;i wurii nC 
fcini* joer Hwti.. I. 423; nv ftiru. 
frrn j<fw fearn. 
tmr, ffrrtri *■<• fi-orron. 
fffw, O.JV. flors. /f/w, Dbk. 512; a. p. 2, 
101 k 217; so fcrs & so liremv Will. 
3641; fciJt. fi'crs. licrs ('halt. tl. t. a 
ITtOS; i\ feors m;iQ "/(nu homo", Wicl. 
DKXKS. m, 12; wi(> Ttirse fulkc Kni^u. 
42; tiOMi' besU's Lakou it 15, 300. 
ffrsli /mr/y, Wu-l. 1766. 
fiTji, <),Fr. fipni', ^Ai- pr««i at ehiu, Chauc. 

1.. Bt. Cxhi. 
frntrb nte fre.**fli. 
fer^lrn fr fpoision. 
Fml Mv frisl and fiirst. 
fell, «./iW. fietr. O.Jf.tifrm. hrit, peditum, 

X\M\ 201'; IlltL. ANT. I. 200. 
trriru, it.Icel. fri'Ui, i), t>rm. Itizi-ii, f»V. 
~i_'»3=tv, peiitre: Inickf vrTli'(i A. s. 4. 

rfrrrat, /■>, fp-rvcnt, fryrfint, atknr. 121. 
fnuU, O.I'r. fuhmx, faisurit, phMtaM, "ph»- 

muhum", vor. 18f>: ft'^iiiiil promi-t. I.'S; 

COAIH*. r. F. 357; IVsiiutis //*/-> WiLU 

fM /«w; vOsc 'V«i;Wwj(", CiiAUf^. C. T. A 


j/Tr, pRoMCT. 158; (esf Haluiw. uiut. 
:J.'>4; ft'sc ;i wc'i Jh' cjit Ukk. 1151; reso]\ 
vfisijt /'/irp*.; TiiEV. 1, 331) & 2. 17; ffr- 
sihI rpartj Mas. kd. 11. I'JS A: 274; d. 
Anxii. 2842; KsH f. a. I,. l^. IflS; if^ 
s-i>\ into hclV p. L. s. IT. 173. 

fcsl «« finst. 

fe»1 we lust. 

fralf, O.Fr. fi'ste, Z/ii. fcHtutn, /gaat, AVE.\ii. 
156; |mt ft'SU' IIatkl. 2354; |ie ttsie 
Tlotts K». Lvw. 521; festi- /'yj/./ a. b. 

fi'stlllcb, (rrrm. resllidi. feMve, Cbai'C. C. 
T. V 2Sl. 

Xr*\\m, O.I'r. fcskr. /wtt^ mab- a jM*t. 
I'KOMPT. 158; lir fcstc}) hem CuAiTu. |C,_ 
T. a 2193. 

fritlPii tift fn'sti'U «"rf fa-steii. 

frulre, ft'stcr J<*lor, KuppHrntio, c. h. 11824;, 
ffStiT NL'O. POKT. »i5; eamp. guiclcSlireV 

ferslriH /tttrr, Muppttratr, I'Boain-. 158; ho 
fcKtred k-n lits nnnndps Lxsni'. b 17, 

fpriM, 0. />. fi'sttt, fesiuM, LangIj. b 10, 
278; WicL. Mat. 7. 3. 

ffl «« fat, 

Mi'l, .J.N.w. feld, O./w/. feUn, O.lI.Gtrtn. 
ft'Rel. MifHt, tinoilnm; iei'Ui\\?& f* prinitd 
fest*le»> ('/•/.^ PS. 149, 8; (vmp. roifutul. 

fctcM, A.Sftx. fcliaii, ftetiaii. fi-ttm, O.l.hUeh 
vaten, vatten, M. U. Gerui. va^^ou, fel 
(fai), Mpere, ttrceutre^ st. obn. a. kx. 
2744; i Bhal fo feto bred an chose lU- 
TBi*. 642: fL'tle Jos. 167: Gow. 2, 198: 
jt. T. 3li3; OcTOv. 549; A. p. 2, 802; 
tfl fotto me to Iicllo IUprs 338; fvUo, 
vettv Rob. 147 k 325; bis fB fottu)! him 
in uclio endc c. t,. 430; fotto (prtt.) 
uxm. 2, 61; W. a. Bl. 700; st. okk. 
A. KS. 1535; IiAK<:i.. D 2. 64; aud inpto 
iiiAiij bcm ftUtf Bek. 888; hf volte fo- 
)iprhoniu uo». 1^ 81; ^te, wtte (vcUe) 
Ut. 0177 A: 29673; fate, futto Tanv. 
3. 250; faltf Kath. 720; fet (port.) 
KKi.. AST. 1. 128; Mapes 339; Langu 
Ell. \Vr. 14569; Chavc. C. t. a SlU; 
eomp. ifctten. 

Wff, W.Nffr. fitor. kMiiX /.r^J, O.l.Grnn., 
ft'UT, f>./ci'/. lirtturr «., IK/l.OeKM. fi'Zeni. 
/, /r//*r, «wt^r*.- fetir proupt. I59j fe- 





tPiTS fpl.) Havel. 82: Bf.k. tS; Oam. 

;t84; vi'torrs atenb. lilS. 

fetii'lok *^ifro compel HaiU"', i'BOMIt. 15il; 
ft titil fetirlok uf Kol(i w. A. I. 37. 
frlrrlm, A. Sat. l£r«>>fetcrian. O.Fria. \\\ova. 

O.Ierl lifltra. O.Jl.(>frm. (kaifozaroii. /rf- 

/«-, eoMfttdir*; f(*ii*rii' Langi,. r JI, 212; 

felcreii Ga«. ft84; bintlo ."iinl fcti-re IIa- 

TKL. 27A8- fi'triwl fpnH.J Mak. kii. 1'. 

8568; fettTPil Lahol. b 17, 110; cnmp. 

t-. iin^tcricD. 
frllt «)«• fattis. 
fclUk, f^frm. f.'Hzlaoh? fHlvtk : fo(>tl;ikc* 

(fij iticH. 5S1B; litliikcs Anrn. a. Mkhi.. 

tfi\r% frliJe, parme: folleil f pari.) Vtwv. fi.MJ; 

fi'tt-k'«i D. Akth. 2H9: fi-Hlil Tnwx. wyst. 

fflln, ^..S/rr, ffftols /'twj'y Mokb's qr. 43/>, 

LRKCHO. 3. IC. ratctiium, Oum. li-t.^O; 

))ig bnicholp vt'tles (fi'tlps) a. b. Ifil; a 

slrouff vetles. Marg. 207; fetli'9, Moles 

ST. riEN. A. Kx. 561 A; 1225. 
frflfi »ff fatten nwrf f»>l»?n. 
rrUr**, O.Fr. fetiiro, riiti'trr. feafitn', r. l. 

». XXV, 41; fetflres ^^.y Wm,. 8r.7; 

fiAW. 145. 
ffiffr jw fcowor. 
rfjtrrf, J. Sax. fiJor, fiJer / «.. O.leel. 

fiMr, O.L.Gfrm. fethpra, O.Il.Ofrm. Miva 

/., ffr. irrspov «., foather (JitherJ, paina, 

hhi. 49; rejH-r o. a. k. 1688; f-tcr, fo- 

|H>ro Chauc. C. t. a 2114; Mir i-iiOMrr. 

iri2; voc. 221; fiffr a. t. 2. 102n; r^ 

deron fpij a. b. 1 40; vcjwrcn aykkb. 270. 

feferlwd Jenther-hfii, \. p. o, 158. 

fiyilcrhomo (ft>lM>rh.imo) Lai. 2874 ; fcjKT- 
ttonii' UOH. 1. 81. 
fftrrlfB, A.Sax. (Ku)fi(Ieriiiu, /taiAer; ff)K'- 

Kd ^jMrt.y Will. 191; *w«f. ilMcrioo. 
fc^e «M fadtnp. 
rMffl, /row ft'dor, chargf, wernU, a. n. 

140; ivMred lifC'ilcrcili |»ot in iL>)i:irp.-d 

frurisf, /"w fcamsse. A. Shjt. ffaniss, fete- 

netu, paaeitat, TV. 101, 24. 

fnlc *ff fuito. 

ffitrr, AV. fi'utrv. Wii.i.. :U37. 

f«rf 1*^ fprre. 

n, i/.lT.Grnn. O.Fr. ti, fs fph Will. 

481: B. 8. Kn. TTKn. I-'JOn; %.. T. 

<'HAtr. C T. A 177:1. 
Irchfti. O.Fr. fifhi-r. /j?, Ciurc. Bobt. 3j 

9 (S8): firhcdc (pr'ti.) d. AnxH. 42a». 
Ifhf te* fpflie. 

ifkfd, O.Fr. Hswl? pehne, i-L. cit. 295. 
firblr Mt XiAAe-. 
firn »«» fts**!!- 
8rnd 4M fi>Qi]i). 
Bcr «v fur. 
firrltf A'*' f-LMjrtlo. 
flf, A.Snx. fir, rtfo. 0.h.r,«rm. fif, fiTi, 

/V/*. fif. O.n.i-erm. fiiiir, (inf. fimfi. finfi. 

tfofA. finif, O.kfL fiiiim, 6V. T»iim (rr.rt) 

WeUh |iam|i, /re, qmnqHf, K. T. 10I7; 

A, p. 1, 84S; nf jrrc I.Ai. Ilfi7.'»; mW 

flf Inimlvo*! cniliton 1425 ; tit niAm"] 

Obm. 23D; nf &: j^iittQilo Katii. 4:t;j 

vif A. ». 26; (lurh fife ffniumo pundi 

Onu. I44S: bctoro is Ad aliDOsnc lieforr 

|:>aiin(' l>f'n aftor riw /*»«. yvvt) p. l. a. 

Till, 14; ciiiliU-s simeii vivp 1»ai. laOM^J 

))p Tonopst<' vive a. r. 22, 

nnV'jiItl, O.ll.Oerm. Hiiffjiltor, /rf/o/rf, nm 
2. ;Jfi; filTaUl Orm. 783rt. 

fitlcf ,firrleaf, "qmn^iw/oHum"^ rkl. u)it\ 
1. :i'6. 

(IflFnc*. .4.Srt/. fiftcn<'. -\ya<y, fftttn, 
dfvim, Lai. 301 ; Kim. 70. 

viftoo^p //wji^A, r. I., s. Xir. 142; fl) 
tcj^e Dkokev. 1869; flfteado Out. 917< 
fiftfml PR. r. 4812. 

nfHj. A.Sitx. nflip, /y?»/. q»inqiMtgi»U',' 
Oru. 8102: fifli L.m. 128.'>. 

na<>o;:u]r Jiftidh, uoN. 1, 89; nftni^di*^ 
-10 Jo 2. 117. ^™ 


sag J 

nft«, ^.Air*. O.^Vw. fifU, O.Ii.fffrm. flnf- 
to, ftmflo. a/W. (iiiiti. /y/A ///Ty, ^ifrn 
^u, »T. URN. A. KX. l.'ilh Will. IR 
I^KGL. n 14, 298; ML P. 3088; 
A. R. tlO. 

n^f, O./V. flpc. Jl0. Maso. 50; figwt />/.y 

A. a. K'iO. 

npi'irP fiS'irtt, PROMPT. 151*; f!j 
Wkl. John 1, 48. 
figer, Q.Fr. iiirinr /"/jwiW-/ a. r. 148; tmt.] 

JxR. 842. 
ficArf, />. fipiirr, /^jirr*-. atkxr. 2M4: WiuJ 

117; riiAiir. C. T. H:t4l2: Ht^irM /)>/./j 

A. X. 214: ST. GEIt. A'. KX. 1008. 


Ghl. Uhli-ii <M fvhl, li-litoit. 

likrl, .i.S.u, fltyl, firlU\ do/tmtu, IIavel. 
I 1210; Atis. 20CU Lamil. 3, 117(121); 

^^ TBAXSACT. 18, 22; A. p. ;i, 2Sy; pb. c. 
^^ i088; fikul and faU hom. 1. 185; vikol 
^^ lUBC. 93; likit s. s. ed. ASr: 985; pis 

^^L ix'adfH A. B. 2<>S. 

^F fikcllicho J!cU,j: HkctDIi [lai didc "doitm 

I fikrtarr, vikol.irf adulator, a. u. 84 <k 80. 

dkrliru adniiri: likolo Rou. 31; vikckil 
/^r«.y A. B. S4 A: 198; (ikeliniU* //wr^.y 
iioM. 1, 2'»3; tiMv'l /jtrclj Tnt-.w 'i, Itj'j. 

fikrliiKgc iiduhtio, A. u. 82; £kdiiig Ituii. 

nkiriij A.6nT. <,l>u)(ii')<iu, O.icv!. fikoK /'op* 

^iHtre}^ fike {fekj: fikin aliouto "vayari", 

fUuNPT. 102; 4 ttai fiko Kicii. 4749; 

nktt aJuluri, »vi».'. 46; niill^; we Dunt 

mit tp fiko /»«^«r(" V> Hick. thk9. 1, 22.'i; 

|ia nkcst fadxiiafUj Maku. 13 ; fikoj 

mid to htf^ivi'd Hi &\h\^vA mid te teilc a. 

B. 20l>; fikoil A: fomlcil al tii^ iiii}{t uiu>. 

AXT. I, 22;J: vikiitiiti; (part.) a. k. 25tl; 

fikLd (fnl.) Gaw. 2274. 
ttl #r-e rll. 

Fillicrdnotu Jiibtii(-n»iJ, pbompt. 100. 

I'litwrdtreo JUhfrt-trety, pbompt. Il30. 
BU /^r CeM. 
file, A.tiax. fool. O.lf.Oerm. ni.i, tili.ila. 

>/(•, "/iJJMl", IBOMPT. ICO; CuALC- C. T. 

A 2o08; viltf, fil« a. b. 184. 

vilfVoslt'i' A. H. 244. 
Die jUe, worlA/m* p^rgtm, iUs. ki». IL 95; 

Mix. 81} bkl. akt. 1, 194; frdo filo 

Havxl. 2499; faU Hlu Halliw. dict. 

fiUo, OJI.Germ. filoil, jf/f, "limarf", i-iiuMlT. 

161); filf-' CjiAtT. V. V. 212; vil.-fl /'prw.y 

A. B. 184; filed //>rtf<.; Oaw. 3225; i- 

viUd A. B. 284. 
film aw fultin. 
lift, 0,Fr. lilct,///*^, p. s. 154; Wicu a. 

Sol. 4. :j; Chai;!:. C. t. a :i24a. 
Gl^ra «!Y> foljon. 
lUc, A. Sax. liltu voc. 79, i.kbqiiu. glo»s. 

2. 084, for c«rtillp, chervil, spbc. 44; 

vor> A fillc Kuu. 297; Uvx. 946. 

Mle Mv fu]le. 

lUlra «(v folk'o dm^ fullcn. 

1 tlO. 
llHtfCf />. iibilosopbi', ATKNii, 120; pbilo- 

wiplirc pht/osop/ier, Ciuuf. C. t. a 297. 
lll»2ofio, J'V. iihilosi>]pUit\ pkiltiophy, atknb. 

164; [>liiKi!W;>]tiii Kum. 130; Suorkh. 137; 

Chav.-. Hot-r. 1. il tlO). 
filitri mt fulsten. 
iltrpB Av feltrcn. 
fU^ MM fulile. 
flB, O.Fr. fin, piif, iiiHf. 141; Haveu 

22; Fi.. A. Hi. 441 ; Won. 91. 
fiu, UJl.Gcri,!. Un, \tii, 0. led. t\\in, O.Fr. 

fin, fne, chrun. Kx(!l. ti28; spkc. 52; 

iUj8. 26:i7; Oltov. 1754; finest© fti^r- 

iat.J I-Asiii.. n 2, 9. 

nnllclio finely, c. L. 1132; Wn-i.. 7B8. 
fiul, /r. liEid. //w/, I'B. C-. 3990. 
Ifldij --/..Si/, fine, O.IlJirrm. tinro, /nfA, 

CiiAUc C. T. A 652; com/', chaf-, goldfinrh. 
fhiile, A.Sitx. [uad)f)-ndt!, O.Vm/. (tor)fjrulr? 

vvmp. iirvctltindi;. 

flnilni, .^..s'«j. O.t.Utfriit. O.U.Gfrm. findan, 
OJ'h'i: finda. 6WA. liufao, O.Aw/. tiima, 
/«rf, »rtr«(t>(<. Laj. 1232; Obm. 383; A.y. 
lar. 3; tinde o. a. s. 470; hi b6tcu liim 
sikenitKSt^ Rnde Ukk. 800; U viudc hem 
mvW lion. 378; vinded /"/rmj Lai. 21 780; 
lint HOM. 2, 87; vint o. a. n. 690; a- 
YBKB. 74; faod /;>r«(.; TnisT. 1. 62; Iw. 
170r>; Isimii. 374; vaud avkxb. 57; fond 
Lai. 11362; 8T. okk. a. ex. 440; Hoiui 
Ku. LtM. 597: Wiii. 293; Lasqi.. kii. 
Wb. 992B; CHAff. C. T. A 653; lUso. 

" 220; ich him fond ligge Ubaxd. 27; 
vond A. B. 258; fuiiJust Jul. 28; fun- 
don Lai. 277; Orw. 3398; st. gen. a. 
Kx. 2948; Havkl. 602; funde Hoax kd. 
hxm. 882; foiiiii' ItBANi). 6; fiindc /'suftjj 
V. u s. VUI, 34; Orm. 833; fumio, /or 
fand. fond {as airfedy in A. Sax.) UOM. 
1, 199; Lai. 22; viso. 42; foitnde krl. 
AST. 2, 274; Bek. 168; fimden fpart.J 
Ivr. 1734; pb. o. 460S; avcjw. Abtu. 
LVI; funden, fundi- Havki.. 1427 & 2376; 
foundcn Ciiauc. Tkuii,. 5603 ; foaden 
Pbbckv. 1902; tomp. u-, ifi&doa; itriv. 
faiul(?)r {andi«n. fimdivn. 




Uiij A.Sax. fiuD, O.Tcel. fleinn, flane, telum, 
$agitta, A. B. 60*; ii. M. 15; c. M. -iul4; 
tton Lai. 311*; Alih. 785; Gaw. 1161. 

§km *et tloan. 

Vlmdre, O.Dutch Vlauderc, Flanders, Lai. 

flaake, Germ, flunkc /., O.Fr. flauc, /(Ih/-, 

FROM FT. 163. 

0ap, 7>i(^cA fliip, /fl/*, Tows. myst. 206; 

tlajtpe "aiapti, Jlubellaui", fbompt. 163; 

flappos fpl.J Abth. a. Merl. 8081; llajn 

pes of scourges Lasgl. b 13, 67. 
Ilippli) Dutch Happen, flap, phudere, promi't. 

164; fiappcs fprca.J ». Arth, 2781; llap- 

pod fpret.J 8. 8. ED. AVeb. 766; l. h. 

B. 176; flaiipcden wij> liondes \Vicl. Is. 

3, 16- 
lashCj O.Fr. flache, flath, "Iticutu", pbomft. 

164; flosche Gaw. 1430; fs. 87, 5. 
flaskeDj O.Fr. flasqucr, fiaah: boo vlaskoJ 

pattT ]>dr on a. r. 314; fluschcj) and 

wascheji Trkv. 1, 63. 
flal, O.Ieel ttatr, fiat, "pi^mue", prompt. 164; 

Will. 4414; Beves 1040; Iw. 259; flat 

(auhst.J planum, Gaw. 507. 
lat, Germ, ilatz Stalder's idiot., alapa, 

Abth. a. M^rl. 4910; Bevks 3256; 

KiCH. 5265. 
datcrea, O.DiUch flattercn, O.Tcel. flndia? 

flatter, palpare, volitan; Lakgl. b 20. 

109; flaterin "adulari", prompt. 164; 

vlateri ayenb. 01; flatkied fpres.J a. b. 

222*; flateringe fv. r. flikciinge) (part.) 

Chauc. C. t. a 1962. 
Ilatercre flatterer, Langl. b 2, 165; flat- 

tereres fpl.J Will. 5480. 
flaterlf, O.Fr. ^ixiGxiQ, flattery, s. a. kd. Wkb. 

2155; Chauu. C. t. b 4514; vlatcrie a- 

yknb. 197. 
flaltfraDge fluttering, a. b. 320; flatoriiigc 

PBOMPt. 164; Ckacc. d. Bl. 639. 
Aatlinge flatUng, plane: and leido bini flat- 
ling ou fe ground Halliw. dict. 360. 
iatDfisse flatness, prompt. 164. 
iatonr, O.Fr. ^dioov fflatteurj, ayenb. 257; 

Chauc. C. t. b 4515. 
ttMtn fundere, Abth. a. Mkbl. 9562; fottc 

water . . . and flatto it on bis fuco Lasgl. 

5, 224 (451). 
fla^, (). n. Germ, flado ace. fiadon, flat cake, 

flat flah: flathe fbohpt. 164; flathen 

'fpl.J voc. 127. 
flaaa, O.Fr. ttaon, = flajjc, flatpn, voc. 341; 

PROMPT. 164; flaunes (pi.J Hatki.. 644. 
flawe tee llaje. 
flax, A. Sax. ileai, O.Fria. flai, O.H.Gerwi. 

flabs, flax, 'it'num", pbojift. 16-4; too. 

156; fl;ix, ilex Chauc. C. t. a 676; flei 

Mat. 12, 20; Langl. b 6, 13; viae 

fdat.J Al'BKB. 236. 

flaxbolk' f? printed filaxloUe), Germ, flachs* 

bollc, VOC. 156. 
flea, A.S<tx. flea, O.fcel. flo /., O.U.Germ. 
floh tn., flea; flee "pulex", prompt. 165; 
fie Hick. thbs. 1, 231; fleo fpl.J p. l. 
s. I, 5. 
flewort, A.Sax. fieapjrt, flea-wort, Kal- 

LIW. DlCT. 362. 

flran, A.Sax. fleam, O.JT.Germ, flouni, 0. 
leel. flauBir, from flcon, /uga: fleam ma- 
kiau Laj. 1577; fl&ra 577; ho nam flem 
(fleom)8857; Jte grdtc fldm of Jii AM a. 
F. 3. 309; flemo (flem?) Aus. 4341; he 

' turndo to fleme Laj. 6407; tome . . . 
in fleme ps. 88, 24. 

flean, A.Sax. flean, O.Dutch vlaen, vlageo, 
O.Icel. fla, flay fflea, flaw J: he heom 
Itjtto qvic Han (fleau) Lai. 6418; flea 
Shoreh. 97; flou Horn ed. Horstsl 92; 
fio Havel. 612; Horn ed. Kits. 92; p. 
s. 191; floen "oxcoriare", pbojipt. 166; 
flen Horn kd. Lum. 86; Alis. 1734; 
Will. 1682; flC')) fpres.J Q. l. 1308; 
flogh fpret.J Iw. 1699; flou fme. flow) 
Havel. 2502; Man. bd. F. 12452; t16- 
jun Lai. 20957; flaweu fpart.) Havel. 
2476; flawin, fluin pbompt. 163; flain 
BEL. ANT. 1, 152; PR. c. 9520; Mia. pl. 
119; vlajo ayenb. 73; itiawe Aus. 893; 
ivbijeno fpl.J Lai. 27377; comp. biflean; 
rfmr. flaje? flajt? 

dear flayer, "exooriator", prompt. 165. 

flfcrhen, Fr. flecbirV p. s. 344; fleccheji 
fpres.J L. H. B. 137; flechcbi ftabjuHd.) 
ayenh. 253; fleccbcde fpret.J v. l. s. 
\V. 116. 

dcrked, 0. H.Germ. flccchoter, fltcked, macit- 
losiis: a flecked (flekked) pie Chauc. C. t. 
E 1848'; flokked Trkv. 1, 159; fleckede 
fcfores Langl. kd. Wr. 7234. 


Ham to en 


llsl, O. IhUch vijst, fifst ffoidj, Jfatw. 

FKOMI^. 103. 

tia *-(• fust. 

fibtiDf Germ. fi.sl4-ii, O. l>uleh vijstfin, fffxl 

{(aid), jlatttm edeff^ l'HuM["r. 16^. 
It ^i£, "congrutta^ , pttoAirr. Ii>tt; bis fitti: 

fpar*} p. A. X. 7.SI. 

fotli JUly? 1!aw. I75S. 
il, iillo? J.AVjx. till Ckki.n s uLosa. I, :1U0, 

/(, evtiamm. CuAuc. C. T. A 4184 * 

4-2.10; litt EoLAM. 254. 
film! ri>ng ti\ litni lii$ iti.ipnirz Jru 70. 
filfirnf lit«Mi-t| cI^Its Mim- lilt!. 
HllVi tilt in, fiitrn, '•meiiitiiiiMui', i»ii(1mi't. 

fllr, .i.Snx. litl, ciiitlux, curi/irn, l.ANtli.. A 

1. i:t9; titi(.o) K.ii.AM. :_lll. 
filleo. ti.lht/ch vilU'll. _fit : tltti'Ji /"/irr*,; l». 

\«rH- ll>H!i; litti.l /'/wWj -J+r.r,. 
Iltffir, J/./xfi. lithila. /*w« /-^r liJir*. JiMr, 

Lau 7002; li|n'h' BaANi). 1>; Hkvks ;n:tr.; 

Lakou ki). \Vb. 5^71; lillielr? Ciiavu. C. 

T. A 21Ht; vil'flp AYKSB. IDS; tififlrn 

rdnt. pij Lai. ;Ht42. 
fipilni >rfrf6', L.\s»a. »:ii. Wu. 8488. 
flltrlere jfrfdAr, Laxhi^ i;ii. Wft. '.7t»!; (i- 

t'l'lfivs /']»/.; Horn kik IIukstm. IfiLiiJ. 
Id-rllBgfl jiJilhmj, Lai. L'-J7itl. 
l^er jw fi'tf^'ii'. 
fi»fri' iwe fi'Frf. 
lirnCf O.IJ.O'erm. fiiclisiu, rixtn, Ualijvv. 

DicT. 359. 
If, O.Fr. fix /•//»/ /it. Rub. 4!11; p. i.. s. 

IL 170. 
U, J.Stix. Ha, ^/m«i. mgitU: Aii>* IM (Ho) 

Lai. I45tj-. tlua a. k. OU'; Iln "irfum", 

rBAnu. 4; Chacc. C. t. m 2fi4; s, a. r. 

X; flAn <';;/./ Lai. 1844; Iir.n Kub. 894: 

flonn 0am, ti-18; tft> flllll. 

Harkm, OJinich vlnckcn, Siccd. (lifVi. _/6int-, 
pa/ffttnrc: her colde brent bopui 1»> li'ti- 
her btiftti ft) BO tA flacko fiml lidto Gow. 
8, 315. 

MM, f)./tf?. Hifertl, yraurf, lAwrt, Obm. 12177; 
fli-rtl HtU ANT. 1. 211>, 

Inli, J..s«r. HAsi-, O.L.dcrm. Usr, O.Fri». 
flfeslf. flfwk, O.lI.Gtna. flcisc, _^*A, mtw. 
Orm. 35H2: tlwic iioii. I, 81; insr. l!);i: 
fl«K(-h Bkk. -JfiS; Aus. (104; )«t Itt-scli, 
vl^schs A. B. 8n k 112; nu!«Ii. Hchu. 

fl(M8 o. A. N. 1007 & 139D; HeiMb, fl^hs 
H'lci.. i;kn. 2. 23; biwl and ties jtT. tiKS. 
A. ux, 3;JI'i; tU'SS Koii. 24:J; fft tIpsh 
AYKNii. 47; lluKclios /'yrn.y o. A. x. 1410; 
lldsclips lust A. lu 374; ftOace (dat.) aiisc. 
28; I'ii ttt',*) he . . . oflust after dcort'S 
tifc^sr** La<. 'A(\hhXt\- eomp. cBlfllCscli, 
tlC'MliflK- 7fc»/<:/ty, i-HuMi-T. 106; lldshltCjis 

HosbHIo c. m. 505G. 
lIcschhGwcrf, <?rt-w. Ileischhaucr, Ocrov. 

tU'Si'b}niok Jfin/i-hook, prompt. l<ttf. 
Ilca'-hiirh ./^rjrVy, utnuiUt, A, n. 194; A. 

I'. 2, 2f»"); llii'sliliki.' lUHii Ohm. I727ti; 

ilL-scIih. he A"'p-y Katu. n 01 ; c. l. 138ft. 
ilt'srhl i iK'sse ftesh/inesji, PBUMPT. IU6 ; 

tIftS4-lliilli'(l8(> WlCl.. IiKUTKIl. 17, 17. 

lii'sniK-tt' fitth-meat. Sax. curon. 2.'>9. 
lliHrbl, Germ. Hitisflng, ff^shif, wrrtotiu, 
VIHtJItl'T. I6(». 

Ha^r, /'iM. tliigp, tiuffd. Iht^'m y/itr, hmimt, 

jifKcM: a fla.vio) ^P. r. flnki*) of 8n(Vw(o) 

VIIL-. 100; llawe rHOMi-T. tt54; a lln«lV'> 

uf snaWf Alkx. I7'i»i; tliiwci of fire n. 

AjtTti. 2i}o6. 

^■SW* rfffjT, "w-iTWTi", pRrtMrr. lOlt; Unpges 
and jtjiniie.s Tkkv. 4, 157. 

lliHCftit thiggi place wrficiMm, AVuil. bxoi>. 
2. :t. 

llR^t fiiiuijht, Jiaighi, eaeiipea, A. P. 1, &7; 

tl.-tylil fpn'niod sl.ight) of fire c. m. 1 71172. 
Bftif, «./V. tlair fod<fur), pr. p. 9017. 
flakCf O. /«►/. flalii, ^«fe>, ^Jhotm", prompt. 

lC>:i; i,ri>. t'ov. 140; ii llake of sniiwo 

mil.. AST. 2. 81; ll.ik<*8 fpi.J OiiAnc. ii. 

F. 1192; Hakes uf scmfre a. p. 2, 954. 
ffthroy O. Fr. Ilaiiacr /';«<«■ ds TmhJ, = 

flaskeu ? Hnko (printed slake) fimptrj 

I'Ai.i.. 2, :ni. 
DftktrMi, 0./>utch tlacVeren. a W. Hrtkm, 

ftticlrr, roiilan; palparc; fiakered fpr«»J 

A. R. 222; tlakeriiuie fparl.) a. ». 2, 

finkrl /wi^, uUr, Tkkv. 8, 171; flnkeUa 

fpl) Will. 1888. 
namttfj tlHtiiiib<>, 0.yr,i\i\m\w\ flamty Chauc. 

BwKT. 2, fi (51); finanif PR. c. 6737; 

flniimt).' LAxnr. ii 17, 207. 
(lABttnfii fittmr: tlaunie(>. fl.ianibcth fprim.J 

ImnoiJ r 17, 22&. 




Lai. 1570. 4GC2 A: .".561: Hiiust rpre».) 
o. A. X. 405: ttiiij. tiic.l Lai. :il;;3;t i 
21o4o; A. R. 246: wlian In* llij}> out of 
lomie Bek. 14«y; (hil vlif avknr. 41; 
ilili fimptr.J A. B. 102; Heullilo (pttrt.) 
HUM. 2. 175: Hi">iii<K- a. r. 288; Ho;ili 
(prtt.) Kath. IG; vii-ii3 ayesh. 12*1; doli 
Sax. curos. 204; Lai. 552: ila?!! On.M. 
823; flejr st. Gts. a. tx. 4u0; fieili 
Jo?. 98; he fii-ih hi.< lu-Ii kim a. r. 160; 
hit fU'ih vrom him (174; tieih (fiOij) to 
\^ fm-n-s Laxgl. 2. 186 (210); Hi-iirh 
CHAfC. C. T. B 3870; fli'u l.KB. Jes. 551i; 
fprinttd llent Uob. 221: fmt. ticw) K<ii.AM. 
786; flulien .Jul. 52: Hu;*.'n. tluwtii, Hi>- 
wen (flojeni Lai. 817. 1470 A: 5564; 
bajjf flujhen fm ^v foli: Orm. 803; flojron 
PT. GES. A. EX. 861; flupt-n A. R. 154; 
flowen Lasgl. 2. 20'j (2331: Jo>. IS; 
Mand. 226; s. s. EU. \Vr. 822; iiu^'cn 
(part.) ST. GES. A. EX. 1750; cowj/j. a-, 
a?t-. bi-, iHeoii; dtrit. lifaiii, lieiue. tlciiicu, 
flt'DiVj, fluht. 

IraM «M fleojen. 

IfM, vLA'flz. fleos, f\fs, O.Dutch vlics, /7«(rc; 
tli'<-.s '■ceJius', PROMPT. 166; M. T. 42; 
APOL. 104; flees, ttus Lasgl. c 10. 270; 
flfos*^ (dnt.) A. R. 66; llC'se WicL. genes. 
30. 35. 

ImI, A.Sox. floot, O./Jh/cA vlit't. M.Il.Germ. 
\lif7,. ^f?-/, fiinneu : Hoot ^'dexliifin'tim", 
PROMPT. 166. 

fr«tr, J. Sax. Heoi? Gri:in"s gloss., /?cf^; 
ill lii?> tit'ott' Lai. 2155; iii'tc '•cIaN<u\ 
PROMPT. 166; lUcH. 1653; Max. eji. F. 
1 162: f!.>K- fdat.J (low. 1, 197; ». Artu. 


iMtri, J. Sax. lli'otan, O.L.Germ. tliotaii. 
0. /u/. fli«>ta. O.U.aerm. Hioziin, /a'/, 

fitUft. tM/f, II'iRx KI). lilTS. 15*t; L. H. 
Jt. 33: \1<-"1<'I) lll'ot.-} Lai. 22010; tieto 
Lakm,. ji 2*1. 11; MAXii. 100; tk'ete 
I,n>ii. W. K. Oi^; tli't (jirtK.I Jii-:j,. ANT. 1. 
22't: (".- Ji.>rli..> )...i i |n. iloiios tlootnl 
ilAiiJi. 9; I'.i't*- A"i/V Havel. 522; tleo- 
till'!*-. vl'-'iiin'J'V;/"r^.y A. n. 46; tk-hunle 
L. r. c. 51; jU-liuL't' CiiAir. (..'. t. a 1956; 
JM ^;'/v/.y Lai. 2s:m;(I; st. gen. a. i;x. 
3187; p. L. s. \.\IV, 251; Tkist. 1, 31; 
it fltift ii|i i )..; lift Ohm. 34 66; Ihitcn 

Lai. 32033; Jo fisses ... ftotcn abaven 

ST. gex. a. kx. 2946; flote Bband. 21; 

lloten ftuhj.J Lai. 1032; eomp. over-, to- 

Heoteu; rftr/r. fleot, flcote, flote. 
Herd »ee tl&rd. 
flfiYHf &rr»(. flerren ? ./f«r, riHy*.- fleriandc 

//»flr/./ D. Arth. 10*88. 
fl^riBgr, A.Sax. flering, flooring: comp. uji- 

lies we fleo.s. *^ 
flesr. flrsrh, fless «^« fl&sh. 
lift, A.S»?x. flett, O.L.Gertn. O.Fris. OJcti 

Uct. M.Il.Germ. vletze, /rom flat, area, 

aula. Will. 5368; an. lit. 9; p. 8. 337; 

Laine. 979; iiic pule spOpou ))me flor 

&: J?ot flot flonsieu fraom. 7; flette fdat.) 

Alis. 1807 \- 2884; lliRC 273; Gaw. 

1374: lie com to ))an vlette }>6r |>e feond 

lai \^i. 26023. 
flel, llele gee Hoot, tioote. 
Ofte, A. Sax. ttet, /« /fff(«. 
Oefin, Dan. tlode, ,/7fv^, florem dehaarire, 

prompt. 167. 
fletcn, M.Il.Germ. fl<c?en? eontp. bittuten. 
fl^tea see fleoteu. 
fl^Bj 0. Dutch flauw, fteic (fliie), Untm, 

"bat«iit", PROMPT. 167. 
flex see flax. 

fleye ace t\v}c and flooje. 
flirrhr, A.Sax. flitro. O./cfi flikki «., fliith 

/-fliclj, Kuccidiii, Lanwl. 9, 169(10. 189); 

(? m». tliclie) n. M. 37; ttikke peomit. 

flie, flien sec Hoojo. fieojeu. 
fli^e dee flooje. 
fligge tfcf flugjic. 
Oiht see fluht. 

fliker i-ohticm? man of flikor J>oht m. n. 36. 
flikcrcn, A.Sax. flvcerian, O.lhtfek tlii.'gi'- 

rcn. vlei^ffereii, flicl-er ffleeker): flekoriu 

"rolttare", prompt. 165; flikorcil fadidatttrj 

so niit )to A, R. 290; flekirs Alkx. 505; 

hor Efosl )>;it flikoiod aj a loft Chait. 

TitoiL. 5890; ]'ia hischop ttekerid iu his 

J'olit M. H. 92. 
fliiiiirr, Germ, tliiidcr fbmciiolaj, fliiidir. 

jmiiciU't crohditt llondris fpl.J (ioi.. a. 

(lAW. 915. 

V \\m\\^\\i\i\\\iiJli»dn-moust\ rcspcrtiiio, Hal- 

LIW. DICT. •iiJO. 




tHem, O M. fkrda. O./Mcf, rloMi'ii. .V. 
//. f-rrm. vliioti'tu from tlod. Hndtinrt. 
flMff. Marh. (*; v1)a>nnf fS &fe vlvdoJ 
fIai. 2201:): |»o t-adio tlod fet of Imiii 

I?drn, O.Iitifrh vlicil(-u, J'ligrre: tliVIc Minr 

l;'.74; tItHhio (prri.J ftrd. pt. ok.v. a. ».x. 

3384: Havct,. 1 jnit'vK-a.lf AvrNM. 2(HV. 

flHdfii liAsoL. 2. 20l> |23:J): Chaic. L'. 

T. A 2i>;l0; Hod rjwrtj IlKfiHEv. :n«J. 
Wje, O.Icr!. rtfv? wrfm; lli'icii /'w*. floren") 

fpl.J OcTOV. 1 671. 

B^^ra, .i.Nffx. fli>?-Hn, (i^Ki'it '3.^^/. fliMJa, 

O.H.f'trm. (arlHangi'tl. fit-y ffi'^*j}, f-g^f'': 
fl^itle a pi J»:it fcnilflc Kath. Iiift2; 
flniwl A. p. 2. HfiO; «. ir. (i?; fhiipii 
fjHiH.J KiB. PL. 132; f»w>». nfl6jon. 

fcWP ./^"J. "fifo™/*. rnfiMrT. 165. 

iril'II net flejPU. 

Bril, ti.irOerm. flL'jril, O.fht/eh vln-n-l. «. 

/r. Haii-I, i«/. Ilii^'.-lluiii, /«//, "_fitfrir/lmn, 

triiu/um", vnuispT. Ki.l; fli'jl Obm. ir.OO; 

flpiles, flailcs ^/>/.> Lanou C. 187 (7, 


Ilc<ilca]i[)0. OfTm. flo^lkappp. i>fiouPT. 165. 
Ifkf, rt./(»/. tti>ki, //rti-, '•rffl/f*", voc. 201; 

rsoMrr. Iti5; llckes /'pLj Hak. bd. H. 

mn, O. left, flnpkja finirtMre}? fwi Wkw! 

Ji,'im o\cr tlivt-rt Max. kp. H. 241. 
Irltfrrn «*<* tlikcrcn. 
It'll «fv fleam. 
Inur, ^.JSifiT. tl(*ia.i. fl<^iii.i. /mm flpon, />rA- 

/MfiM, uoM. 1. 1"'>7; HoRS Ki). LcM. 1271; 

six }$r iitid a mouj) tie w;ik ni^iiii' Brk. 
Itsr.n-. HAmcii fpl.J Lai. r.'J.'.S. 

■»■, flOniiiQ, A.Har. l)Oiu:in, H5'iuiiii. 0. 

/«/. H*ran, fugare, Lai. IS 79 4* fi.'i74: 

J Hliftl fl^niitu )>e uf londc HAViiL. ilGO: 

ue Ron. rie2; Man. kd. H. 82; flt-mcjj 

fpretj Ai,iR. 11348; fl^m<U' ^»i*. ttcnimdo) 

jTjffrrf./ Orsc. 8243; lieo liiut- tU'iiidi-n out 

(tr t»»nc loudi* Lai. 32<1; fl^nittd fptift.j 
i^jnac. I9'i; Chavc. C. t. o 58: rn. c. 

SV»77: rti^ntid w. A«th. S.SfiO; Tows. mvst. 

"20: pFOitrv. .S'»{t; «>»»;*. «-, iHomcn. 
Q^Mrrr /mjtfter, I'matt. C. t. b 4fi0. 
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vK'jc AYKxn. 13(i: llC'ir fmt, tifvi'l p. s. 
2o8; rIijL> A. n. K; vli;i'. vlii' o. a. k. 
600: fli." Mask, fil; CiiAi'C. C. T. a 
4352; flftijdi. fli^?cn fpKj Lai. 3900 A, 
fl904; vl!cn lHd;on) a. r. 2!)0; fllpn 
Ricn. 2018; «/"/'. buter-. fli>sch-, hors-, 

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roliiff; rt('jli(>n ()nM. n'MU ; li^^'Cll ST. GRX. 
A. EX. filO: no.ijlip PR. r. 7047; IkMglif, 
flop LAxr.t.. B 12, 241; H6ip /'hw. H*\vt') 
Havkl. 1818; Mak. kd. F. 22^7; tli'on 
Lai. 2870: Aus. 544; brid hpou hit 
pill'? vlcon A. B. 130: tlw>n Maicd. 48; 
Hi-o Braxii. 0; fleo Eolam. 104; flilo 
<taw. .''i24; Hiin prhmpt. 107; Hh^ Mapks 
3?.r.; IsUMH. 37S; vli AYKNB. 2'»4; flro. 
Ho (pi-ft.J o. A. K. 372; Uilist, tlijst 227; 
mh(I, vlid A. m. 132 k 142: flililt o. a. 
K. .""(OG; vlij|) ATKXii. 20B: we fli'o]> Ubaxh. 
9: O'i) fi'-tJf- lot" 0. A. N. 27S; vllindy 
/'/wrt.; AVKNit. 71 : tt^h fyretj La(. 27788; 
tlt'j BriAND. 9; Itt'-b LAUxr. 473; bo fifth 
Tip intil hoofno Oitu. 5885; fivij r. i*. s. 
XXV. 18; Hfi^'h, fl6it.'Ii, flfu Chauo. C. 
T. B 4007; Heiffh 11asi>. 27; Hoi fmn. 
flfv) lUvKL. i;t05; KnLAM. 311; it. ii. 
lOI: lliijca KOM. I. 129; fluj»% Hiiwcu 
{flu^. flDWvn) Lai. 813 &■ 3901; Howcn 
CnAcc. C. T. n 4581; ItHTH. 436G; a. 
p. 1, 89; his eijt>u floweu out of hia 
hM Jos. :I62; Hiij'e ^«(i/V a. b. 132; 
flowfii f part J Chaic. u. p. 905; Howo 
Gow. 2. 252; iflnwn Rob. 2i); derir. 
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Real, A.Sor. Heon, O.U.Gtrm. fliohaji, f^. 
/■W*. flia, [doth. I>liul]anl. /y, /»v, /«- 
jw*. Laj. 1578: a. b. 160; Horn kd. 
RiTR. 887: fli'm). flAn Orm, 4144 ic 9803; 
C. L. 519; HuQ ST. OKN. A. KX. 108G; 
flw>n PROMPT. Ififi; H'M). fln o. a. x. 406 
k 1231; tA Hrn iillp his f(>ii (Ikk. 1072: 
tlo*' I'KRrEV. 876; ti» Ht'Oiint' Jri,. 44; 
tft Qecniue. flfniii', HAindo (floonde, fl^nde) 




Lai. IfiTO, 4G(i3 k. f.5Gl; tHIist />»■«.; 
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2l:!4;i; A. K. 2Uy\ nluiu Uu llij)i uiit uf 
Intiile Bkk. 14U9; (hi) ^K-)> aylnb. 41; 
fiib O'mpfT.J A. K. IG2; llwrnio ^jMrtJ 
iioM. 2, 175; tteoin<le a. it, 3H8; tUnli 

ffHVf.J KktH. Iti; VU'U}ATEMI. 12i>; Hvli 

Sax. chbok. 204; l.M. h^2: tiiMi Onw. 
823: flef; si. ot.v. A. »js. 4^0; (Icili 
Jut<. 98; he tl^ih Uit4 hnll kutl A. B. 14>0; 
liit tU*ih ^roiu biu 374; tl^ili (HC'i)) l•^ 
Y^ frecrfs Lanol. 2. 186 (2lOj; Ht-iKh 
Thai-c. C. t. d:J«79: flt*B i.eb, Jr.s. 5511; 
fprintfd fl(*ii) ItoB. 221; /'m*. tlcw) Koi^m. 
780; rtahcn JrL. 52; tliiKn, fluwcri, lii*- 
Mcn (flojen) Lai. 817. 1470 k 5564; 
bil]»' tlujlicu frd )h' fiilc i)KM. 8'J3: Ro^eu 

t*T. GKS. A. EI. 861; Jlupon A. R. 154; 

lU.WL'ii Langl. 2, 20'.t (2y.'t»: Ju«. 18; 

Mand. 220; s. [,. Kir. Wr. 822; Hojrcn 

(pari.J ST. GKS. A. KX- 1750; r««/j. a-. 

ct-, bi-, iHroq; dfru\ Hoani, H^idp, Hdtueu, 

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tlws "teJius", WMtwrr. lOfJ; m. t. 42; 

APOi.. 104; Hoes, ttiis Lasql. o 10, 270; 

floMB /'t/«f.y A. R. 00; t\Hi' Win.. ni:NKf<. 

30, 35. 

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vlic?, _;!«•?, Jlumea ; Ik'et "afstmit'tHin", 
rKOMrr. 106. 

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ul lii-? llcoto La». 2155; fli'U» "c/aauia", 
nuiMi'T. lOiv; iCicii. 10>'>:!: Mam. kd. 1'. 
1402; IK'U' /'(t(/./ (iow. 1, lit7; i». Artu. 
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iMlfR, J. Sax. flootan, 0.t.(ierm. fliotiin. 
O.M. lliota. O.U.Gerw. fliozau, ,//w(, 
Jlturt, nare, IIobx kd. Kith. 15y; i.. h. 
n. :::(; %lPOtoii irtootv) U). 22010; Hi-ti' 
LAN<ii. n 20. 44; Manu. IOU; tb«*U< 
Lwtt. M. I'. 118; Ht*t (pr**.} bkl. axt. 1. 
220; )k< lischiM t<vt l )>« IMoh lliv.itri1 
JUbu. 9j flt^tr /'jn*.^^.; lUvBt., 522; H.'.«. 
(inilc. vlcutinJo (part.) a. b. 40: tli'l;utitr 
i« r. c. 54; tldtinjifi> CuAvr. I', t. a 1050: 
fltft (rrd.i Lai. 28060; ST. okk. a. kx. 
ai87; p. L. 8. X.MV, 251; TiuST. 1. :)J; 
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t^T. gbn. a. kx. 2D46; Uuli' Hiiam>. 21: 
tiotcB (»nhj.) Las. I0;i2; tomp. over-, to- 
tU'Oloii; drrtv. Ib-ul, Ittitu-, lioli-. 

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(part.) n. Aktu. 1 088. 

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firl, J.^x. HvXl, O.L.Oti'm. O.Frit, O.M. 
tli't. JIf.I/Mniti. vli'tzo. /rom Oat, awn, 
«»».'«, Will. 5.^68; an. lit. 9; p. s. 337; 
LArxK. 97S1; mo pulp spfiiM^n |»iDe fiur 
A- |ict flcl clduiiieu PRAnjit. 7; IIlIIo fJttlJ 
Ahis. 1807 & 2884; Mibc 273; Uaw. 
1374; h^ i-fm tA )>aQ vlotU* t>6r >e ftvud 
lai Lai. 2002.S. 

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fl^linj y>0H. Hodit, ^<fW, fion^m deAtiunn, 

I'llOMPT. 107. 
fli'lrn, M.UMrrm. HriTjeny ««/». bitltytrn. 

fl^a, O. />M/fA ll.liiw, fiew ffiuef, IwnutM, 

"hatmu", MOMPT. 167. 
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flibrr r<ilati€u»y iiiitn of Hiker ))i>bt m. n. 30. 

flikrrrH, A.Httr. ll^wnan. O.litUeh ttici 

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"po/A/ri-", pai»MI-T. 105; tlikiTt'iI /.J 

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bi*r trt^-il )>•)! Ilili<^it'<l iti a lofl Coauc. 
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(Uw. 015. 
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IJU-. niirr. 303. 

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[ lH-l-n|l AYEKR. 200. 

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I rtiiiki- LI B. msp. 338; Tub. 2027; Ali- 

ksnmiilrvs folk ror|>jro» Hiiigie) Atis. U 1 1 ; 
lliu^mio (pari.) m. Artm. 27r>7; (ivini; 
^ heortP fp launro Hnn? Ar-is. 274i»; 
Bong CHArc. C. t. ed. Tyrwii. 172!j5; 
(liiiif^ Ali». &8>)2. 
Iltt, A.i^Qx. flint, O./hUc/i vlinto. ;?/»<, 

r"«/w", PBAOM. 4; I'Boui-r. 107; IIavki.. 
2t'ifi(; Trikt. 2, MO; ficiip vlint a. b. 
220; ttintc (d<itj hom. I. 139; Lasgl. 
B 14, 64; Hintos ffilj pm. c. 7018; 
VlintPS AYKNB. 130. 
vlintsot HOM. 1. SI, 
tlintslfin Mand. 1.10. 
i\ttn ^ Horfii? fiire: lap]i(oj and ftiro 

fprinUH HiTVp) FuiB. 1769. 
flhrhrH = tlnschi'u ■< flisches fpvt».) d. Artii. 

270K: Hisdmrnie (pwt.) 2141. 
Ill, A.Shx. m. n., O.I..f.rrm. tlit, O./f. 
Grrm. Hi/, m., coHtrti, tlrife, Kath. 088; 
Iw. y3: PB. lOfi, 40*; A. p. 2, 421; 
|»ai mt Lai. 24it66; flit k pin rel. ast. 
1. 130. 
litn* A.Snx. tiilsii. OM.Gnui, llizaii, /If//*, 
eniitri; Kath. 721; HUin "eonteadefe", 
I raOMpT. 167; flileu Horn kb. Kits. 855; 
I flitc Wiu.. 2h4h; Iw. 1027: Tbiam. 1227: 
I A. p. 1, 353: niUul ffH-etJ uum. 2. 43; 
^MflAt /'prelj Mapk.u ^44: Auap. kd. Ron.''. 
^^pXXXVI: hio tiiton bctpoosp boom hptk 
r Iifure f^ro ildost Li:kk 22, 24; lliteii 
f ffiarijm. bes. a. kx. 3089; c. u. 138(»7. 
fltrre., j^.^Sm. iViWro, ffitfr: rtitcris /'/j/.V 

1 PROMPT. 100; fllturs .MIR. PL. 179. 

lilrrrn. Grim. Hitti*ni. lHUrr, volilur* : it 

llittcriil al u \>x'*»\v ji. d'Ahth. 1, 187. - 
iHfHC r-onifittiim. mom, 2. 13. 
fllllrn «f* ttutti'U. 

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lUCf ^(.NiW. flocc, O.fctl tlokkr. /fcw^ -yrw. 
eoKw; turvitt, LAt. 4U>2; {'ime Hih* a. 
B. 202; (ntg. ttor*-) Omt. '.10; ttok Artii. 
A. Math. 3800; II tlok uf brtd'lis Alis. 
5fi«: |>.it Iwlcji f-inc tlok Shobkh. 10*); 
llockc. flokkf fdtl.jLM. 1800.% \ 2:^80 1; 

IllKkPN fpi.J ft. A. K. 280; ST. OKK. A. 



Kx. 1637: c. K. 3992; flokkes Trbt. 
5. 219. 

IliicmCle "gregaiim", M'rn.. 2 Macc. 14, 
14; tlokmeic Cuauc. C. t. e 86. 
flifkf, O. Dutch vlocki', O.H.Qm-m. floccho, 

ioi. ttOi'OUSV ^oci; tir>ck0S /7»/.> O. A. K. 

427; fli'kki's uvu. C-ov. 241; tlokkis 

PRO MPT. Iti7. 

flofken /foci, grfgare: Uokkiii prompt. 167; 

pel H«ckeu akt. .Vrth. XXYI; Hockedo 

fprHJhM. 4729'; flnkkcii a. p. 2, 380. 
BAilj A. Sax. fitnl HI., Q.L.h'erm. H->i| m. _/l 

M., 6-o(A. H.'-iliis /, O.hei. Ili'ia «., f>.//. 

^WM. Iluut /., from Jlywfn, flood, fiucttu, 

Oru. 07^3; o. A. X. t>40; ST. okts. a. 

xx. 044; SPiiC. 70; Alii*. 0185; {hi flud 

uisc. 150; ]mt Hod uum. 1, 225; Lai. 

20171; vhld aykkb. 247; ]»au tliKU- L.m. 

19; fl-iJi* ('jb/.v' pa. c. 4706; wrnijp. aii}-, 


tlodjat fioodgaif, voc. 233; HCulict a. h. 
flAkP (tlAkV), A.Sax. Hue (platiuaj voc. C.% 

& 381, O./c*/. flt'ki <jr(j/fn, patsvrj Koilsh. 

LEX., //wi, "^Aom", voc. 254. 

Mr, -4.Nflx. fliV »i. /., O.ied. fl6iT »., a 

Dutch vluur m., M.U.Ocrm. vluiir «. /, 

/foor, arM. Wum, Orm. ITi.'iOO; Jinn. 388; 

Mapbs 349; A. p. 2, 133; i jieno llOr 

Ui. 22809; fl.ire /'rfff/.y AK. ut. fi; IsrMB. 

653; fl.ln-a fpi./ d. Artb. 3249. 
Idr Mw flour. 
■•sen, YAm. ftoBsc? felt tloscd him umbo 

A. P. 2. 1639. 
Btt, A.Sax. O.Ieel. Hot, /rom tlcotou, JIm- 

tmf when ft]lo wurc . . . o llote (afioal) 

Man. kd. F. 12079. 

ttntari's. 0. Dutch vlotgras, fioat-gran, 
"uhn", ruoiiPT. 1G8. 
I«l, L.Germ. flot ferttnor luiiaj, Swtd. flott 

fpingof finidttmj? a. p. 2, 1011. 
late, w^.Mrrx. flota. O.Iefl. Koti. O./hUeh 

vloto, iwrM, cltjm'it, Lai. 2l-'"5* ic 4530*; 

Man. ED. F. 1737; fomp. sajflote. 
■•If, O.H.Ofrm. ttozo, pinna? and t%t« 

... ill' lis .. . his tlutcs mifft st. nKM. 

A. RX. 162. 
R«tr, O./V. flotc (troHj*eJ, Havkl. 738; 

.I(iB. 28; A. P. I. 945. 





Jiiidunrt: ('> tloli ri )D [to prCIc sit jARii. 

13, 15!'; tlDtorin fprtn.J CirAri*. Bokt. 

8, 11 (Hit); Hotvrtt '\fiiutuatt", Wjpl. 

Is. 29, 9; Hottnmdr (pari.) Halliw. 

DicT. 364; floUerede fpreLJ Uokk Kn, 

Kits. 129. 
fluli'ri roiitmnY wifi floTcri (flotri) bonlo 

(halt. C. t. a 3833. 
Ittllrn, .-/.'Sax. tjoluiu. O.Duieh vIoti'D, O. 

il.Germ. (l"^ri?U. fioittY a uinUgO:> oiis ti't 

Oullrn. O.lhitch viottcu (uatarej* ft . . . . . . bi t^Ht but llotti' A. r. 3, 348. 
n»|»rf rfocciw*' suBC. I4!)i pmp. .rf>Vjr. tliDd(T. 
flour, <K Fr. Himr. Our, flor, /oiwr fjiourj. 

Havkl. 2917; c. l. lUit; ATK.\a 9:1 ii 

Ho; Chav*:. C. t. a 4; lliin'* (yl.J A. ii. 

.140; tJilrw, tJi^n's o. a. v. 1046. 
duufiiif floriscbin. O.AV. llOrir, fiaieer, fimtr- 

inh, »Jtoin>T. 167 ft 168; flourc. HurUhr 

■VFitL. tlAuAR^. 3, t";' i.. r. r. 

it; Hoiin'|>. llurissel* tpr*t.J avbsb. 28 A' 

95; Horisclit't* Tbev. 4, l7;i. 
flailr, O.l'r. flwiiif, /«/*, thompt. 168. 

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liiiitt', tioitiuKu ff»irt.J Ciuif. C. T. A 91. 

Oiipri, J.S^iT. Ilopiin prH. Hoop, fO. lal. 
tloa yrd. lluJ,!. /'w/rA \li)Cij-'U ;>r.:/. 
vtopide], /?!»«■. finwf, (JRM. 47811; Hom-n 
CuAt;L-. Tkoil. 4(i07; al |io loor Hch-il 
Tl^'ipon t^'nros a. b. 64; tlowc Lito. Cuv. 
56; flftrofi ^/WM.y o. A. V. 1M6; [»e hto 
)ifttt)Offc^ KKi*. AST. I, 174: rtfnp iVTrf,/ 
UOM. I, 211: flcp i*T. UK». A. KX. 3S75; 
Tlran A. a. 112 riIo«>i>cacB llOt. 

llavcii! tldxede fprH.J iii>s. 2, 127. 

WmzjSX, (Kliidfh vhig-pp, O.lf.Cfrm. fliiklic, 
//.'rfyc fjiigj, «A/iJ ^' y?y; Hi;'?:*.' plmmit. 
167; IK'gi^' «. T. 124. 

iabt, A.Sar. H>bl, OJ>uteh vluchU >otpi 
t1i-L);i>n, flighty votatni: vlubt a. u. 182: 
fliirt Br. any. a. bx. ir.l ; uku. a.\t. 1, 
210; tlUl fV priHtfd Itis'bU Auh. -118; 
flilbli'S a/ar. Lai. 2HS1. 

lahl. ^.N'lx. tlybt, OJlXin-vt. tliiht, OJhOtk 
vluclil, Jrom rti'on. /f/yA/. /"jr*. A. b. 48; 
llnift Jo». noi;: llilit Ohm. Ifi^.S.I: fliit 
A. y. 2, 377; Hichl Chaic. C. t. a 988: 
pe . . . turned U\ lluhli' Jru 45. 

■■II, O./V. flinn, fi»m»n, Lai. .142: himi 
38; i»T, oi:n. a. kx. M06; ii. ii. II2"t;i 
fmM. rtiinini) <»BM. 10342: Hum. flora A- 
VKMl. 202. 

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1. ■2^0; ft-* Oimler. 

flnnilrrn, Sirvii. Hiindra, fioundfn Honilirv^ 
nEL. ANT. 1, 85. 

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iMrlirH, h.Gfvm. Hiischon? fltuk: flttiUi(c) 
for ;iiif.t'r hbp. Rich. 1ft. < 

ItlBfH, L.Gtrm. HtiKPCi? rof'trtY A botorflp; 
toj^in mo ftiisl« m. t. 100; pi\l hit ripoftj 
fli)sU> HuK.v £b. IUts. 1080; auie!?) Ki 
A.' Bl. 473. 

Intte .;{//. migratio: tictlc KKL. Avr. 1. ISO; 
flilto 2;i.'i. 

KvttCII} O.lrel. Hvtj;i, fit: |"ot nitiui (tfwiiol] 
tniilitcu bi Hstloj] ffuhtijit ?J a. r. 20d| 
HittiJi "amowrt", psohpt. 167; flU 
ST. oifx. A. EX. lilJ22; &' IMpu \wm 
\M\i\ to land jif )>at tej rtitT*'ii fmi^ar-'^ \ 
sholdi'D Oust. 2082; Hittc i-iu c. :l763t 
felt: titiips b:iV4j ich fondrd U^ Hittr i| 
fro JiMiijl Wxu.. 623; be sal wVir «ill 
out (if ))i8 trrnve liu Cov. 041: ha flnt-' 
ted fR'iD [-0 bp.itc to |«r rbt'le noM. I. 
2.M; Huto fimpfir.J iioM. 1. 26.'"i; Hitif* 
^wAyV Hmrx til. LiM. 711; Hittiiu-'- 
(part.; Lakoi.. « II. 62: Hutte fprttj 
LAt. 30503: flit //wri.y tbassa«t. IS,^ 
23: iflut I'ttAQM. h; ifliit hidcr KATti/ 
S2i'.; ivlul Lai. 27Jt34; cump, fo^HlUt^■a•1 

SuUine;!' fuhitlafnurr Marh. 22; tHuiiur &j 
M. r>227. 

I(«)wf., Howe, O.huieh iluawc, ,/(«p» nvrr-j 
CHhrn, PRUHPT. 168. 

$U\f flit, /'V. flux, /ftfj:. PrtuMPT. 167j' 

WicL. ILvT. 9, 20; lltixcw /■;>/./ Uajwu 

K 20. SO. 
rnirdj J.Stis. ruoHl. "/wirriit", nunv. 4t{ 

fniN] Mat. 9. 20; fiwdr (p/j Mat. 3«. fii 
fnftitt, J.Sajr. Uii'M, f/nn'tiut. n. a. ». 44. 
hiAxIri,, fni^Mtiiini?). OJf.f.Wm. h^ 

^ton, itpirmr; fn.'Utc Uavrl. &48; fir&.wti'il 

r/>rf^y r.AW. 1702. 
hroflfii, />t(^A fnii-zpn. •/ci'muivv; fiif)» Urili 

42: fiu'>ff ipr,-*.} Vww*'. f. t. n 62. 
rn^iisr '^H^rattMiu", >Viru •fun. 41, D. 
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fiWr, J.Sux. fodii, Jootl, '\dwmtium\ pbomit. 
lliS; iinxi. I, G8; Orm. B2S; u. A. K. 
I'l; Uisc. IIJO; sr. oifM. a. ex. I7t>; 
liitMu. 134; fudc, v6<lo a. b. 142; mi 
I'bild uii Ounc ttfdo fahuntufaj Honx ed. 
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t(t mcdiio ]iul fr^li fOdo AsiAit. ktj. Ulirs. 
LIV; vt\d»' V. L- s. I.'&7; ;i \\\vt voitc 
XXIU, 13; fade 1'kki;ev. l;[2tt. 

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O./mr/., O.Tf.Ctrm. fuotar, fodder: 
Mir '•jhtiiuluut" , vdc. 204; kin^' ri)ei'i|k 
wide W (H? Diudur |?oii liitsl loro a sori 
foder /■fAiyrfy Aua. 64.''.; ffidor, fudder 
Chauc. C. t. a :!868; riMldur, foodir '>r- 
^H/um", PUOMiT. ItiH; Mdcr Uii. 270:11; 
fodiln' fdit.J A. H. 4lfi. 

foitiriit 6WA. fodjiiu. 7W, puiKa-e: f6d{rs 
liini wi|> fnirc wonlcs \Vii,l. iO-^O; fOiU'd 
it wi)> Hourus 57. 

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f"itu'*Jo Ar to SLTrtiie iiuu. 1, 137. 

fndrirn, O.Ihit^h Vdfdcr'-ri. O.Jcct. fivini, 0. 
liMnm. Ill 1.1 Ion.' n, J'oiiiltr, a/ere, pitteerc: 
fitddad />rtr/.; Wicl. 1 Kisua 28. 24. 

(ftj, A.Sflr. foi,'!':'}. M.II.Ocrta, viion, »»(*(»- 
/Mrf*», (irprniut: mid fu{L' and mid riliU.- u. 

A. K. 1K4. 

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fivh «/r rai. 

fail, O./r. foil, foil, /n't, folium, d. jVrth. 

2704; Tali,. 2. lD4. 
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folwf , 0. /v. ft'ine, f^m, mart^, projupt. 

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foltira foin ; luimn fprrs.J (!iiauc. C. t. a 

I'k»4; |»ci iuiiH' wi|» dii^gtrs Jk wi|> swir- 

dos LiiM>. 8T. Til. 4325; foinwlo ^yrri.y 

Dbobkv. 274; s. Artu. 1808; loiuod 

(Jaw. 428. 
foNi^it, foiBouD. /'V. fiiison. CUAUC. C. T. A 

iliiTi; foiMitui t:uiu>x. Knol. 711. 
Utktm Mr fjkon. 
H O.Fr. fnl, irfWfrfw, Lai. 1442'; A. ». 

Ili4; AV);Mi. 20; Ibl (nubti.J Jvol, P. u 

s. XVII, 415; A. P. 2. 750; fuK-a (^f/.y 

Havu.. 2100. 

folhi^nli ffx^fuirdy, A. r. 62. 

foolhiirdiuosso /oa/fmrdiHtM, Crauc. Bobt. 
1. S (10). 

f<dluhij ATKNB. 54; Vfjhu 1557. 
f*l wv fu!. 
f»lr, J-Sax. OMGcrm. foJr, (?,i^#. O.hcl 

('(dli. folc. folrb, <Jp. tcoXxo;? 

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'Oom ti'i gstdom 1<ai. K5ti; )}at Tote Hukv 

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vole A. n. l.'ni: AYKsn. 43; folc, fo\k 

Uavku 89 k 408; AVkl. Joiin 1 1. -"lO; 

folk CHAcr. C. T. A 744; Lidg. m. p. 12; 

swft miKol folk com nflvor tA gidcr pb. 

L-. 6013; f(dkos ^^w.y Hat. 13. 15; st. 

OKV. A. RX. 27ft.l: folki' /'rffli.; U«. 347: 

ftdke ('jrti. /j/.y Onsi. 12140; comp. liirb-, 

lirilib-, fOIr, land-, SiiJt.di'. 

fo)ckiiig, J.tiax. fokTvninp, La?. 9501. 

folkr&lr, A.Sox. fulcra;di-ii, fm>. fulkoro 

de) AYKNB. 196. I''' 

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foUe, .'J..V6'j-. rddo, 0.l.Gerin. foldn, O.Arf. 

fold, /(>}7->i, sofum, liANOL. n I, 153; Pf.01. 

;142; (Uw. 1694; M. XuTU. 3549; AVOW. 

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iijUK'n jtissrrr roldcn 26120; hi*o fiillt-n 

to fi^ldf 5300; on Mdc spec. 24; A. P. 

2. 403; f.ildcn /'aw.> Lai. 7988. 
Mden «aet fottldcn. 
tmUf A.Sax. folu, O.H.Germ. folo, O./w/. 

foli. ^'o/A. Tub, /'«<. |>iithi)4, tfr. ntuX');. 

/oo/, ";?h/A«", piiAasi. 3; prompt. 1*58; 

FloHN un. Kits. 5K7; LAsnu nil, 335; 

3tAND. 250; Pi^Bt'KV. 717; ant. Akth. 

XLII; ^HH folpn Mark U, 5. 
bleiif ffw»t. fulcn, Dan, fole, /«i/, puUum 

purerr; fiilitd ('pf/rt.y ChAUC. C. t. d 1.J45. 
Wei, (.>It. /;./>■. folrt, font., futittu, "rtoit- 

rf«i", wtoMPT. 168; Has. eu. F. 4527 

& 7229. 

fdlb.siim, Oerm. fol^iini, ohtquioiu, Oem. 
foljcii, A.Sat. fwltrian, fyljnw, O./Wi. fol- 

gi-A, MgUi, O.L.ft'erm. fol)(oii, O.ff.Orrm. 

folRcn. O./fw/. fjlRja, /s/Am fjoify/, tegni, 




HOM, 1, 147: fi»Ijbi:D OitM. 94*1; folicD, 
Allien (folji'iil Lai. 1U02 & 4140; Mg^n. 
folpon ST. GKN. A. KX. 401 & U272; fol- 
win J-BOMPT. 160; Lcn. C«v. 2GS; folwo 
Wii.u 189; How. 1. 50; C^nAuc. C. r. d 
1124; volepcn, volupt-u a. b. 28 A: 102; 
IiIkIic th. 17, 38; filowe bkb. Likc. i:t; 
fplowo Man. bd. II. 291; fplpii? (prt*.) 
Mat. 8. 19; foljfd p. l. s. VIII, 7; voi- 
ipji Shobeh. 40; ayemj. 12; iolicz a. v. 
2. 6; fok'wes Dkorkv. 15G1; fo]je|», fu- 
lieil (mt. fiiliod). volowaj) o. A. x. 1107 
& 121(0; fulliid. folheii Katii. 2340; 
f^iljodp, fill***!*- (pr-et.) Lai. '.)5 i: 24328; 
foiwcdp, folwcd t^iAuc. r. T. A 528; 
vulcde MISC. 38; fiih'jcileu. fiilirdi'ii hom. 
1, 3 &: 151; folwoitcii, fnlvvd Lakgu 4. 
■2.1 (27); felptlon Mat. 8, I. 

folwrrc, foiwiir, folowerc, A.i^ex. folgtru, 
folkwtr, Lakol. ."i. 54lt (*», 33); fylwaro 
raoMPT. Ui!); fcolopan" a. r. .tti-1. 

r«Hr, O./V. folic, /ffl//y, Lai. a024»; a. r. 
:.2; r. L. 8. XIV, 3; Siiubkh. 139. 

fvlUir o. A. x. 868. 

falk AM folc 

r»h m foict 

f»lwfn Ke roljrri iNtf fuIwcD. 

fon, f^m «» Giro, ITimirn. 

foil, NmW. fftno? intipifna. futMiu, Uav. KD. 

K. 4051; MiRc 358; Towx. mvkt. 80. 
tin, A.Sax. (Ml, O.Iwi. fA, (iLMfim, O. 

IfJr'ertH. Qoth. fuliiiu, t^ fanircn, fa, en- 

pere, Lai. 5437; Orm. JH^Ul; spbc. 41; 

f6 uisc. 80: fed, fiid fjnrvtj k. B. 88; 

fiV^ BRL. aht. I, 183; f6 p on u. A. X. 

170; on mo hco ri|> c. l. 895; fuii 

(pvi.i Maku. 3; c^mp. a-, bi-, k ou-. 

foB WW fUn. 
UmA gre fand. 

fandlra iie» faiidic'n and fiindicn. 
fandllBs V fumk-lin^. 
f«f I fwiiu/, "futiorium", vkhmvt. 1 70 ; r. 

a. 3306. 
f««|(fii jw faiurvn. 
hiihf AW fiinkr. 

fnnBrn detipfrr: fMliDc uod dol4< CuAl'C. (\ I.. 
I'lS; |h.u ftiiinifil llw. ('<»v. ;it>: fonitvd 

/iwJ, in/atutUni. Ciurc R. R. .i367; Wiri-. 

TtKi'TKB. 32, 21; fuud okht. ItoM. 20. 

fait, O./r. foul, font, hom. I. od; Mauh. I; 
fuut Orm. 17208: bt. hvx. a. kx, 3290. 
fnntfat «j8t\ 4. 

fuut.Hturi FHAOM. 8: 8iiuBi:ii. 1>7; Jos. 7; 
CuAuc. C. T. B 723. 

Ta^e jop, ruoMiT. 170; fubbcs /X/ Lakol., 
u 3, 103. 

fapprrr, 6>V/-irt. fopiiiT? fobbores />/.y Lakgu] 
11 2. 182*. 

faTj -4.Nw. for, O.L.GerM. fnr, far, fnr, (>.| 
/>('#. for, fore. fori. OJl.if'rrm. fur, fur 
furi, O./m/. fur, fjr, Goth. faur. /w, 
)irDUfudc' d6i] for al niOiK-no iiojc. I, \7%l 
bAr tf'> otispi-rcdc- !)u lor liain alli' Katu.] 
1134; )ii> ror king h.-ildon Lai. 14tU3;j 
for/'m*. fon) pliat he dpcllcd iiafdt Oiui. 
226; ze]J> . . . Tor \taao valsnu peui a- 
TBNB. 24; for fptrj mi lif Jul. 16; for 
godo (>AW. 1822 ; hvo no dursU'U for 
godo dAn \<i^r ^\ misbodo Lai. I32t:': 
for I>in' lufe 18890; for aro mih-lfi-: 
iiox. I, 173; pmt Ihh) no gmrbio . . JJl 
vor noau luctf ne vor wac ilruucho x.^ 
R. 108; he DC niJbU* for hiK Itvo isw 
]>jit Biao fiji hire siwko o. a. k. 1078; 
iiiri care vmt nl for hiri.- Bkk. 131; hi' 
died for liunfrrD Mand. 330; for cb^le 
qvake LAxni.. 10. .')9 (11. 46); cor hpon 
(for hpii qua propter, x. n. 314; for 1h.ii 
()»an) propl-er «w, liAt. 989; he scliuldf 
never die for fon c. l. 1072; fyr I^'ti 
)ipl he sroldu spote suilIIi' uum. 1, 53: 
for tiuo fiat hit n6 pit not o. a' v. 780: 
vor jian JK't he 16t Uini overcome ATitsa 
181; fur l^i propter «, Im. 22691; for 
)>ai ho paa gitiU* jtreost (Jrm. 131; for_^ 
|)ai ich floo hi iiihle u. a. s. 365; fti 
)).it he hado |>e Sarazenes slaiu li 
489; for tch hit piH a a. x. X348; 
folr hira )nvtvl{> for ho didn |i^d jaaMi 
iitnoK. Esoi.. 208; for {nimj he ocf 
ni'nnv snne L-M. 148; for ('t|"'r here pi 
spa riht after podcs liire Ubx. 119; 
fu art Intel and nnstronfc u. a. m. &6] 
for hAr in Jto nortihall . . . for hit U 
fur frnm \v soniiv n<'i man ue nono^ 
(heir TRKAT. 137; for le.seit hi of bci 
HOM. 1. 171; for heou i\Mde miso. 3 
fnr til hnhli'H (for hahlxO nl \fH ^hit 
2227; ha Kende .tpiJp for t^ pitca 




le^Bii f^TP Kath. 1 f» 1 ; for tft d^ni^ 

PBOC'LJiJi. ii; fpjiDc ... for (is W fereii 

HUM. 1, ti:;^: 111 |^:il )in tK>ist for rip (o 

(Echcndc 0. A, s. 1287; for to svcht* Jos. 

16; vor tc bevli ptuui ilia|? ayksb. 172; 

war |w fur fahj liits hi>t.vs spkc. lOTi; for 

fpracj allc lire l'oiIpo Lai. l;J;ll!t; )>nl 

|>.1 IWrniU'iHlpD ln'om for ri'lpn hafvcdr-n 

2(>tt:n; vor ro»UJ \m> fcsttf a. b. 22; for 

^«llit d)H<r BfiK. 721; for td la^ ad, 

HOM. 1, I'lS: .Alis. ft3fi;i; PI,, rn. ;U I ; 

fvr «. for to iioM. 2, 23 Jk SJi; Lai. 

75tf:l' Jt 2ri«)K{"; fnr tc fo IiOto a 

di- ronio tkkat. 137; rort luiiliiihl a. r. 

236; fort |K't hit wa-s mtn mibo. 50; Pork 

hit fas 6vo o. a. k. 41. 

forbiinncn, OJ>ut<h vprlinniicn, O./Wi. ur- 

Ikuiiw, hoHuh: foiboiino o. a. n. lO'jy. 

forbancn W; forbarrc Will. 3ada; v. 

B. L. p. tiO; c. M. 8213. 

forbpAlen inU dotcn ; forbcti' LANOt. it 

18, ;J5; forb<)tiiii fjNxH.J akt. Xjltu. LI. 

forboortcii, A.Sax. forlipinlnn, <),Frif. fnr-, 

iirbiuil.i, Go(A. fuiirlMiMliUi, O./ce/. ftir- 

buMla, O.Ii.Onm. fnr-, fnr-, fbr-, tir- 

liiotAD. forbid, Lai. 27408; voriioiwlm 

MiBf. -10; forti^din 'yriiAiAwp, hUrdicrro", 

PBOMIT. 170; fL'rljC''li'|) fpraj Maxd. 

71; Chaijc. C. t. c f>4;i: forbiflcs A. r. 

2, 1147; vorbirt a Y£:iru. G ; forbi'iHh- 
/'«i4/V A. H, H; forlfcoilo, forbade Lakoi,. 

3, 107 (lU); forhefld fprti.J ST. oks. 
A. Bx. fill: SitoRKtt. in 7; vorbfad a. 
«. 70; forbdfed 0km. \'~iT,Ti; fiirliod Mas. 
BD. F. ftl58; vorbt^l ItoB. 4'.>(J; fi>rli:Vl 
(forbcad) l^!. laiBO; forbiiiU> /^*r*A;.> 
HOH. I, 245; forboilt-n fj*arij 0km. 
12021; ST. UKN. A. KX. :12A: Mani>. 
20; Chauc. b. It. fir.16; PL. rn. 117. 

forbcu'Q. A,!<(ix. fiirbcr.Ln. O.ll.Gcrm. fiiri-. 
fttr-, fjir-, ft'r-, flrbftr^in, fwhiar, nufcrre, 
pnuifnnitUre: uaJ^fpt's to forbercn hom. 
3. UK; hr fiilc vorI>[>n>n oti U>nm> a. r. 
218; forbcri> ass. i;0; (low. I, 161; 
CuAUc. C. T. A 88S: bi n« iiiijtc for- 
bcre iifl 111 'in* IIkk. I •(20: vorbiT*- a- 
TicKV. 148; forberc fprea. i^j.) v. l. 
R. XXXI, 362; vorhcr /preij a. h. 218; 
forkir Havkl. 764: foiban.-ii Sax. eiuus. 
262; |)auh \>u me vorb^n.' huh. 1. t'.)7; 

fortwri'D (peri.) huh. 1. 107: forbunt 

B. s. vn. 

vorbcriii^'i' forhinrmfi, ayKmi. 148. 
forbi. Gcrti*. forbei, fmby, jtraetrr, Alis. 

5487; Ma-nii. U; Ciiauc. C. t. c 125; 

AVOW. Arth. XXV. 
forbiml'-ii, O.ff.GetM. dm-, fi.'r]tintan, hnd 

Hjt: forl>indct> fpT\-».) rRAitM. S; i^u-m. 

4524; forbtin«K'n fpavi.) Obm. 1377.'>. 
furbiKnc fxain/ife, Kath. G!>8; o. a. k. 98; 

Rfii,. ANT. I, 218; vorbiRno a. r. 76; 

AYKNH. 46; ft'rliisin'. forbiscQC c. L. 555 

A' 9H0; forbisfip, forbiscnt', forpbiw?no 

La.vuu S, 20 l9. 24). 
forbtsnon exempiify: ilis forbisnt^e iling 

BKI.. AXT. \, 222. 
forliUcu. Gfrui. fi'HM'iszcn, liitt in jHtce*: 

f<ix\)\\c\i (prM.) LANGr.. ii 16, 95; forbAt 

(rnrbiit) (prvi,) Lai. 6407. 
forl'li>iIfti, fierm. fcrbliUoii, A/wrf U ex- 

haratioH: furblrd fpitrtj l. n. B. 101; 

Triam. \1U\ m. AiiTH. o4:jl. 
forIiIoiiJi.'ii, Gt-rm. fi'vbU'Diloo, o«w«'flri', 

0km. 15:J01. 
fbrliod, A. Sax. forbni, prtthihitinn, intur- 

du-iian, Rv.h. AXT. 1, 177; forbiMtc Kath. 

2232: ST. oen. a. kx. 324; Hobk kd. 

l.iM. 76; fnrMlo (datj Lai. 1446. 
forbp'idui. frirbr«ilr'n, J. Sax. forbn-fulan, 

forbr^diin, fwrvrri, torrttpl: forbn-'i(lL'[", 

forbrodrli (jtrft.J v. A. N. 510 & KlHii; 

forbroidfR (part.J bkl. akt. I, 211; 

fiirbroidt' niiin Htm. 21; forbrMc o. a. 

». i:l81. 
forbn'ki'ii, J. 'Sax. forbrwan. O. II. Grrm. 

fpr-, firfirpdirtn, break io ptoe**; forbrar. 

fprel.} «T. OKs. A. KX. 8040; Kicbnril 

. . . vorbroc |tt'rp hi« hocIca HitB. H75; 

forbri»kvu /'/^flr/./' HKL. ant. 1,211"; for- 

brokcn man Sax. chiidh. 2r»ti. 
forbrpnncn. A.Snx. forbeman. OM.Gtrut. 

ftir-, for-, fer-, lirbiwinaii, Aitm »p, rom- 

humn; fiirbn-nni*!!. forbarnoii fforbwrne) 

Lai. 645 4: ^^^S'^: furbrtruat- Lanol. a 

y, 88*, c 4, 125; forbomcn mom. I, 

MS; forbcmo Hob.n kip. Uint. 602; 

ftirboraf leg. 18; forbrrmle /"prtt.J ht. 

OKN, A. KX. 3784; vorbortido athnii. 67; 

forbarndi' Laj. 2:t202; v(*rburndu Hon. 

296; forbreiKl fparl.J Mapbs 339; for-. 




vorlrcnd l. h. b. 20-. furbrciid mihc. 

152; foibrent Aus. UilfS; it. .Vbth. 

102*5: vorlxTDil a. b. 54. 
furbrcslt'u, A. Sax. furbcntun, burtt; foi-^ 

buret fpret.J Lai lyU, 
forltrinnca eomhuri: forboiimen Jul. 07; 

fnrlH'Jirn (prrt.) Sax. chbox. 2-ii); fvn- 

biirmu Lai. 2U297. 
forbnisen eonfriHgert; foibruscd fpart.J 

Cbait. a t. b 3804. 
forlirutncn eonfrinyert: forbrittoncil (pari.) 

n. Artii. 227:1. 
forlirultcn, .i.S^x. fnrhry\Um, eon/rini/prc : 

forbn'U (Yprinti'H forl'rocc, ttirUfr version 

forbott) fprt$.J Mat. 12, 20. 
furbiifrcn, A. Sax. furbrtK-jin, dttUne, avoid, 

Mabk G, -W, forbiijlifu Orm. 7'i 1 1 ; 

forbupcii A. K. 206; vftrlmpeii (prei.) 

K. B. :i06. 
fitrbijf,'j.Tn redeem: foibnpjfe c. l. lOPO; 

forbiggf* Wicu EXOD. fi, G; hi coHJicn 

hire zcanca vorbcpKO avknu. 78; for- 

Iwujt fptirt.) SaDBRii. IW+; forbuujilit 

Kiii.. BUM. 2, S55. 
forbiir|7L' (fv>r<*lmr)n''/), cmp. GntH. forfftv 

burt, prtriom birth, v.. jj. 3.'f45. 
forcjil(b>ii ? furcold fri^ffuflm * per/riifi- 

dtttY s. 8. Ei>. W'kii. 2623. 
ftfrciuttcn, ih»n. forkiiMte, NtrrJ. fVirkuRta. 

enui away, rffrd: vorkcst (pari.) atemi. 

fnrkosting rtJMtioH, a. b. 278. 
forcbuoseB (TimThrdsynVI, choone: \>i\i wbr 

wiLs (nrrbosiMi froiu In- hcffinninjrc of (t 

worl*! Mash. 132. 
fordpiiiiiii'n, &«r>H. ferklt>ninten, arUtre f 

rorclomtno<] (pari.) a. p. 3, 395. 
foruliOK^'n nutrettetre: furrloriui' fprti.J v. 

u 6. XXIV, 21G; furlmiann (p^trt.J 

Obu. 18K51. 
forclucrhcn? rorcluit (pert.) \.\:r,. lii.'i. 
forcU'isvn, A.Sax. Turcl^fiau. prawfudcre; 

forcli)<tt>4l<> (pret.) iAKB. IM, l.'VH, 
f<.'rfreiL|icu, MJI.Utrm. verkrcnijifcn, wn- 

/rocf; for-, T(trrrpiii|»p|i (prenj o. A- n. 

furcrCikpa irwivw crooked: }<r hnml wofl dk 

foirrflkpd p. l. h. XVII. !i:JG. 
fui-culitfn tvflt^f-tTfy vurLuIiindf biro ddI- 

voD mill ^ furv of huqdo a. a. HOG; 

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vorkuled ou 50. 

forcuinpn (for<X'nmL'n?|. A.Sns. for-, fon*- 
cuiiiim, O.H.Gtirtn. fiirti{Voniuii, pram- 
uirt; forcom (pret.) ps, Itt, 18. 

fornitttii ctU to pietet: forkiittofi (pre*.) 
CiiAuc. ('. T. H :J40; forknttc (prtt.j 
Tiuiv. 3. 405. 

forcuj, A. Sax. forciid, pratuM: sum for- 
eiid (forcout>) kenipc Laj. 28340; foiw 
niditn' (ctmtpar.) Huit. 2, 83; forcfldusl 
(tufirr/.J Katu. 2212. 

foii'wctlon, A.fiax. fnnjuHlttn. O.II.Crrm. 
far-, fonivrdnn. O^th. fAiiri|i)Mii. rfWi- 
wni, reprvbare: lipca [iq fitrcjiiduot . . . 
lire . . . ffudes Katii. 389. 

forci'iildiirtf? a. r. 212. 

fordt'iltf (furtHteiluVl previouM deri, A. R.' 
:J01; WiLb. 5182. 

fiiniCl, M. IT. O'rrm. vorluil. advantagtf- 
llAUJW. DICT. 1170. 

fonlfimun. A.Sax. hrdinmn. O.M. fbr- 
dn'ina, O.lf.O't^rm. fur-, fortuomou. e*"- 
dcmn, iioM. 1. i>5; Laj. :U57: Kath. 
•I2R; fordptno o. a. k. tOMH; funKruti 
(prft.J Mark. 2; forddiutii (part.) v. 

fi-nliliifji. A.S«.t. f'ir(lil>,'inn(y>, O.L.G. 
riirdilifTori, O.H.fitrtn. fL'rtiligi>n, txitr- 
mimtc, d«»lro^: fordil}Iiod (pari.) Oesl 

funlulkcn? ftirdollcpd (part.) a. iv I. 11. 

fordon, .t.Sax. fordiin, O.f/.Orrm. fiTluno, 
fordo, pfirdere. La*. ^SG?; LANnt.. 5, 
20; Mami. 56; furdo pb. c. :)U95; U 
riirdi>iiiii> A. R. 210; f ottlt-ii (prt9.) Katiu 
2U; V'lpiwl" ATRXB. 121: foTAaio (prAj 
Makh. 2i funlt'df rt. iikjv. a. xx. 426} 
fiiidu<U-u Mtfti.'. 151: ri>rdi.Hl4>a pt. col 
41)5: tartiim (parf:) Ottx. 18928; CilAva 
C. T. KD. TrBmi I72as. 

funlrtbdeii pirUmrt: ft>rdred (part.) at. 
r.EN. A. KX. 1557; (nu. forrdrcdd) Ob», 

fordrW"'!! perlurhare ; fonlreXed (p*rt) 
Oksl 2194. 

fonlrparlicn, A,Sax. f'lnlfpnain, MMftrtk 
aquii ntffgfrfi, iioM. 2, 313; fnrdn^nrh 
i: I., s. VIIL laC: furdroact ( 
Kath. 2fl43. 







fordrifeii. J. Sax, ffirdrifaa, O. H. Gtrm. 

far-, fiM'tiibau, tirire amndrr; findrivni 

{part./ RhL. ANT. 1, 22't; lonlrivf CiiAi;r. 

n. B. 37S2; mid woder« fordrorou Laj. 

fonlnljcn, A.Sa^, fordrtirian, rfcy m/j; for- 

drftie /'(«#. -ilruvo), fordriu' u. a. jt. 9lil; 

ftirdniit fptiH.J i.r.B. .Iks. TiOfi; vordrii- 

I>tde /'/V.y A. K. lis. 
vonlninkcu inthrialut, a. r. 21-1; fft fi>i- 

draakonit raihtos Lai. 135 IS. 
fonliillcn hecoiHf dull: foidulh^l fpart.J }.. 

H- It. Ul. 

foi'dultoii, A. Sax. ford^ttan. oechtderf ; 
fordiltL'U liirn. 4170; fonlittwl fprf».) 
HOSi. 2, 197; fordiit Lai. 17130: for- 
duttiHl (part.) FRAoai. 7: fonlit Mapkh 

fotdvriiH'. 0. Dutch vcrdwijimii, nanetMre, 
fxtatf»eer0t r. l, fl. XXIV, 2 15 ; for- 
dwiucQ fm*. fordKiniii'n) ^fuirtj KUh. 
ANT. 2, 211; IJ'onluined CHAcr. r. k. 

foroaldien, A.Sax. forualiHim, O./l.Otrui. 
iftralU'ii, ifroto of J; vorvldcd (fofl.) \.. 
u. iL 24. 

roreiulo prafUiiri, tiimm, spbc. 23; for- 
joilo HAI.UW. mrx. S75; ftincdr CHArr. 
l*Boit.. 24*J2: vorooden A. a 40lj; fiir- 
ledcii Man. kii. F. 15711. 

forfiiin'ii. if. l>atek rorvdren, -vaiTcii, ^r- 
Urr9r$: forfiferud (pari.) Ohm. COS; for- 
fi-rt-d t'HArc. (;. T. V r.27; hv. ir.7H. 

f*irf;ir<^n, A.Sax. fDrfurmi, OM.Oerm. fur-, 
for-, ri'rfnraii, O.Frts. for-, nrfjini, pfrinh, 
tlimtroff, ST. OES. A. EX. 1087; let for- 
fRren a] miuikia Okm. 14582; Jto^ p«I- 
don bini forfiiirn ul k cppnk<>n 196^2; 
forfjirf Witx. 27C2; a. p. 2. 1168; 
Gam. 74; l':<;ruu. 110; ntn. i'.ov. +7; 
al l»is lond be wulc furfuiv Lai. 2568.T; 
lorvare kku ant. 1, 176; fnrfarc ln). 
•10; forvaiTcl /^jriw.^ a. b. 138; foi-frtrcii 
/pTfl./ Laj. 12;)80: forfarcu rpt'ttJ Ha- 
VHL. l^'.SU; |»t'iis iilI.i;oii I'A I'i.-dia wci 
its balilieoJ rorfnrvii fdopptd np^J La). 

fiirf(4i1*»n? fnrfulito /^^w^.yytfr/owjA^*«, ftr- 
Affia(«i( W/A ^$lUmg. Lai. 2t'>lSH'; fnr- 
foHjtcn Jos. S?©; forfontcu Wn.i.. 3fl86. 

forfi;tcro propu/puiior, Win.. In 19, 20. 
forffiiiU-. /or d^'foudi'. Wicl. J«o 34, 31. 
forlen'iL pfrin/t, drttro^; (orf*'*rrlo fprri.) 

Lai. 7280; tiAW. H;17; a. i\ 2, 571; 

vorv^nk'U a. r. 334. 
foi-tluttPii. Jifln. fnrH.vUc, Rwtd. fivrtlytlii. 

rrmoff; foi'llittc fparl.J Amap. jcd. Wiin. 

roifrowii dfvmr, Mtroiir: forfroti't), forfrct 

/pf0*.J Lanou. b 10, 2!); vurvrt't a. r. 

13S; JViHrAU'ii /pM./ jiisf. 226; for- 

fii'lt? /pitrl.J M*iu<. 2376. 
ftirfmlitoii friffht0n: die forfrij^wl folc bT. 

OKN. A. toe. 3519. 
forjr;\D, .4..S(7J'. fiirfffln, OM.O'trm. fcrgAn, 

forgo: fors-il tb. c. 1842; fuipiiu A. k. 

8; spKC. 88; liis rihtcs furtjoti Hek. 72(1; 

ill wliii;Iip ntam'TH wo mttvn* licst ^v 

dov^Ocs |iii6r forgi'm p. u. k. XVll. 301; 

foifft^n, forin'i Chauc. C. t. k 171; fnr- 

gJi B. 9. VII; Wuj.. 5187; fiuxi) rprM.^* 

BKL. ANT. I, 103; vorJwJ al )>ot Iip 

liivml A. K. 364; lie his luod linfdc 

fyrgan Lai. 23130. 
f«ri,Mnpt'n, A. Sax. foiirarif;iin, 0,l..(!frm. 

farffiinirim, ffe(A. f:iurirji;«:*"i. pratitrirf, 

dimitUi-e: fin'iraiiif ]ni ftu^'s trwjies ^I'stiu 

HUM. 1, 22 L 

foru'iiiwion, /Mm. forgiflro, ^ww/. Rinc'lra, 
pndcre, wrt'timpwe? forfTail fparl.J 0»M. 
14AH4 4: 17531; A. v. 1, 321. 

forjoldcn. A.^ax. fot^ildiia,^rm. 
fiiiyt'ldaii. O.It.Germ. for-. Tar-. fcr^Tl- 
tin, requil*, hum. 1 . O.j ; and )'ii iiij 
mm-lii'lc swiin: tiitd s.'^rc forj^^lili'st L*j. 
220S; forjflde ftnthjund,) a. b. 428; 
LAsdi^ G, 270 (7, 263); w. t. 11; 
Oaw. 831); pod forjt'ldo fo Dfobkv. 
860; for.voldo m. Xsnu. 1.^48; foijiliU' 


fiiryt'Iilin^'i'. M. Jf.Oftm. vcrgeltuuse, r*- 

tri&ution, v». 27, 4. 
f(tr;t4«en, M.U.Oerm. rerfriUTni' dn ... 

fiirVylittvi BKL. AST. 1. 212 ( 6). 
v«rj6iiirn, wJ.Xiar. (ovif^caan. ftey/tyrre, a. 

B. 372; fonOiuieil fprct.J hum, I, 13; 

forvciuo)) MISC. 114: fnrj^mden fprH.; 

OiiM. 751^2; furjwiiod (peri.) c. h. 047. 
furjul, M.H.Oerm, vfqiK?,. obHrioV 

fonrlful forgftfui, Ohadc. C. t. b 472. 




forj'^Ul. J.Stix, fivreiloU?), /orgeU/t, "oi- 
//vimim", rBOMiT. 174; forjct-'l fy print- 
ed foryctcO flow. 3. 38. 

foi'i^iMeliiesKi- olth'cie, hom. 2, 71; foryctcl- 
nease Gow. 2, 19: forgotcJncs ps. », 19. 

forjeteii, J. Sax. fdrphau. -):vtaii, O.Z. 
Werm. fur-, fiirgt'tail, O.JfMrrm. furfro- 
zaa. forget //otyrfj, HUM. 1, It'il; fui- 
jrtiu, foryclin "oA/irMci", i>k4)upt. 174; 
rorjt^te, forjuton Langl. d 17. 242, o 
20» 208; furjotu Wicl. OKNKti. 41. 51; 
A. ?. 1, 86; forjiten p. l. s. VUI. 17; 
vorjiU'U A. ». 272; for^C'lvlj (pro.) Orm. 
2yG5; \ttrvet aykxh. 18; fiir;i'tp /'*iiA- 
JHuctj L. c. c. 24; forjat fprH.J r. l. 
H. XYIl, 216; Lashu a U, 6!»; Wicl. 
OBKSS. 40, 2:{; foryut, fi>rjpit ILwkl. 
349 i 2636; ft.rKat "s. ». kii. Wk. 127:i; 
forjiwt (foiu't) Lai. 2.'i8;i:t; fnript Kath. 
183!^; forK'tou h\t. 1)514; A. b. 330; 
W11.L. I90i); fonete, for>61« /iuijuHct./ 
C»ADO. C. T. A 1882; for5eUm fparlj 
c. L. 908; forjiiten h kviI "ollftM rd 
dnu'\ Win,. PS. 10, 11 lit. ;j2i; fnr- 
jcljii, for>i'lfii, lor^rutyu (.'iLiur. C. t. a 
jyi4; fors^M*-!! Jw. 1&S4; pb- c. 3l>09; 
fonuU; Will. 4934; vonitpu a. k. 100; 
foniit<> llltAXD. 26. 

vorjivt^llcb. M. H. fitrtn. vprRoht'lii'li. A. 
Sax. forgifootUlc? pitrdoHattie, a. n. 346. 

for^ifuo, wl.<!!i4X. f(»rg:ifaii, O.JIMenn. fur-, 
Tor-, fhr-. ferpftlmn, forgir*, Omi. 1464 ; 
fonnw WiCL. NTHa 30, 9; fonfVK p. l, 
s. XVIi, 214; fonivc. foitfivt' Lanol, 
8, 8: forgievo fpret. tuhj.J Hahk 11, 
2r»; fonaf fprtt.J (\nvL. 19294; f. u a. 
XXV. 47; Tonaf AfKsn. 114; fftrjof 
La). 4273; {*mM^ {nihJHnci.J K)wi. 1143; 
frtrjivt'ii />/r(.> A. B. 124; voryevc a- 

YKND. 29. 
forjifp""***'' ■4-*'*"-f. forgifpiit'ss. forKifrn- 

DMS, /orgi'vetta*, Oait. 1477; Vurjivt-- 

ut'sso, for}t>rvn)'i»0 hou. I, 29 <k 217; 

rutjcovoncsao n. m. 43; roryovouesse a- 

TKMI. 32. 
for.voviiiuri', Xf. IfJUrm, vcrgolmt^T. "rt- 

minrio'j i-HUMi'T. 174. 
forf^luimcn Urrify: -jir li» (K' sO|» foniktp- 

utHl /Tm*. rurrtrlop(iur(i<l) Ohm. 670. 

forgnn^'Q gtMW to piwmi: fur^a^e^ (fr**.i 
SiiintKU. 9H; fork'njpi'il A. K. 338; vor- 
;»iii'twf tfrfi.i Li«i. 161. 

forgiiiilvii. A.Hax. X»r^mAiu\, O.U.Otrm, 
Tar^Ritan, cotiUrere: forgnOd **t0«iriftT, H 
P8. 106, 16. ™ 

forgmpii ffi-«w to exeenf FurgrOupcii mid 
briuiUus nun. 2. 129; for|Tuw*! r. r. H 
363. ■ 

fMrffulten, A,Sar. forfityltan, rmdtr guiUy, 
rommit: iCt for^ilt^'U -uii pi)u )n»\ Ohm. 
2619; fur^iltc <'prft.J hqm. 1. 23; car 
\*i} yQteu vurgult"? a. a 888. 

forbacclK'ii? forht-cchej (prttj a. m. 41*; 
forlialt //wr/.y spkc. 37. 

forbadim? forli^liluclu (prtt.J st. unit. a. 
KK. 3338. 

forb&t«n. A.Sux. furfafllnn, protniaf, r<*- 
MOfOW: )if [ill pult . . , vorhotrn ))ini' 
kqduo a, a S40; foilidtud (ptM.) hum. 
2. 199; forU^t (pret.J p. l. a XVII, ^ 
86; t»At bo laug forhigbt 0. m. 11S34; ■ 
vorli^un A. a. 192 ; TorbdU (paH.I 

.SltOltKH. 162. 

forliciildvQ, A.Stkx. forlivaldan, A«t«m, rt- 
t^ii»: furlieM st. oe.n. a. bx. 3026; 
forbolde fparij uiac. 149. 

foi'hoAvon, .(..Sflsr. forhoapan, O.ffj 
furlluUWOU, fmc iu piecfs: fui'beow. -hMd' 
(forJi.-fti rptff./ Lai. 4;.93 k 2S032. 

forbotii'U wgiigfre? winiiuea he forb^ddv 
Ui. 2579*. 

foi'liofi>dni>s5t>, A.Sax. forbiefodiiess, 

lintmcf, uuM. L 101. 

forlirlon, A. Sax. forhrUn. OJl.fStrm. far-, 
rvrlu-U-ii, amctai, ht. u&n. a. kx. 2<'>93; 
forbwlf a A. s. 798; forhoU* (impir.} 
KF.i.. ANT. 1. 177; forholo (t^tj.) Lai. 
4360; forbiHilu iniai. 1. 37; furbal fprH.}\ 
Orm. 233; furliuli-ii f part. J st. okx. a. 
Kx. 2317: Aif. lit. 8; Mapks 337; il 
BhoIHp fin|n'u pwl forhok'n pit> |w ddffllJ 
Orm. 2468; f(>ibule Aus. 6967: s. a.J 
Ri>. Wkr. 250; iiiH liim nOnt forbitloj 
p. L. s. VUI. 39. 

forlii>ni;fiL M.ll.G*nn. vorlii'Ujrca, fiutpM- 
Hnt: forliengo Havkl. 2724. 

forliobicn. A.Hnx. forU^ii'uxn. emUenut, rfr-i 
i/^iJM'. Katil 993; forb<ipii-n a. r. 166; 
fDrbu}bcii Orm. 3959; Turbopo fpr*^ 




I. 49; forln'joilt'n (forhowo- 
J Lit. Ut421. 
forbofat, -hoglit eoHlrtn}4, vs. 118. 22. 
forhOneti. O. Dutch VQihuoiieu 7 tptrntrt: 
forhCme ps. 43, fi. 
h6rou. O.II.Oerm. for-, fiirtmoron. f/f- 
utA, a. b. :iit4; forliflrwl /'part. J hum. 
2. 81; Obm. 2043. 
forhi'iden, L.Gnm. fcrliBdi'ii, AiW*; forliul 

rfMft.J ST. OBK. A. EX. 1875. 
forbu;it>ii contemn. Jntpm: forliitiricu ffrtt. 
Kubfj Mat. IK, 10: fMilniircili' fpr/tj 
8T. HK.S. A. y.x, 3814. 
forlmn^TPii, dfrm. (erhaa^vMi, fami'th; 
forlum^Ti-d fyirt.) Obm. &67!1; Will. 
I!»; forhunirrid phumi-t. 172; forhoii- 
loA Lju. 23562'. 

t'U drride* forhiwty fprhited fnr- 


idlcii iNvm« i'(/2p; ruiJdlcd (pari./ a. 

11 ti. 
rken /astidire: of iiuiddu he bdn for- 
iod /'8U. forhirkrd) td i>ten ht. oks. 
lOL 3658. 

orren, A. Sax. forreorfUn, Mnv <o 
', A. H. S60; forkcrrpfi^'prrt.yCHAic, 
T. n 340; SoTTiiTt rpreij Lai. 81H«'; 
fbiiurf la B. Di6<'. 1325. 

en. AJiax. fnrUMan, O.Uifnn. far- 
eta. O.H.Grrm. for-, for-, ferlriten, 
r forifdef /'ffw.y Ui. 1333*; for- 
fftdj SBO&sn. 104. 
.i.jiax. forl&ran. atdaet: fotli^rpj 
/>rw,/ BOX. 2, 20; ^t p\ dpeoltwong 
hM iw forl^rv a. a. x. 92G. 
fNlMn. A.Su. forlAtan. n.L.(i§rwi. fur-. 
biUtan. O.n.Grrm. fiir-. for-. f«r-, fcr- 
Iten, >Mi< nA«fM«v. (>u. 3761>; 
fcritttk Lal 30599; a. ■. -tOti; forl^t- 
Hon iftiL LcM. 218; CHArc. C. t. c 
S«4; be wMilr ^ lif ftvUu a t. 178; 
IMMa. toMto o. a. k 966; fnrtrtr 
Hicx. razs. K 2SS: fcrl*tear?) mom. 1, 

■^■msS; «k)«Im vr. an. a. rx. 4068; 

^^^■ftte WiLU 2311; fotyKUmff^J 
^V^^ll»; f«rV>tr .Ut». nt. Sk. 679: 
L. K. a. M. 
O.ffMtrm. lrfnlM«. ^baw: Imt- 

li*\o WirL. IJJVIT. 25. 10; ftirlcaf /'im- 

/«T.y .litL. :tS: fiirU'ft (^/wr/.y Wim. 

2437: fiirlflft p. s. 340. 
fdrlajw? null. I, 10. 
fiirlan|f(« perfonffi, Oah. i{90n, 
f'jrliuijren. ffwMi. ferlnuffoii, thtiti^o ft- 

neri: jif (tat lu forluiiirwd ;iit tfi riiiiu'U 

ii|» til CriKtc OuM. 1280. 
vorl<nufiuj,'i' longing, A. ». 274. 
ffiHcjprncsse, .i.Nojr. forU'Koni" '»«(>), O. 

X. (fenn. farU'K'inK'SBi. eduttfty, (lust. 

2032; forlpirnixHn Mat. 5, :t2. 
foil^int'ii. O.L.Gftm. fiiilftfttiiiin. O.H.On-m. 

fur-, for-, frrluiiKQiMi. i/'ty; fnrtuiu Tkist. 

a, 43. 

forleu^lrcn Imgihm; fnrloaffh|»-d "pro/oH- 
gaverunt", ph. 128. 8. 

rorlciifipn, A. S^t. forlrosat), 0. L. Orrtn. 
for-, farlpfltuin. -liohAn, O.lLderw, fur-, 
for-, &r>, ferlioflun. -loosiui, O.Fti*. ur-, 
foriiafta, ptrdart, Lai. 948(S; Kath. 347; 

A. H. 108; r<>il6M'll OtlM. 2278; forlfapiO 
IIUHX KD, ItlTS. rt(i5; [ill ffirleOHt ("loKt) 

(pre9.J 0. A. K. 1(140; be for-, vor-, fur- 

Irnst r-loflt) 693 A: 940; forlierit ux%ti. 31; 

fofleuie fauhfunei.} bPkc. 04 ; furli'M 

rforl^) fprd./ Lai. 213; vorl«>]ui a. r. 

232; atkhii. l8l; fori^s Hax. ruiirm. 

264; KT. oiT(. A. rx. I HO; (fm Korlorr 

A. R. 910; (h<w) forlurco iiom. 1. 93; 

Okv. 1412; fprlnren bt. iteh. a. ex. 

241; forlorm fp«ri./ Jorlom. a, b. Mti; 

9T. OKX. A. EX, 1880: Havel. 680: ii. ii. 

243; foriorn CwAiir. (!, r. v 1557; lor- 

lorc o. A. v. 1391; fDrlnre muo, Ki3. 
forlij'^r, A.Sax. Urarii^nT, ^'aduiUi*. vmAtiu. 

5: forllpr Mat. 12, 39. 
f»rli;ffr, A.ttdz. forlifpr. O.K. Germ, tor- 

li^iri, /trmfolM, nost. I, I03j forl«tffrp 

/'^./ Haex 7, 21. 
foHtKr« f»muMt«rf UHifum (jiL) nun. 

I, 117. 
r«riii|;ea. AJ<Ar. fnrliflfni, O.BJ7*rm. fir- 

li^u. AV inTA iiUeHl^: fmrfld /;>rw.; h. 

V. 41: lr>rUi ffrd.J Gcnr. 1. 347; var- 

bi ATE3IB. 206; ferl*i)ni Laj. lfrS7&; 

IMem />ir<./ (>BL 19BS; foctoic* 

Smm. 65; fcr>»i« Ft. *. B<. 901. 

UniUf nL r. 1»46. 




rortorPHPss**, voilovennesse /orlomwu, a. 

R. 66 &: 110. 
forluston prreuptrf. bi?on forlist aft«r |tf 

Wisse of heofue Oax. 11+75. 
romicldeD, O.Jf.OtrtM, for-, fermpldcn, fn- 

iiearf: formclt (part.} c. m. 134911. 
fiirtUpUen. A.^ox. formclUin. nic/i ffir/ry, 

VBAGM. 0; fornuMil^n n. m. 13; u Jft 

ha bcun formejlle mm. 1. S.*!!. 
foni6h f«y «*>A, B. M. 41 J forndh fAd 

Uanh. 7. 
fomeaii, A.iiax. fornpan, tald* prop*, /'■»''• 

F^irueuu eii code t)is.seri' piiroW hom. 1, 

fornimcu, A.Hax. foraimiin. au/trtv, lU- 

mmv; fornamon (pari.) ht. oex. a. ex. 

2228; fomrtmen rs. 108. 23. 
fwqiiiiupnMi pamper: fi»rpmiii)ri*tl (pari.) 

t^AIT. APPKSD. W>\.T. 1, h. 

forpinen erueiaj-f; for|iiii«]o (prtt.) Lai. 

29130; forpine<) (part.) Kob. 50; CBAta 

C. T. A. 205. 
forr^en. ./. ^ax. frrrsditu. O. H. Omn. 

for-, ferratt^n, dfCfiw, teduce: foireadtnl 

(pm.) JiL. 18 ; vornWdfi (forniddo) 

(prdj Lai. U867; furred (pari,) sx. 

OKir. A. r.x. 2192; forrad MApntt 3^7. 
forreccbcD, OJI.O'rrDi. fovrcccban? pet-rrrt, 

terruplf foiraht (pari.) Oum, 14540. 
forrcDD^n. Grmt. ferronnm. bnr hy ru»- 

mmg: fonemcu {m waturcs Lai. 12861. 
fomdel (forerldol?) fraeemraur: rurrldeles 

(pi.) A. B. 200. 
forrotien, A.Sax. fmrotinnf?!, rorf otrny, 

B. fl. V; vomttion A. &. 344; forr^ti 

p. I*. B. Va, 4; vorrotcdo (prtt.) atksb. 

205; forrotedcn n. u. 13. 
fonukt'D. A.i<aT. fursocan, OM.Germ, f^r-. 

fur-, r^ffuililian. forwh*, rtouMt'f, deaertrt, 

Lai. 23087: JIand. 226; f-jrsikc Will. 

1356; 8. B. KD. W». 65; pb. c. 4406; 

forsake (frttj Laxgl. b 5, 431; fur- 

Rftke Hick. trrh. 1, 226; fonuikcd a. 

B. 226; forsakelt Orh. 172-i:i; forsuc 

(prtt J ST. OKX. A. ex. 1S33; Bkk. 

l(IB2; foriwk Ams. 771 5; f" f'>r*"»»i'' 

A. R. 108; f'<rsnkfii (pari.) 8T. okx. a. 

BX. 3811; fnrsakt'ii rkl. jvxt. 1. lO:.; 

furaako Bkk. 661. 
ftiMchadirn, A.Stft, fonrfjidja. O.If.Orrm. 

ferse^idc-u, HttiMtn'ti ul bid dc«' 

fpiru^'s forsrMen ait. 47. 
forRrlmldon «w/rf; f<>rs>'ald(>de. -whald* 

(prHJJuu. 70 & 71; (oriKlialdvd «>rH.J 

A. R. 24fi. . - 

forsfliuiui'D, A.Sax. (brsccamUn, pMti» 

affieert; forshaiuod (pari.) Obm. 21H3,] 
fcTsiIiiap'' = f-irsi-bcpiK-n? ak. lit. 11. 
forHch elide II du^aet : foitthi'ul (ptrl, 

Pabtbn. 3306. 
forschopiten. A.Sax. forsceppao. dt/erm,^ 

irant/orm: foTsrhii|i|»o«l (pret.) A. B. 120; 

forsL-lu'ii> (prd.) Mill. 4394: tlorshri't 

-ahnptw ^p™<.,' Laxhl. b 17. 288, c 2( 

270:1 forshapio (pari.) Tows. utsv. Ill 

jforschipt c. l. 634. | 
rorsclHipjiild tratu/ormtr, A. B. 120. 
fi'rsfhi]i(iiiiL' dtformntim, c. L. 640. 
for«i"hrinki'n a/uini ; fonit'runkra (pr/l 

Mat. 13, 6. 
ffir.whutt^n. A. Sax. form-vltaii, jAirf mj»; 

forsnitU'd (part.) psaoh. 7. 
forxonrlipiu 0. N. Gtrm. fararukjui, 

trurfff; forei'niL'lt'st, -sonchtpst (prttj 3\ 

60 A- 61. 
foreeou, A. Sax. fursi'cn. O.JiMerm. far-, 

frrschan. dctpm, Orm. 9619; forKihd 

(prr*.) uoM. 1, 111; (ha) forsMtl Mabh. 

15; forscli fprii.J hum. 1, 111; foracj'-'ii. 

fnrsopcn (jmH.) iioh. 1. 113 & 227. S^ 
forscodou «MfA# airtry: fur»»f^ Shorkk.™ 

165; lestP Are tipnni' tt-ares voreootlrn 

lis A. «. 312. 
fdwellen. titrm. forsetapo, hmr, impedt: 

forset1o2 (prM.) A. p. 2. 78; fof*fM 

i>rvi.y M. .VBTif. 3046; funwl «^f 

.lo9. -187. 
forHiakeu. O.Jf.Germ. forainchau, tmi 

tcay : forsfliK^ (prtt.) ht. qrk. a. 

forsittoD, A.Sttx. ftnsitlaiL mptrii*, 0*- 

gM; fors4>tc //mj^. Mi/.y J^i. 29518. 
foralifepen? forelOpt "lopt'ttit", Wicl. ««or. 

23. 34. 
fi^ridawi-u foriloir : forilowif" (? priiird 

-jilcwvlhi (prt».) Shokkh. 114. 
forsl^iilifu. -sliiu|»cn /wr tkrtmgM WoM, 

CnAr(% a T. B 4286; forMlt^tiHl"* 

/';>rrf.y Rob. 197; fnrslPii|»«il (parij\ 

Lakol. b 5. 445. c 8, 52. 


■ It 


fontmitoD junit* to pifetn: (ttnmii /'prtt.J 
Laj. 15l>8; forsmiltcii /partj Pau.. 3, 

Xt)i«l>jiii«*ti. .-i-Sax, O.L.Uerat. forspanaD, 
O.H.Grrm^ h\x-, fcrHfiiUaii, tnlta, nducf: 

par)) )ift }>al pif rnrs^noea )iurfa )>e 

()(h>11p8 Uw hum. 1. 228. 
!brs|icliin funftfak, "/aiief»<ini'\ prompt. 

178; forsiiokto ('/•rtr/./ Tuwn. mist. 115. 
iur.-q)cki>r, O.IlMerm. tV'rBjir^chiire. proh- 

ctUor, dtj'cHtoTy UU.M. 1, 8^; vO)'tii)C>kore 

Km.. AST. 2, 22{(. 

TSiiondcn. A.San: forspcnjiin, OJi.OWm. 

fprapeulon, trpfadtra; for^iR-D'lc fpret, 

Btify'J nou. 1. .'Il, 
ftrspilleu, A.fias. foispjlluii, -spildHii, O. 

JJ.OWm. farsiultliin, »piU; forspillt! pa. 

9'S, 2:1; pile . . . forspillc '•per4idrril'\ 

55Ut. IB. 2,->. 
(brstaJ, A.K11J. furtikull. itU«rcepiio'* kkl. 
\xr. I, 33. 
forstallcn, A,iitit. forstocUliaiuy)^ ftrreHaii, 
- intmiptn: forstallej) mi fciru Langl. 
I 4, 43 (5B(; forstaUi! /^yv.^. «i*A^V K- «■ 
. syti. 
ft'reUndcn, J.lSax. foret.imliiu. fffohibit, 
imfedv: sml forst^ huiira )wiw Tord 
Laj. 20159. 
furetdcu, A. Sax. furstduu, <<««/ irirffy, 
I noM. 2, 35; Itiralulf (pari.) mihc. 192; 

' furetolc 53. 

for8to|»])pn, A^ax. ran)tu]»[>iiLn(?), O.Ihdth 
verslopiicn. »tt*p up-. fi)r«l<>)i|n>J (pre*.) 
A. ». 72; fuistoppid fpret.J Bun. 4843. 
ffirsiim-jMi, OWm. ft'THfindifr^ii, #m.- fam 
fursuucp-'dc /'trAo Aa« titweHj uox. I, 1^5; 
|*A rur(tin('^i-di:> 3. 93. 
forswifeU'n «p«7 ic»M nctviing ? Pirsn at 

^/wrt.y p. a. l.'.S. 
foMwaljpn ticftUow up: furswMtjf ffm^wul- 
ji') Laj. 284 'i3; tursfollini \Ukh. 'J; 
forspnlchon s. s. V; vorsvuliro Ron. 
205; vorfiptdupeu a. b. 104; ronipulu- 
{efl (pmj Hoif. 1. 123. 
foiswurt^ii dmigrare: forsffiirt'-d (pari.) 
r. I.. B. X\IV, 227. 
forswcijotty fwrsvri'io Ikw. 1, 70. 
forsw^ton, A.Ssx. forapelan. coM^HfYrtf ; 
forew*lde, -w*ldp (prrt.) Laj. 10228 «l 
29127^ forsw&lHd (part.) Lai. 10271. 

forsneljcn, A.Sitx. forsprlfran. O.fl.Gmrm. 

-farsHolgiio, irgliUirt; vorzvcljo ayi:.mi. 

56; forepeolhes (ffrta.) a. b. 00'; for- 

spealli (prrt.J hom. I, 123; forsvalj 

Mauo. 101; vnrzviil; ayj:nb. 67; for- 

Sfi'lm-ii (pari.) HUM. 2, 43; forspolben 

Maru. 13. 
fnrapcltPii. A.Nax. fMrsp(»Itiin(?), rf*/fwf*, 

wiwV, Jll. 19 & 7il. 
fhrspeltrn iHterJietre, necare, Uahr. 5; 

Jl-u 13; f<irawoU (part.) .Axis. 7559. 
fi>rswftriii, J.tiax. fonqH-rinn. O.H.Germ. 

fprsvvren, fornwenr, "pri-jurare\ pbompt. 

173; \\*- liiui vurzvfif AYtNB. 0; no 

fiirsporio |>u t>o hom. 1. 13; forsworcD 

(parl.jYiwRX.. 1423; L.\N(*t,. d 19, 307; 

lien bond riirsvoroiiB Lai. 21185. 
forswiakcn 'i fursp{u)nkea. forswunke tx- 

AhiuM 'teitA Ubour, tt>:t.. .v>-t. I, 180, 
forspiJcn combarfrf, f'^ m». furspojetii ST. 

OKS. A, Kx. 1140; fiir«)'iJaod« (part.) 

A, H. 300*. 
forep»»rfnt'SHu pcr/ary, hom. I. 108. 
ftirtfHtn, j-I. S^ix, furti'i>n, 0. Jl. Gtrtn. far- 

xiiilmii, ttducvrv: furteJ (pre*.) uom. 2, 

87; furtei.'^ (Ji'dueiuUm- yj bku. ant. 1, 

foi-treden. .LSax. fOTtvod&n. O.Jl.Gtrtn. 

furtrvlaii. irrad dotcn: fortrodo IIauliw. 

Dnrr. 374; fi»rtr«d«*u (part.) hum. 2, 

155; lorUodou CaAuc. C. t. ki>. Txhwu. 

p. 150. 
foiUilitPU. A.Sox. fortvhtaD, MdM*rr: for- 

tobti-n (prft.) Hou. 2, 87. 
forliililiiiy Ardutlio, noM. 2, 107. 
forpt'iiclK'n. A.Sax. fnr^onciiu, O./I.Orrm. 
' ffrnU'iH-hen. r^ptntY (lie) him «««l )t6r of 

vorj'L'uclio ATKXB. 5; hit nv sgcI \vi vur- 

fN*nc]iii (^ forfiQiirhiJ t') 151(; IiIh d6dus 

him wva Tir^tVi^te (»= for)>iihlo?) Auad. 

BIJ. H<i[ir>. Will. 
for(fr4«Wtn, A.Sax. (arpr^iaui'f). didort; 

for^nust (part.) a. p. 2, 240; Misc. 224. 
frtr(»ri"nvi?n throw aie/iy: vtir))rAwu ayknb. 

for)>nuffci], A. So*. roi-()rin)rjm, opprai; 

rur|>nuicoa fpnrl.J 0km. 0109, 
fur)>niRiiii>n ntffocare: forJrpsmwlD (pr<A.) 

Mat. 18, 28. 
furjiunrluni forthink^ dttpHtert; vordeDcliE- 




Hick. thks. I, 224; f(tr|iinkc|) fpfff.) 

Langl. 9, 129 (10, 158); (lat forJ>inkoJ» 

mo Mand. 303? mo fi)rj>mkefp Jiat i so 

did(e) M. Aeth. 3849; vor|)inpJi ayenb. 

27; for)>inkes Will. 5422; hit him for- 

)ioii}to sOre indu Kob. 11. 
fi)rjiursten, Germ. fenUirsten, aiti emifici: 

ftirthirst fpwi.) pbompt. 173; forj»rist 

Obm. 5679. 
forwaken? furwako exhantUd with tcahing, 

SPKC. 28. 
forwakicn? forwakod exkaiuted with waitng. 

Will. 790; Chauc. V. t. b 596; for- 

wiikid T»>wx. MY«T. 104. 
forwnllvn iwV aunty: foqialleJ (fm.) hum. 

I. 2.M. 
furwaiulrpit ? forwamirwi txhausttd with 

wttndfting, ('iiAn-. r. ». 3336. 
fnr}'«iiii'n maMtcfrr; forpaijed (pari.) 

Ohm. 8048. 
I'tH'wtMXiMi. A.Sttjr. fdi'pi'axan, wax to ex- 

.T«; fmwMsrti f/^irtj Partkn. 2990. 
I..iw(*l!u'ii - rorwi'Iki'ii? vorwt'lwod fpartj 

u. II. It. 22. 
luiwi'lki'ii, tifrtH. fcrwolkcn, emarcetcere ; 

loiwrlktul ffiarlj ('iiAUo. r. b. 361. 
Iinp'iidi'fi voitvfrivre : forpont (part.) bt. 

(IKN, A. KX. 1 121. 

ri.iwiMiioti, JU./f\f'frm. vcrwcncn, forwean, 
tHihlfiimtin vorrwnpfre; forwi'iii, -wt'iio 
I.AhHi,. II U. :iri. (■ 6. l:tH; f.irj>oiK'd 
ffiirl ) HUM. 2, 11; fi'i-wiMm-d i>ki*. IJ. 5. 

|(if m'|ii'ii i* fiH'Wciifil exfuituted with weep- 
ing, riutir. II. Ml.. 126; f<n-wi'|it Will. 

|>ri *MI Kimmivrlij weary, Will. .2443; 
(■((Air II. II ;i;t;{(;; m. .\KTn. 2901. 

*(.(*(rM)i n-iiwriii') wnir out, Lai. 14479; 
(..nvi.K'l f/KirfJ i'uwv. It. 11. 23r>; fur- 
!..( mI i'(. I H 7''I('.[ Imi ytTvn aili' foi- 

yitiAi M"M I, 2M. 
f.,i|'r>tiiii U'furt/ uiit; \u\yvv'm\ fparl.J ^-v. 

,M.M A f.» 3H91. 
|i.(,*tH(i((, JfUi-i- ('ii|>.virmii. prohibit, re- 

l.nii f<.))".ii,c HUM. I, 221; forwurncn 
|,w .(10/ 
((.Ii'«l|(('»; '* ^'f- '"'r"n'"". <>.f'<^erm. 

till; tf*t*"'t""t' '^ //■'^"'"»' *■'"■-, fill-, 

rA»Nf r<^, "*«»<■ »!*-<*; »«»'• ANi"- 

1, 216; Torp(o)orpon a. b. 120; for- 
warj) (preij ps. 77, 60*; forporpen 
(part.) A. B. 218; Orm. 1393. 

forwifp anU? forwit c. u. 14941. 

forwlenchcQ, A.Sax. forplencean, w perh um 
fae»r»; forwleint (pwrt.) spbc. 24. 

forwrappen obvolvtre y forwrapped (pari,) 
Chauc. C. t. c 718. 

forprSicn, A. Sax. forpregao, aedUe, p. l. 
B. VIII, 49; Jul. 46; foq^rtied ^pmij 
a. b. 172*. 

forwundien, A.Snx. forpuodian, wmimi; 
forwundedo fpretj Lai. 14713; forpan- 
dcdcn uoM. 2, 33; forpunded fpartj hox. 
1, 83; forwonded Bub. 56; forwoundcd 
Will. 3686; Chauc. b. b. 1830. 

forwundricn, Germ, ferfrundom, amaze, a- 
stonish: forpundred (pari.) Obu. 3417; 
forwondrid m. t. 19; forwondret ast. 
Abth. XXVI. 

forwurchcn, A. Sax. forpyrcan, O.L.Germ. 
for-, farwirkoan, O.H.Oerm. far-, ferwir- 
chen, -wiirchcn, perdere: forporhte (prd.) 
HUM. 1, 221 ; forwurht (part.) Laj. 
16694; forproht Orm. 17547; forprogt 

ST. OF,X. A. EX. 266. 

forwurden, A.Sax. forpcorclan, -purdan, 
O.lI.Germ. fur-, for-, farwerdoD, perterU, 
perire, Lai. 28425; vorpnrden a. b. 210; 
forworthe p«. 1, 6; forpurI>c)> (pret.J 
Orm. 1 8826 ; forworthes pb. c. 780; 
forpurde (ntbjunet.) Kati(. 2191; f»r- 
pard (pret.) hom. 2, 155; forwonlcn 
Lai. 1777; forpurjwn, A.Sax. furpordcn. 
(pari.) Orm. 19216; forpurden bkl. ast. 
1, 211; forpordo /"»«. furpor|»e, forpurde. 
forwurfic, ;*. w. horde) u. a. h. 573 i 
ftr gee feor. 
f»r^, /v. for-. 

forfst, Fr. forfait, forfeit, Langl. a 4. 

forfetin forfeit, prompt. 172. 
fdrfeitiuc. Fr. foifaitiirp. forfeiture, Kick. 
257; fuifcturo Laxql. b 4, 131. 
ftr- see foro-. 
twif^tf Fr. fiiurniffc, forage, Shobeh. 122: 

Chauc. C. t. e 1422. 
fnrblsrhliij 0. fr. forhir, furhieh, prompt. 


fcrkisrhvnr, O. Fr. foiirl>issoiir, /arhi$h€r, 

I'HOMPT. 170. 

forff, Fr. fyrco. /wtf, Will. 1317; Cuavc. 

C. T. c l:{.S; c. II. UJOIK 
farrrr, O.Fr. fyreii-r fcofrcj, Will. 4i:J2; 

>. a. KD. Wb, 21Hi». 
hrrf, J.NffX. fnrd. O.nuteh vorJ, OM-detin. 
furt, y^MM. 6pi»A'i''' ./-^rf. "c^tiMm', yiuuif. 
:»; "Aias. 4iJ4;[; Thlht. ^, -J8; [n-no vuni 
(ford) Lai. 201i>9; ford, for(» Wm:l. gk- 
XK8, a;!. 22; ford, fortli Lanol. 5, 576 
(6, 57l; forjt A. p. 1. UO. 
fcre, vi. .'iff jr. r< 1 re, O. / , <i>'w«. O. II. O'ei-M . 
fory, O./WV. fara, f»oiA. faura. 7(»r<"/'FOTr>, 
/^0, >rr''<'. 0"/r: |i<'t lu fore ibedrii luivftit 
Uaau. JI; )>at irii fore h.ilihc imiirncd 
Lai. 18472: mm m) N|>:di him mi won] 
fimi .Vlik. 4»;1H; [lis . . , [nfrlo . . , Juj 
joueler ;i'f fore ;tllc Witt in»i] a. i*. 1. 
/Uli; (ii)is Ronf Jtat ;il |to somr is foro 
Will. 2941: fore |>o niirurle ]tci lii scjrlto 
was here beliavc |»6 luAri' islrtripju'd iirsi-. 
30; [liK nilbiTl liiro I'lldo foro Buic. ;ll; 
bi* tiddt> hiiii fori! Tkkv. 3, 143; niii 
ai'ml . . . c:«id »• (frini aso jo him vorc 
nittltiral A. K. ^34; so »i\\\o .ind diTno 
Iio was |h> futid foro c l. 10^0; pit t^o 
foro Bloiwn r'pr<teih<iHt" J Lijkk 1H. !19; 
84* timo . . . (i' god faro arepi-do ho«. 
1. 227; irli i-oiii . . . for in paniiii oji 
foro 25^; ich parni (w vorc Jll, 47: 
for |>c Mp|)»c . . . i lidVQ him wroiijl 
. fiirf Will. 2076: an )>oi fore wiriou Jos. 
208; OS bt> foil' tuldo LaK'jL. a tl, 105; 
^ voro iWile Jun avkmi. li'O; jfod foro 
(foi) Koi it t;oAu€. U. T. II •14:iH. 
furofadrr, O.Aw/. forfadir, forefttihtr; forr-, 

forfadres />//.y Langl. h ."., 501. 
forfpDfC "y^Vif f/« i>Firn/ pnw\ hkl. ant. 

I, 3)t. 
lorcftt ftrtffM: furcfiSl Z*^/.; Wux. 3384. 
furiiincro /or0jr««r. Lanol. 2, ltJ2 (IH7); 

Wu-u Hbbil ti. 20. 
forriiaii^i^rt' aiilrcrtior : furgan^rH ^pf.J 

VR. c. 41.72. 
forv{cJ>nl J'oreyarii: forjcrd Wicl. I-^. 10, 

for«)tei)Rle anteeeaor ; i(irf-K<'iixl*'i> ^p^J 

Lai. 2r»082. 
fnnfhCvtd /orM*w/, Bkk. 2200; Torboftved 

A. B. 18; furhCvcd Pkiu'rv. 495; forbmd 

l^HAl-C, V. T. A I. '.4. 

furc-laiid /oreknd; foiloiidcs {pf.J Trkv. 

1, :10.'i. 
fori's*-ouiiij: /orft/tewimg, c m. 574.'i. 
fiire-iiht, O.lf.derm, fonuillit, forwgkl; 

forsijt. fui-8it:ht«.' pjiomit. 171. 
von'yi)5fhp, A.Sax. forcti|)iiec, prtjnct, a- 

VENB. 5. 

ftHi'takoii, A.-^ux. r<iiotacn. O.fl.Oerm. 
fcM/ciclian, /orefokm; forlJSkyu Orji. 
10157; f'M-Wuc uoM. 1, 87; forotoki'ii 
(luyr. 1, i;i7; fortOfDo hom. 2, 81. 

fuitioi* J'oreU'p, voc. 183; fore-, forlt)i> 

JAKB. i;i, 174 (TREAT. 137). 

f^la•IO^ Jor«t«oth: forolo[t fplj h. h. bp. 

Wkh. 2710; f»rti!(t Laxol. c 21. 386; 

Klob. Ifloy. 
f'lrrjroiilil /ffrfMpMjA/, l. ii. b. 145, 
furrval. AJiax. forcpcaJI, fartio^l, Wicl. 

Is. 20. 1. 
(brtw;ird, J.^cx. forepeard. forward: fwrr- 

MiirdOH Mam>. CI. 
ftirrpanl, A.Sax. fon>pi'ard 8ax, niftii:*. 

07, 0, /or/, fi>r\iirtlr, ayrtemenl., coniuiHl, 

A. R. 02; forcwanl c, u. lO-S."); voro- 

)*ard o. A. N. 1081>: forvunrd, foniiird 

Lai, lOPl & 2!tO.S7: Lanol. 0, ;iO (7. 

;J8); fnrttrtrd aiAtO. C, T. A 829; M. 

Abth. llU'.t.'V, 
fr»rcwi) pmoi^Hee? forwil Lavcl. b .%. inn. 
fore lAf furh. 

ttr*, A.Nax. fi^r. 0. n.<i«rm. fnor.i, /cowt 
farcn. f»<ir», nmrcA, procrrdittf, fxpetlittw, 

HT. OKK. A. KX, 20S4 ; HuR. fIKO; .Vl.lH. 

2355; B.KL. ANT. 1, 100; CuAca C. t. 
n 110; ltrenni!8 . . . hfum bvli a^flcr 
mi<i sUiikciv ftin* Lai. 5508; [w cnihtcs 
wwrf-n on idro 5858; bcft rwlmon heorr 
voiv into |)jU liingc's burrt Ki007; niid so 

forlwst K' l"""i I"!* f"''^' '-'■ A- 'f* S*': 

lie foNi'd )H) Hire of An oxe Trkv. 1, 197. 
foreiHf O./r. fitniirt, /orei'ffHt K. o. 301; 

foroim's /'/;/.; LANnt,. c 10, 199. 
f«rrl> O.Fr. funvl. f«)urn.'l /'fourreauj, Jvrrti, 

pRdMi'T. 171; r. M. 15791; fun*l ft. r. 

wIk'jH>> Wii^L. Jon 30, 25. 
faren, A.Sax. *fomti, OX.Oerm. fotan. fora- 

OJi, O.lf.litnn. fr.rnji, fbej/mtt atUt: fitren 

uQf^n eu]* Mat. 21, 2 ; fu n.*u aa bis 



faiiBilrtii> O.Fr. fimdrcr. founder, I'sonrr. 

1 7.%; ftmuiln'ii (frti.) ('HArr. K'.. t. a 

2fi87: foHiKlrot ast. Abtii. XLIL 
foMr »t4 fKtirrr. 
t6w *«« l^li. 
fowrl <or fiitol. 
ft'iwin, O.If^I. filRa ffHtlirrf^ ttitrtj? ^'purg«rt'\ 

rRuiQ'T. 17&; (uYii'ii Bkvks 1120; fu»i<l 

(pari,) I'BOMIT. 175. 
fAwirr, O.M. HV^iriV "j^nrgalwr', fbomi-t. 

f«&, AJSax. fox, O.II.Gfrm, fiihs, f\icl)s. /»a^. 

rw/pM, REU A.vr. I. 217; fos. vox o. a. 

N. 812 & 819; vox. WiiS BK».. AKT. 1, 

272; fnxeit glOvo digHafis, :16; voxc (foxe) 
/rfrt/.; Lai. 20840; voxm />/.; a. n. 12H. 
Foxlldic HUM. 1, 31. 
fovhh foxish, "ritlpittuji", prompt. 1 7.>. 
fri, O.Ieri O.n.Omn. fra, fro ffraj, nA; 
spA fiT fra Kuiles riche Ohm. 12t>&; driii- 
tiit Ukp)? it fra niP 4820; |>f Itnipic ))nt 
IT riitUMl fni )ie IkmII ph. c. 37 1. 'p; fni 
lipvpne tVi hrllo nnst. 2, 111: k<mI U-dile 
honi fro lielle nigi st. oks. a. kx. 8!>; 
lip r08 fro lidd^ kkl. axt. 1. 209; tlfilr 
liire fck' . . . f ru WJncliPKtrp Kavbl. 818; 
W6n<li> hire fro Horn ep. Lum. II67; n&- 
viTi' lico uuIe> him wt-niU* fru r. l. 1170; 
fro lond^o) \i^ UiikIp Kou. 0; tik .scliildf 
hem fro schftiup 80; ne d/N mln hiiertp 
|w turnr fro ftpKr. 71; rOmr'n ... fro 
[►emporour of (Irtce Will. 1 434t fro 
nIu'iiHus ho c/ime Lanqu h &. ^32 (a 
, f>, 1(> AfM from); nr* |>in»; [loii timi Inlf 
fro us Masu. 294: be frnt cuin donn fro 
bpvene Wicl. .Johk <i, 13; ^ Kchilde 
B8 fro scliamc Kglam. 508. 
frajiard Jrotcard, Sax. chron. 2.'iO' |i:) 

luroest tu Jh* friij»ard ^id Oaa. 4672; 

fravkard Wirt, deitkr. 21, IK; if he 

frttwtird l>C pa. c. 87; fropani iiom. 2. 

121; ST. ORK. A. KX. 3H22; fic wmler 

MM cold and frownrd a, n. ki>. Wkb. 


fruwardlK'he fri»earil*f, I^rkv. 1, 379, 
frtunrdnos /r»wordttf»», m. c. 1173. 
fra- 1 Goth. fra-. 

fni't. M.n.iitrm. fri?, ^mMhih/. 

fr^lrpil roTiteiimt. A. H. 12K*. 
fIreteDi J.Sar. frplan, O.lf.Gtrm. firi'iAn, 

PirfA. fntiT.-in. yj-ci (fftaif, tdert, tortnrt, 
Lai. 31677^ frt'tin "forrttrfwTr", prompt. 
179; frotf SHORtm. Irt); PR. c. 6570; 
frotoj* fyrtf.J Orm. ir>l33; vrel A. ft. 
184; frnt fprdj vn. 79. 14; frrt Knv. 
203; Alih. 703; WiLL. 87j fw*l 
laKGL. KD. AVa. I24GS; frftten 
"»171; frooton siisf. 229; frolt-n ^/wrt.y 
ST. uiEN. A. uc. 2101; Aut(. M79; 
C-HAva C. T. k 20ti8; ifrotoa Mi.'^r. 147. 

frucrhiti /rtrfcA, ^stri4fr»'\ pkompt. 175. 

fra^nrn m-^ fri'inon. 

fnibl, O. fhUeh uuiht. freigU {fraught}: 
fraujrlil i.t' n. Cxiv. 137; freight, fn-it "kc* 
Utra", PROMPT. 177.' 

tVR^Icn, OMtdeh vr9rht4>ii. frngU ffiwt§U): 
frauiHt-) TiiAiT. r. T. B 1 71 : fraiilt fp ttJ^ 
Wn.L. 2732. 

fr«i, ^w- afrai, i^ h. b. 192. 

fniH O./V. fraiel. frael frml Ji*e*fli, "< 
Inthus", Win,. Jrr. 2i. 2; Kira. t&49; 
fraiol. fn-icl Lanoi,. ti 13, 94. 

fmhirB fff frciiit'n. 

frftblfn, O.lctL freista. inquire, extnmius, /rjr/>j 
fraisUe) Mah. kd. F. 8391: fn\%\K' ffrnjl 
A. p. 1, 169: fraiBtfS pr. c. 1090: l-| 
srMB, 0tJ9: 'fnuRtwi ffrH,/ Iw. :J2143s( 
fraistvd fpartj (iAw. 1679; silver f^ai- 
stod «'i|t Jh» firo "argtnlum ignr rxumina'i 
tmn", PS. 11. 7. 

fnicilf /<.N/rx. fy:iroiI. turpiaY |i)8 fnik«de 
folc iioM. 2, 83. 

fhikrl (urpii? Misr. 03: ho >iij piilmeBj 
ft'lif Hi fniki-l pidiiitK'ii HUM. 1. '1^\ M 
xTnkd i» (h' porld<>i< hlisse a. b. 18j 
\i\s fikelp -porld A: fmk*dp u. ». 7; )wi| 
him Tiiiro bivorc nud fnik<^U' brhiiTd<> irM 
AXT 1. 18ft. 

fpRltiie «■*• frekne. 

fnua, A.fiar. fraiii, from, O.L.Gfrm. O.If. 
Orrm, Ooth. fraui. /raw, *4: no mahtii 
. . . pcndc niin hprto (mm him Kath. 
iri06: iromcn . . . fram [tp vA tudo lIuRir^ 
BD. Ll». 203: hit is so fur frarri t>«V 
i«»iHii« TBKAT, 137; frani j*rp 44 >m» Brk. 
331; (lilt fri'o Ncofl frara hani h. h. a7i^ 
in witp ^e fniii) |k> fi-iidi' 8hurku. 90] 
inir<» lhi''rd an^tt vrnm diii|H' avkvb. 1\ 
vraiH |k' >niinin^ of ^n wiinlli' 12: 
titil fram his hallo ft. k. sit. Wr. 760;] 




firam god ieb am ispnd Rob. 264; (r»m 
HDu]i td ni>r^ 1 : pvi kunne uoti]t <l<m it 
fram (front) li«ni Lakol. b 1, 194: steorren 
sculeu from hcuvput* fallo iiox. L, (43; 
bfitan pe beon cl6ae from alio sake 113; 
^e from (framl driliti-ii'.' com Lai. 20; 
far* ve from I'ifisf lonJp 91*1; from |(>(Tfn 
ai^s«n 1084; kti^-lie<1 ei Kod from pe a. 
v. ^24: vrom duio t^) deie 218; ))et hn 
pite & pardie ou vrom ^v. r. pid) olle 
pt^ pet ou apait^d 174; oe schal me 
firsen hira from .fuL. 17; wenden hoom 
from *usc. 1G2; acbiltl . . . from (vrum) 
pe llbte u. A. M. 16:t; ho ran Rcbirle 
from (Vrom) pa ribte put poje 197; pat 
from hovpue dude alihte v. u. 656; from 
niurvo til five Wili,. 763. 
frunward /nmirard: |)at eveoe framward 

^ tat tdward pane west drdu; Uraxu. 

3; fromwnrd mibc. 94; fmmward, from- 

nuinl (framward) LAt. 1899 & 2616K; 

floo |ti' epiiilere vromraard hani a. r. 

ft2; boo uiakipd froramard ffterverawj 

hurt* ni'iit l:J4. 
franc, 0,£w/. frunii »j. fpromotic, tmolttmen- 
twHt tcmniwtmnj, O.IhUfh vramp / (^ewn- 
moJumJ, /troJU. adtantagf, Orm. 1)<U; rki, 
A»T. 1. H;9 ^ 209; Omq. 998; Man. 
KU. F. 248.t; bo d«iIo (1« F.bri(u)8 rraiiio 
ST. esK. A. Kx. 2rt40; ooto ant frame 
8PSC. 71; {if bit b{> for ml frame Hai.- 
Liw. nicT. ^78; framo Jmme. "fubrtcn\ 

I'ROMPT. 176. 

frmHirn, ..^.^j;. framian(?), O.FVif. framia, 
O.lffi. frama (proficrre, mmarej, framt, 
projlffrt, prod£n»: at ... ^t ham piilo 
franiii'U n. m. 29; bo stildon . . . hero 
orf fnittjrn st. qkn. a. kx. 1642; framin 
"doiart", pROMTT. 176; franios fprfsj a. 
R. 126*: litvl bit franioH Man. kd. F. 
11112; fianu'd ^pertj Kirn. 1859. 

fnhrtf Fr. Franco, Frante, Lai. 1231. 

franrhtiCf Fr. francliisf. Jmnrhine, itoii. 47: 
I'AHTEN. :J74r»; frnuiiJiiso WicL. 1 Mao-. 
10. 34. 

tnakf O. FV. franc, frank, "laffi'mirittm^', 
psuicPT. 177. 

fmli I inrons frifikinwni^ti, "francum 
iNCrnBum", puuMpT. 177; frank etwt'ns i„ 

H. R. 218. 

Vriakf, A.liajp. Franai, O.H.Gtrm. Franko, 

Francax; Fran(M>oe /'jfun. pi. J Lai. 371.*). 

Frum-kind. J.Sux. Francland, Kato. 7. 
fnukelrln Jranilin. "libfrtiatu", pboupt. 177; 

Chauc. C. t. a 331: frankelcinm fplj 

Lanol. h 19. 39. 
fra|ip, 0. Fr, frapp ? ratd, trcap, Cbacc. 

Tkhi],. 3259; Mak. ku. F. 9825. 
fnlcTRil^, Fr. fraternity, fnU^imity, OHAva 

C. T. A 364. 

fraidc, Ft. frando, jraud, Tek%*. 4. 9. 

fp* te« freo, 

fr«, A.Sax. froc. fric. O.Ial. frekr, Gijih, 
friks. O.UM»rm. frocher, frtek ffrad:), 
procax ; frek UiN. 1 5 ; DkObkt. 1&6& ; 
vrecli (fnwi a. b. 128; fiik "eraamut", 
PBOMPT. 179; Lido. m. p. 230; |>e frcccbo 
MISC. 75; frocbe ^pf.J La». 9419; froko 

D. Abth. 3821; frikest (aujurU l. h. 
B. 221. 

frocUcbo FHAOM. 6; VTftclTchn Lai. 31772; 
vrechllcbc a. ». 204; frokli d. Aaru. 

frf4eii, A.Sax. (gi>)fr6daD, OMuUh yroodon, 
O.H.Gtrm. fructan, taptrt, untire: fr^e 
Gow. 2, 119; frflde]! fpres.J Shobeh. 7: 
fredde fprei.J Mark .•>. 29; Khorrh. 120; 
s. s. HD. Wku. 1514; eamp. ifr6don. 

(r^frpn jwh rn'tfren. 

rreUni; J. .Sax. fri^an prd. fnc^ O.L. 
fitrm. l!i>rnnn(V) pret. fra^, O.Uei. (rcg- 
ua prei. fra, OM. fraibaan. /rata, inUr- 
rogare. Kath, 1645; h. u. 33; ST. OKlf. 
A. KX. 1047: frcino Uow. 2. 384: Oc- 
Tov. 1381; frwiutvu Lai. 17116: frajnon 
ffM. frajjnenii) Orm. r>664; fraine Tribt. 
3. 30; Pkbobv. 1293; froinod fpr*»J a. 
R. 204 ; frai tiflx a. p. 1 , 129; froino 
fimperat.J MiBC 912; ftaini fMuhf'tmet.J 
MISC. 92; fntine Ahau. bu. Hobs. LM; 
frain ^pret.J Larhl. b 16, 174*: ffrei- 
m-do, fnotuedo Lit. 6627 k 7344; frei- 
ntnle st. (ikk. a. kx. 27^19; froim^d Will. 
1303; u. Abth. 678; fraincd**, fruinwi 
Lakai.. 1, 56 (58); fra{Ded fpart.J 0mm. 
12973;] eomp. i-. ofTreinon. 

treitmUT "re/ettoriuvt", promi-t. 177; Bbaku- 

13; VL. CR, 220. 

frf k «« frcr. 

frrkPj .4. Sax. tnck, homo jrroeax, audar, 





Ahin, 2lfi1: WiM,. 402; Lanol. 4. 12: 

A. p. 2, 6: ANT. Abtii. XXXII; rriM;lu'n. 

fiToVcu /'p/.y Kath. 732. 
tyrknr, .S»wrf. rrilknc (fr^Iien) ;»/. frakuur, 

jMn. fregne, frreknt; frfkeri. Tnikuf "/*n- 

/f'yo, lim1ienfa\ prompt. 17(1; frekin Tor, 

267; frakiw 200; frekucs. frjikues fpLj 

CiiAir. C. T. A 'Jlt>9. 
frfkeui; frakiii, Stetd. Trilknifr. '^/miiginonu", 

PBOMIT. 17ti. 
MU, ii.Fi . frek', fraije, ImI. fra^'ilJs. frail, 

r. L. a. XXV, I3t»; Lanul. ■*!. 117 (121); 

\\i(i.. wisit. 14, I. 
frelrle fraHty, Lanol. b S, 55. 
frendf Mw frcmede. 
frcwr> J.Saz. freme, /rrai f/rtemj, ^trenum, 

L. c. c. Ti. 

freuisoin, A.Sax. frcnisuiii. uti'h's, henignwi. 

rrcuiKoumcii, A. Sax. freimumnoss, "bmig- 
nilM", P8. 64, 12». 
freHfj A.Sos. frcniit. pro/f/, adratttagt, boh. 

1, 217; for pv freiue of Jio loande pbo- 

CLAU. 3; vroroi* ATKNB. (rO; Treoiue paAOH. 

5; A. R. 124*. 

frcmful, A. Sax. frcnifitll, hou. 2, 149; 
rrciDTol AYEiTB. SO; frem-, frcomftil 
noM. 1, 109 & 135. 
frrmrdf, A. Saz. frompdo, frenidp, fremdc, 

O.L.Germ. fn-iiiidi, fn-uiithi, O.fl.Oerm. 

frt>iiiidf>r, G(ftA. framapis, /remd, gxit-anout, 

eUeniu, uoh. 1. 185; Horn ed. Ri-k. 

68; a \Tt>oniode (freudt<) child a. b. 184; 

fromdc Uavel. 2277; Mibc 1352; of 

frenidd londe Chavc. C. t. v 42^; fronide 

men Out. I2rj0; fronidc ^ sil>be Bov. 

346; wi|r fremid(e) aad siblw p. h. 202. 
frcwrd'e! flcsise* frfuivdi* st. obs. a. kx, 

frf«lrRf A.Hax. fremiiin, fremnuin, O.L.Gfrm. 

frrmian, 0. /«/, frenya, 0. Fii'g. frymam, 

prmoU, perform, projii, Kath. 288; thh)- 

mien a. r. 284; fa^meD st. am. a. bx. 

173; \xc sIidUl'D his willo rrt>iiii< Havki.. 

441; froiiio *'pr«fieert", ps. B-S. 23; heo 

sciiUoQ me uiunrsdcnc . . . frvrniDPO Lai. 

24010; frraiedc fitrHj Mat. 27. 24: 

Katu. 2399: fri'modf "jtrn/HiC, m>M. I, 

127; tomp. fulfremii'u. 
frrMWfD «v rri'itiii'U. 
frrnifr arv fnun)ie. 

fr#i u$ fronjon. 

Mmi itt frcond. 

frcHfslr, /v. frenesi*-, frmvg, Chauc C. 
II 2209. 

frrurllkr, />. freof'tHjUP, phreMtic, Jnnti't^ 
pROMiT. 178; freuetike, frvntik Lavgi 
10, 6 (11, 6). 

ttfugr, Fr. frango. frin^f, prompt. ITSd 
fren/jes (plj Gaw. 598; Cual'c. C. t. »■ 

Frfukbfh, A.Sar. Frcm'isc. Freneh, 6aw. 
II Hi; FrpQSc Lai. 7ti63; FrptLsch c. l. 

tttmy A.tiax. freo, fiio, fri, frig. 0./Vi«. ftl, 
fria, OM.Gfrm. (Her. Oolk. frejs n. frua 
/.. frtf. liber, liherali; Lai. 23574; Kath. 
1179; o. A. K. l.'.rt?; Bfk. .'i54; .Ali-(. 
192; friHi of licorto msc. 9r>; freo, vrci) 
A. R. 220 A: 370; freo, fr6 Ork. 2974 
k 12201; frt' Greg. 42; frfi maD/?jwn'ii/' 
ed fr(>iuiin) Uavkl. 628; \\ m«rci is wel 
fro si'RC. 72; frf, free Chauo. C. t. a 
852; frie hom. 2, 53; frl SHnRKii. 102: 
vri a^tekb. 86; ^k bam wndpn frie Mat. 
17, 26; freo (frd) men Trst. 3, 417; 
wifi freo men \m art fgrli filid misc. 86: 
frtrre fcompar.J hom. 1, 271; freore a 

L. 243; ITCO^'St fsup^lot.J A. R. 398. 
freoboren, -iboren frtt-born, Jri*. 6 i 7. 
freobrOdor, v^.Sjix. frMbrodor. fraler f*r-] 

iMcnw, Z*^ »M. frobrodcr] M-x^. kd. 

freodOm frffdom, u. u. 5; freo-, friilOl 

Trkt. 3. 61 ; frMOm Qavrl. 631; Mai 

193; Man. kd. H. 71. 
fri-hpriid frtehearUd, prompt. 17T. 
fr»?olsen. A. Sax. freolsiun. O.fetl. flrelsa, 

frinUn, for frL-ohalsen, from O.FHm. fri-. 

friahals, (Mh. frcihals flihtrtyj* It&ft*- 

U, witiraU: mcesednj tu frt-olsen /*««. 

fn'ollKonn) Orm. 2720; fr^In fimperal./^ 

Bw-. ANT. 1, 22; frt'lscd (part.) c MtH 

frwUc, ^aic, vrooK>i«, freolfc lihfra^. 

A. B. 192. 222 ii 386; ftfoUie Eai 

fn'ollch /rffJjf, liirr, Marh. 13; Kath. nSj 

frtdi M. Abth. 3121; frpollrbr 

Lai. 185; frili Chait. C, t. a I907i 

<T61oke«t fmpH-lJ Will. 2634. 




freosfipc libHiy, Laj. 459; vreoscbipe 

Uheraiiiif, A. R. 886. 
frctf A. Sax. frco, 0,L.Germ. fri, noA/* ico- 

»»wm; fro Gaw. 1549; Deokev. 74ri. 
tmyemj A.Hax. fr^-ogan, /re«, lihfrarf; freo- 
ijon, freoicn La>. 883 A; 'iGlQ; frooin 
Mabh. .1; frtn wt. uex. a. ex. 2787; 
\ri fimpcr.j ayuno. 190; froode fjtrd.J 
Laj. 6175; fnod />aW.; hoai. 3, 103; 
rtMrtp. ifroojcn. 
frrtUfB fte nnder frvo. 
hromty frrsnirn &•« frpmi?, frvmicn. 
Jtfui, -^..NdJ. frt'oiid. fi-^utf. O.Jf-'rit. friond; 
rnund. O.L.Gtrm. friuad, O.II.Germ. frluiit, 
I friuQt, G<dh. frijuiiils, O.kel. rn&ndi, from 

^^_ .J.ffdx. frpoftiiD, freoQ, Goth, frijtiii famarej, 
^^H friend, amani, tunifftu, Lai. 70K; froond, 
^H rnvnd Ohm. 1609 \- 179A0; rrociid bkl. 
^^K A14T. 1, i-i'6; vrimid AYKS'B. ir>H; frond 
^^K Will. 727; frci>uj i>fia.ui'T. 178; ficudo 
^^™ lUrEL. ;!7r»; fiird Aun. 23; fr(e)ondiis, 
I vrcode-s /y^.y o. A. K. 1154; fVcond, A. 

I .Ntfx. fr^ud. fre^mdHs. /"pij Lai. 700; Bkk. 

I 067; frfojonrt, frend o. A. n. 477; frcnd 

^^^ Orm. 44^1; DT. (rKK. A. KX. 1775; Mapks 
^^ '^'M; I'rt'udL-s Gauo. 95;J; J'looiideuc fj/en. 
pi. J Lai. 14901; freonden fdal. pl.j Lai. 
197; freondo p. l. s, VIIL 111; fronde 
Srubeh. !^0. 

frfcndllfh, fr^ndli, A.Sax. freondlli'./n'rtirf- 
/y, Chauc. C. t. a 2680; freudloker 
famparj Lksoh. 10, 225 vH, 171). 

bfrcmllihedc Gov. 2, 286. 
vri'tmdnioD hoh. 1, 199. 
fuwudrCde. A. Sax. froondrirdon. nmicitia, 
Aua. 1488; vK'ndrOdo aykxb. 149. 
fi'WDdsciiK», A.Sux, freondscipe, frUndthip^ 
Lai. 5106; &evndschipc a. u. 98; frcad* 
shopo PR. c. 1884. 
frraruf /rftrtrvt, pboiu-t. 178. 
^TtQnitnt friiiadoD. ft-iend, maiti 

frmtd*, A. B. 420. 
frt*Mli; A.Sax. freosaii, O.lcei. frioaa, O.H. 
Gfrm. MnBan, /r»eu, /n'gerir, geUra: fresin 
moMPT. 178; fr{e)ost fyreaj u. a. k. 620; 
hi freospjt tseat. i:J6; frocso /"iMi/.y Lanol. 
c IS, 192; fr^s fprft.J Man. ko. H. 121; 
Gaw, 728; frwR Wicl. kcclus 43, 22; 
froren f port. J Misc. 151; frure spec. 25; 
ttmp. bi-. ifr?oson. 

fr*fe, O.Ar. frtre. /rw*-, Ubk. 1124; Lanol. 

3. 85 i36); Chauc. C. t. a 208. 
frewh, A.fyix. fersc, O./w?. ferekr. O.II. 
Germ. frisccT. Jrmk (fri%li), recent, p. l. 
s. XXX, 49; aJs frcsrh for W fijUeJ as 
Jvi were OB morwo Will. 3G40; fresch 
IIPHch Lanol. 6. 312 (7. 298); fresh 
Otot. 6^18; Chauc. C. t. a 92; pb. c. 
1254; verse hom. 1, 175; fersi-h tkiut. 
i:J6; fersi.'^b, versa Kou. 7 & 217; on 
frMicho lil^dcn Alis. 2405 ; of fresche 
watir Uand. 115. 

^rv^'-hU /reaftJjf, pbomi't. 178; Caw. 1294. 
fnarhfn, M.lI.G^m. vriBchi-n, make frMhz 
tho water hiu fresu'hid Halhw. dict. 
frNej O.L.Germ. frisa, O.Dulck vrecso, O.Fl. 
Gfrm. frdsa. pericuium, tnttu*? u<S fr^ae 
TowTf. snrsT. ;iO. 

freNlK'h, O.II.Gnm. frciwlichcr. ptrietdotw, 
UrrihiU* f froshchc i? froKhrho ^ fors- 
Uche «. r.) . . . wol us affrai p. l. b. 
XXV, 32; rido frosli (? fre»li) Wward 
horo fos AViLL. 1190. 
fr^^rn we fn-oscn. 
frnl, fiTktcn kv frint, fristen. 
frntCj A.Sax. Fra>tii ;»/. fnetpe, O.L.Germ. 
fratoh. /rrf, ornamentum: liar fr«t of ijold 
Chauc. l. n. w. 225; wijt frette of p«rle 
Gow. 2, 328. 
fnlei tee undtr fra-. 

fretien, A.Sax. finotpian, O.L.Germ. fralo- 
hon, fret, or«are; frottfld (pari.) Lanol. 
% 11; A. p. 2, 1476; cw«i». gcfratcjwn. 
fr«^ f-rt friJ. 
fr*Tr*n ws frofron. 

frlf 0./(v/. frio, fr&, ^o/A. fraiv? /ry, <rm«H: 
U UiP and Ms thi fii mi bltasing graoDl 
i Town. myst. 24. 
fri ate fr(><i. 

rri«, -rf..1itfa:. Frig(?), O./iW. Frigp, jm Or. 
MTTiioL. 278, Venue, KoB. 112; Freon 
fdai.) Laj. 13931. 

Frtdaii^ A.Sax. FrigedeR', 0./«/. Friudagr. 
O.n.Germ. Frialag, Friday. Sax. t^iiRnN. 
258; Fridtei Laj. 139:i2; Fridai Katu. 
2531; K.ia 112; Vrldei a. k. 422. 
Vriniht vFrittiwht) a. b. 122. 
fritf O.lcel. fr^jii fexprobrHio ignaviae)"* 
frdlee, O.leel. frj^julauss? a. p. I, 481. 




ttieUf O.fai. frj^jii, rtprote, Mam<>; frie Ua- 
viUi. 1998; 16 rnjcn /*]««. frijjcaa) & td 
t.1>leD Obm. 16513. 

friCB, Fr. fiirr, /^: friin ''/risgr«\ prompt. 
179; frie Chauc. C. t. a 383; ifrid fpaH.J 

AVKHB. 111. 

iiin wt freoji'iL 

frirnd iff fn'oai. 

rri)l, fri)tci, rri)ti <cw farht, faibtoo. furfati. 

frik stir fri'C. 

frlklPB) J.Sax, frician, ta/tart: frtkiei] {pr«*.J 

Hou. 2, 211. 
frfad set freond. 
FrlH, .i(..S(wr. Frisa, Frjsa, Fresa, O./Vdi. 

Frisa, ^Vtifi. 

Frisloml. A. Sax. Frjrs-, Freslaud. imia, 
Lai. 23377. 
frise, /v. frise, /ri€U, rnoMi-T. 179, 
frl»ro, /v. iriavr. friexi;! (prui.) pkohpt. 

17D; frisefl (■pari.) ibid. 
trUly ^.&tx. first, fyrst m., O./Wr, Onit, 

ferst «., O./im/. frcat »., O.lI.Gtrm. frist 

/., «;Mef c>/' tim«, term, retpitt : fresl 

PROMPT. 17S; Ohm. 261; c. m. I.'i9ri4; 

du |90u Qoutb on frost |>is fare Havel. 

1337; first Ht*». 1, IGl; lirRt, foorst 

(forst) Lai. 4006 4c 12242; I'urst boh. 

1, 19; Bek. 6:iO: Fl. a. fit. a 638 <b 
401); di fenit ftpniiumj QutrdcD )ni't bio 
£ten Mask 6, 31; hii |>ct . . . <lc)i bit 
lb TCffit AYEKP. 32; firsto fdat.^ aox. 2, 
t45; a {nases dsies fersto (fiirste) Lu. 

frlsl fM furst. 

TrUlrB, A.Sax. ftrstani?), fvr.*ttin(?\ O.Fnt, 
forst^i, O.fee/. frestii, 0. 11. Germ, friataiif 
rupiU, tUla^: Uminx. or UtkIb t6 fix'.tte 
rsoHPT. 178; on langer wold he fresl* 
ILkLLiw. uiCT. 380; fciBC(u) fpru.J a. f. 

2, 743; verslc (imptr.J ArBitn. 1 73; 
firsten /'n^V Makb. 15; lirstcdi! fprd.J 
Kath. 2399. 

frld", -r<.8(«. friij, frija. froodo, O.Ievl. Iridr 
y*rt. fridar, O.tVia, fi«tho, ferd. (>.L.Opn%. 
fritliii, OJT.GfrtH. ftiilu /f«. frido. fridus, 
/ri/A ffirihj, pax, tiUtia, lupium, hosi. 2, 
101; ST. GKK. A. uc. 681: bihAhte td 
baldea /rid Lai. 2549; hip Orx. 3380; 
Will. 822; Iw. 157; Haw. 1973; a. », 
2, A34; (ri^ ur furost tomi or Hid Auad. 

Eo. KoBTt. LXXI; fnp Dkqrev, 486; qd 
fridi' in peace, uoH. I, 13; )e huntied i 
|>afi kiD^s fride Lai. 1432; |>e floarw 
in |ie fritb(o) Laxql. b 12. 219; ia 
fr4>))e and iu reld(c) Tor. 586; firtb« d. 
Abth. 1409; Towx. mtst. 131; tmitp, 
dcor-. anfrid. 

fri^ScDt? aat/ittm, rel. akt. 1, 33. 
Pre^OTlc, A.Sax. Freoderlt. Fredrrtc, Bob>.^ 

frWifRj A. Sex. fridian, freo<Ii.-m. O. lo^J'- 
fridii, O.fVu. frathia, fordJA. O.X.(?«pm. 
frithon, Goth. <gtt)lT\pon. {fviy 
fridon, icMp in ptect, pmtrvt, ntcurt from 
diiturhana: eoppr load ic -pallt* fn{iiiia 
BOM. 1. 15; ad (''it . . . d«ado bodi nu- 
lon ba nftfTt fridie 283; frid«D st. gkm. 
A. EX. 786; fii|>t; Ma.v. tu. F. 8733; 
frudiim Lai. 16804; vryjiie atexb. 7; 
fridc me jino hfilo Jut.. 48; fridede 
ffrd.J Kath. 2399'; frilwd (part.J axt. 
Abth. 1; frifwd (fre^d) in Lavgl. o B, 
238; comp. ifridien. 
ff« KM fra. 

frMe, O.ImL fiaadi? rana, hafo^ frtdcn /";»?.; 
HOM. 1. 326; frtdc p. l. b. VIII, 138. 
frifrcj ..i.Sox. fnUor, OMGrrm. frAfrA, ^0. 
/T. GffW. fluobara], eoti$olttiait, cM>/«r<, 
Orm. 8786: frovre msc. 90; bt. (IKS. a. 
KX. 54; frOfro. finftTrff (Wvoro) Lai. 0075 
& 21898; vrtno a. o. 92; uom. 2, 25^; 
fr6vffr(e) rsi^ aitt. I, 171; M(ra hom. 
1, 11. 

frOfergSst "paraeltiut", pRAaH. 3; Mtn* 

gast Obu. 10554. 

frorrcM, J.SMr. frdfrian. fiffrinn. O.L.Gwm, 

frtMraan. fO. H.Gtrm. tliiobir^Q), ecntoit, 

evm/ort, Oiui. 1.50: fnJvrt-n Kath. 287, 

vrAvren a. r. 72; frAvtrrn reu axt. 

186; vroiefripn Lai. 14844; fr*viv Biri 

183; frdm, frftYeri fprtaj a. a. ». 631 

fr6vrcd HOM. 1. l4.^; fr*vere|i Shobioi. 7; 

frtvero ftubjmct.?) c. l. 889: frdrroda 

(preLJ Mark. 8; comp. ifrdfreu. 

frffrinsff -4.Saj. frtfnmjr. frflfiTinn. «wM«i<»- 

i*oii, HOM. 2. 1 17; frAriiig h. h. 164 (166), 

frofKC, A.Sme. fror.-fja. /roy. rana, "r*n*e~, 

xac. 154; o. a. h. U6; Uim. 69; TWVi, 

4, 397; "niMirt". WicL. p». 77. 45; 

gu, fruggL' "bufo", PROMPT. 180; 




(fl.) BOM. 1, 51 ; WrOggeD flEL. AI.T. % 


Pall. 8. 671; fiy>iih xihc. 94; fals uud 

frouj Mapes 337; itl. m. 3R; f^ils or frdn 

rix*. frowj u. s. 2^05; fnlwtc) "/«/mi»", 

«JU.. ANT. 2, 216. 
tnitt /row, PKOsir-T. 180; voc. 242; Gow. 

2. Si3; L. c. c. fiO. 
fr«k, /v. froc, /rod, prouit. 179; A. p. 2, 

186; froUe riat.J Lakou r>, 64 (81). 
frcM BM fram. 
frvme «m fruuie. 
truunrtf 0,Ft. fronfe, Jronnct, Vxxxvc. Bokt. 

1, 2 (9); frounces /'^/.y Lasol. s 1-^, 318. 
frtacra, O./V. froucier. frounce: )w front 

. . . froncea c. «. 3571. 
fk«al, froiinl. fninl, 0. ?K fnnit. /ron/, 

pBitaipT. 180 & IKl; frount Ubk. 1195; 

iUs. KD. F. 3360. 
frastrl, 0./V. froDtel ffroid*nuJ, pkoupt. 181. 
frvftfb, A.Sax. frox, forsc, O.UX>erin. froKt:, 

Ld./cf/. froskr, ^•mA, y)-***, "rdnw", roc. 
323; fresh Wicl. rs. 77. 45; frosoli, 
frosk PBovPT. 180; froskc ^i^ii^> d. Anrn. 
1081; froskes fpl.J st. qbn. a. lix. 29T7; 
PH. 104, 30; Tows. mtst. 62; froskis 

c. M. 5928; comp. cafyosk. 
frM(, A.Sax. O.Frit. forst, O.fee/. O.L.Germ. 

OMXigrni. frost, from freoscn, frod, "ge- 

lu'\ pBuitrr. 180; Orm. 12H55; Makd. 

130; froBt, forst Wict,. ps. 77, 47; forst 

TKKAT. 137; Gaw. 1694; Torst Rob. 265; 

vrostM fplj ATKWB. 108; forstOB o. a. 

s rr24; cvmp. Iidrfn'St. 

fnrattlinc Trkv. 4, 467. 
ftwil, Ajiax. froatig. O.ff.Ofrm, frtntaf^r, 

jWy, GuAvc. C. T. A 268. 
frtlMl, O.Fr, frotor ffrotter): frotfl Wiul. 

IJBI^TKR. 2;J, 25; frotciji /"^rt-w.y atksr. 

155; Chauc. C. t. a 3747; fh)t«?do /jmrf.y 

Trbt. 4, 35. 
frtllif, O./wA froda. /ruM, "•p«)»«" prompt. 

fi«^fa /re/A; frofiij" or riiinoj) 'VfPf/m«(", Wift,. 

Mark 9, 17; fn>|H*n, fmlhoa Cijapc. C. t. 

A 1659; frojpiuitlo (p«ei,^ a.*!". 2. 1721. 
friili M frAfa. 
frnmllj O.Fr. frojruior. frwan, raoHPT. 180; 

ffranoe Ltoo. st. Tr. 354. 

ffwint nv frOBt. 

frt»rf Frti flrtfre, 

frAw «At fr&li. 

fnkdc ttt frodo. 

frlMV, ^. ^'«f . Goth, frnma, <tr. npofio;, 

Za^ primus, M« Or. obam. 3. 626. 

fniTulirrdlinr adoieoeenn ; fniiubc-rdlinges 

(pi.J HUM. 2, 11. ■ 

frui!ikeni;njed pn'mogtMitta, mm. 1, 87; 
hire frumkenaode Bane Mat. 1, 25. 

frumniM? lut ^on frmuneson Laj. 8665. 

frumschiift, -srheft, A.Sar. frnrasceafl. ftrtt 
ermiion, Jiri.. 2 A; 3. 

fniniqchAitcn ^rH, erMttd: Adjim (*iw|ii!ii(' mon uou. 1, 123. 
fraaf, A. Sax. fruina, prineipium, initium, 

Lai. 13265; Fl. a. Ul. 135; from Jk; 

forldf fninK" (fri^tme) o. a. s. 476; at tt* 

f^ume 1513; fronio c. h. 595; Alib. 5356; 

comp. onlfrumc. 
framenleff rt./V. fromontoe, frurnvnty, u. 

Abth. 180. 
frinpil, ihdeh frommcl, "ruffa*", pruhpt. 

rrnnplrn, fht/ch frommclpii. /mmple, rugnre: 
iViiiii[>hii fpart.J prompt. 181. 

frRn*|>p, A. .Sfl*. frymJ, prineiptHtn, Orm. 
18558; Mipc. 142; i \fv frumdc a. b. 8; 
on frcntdp ilAT. 19, 8. 

frHHl, friutel g^e frout, froQtel. 

rrHsrhra, t).Fr. frnissor {froin&rj, frtuh: \^\ 
fruschcD t^' gidcro Mavd. 238", frousrhcn 
Dkorev. 1087; fruarhcdc fprtl.) Jos. 
505; fnislit (frouBt) (parij Alm. 1630. 

fril, O.Fr. fruit, /n«'(, hum. 1, 135; a. r. 

150; TREAT. 133; 8. 8. BD. WKB. 559. 

fruitlCs frm'Utn, pe. c. 5666. 

tUt\ Uf fHJfll, 

r«jrf, .^..S(w. fuKcl, O.lwl fu?l, Otith. fng!.i, 
O.n.fifrm. foi^Bl. /flw/, trr«, o. A. N. 1097; 
fujpl, fojel (fowel) Lai. 2832 4 20174; 
fuffel, fuel ST. 0K». a. kx. 160 & 221; 
fuel A. n. 126; vnjp] ATEira. 71; foghel 
PH. L-. 707.'i; r«i«el Hork kd. Kits. 1414; 

TRBAT. rtfl; fowfl, foul (.'HAIir. C. T. A 

190: foul Aus. 1982; Mand. 48; Toil 
2050; fnirlefl /pl.J noM. I. 133; ftifeles, 
fnholps. fowHos o. a. n. 1144 & 1660; 
fiiliclL>M Katb. 2124; fojoles Siioreh. 146; 
foweles, foul«6 Laitol. 5, 199 (355); 




wilde foules Rob. 52; fujH'Ieue (gm. pi J 

A. R. 298; foalen (dot. pi) Will. 805; 

fujele, fuj!e, vowele o. a. n. 64 & 277; 

eofNjf. bonne-, sM-, watorfujel. 

fujolcun uoM. I. 95; fojclcun Laj. 8109; 
fuelkiiQ, fowelnin o. a. n. 65. 
»«)flere, A.Sax. fugclere. fotclcr, auceps, x- 

YESB. 25-t; fnulere Wici.. PROV. 6, 5; 

fubclprcs /fffH.J Mabii. 3. 
(•nWu, A. Sax. fugplian, /oul, "aucHpan", 

PROMPT. 175. 

fakel «v Tujol. 

filr tt'^ fiir. 

tuUt, O.Fr. fiiit* ^rwV rfu «r/ qm fuil), 

Oaw. 1125; feut*> Will. 90. 
W, ^..s\/z. full. a/w/. fullr. ffa(A. fulUs, 

O.LOtrm. fnl. O./Vw. ful. fol, O.n.Grrm. 

follor, 6V. itXioc TtXslo;. /^/*i. iio.iiiml, 

LUhvaa, ]itliius. Lat. plciiiis. full, sr. qks. 

A. ex. 1 10; [.AKOL. TROL. 1 7; (IhAUC. 

C. T. A 90; \\ sci|v ful (fol) of golde Laj. 
23694; hundred ift ful to) a. b. 372; 
ftil D6h (fu1u{>hy) uuu. I. 29; Laj. 121; 
ful ipiiii (fiili]>i^?) Orm. 687; o. a. n. 
1189; ful (fol) iwis Laj. 1^24; ful v*"' 
(fulpel?) HOSJ. I, 17; Mabii. I; A. n. fi; 
Obm. pbet. 17; ful brihl Hick. tbks. 1, 
222; ful fast*- Havkl. 82; ful hard fO. 
leel fullhanlr) transact. 19. 321; & ful 
bolde bachplpr Lax«l. b 16, 179; ful 
wis fUttth. fullareis^ a. p. I, 7-17; ful 
clfioc AST. Arth. XXX; ful lute pr. r. 
789 ; vol ayskb. IS; fn] wri Shorioi. 
159; KitH. 1550; J)e fulle ^^v uuii. 2, 
109; |>e fullp taifl Orm. 11270: I>at is 
mi fiillc \\ti Hisc. 42; at t>e fulle nt fuU, 
ad plfnum, "pl^ne", Trbv, J(. 443; mid 
f^illo dreme o. a. k. 314; at pe fulle fl6d 
"WiLh. 2745; mid fullcra fltrcndiMi fr. 
sirondc) Lai. 29047; dn(o) baud folic s 

B. Bi). Wioi. 1588; 6nne kokpr fulnr Imi. 
6470; hnre fulle f^n ii. m. 31; flfti hcI- 
pCD fulle Lai. 1285; fulle seovcn nihto 
1632; peri's fulle foperti; (hm. 11210; 
fulle six jOr Horn kd. Kits. 926; fihte 
ant tvenli folle ;er t-HSim. Rsax.. 416; 
eomf. n^, bale-, <.'»rp-, drt>d-, ojor-. 6st-, 
dr; jeorn-, !^id-. bib-. iloAf-, luf-, niAo-, 
iiiibt*, milds-, neod*. ni|>-, rfid-. side-, sorb-, 
SOD-, Ur-, JidhU, wftr, wil-, wur^fuJ. 

fulbrengen, 0. Ft it, fulbranpi, pfragfre; 

fulbr(*ht fpaH.J Obm- 16335. 
fuld6<lo perjeeiion, a. r. 372. 
fuldl^D, O./f.Germ. folletuoo, ptr_fietr», 

B. 372; voldo fpttri.J ayenb. 28. 
fulenden, Gtrm. fullendun. JinUh, <i«Ai>h, 

complcU, p. L. s. VIU, 123; fulende Bek. 

2305; fultndt-d fpart.j HO.V. 3. 6t. M 
t\i\iiir^\vxiaccompU8h,achiete: fulfnrJie hom. fl 

1, 237; fulforH fpart.j Ob«. 15597. 
fulfroniicD, A.Saz, fulfremian, accompiuh, 

prr/eet: fulfrcnied fpart.j Obm. 2530. 
falfremcdiike ptr/efUy, Orm. 10751. ^ 
fulfremednesM) per/tdion, Orm. 6083. f 
fulhillfn. A.Sax. folfyllan. fu/JUt, a. r. 

288; fuirillcu ST. OKN. A. KX. 1222; 

fultille A. p. 3, 264; fullille, foUolle 

Lanol. 6. 36 (7, 38); fulfild. folfuld 

ffortj V. u. 561; folfold Shubkil 147. 
volvi>IIinF^ falfilliag, ayenb. 260. 
TnlhCdQ "pknitudo", ps. 23, 1; volbede 

ayrnb. 119. 
fullicho >//y. Lai. 14124; a. b. 124; 

<i. A. N. 1687; fulilk*; Orm. 16302; 

fiilli PB. c. 4570. 
?fiil.^l. .i.,S«.r. fjlst. fullftat, fallest, 0. 

JI.Gtrm. fulleisl, aaztiium, vox. 1, 215; 

n. M. 17; fulsU; fdalj Lai. 1747. 
?fuIslon, A.Sax. f>islan, fulleaUn. fol- 

iHwtan. O.L.Germ. fullestifto, O./l.Germ, 

follciston, OMXi/wri, Lai, 5581; tilsloO' 

rki.. ant. I, 186; fulsU fprnj o. 

». 889; fulsto fprH.J Lai. U48. 
? fil»lu-Q = fuMtiu, Obu. 6170; fiUUiede 

fpt-a.J RKl.. ANT. I, 209. 

fuluiakcD prrJUere? volm&d fpartj atkicb. 

ftilsum fulionu, eopioam, sr. gen. a. k 


fitUitmhCd ST. OBN. A. KX. 1548. 

fulsumli copifM, Will. 4325. 

fuisomncsso fuUomtiuu, Chauo. G. t. 
? foltum, A.Sax. fultnni. auxiiium, uom. 

1, 105; ST. flEX. A. bt. 2824; fur) 

nodes fultume rRoci.AM. 1; ftiltume (fol- 

tome) fdMj Lai. 14618. M 

fUlJTnn? fiil(Hijfen adu/tiu, bdm. 2. 41. ^ 
ftalI>rifon? fbl|)nfon/i*//-(Aniw», Orm. 5130. 
fulwtuen, O.ff.Gtrm. follevRfasaii, 9d*U- 




m; fulpaxfn //wir/.; Obm. 10884; fnl- 
''"waicn p. L. s. XXX, ^8; volwos*; Uou. 

430 ; VOlWf'lP AYF.KB. 26. 

ful wcD, j1. Sax. fill pi;in. for fii I pih:! n 
(*|>JbiU) =: Goth. Teihan aY;«'CJ'vi? f»'p- 
tm. Lai. 2402; folowen Hick. tues. 1. 

>229; futii Misr. 56; fiilwede. folweje 
|r;W(<.V Jos. 683 & (594; folowtilo h. a. 
S2; ftilltiK folleijo Tkkv. 5, 401; fol- 
leilp, fQllpi) Langl. b 15, 440; M^d 
(purt.J A. p. 2, 164; folut ant. .\btm. 
^ XVni; ifulwpd c. t. 14S7; ivulie^l Lai. 
HlGSSl: iralhot Marb. I; ivollca uisc. 
^88; Rob. 239. 

fnlluht, J.Snr. fulpiht. fulpulil, fiiHiilil, 

iapti»m, (>R.M. 40.'i4: Ml9i-. 90; rutttthl, 

ftiDehl (folloht.) Lm. :16 k OfiOT; fulhl 

Habh. 10; fulluuhl. futloujt Jos. 682 

& 693; fiiMojt rei,. akt. 2, 243; fol- 

lonhl Lakol. c 18, 76; folhl f. s. 157; 

fulbt«s /ffnj HOM. 1, 23. 

fulbu>n iapU'te, uoH. 1, 73; fulblitei! 

{pmj La?. 29769; fullehtede fprftj 

Lai. 29693. 

rulbtneD =i fQlht«n, Orv. 94; rdutittiip 

HOM. 2. 17; ifuHituod ,>ffW.; Kath. 1391. 

fulobtningc. fulrnin^ji'CO baptitm, hhjm. 2. 


falvarchon, 0. U. Gfm. fcil(l)awtirrh;in, 

ferjkrrf: fiilpioht (pari.) Ohm. l-ir»97. 

ni, ^.Sflz. ful, O.loe}. full. GoM. mta. 0. 

Il.Gtirm. ffller, /w(/, pviidui. A. B. 118; 

Ohm. 2032; & puke ftil aud blai; Havkl. 

555; fbl, tQI (mi. wl) o. A. N. 94 k 

236; foal Ron. 69; spic. 103; Iw. 1332; 

TOnI ATBNB. 32; ftilH (adt.} Ob.m. 1201; 

foule Alis. 1118; Lanol. 5. 66 (83): 

bis fule B;1ul(< Lai. 27634; fiiliio ^om. m.y 

_o. a. n. 1196; }if ))Ino v6 dnno fuloo 

■bbme A. B. 316; fiaie IntiUs nnai. 1, 243; 

^foqle aireii Alis. 4719; fiilrp fcomparj 

HOK. 1, 25; A. B. 84; Obm. 15831; 

^BlDlnste fmperl.J a. h. 216; fon|i>stv p. 

ToiilhSd? AYKirii. 17. 
ft'ilil'.ppii A. B. 108. 
ftilllr /o«//y, FKAHM. I; fullTi-TlP fadr.J 

HOM. 2. 173; A. n. 124. 
nUniart faulmart, uik. pl. 8; fiilmard 

PwniPT. 182. 

flilfii, J.Sar. fjl.10, fuliiin, 0.ff.f!trm. tit- 

It'll, foul, \fili; "inquivare", a. b. 124; 

.Mahh. 13; nton iioM. 2, 127; Onu. 4493; 

file PB. r. 1210; apol. 22; foiiltu "(Hr- 

ftnrf, n^euiare" , promtt. 175; fftled <'/»rw.y 

ROH. 1. 53; fulefi o. A. k. 100; foul^tb 

Lanri.. b IH, 310; fouled fprtt.J a. p. 

2, 269; foiilid (part J "pei/ut^>", WiCL. 

LKViT. 7, 20; iviled Hob. 435; nmp. a-, 

filbl,. falbten »«• wWrr fiiL 
fallrn «>><r foljon. 
falle, A.Sax. fjllo. O.JT.GfTM. fulli. folli, 

y?//, pffniUr*, Horn kd. Liim. 402; Eouhu. 

S60; td efon biro fullo uoh. 1. 53; |>e 

rulle of endelSiie hViss^ 2, 35; ftlle Ha- 

VKL. 954; P. L. s. XVil, 391 ; Will. 

768; 8. s. KD. Wr. 967; voile atkhb. 

247; eomp. ofprfulle. 
fNllen, A.Sax. fvllim, fullian, O./w/. fylla, 

O.Ii.Gfrm. fuli**ii, O.l.Cfrm. fnllian, ful- 

lofl, GUh. fulljitn, jff//, implere, Ha&b. 18; 

AM. LIT. 8; aile ItitH. 6039: fellea Lukb 

IS, 16; velle atkkii. 92; fttlle|i fprfit.J 

n. 8. VTl; R. L. 781; fuFdo fpretj Lai. 

14965: A. R. 40; Hoks bu. Rit9. 1155; 

md<» iiow. 2, 204; velden atksb. 233; 

flUod I'far/.y A. P. 2. 104; eomp. a-, fuk 

je-, of-, uft^rfullon. 
fillei, iA.ifl/. fullaro. full; fulle /'jVM.y 

PROMPT. 182; fulled, fotjUed fpttrt.J Lanol. 

B 15, 445. 
ftiUcQ »M fellen. 
fklUre, A.Sax. ftillorp, /wZ^rt-, "/«/&". Mark 

9, 3; fullare prompt. 182; ^oWvtxes f pi. j 

AYKKB. 167. 
fillleii $fs fiilvr'n. 
fllingv ///iwy, PROMPT. 160. 
filUht nv MNifcr fut. 
hlut, O.hel falluadr. plmttttdof of his 

ftiliia|io^iH«. f\ill oApe) of bAlij gftst Out. 

fiitiMsp, O. //. Germ, folniwsi. folnessi. fol- 

txiaifi, foluiissi, /nilnett, prompt. 182; vol* 

nesse aybxh. 266. 
fdlnnsr, A.Sax. fiilnoss. 0. Frh. fiiTnisse, 

O./f.Gfrm. fftliuissi, foulnm: foiilni's Wicl. 

pri:f. ki'Ist. 7. 
ThUI, fiUfni see under Ail. 
fnlltiH *M Hnd*r fol. 




M^, O.ff.O'erm, fuUida, fulth, plmita», u. 
H. 7. 

Mite, A.iiax. f^ld. O.L.Gtrm. fulitha. 0. 
ll.Herm. fulldu, //</», piUredo, sordes, a. 
H. US; fGl|>e "ordure", voc. 159; misc. 
ir.St; c. L. nil 8; MiBc 1942; filde hel. 
ANT. I. aia; nitLo "lordei", pbompt. 160; 
fdUlt' Mat. 2:t. 27; feljie Shobeh. 4; 
v61|h» aykmb. 81; fulden /^/.y a. b. 128. 

fHlwn «M vndfr ful. 

Alidf IliK, if. //■ O'frm. vundeliac, O. Dutch 
vtnult'liiin. Jonndiing, prompt. 182; Will. 
4K1 ; fiiudliOK Hobn ed. Ritr. 226; fond- 
ItDK (**K0. 472; findliuff p. l. s. XXIII, 

r.«; fo UliuffcH (plj \x.if.. 4604; found- 

liiigtiM PM. 67, 6. 

ril«4fH| AMat. fundiaa, O.L.Gtrm. fundon, 
(KliJitrm. fundcn, yj-om finden, qmnere, 
Itndwf, HT. nv.s. A. EX. 2958; fundo p. 
I,. ».. VU, 10; Hobn kd. Lum. 103; fomi- 
ili>ii ntmi. H2; ti^ fluijt fouBdea Jos. 506; 
roiimlK llciJM Kii. ItiTM. 107; Gbbo. 462; 
M. Aktii, ljl65; ;\mad. rd. Web. 52; 
TifWH. MVHT, 216; i mi'ft hoJicB fondcn 
ri.. (I*. 408; fundic fprtij misc. 192; 
wImmi )f(iii Hii liuntiBK fuundes Eqlah. 
y(.(»i fmidiMl Lai. 21758; he fuBdeJ 
N|'hli< iiiK tn fitrKpolhvn Mabu. 10; )>ideT 
riiiMln]' cvii'-li itiuii I). A. K. 719; foun- 
ilMiK /'^'"■'y Will. 1749; fiiBdcde /prrf.y 
1,41 I7H5H; iioM. 2, 117; fuimdeden 

flMillli /^MiA fjndifrtJ'), Af.Jf.Germ. vdndic, 
findy, Jiriitii»y (indij Obm. 4149; tiiidige 
u|,(u:|iii HUM. 2, 119; li<* horn iiiukfde 
rmi'lfi' 'III y*ir*\f 1 17. 

fHHilln m fhi'll'-M. 

fmilll'f n ti (hrm. fiincho, O.Dutch ronke 
^/(,wiM, MtnhUaj, fmk, "ignicuh(i\ prompt. 
|RJ, )>.>), ilk*' fin fiiiikw fiow. ^, 18; fi 

Ii.mIiO'i "C '■"''' L*-"*"'" *■ "• •S'*-'; !»»* "'»*' 

111,1 tii.Mli '» fiiiikr*;) -Man. ki». II. 172. 
fHil fWi ('/III. 
fHf M^ f'<"i. 
fdf MW f'»l-. 

ftfi 4.H»*, tjr, O.L.Oerm. OM.Germ. fiur, 

'' h'f'r '*"^ "'"■' ^'■- '^"P' A^ *>""' 

,, UH7j A. «. 124; Bbakd. 8; (.at 

ff, H. JVi fuir c'. L. 125:i; Alib. 547; 

Jos. 260; Mahd. 35; fiiir, fir Laitol. 3, 

88 (97); fir Sax. chbok. 249; Obm. 

10452; Hatbl. 585; Chauc. C. t. a 

1246; Hr, fier st. oen. a. jex. 99 ft 103; 

fier 5. s. BD. Wb. 2505; Lido. m. p. 35; 

fer HOM. 1, 239; Shobeh. 99; Tsisr. 2. 

33; KicH. 781; sacbam. 494; |>et fir 

uisc. 30; hit his zet alle a T§r atkkb. 

205; feres /'^.y Uat. 5, 22; fare fdgtj 

HOM. 1, 89; mid fdre & mid here Lal 

2159; oomp. helleflr. 

furbroBd frebrgnd, Lai. 25608; fairbroiid 
Alis. 6848; rirbnmd fb. c. 7421. 

fiirhertfa pbompt. 161. 

f&nre Jire-irm, Bbahd. 30. 

fiir-, fierpaBne firepMn, Wici,. exod. 38, 4. 

flrrecd Chauc. C. t. a 624. 

firsticke firt-ttick, Hatsl. 966. 

iiirstOB Jire^me, pbompt. 161. 
UHtj firdiei, flir4lig me farde, ferdien, 

fArei, A. Sax. f^rea, O.B.Gwm. finriner, 

igneut: ftren c. m. 995; fiirea Wicl. 4 

KiKos 2, 11; of spile Hrene kinde Obm 

17412; fdrene (plj Lai. 18868; filrene 

tungen hom. 1, 89; fAreoe hpeoles a. 

R. 356. 
fAr», A. Sax. tyrian, O.S.Oerm. fiiiren, 

Jire; firin "ignire", pbompt. 162; fure 

fpru. imper.J Marh. 18; firid fpari.) 

AVicL. PROT. 30, 5. 
fi^B, Fr. fourgoD, prompt. 182. 
firh, A.Sax. furh Schmid's oloss., O.H. 

Germ, furh, furuh Gbafp's spbsch. 3, 

684, O.Fru. furcli Richth. wb. 771, 
furrow ffur, fore); furg bel. ajjt. 1, 217; 

furgh Gow. 2, 63; fnrghe h. 8. 2448; 

forghe Chauc. Bobt. 5, 5 (170); forwe 

Artu. a. Mebl. 3470; Lanol. b 13, 

372; fmt. forw = foru?) Havel. 1094: 

forowe, fore "*tdeu»\ prompt. 171; forjes 

fpl.) A. P. 2. 1547; furwes, forwes IiAmoi.. 

G, 106 (7. 97); forowis Wicl. Job 31. 

38; fores Man. bd. F. 13024. 

fiirj-, fur-, forlong, A.Sax. furlaflg, ^r- 

long, Langl. 5, 5; furlong Will. 13; 

Mand. 190; forlang li b. disc. 306. 
firfct, A.Sax. fyrht, forht, O.L.Gfrm. forht, 

O.JI.iierm. forhter. doth, faurbts, timidui; 
comp. godfurlit, unfrigt. 




hrhl, A.Sttr. fvrlitu, O.L.Gnm. O.llMerm. 

forlita, doth, faurhtci. O.J-'rin. fnichta, 

fright, timor, terror; fiijt Mapks ^138; s. 

H. i:i). Wr. ytH; frifjt st. ukn, a. kx. 


friff(,t)riil frii/htful, thniduft, st. gkk. a. 
KX. :U5!l. " 
fHrhleil^ A.Siix. fvilitaii. fuilitiaii, O.lI.Germ. 

fiirliU'ii, forhteii, Ootk. faurlitjiin, O.Fri*. 

fnuhta, friijht (j'rigkitn): tbrlitii^cn ";w- 

terv\ Mabk 14. 3:1; frifrU'ilc fpret.) pt. 

OKX. A. >;x. 18(J1; comp. ;i-. fui-. offiulitcil. 
fHrhtl, O.lI.Cerm. forhtij,Tr. timtdus; h\^W 

ST. r.KN. A. KX. (JG7 A: 084. 

friijtiliC'ti timidttan, st. oen. a. ?:x, 2222. 

fiijitillke timide, st. gkn. a. kx. 1G17. 
furi, 0. Ihifch vicTJir, M. IT. Germ, viuroi-, 

/Vr^, igiu'us, ItRAxn. 15; fiii Chalc. 

cuMi'L. M. OG; PR. c. 7702; fiirii' (pl.^ 

Lai. 188G8*. 
firiur sf€ forme. 
firil, A.Sax. fyru fprincue, oJimJ, O.L.Germ. 

I'um {'intiquitux, olimj; com/*.* ifuru. 

lunula ji'f* /ornier dayx, days of old: i 
furuihijt'ii, A.Sax. in fvnidaf,niiii, Ai. 
^rt/a. an fnrinlaj,'on, Lai. 27118. 

fnrnjOr, A.Sax. fvrni,'Ci1r, years past, for- 
mer yearn: jic liindcn' J>at mine even- 
cristenc kiddo uio fiTiiyero Lasgl. b 5, 
440; jio lost wf vernvero aykxb. 92. 
twTtj O.Fr. fiu'iro? Jiir, i-hosipt. 183. 
firreu, O.Fr. fmror,- fur, pho.mpt. 183; 

funod (pari.) (Iaw. 1737; Lakol. b 

13. 227. 
f«rrcti see foonen. 
rirronr> fonuur, Fr. fimneur. Jtirn'er, Man. 

Kii. V. 12453. 
ftirsifu see ftorsivil. 
fin»l, J. Sax. O.IceL fvrst, O.TI.Germ. fu-, /r*^, p. L. s. XIl, Qi; first Sax. 

('HROX. 253; for |)i I'ltnu'n j'Oj liim first 

ti) st'k(^u i jiat endp Or.\i. G87ti; first, 

viTst Koii. i) k 10G; first, forst Chavc 

t'. T. A 725; first Will. 048; frist dkp. 

Hicn. G; a furst Jos. 553; a vorst A- 

YKxn. 4G; fiirsto, fvrsta. O.Itnl. 

fyrsti. O.L.Gertn. O.lI.Germ. fiiristo, pri- 

viuK, c. L. 300; SiKHtKir. Hi!; lirsti' 

Laxcl. I! ir>, 1K4; )i(' firstr ]U('ost Or.m. 

293; furstc Ukorkv. 1522; fristo m. 

Artii. 149; E. r.. 80; i (laii virste icnde 
Lai. 208G8. 

firsl see frist. 

fArpe see fcurde. 

farlieu, A.Sax. fnrJon, fnrdum, prima, qui- 
dem : })0r nt' mut beun fnrjian uu st^f 
ofi'r itol fraom. 2; furdon. for|>ou, forde 
HO-M. I. 5, 7 A: 23; forjion Obm. 825; 
furili'ii, fordo hom. 2, 13 i; 137. 

firtter, A.Sax. furdnr, furdor, O.L.Germ. 
further, O.Fris. further, forthcr, O.ll. 
Germ, furdcr, fnrdlr, further, Lai. 4880; 
ue sclialt tu pm no furdcr a. b. 228; 
fur))er rkl. ant. 1, 173; Eolam. 373; 
furtiu'r. for|)or. fertlicr Langl. 2, 176 
(201) k 5, G; furjier, fir))t'r h. s. 337; 
A: fiii'li it ta mX for|)er niiir Obm. 7338; 
forjiir PR. c. 440; forjicr, fcr))er Chauc. 
C. T. A 3G i: 4117; for)jer(o), A.Sax. 
furdra, O.L.Germ. furthcro, forthero, 0. 
II. Germ, fordoro. Gr. itpoTSpoj 't prior, 
antirior, Wicl. genes. 32, 17; his for- 
fiore fot Braxd. 30; Ivv. 2004. 

fvrthrringe "promotio", prompt. 174. 

f«rl>rst Jitrthett, Jarthest, Chauc. Boet. 4, 
(i (13G); J)c ferthoste cude of JJortlifolkc 
Langl. b 5, 239 (ed. Wr. 4950). 

TaritrifH, A.Sax. fyrdrian, O.lI.Germ. for- 
daron, further, promovere: po jie loved pat 
spilch Iting: hem mnjio furdric Odor lottou 
RKL. ant. 1, 131; furj)ren Gow. 1, 2^8; 
fir))ren Obm. 5084; for^reu spec. 99; fur- 
dred (pre*.) a. e. 156; fort)ored (part.) 
Chalc. Boet! 2, 4 (41). 

fAs; A.Sax. O.L.Germ. fits, O.Icel. fi'iss, 0. 
II. Germ. fun.ser, promptus, Obm. 9065; 
El. a. Bl. 368; c. m. 14089; fous spec. 
50: LI B. DISC. 288; vons rel. ant. 2, 
243; fuse fpl.j Laj. 4399; vousc misc. 46. 

fdscn, A.Sax, f^'san, O.L.Germ. fusian, 0. 
Icel. fj'sa, parare, expedire, propernre: J«a 
com I'l-r fusen uuimeto ferde Lai. 5778; 
alle wo mote fusen 135:t4; i: hem to 
sciiio fiisdc 1511; Brutus . . . fiisde tO 
fihte 17:!5; fiisdo hiiie sulfne 1865; 
eomp. ifiisen. 

tM, A.Siix. fCst. O.lhdch vuist, O.Fris. 
fi'st, O.lI.Germ. fust, fist, ptignus, it. A. 
K. 1538; fust, fist LAxrtL. B 17, 138 
(ED. Wr. 1 1 G44); fist pbumpt. 163 ; 





ril|if, O.n.Otrm. hillida. fvHh, p/*ntia», n. 
H. T. 

fiilffr, A.Sax. fjl.l, O.L.Germ. ftUitha, 0. 
Jl.drrm, fuliila, Jilth, ptUredo, un-itfA, a. 
B. 128; fui|te "ordun". voc. I51t; misc. 
159; c. I.. U;JH; Mine \'^\^2■. fild.^ bku. 
AKT. I. 313; fillljt' "lordet", i-ROill'T. 160; 
rsitle Mat. 23, 27; f^!|>e Shoreh. 4; 
vel|ie AYBKJi. 81; fuhleii fpl.; a. b. 128. 

falwra w* imrfir ful. 

rnudellDg, M.]t.<>rrm. vuuJeliuc, O.Ihiich 
v-jQileliug, Jotmdling, I'kompt. 182; WilIj. 
481; roDdliog Horn kd. Hitr. 225; foad- 
Hug- Grug. 472: findUug p. i.. s. XXITL 
."iG; fonndelinges fpl.j 4(>04; funmi- 
liui^s Fs. 07, G. 

faadcit A^ax. fiindiuo, O.L.Vtrm. fiiDdon, 
O.U.Gtrm. fiinden, Jrom HmJen. qtmertrr, 
Unitrt, ST. QKN. A. EX. 2958; fiiuiK* i>. 
L. s. VU, 10; HoBX KD. Lint. lO.'l; fouu- 
dfii SPKC. 82: t*> fluijt foumku Jos. 506: 
fouDdo HiiHK ¥.n. itiTB. 107: Urkci. 4G2; 
M. jVutii. 10G5; /\hao. ru. Weu. '>2; 
Towx. mrsT. 21G; i mot bffpn fomleti 
rL. OR. 408; fuadio {prt$.J mi3c. 192; 
wlion ^11 an hiitittiis fouadcs Kolam. 
25H; fiiudfd Lai. 21758: lio fuudtJ 
Bl'iile iiu^ id forspolheo Marii. 10; ^tdi'r 
fimdv^ uvrich man u. a. n. 719; foun- 
Uinff /'^wrt.y Wii.L. 1749; fundcdo fjtrtt,) 
La>. 17S58; uoK. 2. 117; fouodedoii 
JoH. .•>9(>. 

tarftj ^.8iix. fmdi^?). M.U.Gtrm. vimdic. 
>Hfy, ^viiu?* fiadii Orh. 4t4i>; tiutliKV 
8)iAc)ie uou, 3, 119; lio hoiu itiakmlo 
fundie ou ^orde 117. 

fandlrs j>w tindles. 

fiDdling tw fundclin?. 

fukr, O.ff.Ofrm. ruDcb>i. 0. Dutch Toi^e 
(ftnn**, tdniiiiaj, ftuii, "iyHtcu/M". pbomit. 
182; jiiit ilbr firr funkt! Gov. H, 13; a 
Tun^o) of fiiir Lant.l. r 7. 3^.'>; ^ai »jw 
uot worth a fonktPj Mah. kik. H. 172. 

fiRl Mt font 

hr Mv feor. 

fkr- «<w for-. 

fir. J.Ssx. fjr, O.L.Ofrm. 0.fI.G«rm. fmr, 
O. /•■«>. liur, ilur. Cr. sup, ^rf, i'^ik*, 
Lai. 1187; a. r. 124; Ubaxd. 8; ^at 
for B. ft. IV; fair c. l. 1253; Auit. 547; 

Jos. 260; Hand. 35; fuir, fir Lahol. 
88 (97>; fir Sax. curon. 249; Oi 
10452; Havkl. 585; Cbauc. C. t, 
1246; fir, lior st. oes. a. m. 99 A 103;' 
Afr K. ti. Kt). Wk. 2505; Lma. h. p. :)5; 
fifrr noM. 1, 2:19; SnoRim. 99; T»ist. 2. 
33; Kh'u. 781; SACBAM. 494; )iet f«r 
uitir. 30; bit Lis xot alle a v^r ayxsb. 
205; ftros fyen.J Mat. 5. 22; filre r^at.j 
HDu. 1, 814; mid fiire & mid here Lai. 
2159: eomp, lii-llefir. 
fi'irlirond jirrhrsnd, Lai. 2A608; fbirbroQd 
ALift. 6848: Hrbnuid ». c. 7421. 
tiirhortli pbohpt. 161. 
fuTlre firf-iron, Biuzrn. 30, 
fiir-, herpaiuic frtftan, Wici*. rxou. 
firrerd CHAtrc C t. a 624. 
Hrstickp firt-ttid, Hatbl. 966. 
fiirslOn Jir'-sionf. pkomkf. Ifil. 

tvitf furtllfi, firdlBg Av ferdo. fenli< 

fdrCB, A.Sax. f^n, O.ff.Gtrm. Burin<*r, 
ignfiu; firen r. M. 995; fiiron WirL. 4 
KiNus 2, 11; of spile fireno kind? Ubh. 
17412; fOrcne />/.; Lai. 18863; fQrene 
toa^n BOM. 1, 89: fiir«Do bpoolos A. 
b. 356. 

fdrra, v^. Sar. f^, O. If.Gtrtn. ftnren, 
>frf; firin "ignire", pbomft. 162; fftre 
/>irAr. imper.J Uarh. 18; flrid fparij 

WlCL. PBOT. 30. 5. J 

fir^^on, i'V. foar^on, pboupt. 183. f 

farh, .4..Stfj-. furb SoHMiD'fi gloss., O.H. 
Ctrm. farh, furub Gkafp's spbhch. 3,^ 
684. a»u. furch Bicirrn. vn. 77l«fl 
Jiirrow f/ur, foTf/ ; futK bkl. akt. I, 217; 
f^irgb (low. 2, 63; furghe h. 8. 3448; 
forgho Chalc. Bobt. 6. 5 (170); fonro 
Abth. a. Ubbl. 3470; Laxol. b 13. 
372; /m#. forw = forn?) Havbl. 1094: 
foro«e, fon.' "imimu", prompt. 171; CocjM 
fpij A, p. 2. 1547; furwi's, forves Labol 
0. 106 (7. 97); fon-wis Wict.. Jos 31^ 
38: forcA Max. kd. F. 13024. V 

fnrj-, fur-, forlon^, A.Stt. farlang, ^- 
fon(f, LAxni.. 5, 5; furlong Will. 13; 
)Unu. 190; forlang Li b. Disr. 'AOd. 
UrkU A.Sar. fyrht, forht. O.L.Gtrm. forht, 
O.H.fSfrw*. fyrliter. GntL faiirht^, iimi^ 
eomp. pmlfuHit, unfrigt 



ilT^f^rtT. fvrhlu. Oj..Crrm. O.UMerm. 
foilila, f'olh. riliiiliU'i. O.Frif. tVii<'liIii, 
fngtU, tt'mor, IrirtM': frijt U&i'kh 338; 8. 
s. iTD. Wii. i»48; fript st. oks. a, ex. 
frip(tiliil JriyiUfui. ItmidM, 6t. okn. a. 

farblm, .J.AVj. r}-r)itiin, furlktliin. O.II.fierui. 

fuibti'U, roHilfii. '-'a/A. liitirlitjait. O.frir. 

fnirbtj), fright (j'rigUn\}i forhtigcn *•/><»- 
ifrtv", Mabk l-l. "".J; frigleil"' (pert.) st. 

JEX. A. t;x. 18G1; cbHip. i\.-, fur-, oll'urbtcu.